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16 November 2017
Term 4 Week 6 2017
From the Deputy Principal
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From the Deputy Principal

Educating for Success

Much is spoken about schools in Finland and how it is one of the world leaders in education. In a recent article I read about some of the key components of successfully educating our children. I will share some of the important elements highlighted and then compare these to the writings of a Christian writer, Ellen G White, the most widely published Seventh-day Adventist author. Her ministry spanned 70 years, from 1844 until 1915.


In Finland, children are given more time to play, mature and use their imagination. Ellen White wrote, “Their schoolroom should be the open air, amid the flowers and birds and their textbook the treasure of nature.” It’s fascinating to see that our Prep outdoor learning spaces are taking shape at Heritage College and that Imaginative Play is developing the minds of our children in our Junior Primary classes.


Finnish educators are qualified, respected and trusted professionals. Ellen White specified qualifications further, talking about our teachers’ personal and spiritual qualifications; “Our church schools need teachers who have high moral qualities; those who can be trusted; those who are sound in faith.” She also wrote, “Teachers are to do more for their students than to impart a knowledge of books. Their position as guide and instructor of the youth is most responsible, for to them is given the work of moulding mind and character.” Interestingly, our Heritage College Mission Statement follows suit:


To provide quality Christian education which caters for the development of the mind, body and spirit of all students; to assist them to achieve their potential, expand their skills, develop positive self-esteem and, by reflecting Christian values, become a vital and compassionate member of the community.


Free hot lunches are part of the official curriculum in Finland, along with lessons in health and nutrition. We are not in a position to provide free hot lunches at Heritage College, but our staff and students have recognised a need at our NWS Campus. Starting this week, we have initiated a breakfast club, to help fuel and nourish the bodies and minds of our students, who might otherwise miss out on breakfast, for just the cost of a gold coin per sitting. White’s writings reinforce this notion. “When students leave college, they should have better health and a better understanding of the laws of life than when they entered it. The health should be as sacredly guarded as the character.”


The article closed with this; “Finnish education stops short of the redemptive purpose Ellen White envisioned of leading students to Christ, thereby preparing them for ‘the higher joy of wider service to the world to come.’”


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary


(Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, Adventist World Magazine; Ellen G. White, Counsels for the Church, Daughters of God, Fundamentals of Christian Education)


Dates to Remember


Friday, 17th November

Reporting Editing Student Free Day


Sunday, 19th November

Pathfinder Fair Day / Rally Day


Wednesday, 22nd November

Year 12 Formal


Thursday, 23rd November

Last Day for Library borrowing


Friday, 24th November

VCE Exams Conclude

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4



Sunday, 26th November

Pathfinder Waterski Day (invite only)


Monday, 27th November

Library closed for the year


Friday, 1st December

Pathfinder Investiture

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Thursday, 7th December

Year 6 Celebration Dinner


Friday, 8th December

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Saturday, 9th December

Student Baptism


Monday, 11th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Presentation Night - Primary


Tuesday, 12th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Primary Picnic

Presentation Night - Secondary

Term 4 Finishes


Friday, 15th December

Staff Christmas Brunch

Term 4 Finishes for Staff


Tuesday, 19th December

Offices Close

General Information

PB4L Value for Term 4

Year Prep/1W - Jinub

Year 2/3/4N - Mireya

Prep DH - Madison

Year 1W - Ebissa

Year 1/2K - Given

Year 3C - Euan

Year 3J - Kingston

Year 4W - Olivia

Year 4/5RC - Phoenix

Year 5/6E - Milko 

Year 6MJ - Georgia

Officer Canteen

There will be no canteen on Wednesday, 22nd November 2017.


We apologise for the inconvenience.

From the Library

It's almost the end of 2017.  The library will be closed starting 27th November 2017 for stocktake. 


Please remember to return all your books before then.  You can pass them either to the front office or to your teacher/s.


Thank you. 


Mrs Penny Tan


PB4L Presentation Night Awards

The Positive Behaviour for Learning team has been busy during the second semester, reviewing our matrix, making it easier for teachers to teach expectations in class, developing a logo, rewriting the behavioural guidelines in the student handbook and working on a visual for our values.


If you have had the chance to see our value pillars standing tall at the Officer Campus, you would have seen them in a specific order. The order tells our special Adventist story:


1. Jesus Christ created an excellent world.


2. Sin entered the world and required the resilience of humanity.


3. We respect the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus on the cross; and


4. Finally, we are restored to serve others until Jesus comes to make all things new.


Another task the team took on was to align the Presentation Night awards with our Positive Behaviour for Learning language. This also gave us an opportunity to have more cohesion between the primary and secondary schools. Teachers will use the award criteria to select students who meet all the standards.


Primary teachers will award a student in their class with an Academic and Citizenship award. They will then choose one other award from the open category. Years 3-6 teachers will also now select a student for a Biblical Leadership Award.

Below is the award blurbs for primary, secondary and blurbs that cover both. This gives you a chance to see what awards will be handed out at this year's Presentation Night.





Mrs Isabelle Millien and Mr David Nuske

PB4L Coordinators

Second Hand Uniform Needs

Our secondhand hand uniform ‘shop’ is in need of supplies. If your child has grown out of any uniform item, of any size, that still has some life left in it, we would appreciate if you would consider donating it to our cupboard.


We have families that may benefit from purchasing secondhand uniform items to help with their financial situation.


Please ensure the uniform item is clean when presenting it to the Administration Office on your campus. 


We thank you in advance for your generous donations as we provide this vital service to our college community.


Thank you.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

From the School Captains

I hope you have all had a good day.


A quote by an unknown author is, “Work for a cause, not for applause.” Meaning, do acts of kindness and don't expect anything in return. The challenge last week was to do at least one act of kindness to a teacher or fellow student without anyone knowing.


This week, there are two excursions and we will be showing service by leaving the place the same as when we came in, neat and tidy.


I hope we all show service this week and pay attention in class, obeying  our teachers' instructions.


I hope we all show service this week and pay attention in class and obey your teachers instructions.


Eden and Max

School Captains

Refer a Friend


ADRA Christmas Hamper Collection 2017


From Narre Warren South

NWS Campus Swimming Program



Our World Visits

Last week, Years 4-6 students were blessed to have Katherina, a primary teacher from Germany, come and share her culture with them.


The students learnt about the countries surrounding Germany, popular food, and what cultural dress looks like.


One student asked if Germans call animals by the same name. Katherina's answer surprised us all as we knew names would be different, but she explained a dog is ‘Hund’ and they make the sound “wau wau” instead of “woof woof”, and a rooster is ‘Hahn’ and they make the sound “Kikeriki” instead of “Cockadoodledoo”.


This week we will have parents visiting from Sudan, Botswana/Zambia and the Phillipines.

Mrs Isabelle Millien

Year 6MJ Teacher

AFL Visit

Last week, upper primary students had the first of four AFL sessions with Multicultural Development Officer, Seb Gargana, from the Melbourne Football Club.


The first week was all about handballing correctly. Students participated in a warm up, drills, and a mini game of 'Keepings Off' which uses the skills learnt in the session.


It was great to see that Seb already had connections, as some of student’s older siblings are coached by him in the City of Casey.


Students are looking forward to the next three sessions, and continuing training sessions next year as we build a relationship with Melbourne Football Club.


Mrs Isabelle Millien

Event Organiser


Year 3J Pizza Box Solar Ovens

Over the past couple of days, students in Year 3J have been making their very own Pizza Box Solar Ovens.  During the construction process, students had to carefully follow the procedure and take note of the helpful hints to ensure their solar oven would work.  I was fortunate enough to witness some great team work (especially with the cling wrap) and problem solving skills in use. 


Once the solar ovens were complete, it was time to place inside them a sweet biscuit with chocolate and some crackers with cheese.  A few students brought in their own food to experiment with as well, such as trying to re-heat scrambled eggs and pizza! 


Then students had to choose the ideal location and angle of their alfoil reflector to maximise the ovens absorption of the suns rays. 


Sure enough, a little while later, we had melted cheese and chocolate!  Yum!


Lastly I would like to thank Liam’s parents for the donation of all the pizza boxes from their local business.  The boxes certainly provided a lot of fun, chaos and learning. 

Mrs Chloe Jaques

Year 3J Teacher

ASV Spelling Bee 2017

At 2pm on Thursday 2nd November, some of Heritage College’s top primary school spellers arrived at the Chapel.


Our 10 students were ready to give their best at the annual Adventist Schools Victoria, Primary Spelling Championship. We had five students from Years 3/4 enter: Kenna, Sanjeevanjot, Pavneet, Aishati and Justine. There were also five students from Years 5/6: Ryan, Eden, Reese, Milko and Eric.


On the same day, 7 other Adventist Schools around the country were facing the same challenge; how many words could they spell correctly? Students were able to use up to four lifelines to enable them to stay in the championship as long as possible.


All students tried their best and seemed to enjoy this chance to shine in spelling!


In the end, our winners for Years 3/4 were:


1st place – Justine 

2nd place – Kenna 

3rd place – Pavneet and Aishati 


Our winners for Years 5/6 were:


1st place – Eden 

2nd place – Reese

3rd place – Eric 


These students will be presented with prizes at school in the coming weeks.

Mrs Aloma Camps

Event Organiser

From the Officer Campus


From the ELC


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