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26 May 2017
Issue Five
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From the Principal




Capital Projects

It is wonderful to see our students utilising their new fully refurbished Library.  The 'wow' factor is evident as we note our students' expressions as they enter their new facility.  By the end of this term shelving will be installed and books will be available for students to borrow. I am pleased to confirm the official opening of the Library will be held on Wednesday 28 June 2017 by the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer as the Federal Government Representative.  Parents who wish to view the refurbished Library may do so next week at the following times by meeting at Reception:


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00am, or Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00pm


The Junior School Amenities refurbishment is nearing completion and will be handed over within the next couple of weeks.


Our modular design classrooms are completed and we are awaiting approval from the Fire Authority after which installation will commence.


Staff News

New Staff

Miss Jessica Cole, Administration Assistant (Bus Transport)


Departing Staff

Ms Meral Simsek, Year 8 & 9 Coordinator.

Ms Julie Beck, Receptionist, leaving on 31 May 2017.


National Schools Event

Congratulations is extended to our Championship teams of Girls Table Tennis, Girls Volleyball and Boys Basketball.


Deputy Principal


Deputy Principal


Changing ‘Challenge’ and building Resilience
Early this month I attended an IB Schools Australasia's 2017 Speaker Series event at Wesley College (St Kilda Campus) with Haydn Flanagan Head of Middle School. The speaker Professor Martin Westwell spoke on ‘Changing Challenge - using creativity for disposition and differentiation’.

Martin Westwell is the Strategic Professor in the Science of Learning at Flinders University and is the Director of the Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century. He has a special interest in the topics of ‘student struggle’, ‘critical thinking’ and ‘problem solving’.


Martin discussed the evidence from recent research that suggests that if we change the way we think about ‘challenge’ it can open up new ways to help us shape student attitudes to learning. It can also provide teachers with opportunities to differentiate their teaching programs and cater for the different needs of learners in their classroom.

In his presentation Professor Westwell explored how different classroom practices involving students thinking in different ways can enhance student learning and engagement. As teachers we know we need to provide students with more thinking time instead of asking them to jump to an answer or being prescriptive on how they should solve a problem.


Westwell believes that when students take part in inquiry learning and are about to embark on an investigation we need to give them the opportunity to think divergently first. To toss around ‘ideas’, talk about ‘what ifs’ and ‘depends on’ questions, rather than give them a plan for their investigation. Then ask them to reflect on these ideas and thoughts and start thinking convergently i.e. narrow down their ideas and devise a hypothesis, tests, method, etc. to address the inquiry question. This is a model for being creative.

Martin also touched on work from other researchers in the context of challenge and failing, this included Carol Dweck’s growth mindset and Lance King’s failing well. The growth mindset involves students viewing a challenge as a learning opportunity where effort counts. To struggle with a challenge and to fail initially is OK. The growth mindset is “I am not good at this task yet”.

In line with Carol Dweck’s work, Lance King believes that the secret is to rework the notion of what it means to fail. We need students to get over their emotional fear of the word failure. Failure is just feedback. Feedback on what you are not doing right yet. Here failure is simply defined as not reaching your goal at this stage. It is important that students take responsibility for their actions (or lack of action) in not achieving the goal and to make changes to the way they go about the process of learning.


According to Professor Westwell a parent’s own mindset has a significant influence on their son or daughter’s attitude and approach to life. Parents can influence their child’s mindset by modelling a positive approach to life’s challenges and praising effort, perseverance, and the importance of confronting and learning from mistakes. This is helping your child to build resilience and develop the learning skills to tackle the challenges of life in these changing times.

Important Dates & Notices

Absentee Line

The Absentee Phone Line and e-mail address can be used by parents to report student absences promptly and conveniently.  


Simply phone the line and state your child's name, year level, estimated duration of and reason for absence after the tone. 


Your message will be sent directly to Student Services so that your child's absence can be recorded. Reports of absences WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED via any other means other than those listed below.


Absentee Line: 03 8554 0050

Email: [email protected]

Skoolbag: Select 'eForms' then 'Absentee Form'.

Leaving us in 2017?

Remember - one terms notice is required in writing to the Admissions Office if your child is not returning to Oakleigh Grammar.


For further information please contact a member of the Admissions Team to discuss on (03) 8554 0014 or [email protected]

Greek Independence Day March - Professional Photo for Sale

Professional Photographer and parent of the school Peter Psarros of Smile for Peter Photography took these stunning photos at the Greek Independence Day March on the 25th of March 2017, and is selling the photos in poster form (850mm x 390mm).


Option 1

Option 2

You can purchase the posters for $50 each, and Peter is generously donating all profits to the school.


To purchase a copy, please email Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer:

[email protected]

indicating which option you would like to order. 


(Note: if you would like the poster framed, please indicate this in your email for more information on this pricing).

Parking Courtesy

Please be mindful of our neighbours when parking your car at drop-off and / or pick-up times. We understand that parking is limited in the area, especially at this time, however please avoid parking across or partially blocking residents' driveways.


Please do not double park cars at any time - a number of staff and community members have been blocked in many times and this is should be avoided.


Please also be mindful of pedestrians in the area. It is a 40KM/HR zone at all times, and there is a lot of foot traffic around the school, presenting a number of hazards to be aware of. Safety first!


We thank you for your cooperation.

Lost Property

Please check your child’s school uniform to ensure they have not accidentally taken a peer’s blazer / sport jacket / etc. home with them by mistake.


Please also ensure all of your children’s uniforms are clearly named to ensure the correct uniform is returned to them if found in the playground or taken to lost property at the front office.

Update Your Email Address

A reminder to families to please ensure that you are not missing out on important information for your child/children and please ensure your email contact details are current as all correspondence from the School is via Email, Parent Paperwork and Skoolbag .


As of Term 2, 2017, we are no longer providing hard copies of electronic correspondence.


Please update your email address with our Admissions Team, via [email protected]


Please check your spam folder. If you find any emails from us, make sure you mark them as 'not spam' or 'trusted' to ensure they are delivered directly to your inbox.

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

Every Victorian child should have access to the world of learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund helps ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. It is part of making Victoria the Education State and the Government’s commitment to breaking the link between a student’s background and their outcomes.

For more information, download the flyer below.

To apply for CSEF, download the form below.


Oakleigh Grammar Business Directory

We are proud to announce the launch of the official Oakleigh Grammar Business Directory. Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, staff members and past students are invited to list their business on the directory! Head to http://businessdirectory.oakleighgrammar.vic.edu.au for more information and to list your business.


Business Breakfast

Oakleigh Grammar is proud to announce the inaugural Business Breakfast. The breakfast provides business owners and those looking to progress in their career with the opportunity to network and hear from high-profile professionals on various topics.

Helen Kapalos is a journalist and the Chairperson for the Victorian Multicultural Commission. Helen is also an executive producer and filmmaker who has worked for Australia's major free-to-air broadcasters. A proud Greek Australian, Ms. Kapalos is passionate about supporting Victoria’s culturally diverse communities and has worked in a number of philanthropic roles prior to joining the VMC, including as a Director at the Heart Foundation, Director of Federation Square, Ambassador for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and Ambassador with Community Languages Australia.


Allan Rich is an award-winning and highly successful entrepreneur. In late 2009 Allan purchased a small failing cake business called Cottage Cakes and a new journey commenced leading to the Susan Day acquisition in 2011. In 2014 Susan Day Cakes acquired Big Sister Foods resulting in the consolidation of two of Australia’s most iconic brands. The consolidated business created Australia’s largest packaged cake producer by tonnage - 15,000 tons and shipping 35 million packets of cakes all over Australia every year to each of the nation’s major retailers, namely, Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.


A full cooked breakfast will be provided, along with ample networking opportunities and prizes to be won


Get your tickets here: http://ogbusinessbreakfast.eventbrite.com.au

Conference Centre & 9ways Venue Hire

We are now accepting external hires of our Conference Centre & 9ways Centre.


If you would like to make a booking, or obtain more information, please contact

Miss Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer on (03) 8554 0001 during school hours or on 0449 863 622 after hours to leave a message or via email at 

[email protected]


Check out our website:



You can also find us on Facebook:


and Instagram: @ogconferencecentre.

School Mobile App

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We send push notifications straight to your phone regarding news, events and updates.


You can also report absences easily and conveniently using the app.


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Senior School

Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School


This part of the semester in Senior School is about finishing units of work and preparations for the upcoming Semester Examinations which will commence on Tuesday 13 June. Students have received their revision material and exam timetables by now and should be focusing on completing outstanding work and organising revision material. It is a time when anxiety and stress rises because of an increase in assessment and impending examinations followed by a report home about student progress. Many are concerned about this but put in perspective it is a snapshot in time. Some may have good days while others despite being prepared may not. Please remember when discussing outcomes and performance, success is more than a grade and a number does not define an individual.


Monash All School Leadership Program

Two of the Year 10 SRC representatives, Zac Smyrnis and Keely Nicopoulos were selected to take part in the Monash All School Leadership Program during the first week of May. Students work with potential school leaders from other schools in the week-long program to learn about the role of, and qualities needed by leaders. Students presented their work at the end of the week to members of their families and school representatives. It was amazing to see the growth of students involved in this program at the end of the week. Congratulations to both Zac and Keely.

Mother’s Day Classic

On May 14, a team of Year 11 students decked out in bright pink hoodies and accompanied by Home Group teachers, Andrew Phillips and Sharon Cheung, Junior School sports teacher, Caroline Leech and the Head of Senior School took part in the 4 km walk at the Mother’s Day Classic. The group aimed to raise $1000 for the charity. Their fundraising page on Everyday Hero was set up and donations came in. At the time of publishing, they had exceeded their goal. Congratulations to Nick Agiazis, Agapi Zoi, Eva Demirgelis Nicola Zois, Samantha Kagarakis, Julia Paboukis, Diana Georgiades, Maki Liang and Kaiyi Liu for their wonderful effort and great company on the day.

Sheriff’s Visit to Year 12

Last week representatives from the Sheriff’s Department visited Year 12 students to discuss their role within the community. This is an important insight into the real world for students and one that provides relevant information.

Post Budget Breakfast

A group of Year 10 students accompanied by their Home Group teacher, James Gobbo attended the Higgins 200 breakfast following the Budget announcement on Friday 12 May. Students had the opportunity to listen to a briefing by the Treasurer, the Hon Scott Morrison MP and an analysis of the budget details by a board of experts, all whilst enjoying a wonderful breakfast.


Friday 9 June is a student free day to allow staff to complete Semester Reports.

Monash All School Leadership Program - A Student's View

A little while ago Keely and I attended the Monash All Schools Leadership Program. Within only a few short days, we learnt so many skills and met so many different individuals. I think it is only fair to say that our experience there was a great one.


On our first day there, we were unsure what to expect. We were certain that this would just be another program that didn't mean anything. We were wrong. We were also certain that we would not talk to anyone and make no friends. We were wrong there too.


This program has been such a great experience and we are glad to have been a part of it. From learning the necessary skills to remain calm and confident during public speaking, such as deep breathing and preparing by doing a power pose, to how to create your public brand on social media, which went into depth of how dangerous social media can be, whilst still showing its positive aspects and how we can use it to further improve our growth as individuals. A variety of topics were covered in such a small amount of time that will be necessary for the path that I chose to follow in the future, and I believe that we can both say our mindsets have been altered for the better. I have never before experienced the world in such a way that my eyes truly see its struggles and joy.

Like many we were particularly interested in the diversity portion of our learning that explored the notions of equality and equity. We were also taught how people see the world from different perspectives and that how stepping into the shoes of people who are diverse can really change how you see things. 


This experience was made possible by the facilitators there at Monash. Thanks to them, we learnt a great deal. Overall being there was an extraordinary leadership experience that has encouraged us to make use of the information we have obtained within the future to make our society a better place for many individuals.

Zac Smyrnis, Year 10 Student

Middle School

Head of Middle School


Head of Middle School


Arrowsmith Mastery Awards

At our Middle school assembly this week we had the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of 9 of our Arrowsmith students who achieved “mastery” in an area of cognitive development.


Arrowsmith students undertake cognitive sessions where they aim to “master” a certain activity or task, requiring students to develop that cognitive capability. “Mastery” can only be achieved through hard work, perseverance and with a lot of support from teachers and classmates.


Darcy Goulis is congratulated for achieving Mastery in Clocks. To master a level in clocks students must accurately read 5 consecutive sets of 25, 4 or 6 handed clocks, in 70 secs or less.


Alec Snowden, Yanni Diakoumopoulos, Nikita Tan and Darcy Goulis are congratulated for Mastery of Q sense. In order to gain mastery for Q Sense a student must accurately add and subtract a chain of up to 25 numbers over 30 consecutive questions in under 10 secs per question.


Xavier Harpur and Aaron Brabner are congratulated for Mastery of 5 Symbol level of Symbol Recognition. Symbol Recognition masteries are achieved by working through 40 language sets, each consisting of 40 symbol combinations. Students begin with one symbol and then work through until 8 symbols are required to be recalled in perfect order in no more than 2 tries. 


Elianna Ben-David is congratulated for mastering 4 books in L Think. L think requires students to read complex passages of text and condense it into a single main idea. Passages range from basic through to university level. Each book has about 150 passages, so that's a lot of reading, writing and interpreting!

Debating Success

Our Year 9 & 10 Debating teams have kicked off the debating year on a high note, with wins for all three teams (1 x Year 9 and 2 x Year 10) at Wesley College on the 4th May. Our debating program continues to grow from strength to strength under the expert coaching and encouragement of Ms Zijai. Congratulations to all involved and keep up the good work! Read more.


Year 6 Excursion

On Tuesday 23 May, our Year 6 students undertook an excursion to the Monastery of Panagia Gorgoepikoos in Geelong. The students enjoyed the grounds of the monastery and had the opportunity to learn about, and ask Mother Kalistheni questions, about monastic life. From all reports the students and staff had a fantastic experience. Our thanks go to Mrs. Angelis for organising the excursion.


Brainstorm Productions

This Friday our Middle School students will be treated to a performance from the Brainstorm productions theatre company. The performance, “Verbal Combat”, addresses the issue of cyber bullying and will ask students to consider; who is responsible, why do people do this, where can you go for help and how we can all work together stop cyber bullying from happening.  Brainstorm productions are a regular feature of the school year. If past performances are anything to go by, our students can look forward to an entertaining and thought provoking experience.


Blackheath and Thornburgh Exchange

As the Blackheath and Thornburgh College (BTC) Exchange camp draws nearer, a reminder that we are looking for families who are willing to host students from BTC in September this year. Becoming involved in the BTC experience by hosting students can be a fantastic cultural exchange for your family. For students from remote Northern Queensland, tasting life in a major city can be an eye opening and sometimes life changing experience. To be part of this can also be a rich and rewarding undertaking for families. Please contact Mr. Gridley or the school office if you would like to be involved.


Upcoming events

Student Free Day – Friday 9 June

Queen’s Birthday Holiday – School Closed – Monday 12 June

Year 9 Examinations – Tuesday 13 June – Thursday 15 June

9Ways Health and Wellbeing Day – Friday 16 June

Blackheath and Thornburgh Exchange – Sunday 18 June – Friday 23 June

9Ways Cultural Diversity Week - Monday 26 – Thursday 29 June

Junior School

Head of Junior School


Head of Junior School


Last week I attended a conference in Tasmania based around the power of inquiry learning.  Kath Murdoch has been consulting for many years in primary education circles and facilitated sessions so that our schools are in the best position to drive inquiry within our schools.  When schools see themselves as communities of inquirers everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner.  I take this opportunity to recognise the leadership of Mrs Ambre Borneman who joined the Oakleigh Grammar Junior School staff in 2015. Mrs Borneman's role is to build our learning community so that it is social, cultural, multi-sensory, reflective and dependent on relationships. 


Motivation is enhanced when we understand our own learning and through this effective inquiry coaching that we are afforded, we are in pursuit of true conceptual learning. In the Junior School the focus is on process and not just content so that our students are aware that a growth mindset encourages an approach to learning whereby students find and use a variety of sources of information and ideas to increase their understanding of a problem, topic or issue.  It requires more of them than simply answering questions from or getting the right answer. Our explicit teaching of fundamental skills equips our students to be 21st century learners. 


Wonder, joy and passion are contagious!


Mothers Day

Thank you to the mothers and special friends, who visited our classrooms on Friday 12 May. The children loved having you work with them on their special activities.


Following the classroom visits, some of our mothers carried on to the Pink Ribbon breakfast at Vanilla Upstairs.  Our sincerest thanks to all of our families who donated raising valuable money for Breast Screen Victoria and to those who made donation for the raffle.  Vanilla doubled the amount donated.

  • Citrus tree – donated by Anna and Andrew Bottomley
  • Oakleigh Pilates/Yoga studio was donated by Christine
  • Keep Twinkletoes – one handmade keepsake memory bear donated by Joanne Grimanis
  • Needle felted wren – donated by Margo Boardman from Samspiration creating unique felted products
  • Honeybell Waterwear – donated by Annaliese Allen designer sun safe wear for adults and children
  • 3 vouchers from No Name – donated by Kathy Contes
  • $1000 donated by Jim and Elianne Kostakis from Australian Laser and Skin clinic
  • Mineral Makeup and toiletries – donated by Sharron Retchman
  • Seed Femme various items – donated by Kathy Haramis


Well done to our amazing Social Justice Leaders and School leaders for their great job of raising money and to the Junior School leadership team for assisting in the organisation of this special event each year.


Book Fair

The annual book fair started on Monday 22 May and thank you to Ms Chitra Wijesinghe for organising this and to Mrs. Papageorgiou for efficiently putting a Junior School timetable together so that our children could read, view and select Literacy items for a ‘wish list’.  The students have had the opportunity to visit throughout the week and make a selection adding to their personal library and generating funds for the library and JS classrooms. 


Education week

Education week has been so much fun!  The multi-age 7 Habits activities have been a great way for our younger children to interact with the older children teaching each other about the habits in action.  The Healthy Eating visits been very engaging and “hands on”. The ELC was a buzz of engaging activity in their in school visits over the week.  We finished the week with Walk to School Day.  Thank you to Ms Sarah Boardman and Mrs Sarah Caffrey for their organisation of education week activities.  It's been a lovely celebration of learning!


School Happenings

Please continue to check our Latest news on the School website for up to date events from teachers and students.


Read more here about our police Visit in Prep.


Read more here about Responsible Pet Ownership Programme.


Read more here about Term 2 being “High on the Habits”


Read more here about our Year 2 unit of Inquiry


Student Supervision

Please remind students that the Inner Yard is quiet area with no running or ball games.  We ask that parents assist in before and after school times in reminding students that it is a public area with foot traffic and not an area for ball games.


Students should be with parents prior to 8:20am when a designated teacher comes on Yard duty.  If students are playing on the grass or playground equipment they should be accompanied / supervised by a parent as there is no teacher on duty yet.


After 3:40pm when the duty teacher has completed his/her duty students should also be accompanied by a parent / guardian. 


Visitor Passes

For the security and safety of all students, parent helpers and visitors to the school are requested to collect a visitor’s pass from Reception.  Staff members have a responsibility to approach any unknown person in the school who is not wearing a badge.  This of course, does not apply when dropping students off in the morning or collecting them in the afternoon.  We appreciate your assistance in this important aspect of school security. 


Pick Up Areas

Students can be collected from outside their classrooms at 3.20pm.  We ask that parents do not enter classrooms unless they have been via reception and the teacher is aware of the early departure via a note in the diary.


School Uniform 

Junior School students have a wonderful reputation for their neat and tidy uniforms and should be congratulated on the pride in our School and themselves.  Recently, reminders for haircuts were sent home with such a positive response. As it is very cold in the mornings coming into winter consider the following:

  • Wear a singlet, long sleeve top or thermal under School shirt that cannot be seen.
  • Student Blazers are worn to and from School.
  • During School hours students may wear their sports jacket if they are very cold.

The Leader in Me


Leadership Facilitator


Creating Great Culture At Home and at School

The Leader in Me process has given us so many opportunities to individually and collectively progress through the transformational process, where we are now going for Lighthouse status at Oakleigh Grammar. Whilst nothing is perfect in life and as people we make mistakes, it’s the growth mindset of our leadership journey that allows us to reflect on where we were 6 years ago, where we are now, and where we would like to be in the future. One of the key aspects to creating a great leadership environment is recognising the importance of culture. Read more.

Food Matters - Second Workshop


The Arrowsmith Program

Social Issues Understood: When Children Struggle to Interact with Others​

No parent wants to discover their son or daughter doesn’t have friends – to watch their child – who they know is loving, friendly and kind – get teased by other kids or play alone on the perimeter of the playground. It’s heartbreaking.


But these observable actions are early indicators that a child could be experiencing problems with social perception.


“Parents usually notice social interaction issues when their babies become toddlers and start moving around,” said Howard Eaton, founder and director of Eaton Arrowsmith School (EA). “They sometimes miss social cues apparent to adults or distance themselves from social groups.”


Kids who struggle with social interaction often fail to understand their emotions and the emotions of others, share information in inappropriate ways or don’t comprehend rules for politeness when speaking with people, and find reading body language and making eye contact difficult (social perception).


However, not every child who exhibits these symptoms is diagnosed with a social communication disorder. In fact, social interaction problems are often tied to other learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s Syndrome, or psychological and emotional disorders, hearing loss, specific language impairment, and other cognitive weaknesses.

Lost in conversation – Social Anxiety in Children

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, founder of the Arrowsmith Program, was diagnosed with a mental block in the first grade. She read and wrote everything backwards, had difficulty processing language concepts, frequently got lost, and was physically uncoordinated.

She was never diagnosed with a social communication disorder, but had few friends while growing up. The idea of interacting with others made her extremely anxious, so she avoided it.


“Social encounters that most people would look forward to held terror for me,” she writes in her book, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain. “I knew I would not understand the conversations and would only be able to sit quietly hoping no one would try to engage me, to elicit comment.”

Arrowsmith-Young understood she didn’t fit in, but couldn’t figure out how to change the situation. She became depressed and isolated herself from her peers.


But she got through school using her strong work ethic and memory and then created a series of exercises to address her brain deficits. She later opened the Arrowsmith School, which has now used these exercises for more than 35 years to help students with learning difficulties.


A story of social transformation

Yale Henry is one of those students. He started at Eaton Arrowsmith in grade six after years of being bullied, having no friends, and struggling through school.


“I used to get bullied a lot because I didn’t understand humour or social cues,” he said. “Every day was difficult.”


Henry was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability and ADHD before attending EA. He said his brain didn’t allow him to process any sort of non-verbal input.


“People would talk to me and I wouldn’t understand what they were saying,” Henry said. “I couldn’t process what was happening around me – reactions, jokes, conversations.”

Henry attended EA for three years. He admits the exercises were challenging at first, but he gradually started to see changes.


“I understood social cues, jokes, and was even able to come up with jokes and relate to people,” Henry said. “There was a pretty dramatic difference.”


And the changes didn’t stop after he completed his program at EA and entered a mainstream high school.


“Even after I stopped doing the exercises, I was still growing,” Henry said.


A solution to social interaction problems

Until Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, the possibility of using cognitive intervention to improve social interaction had not been fully explored, according to Eaton. Today, there are still few other options available for kids who struggle with social issues.

“Arrowsmith-Young has developed cognitive exercises to strengthen areas of the brain that control social interaction,” Eaton said. “After doing these exercises, kids often say they are able to make sense of what their peers are thinking for the first time. Before, it was a guessing game and other children would look at them as if they were from Mars.”


Henry can relate to this feeling.


“I always liked helping people, but people couldn’t stand to be around me. I didn’t have friends before EA. I was lonely. I always wanted to help out, but I would get rejected,” Henry said.

Most students who attend Eaton Arrowsmith, like Henry, have other learning difficulties that impact math, reading, writing, spelling and/or written expression in addition to social interaction issues.

But EA’s programs of targeted cognitive exercises give these students the opportunity to improve their learning abilities and social skills.


In Henry’s case, EA helped him build social skills and even save his friend’s life.


Head of Sport


Head of Sport








Middle/Senior School House Athletics Carnival

The Athletics season commenced in the last week of Term 1 with the MS/SS House Athletics Carnival which was held at Duncan McKinnon Athletics Track. Students had the opportunity to compete in a range of Track and Field events during the day. The highlight of the day was Tomas Smith running 11.47sec which broke the school Under 16 Boys 100m record. Rose House once again proved victorious for the 3rd year running.


Congratulations to the Rose House Captains: George Daglaras and Anastasia Anastopoulos.


Final House Athletics Shield results:  

1st Place: Rose House - 552 points

2nd Place: Fraser House - 533 points

3rd Place: Bradman House - 433 points     

Congratulations to the triumphant Rose House Captains: George Daglaras and Anastasia Anastopoulos.


EISM Division 3 Athletics Carnival

At strong team of 68 students represented Oakleigh Grammar at the EISM Division 3 Athletics Carnival on Thursday 27 April. Oakleigh Grammar finished 5th overall.


A number of outstanding individual performances were achieved, these include:



Victoria Turewicz: 1st Place - Under 14 Girls High Jump - 1.30m (New OG record)

Irene Pilakis: 1st Place - Under 14 Girls Triple Jump - 8.26m

Max Teh-White: 1st Place - Under 14 Boys Shot Put - 11.64m (3kg Shot Put) (New OG Record)

Jenna Menelaou: 1st Place - Under 16 Girls 800m - 2min.49.95sec (New OG Record)  

Tomas Smith: 1st Place - Under 16 Boys 100m - 11.92sec & 200m - 25.16sec

Chris Giannaros: 1st Place - Under 16 Boys Long Jump - 5.66m & 100m B - 12.60sec

Kristen Moshos: 1st Place - Open Girls 100m C - 15.61sec

Anthony Malamas: 1st Place - Open Boys Shot Put - 10.96m (5kg Shot Put)



Stephanie Burnett: 2nd Place - Under 13 Girls 400m - 78.35sec

Alexandra Voutsas: 2nd Place - Under 14 Girls Shot Put - 7.00m (3kg Shot Put)

Victoria Turewicz: 2nd Place - Under 14 Girls 200m A - 32.59sec

Eleni Tsotras: 2nd Place - Under 15 Girls Triple Jump - 7.75m   

Alexandra Bonney: 2nd Place - Under 15 Girls Shot Put - 8.23m (New OG Record)

Michael Pegiou: 2nd Place - Under 15 Boys 400m - 60.17sec

Krisa Paboukis: 2nd Place - Under 16 Girls Shot Put - 7.39m (3kg Shot Put)

Conrad Noonan-Barros: 2nd Place - Under 16 Boys 100m C - 13.51sec

Chris Giannaros: 1st Place - Under 16 Boys 200m B - 27.08sec

Nicola Zois: 2nd Place - Open Girls 400m - 79.68sec

Liam Koutsoulas: 2nd Place - Open Boys 200m B - 26.80sec



Stephanie Burnett: 3rd Place - Under 13 Girls 100m A - 15.39sec & 200m A - 32.46sec

Angelos Zois: 3rd Place - Under 13 Boys 100m B - 14.72sec 

Victoria Turewicz: 3rd Place - Under 14 Girls 100m A - 15.15sec

Shamus Smith: 3rd Place - Under 14 Boys 100m C - 14.24sec

Jacinta Kimberley: 3rd Place - Under 14 Girls 400m - 77.07sec

Kosta Pliatsikas: 3rd Place - Under 15 Boys 100m C - 13.98sec

Isabella Karvounis: 3rd Place - Under 16 Girls 400m - 77.96sec, 100m C - 15.34sec & 200m B - 33.50sec

Maria Spiropoulos: 3rd Place - Open Girls Shot Put - 8.10m (3kg Shot Put)

Christina Gougoussis: 3rd Place - Open Girls High Jump - 1.20m

Samantha Kagarakis: 3rd Place - Open Girls 200 A - 32.01sec

Paras Gameras: 3rd Place - Open Girls 200m B - 33.99sec

Under 14 Boys 4 x 100m Relay Team - 3rd Place - Jonathan Sarris, Alexi Pratt, Shamus Smith & Evangelos Nanos

Under 16 Girls 4 x 100m Relay Team - 3rd Place - Sarah Burnett, Kiriaki Gilinas, Jenna Menelaou & Isabella Karvounis


EISM Athletics Champions Carnival

A record number of Oakleigh Grammar students qualified for the EISM Athletics Champions Carnival which featured the best athletes from the 21 EISM schools. The Champions Carnival was held on Monday 15 May at Lakeside Stadium.

Oakleigh Grammar had its best ever result Athletics Champions Carnival result achieving two gold medals & two bronze medals.


Stephanie Burnett - U/13 Girls 400m

Jenna Menelaou - U/16 Girls 800m

Victoria Turewicz - U/14 Girls High Jump

Irene Pilakis - U/14 Girls Triple Jump

Tomas Smith - U/16 Boys 100m & 200m

Michael Pegiou - U/15 Boys 400m

Chris Giannaros - U/16 Boys Long Jump

Max Teh-White - U/14 Boys Shot Put

Anthony Malamas - Open Boys Shot Put


Congratulations to Tomas Smith who went back to back in winning both the Under 16 Boys 100m & 200m titles, repeating his outstanding 2016 achievement where he also won both titles.


Tomas Smith: 1st Place - Under 16 Boys 100m - 11.87sec & 200m - 23.90 sec (New OG Record)   

Stephanie Burnett: 3rd Place - U/13 Girls 400m - 73.52sec (New OG Record)

Max Teh-White: 3rd Place - U/14 Boys Shot Put - 11.15m

Bentleigh District Cross Country Carnival

On Tuesday 16 May, 38 Oakleigh Grammar students from Years 3 to 6 competed at the Bentleigh District Cross Country. In cool, fine conditions Oakleigh Grammar students competed in fields of 50-60 students over 2km to 3km against the six other Bentleigh District Primary Schools.


Congratulations to Jovan Milenkovic (Year 5) who placed 2nd in the 11 Boys 3km event.  


Top performers in each age group were:

9/10 Boys (2km)

Marco Milenkovic - 28th Place & Stefan Pegiou - 30th Place


9/10 Girls (2km)

Veronica Micallef - 6th Place & Charlotte Brown - 23rd Place


11 Boys (3km)

Jovan Milenkovic - 2nd Place & Dean Alabournos - 27th Place


11 Girls (3km)

Jaeda Louw - 13th Place & Mia Hatziminas - 33rd Place


12 Boys (3km)

Evangelo Kolokithas - 6th Place & Will Edgell - 19th Place


12 Girls (3km)

Mary Kourkoutzelos & Bridget Maycock


Good luck to the following students who have qualified and will represent Oakleigh Grammar and the Bentleigh District at the School Sport Victoria - Beachside Division Cross Country Carnival on Tuesday 30th May.


Veronica Micallef - 9/10 Girls (2km)

Jovan Milenkovic - 11 Boys (3km)

Evangelo Kolokithas - 12 Boys (3km)


The Arts at Oakleigh Grammar

Head of Arts


Head of Arts



VCE Drama Excursion

On Wednesday 10 May the VCE Drama class worked with Drama students from other schools at the VCE Ensemble Exchange. Students had the rare opportunity to share their creative work and discuss play-making processes in a professional theatre environment, at the Malthouse Theatre. Our students showed roughly 15 minutes of their ensemble performance and received constructive feedback from students, Drama teachers and artists.

After the workshop we had dinner in the city then headed back to the Malthouse Theatre to watch ‘Away’, written by Michael Gow and directed by Matthew Lutton. The students were very impressed with the creative direction and crafty use of stagecraft in the performance.


Congratulations to all Oakleigh Grammar senior debating teams for the wins they received on Thursday 4 May. The third round is on Thursday 1 June at 7pm, at Wesley College in Glen Waverley. Parents and friends are welcome to attend.


A Night at the Theatre

Oakleigh Grammar Presents A Night at the Theatre.

A collection of Drama, Music & Media performances


Date: Wednesday 31 May


Venue: Oakleigh Grammar Community Hall

Time: 7PM


Gold coin donations welcomed.


RSVP to [email protected] by Friday 26 May.


Warning: some performances contain adult themes.

Drama Victoria Theatre Festival

Oakleigh Grammar is taking part in the 2017 Drama Victoria Theatre Festival performance evening, which will see six schools present a showcase of work that has been created and developed by students for a single evening’s performance.


It is an opportunity for students in Year 9 and 10 to create work of their own from beginning to end!


The evening will be held on Tuesday 6 June, 2017 at 7:00PM.


Faculty News

Careers News


Career Advisor









Students in Year 11 in 2017 with a passion for science and technology are encouraged to apply for the National Youth Science Forum 2018 program. Attending the NYSF is a great way to assess your level of interest in and commitment to further STEM study, and to start building networks for your future. The 12-day program offers laboratory visits and science tours, the chance to mix with like-mined students, and activities that develop a better understanding of the range of study and career options. When: January school holidays. Info: www.nysf.edu.au; Applications by: 30 May. 




Swinburne is both a provider of university degrees, and of certificates and diplomas. The main campus is in Hawthorn (next to Glenferrie Railway Station), while smaller campuses are located in Croydon and Wantirna.   This holiday program is for students wanting to learn more about design careers, courses and pathways. Participants will develop a design portfolio, broaden their problem-solving and design-thinking skills and work in teams – just like in a real studio. Who: Year 10-12 students; When: 9am-5pm, 11-14 July; Where: AMDC Building, Melbourne Design Factory, Level 5, Swinburne Hawthorn; Places are limited so register early at: www.swinburne.edu.au/events/departments/health-arts-design/2017/07/discover-design-at-swinburne.php





William Angliss Institute (555 La Trobe St, Melbourne) offers school students the opportunity to immerse themselves in their dream career via hands-on workshops. The workshops are ideal for students considering a career in foods, tourism, hospitality or events, with lunch, refreshments and campus tour included. To register go to www.angliss.edu.au/schoolholidays, or for information: ph 9606 2480 or email [email protected]




Planners create and manage urban environments and aim to make cities more efficient, sustainable, lively, attractive and liveable. They also work to protect our historic buildings and natural areas, and to prevent farmland and ecologically sensitive landscapes from becoming degraded.  Urban planning is taught at a number of universities. At RMIT it is a four-year, honours level degree, accredited by the Planning Institute of Australia The course includes sixty days of paid work experience. Employment opportunities are good, NOTE: Planning can also be studied at the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University (Bendigo) and through a graduate program at Deakin University.




VU in Footscray’s Centre for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) prepares business students for employment. The staff negotiate with industry professional to develop and manage suitable positions for Business students, offering:  A year of paid, fulltime employment (min 40 weeks) as an accredited part of the degree Business Integrated Learning – recognises industry-based experiences such as project work, part-time employment or voluntary work while students  complete their business qualifications   The Bachelor of Commerce (City campus) prepares graduates for work in a range of finance-related areas. The curriculum has a job-ready focus with industry integration, workplace-based projects and a mentoring program. An overseas study tour in available in Asia or Europe.



SRC Coordinator


Oakleigh Grammar SRC members and Middle and Senior School Leaders have worked to their full capacity the last three weeks attending seminars in relation to their roles, organising fundraisers and representing our school at different events.


Earlier this month two of our Year 10 SRC members, Zach Smyrnis and Keely Nicopoulas represented our school by participating in the week long Monash All School Leadership Program.

The program, offered by Monash Youth and Family Services, focuses on developing the leadership potential of students. Congratulations to both students on participating in such a great program!


On Sunday 14 May Year 11 SRC members organised a fundraiser and raised money for breast cancer research. Year 11 students and staff members wore their bright pink hoodies and took part in the Mother’s Day Classic by completing the 4km walk.

On Sunday 21 May the Coordinating Committee of Pontian Associations in Melbourne organised a memorial service for the commemoration of the Pontian Greek Genocide at St. Eustathios. SRC members accompanied Mrs Patsaris and Mrs Spanos to the service and represented our school.

On Thursday 25 May, SRC members and Middle School Leaders organised our annual “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea” fundraiser for our Junior School Students and for all staff members. Students from Prep up to Year 5 as well as ELC students enjoyed our delicious strawberry and chocolate milkshakes. More than 300 milkshakes were prepared and delivered to Home Groups before Recess. Staff members from all across the school also enjoyed a morning tea during recess. All funds raised from activities were donated to the Cancer Foundation. Well done to all students who were dedicated to their roles and worked so hard!


This week Middle and Senior School students had the opportunity to participate in some special history lessons during Greek classes. Students were exposed to the Photo Exhibition of “Koutoulakis” related to the commemoration of the Battle of Crete. The presentation was organised by the Battle of Crete and Greece Commemorative Council and presented by Mr. Georgios Aerakis, President of the Municipality of Malevizi and Mr. Kostas Trigonis, President of the Municipal Library of Maleviziou.


Well done to all students who took part in all of the events!

Community Board



Oakleigh Grammar News 
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