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09 November 2017
Term 4 Week 5 2017
From the Deputy Principal
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From the Deputy Principal

A Rewarding Experience

Growing up I loved stories.  It did not matter if they were read to me or if I read them myself; I thoroughly enjoyed the life lessons that I could learn and apply to my own life.  One such story regaled the audience of a young boy name Wilfred and a girl named Gwen who were bored during their school holidays. Tired of their toys, they decided to call themselves ‘The Surprise Package Company’ and set about their neighbourhood finding people who needed things done for them. Their sole aim was to help without getting caught.


This story captured my imagination and I recall attempting to run this sort of secret help agency myself on a small number of occasions and having lots of fun while doing so.


In a world that suggests we should focus on our needs with an ever increasing regularity, I’ve found that it is easy to get caught up in the ‘me first’ mentality where we strive to have the latest smartphone, to be seen wearing that brand, to be first in line, to have a better car or a bigger house.  Though we all want the best for our friends, the pursuit of things at some point sees us comparing ourselves against others and competing with our friends.


The story found in Mark 9:33-35 shows that this is not a new way of thinking.  In this short passage we see that Jesus’ disciples are discussing which one of them is the greatest and just one chapter later we find James and John asking Jesus to give them positions of favour over the others (10:35-45).  Rather than rebuking them for wanting to be great, Jesus instead flipped their formula for being great:


“Whoever wants to be greatest of all must be the servant of all.  For even I am not here to be served, but to help others…” (Mark 10:44,45)


Like the disciples, I too have a tendency to use a human measurement for greatness.  As a result, I invariably suffer from feelings of being inadequate - I do not have what it takes to be a good parent, to be a good friend or even to do a good job of tasks that I have been given to do at work.


Mercifully, God thinks very differently about us than we do.  He tells us that we have been made in his image (Genesis 1:27), that we are blessed with unique gifts and talents (1 Peter 4:10) and that we are called to serve others (Colossians 3:23) just as Jesus did in his time here on Earth.


To skip to the end of the story, after a period of time Wilfred and Gwen were caught during one of their acts of service by the local town doctor.  The two children were given their own surprise gifts without knowing who had discovered their secret.  Thankfully, Jesus makes no secret of the reward that awaits those that humble themselves and follow his example (Colossians 3:24; Matthew 10:42; Galatians 6:8,9) for greatness comes through service to others.


I pray that we in our community, by looking to Jesus as our example, can turn our focus to those beyond ourselves so that way we can experience happiness and a sense of value that is as God intended.


Mr Darren Martin

Deputy Principal Secondary

Dates to Remember


Friday, 10th November

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Saturday, 11th November

Remembrance Day


Sunday, 12th November

Joel's Piano Concert


Wednesday, 15th November

Prep Orientation Day 4 OC/NWS


Friday, 17th November

Reporting Editing Day

Student Free Day


Sunday, 19th November

Pathfinder Fair Day / Rally Day


Wednesday, 22nd November

Year 12 Formal


Thursday, 23rd November

Last Day Year 12


Friday, 24th November

VCE Exams Conclude

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Sunday, 26th November

Pathfinder Waterski Day (invite only)


Monday, 27th November

Library closed for the year


General Information

Officer Canteen

There will be no canteen on Wednesday, 22nd November 2017.


We apologise for the inconvenience.

From Secondary Student Leadership

Service is the act of helping or doing something for the benefit of others, while expecting nothing in return. This can come in many forms, and the way each individual expresses and perceives service, can vary greatly. Whether you prefer to spend quality time with someone in need, or like the idea of gift giving, there is no wrong way to perform an act of service; however, there are a myriad of right ways.


Often people find that they prefer to perform service acts in different ways to those around them. This is because no one person is the same, and everyone’s idea of being helpful is unique. These different ways can be expressed as ‘love languages,’ which encompass actions such as a friendly hug, or words of affirmation and praise, neither of which will take too much time out of your day.


Yet although service can be relatively easy, it has become a common misconception that it is not. Contrary to popular belief, service does not require great effort, energy or time, and you don’t have to make up some extravagant plan just to lend a helping hand. Knowing this, we’d like to challenge you to incorporate some of these love languages into your daily life, and to remember how important service can be.


“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45


Gabi and Leah

Year 11 Students

Refer a Friend


ADRA Christmas Hamper Collection 2017


From Narre Warren South

NWS Campus Swimming Program



What An Experience!

Students from all over Victoria, from Bayswater to Yarragon and Croydon to Frankston, all participated in the Future Star Regional Finals, organised by Basketball Victoria last Thursday, 2nd November. It was a day that was meant to be fun and what an experience it was!


We can all hold our heads up high as not many schools and teams made it through to the Future Star Regionals. Even though we lost the majority of our games, we learnt from each one and ended up on a high with a nail biting one point win over St. Augustine’s Astros. By the end, you wouldn’t have even noticed that it was our first time going this far against some stiff competition!


It was great to see that the students from Heritage College represented us well on and off the court. They showed great sportsmanship to every team that they played and came in with a great attitude to play. Here is what some of them had to say about the day.


“Even though we lost three games and won one, I had fun and felt a range of emotions. I enjoyed playing the games and hope that we can win more next year. I love basketball!” Jalane 


“Even with the result that we had, I didn’t care because we had such a fun time! I really liked the experience and it was fun playing with my friends as well as the opposition.” Arshveer 


“I love Hoop Time!” Daniella 


“The people we versed were very rough, but it was good! I loved it! I hope we can come back to regionals again and win next year! We all had fun and wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for our team.” Olivia 


I would just like to personally thank all the parents for their support of this event and for those that turned up to cheer us on. It was greatly appreciated and it was good to have that support. I would also like to especially thank Mrs Saluni for the awesome effort that she put in keeping the score for the games that we played as well. I hope that we can continue building on the talent and skill of our students for next year and enjoy the experience of the Hoop Time competition for years to come.

Mr Andrew Waldrip

Year 3/4 Hoop Time Coordinator

Year 3CM Report

For the past few weeks in 3CM, we have been exploring the topic of heat.  We are focusing on how heat is transferred from heat sources and the changes that occur when heat is added or taken away.  We have created a word wall with heat sources and words relating to our study of heat and completed several experiments. 


Last week we performed several short experiments using spoons and different heat sources.  Metal is very easy to heat up because it can conduct heat quickly.  For our experiment, we placed metal spoons on different heat sources for two minutes.  At the end of two minutes we felt the spoon to see how much heat had been transferred to the spoon.  We found that some heat sources were good at transferring heat to our spoons, like warm water, the heater and a heat pack.  We also found that other heat sources were not as good at transferring heat, such as a hot water bottle, our hands and rubbing the spoon on the carpet to cause friction.  We drew a diagram for each experiment we tried and used arrows to show which direction the heat was transferred from.  In the coming weeks, we will be looking at writing an explanation based on our finding from our experiment in the form of an explanation. 


We will also continue our experiments later this term during our class party, when we make pancakes and see how heat changes the pancake batter when it is heated.  We are having a wonderful time looking at heat and how it affects the world around us. 

Mrs Capon and Mrs Mack

Year 3CM Teachers

From the Officer Campus

Library Update

We are already in November and the Year 12 students are sitting their exams.  Students are reminded to support our seniors by observing the signs around the examination room and library and being quiet. The Year 12’s are consolidating their learning and studying in the library and the library remains open to give them a quiet study space.


A reminder that both campus libraries will close for stocktake on the 27th November. Be sure to return any borrowed books on or before this date.


In the meantime, “Study to show thyself approved…” 2 Timothy 2:15.


Mrs Ru Stewart


From the ELC


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