20 October 2017
Issue Thirty Two
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From the Principal


It has been a significant week for our Year 12 students as they have finished their schooling and have important examinations looming. We have also celebrated a highly successful Art Exhibition and conducted a Year 11 Music Recital this week.


 At our final Year 12 assembly I related the following story:


“Good morning and welcome to everyone present on this special occasion. Graduation marks a very important and significant time in a young person’s life. It is especially fitting that parents are present here today to share in the celebration of this occasion.


Our Year 12s are probably feeling a mixture of emotions. For some of our graduating class, John XXIII College has been a brilliant school and you have had a wonderful experience throughout your time at the College. For others, there have been significant ups and downs and you have mixed emotions leaving today. If John XXIII has not reached your expectations then I am genuinely sorry.

We are all very interested in ATAR scores and future pathways for our students. However, the real success of your education at John XXIII College lies in the type of young women and men that you become in future years. For the class of 2017, that judgment can only be made in 10, 15, 20 years from now.


So how are you going to define that success in life? Is it about fame and fortune? Or are there other measures of success?


Let me relate a quick story. At the beginning of 2011 my family moved to Queensland. It was the beginning of an adventure and both exciting and nerve-racking.


We decided to rent a property in Brisbane close to the city but also within reasonable proximity to my workplace at Ipswich Grammar School. It was a lovely house on the river.


During my second day at my new school (prior to students returning) I noticed that it was raining heavily outside. However, I just assumed that it was a typical Brisbane summer storm.


Just before lunch I had a knock on my office door. One of our staff suggested that I should head home as shortly the rain would mean that roads would be flooded.


On a couple of occasions on the way home, I had to park on the side of the road as visibility was so poor that I could not see cars ahead of me.


Once home we monitored the rains via our television. It was far more serious than we thought. Flooding was occurring west of Brisbane and lives had been lost as cars had been swept off roads or people had become stranded.


That night we went to sleep knowing that we may have to evacuate next morning. At 5:00am we received a knock on the door with a neighbour advising we should leave our property. We packed up the family and drove off road to a higher vantage point. Many Brisbane residents were doing the same thing.


It was quite traumatic particularly given the graphic news coverage we had been viewing and the dangers people were facing. We hastily arranged alternative accommodation not knowing if our house and contents would survive possible flooding.


We were also aware that most insurance policies would not cover flood damage so we would potentially lose all our valuables.


I recall saying to my wife:


“We are all safe and that is all that matters. If we lose possessions we will deal with it.”


Our street lost six homes to the flood. We were lucky – the waters covered our letterbox but fortunately did not go any higher.


I thought of this story when I recently met up with three students from my graduating class from Aquinas College. We all turn 55 this year so it has been nearly four decades since we finished school. I have only seen the other three men sporadically so it was a genuine reunion.


So what do you talk about after nearly four decades? Essentially, we talked about people. We shared stories on the Aquinians we were in contact with and their lives.


There was plenty of conversation about families, travels and adventures. These stories were entwined with more sombre tales of classmates who had experienced illness, grief and death.


It is also interesting to consider what we didn’t talk about…… Money was not a topic of conversation; there was no reference to material things; no discussion around how many bedrooms our houses contained; what cars we drove; what financial investments had been made.


 It was all about the people. Perhaps that is a good message for the graduating class of 2017.

The words of Saint Mother Teresa are enlightening:


“God does not require that we be successful only that we be faithful.”


“A life not lived for others is not a life.” ― Mother Teresa


Your schooling at John XXIII College is the start of your life. Your growing independence is a source of great pride for your families and your school. Congratulations and best wishes for the future.


Together, let us seek justice.


Yours sincerely


Robert Henderson

Around The Primary

Dear Parents

We hope many parents will be able to come along to our Masses, Assemblies and other special events during the term. As the hectic pace of Term 4 has already set in, some children are arriving late for school or leaving early. It is essential that all children attend school from 8:45am until 3:15pm each day.

Just a reminder, to ensure a quick and efficient flow of traffic through the 'loop' at the front of the College, families with Junior Primary children are requested to display their 'surname cards' on their sunvisors or on the dashboard of their vehicle. If you need a new or extra surname card for a second vehicle, please email


The PrePrimary - Year 6 students have all started the EduDance program and they are having lots of fun while they move to music. This creative dance and exercise program is designed specifically for Primary school children to improve levels of health and fitness. Students are required to wear their House shirt and sports shorts on their lesson days. The program will culminate in an EduDance Showcase in the gym on Monday 4 December at 2.00pm for all 'G' classes and Wednesday 6 December at 2.00pm for all 'B' classes. Please mark these dates on your family calendar.


Meeting new and different people is a part of life and it is our role as parents and teachers to support children through change rather than protect them from it. I ask all parents to trust that the class you child is going into next year is one in which they will thrive. It is important to note that parental requests can only be met in exceptional circumstances and emails or letters requesting a particular teacher or placement with a best friend does not constitute an exceptional circumstance. Early notification of class lists will not be provided. Parents can feel confident that their children will always be in good hands and receive an excellent education at John XXIII.


Special thanks to all the Grandparents that came along to the picnic lunch last Friday. We hope you enjoy the ‘movie’ kindly created by our Year 5 teacher, Miss Dernie.

We look forward to having a big parent cheer squad at the Junior Primary Athletics Carnival next Thursday. Extra parking will be available will be available on the lawn area off Mooro Road. As warm weather is forcast for the day, please bring along a hat!

Kind Regards


Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary






On Wednesday Lizzie Edwards (6G) and Alex Petsos (6B) proudly represented John XXIII College the Archdiocesan Anti-Poverty Mass with Bishop Donald Sproxton. Our young leaders were wonderful ambassadors for our school at this special Mass.



Our Year 5 GATE students competed at the Scitech Science Challenge Day against 13 other Primary school teams. The challenges included an astronomy quiz, engineering challenge, mathematics challenge and a science challenge. The students had an amazing day filled with critical and creative thinking and problem solving activities. Their teamwork was excellent and they were all wonderful problem solvers.

Tara Purcell
GATE Teacher




The John XXIII College’s Visual Art Exhibition will be open tomorrow, Saturday 21 October 2017 from 10am – 2pm. The Exhibition features artwork from both the Secondary and Primary school students.


Every student from Year 3-6 has a piece of artwork exhibited and there is a small selection from the Early Years. It is a great opportunity for parents to view artwork across all years and for students to showcase their artwork. We hope many families will come along on Saturday and see the students’ design and creativity skills with both 2D and 3D work.


Special thanks to Mrs Blaauw (Primary Visual Art Specialist Art Teacher) for all her hard work to ensure that the Primary school has a range of forms in this year’s Exhibition.


Mr Fuller (Trinity’s Dad) spoke to the Year 4 students about the 24 hour Telethon Challenge he is participating in this weekend. The students enjoyed listening to his inspirational stories. Best of luck Mr Fuller!


Dates to Remember

Wednesday 25 October                 Yr 7 2018 Orientation Day

Thursday 26 October                      K–Yr 2 Athletics Carnival

Friday 27 October                            4B Assembly 9am (Hall)

Saturday 28 October                      Small Ensemble Soiree 6pm (GBLT)



Important Dates For Year 11 Students

Year 11 Exams 

Monday, November 6 - Friday, November 17


Year 11 Students Return to the College for Exam Feedback, Homeroom and Periods 1-6

Wednesday, November 22 - Thursday, November 23


Year 12 Transition Day, Homeroom and Periods 1-3

Friday, November 24 (last day for Year 11 Students)


College Presentation Evening

Wednesday, November 29


Dirk Gleghorn

Assistant Deputy Principal - Year 11


Visual Arts Exhibition
Art Awards - Synopsis and Winners

Sr Theresa Elliott Encouragement Award

Sr Theresa Elliott was a pupil of Loreto Nedlands and trained as a teacher at what is now known as Edith Cowan University. After completing her training she taught at Loreto Claremont and in the Parish Primary Schools of Thornlie and Armadale. Sr Theresa has always loved and appreciated the creativity expressed through Art by her many students and it gives her great delight to be involved in the annual Art Exhibition here at John XXIII College. Sr Tess is currently our archivist and in charge of documenting and displaying all artworks at the College. Sr Tess is honoured to provide her support to this Encouragement Award.


The Sr Theresa Elliott Encouragement Award is awarded to a student in Year 7 or 8 who has worked to their full potential, is highly motivated and demonstrates consistent commitment and creativity throughout their art projects.  This student demonstrates enthusiasm and a love for Art and Pottery and has consistently given 100% of themselves to whatever task they were required to complete.

This year’s recipient is to be commended for the great enthusiasm and passion that he demonstrated in his Art and Pottery classes. He is a conscientious worker who dedicated many extra hours to completing his artworks to a high standard.



Arlene Nedeljkovic “Rising Star” Award

This award is dedicated to the late Arlene Nedeljkovic or ‘Mrs Ned’ as she was affectionately known by students. Arlene was an Art teacher at John XXIII College for 25 years from 1983 until 2008.  Arlene’s passion for the arts and zest for life inspired both students and teachers alike.


The recipient of the Arlene Nedeljkovic “Rising Star Award” is a student in Year 9 or 10 who shows an outstanding level of skill and commitment to their art projects.  This student consistently demonstrates passion, dedication and talent in one or more areas of the Visual Arts.


This year’s recipient has shown commendable commitment to The Arts since Year 7. In 2016 and 2017 she elected to undertake studies in Visual Arts, Pottery and Craft, contributing to her highly proficient use of a range of art forms and techniques. She consistently achieves outstanding results and her enthusiasm and passion for the Arts is inspiring for both students and teachers.


Teachers’ Choice Award

The Teachers’ Choice Award is decided by the teaching and non-teaching staff within the John XXIII College community.  Staff were asked to vote at the Art Exhibition staff morning tea that took place earlier on today. They were invited to view all of the secondary artworks on display and vote for their favourite. The artwork with the most number of votes wins this award.


This year’s winner is a Year 12 student who has used charcoal and pastel to illustrate different points of view of the feelings and emotions associated with mental illness.


Sr Leonie Peterson Award for Art with a Christian Theme

In her youth Sr Leonie Petersen was a student at Loreto Claremont. After completing her teacher training she went back to Loreto Claremont as a teacher. Sr Leonie has been involved with John XXIII College since the early days of its formation when Loreto Claremont amalgamated with the St Louis School for Boys. As the local community leader of the Loreto Sisters, Sr Leonie has served on the John XXIII College Council. She currently works with the Learning Enrichment Department completing student testing and she also provides support in the Ignatius Library. With her long experience both as a Religious Sister and as an educationalist, Sr Leonie has enjoyed the creativity and challenge that student art provides. Sr Leonie is honoured to provide her support this award for Art with a Christian theme.


The Sr Leonie Peterson Award for Art with a Christian Theme is awarded to a student who has created an artwork that shows a meaningful and creative interpretation of a Christian theme within their chosen artistic medium. This artwork demonstrates an awareness and empathy for Christian virtues.

This year’s recipient possesses a strong humanitarian outlook and the themes within her artwork explore the suffering of innocent refugees and raise awareness to help the world’s displaced persons.


Principal’s Award

The Principal’s Award is presented to a Year 12 student who has shown excellence in attitude and work ethic, has artistically achieved at an outstanding level and has shown an outstanding commitment to Visual Arts throughout Year 12.


This year’s recipient has been a committed Visual Arts student throughout her time at John XXIII College, from lower school to Year 12. Her work in Year 12 is not only meticulous in detail, but also rich in meaning, her works are reflective of her own personality and those close to her. Her consistent work ethic, both in school and out of school hours, is reflected in the quality of her work. Not only has she achieved outstanding results in her practical work, but she also achieved highly in the written component of the ATAR Visual Arts course, achieving high results in her case studies and image analysis essays.


Seek Justice

Christmas Appeal And Anti-Poverty Week Mass

On Wednesday, five of our students represented the College at the Archdiocesan Anti-poverty week mass celebrated by Bishop Sproxton.

At the mass we were reminded that approximately 2.99 million people in Australia live in poverty. That is over 13% of our population. 17.4 % of our children live below the poverty line in Australia. The global statistics were also very sobering. 836 million people live in extreme poverty. 663 million people cannot access safe drinking water and 2.4 million people lack access to basic sanitation.


As a community we have much to be thankful for and are in a good position to be able to help our neighbours. The readings from the Anti-poverty mass reminded us that each of us should give to the poor as God loves a cheerful giver.


This week in the secondary campus we have launched our Christmas appeal. Students and families are asked to donate toiletry items (smaller sizes are optimum), Christmas treats and cash to help with vouchers for Shopfront and St Vincent de Paul. Please give generously.


Janeen Murphy

Director of Faith and Mission

Photo: ACC Letters presented to Sian Munks by ACC Director of Sport, Mr Kyle March


Photo: ACC Letters presented to Sian Munks by ACC Director of Sport, Mr Kyle March

ACC Letters

Year 12 student, Sian Munks was awarded her Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) Letters, at the Day Of Invitation assembly on Thursday, by the ACC Director of Sport, Mr Kyle March.  Sian is the first ACC Athlete to receive ACC letters across all three ACC individual carnivals. Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.  ACC Letters is the highest individual accolade awarded by the ACC. To receive "Letters", a student must be selected in an All Star team in the same sport for a minimum of four years. The number of years does not have to be consecutive, but the years are not cumulative across sports.


Sian has been an 'All Star' at nearly every ACC Carnival she has competed. 18 carnivals, 14 ACC All Star selections. Five in Swimming, five in Athletics and four in Cross Country. The only carnivals she missed were Swimming and Cross Country in Year 8 (2013) as she was recovering from heart surgery. She narrowly missed being selected for Cross Country in 2016 by a single place. This Year she finally completed the ‘set’ by placing 2nd in the ACC Cross Country.


Congratulations Sian.


Dave Maxwell

Secondary Sport Coordinator


Learn To Sail

This term JTC is offering a six-week sailing course for those wishing to learn to sail or for those wanting to improve their sailing skills.  

This course will be run at Nedlands Yacht Club each Thursday afternoon during this term starting Week 3 from 4:00pm till 6:30 pm. 


This course will be offered at the hugely discounted rate of $180 per student and is available to students in Year 6 and above. 


Parents interested in enrolling their child in this course are asked to contact Mrs Taylor at for further information about the course and how to register with the Club.

Please note as there is an enrolment capacity for the course you are advised to express your interest as soon as possible.


Lisa Taylor

John XXIII Sailing

Music - Week 32

Year 10 Recital Night

Applications are now open to perform at the Year 10 Recital Night on Wednesday, 25 October. This one-hour concert is held in the GBLT from at 7:00pm, and all Year 10s undertaking tuition at the college are invited to perform! For application forms and details, please contact the Music Office.

Junior Small Ensemble Soiree

The Junior Small Ensemble Soiree will be held on Sunday, 29 October, at 5:30pm in the Performing Arts Centre. This one-hour concert features the elite talent of the lower secondary school, with performances by the Junior String Quartet, Junior Saxophone and Clarinet Quartets, Percussion Ensemble, Junior Flute Ensemble and Rock Band. Entry is free, and all are welcome!

Year 9 Recital Night

Applications to perform in the Year 9 Recital Night on Wednesday, 1 November are now open. This one-hour concert is held in the GBLT from 7pm, and is open to all Year 9 students who undertake instrumental or vocal lessons, with accompaniment available from Mr David Dockery. Application forms are available through the Music Office and close on Friday, 27 October.

2018 Music Subject Selection

Subject selection for Years 7 – 9 will shortly be underway, and with a talented cohort of musicians in these years we hope to see many of you in the Music Classroom in 2018!


Classroom music offers a fantastic way for young musicians to further their skills and understanding of music, and utilising their performance skills learned in lessons and ensembles. Students learn to compose and understand music, looking at famous artists and composers, and performing original arrangements together. New musicians are welcome, too! For any questions regarding Music courses, please contact the Music Department – 9383 0440 or

Auditions For Opera In The Park - Children's Chorus

The West Australian Opera is hosting auditions for singers aged 11 – 15 to audition for a Children’s Chorus. This chorus would perform at the Opera in the Park in February of 2018, one of the highlights of the Opera’s calendar. Auditions are to be held on 3 November, and interested applicants should contact the Music Office for further details.


James Kros

Director of Music


College Musical 2018

Auditions for the 2018 College musical Beauty and the Beast are on next week.


Acting and singing auditions are on Thursday 26 October, in the music room, after school.


Dance auditions are on Saturday 28 October, in the hall. Girls are at 1:00pm and boys are on at 2:00pm.


George Tsakisiris

Head of Drama

Alumni - Welcome Class of 2017


For all Alumni enquiries, to RSVP for any of the events or leave an expression of interest, please contact:

Anna Gingell

Alumni Development
Phone: (08) 9383 0520 | Email: 

Or refer to the College Website.























































Mary Ward Secondary - Meeting diverse needs

Leisure And Life Skills Program

Our Leisure and Life skills program is offered as an alternative to our Workplace Learning program.  Each week students experience either an excursion into the community or an incursion featuring specialist dance, art or music.  

The goals of the program are to familiarise participation in the community:  develop community awareness, build confidence, make connections, practise relationship skills and experience a diverse range of recreational and cultural activities.  Incursions provide opportunities for immersion in activities which allow students space and time to be aware of their creative selves.


Our music program has proved a favourite under the instruction of Mary Walton.  One morning a cycle students are transported in the world of making music.  Mary is a passionate music educator who is a specialist in the Orff teaching approach.  Under Mary’s tuition students have grown in self-awareness and have visibly expanded their expressive language skills.  Students experience playing a diverse range of instruments and using music as a language:  utilising their voice,  movement and body language to express themselves.  For the whole session music is the language.  Students are given permission to connect, engage, imitate, explore, improvise and enjoy without any rules! 

Gill Lyon

Head of Learning - Mary Ward Secondary


Nutrition Information

The Australian Dietary Guidelines provide up-to-date advice about the amount and kinds of foods and drinks that we need regularly, for health and well-being.


The recommendations are based on scientific evidence, developed after looking at good quality research. By following the dietary patterns recommended in the Guidelines, we will get enough of the nutrients essential for good health and also help reduce our risk of chronic health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and obesity.


Attached is a Healthy Eating For Children brochure and Healthy Eating For Adult Brochure.


Jenny Hill

College Nurse


Pathways and Transition



Curtin University

Curtin University

  • The minimum ATAR for Oral Health Therapy (CUHHS) at its Bentley campus is 83.00
  • The majors being offered in Engineering (CUBEE) at its Bentley campus
  • Pharmacy (CUHPS) has been approved as an embedded honours program for 2018 entry

The University of Western Australia


The Guaranteed ATARs for the following Law (Juris Doctor) Direct Pathway codes (UWLWA, UWLWB, UWLWC and UWLWS) will be 96.00 instead of 97.00


Courses unique to CQUniversity – Perth Campus.

Many Year 12 students worry about their university preferences.  It’s not unusual to have a change of heart.  Remember when you begin a unit at university you have a ‘period of grace’ where you can withdraw before the census date.  Find out from the university at the start of your course when is the latest or cut-off date that you can withdraw out of a unit before being charged.



A school based traineeship is available for interested Year 10 and Year 11 students.

Students will complete a Cert II in Hospitality while working and earning a wage. 

Students must be: -

  • prepared to work a minimum of 8 hours/week and available weeknights, weekends and school holidays.
  • committed to the traineeship – minimum 12 months. 

All training is provided on the job, and assessments and support given by a trainer.This certificate will be handy for students when they are at uni or TAFE and looking for a part-time job. For more information can be found on the website


Margi Watson

Careers Counsellor


As always, every attempt is made to ensure that material in the Pathways newsletter is accurate. 
The material may include views or recommendations of third parties, which do not necessarily reflect our views.

The listing of an organisation in this newsletter in no way implies any form of endorsement by us of the products or services provided by that person or organisation.

Links to other web sites are inserted for convenience and do not constitute endorsement of material at those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service.

From time to time the newsletters will include reference to an article of interest based on recent research.  In some cases, the rigour of the research may be unclear.


‘GOOD NEWS’ for 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Give to Caesar the things that belong to Caesar and to God the things that are God’s.” (Matthew 22:15-21)


The reflection is Fr Richard Leonard's homily for this Sunday. It is printed here with kind permission. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and is author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.

There are people inside and outside the Church who think that Christ did not give the Church a mandate to speak about political matters. They regularly quote the Gospel we have just heard to support their case. But if one knows and understands the context and meaning within which this text was written it provides no ammunition for those who want the Church to stay indoors, reflect on things ‘spiritual’, preach the eternal verities, and sing hymns more ancient than modern.


In Jesus’ day, we know that some people thought he was a Zealot. Zealots were a well-organised group who agitated for the end of the Roman occupation of Israel. One of the things Zealots did was withhold paying the Roman taxes. We can see why some people thought Jesus may have been a Zealot. He took the part of the poor, the sick, women and those who lived on the fringes of society. He attacked the religious authorities of his day and certainly stirred up trouble in many places he went. On the other hand he rejected violence, taught his followers to pray for their enemies and to return good for evil. Jesus showed us that the justice and equality God longs to see in the world comes from a community which is converted by love, not by weapons, fear or revenge. Jesus was no Zealot.


Rather than undermine civil authority, however, Jesus, in this passage, supports it. But he does more. ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s’ is followed by ‘And give to God, what is God's’, which encompasses all the Caesars of this world, all civil authorities and states. The sense that we as the People of God can split off our obligations to the Gospel from the State is as false as it’s dangerous.



Image © Jenny Close

We only have to think of some of the darkest chapters last century to see what happens when good, church-going people, like us, do not put their Sunday devotion in touch

with their Monday politics. Evil can reign.


Christian leaders, who are charged to proclaim and defend the Gospel, are obliged to use whatever forum necessary to declare that God’s personal love encompasses everyone and everything under heaven. As the prophet Isaiah reminds us today, God calls each one of us by name.


At times we may not agree with our religious leaders; we may think them ill informed; we may even think they have overstepped the mark. If this is the case we should tell them, enable them to consider other perspectives and to broaden the basis upon which they make their judgments. But we should never be seduced by those who want the Church sidelined from the mainstream of the debates that shape the way we live, the values we share, the laws we draft and the priorities we draw up for our human community.

If the Church shows disinterest in any of this, it is untrue to the very things for which Jesus lived, died and was raised from the dead. By all means we should give to Caesar all that Caesar is justly entitled to have for the sake of the common good. A higher allegiance, however, goes to God, who will call all Caesars to account for what they have done and what they failed to do. And we might be asked to explain how we let them get away with it in the first place.

Community Liturgy 

Community Masses is celebrated every Friday morning at 8:00am in term time. On Friday 27th October World Teachers’ Day is celebrated in Australia, so our teachers will be preparing the Mass – and the College community is warmly welcomed to pray for and with them. As always, everyone is welcome to our celebration of the Eucharist and to the café afterwards, for those able to stay. Further queries about Community Mass: or 9383 0513.


When: Fridays in Term Time

Time: 8:00-8:30am

Where: College Chapel




Inigo Parent Talks
(Centre for Spirituality and Relationships)

Parent Talks


Ignatian Induction Program

The Ignatian Induction Program for Parents aims to provide the basic ethos of John XXIII College which derives from the Spirituality of one of our College founders, St Ignatius Loyola.

There are six Modules of one and a half hour duration at 9:00am or 7:00pm in the MacKillop Room.


If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Murray Graham by email or Ph: 9383 0444.

Men Of John XXIII

We Want Dads!

Are you interested in becoming more involved as a father? The Men of John XXIII College (MOJTC) are here to support you with get socials and events, advocating the benefits of becoming a better dad.


We are looking for dads who would like to:


1.      Join the MOJTC committee.  Just come along and help to guide our future direction.

2.      Become a Year group representative.  Join with other dads in your child’s year and run an event, which gives you all more time with your kids.

3.      Have an idea for an event?  Go for it!  The committee has funds to assist and the MOJTC will work with the College to help make it happen.


If you are keen to help, simply email:


Need an idea for an event?  Look here for some great ideas:


If nothing else, check out The Fathering Project website:


Be involved.




“It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father”

Pope John XXIII

Parents' Association

What is the Parents’ Association?

The role of the Parents’ Association is to support the College.  It primarily does this by administering the funds raised from the annual family levy (approx. $72k per year). The money is generally spent on:

  • assets and resources required by the College;
  • engaging speakers arranged by INSPIRE; and
  • funding social events to promote interaction between parents/guardians. 

All parents/guardians of students attending the College are deemed members of the Parents’ Association and are therefore welcome to attend meetings which are generally held on the Monday of week five of each term.

What happens at Parents’ Association meetings?

  • Updates are provided by leadership staff (including the Principal) and organised groups within the College. 
  • Funding Proposals are discussed and voted on. 
  • There is sometimes a guest speaker who comes to speak on a topic of interest.  For Term 4's meeting, Rob Henderson will be talking about the results of the School Survey and how the Strategic Plan is progressing.
  • Funding proposals and key agenda items are outlined in the school newsletter on the Friday prior to the meeting.

Funding Proposals

Funding proposals can come from anyone in the John XXIII community eg. staff, parents, students. If you have an idea for how the money can be spent to improve things for students or the College, we encourage you to submit a funding request.

 Funding Proposals & Expenses that have been approved so far in 2017:

  • $15k towards the construction of a new playground for Pre-Primary.
  • $10k for window tinting and black curtains for the Thomas More Exhibition Centre.
  • $4.4k for six spin bikes for the school gym.
  • $1.3k for the purchase of Minkey equipment and materials for hockey goals.
  • $10k for the John XXIII Parent Ball to celebrate the school’s 40th Anniversary.
  • $8.5k for computer and robotics equipment for Primary IT classes.
  • $8.5k for new shelving in the Primary section of the library.
  • Various amounts have been spent on guest speakers, events (eg. welcome functions) and Men of John XXIII.

There are currently funds available for worthy projects/ideas.

Parents' Association Committee

In Term Four there is an AGM and all the roles on the Committee will be up for election and we welcome nominations.  You can nominate for any of these positions.  We are in need of a Secretary in 2018, so if you are interested please get in contact.


The Roles on the PA Committee

  • President: Chairs the meetings, discusses proposals with Principal prior to meetings, organises Committee meetings.
  • Two Vice Presidents: Fills in for the President when they are unable to attend meetings.
  • Treasurer: Works with Head of Business at JTC to prepare the PA financials and presents them at PA meetings.
  • Secretary: Takes minutes at meetings and circulates to attendees, prepares agenda, organises notices in the newsletter and electronic noticeboard etc.
  • General Member: Does not have any specific responsibilities but attends Committee meetings and assists when required.

If you would like further information on the Parents’ Association please refer to the John XXIII website or email


Kind regards,


Simon Fracaro

President of the Parents’ Association

Uniform Shop

Uniforms For 2018

Appointments are currently being made for outfitting students new to John XXIII College in 2018.  If you currently have children at our school (for example in Pre Primary or Year 6) and would like help with purchasing uniform, then you too are most welcome to make an appointment.  P


Please fill in the attached form and email it to us as soon as possible.



Community Notices


24:7 Nedlands Youth Group

For all youth in Year 6-12.  Every Friday night, 6:00-8:00pm at Holy Rosary Parish, Nedlands.

Invite your friends and join us for a great night!

For more information call Noel 0433 772 357 or Catherine 0424 196 585


Primary Parent Term 4 Calendar 2017.pdf
Inigo - amended info for parents 2017.pdf
Inigo - amended info for parents 2017.pdf
healthy eating pamphlet.pdf
October .pdf
Appointment request for students starting in 2018 .pdf
Appointment request for students starting in 2018 .pdf