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31 October 2018
Issue Sixteen
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A Message from
the Principal

Student Leadership

As we induct our new student leadership group, it is appropriate that we reflect upon the question “What is Leadership?” Sadly we are provided a myriad of examples of appalling leadership by many of our political caste who profess that leadership is about helping one’s self and one’s tribe. We regularly see politicians and business leaders caught with their ‘snouts in the trough’, and where the point of power and influence seems so often not to serve the people, but enjoy the power itself and its perks. Moreover, for many of the political class, leadership is about following trends in order to achieve popularity and therefore votes, rather than providing necessary and ethical leadership. Some seem devoid of an ethical compass or to be in possession of a clear set of values to guide their rhetoric and action.  Such leaders provide shocking role models for others, particularly our young, and create division and disharmony in society. This is abundantly evident in a number of regions around the world at present, particularly across the Pacific.

This approach to leadership is the exact opposite of what we desire in our leaders.  Leadership is about service, humbly giving of yourself for the benefit of others. Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.

Our incoming student leaders will therefore need to understand that their role is to serve their fellow students and the School. This is mostly done through hard work and being concerned for others. Most leadership is not glamorous. Much of it is mundane, tedious, task oriented and repetitious. For leaders to survive in such a context, they need a sense of purpose and a vision of the good which will come though their endeavours.

At our recent Leadership Induction Service, our new student leadership team were presented with their badges of office and each pledged their commitment to help our School community, to uphold the values of the School and the ethos of the Uniting Church. They will do this with integrity and honour, leading by example to the best of their ability. The School staff and students also pledged their support to our new student leadership team.

Our leaders have a wonderful opportunity to serve others and make a positive impact upon the lives of the student body. As they assume their responsibilities they need to consider the following questions:

  • How will they exercise their leadership?
  • What are their leadership aims and objectives?           
  • What do they wish to achieve as student leaders?
  • And What will their legacy be to the School?

As we move further into the 21st Century, leaders will be those who empower others. How will our new team achieve this?

As our leaders commence their leadership roles I offer them three insights to assist them on their journey:

Firstly, have fortitude.

This refers to the emotional strength that allows someone to face adversity with courage. As a leader you will meet your fair share of challenges. You will encounter obstacles and stumbling blocks and sometimes even failures. Reflect on these obstacles and failures and see them as learning opportunities for improvement. As Thomas Edison, the prolific inventor who gave us the light bulb once said:

 “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Secondly, be passionate about what you do.

Don’t undertake tasks simply for the sake of doing so, or just because it’s the ‘popular’ thing to do. Understand and believe in what you are doing.

Albert  Einstein, one of the greats of science, reflecting upon his abilities noted:

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”.

And thirdly, be relentless in your pursuit of excellence.

Don’t give up and don’t settle for mediocrity. The English crime fiction writer Arthur Conan Doyle (best known for his detective character – Sherlock Holmes) stated:

 “mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognises genius.

I encourage our new team to remember that if what you say and do inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. Then you are a leader.

Thank you to the new student leaders who have taken the responsibility to serve others and to strive to make our School a finer place. I am very much looking forward to working with you over the coming year.

KWS Student Leaders 2018-2019

Head Prefects: Emer Spora, Stirling Taylor                             

Deputy Head Prefects: Ethan Buesnel, Jorja Griffiths                        

Senior Boarder Prefects: Jema O’Neill, Fletcher Taylor     

Senior Unit Officer of Cadets: Olivia Hilder                           

Captain of Music: Oscar Tierney                                

Service: Ben Gillham, Charlotte Haling                                                                     

Charity: Olivia Mirrington, Bradman Gavin                                                             

Mission: Hugh Aldersey, Mabel Brockmann

House Captains

Blackman House Captains: Zoe Keown, Noah Jones

Brown House Captains: Angus Smith, Mabel Brockmann

Dean House Captains:  Flinn Madigan, Charlie Wilson

Douglas House Captains: Ben Bellamy, Harriet O'Brien

Gordon House Captains: Tupou Favia, William Smith 

Mclachlan House Captains: Alex Wald, Florence Conway

Richards House Captains: Georgina Haigh, James Collett

Williams House Captains: William Brennan, Julia Williams

Boarding House Captains

Loader House Captain: Lucy Kirk

Miller House Captain: Olivia Hilder

New House Captain: Stephanie Kennett

Stuart Douglas Captain: Harriet O'Brien

Weymouth House Captain: Henry Ponder

Wolaroi House Captain: Angus Smith

Tower House Captains: Charlie Wilson, Brendan Coffee


Dr Andrew Parry 

A Message from the
Head of Prep School

A very exciting week in the Prep with our Grandparents Day on Friday followed by Open Day on Saturday.

A wonderful concert has been planned for Grandparents and Special Friends by Mrs Katie Sinclair while there will be a host of activities to be involved in on Saturday.

Saturday requires students to wear their School uniform. All classrooms are open providing the opportunity to look at the work your child has been completing throughout the year.

There will be robotics, cooking our school grown veges, maths challenges, musical items, badge making, solar cars plus a host of other examples of what happens from Pre-Prep to Year 6.

Mr Mark Pritchard will be taking medical leave from Monday November 5 till the end of term. We all wish Mr Pritchard a speedy recovery.

Mrs Tiffany O’Brien who is well-known to all our students and staff will be taking 4P till the end of the year including camp. We thank Mrs O’Brien for her willingness to continue the program for the students.

Our 4 Chess Champions, Krishan Kandeepan, Kajan Kandeepan, Isaac de Bruyn & Lachlan Watts represented KWS at the regional final in Dubbo yesterday. They performed exceptionally well and won the regional final. This covers the area from Lithgow to way, way west. Congratulations boys and Mr Pritchard on a most impressive year. The boys now play another regional winner to  qualify for a place in the Country Finals. We wish them well. You can challenge them on Open Day!

Next Tuesday we welcome Mr Jason Belmonte (ex-student and World Champion Ten-pin Bowler) to be our special guest at our annual Sports Assembly where we acknowledge the effort and achievements of our students.

Parents are most welcome with the assembly commencing at 12:05 in the DPA.

The following week (Nov 13) we acknowledge students who have demonstrated effort and excellence across the Performing Arts area. This year our special guest is Miss Amy Stevens ( ex-student & gifted violist). Amy is an outstanding musician and will also play for us including ‘looping’. Again parents are most welcome.

Along with these events the SRC are holding a walk-a-thon. The students of our SRC have met regularly through the year looking at ways to improve our School. This time they are reaching further afield by assisting our community. Rather than contributing money the motion was put to bring in non-perishables so they can be delivered directly to those in Orange in need. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your support and I look forward to meeting many of you over the next few weeks at the various functions.

At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

Week 2

  • Respect Values Award - Ella Kerdic
  • Commitment Values Award - Lily Moe
  • Principal's Award - Isabella Lloyd-George

Week 3 

  • Respect  Values Award - Sienna Wilkin
  • Commitment Values Award - Lily McBeath
  • Principal's Award - William Ward

Enjoy your week.


Mr Rob McLean

Head of the Preparatory School

A message from our Chaplain

Great Commandment

One of the scribes asked Jesus, “Which commandment is the first of all?” Jesus answered, “The first is, ‘Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one; you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” The scribe said to him, “You are right…” (Mark 12:28-32)

The above passage is part of the readings prescribed for this weekend. The question of which is the greatest commandment seems innocuous but in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament) there are 613 commandments and in addition, there were a host of ‘oral commandments’ not written down. The purpose of identifying the most important was to help interpret all the others.

Jesus replies with the Schema: ‘Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one; you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ This was and still is prayed by observant Jews each morning; except for “and with all your mind”, that was an addition by Jesus. Nevertheless, it remains the central tenant of faith. I like that Jesus added “and with all your mind.” In some Christian congregations today there is a kind of anti-intellectualism, a sense that thinking too much about the faith is dangerous.  

I was standing in a check-out line and a couple noticed the cross I was wearing. He asked if I was a Christian. (‘What was your first clue?’ I said with my in-head voice). They too were Christian. He said ‘it’s easier when you don’t think too much about the meaning of the Bible but just read it as it is’. Wow. I guess it would be, but it wouldn’t be what Jesus would be happy to hear. How can we understand the Word of God without an understanding of the times and contexts of the writings? And let’s face it, there’s an awful lot in the Bible that we don’t want to be living today. Stonings, revenge killings, amputation of limbs for crimes and the oppression of women can all stay locked into their historical past times and contexts!

Thinking about God, seriously studying the Scriptures, speaking for the truths of Christian faith in confronting the abuse of human rights and dignity, are important and necessary ways of loving God with all your mind. What greater activity is there to occupy the mind than to think God’s thoughts after him, to seek to understand the ways of God, to go as far as we can into the beauty of God’s being? But we need to do this intelligently.

An intelligent loving of God reads scripture with an exploration of the cultural contexts and the historical understandings of life from which those scriptures were written. To do otherwise implies that the scriptures are dictations of God’s speaking. This is why, for example, the Uniting Church in Australia ordains women despite the oppression of women in biblical times, why the Church works to redress the dispossession of indigenous Australian despite the absence of reference to the matter in the Bible and why the Church continues to argue support for same-gender marriage despite some Christians choosing to apply a literal, context-free interpretation of anti-homosexual references in the Bible. An intelligent reading of the Bible forms conscience and disciplines our living in the modern world.

The basic, the most important, the fundamental commandment of all is to love God.  It is not to obey God, though that is included in love. It is not to worship God, though love leads inevitably to worship. God desires our love because God is love. We were made for love. The whole universe is made from love and for love. And the greatest love of all, from which all other loves flow, is to love God. In these words Jesus opens our hearts like earth to rain. We are made for love.

The Scribe had asked for the first, the key commandment, but Jesus adds a second. “You shall love your neighbour as yourself” is a commandment from the Book of Leviticus (19:18). Jesus combines the two sets of commandments found within the Ten Commandments, those to do with God, and those to do with ‘neighbour’.

When Jesus calls it the second, he does not mean that it is secondary to the first. He closes by saying, “There is no greater commandment than these.” Notice the singular word “commandment,” and the plural, “than these.” In other words, we should think of these two commandments as one; you can’t have one without the other.

The scribe’s positive response to Jesus is also important. It demonstrates that Jesus is not proclaiming something new. Jesus may be radical in his application of the law, but he understands it deeply, affirms it and applies it intelligently and appropriately to his time. This is why we often read Jesus say; “you have heard it said… but I tell you…”.

Jesus’ response to the scribe is “You are not far from the Kingdom of God.” It’s important to know and think deeply about God’s commandments. It’s certainly important to know the centrality of love in keeping God’s commandments so that we can be “not far” from the Kingdom.


Phil Worrad 


The Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program is a one of the key components of our KWS Wellbeing Program. The Peer Support Program provides students with a supportive environment where children and young people develop skills, understandings, attitudes and strategies to improve their mental, social and emotional wellbeing. Positive relationships are developed across the school through a series of engaging activities with a range of students of all ages in both the Senior and Preparatory School. Peer Support Leaders who deliver the program also gain leadership skills in the process.

In the Senior School the Year 7 program supports students as they make the transition into High School. It seeks to support their relationship development and assists them organisationally. The program is run by Year 11 students and covers a variety of core skills required for high school such as developing friendships. Recently Year 10 students had the opportunity to participate in Peer Support Training and the feedback from both the students and staff was very positive!

Peer Support involves people sharing knowledge, experience or practical help with each other. The three day Peer Support training conducted for Year 10's during the Bivouac Cadet Camp helped to further develop leadership skills for those involved. This the training involved problem solving and team building activities as well as talking about issues relating to Peer Support for the Year 7s, both current and incoming next year. Students wishing to become a Peer Support Leader had the opportunity to put themselves forward for selection and were chosen for their ability to help the Year 7's with their transition to high school and their leadership qualities.

I found the training to be both helpful and insightful, to extend my leadership skills and help my understanding of what it means to be a leader. The three days were done in a fun and exciting way that I found to be enjoyable. I look forward to the opportunity to use these skills and activities during peer support with the Year 7's this term.”

Dominic Reilly (10 Brown)

In the Preparatory School the program is also student-led. Year 6 students lead groups of multi-age students, providing a fun and engaging environment for students to address social issues. Run from the early part of the calendar year, it helps encourages peer connections throughout the school and assists students in developing practical skills to enhance social and emotional wellbeing.

“Peer support was an exciting experience for everyone in Year Six. It was fun and showed us what it is like to be a teacher, having to keep all the younger children under control. We learned a lot about respect and personal values, as well as being able to teach them to others. Although it was challenging having to set-up for each lesson every week, and actually presenting it, it was always satisfying to know that the kids enjoyed the lessons. I personally found group activities the most rewarding, as we get to see how all the different kids interacted with each other, and it was fun to bounce between groups and see how they are going completing the tasks we set. Honestly, I think all the Peer Support Leaders have learnt something about personal values and goals, as well as how to teach other children.”

Molly Slack-Smith (6C)

The Peer Support Program is an invaluable component of our overall approach to wellbeing at KWS.


Mrs Emma Bylsma
Head of Wellbeing

Message from the Head
of Teaching and Learning

‘Slam’ or ‘Traditional’
Poetry Perfected: A Celebration of Talent at KWS

In the 27th June Edition, I wrote about Year 9 ‘changing the narrative’ and discovering their ‘inner awesomeness’ as a result. Although writing poetry was outside of their comfort zone, a significant number of Year 9 students composed poetry and entered the Red Room Poetry Object 2018 Competition. Red Room Poetry is Australia’s leading organisation for the creation and commissioning of new poetry by established and emerging poets as well as students. This term, we discovered that two of our students had been shortlisted - The winners will be announced during a live-stream video event on Thursday 6 December 2018, in partnership with Museum of Arts and Applied Sciences (MAAS). Winning poems will come alive in an animated short film to be screened during the Winners Announcement and released in cinemas Australia in December 2018. In the meantime, I wanted to celebrate and share with you all, the two poems that have been shortlisted – ‘Mahogany Bones’ by Maddie Hook and ‘Turning Point’ by Lila Pearce. They really are a reflection of outstanding talent but even more impressive, they are a result of the students’ real passion and perseverance – qualities that determine success.


Mahogany Bones - By Maddie Hook

When the piano-maker crafted my grandfather

Gently bending his mahogany bones

He was not constructing, he was creating

Bringing him to life,

He gave to me a guardian

With a life most complicated

Whose love never outdated

But who now lies in the ground ill-fated.


When I was young, I’d dance upon his golden feet.

Neat, petite, my path to the afterlife.

They sat there, quaint, to prolong the sound

Of the piano, but could not prolong his life.

My grandfather’s laugh roars and groans,

Rattling his mahogany bones

Like stones

And the tones of his voice echo as he sings,

The sounds flowing grandly through his strings.

Mother pats my head and smiles and says, 'My dear, Pa’s dead, you see.'

But as I close my eyes, hold his ivory hands, the music shapes his face

And I face the fact that though he’s gone, she’s wrong

He’s still here with me.


The notes he sings, changing in modulation

A complication of detailed intonations and different tongues

For the songs of others whose remain unsung.

My grandfather’s laugh roars and groans

Rattling his mahogany bones

Like stones

And the tones that he sings makes the music truly sting

I know now, he soars with new wings.


Turning Point - By Lila Pearce

a simple pile

of paper and ink

unassuming at first,

'mediocre', you think.

You’re wrong. This saga

of courage and strife

will first change your mind

and then your whole life


eight days in

you’ve finished the book

you’re a bird to the sky

a fish on a hook

and you can’t know it yet

but this is the start

of a sparkling new era

your young life’s best part


six years in

you’re smarter and sadder

the work’s a bit harder

the world’s a bit badder

but you still have your memories

through trouble and strife

when a book changed your mind

and then saved your life.


and you’re now stepping out

to a bright new day

you’ll change the world

once you know the right way

books were your refuge

your reason to live

they gave you so much

now it’s your turn to give.


Mrs Serena Lewis
Head of Teaching and Learning

Assembly Awards

Merit Awards

KB: Week 2 – Arden Rowe, Disha Prasad, Jessica McGreal, Nixie Widauer, Lachie Healey, Thomas Rourke, Oscar Pigot x 2, Elizabeth Harmer, Henry Sawtell, William O’Connell, Prayan Dulal.

KB: Week 3 – Nixie Widauer, Lachlan Healey, Jessica McGreal, Henry Sawtell, Harper Pervis, Daniel Kerdic, Grace Lowther, Disha Prasad, Elizabeth Harmer.

KK: Week 2 – Milla O’Toole, Jack Caro, Georgiana Saran, Mya McLachlan, Benjamin Howe.

KK: Week 3 – Saxon Haynes, Alice Jones, Anna Kenny, Georgiana Saran.

1C: Week 2 – Janette Proudford-Nalder.

1C: Week 3 – Harry Price, Vivian Meates, Louis Blyth.

IW:  Week 2 – Andrew Bell, Meckenzie Flowers, Aston Lett, Darcie Marshall, Cassandra Philippe x 2.

1W: Week 3 – Nicholas Balcomb, Henry Brannigan, Charlie Haydon, Benjamin Knight, Cassandra Philippe, Grace Segger.

2E: Week 2 – Samuel Commins, Daisy Dwyer, Daniel Rourke x 2, Arad Safeer x 2.

2E: Week 3 – Jed Volkofsky, Xavier Zinga, Nicolette Saran, Elliot Terrey, Annabelle Maslin.

2H: Week 2 – Chloe Caro, Harrison Chapman, Anoushka de Brito, Timothy Edwards, Harrison Fielding, Pixie Harmer, Maya McFarlane, George Nash, Angus Sawtell x 2, Sophie Caro.

2H: Week 3 – Sophie Caro, George Nash.

3R: Week 2 – Ava Sutherland, Kaydn McLachlan, Keeley O’Toole x 2, Ashton Montagliani.

3S:  Week 2 - Trevelyan Andrew, Audrey Blyth, Annabel Clinton, Oliver Garard, Charles Hail, Maxwell Horne, Rohan Kotasthane, Matthew Lowther, Angelina McRae, Percy Meates x 2, Hugo O’Brien, Willa Paix, Georgia Philippe x 2, Hamish Searle x 2, Lenny Shannon, Emma Ward-Finn.

3S: Week 3 - Drew Carslake x 2, Charles Hail, Maxwell Horne x 2, Percy Meates x 2, Willa Paix, Emma Ward-Finn, Isabella Vangestel.
4F: Week 3 – Julia Bligh, Ryan Everett, Ava Healey x 2, Lachlan Knight x 2, Maddison Lawry, Daniel Lord, Hayden McKenzie, Lucinda Nash x 2, Luca Popa.
4P: Week 2 – Samuel Balcomb, Poppy O’Hehir-Corones, Lucinda Reidy, Lexi Wilkin, Bianca Wong x 2.

4P: Week 3 – Olive Glover, Thomas Goodsir, Samuel Hughes, Phoebe Hunter x 2, Spencer Johnston, Poppy O’Hehir-Corones, Caitlin Reid, Jack Steventon, Olivia Watts, Lexi Wilkin, Bianca Wong.

5M: Week 2 – Lucinda Clinton, Angus Martin, Ava Rouse, William Ward.

5M: Week 3 – Emily Caro, Cameron Nash, Olivia Searle x 2, Daisy Wakem.

5P: Week 2 – Isaac de Bruyn, Mia Essex, Philippa Martin, Lily McBeath, Charlie Poole.

5P: Week 3 – Jack Paix.

5W: Week 2 – Bridget Horne, Krishan Kandeepan, Aiden Button.

5W: Week 3 – Grace Hansen, Isabella Lloyd-George, Zac Shannon, Oliver Smith.

6C: Week 2 – Oliver Chandler-Sullivan, William Knight, Andrew May, Sophie Smith, Honor Tyrrell.

6C: Week 3 – Sarah Choi, Andrew May, Sophie Smith, Honor Tyrrell, Ava Tucker, George Wakem.

6H: Week 2 – Julian Connan x 2, Charles Gill, Charli Greatbatch, Charles Hansen x 3, Cameron Hoskin, Abbygail Hunt, Oliver Mendham, Lucia Varian.

6H: Week 3 – Emma Aldersey, Charles Hansen, Simon Livermore, Lucia Varian, Daisy Wilson.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 2 – Audrey Blyth, Rohan Kotasthane, Saxon Haynes, Niamh Graham, Charlie Kimmins, Zoe Harmer, Kajan Kandeepan, Eliza Lord, Scarlett MacKenzie, Jack Kenny, Ingrid West, Darcie Marshall, Jack Kenny.

Lovely Manners: Week 3 -  Aston Lett, Cassandra Philippe, Simon Livermore, Alice Jones, Claire Harrison, Zoe Harmer, Toby Gee, Eva Smedley, Austin Cutter.

Lovely Greetings: Week 2 – Spencer Williams, Mitchell Perizzolo, Lucas Choi, Mitchell Fuller, Seamus Dwyer, William Steventon, Harry Madigan.

Lovely Greetings: Week 3 – Samuel Marvasti, Charli Greatbatch, Rohan Kotasthane, Isabella Vangestel, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Jack Tink, Olive Glover, Isabella Lloyd-George.

Thinking of Others: Week 2 -  Disha Prasad, Prayan Dulal.

Thinking of Others: Week 3 – Zach Stacpoole, Prayan Dulal, Thomas Rourke, Julia Bligh.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 2 - Jack Caro, Grace Hansen, Lillian Pearce, Koby Bryan

School Values: Week 2 – Ruby Coulton, Samuel Martin.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 2 – Georgiana Saran, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Lily Moe, Ava Buesnel, Matilda Quigley, Elizabeth Harmer.

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 3 – Harry Oldroyd, Henry Sawtell, Daisy Wilson, Audrey Gaudin.

Sportsmanship:  Week 3 – Seamus Dwyer.

Helpfulness: Week 2 – Joe Dunworth, Hamish Searle, Caitlin Reid, Jack Steventon, Vivian Meates, Alice Commins, Lachlan Watts, Jazmin Marquez, Daisy Dwyer, Daniel Rourke, Nicolette Saran, Jed Volkofsky. Helpfulness: Week 3 – Elliot Terrey, Max Kenny, Zoe Freeman, Lily Dwyer, Xavier Zinga, Grace Segger, Spencer Williams, Jack Carslake, Seamus Dwyer, Lachlan Watts, Mia Essex.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 3 – Nina Smedley, Thomas O’Connell.

Role Model: Week 3 – Hugh Payne, Olivia Searle, Austin Schaapveld.

Being Kind: Week 2 – Harrison Fielding, Timothy Edwards, Charles Hansen, Nicholas Balcomb, Benjamin Knight, Amelia Hill, Ava Tucker.

Being Kind: Week 3 – Zaro Jalal.

School Values: Week 2 – Harriett Johnston, Charlie Jones, Daniel Kerdic, Xavier Zinga.

School Values: Week 3 – Olivia McBeath, Jed Volkofsky, Samuel Commins, Jessica McGreal, Mya McLachlan, Elsie Sutherland, Ruby Coulton, Maddison Lawry, Ava Smedley.

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

TREE Celebration of Learning

On 17th November (5.30-7.30pm) TREE will have its Celebration of Learning for 2018. This night will showcase all of the TREE projects from K-12, our Co-curricular Enterprise Team, our Co-curricular Cattle and Sheep Teams and our Internship Program. We hope you can join us.


Scone Beef Bonanza

On Thursday 25th October 4 students (Hugo Bartlett, Hamish Macdougall, Lachlan Ferguson and Taylah Hobbs) travelled to Scone with 3 steers and 1 heifer to compete in the Scone Beef Bonanza with over 1000 school students from NSW and QLD.  This 3-day event included cattle classes, paraders, junior judging and ICMJ meat judging.

Friday started with all students participating in beef industry focused workshops including; structure, preparation, photography, steer assessment and auctions plus. That afternoon Hugo, Hamish and Lachlan went to JBS meat processors to participate in the ICMJ meat judging competition while Taylah attended a meat judging workshop back at the show.

Saturday was an early start to prepare cattle for their classes, the Kinross team were extremely successful with the heifer Bloom (led by Taylah) placing 3rd in her weight class, the 3 steers all competed in the heavy weight section with Barry (led by Lachlan) placing 4th, Brent (led by Hamish) and Buster (led by Hugo) receiving a highly commended. Barry was also awarded the heaviest steer in the competition weighing in at a massive 762kg!!

Saturday afternoon saw Taylah compete in the paraders competition where judges look for a combination of preparation, showmanship and presentation. Taylah competed against over 180 competitors and was successful in being awarded Under 13 Champion Parader! Saturday afternoon the cattle team was invited to check out the unled cattle at the Scone saleyards for judging – this was a great opportunity to judge commercial steers alongside the professional judge for the competition.

All students competed in Junior Judging competition on Sunday morning to identify and class animals according to their genetic potential as breeding stock. This was a tough competition but a great experience for all participants. Junior Judging was followed by the paraders competition for Hamish, Hugo and Lachlan. The students faced fierce competition from some very experienced paraders, however all 3 students did a fantastic job and were well presented.  Congratulations to Hamish for placing 4th and Lachlan for placing 6th in their classes. The cattle have now been sent to JBS for carcase judging, these results of which will come through towards the end of the week.

Overall this was a very successful weekend and all of the students should be very proud of how they presented themselves, their school and their cattle.



Our Year 9 TREEnglish unit finished at the end of Term 3 with the students producing some powerful and imaginative magazine articles, Ted-Ed talks and documentaries regarding sustainability in their chosen context (viticulture, paddock to plate, Orange360, regional wellbeing or agri-innovation). Below are Grace Birmili’s documentary and Abbey Thyrwitt’s Ted-Ed talks. To see more, come along to the Celebration of Learning to hear from the students presenting their work.


Co-curricular Enterprise Team

Our newly formed co-curricular TREE Team has begun in earnest. On the first Sunday of the term, our students ventured into school to work with Stefan Birmili from Cured (small goods store opposite Harris Farm). Stefan taught the students how to bone out their pork (having reared the animals throughout the year) and worked with the students to make 50kg of pork and fennel sausages. Some of these were cryo-vacuumed with the help of Mr Callaghan and others left in catering bags for events throughout the term. Stefan also helped the students to brine 10 sides of bacon in preparation for smoking and slicing. The sausages were offered, together with homemade biscotti, at the Australian National Field Days where KWS showcased our TREE program.

Come along to the Prep School Open Day to taste them for yourself!




Our Archibull submission has progressed to the next round, with guest judges to visit the school this Friday. We are also in the running for the People’s Choice Award.

To enter your vote, visit


TREE continues to passionately support Foodcare in Orange, This Monday, Foodcare held a showing of the movie ‘Foodfighter’ which gave a behind the scenes view of Ronni Khan and her mission (through her charity Oz Harvest) to reduce food waste in Australia. Ten representatives from boarding and the student representative council came along, together with five members of staff, to think about what KWS to contribute.


Mr Tom Riley

Director of TREE

Information and Communications Technology

Frog Login Tips 
(most also apply to other on-line Services as well)

  • Check Caps Lock key is off (Windows 10 and Windows 7 give you a hint that Caps Lock is on at the login screen).
  • Make sure your device is connected to the Internet (check you can surf to a popular website .
  • Make sure your device OS and security patches are up to date and has free resources.  You may need to install updates and/or free up some resources.  Restart the device, close some Apps, delete some videos, photos.
  • Make sure your browser has the most recent saved/stored password.  If you have changed your password recently and not asked the browser to store the new password it won’t matter what is typed into the login screen, the saved password will be the one that is used after you click the logon button.
  • The password needs to entered exactly.  Be careful with spaces, capitals, numbers and full stops and other special characters.  Best to choose a strong password (for all of your on-line accounts).  There is a good article about password strength on WikiPedia which is worth a read .
  • Your Frog UserID (for parents and caregivers) must include the full stop between your first name and surnames).
  • If you have associated a unique email address with your Frog Account (Your Initials in the Top RH Corner -> My Preferences -> Email Addresses) it will be possible to self-serve a password reset via your email address without the need to contact KWS ICT team.

Security Tips

  • It is good practice to change your password every 6 months or so.
  • Use a different password for different groups of services.  At least keep work services and personal services passwords different in case one is compromised.  If you use the same password for everything and that is compromised it is possible every service that uses this password may be compromised much more easily.
  • Use a strong password with mixture of capitals numbers and special characters .

Darryn Marjoram

Director Information Services

Prep Performing Arts Press

Dates for the Diary

Please see the separate file with performance dates for Term 4. This is a busy term, but hopefully this makes things a little clearer!



Congratulations to all our IMEB students who took their exams on Friday. Mrs Callaughan and Mrs Paix have been extremely delighted with the wonderful results that everyone achieved. Well done to all and a big thanks to your teachers for assisting you so thoroughly with your preparation for these exams.

Performing Arts Assembly

Our Performing Arts assembly is an opportunity for our students involved in our co-curricular program to be acknowledged for their achievements and commitment to the program. The assembly will involve individual performances as well as a special performance from guest speaker Amy Stevens. Amy is an ex-student who now composes sings and plays viola professionally. She will be demonstrating her incredible singing, looping and playing skills. It will be one not to miss!

Prep Open Day

Some of our ensembles may be asked to play at the upcoming Open Day.

Junior Strings and Six Strings will be playing at 10.15am.

Junior Band will be playing at 12.10pm.

Your directors will give you more information about when to meet.


Mrs Edwards has uploaded some photos from Madame Butterfly onto the Performing Arts page on Frog. Please enjoy having a look at these. She also has a number of nice individual photos of some of the students in their costumes and has sent the link to her dropbox account via email.

Please note an important performance date for Koristers in Term 4:

Tuesday 4th December: KWS Carols Service, 6.30pm.

Koristers have a very important role to play in this service and lots of music to learn, so full and punctual attendance at rehearsals over the coming weeks – starting from next Monday, 22 Oct –would be very much appreciated.


Mrs K Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Prep Sports News

Summer Sport

All Summer Sport information and a copy of the bulletin can be found on FROG (Prep Sport / Summer Sport tab). No copies have been emailed home. Additionally, information can be found on the Sports noticeboard in the undercover area.

No student may wait to be collected in front of Pre-Prep. Designated supervised pickup area is only: Kiss & Go at the Prep School. Students may not wait unsupervised at round garden or the pool, as they will be moved to the Kiss & Go zone.

Parents are asked to sign up to TEAM APP. All the latest information and wet weather changes will be pushed out through this app. As most parents already have an account set up, go to FIND A TEAM and look up the following groups.

For Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football: KWS Prep Summer Sport

For Triathlon: KWS Prep Triathlon

For Cricket: KWS Prep Cricket

Sports Assembly

Next week 6 November is the Prep Sports Assembly. We are having Jason Belmonte as our guest speaker. Jason is both an ex-student of KWS and is currently world no 1 Ten-pin bowler. He is also known for being one of the first bowlers to gain media attention for using the two handed "shovel" style to deliver his shot. He has numerous YouTube clips demonstrating both his style AND amazing trick shots. Well worth investigating.

Sporting Team / Group of the Week

Congratulations to Lane 6 Swimmers on your nomination by Miss Burton for wonderful lane etiquette and listening skills. Two things that are very important in a busy and noisy pool!

Outside Sport

Austin Schaapveld: Congratulations to Austin who competed at the NSW Gymnastics State Championships on the weekend. He competed in the floor, pommel, high bars, parallel bars, vault and rings in the Level 4 under category. Austin’s total points from these events placed him third overall, winning a bronze medal. Congratulations Austin.

Jack & Drew Carslake: On Sunday 20 October Jack and Drew competed in the ISKA Australian Open (Martial Arts).  Jack came 1st in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) & 3rd in Koshiki.  Drew came 4th in BJJ with 4 awesome wrestles (2W & 2L).  Both boys were able to make their opponents tap (in Drew's wins) by performing a Kimura (pronounced Kimora) which is a position that 'could' break the opponents arm.

Sports Dates for the Diary

6 November: Prep Sports Assembly - please note NEW date

19-21 November: K-2 Swimming Program

21 November: K-2 Swim Carnival 1.30pm

21 November: Last Summer Sport training


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Sports Reports


 U11s Blue – KWS U11 Blue Vs Centrals Black Thursday 18/10

KWS Blue had a great start to the season with a big win over Centrals. We bowled first and Centrals scored 4/88. Olli and Matt both got wickets and Olivia and Olli got a run out each. We will need to work on our bowling as there were 51 extras but our fielding was great. We batted well to score 3/124. Olli top scored with 26, Phoebe got 12 and Matt 7. Congratulations to everyone for a fun game.

James McRae


U12s - KWS Vs Millthorpe Saturday 20/10

KWS started of batting we managed to get 38 runs on the dewy grass. Millthorpe had some strong bowlers. We then went onto bowl and we’re out batted. It was a good start to the season without any chance to train as yet. The first game giving us a few things to focus on in the next few games.

Hugh Payne


SRC News

The SRC will hold a Gala afternoon involving a walk-a-thon for their final event and fundraiser for 2018. The walk-a-thon will support the charity ‘Let’s Make Better’. The Walk-a-thon will take place at school on Thursday 8th November. The children will be involved in a variety of outdoor activities throughout the afternoon in their Peer Support Groups. All activities will be organised by the SRC members and House Captains. To participate in this Gala afternoon each child is asked to donate a non- perishable food item to support the local charity, ‘Let’s Make Better’. Please deliver all non- perishable food items to the old undercover area where an SRC member will collect your goods. A tally of all food items donated will collected and House points awarded. The SRC look forward to sharing more information about this event and awarding House points. The day is a mufti day (out of uniform).

Rebecca Essex
Prep School SRC Co-ordinator

ICAS Competition Results


High Distinction:

  • Bridget Horne


  • Helen Suthers
  • Nina Smedley
  • Ruby Coulton
  • Hannah Jones
  • Bianca Wong
  • Olivia Wilson
  • Lucinda Reidy
  • Olive Glover
  • Thomas O’Connell


  • Molly Slack-Smith
  • Jessica Thompson
  • Olivia Searle
  • Krishan Kandeepan
  • Kajan Kandeepan
  • Isaac de Bruyn
  • Elijah Cunningham
  • Lucinda Clinton
  • Ava Buesnel
  • Daisy Wakem
  • Alice Scholte
  • Poppy O’Hehir-Corones
  • Phoebe Hunter
  • Grace Bylsma
  • Samuel Blacomb
  • Eva Smedley
  • Georgia Philippe
  • Percy Meates
  • Lily Moe
  • Keeley O’Toole
  • Angelina McCrae
  • Matthew Lowther



  • Lucinda Reidy
  • Bianca Wong
  • Bridget Horne
  • Kajan Kandeepan
  • Olivia Searle
  • Thomas McRae


  • David King
  • Mathew Lowther
  • Percy Meates
  • Lily Moe
  • Keeley O’Toole
  • Georgia Philippe
  • George Proudford–Nalder
  • Hamish Searle
  • Grace Bylsma
  • Phoebe Hunter
  • Poppy O’Hehir-Corones
  • Olivia Wilson
  • Elijah Cunningham
  • Isaac de Bruyn
  • Hannah Jones
  • Krishan Kandeepan
  • Roger Kircher
  • Timothy Lowther
  • Cameron Nash
  • Finn O’Toole
  • Tessa Wong
  • Julian Connan
  • Zach Levi
  • Andrew May
  • Molly Slack-Smith
  • Helen Suthers
  • Lucia Varian
  • George Wakem


  • Maxwell Horne
  • Thomas O’Connell
  • Varnikaa Kannan
  • Samuel Martin
  • Ruby Coulton
  • Angus Croft
  • William Knight
  • Angus Pengilly
  • Nina Smedley

Mark Pritchard
Stage 2 Co-ordinator

Hunter Region Maths Competition Results

High Distinction

  • Thomas McRae
  • Nina Smedley
  • Krishan Kandeepan
  • Tessa Wong
  • Finn O’Toole
  • Hannah Jones


  • Kajan Kandeepan
  • Bridget Horne
  • Bonnie McPhee
  • Olivia Searle
  • Timothy Lowther
  • Cameron Nash
  • Ava Buesnel
  • Lucinda Clinton
  • Olivia Wilson
  • Bianca Wong
  • Helen Suthers
  • Charlotte Jones
  • Andrew May
  • Scarlett MacKenzie
  • Elsie Sutherland
  • Angus Pengilly
  • Molly Slack-Smith
  • William Knight
  • George Wakem

Mark Pritchard
Stage 2 Co-ordinator

Dates for your Diary

31 Oct – Year 6 Council Dinner
2 Nov  - Grandparents Day
3 Nov – Prep Open Day
5 Nov – Year 5 excursion
6 Nov – 2018 Sport Assembly
8 Nov – SRC Gala Day – Mufti
13 Nov – 2018 Performing Arts Assembly
13 Nov – Band Concert
15 Nov – 2019 New Students Orientation Day
19 Nov – Assembly – T4 House Awards
19 Nov – Year 6 Farewell
19 – 21 Nov – K-2 Swim school
21 Nov – K-2 Swimming carnival
26 – 30 Nov – Outdoor Education Week
4 Dec – Celebration Assembly
4 Dec – Prep School year finished
5 Dec – Speech Day
Gail Kennewell

KWS Gets Cooking!


We are very excited to announce that we are creating our very own cookbook!

You can get involved with the project by submitting a recipe, joining the team to help with recipe testing and editing or by supporting the project through donations (in kind ingredients or skills).

For more information or to submit a recipe, please visit our website: 


If you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Cookbook Team via email: 
[email protected]

Sustainable School Shop

The Sustainable School Shop is Australia’s No 1 website for secondhand school items.  If you are new to Sustainable Schools registration is easy and the P&F cover the cost of subscription. The KWS 2019 booklists are now up on so you can select the ones on the booklist that you are looking for. If you are interested in selling books, the sustainable school shop website provides a guide as to how much you could sell your book for, and you are not limited to selling within KWS. To register click on the link and follow the prompts.

Donna McIntyre

P&F Secretary

Upcoming Events

Prep School Open Day


TREE Celebration of Learning


Band Concert


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