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13 April 2017
Issue Four
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News From the Principal


Welcome to our final newsletter of the term.

Once again, it has been a busy term with many activities as well as the day to day learning that continuously occurs.

Some of the highlights this term include:

  • Acquaintance Night / AGM
  • SAPSASA Athletics (finished 2nd), SAPSASA Softball (finished 1st), SAPSASA Swimming (finished 1st), T20 Cricket
  • Harmony Day
  • Bike Ed
  • LeFevre HS visit
  • KESAB Clean Up Day
  • Year 6/7 Gallery Yampu excursion
  • Dr Chintamani Yogi visit
  • Sailing
  • Camp Quality Puppets



A reminder that testing will take place during Weeks 2 & 3 of next term.

Please see last week’s newsletter for further details in regards to exemptions etc.


RAN Training

All volunteers are required to complete Responding to Abuse & Neglect (RAN) training. This normally takes about 1 hour.

I will be running two sessions early next term on Thursday 4th May at 9:00am in the Green Room (Week 1) and Monday 15th May at 9:00am in the Green Room (Week 3). 

If you are considering volunteering in the school in any capacity, this training is compulsory.

If these times are not convenient, training can also be completed online at:


Environment Group News

The Largs Bay Environment Group have been busy over Term 1. At times we have had more volunteers than we have equipment. Thanks to Bunnings at Woodville, we have rakes, shovels, and a wheelbarrow that will be used to keep our school and community looking wonderful.











Term 1 Outstanding Attendance Award

This term, there were 39 children who attended school every day. Congratulations to all of them. We could only have one winner and that student was Kate from Room 13.

As the winner, Kate takes home a $20 Westfield voucher as well as the Outstanding Attendance Certificate for the term.

An excellent effort!!!!


Outstanding Achievement Awards – Term 1

At the end of each term, two students from each class are nominated by their teacher to receive the Principal’s Outstanding Achievement Award. The winners for this term are:

Room 3 – Kaleb & Shelby

Room 4 – Nataylia & Brodie

Room 5 – Archie & Sam

Room 5a – Jack & Summer

Room 10 – Ayrlie & Willis

Room 11 – Clarice & Josh

Room 13 – Blake & Kate

Room 14 – Emily & Raheim

Room 16 – William & Jasper

Room 17 – Miles & Ella

Room 19 – Misha & Coby

Room 20 – Lachlan & Georgie

Room 22 – Asher & Layla

Room 23 – Ainsley & Mason

Room 26 – Amelie & Max

Room 27 – Tai & Erin

Room 29 – Leeo & Emma

Room 30 – Nicholas & Jade

Room 31 – Caitlin & Seth

Room 32 – Imogen & Sam

Room 33 – Riley & Ava

Congratulations to all of them on such a successful term.

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable 2 weeks with your children and we look forward to working with you next term.

Regards Mike

Dates to Remember

End of Term

Thursday 13th April

Term 2 Commences

Monday 1st May

RAN Training

Thursday 4th May 9:00am


9th - 19th May

Assembly + Newsletter

19th May

School Fees Due

12th May

School News

Free Parent Seminar 
31st May  7-8:30pm

Calm and Confident Kids - A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children manage worry, learn to calm themselves and to cope in tough times

Many children go through periods of time when they feel anxious, stressed, worried and sad.  Sometimes this is because of a tough life experience – parents separating, family illness, grief and loss, bullying, struggles coping at school. 

Sometimes there is nothing in particular which seems to be causing problems, but the child has a tendency to be a “worrier” or get sad and they are having a hard time coping with their own emotions.

Research tells us that what parents do makes a big difference to how well children get through these times.  There are specific actions parents can take to help the child manage and resolve problems, to help build their resilience - and unfortunately there are also things parents accidentally do which make the situation worse. 

This seminar covers the 12 most important steps parents can take to help worried, sad and stressed kids. 

It is designed to be practical and give strategies that parents can immediately use with children in all situations. It includes advice on "what to say", what to NOT do, how to answer tricky questions and how to increase resilience and coping skills in children themselves.

Despite the serious topic, there is plenty of humour and fun in the seminar, videos, case examples - as well as time allowed for questions about tricky kids and tricky situations. 

“The parents and staff of our schools found the ‘Worried and Sad Kids’ seminar to be very beneficial and insightful. The information was easy to understand, coupled with practical strategies which helped parents to feel more equipped in helping their families. I would highly recommend the seminars from Developing Minds Psychology as a fantastic resource”

— Holly Taylor, Chaplain, Braeview Primary School and Happy Valley Primary School

This seminar is approximately 75 -90 minutes in length and will be run by a psychologist.

Location- Largs Bay School hall


Health News R-4

This term in health we have been following the Resilience, Rights and Responsibility program. Its focus is to help students develop understanding of their emotions and how to deal with them in positive ways. It unpacks social situations and problem solving as well as working through making apologies to restore relationships. Through a variety of story, role play, games and written work we have been developing self-awareness in students and building resilience by equipping them with tools for self-regulation when dealing with emotions and everyday problems.   As part of each health lesson we also take time to share our highs (positives) and lows (negatives) of our past week. This is a way for students to have a short time to share what is going on for them with the group in a safe and inclusive environment. It has been a wonderful first term in health!

In term 2 we will be working through the child protection curriculum. This has four focus areas which we will be looking at class:

  • the right to be safe
  • relationships
  • recognising and reporting abuse
  • protective strategies

It is a requirement for students in DECD schools to access this curriculum each year. An information letter will be sent home early next term with more details.

We will continue to share our highs and lows and create a safe classroom environment for students to share and learn about these important topics of personal safety.

I hope wish you all a safe and happy holiday.

Kind regards, Alice Foley

School Sport

School Sport


Congratulations to the following students who participated in the recent state championships. The team won the Div 2 gold medal after being undefeated throughout the week. Well done - Caitlin, Holly,  Matilda,   Charli ,   Kiarna,   Milla, Ashleigh,   Klaudia.  

SAPSASA State Cross-Country Championships

Congratulations to the following students on their selection in the Port SAPSASA Cross-Country team that will participate in the State Championships on Thursday 1st June at Oakbank. Alyssa C, Marcus Q, Sam S, Eliza G, Jackson C, Abby F, Kiarna R, Clarice C and Willis L. Runners were selected from the 2016 Cross-Country trials and the 800m at the recent athletics carnival.


Bike Ed

Well done to the students in grade 4 & 5 who recently completed the Bike Education lessons. Each class participated in 7 lessons, including on-road lessons. The students really improved their road sense and skills. Thanks to all of the parents and teachers who supported this programme.


Community Notices     

State Tennis West Lakes

State Tennis West Lakes is now taking tennis coaching enrolments for Term 2, 2017
                  2-5 year old motor skills program ‘Jump Start' / ANZ Tennis Hot Shots
lessons from Age 4+ / Adult lessons
 Phone 8355 4466 or visit

State Tennis 2017 Enrolment Form.pdf


Volleyball Holiday Clinic


Aussie Hoops
Basketball Camp