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19 October 2017
Issue Sixteen
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Important Dates


24th October: Last Day of Year 12 Classes

25th October: Valedictory Dinner

26th and 27th October: Dance Night

31st October: Piano Soiree


1st November: String Soiree

6th November: 2018 Planning Student Free Day

7th November: Melbourne Cup Day

28th November: Presentation Night



Principal's Report 

Principal's Report

To our supportive parent community thank you for all of your kind correspondence and feedback during a time which has demanded all the character we ask of the girls including strength, resilience and respect. The report in the Herald-Sun which lead to wider media speculation was based on inaccurate information about as yet unproven allegations. There is a police investigation underway which precludes further comment. It is important for our community not to be speculating on social media. We encourage our students to be cyber aware, indeed the Year 7 students saw the play “Cyberia” on Monday which explored the damaging consequences of this very subject. Please encourage your daughter’s awareness and ability to turn the phone off at night and have a full night’s sleep. This is central to their daily wellbeing.


Every day, we are committed to the safety of our students, this is why we offer our core learning programs, electives, a wealth of co-curricular activities and in particular the wellbeing program. Drugs will not be tolerated at our school and we spoke to the Year 7 girls in their house level groups on Wednesday to ensure their concerns about the media coverage were addressed. On Monday expert drug education is at the centre of their wellbeing program.


Every day, we are committed to helping parents in the partnership of ensuring our students make best possible life choices. At present our response includes a Year 7 parent Drug Education information session on Monday at 6.30pm in the auditorium. If our Year 8-12 parents would also like to attend please call Jordyn Taylor on 03 9428 8895 to register so that we can ensure adequate seating.


The session will be facilitated by Eileen Berry, founding editor of Parents’ Guides – Drugs 101.


The final days of secondary school for our Year 12s are imminent culminating in Celebration Day. Next week will be emotional, full of fun and a sense of “where to next with my life?” for our girls. As staff we also have a sense of loss as we will miss such an outstanding year level. The Valedictory Dinner on Wednesday, 25th October will be our chance to reflect and say thank you to our parents and the Year of 2017.


Space Camp

Congratulations Wendy and Tony Keen, Emily Rochette and nineteen of our STEAM-ready girls who enjoyed a “life changing” experience in September attending NASA’s Science and Engineering Space Camp in Alabama followed by a week in Orlando participating in indoor skydiving, a visit to Kennedy Space Centre, Epcot, Disney and Boggy Creek in the everglades.



Student Success

In September MGC officially took the crown as Australia's best Aerobics school winning the Aeroschools Nationals in Bendigo. Congratulations to the girls, Ms Twist, Ms Bradshaw, Ms Hajzler and all supporters.


Congratulations to all entrants in the school writing competition and to Mr Donnelly for the organisation. The Listowel Award Panel were very impressed with the high standard of our students’ writing. 1st Place went to Kate Martin and two Highly Commended Certificates were awarded to Erin Modaro and Greta Chadwick.


Mia Sherman spoke with John Faine on 774 last week about the new Department requirements that student representatives elected from our 7-12 cohort are full members of School Council in future. Mia was articulate, on point and confident.


A member of the public wrote to me saying that Mia was, “quite frankly inspirational. She is a credit to herself and her school. I am not a member of the MGC community - my daughter is in year 7 at another school. In today's world people can be too focused on providing negative feedback and often forget the benefits of sharing positive feedback and experiences. So regardless of any lack of affiliation with MGC I felt compelled to provide this feedback. I certainly congratulate you in creating an environment which is clearly enabling young women to flourish.”


Library Refurbishment

The Library refurbishment is progressing and we now anticipate a January completion. The spaces are designed around collaboration, problem based learning as well as quiet study. The interior design, furniture, electrical and external finish choices have been signed off. Please see photos and we will have some drone footage in the near future.



Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Karen Money

Leadership Report

Term 3 Summary

Theme Day is annual event at MGC and often much anticipated. Every year a theme list is chosen by the Senior School (SS) Executive and sent to students, who then select their favourite. This year’s theme was Hippies vs. Hipsters and there were fantastic costumes on both sides. A total of $717 was raised and will be given to Moira, an organisation who support people living with disabilities, youth in crisis and their families and carers.


There was a whole school assembly held on Theme Day – the 9th of August showcasing the talent of MGC. There were performances by the Aerobics Team - who are achieving spectacular things this year - The Choir, Band and the Fashion Parade. Thank you to everyone involved in making this assembly and every other one a success! See below for some photos.




2018 Leadership Applications

With Term 4 starting the process for selecting the 2018 Senior School Executive is underway. In a few weeks, we should have the leaders of next year ready to share with the MGC community!


Leadership Opportunities at MGC

For students (and parents!) who are interested in Leadership at MGC, the Student Executives are a fantastic way to meet new people, become involved in the school community and develop skills including teamwork, public speaking, project management and initiative taking There are two executives, the Middle School and Senior School and leadership roles are open to Year 8s, 9s, 11s and 12s. While senior school applications are closed, keep an eye out for the Middle School applications which will be opened in the coming weeks. The positions are listed below.


New Position: Diversity Captain

Over the past year, the College Captain team have been working on the development and creation of a new leadership portfolio within MGC. We are pleased to announce that the role of "Diversity Captain" will begin in 2018. The role of "Diversity Captain" will be to act as a positive role model for all minorities in the MGC community, as well as increasing awareness and educating others about inclusive behaviour and language, that is respectful to everybody and does not degrade, exclude or demean others. The "Diversity Captain" will act as a bridge between SPECTRA, the International students, as well as any other minority groups, with the student executive and school community. They will assist in the running of Harmony Day, any other culture related days and all SPECTRA events. We are very excited to see how this position develops and to bring more leadership opportunities to MGC in the future. For more information please contact the College Captain team.


Thank you, 2017 Captains!

We would like to thank all the 2017 Captains and Vice-Captains, from both Middle and Senior School for their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm to leadership at MGC. A special mention to the Year 12s who have balanced a leadership role on top of Year 12 studies, it isn’t easy, but worth it. This year it has been fantastic to work with you all!



Emma Ferguson, Nell Crossett, Courtney McKenzie & Ashleigh Hammond

Communications Captain & College Captains


Middle School (MS) Executive Positions

MS Captain (Year 9) & MS V-Captain (Year 8)

MS Arts Captain (Year 9) & MS Arts V-Captain (Year 8)

MS Environment Captain (Year 9) & MS Environment V-Captain (Year 8)

MS Philanthropy Captain (Year 9) & MS Philanthropy V-Captain (Year 8)

MS Public Relations Captain (Year 9)

MS STEAM Captain (Year 9) & MS STEAM V-Captain (Year 8)

MS Sports Captain (Year 9) & MS Sports V-Captain (Year 8)

MS SRC Captain (Year 9) & MS SRC V-Captain (Year 8)


French News

  Year 10 French  Students with their Alliance Française certificates

This year thirteen Year 10 students participated in the annual Alliance Française ‘Berthe Mouchette’ Competition which involves students from across Victoria. All of the students did very well and four went through to the finals. Two of those students then did exceptionally well; Miranda Maloney winning First Prize in the Year 10 Competition and Bella Niven-Brown, Third Prize.  Miranda and Bella’s fantastic achievement will be recognised at the Awards Ceremony which will take place at St Kilda Town Hall in November.



Creative Writing Awards

MGC Creative Writing Awards 2017

The final results and congratulations to everyone who entered!


      1. MGC Poetry Award

1st place: A Day at the Casino, Nina Montague

Highly Commended: Lemon Tea, Milla Harrison; Her, Lucy Xu; Eternal Shine, Aleisha Jiang; Horse, Nyah Seelig-Shattner; To be Loved, Devshri Patel.


     2. MGC Prose Non-fiction Award

1st place: A Forgotten Plague, Florence Honeybun

Highly Commended: My Spirit Spot, Lilith Stewart

     3. MGC Graphic Fiction and Non-fiction Award

1st place: Vanish, Jesse Radda


    4. MGC Year 11 and 12 Short Fiction Award – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place

1st place: Yellow Bike, Milla Harrison

2nd place: The Chandelier, Erin Modaro

3rd place: Fire Hydrant, Emily Alberico

Highly Commended: Number Three, Amy Burriss; A Long Way Home, Esther Honeybun; Drowning, Isabelle Carney; Sylvia Greenly, Kate Tinsley.



   5. MGC Year 9 and 10 Short Fiction Award – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place

1st place: Drive On Avenue, Linh Nguyen

2nd place: Michelle, Leyla Yucel

3rd place: Just a Soul’s Throw Away, Hannah Ross

Highly Commended: Untitled, Mia Sherman; Vanish, Jessie Radda; The Guest List, Greta Chadwick; Shades of Green, Carla Jones.


   6. Listowel Short Story Award

1st place: Donne, Kate Martin.

Highly Commended: Firebrand, Erin Modaro; The Guest List, Greta Chadwick.


Listowel shortlist: Untitled, Mia Sherman; Vanish, Jessie Rada; Drowning, Isobel Carney; Yellow Bike, Milla Harrison; The Hunt, Coco Smith.


    7. EAL Award

1st Place: Slower, Coco (Keyi) Yang.

Highly Commended: Lost, Yasaman Dehbzorgi; Some Old Necklace, Sahar Jahangirizade.



Kindly sponsored by the MGC PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION


Space Camp



On the last week of term and the first week of the school holidays, 20 students and 3 members of staff attended NASA’s Space Camp facility in Huntsville, Alabama. For 1 week, student participated in a structured camp based on Science and Engineering where they worked on :

  • Flying and Landing the space shuttle, completing experiments and flying to Mars and back
  • Experience zero weight in the diving pool by scuba diving to 10 meters and completing tasks
  • Spin around inside the Multi-Axis Trainer which simulates the disorientation one would feel in a tumble spin during reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere
  • Experience moon gravity by walking while attached to the 1/6th gravity chair
  • Various other experiments such as rocket testing, robot building and learning about NASA’s past and where the future is taking space exploration

After Space Camp, students spent a week in Orlando participating in :

  • Indoor skydiving where students experienced freefall and forces as they learnt about acceleration and gravity
  • Visit to Kennedy Space Centre where students had lunch with an astronaut, had a chance to get close to the Space Shuttle Atlantis and to examine Kennedy Launch Control restricted site to see Pad 39A, where the Apollo and Space Shuttle Missions launched from
  • Visit to Epcot and Disney
  • A visit to Boggy Creek allowed students to take a trip on an airboat through the Everglades, students saw wildlife and a few alligators! Also, they had the chance to speak to an American Indian


It was an amazing camp and it was such a success that planning has started on the 2019 Space Camp, so watch this space!



Lego Competition

Two teams from MGC have begun coding and building their robots; to assist them and future robot construction, the College has purchased a STEM table that conforms to the competition specifications and will allow the students to understand how their robots will perform under competition conditions.



The Victorian heats for the First Lego League will be on the 19 November 2017 at the Swinburne University of Technology


NAO Dance Competition

Once again, MGC has entered into the Everyone Dance Nao competition. Mr Pretlove is taking the led one more time. Using PAO, our humanoid robot, students will learn to code dance routines to music and will compete against other schools. During the lead up, 10 teams are invited to the Dance Off which will be held at Scienceworks on the 12th of November.


Monday Lunchtimes in the STEAM Room

While the STEAM room is open each lunchtime for Lego and other activities, on a Monday students enjoy access to all the technologies available and Virtual Reality continues to be a big hit with students engaging in various games and learning tasks.



Year 7 News

Brainstorm Productions Presents: Cyberia

Thrilled by the chance to once more watch an intriguing performance by Brainstorm Products, anticipation was thrumming through the room as the Year Seven cohort eagerly awaited the beginning of the performance. With a sudden burst of sound, the first actor ran on and the show commenced.


Cyberia is an artful narrative told with lively music and acting. Two thespians, performing as various characters, entertain the crowd with spot-on lip syncing and hilarious dialogue that kept the crowd laughing. It features a brother, Tim, trapped in the world of video games, de-sensitized by the vicious program he has created, and a sister, Ruby, who posts a cruel photo on Instagram and brings her whole world crumbling down. When they realise just how much damage they have wreaked on both their and their friends lives, they scramble to make amends for their mistakes. As they both re-join a world that had forgiven them, the siblings cross the yawning gap that had opened between them since the trouble had begun and once more support each other.


Cyberia explores the topics of cyber-bullying, stress, and de-sensitization in a masterful manner, whilst at the same time keeps the audience captivated with relatable language and comic acting.


“I was waiting on the edge of my seat for the show to begin, and I was not disappointed!” a pleased member of the audience stated.


“It was very entertaining, humorous and educational,” says a member of Year Seven. “I was very engaged, and couldn’t believe it was a true story.”


Year Sevens eagerly await the return of Brainstorm Productions to the Lyceum.


By Jolie Shipton



Year 7 Murderball Tournament

On the 18th of September, the Year 7s had the Murderball Finals. We have been participating in murder ball during our Wellbeing sessions, promoting physical wellbeing. The Murderball tournaments were kindly run by the year 8s. The classes who reached the finals were: Chisholm 1, Chisholm 2, Melba 2 and Lyons 2.


At lunchtime, the four selected classes went head to head. After two adrenaline fuelled games, Lyons 2 and Melba 2 had made it to the end. In the last twenty seconds Lyons, had their players in and were very hopeful for a win, but in the next five seconds, Melba had scored a goal to bring all the players back into the game. In the end Melba won. Congratulations to Melba! Thank you to all the Year 8s, and the teachers who had made this possible.


By Cooper Gildon



Performing Arts News 

Spring Soiree

Congratulations to all our woodwind, drum and band students who performed at our Spring Soiree on Tuesday, 17th October. The audience was treated to the debut of Sophie Young’s Blues composition as the audience entered. Our Generations in Jazz award winning Saxophone Quartet opening the evening, which featured a range of solos and small group performances from Tony Hicks’ students. A highlight of the evening was the “glow in the dark” performance from Nick Milosevic’s drum students.


The evening culminated with the MGC band performing a diverse range of styles, including classical, latin, gaming and pop.


A special mention to the following students who performed two nights in a row, as members of our Soul band: Sophie Young, Jean Palamara, Lucia Stella, Caitlin Moloney and Isabella Rogers-Headicar.


Many thanks to Tony Hicks for all his work and support of our woodwind, brass and band students at MGC.



Vocal Showcase


Last Monday night our singing students, Choir, Show Choir and Soul band performed in the Auditorium to celebrate all things Vocal.


MGC’s Vocal Showcase for semester two was a huge success. We had 34 acts featuring the MGC Choir and A ‘Capella Choir, the debut of our Soul Band and many solos, duets and trios. We saw a massive range of songs sung from some year seven first-timers to very experience year 12’s.


We wish our Year 12 Voice students all the best in their upcoming exams on the weekend.


This semester we got the chance to show off how much we have improved since semester one’s showcase. Congratulations to all the students who have spent so many hours learning songs, coming to rehearsals and learning harmonies. It was all very impressive.


Some highlights from this semester’s show was the beautiful ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay, performed by our talented A ‘Capella choir, and “Natural Woman” and “Treasure” by the Soul Band, featuring Astrid MacFarlane and Varaidzo Chipunza as lead singers. All the individual acts were incredible, and each performance was filled with something special.


Thank you and best wishes to Year 12’ students Katy Anderson and Varaidzo Chipunza for their dedication to Show Choir over their years at MGC.


As always, Monday simply would not have happened without our talented teachers, so a massive thank you to Anne Corry and Wen Chin for accompanying, Andy Clarke (Soul Band) and our Voice teachers, Ellyce Calder and Susan de Jong.


 Thank you to Sylvan Dorney and Trevor Howlett for their assistance also.


Congratulations to all the students who performed, and I can’t wait to see you all again singing next year!


Felicity Edmondson

Co- Choir Vice Captain


PS- A big thank you to our Choir Co-captains, Felicity Edmondson and Grace Rosebirch for all their help and for being such wonderful MC’s for the evening!


Anne Corry

Manager of Performing Arts and instrumental Music



Arts Week October 16-20


Sustainability News

Yarra City Sustainability Expo

On Saturday 16th of September, members of MGC’s Sustainability Collective hosted an information stall at the Yarra City Sustainability Expo hosted at the brand new Sustainably-designed North Fitzroy Library, Bargoonga Nganjin.


The main attraction was of course our pedal powered and rowing powered popcorn machine, but we also showcased our other energy education programs and biodiversity projects. The day featured talks on living sustainability from various community experts, tips on recycling and composting and an information stall.


How much energy does it take to pop a day’s worth of popcorn? A: 786 watt hours required to pop a full day of popcorn in a commercial popper!


It was a fun community atmosphere that was greatly enhanced by our students sharing their knowledge on renewable energy. We even managed to sell another one of our solar panels! If you are interested about how you can contribute to our carbon neutral goal by donating money towards a solar panel to our gym roof, click here:


 A huge thankyou to Tamsin Wagner, Daisy Batten, Sandra Burne, Samone Hosking, Ruth Gadsden, Thirumagal Arunachalum Elanthendral and Monique Burns for giving up their Saturday to show case MGC’s achievements.


The Sustainability Collective is an open community group that meets at MGC on a bi-monthly basis on the third Wednesday of the month from 6-7.30pm we host working bees and work towards strategies to maintain and improve MGC’s status as a Sustainable School! New members are always welcome!



Working Bee

Working Bee – Saturday 18th November at 9am

Image courtesy of


Picture is not an actual working “bee”, it is a native insect known as the hoverfly, however it is performing an important role in pollinating this once widespread culturally significant bush tucker plant, the Yam Daisy or Murnong (Microseris lanceolata).



In 2017, MGC was awarded a Community Partnership Grant to strengthen partnerships with the Traditional owners of our land, the Wurundjeri People with a specific goal to develop our community bush tucker garden on the banks of the Yarra. We have developed a tradition over the past 7 years where year 7 students participate in a Welcome to Country Ceremony on Tree day and they plant their own bush tucker plant into our reconciliation garden. The space is open to the public, located on the eastern fence of the boundary between the bike path and the main building.


Our dedicated student members of the environment team have been working on maintaining the area, but the weeds continue to be a challenge. Hence we would like to invite members of the wider MGC community to lend a hand weeding and landscaping the space on Saturday 18th of November from 9-11am. We will have indigenous plant experts on hand to help with weed identification and lots of knowledgeable students eager to tell you the stories they have learnt about the cultural significance of the Murnong and other bush tucker plants. The working bee is an opportunity to learn about the aims of the reconciliation garden and to also help prepare the site for our first ever Murnong Harvest that will hopefully be conducted under the supervision of Wurundjeri elder Aunty Dianne Kerr in late November. We also have plans to work with the Narrup bush team from the Wurundjeri Council to install signage and care a traditional scar tree on the site.



MGC would like to acknowledge to ongoing support of the Yarra Council in facilitating this habitat restoration and cultural awareness work and invite you to share in the knowledge we have developed since we first started planting Murnongs on the site seven years ago.


If you would like to attend the working bee, contact Andrew Vance @ [email protected] or sign up here


Year 10 Community Challenge

Melbourne Period Project - 10C2

For the year 10 community challenge, class 10C2 has chosen to partner with the Melbourne Period Project. The Melbourne Period Project is an organisation which aims to give homeless women access to sanitary items such as pads and tampons, as well as other necessary items. Read more at (


We have chosen to open donation boxes around the school in order to collect items and raise awareness, and further educate our students on this pressing issue. To do this, we will have representatives from our class coming to talk at year level assemblies in the next few weeks. 


We will be accepting donations throughout all of week 3 (23rd-27th October) and will have representatives from 10C2 collecting items from classrooms. The donation boxes will be placed around the school, so look for them in the year 12 study centre, sick bay, deans' offices and other areas around the school! 



​- Sanitary pads (any size)

- Tampons (any size)

- Baby wipes

- Hand sanitiser

- Scented bags

- Toothbrushes/toothpaste

- And any other sanitary items!



Hands Off Foundation - 10R2

As part of the year 10 Wellbeing program we have been encouraged to participate in a community challenge. As a class, 10L3 has decided to support the Hands Off Foundation. The Hands Off Foundation’s mission is to aid the healing process for families and survivors of sexual assault by providing tangible and meaningful support at times when they need it the most. In order to help and support this cause we ask you to donate any items on the list below to help us make care packages for survivors:


•  Mindfulness colouring

•  Children's colouring 

•  Coloured pencils 

•  Sharpeners 

•  Blankets/Throws 

•  Journals 

•  Pens 

•  Stress Balls 

•  Fidget Cubes 

•  Fidget Spinners 

•  Hand Grips


Any donations, large or small, are welcome from now until Friday the 10th of November! Please bring them to Mr Hilton in the Languages office on level 2.


If you would like more information about the Foundation please go to their website at:



Thank you so much for all your support!



Aboriginal Literacy Foundation - 10R2

For the year 10 community challenge 10R2 are supporting the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.



International Student News

Become an AFS Host Family



Rowing News

Mango Fundraiser


MGC's Rowing Club is having mango fundraiser!


For more information, please see the flyer attached




2017 Ergathon


2017 MGC Raffle

MGC Raffle


School News

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!!


Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.


When?  3:30-4:30 Mondays and Thursday

Where?  Room 112


See you there!!

Ms Hajzler


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