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14 September 2017
Issue Fourteen
Important Dates
Principal's Message
College Matters
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Important Dates


Thursday 14 to Thursday 28 September

Japan Study Tour


Wednesday 20 September

VCE Recital Evening


Thursday 21 September

College Assembly


Friday 22 September

Term 3 ends. Early dismissal at 2.15pm. 

Term 4 

Monday 9 October

Term 4 starts 


Tuesday 10 October

6.30pm, 'The Two worlds of Your Teenage' Book launch


Monday 16 October

9am,  College Tour


Wednesday 18 October

6pm, VCE Art & Design Show


Monday 23 October

College Assembly


Tuesday 24 October

Year 12 Celebration Assembly

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner 


Wednesday 25 October

7pm, Reunions - 20 years (1997) & 15 years (2002)


Wednesday 1 November

Year 12 VCE Exams commence 


Monday 6 November

Staff Professional Development (Student Free Day) 


Tuesday 7 November

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday


Thursday 9 November

9am, College Tour


Friday 10 November

College Assembly 


Tuesday 21 November 

8pm, Presentation Night, Robert Blackwood Hall


Monday 27 November

Headstart begins 


Wednesday 6 & Thursday 7 December

Report Verification - Early finish


Tuesday 12 December

Orientation Day for 2018 Year 7s

Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Guardians

Principal for the Day Visit

This year our school participated in the Principal for the Day program. The program gives a wide range of community and business leaders from all walks of life a first-hand experience of a normal day in a Victorian government school. More than 150 business and community leaders have taken part this year.  Our Principal for the Day was Pollyanna Lenkic.


Pollyanna is a coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker who works with leading organisations. Her purpose and passion is in helping individuals and teams to thrive, to create sustainable results aligned with their goals, and the goals and strategy of their organisation. Pollyanna has a strong business background and understands results need to be realised and measured. At 24, she co-founded a specialist IT consultancy in London, which grew from humble beginnings to a permanent team of 18 with 100+ consultants and an annual turnover of £11 million. Today, Pollyanna’s focus is on building sustainable high performing teams, lifting employee engagement and developing people potential. Pollyanna’s structured approach delivers an uplift of 25% in team performance. 


Pollyanna met with students and staff on Wednesday and toured our wonderful school. We visited all areas of the school with the highlight of the day being the John Monash Science School Program and the lunchtime activity in the Technology Centre where students were invited to assemble the new robots for the digital technologies program. It was a mutually beneficial experience for both of us which will hopefully result in future contact.


I would like to also take this opportunity to thank Stuart Campbell and Sue Cook who build the capacity of the Jazz Band and Stage Band. These two fine bands performed at Dizzy’s Night Club to a packed house on Tuesday night alongside students from Koonung Secondary College. Thank you also to the Music and Instrumental Music teachers who assisted on the evening. What a wonderful celebration of our students’ talents!


Kind regards


Linda Brown


College Matters

Last day of term 

The last day of term 3 is Friday 22 September. There will be an early dismissal at 2.15pm.


Bell times will be: 


8.50am – 9.50am          Period 1

9.50am – 10.15am        Recess

10.20am – 11.20pm     Period 2

11.25pm – 12.25pm     Period 3

12.25pm – 1.10pm        Lunch

1.15pm – 2.15pm          Period 4


All lockers must be emptied by the end of the day to assist with pest control measures over the holidays.

Book Launch

Sonya Karras and Sacha Kaluri ( are leaders in adolescent and family issues and regularly run workshops with Year 12 students. There is a special launch of their first book The Two Worlds of Your Teenager, with an opportunity to meet the authors and purchase the book early in Term 4. 

Tuesday 10 October at 6.30pm

Nina Carr Lecture Theatre

RSVP: 9581 5200 by 20 September 

Carol Duggan

Assistant Principal

International Student Program & ELC News

The students in the ELC have been diligently working, completing various tasks and enjoying the opportunities to present various tasks in class and complete several Teacher Feedback Surveys. They were quite excited to do this once they understood that they would be 'assessing us'. The students have also been meeting with the ELC Peer Support students. The Peer Support students have been fantastic, taking the initiative to create different activities that will best help the ELC students integrate within the wider school community and improve their English.

In the last week of term, we will be celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with moon cakes. We hope that the teachers and friends of the students join us in the celebration of this important cultural event. 

Finally, we would like to wish the international students a safe journey home during the term holidays, and for those who will be in Melbourne, a relaxing break.


Ekaterina Xanthopoulos

ISP and ELC Manager


Blazer expectations in 2018

MGSC is transitioning towards all school blazers having the new school logo which was introduced a few years ago. From 2018 MGSC students from Years 7 to 11 will be required to have the new logo on their blazer.  Our uniform supplier Costume World is able to arrange for new pockets:

  • Orders for new pockets  must be received by the last day of term - Friday 22 September 2017. There can be no extension of this date.
  • A minimum $5 deposit or payment in full is required for each order. Pockets are $24 each.
  • Costume World can arrange for their tailor to sew on the new pockets from the beginning of Headstart, Monday 27 November.

The price for change-overs are:

  • Zip-lined blazer $14 (plus pocket price) and $20 for sewn in lining (plus pocket price).

Costume World is located at Shop 5, 1291 Nepean Highway Cheltenham 3192.

The telephone number is 9584 7006.


From Monday 27 November (Headstart) until the end of 2017 students will not be required to wear their blazers to school.

Sports & Summer Uniform 

During September and October students may wear the summer or winter uniform.   From 1 November only the summer uniform can be worn. 

The Physical Education uniform can only be worn by students participating in PE that day.  The sports jacket can only be worn with the PE uniform. 

If a student is not wearing the correct uniform they need to obtain an ‘Out of Uniform’ pass from their Sub-School office on arrival at school.  

Please name all uniform items especially blazers and jumpers. The change of season brings warmer days and they are often taken off by students and left in classrooms and the school grounds. 


Carol Duggan

Assistant Principal

Senior, Middle, Junior School Matters 

Junior School  

Thank you and Welcome

A huge thank you to Ms Meral Simsek, Mr Peter Box and Ms Jan Tallarida who replaced staff on leave this term and welcome back to Ms Adrianna Welniak who has returned from a wonderful overseas trip. We also farewell our fantastic Year 7 Student Manager, Ms Petra Witt who is taking long service leave during term 4. Ms Witt has been Year 7 Student Manager for several years and we will miss her expertise and caring manner with the girls. We look forward to her return in 2018. Miss Emily Price will be replacing Ms Witt and we give her a warm welcome to the Junior School.


Further to the reminders about uniform in this newsletter, Year 7 and 8 students who are out of uniform need to obtain an 'Out of Uniform' pass from the Junior School office before school. Please name all clothing. There are a few unnamed blazers in the Junior School office.


A reminder to all Junior School students that they should not use their iPads outside as the risk of dropping them and damaging them is very high.


Gayle Steinfort

Junior Sub-School Leader

Middle School

It has been a hectic term 3 in the Middle School with many key events for the students. 

The Year 9 City Experience was a great success with students navigating their way around Melbourne's CBD through inclement weather and peak hour traffic to learn interesting things about the history, culture and the people of our city.

The Year 10 Social was another great success. The students and their guests enjoyed the opportunity to dress-up and danced the night away. We were pleased with how they carried themselves and that everyone had a fantastic time. 

The Year 10 Camp to 'The Summit' was a positive experience for participants. The students embraced the challenge activities.  It was heart-warming to see how quickly they all jumped in to help each other, through encouragement or physical strength, to ensure they succeeded as a team.  The camp was celebrated with lots of group singalongs and the amazing 'Dance Off' on Thursday night, where the teachers committed themselves to outperformed the students!  Another event where lots of fun was had by all.

Year 9 and 10 Course Counselling was an another important event in Middle School during this term, requiring planning and resources.  It was pleasing to see students put thought and care into choosing their subject and parent involvement and support in the process.

Finally I would like to thank all the staff involved in these Middle School events. We believe in the value of these experiences and participating with the students. The Principal team, teaching staff and education support staff have all been involved in the planning and running of the events.  Without their extra time, effort and care, they don't run as smoothly.


Deb Jarvis

Middle Sub-School Leader

Senior School

The College Captains, Rachel Butler, Tara Graves, and Taylor Dawson, have held a breakfast each Wednesday morning before school. For a gold coin donation the students were treated to fresh fruit, toast and spreads, buns and pastries and juice. Money raised will be donated to a cause through the SRC.

Year 12 holiday planning

Students are encouraged to plan for the holidays by preparing a study program for the two weeks and consider attending relevant revision lectures. 

VTAC registration 

Students should be investigating possible programs for 2018 and ensure they have registered on the VTAC website. This enables students to start the SEAS application process by selecting the option and entering the email of the person who will support the student in this process. The report by the supporting person must be completed by 6 October at 5pm. For further information please visit the VTAC website:


Many Year 12 students and some Year 11 attended a workshop to prepare themselves for their final weeks at the College.  The Elevate Education presentation offered study skill techniques tips to increase motivation and build confidence. Feedback from those who did attend was very positive.

English Lecture 

All Year 12 English students are expected to attend a revision lecture, on Friday 13 October, Period 4 The presenter, Kay Perry is a Curriculum Specialist and Education Consultant and is the author of several study guides. The English Domain and the Senior School have funded this event and it is expected that all English students will attend.

October Tests 

Teachers will be finalising their courses and SACs for Unit 4 studies and then revision will begin in earnest. As part of the revision program and preparation for the VCAA exams students are required to sit October Tests. These tests are designed to give the students an experience of the VCAA style of exam, obtain feedback about their progress and either reset or confirm their study program to finalise their secondary education. It is essential that students take these tests seriously and begin to prepare for them as soon as possible. It is not too early to begin to look at the work that was covered in Unit 3.


Sylvia Christopoulos 

Senior Sub-School Leader


STEAM Matters - Science

Science students in the community and classroom

Our science students attend community and industry events to broaden their understanding of STEAM and science in a changing world. Here are their reports about what they are experiencing in the classroom and beyond. 


Louise Rieniets​

Science Domain Leader 

Year 8 Science – Transforming Energy

In Year 8 science we are learning about the principal of transforming wind energy to electricity. In class we made a wind generator using a fan, a wind turbine and an energy testing station. We connected the turbine to the energy testing station and used the fan to make the turbine spin. This then converted the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity which powered the energy station. The variables we tested and experimented with were the angle of the blades on the turbine and the angle of the wind hitting the turbine.


Zoe Bunn 8C


Careers in Engineering - Rotary Club of Mordialloc

Jordan Mackenzie and myself were given the opportunity to attend the Mordialloc Rotary Club's meeting and received a more in depth understanding of careers in engineering and the workforce. It was emphasised that an Engineering degree does not give you a limited job but can be applied to many different positions. From guest speaker Ms Kathryn McDonald we heard how passion drives a career and learnt the importance of doing your best at everything regardless of whether you want to or not. It was emphasied that a 'give anything a go' attitude is admired by employers and often leads to other opportunities. It was emphasised that problem solving coupled with people skills are very useful for engineers. Jordan and I are very grateful for the opportunity to listen to Kathryn and would like to express our appreciation to the Mordialloc Rotary Club who consistently promote education in their variety of programs and funding. Their work is making a real impact and they are paving the way for the future.


Lucy Tsuchida Year 12 


NYSF Orientation Day @ CSL

On Saturday 2 September the four students going to the National Youth Science Forum, attended orientation at CSL. We gained an insight into what we will be experiencing at the NYSF, and introduced ourselves to the group of other students who will also be attending the Forum. We learned a lot from the guest speaker, Adriana Morelli, who is Director of the In vivo Biology group in the Research department at CSL Ltd. We gained a lot of useful information about how the science industry works, and about how CSL works to create drugs to treat diseases. We are all looking forward to attending in January, and can’t wait to gain new experiences, meet lots of new people and expand our knowledge of science. 


Olivia Jaconelli 11D


STEAM Matters - Maths

AMT Maths Challenge Award Winners


Congratulations to our 2017 AMT Maths Challenge Award Winners: 


Hedy Shi (Year 7 )received a High Distinction

Jess Marquis (Year 8) received a Distinction

Samantha Hooper, Kelly Tran, April Thomas, (all Year 8) received Credits. 

This competition saw students from Year 7 to Year 10 completing a range of challenging maths problems, individually and in groups during Terms 2 and 3. They competed against students from across Australia and achieved some impressive results. 

Marked workbooks are currently being distributed to every participating student, along with related certificates. High Distinction, Distinction and Credit certificates will be presented at our College Assembly in early November. We congratulate the students who were involved in this important activity which proved a great way to challenge themselves and practise exam style test conditions.


Gary Hughes                                                                           
Director of Mathematics & Numeracy

Maths makes a real difference

STEAM Matters - Art

VCE Art Award & Show

Works by VCE Art and Design students will be showcased at the annual exhibition early in term 4. The Malcolm Art award will be announced at  the same time.  Our community is invited to the opening: 

Wednesday 18 October, 6pm to 8pm 

Art and Media Centre. 

There is a public viewing on Thursday 19 October, 8am to 4pm. 

Gemma Johnson

Art Domain Leader

ATOM Awards - More success for Shanon McKenzie

Congratulations to Shanon McKenzie (2016) who is a finalist in the 2017 SAE ATOM Awards in the 'Best Senior Secondary Animation' category for her  VCE Media film 'Monday' . 

Shanon's short film tells the story of a robot who travels to the ends of the earth chasing a lost piece of paper in order to try to hand it in on time. 

Shanon was awarded the overall winner of the 2016 MGSC Art & Design awards and was part of Top Screen 2017 which features outstanding films by VCE students from the previous year. Shanon's work is also included in a new Media textbook from Cambridge Press, ‘Media: Reframed’  (which I co-authored) that will be published soon. 

Since 1982, the ATOM Awards have been celebrating the best of Australian and New Zealand screen content from the education sector and screen industry professionals. A screening will be held at Federation Square Big Screen, or you can view 'Monday' at

MGSC is proud of Shanon's achievements, and wish her good luck in the ATOM Awards!


Lisa Blumenstein

Media Teacher 

STEAM Matters - Food Tech

The Great Cook-Off 

During lunchtime on Wednesday 6 September, four Year 12 students - Isabel Foord, Jessi Hooper, Holly Cramond, and Piper Williams plus myself competed in a cook-off.  

Choosing from a  'mystery box' of  ingredients selected by Ms Lina Mansour, competitors had  45 minutes to produce a tasty temptation. 

Dessert was the dish of the day with everyone preparing a sweet something for the five judges, which included past students Natasha Carmeni and Isabelle Harper, current students Rachel Horvath and Abi Wells, and staff member Mr Amedeo Astorino.

There was a fun atmosphere in the kitchen and scores were very tight. 

Congratulations to Isabel Foord, who impressed with her biscuits with coconut cream and passionfruit curd.  


Tess Molina

Technology Domain Leader

English & Library 


There are two concurrent English competitions.

One involves students writing their definitions of literacy in the 21st century. This is to celebrate literacy week earlier this month. The other is September Scribblers - Time Travelling Tales in honour of the two hundred years anniversary of Jane Austen's death. Thus for the latter the students write a short tale about living in the 19th century.


On the first Friday back in term 4, Year 12 mainstream students will be attending a lecture delivered by Kay Perry to help prepare them for the final examination.


The English Domain encourages all students to enjoy some leisure reading during the upcoming holiday break.


Anne Gamble

English & Literacy Coordinator


Dizzy's Jazz Club

On Tuesday night the Jazz Band and Stage Band put on a fabulous show at Dizzy's Jazz Club responding to the atmosphere of an authentic jazz venue and appreciative audience. Congratulations to Stuart Campbell, Sue Cook and all the students for putting on a great night of music. 

Tim Veevers

Director of Performing Arts


Year 7 Netball

On Monday 11 September the Year 7 netball team played in the State Finals, which included the top eight teams in the state. The girls played three games throughout the day, competing against teams from Yarrawonga, Sale and Rowville. They put up a strong fight in all their games and showed excellent team spirit.  

In the lead up to yesterday’s competition, the girls and their coaches were very committed with the team training each week for the past two terms. Well done to players Grace Bailey, Tess Cahill, Lilly Crofts, Hope Maillard, Ella Marsh, Jordy Murphy, Emma Stanton, Alexandra Stranger, Abigail Wallace and Olivia Wilkinson and student coaches Mikala Clarke, Abby Manning, Olivia McGillivray, Tessa McHenry, Megan Taylor  for a wonderful a effort.


Amanda O’Hara

Physical Education Teacher

Victorian All School Relay carnival

The Victorian All School Relay carnival at Albert Park on was an exciting competition last night.

All seven MGSC teams put on a fantastic display of running skills and team work.

The U16 Medley relay had a thrilling finish in the timed event taking second place by only 0.04 seconds! Well done Zoe C, Kisarna B, Teiki Wand last leg runner Millie B.

Congratulations to all our representatives and good luck at upcoming events including Victorian All Schools Knockouts, followed by Regional and State Athletics next term.



Our students had an incredibly successful day at the Beachside District Athletics carnival on Monday 4 September. The 50 students who represented MGSC competed in a total of 76 events and finished with 39 first places, 16 seconds and 10 thirds. This means that Mentone will be representing Beachside in over half of the events at the Southern Metro Region Track and Field carnival in term 4. 

MGSC finished the day in style with all six relay teams sweeping their events and 14 students setting a Beachside record. Of the 78 events at the Beachside district competition, MGSC now holds records in 51 of them. MGSC won the Junior, Intermediate, Senior and overall girls' aggregates with a total of 642 points, and with Zoe C winning the U15 and Teiki W winning the U16 age group champion.

Congratulations to all athletes for representing MGSC and to Emily M, Taylah N, Natalie M, and Immi T (Year 12s) who all finish their distinguished athletics careers with multiple State medals amongst them. Go Mentone Girls'! 


Anthony Bruhn

College House Coordinator

In our community

Family Fun Day - Saturday 16 September

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron is  holding a Big Aussie Barbie with competitions, music and activities to raise funds for the Prostrate Cancer Foundation of Australia. 


Tennis anyone?

Chelsea Heights Tennis club is seeking players for the Saturday morning U17 competition.


Bonbeach Life Saving Club

Is seeking new members for the upcoming season. Registration days are 21 and 22 October.


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