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07 December 2017
Term 4 2017
Principal's Message
Dates to Remember.
Premiers Reading Challenge
Year 12 Formal
Summer Music Festival
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Principal's Message



Linda Maxwell


Principal's Message

Welcome to our new iNewsletter format, which will bring you events and information much more regularly. Next year, you will also see an updated website and the launch of our official Facebook page. All of this is an effort to communicate more effectively with our community and let you know all the great things that are happening at KDC.

As the end of the year rapidly closes in, we are at our busiest – wrapping up 2017 and getting ready for 2018. One of the most obvious changes on our school grounds, is the current dismantling of the canteen structure, ready for the new-look, modernised canteen for the start of 2018. We are also eagerly awaiting the release of the VCE results next week, which I believe will be very positive. I am anticipating a fantastic celebration of Year 12 achievements at our upcoming Graduation ceremony.

I hope you enjoy our new iNewsletter format and I want to wish everyone in the KDC community a safe and happy holiday season.


Dates to Remember.

Dates to Remember


Fri 8/12            Lodge books for sale at second-hand booksale

Mon 11/12       Lodge books for sale at second-hand booksale

Wed 13/12       Second-hand booksale – purchase books for 2018

Thu 14/12        Second-hand booksale – purchase books for 2018

Fri 15/12          Last day to lodge Campion book-lists at the school

Thu 21/12        Last day to make payments at General office

Fri 22/12          School closes 1pm; no monies receipted on this day.



The last day for payments made to the General Office will be by 3.30pm on Thursday 21st December 2017.


No monies will be receipted on this day.



Monday 29th January -   9.00am to 6pm (closed 12.00pm to 1pm lunch break). Campion in Gymnasium for collection of pre-ordered bookpacks.

Noone Imagewear in Gymnasium for collection of pre-ordered uniforms.

Families are advised that there may be considerable delays for transactions at the General Office on Monday 29th January.

Families may prefer to attend on another day – all services provided by the General Office on 29/1/2018 will also be available from Tuesday 30th January onwards. 


Office hours from Tuesday 30th Jan onwards, 8.15am – 4.15pm (no monies receipted after 3.30pm).



STUDENTS RETURN TO SCHOOL (all year levels) 30th January 2018.




Term 1: 30th January to 29th March

Term 2: 16th April to 29th June

Term 3: 16th July to 21st September

Term 4: 8th October to 21st December





Premiers Reading Challenge

Premiers Reading Challenge

Recently, Keilor Downs College celebrated the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge Ceremony of Awards. These distinguished awards included the announcement of the two hundred and seventy students who completed the challenge. Premiers' Reading Challenge Certificates and Pin were awarded at a later date in class.

The afternoon was superbly presented by our Assistant Principal Mr Dale Ritchie with a warm welcome speech by our Principal Mrs Linda Maxwell. Our special guests were the honourable Mrs Natalie Suleyman MP and Author and Illustrator - Andrew Plant. Also joining the celebration were English teachers, parents, guardians and families.

Year 12 Formal

Year 12 Formal

The end of exams and the completion of Year 12 culminated in the class of 2017’s Formal at Lakeside Convention centre. This was an amazing night attended by almost the entire year level and it was fantastic to see everyone prepared so immaculately for the evening, with attention to every detail. It was wonderful to see students taking every opportunity to really enjoy their final moments with each other as a group of year 12 students before heading off for a break, and it was apparent there is a close bond amongst the cohort. For some, this was an opportunity to say some final goodbyes to students and staff before they continue their journey with work, university, holidays and life after Keilor Downs College.

The evening was attended by a large number of home group teachers., staff and principal class members. This was the largest turnout from the staff that we have seen for a while and it was great to see so many students interacting with the teachers with a camera never far away. The students loved seeing so many of their teachers there and took every opportunity to have a dance or a photo with them, a clear indication of the close bond that the students develop with their teachers and their houses.

On behalf of the College I would like to congratulate the students on a wonderful night, their behaviour and enthusiasm was exemplary.



 School Managed Devices (SMD) or Bringing their Own Device (BYOD) 

It is an expectation that all students bring a suitable student netbook to class every day (KDC is a 1:1 environment). At KDC, families have access to two different options explained below. It is important that students have their own device. At the beginning of 2018, students and parents will be required to complete and sign a user agreement outlining the safe and appropriate use of technology within the College.           


Option 1 – School Managed Device (SMD)

  • The school managed device program helps to provide a more standardized approach to the implementation of technology within the College and is KDC’s preferred option. Parents arrange purchase and payment arrangements with our designated supplier Edunet (see attached information). While the school manages the device and provides technical support, it is owned by the student.
  • After working with a number of educational device providers, Keilor Downs College selected the Lenovo Yoga 11e as its mainstay machine. This device provides a balance of performance, reliability and service at a reasonable price. We will also be offering the Lenovo Miix 510 as a higher end machine as a second option. The Miix 510 has a detachable keyboard and active pen providing a point of difference for students at competitive price point.
  • These devices are bought directly from Edunet through an online portal specifically for KDC. You can buy them outright or use 12-month interest free arrangements through Zip Money. Parents can also, of course, make their own private finance agreement and purchase the device from Edunet. They will also set up an arrangement from NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme) for eligible families which is a partnership between NAB and Brotherhood of St. Lawrence. Payment for the device and warranty are compulsory but the case and insurance are optional but highly recommended and cover accidental damage and theft.
  • Once purchased all servicing, insurance claims and technical support such as imaging, updating security and software etc. will be done through the technicians at KDC. These devices will have the full Edustar suite of software as well as any other software owned by KDC.

 Option 2 – Bring Your Own Device

  • The BYOD program allows students to bring their own computer from home. It is not managed in any way by the school. Students will be required to download a modified image for themselves. They will have access to DET software, such as Microsoft Office through an online “software centre” from where they can download. Anti-virus and security software must be provided and managed by the student. Access to our school network will be provided. The minimum requirements (specifications) are listed in the table on the following page.

Minimum specifications for all BYOD machines:

Year 7 to 12 Laptop (Tick boxes are provided beside each specification for use when purchasing)

  • 11-inch screen Minimum
  •  Intel Core i3 Processor Minimum
  • 4Gb RAM Minimum
  • 128 Gb Hard drive or 128Gb SSD minimum; 512Gb recommended (if using a large number of audio/video files an external hard drive is advisable)
  • 2 USB ports * Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n compatible (wireless network connectivity) * Integrated speakers and microphone with headphone ports (standard in laptops)
  • US Keyboard with full size keys within the footprint
  • 1 x integrated pointing device eg Touchpad or Mouse
  • 6 cell (6 hour) battery– ensure battery is minimum 6 hour
  •  Hard or protective shell laptop case to suit model.

It must be made clear that students will not have access to our school technicians for repairs, breakages, software issues, updates and downloads under the BYOD program. Parents will be required to organise any repairs or insurance issues themselves.




KDC Publications



Families have the option of paying for the KDC publications in 2017 to enable quicker collection in January 2018. Please note:

  • Payments will be accepted only up to 3.30pm, Wednesday 20th December.
  • When you order and pay this year, the publications will be waiting, already packaged for you, in the Gymnasium on Monday 29th January, or at the General office after that date.
  • If not pre-ordered, the books can be purchased directly from the college in 2018.



The following methods of payment are available:

  1. BPAY – your unique reference number is available from the General Office. You can use BPAY through your internet banking site, or telephone banking.
  2. In person at the General Office by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.
  3. Cheque or credit card details by mail.
  4. By phone – please ring 9365 8000 with credit card details.
  5. By using the QKR App on your phone (all year levels except Year 10)


The following publications can be pre-paid in 2017:

Year 7 Bundle of Social Health Book; Ripping into Research & Physical Education Workbook - $35

Life skills students only: Lifeskills Workbook - $10

Year 8 Physical Education Workbook - $10

Life skills students only: Lifeskills Workbook - $10

Year 9 Bundle Physical Education and RAPPS book - $33

Year 9 SEALP student only: Science workbook - $15

Life skills students only: Lifeskills Workbook - $10

Year 10 – choose from the list below and purchase the relevant books for your student:

Sport & Recreation; Advanced Physical Education; Sports Leadership & Ambassador; Outdoor and Environmental Studies; Applied Soccer - $10 each

Accounting/Business; Global Politics; Sociology - $15 each

Intro to Chemistry; Intro to Physics; Intro to Psychology; Intro to Forensic & Consumer Science - $15 each

Pre-cal students only: Personal Development Skills - $10

Year 11 – choose form the list below and purchase the relevant books for your student:

Sociology; Australian & Global Politics - $20 each

VCAL students only: Work Related Skills; Literacy Workbook - $20 each

Year 12 – choose from the list below and purchase the relevant books for your student:

English Resource Book - $25

Sociology (Unit 3) & Sociology (Unit 4) - $20 each

VCAL students only: Literacy Workbook - $15


Summer Music Festival



You're invited to the Summer Music Festival.

The festival will take place tomorrow night (Thursday 7th) at the College between 4- 7.30pm.

Come along and enjoy the musical talent of our students, games, activities, a photo booth, food and drink.

$2 entry.


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