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01 July 2016
Issue Three
Message from Mr Whelan
Public Speaking
Mock Trial
Child Studies
HSC Music Study Day
Dance Workshop
Youth Mental Health Forum
Flowerdale Lagoon
Year 11 Biology
Wagga School Leaders
Shine! Cabaret 2016
Kildare Boys Tennis
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Message from Mr Whelan

Hello everyone,

Congratulations and thank you for your contributions to learning and wellbeing at Kildare Catholic College in Semester 1, 2016. At our Academic Assembly today I thanked students for their contributions to each of their class teams, and for their improving work in collaboration with our teachers. I also thanked our expert team of teachers for their continued work to provide each student with many opportunities to grow and learn. I’m repeating this because it’s important that we are reminded to expect a year’s worth of learning (or more!) each calendar year, to expect Semester 2 learning to build on and be better than Semester 1 learning, and to recognise that this can happen when we work in partnership with the goal of constantly improving classroom practice. Thanks again for your efforts, including support for students, teachers and school community from home.


Thank you to Megan Weidemann for her work in many roles over the last three and a half years. Megan is taking a 12 month position at Wagga High School from the start of next Term. Kim Halloway will go fulltime in the jobshare position she held with Megan. Thank you as well to Sally Jamieson and James Vickers who complete extended replacement blocks for us.


I am on Long Service Leave for the first three weeks of Term 3. I’ll see you in Week 4

All the best




“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” (Mt 5:7)

“You, dear young man, dear young woman, have you ever felt the gaze of everlasting love upon you, a gaze that looks beyond your sins, limitations and failings, and continues to have faith in you and to look upon your life with hope?  Do you realize how precious you are to God, who has given you everything out of love?”

From “The Prayer of Saint Faustina”


Help me, O Lord that my eyes may be merciful, so that I may never suspect or judge from appearances, but always look for what is beautiful in my neighbour’s souls.


Help me that my ears may be merciful, so that I may give heed to my neighbour’s needs, and not be indifferent to their pains.


Help me, O Lord that my tongue may be merciful, so that I should never speak negatively of others, but have a word of comfort and forgiveness for all. 


Help me, O Lord, that my hands may be merciful and filled with good deeds.


Help me, O Lord, that my feet may be merciful, so that I may hurry to assist my neighbour.


May your mercy, O Lord, rest upon me. Amen

John Nielsen | Leader of Mission


At an assembly Wednesday it was my pleasure to acknowledge the hard work and achievement of many of our students for Semester 1 work. In celebrating their achievement, we commended students for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE and APPLICATION.

Students who received an award for Academic Excellence have outstanding results.

Students who received an award for Application have reports with outstanding work habits.

Both sets of students clearly have worked very hard and they should be very pleased with their results.

We ask all students to build on results from Semester 1 so that Semester 2 is an improvement. Take time to reflect on progress and ask self-regulating questions (Where am I going? Where am I now and How do I move my learning forward?). It is important to engage in conversations about your learning with your parents and teachers. Aim high and plan to succeed!


I congratulate all those students who have moved their learning forward since their Interim Reports. Well done.


The following timeline is for Year 10 students and parents. It outlines the vast range of activities that have already commenced to support students and parents in this exciting time. As I have previously indicated, the transition to Year 11 is one that requires a solid foundation of information so that wise choices can be made. Previously, students have been shared into a folder (Yr 11 2017) which contains the following: The Senior Curriculum Handbook, UAC Guide, HSC Eligibility Advice, KCC Timeline, Academic Ability and Advice Booklet and a Coaching Scaffold. Additionally, students have had the opportunity to visit current Yr 11 classes in operation. I look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure that well informed decisions are made for 2017. I thank you in advance for your attendance at the Information Evening and interview time.

Shane Fuller | Leader of Curriculum

Public Speaking




Kildare Catholic College was represented with distinction by Mason Crain, Year 7, and

Mitchell Marinac, Year 12, at the South Wagga Apex Public Speaking Competition on

the evening of Wednesday 15th June. Over thirty speakers from Wagga schools made for

an entertaining and informative evening with participants speaking for 5 minutes on an array of individual topics. Mason spoke on the changing face of the rural industry necessitating innovation and the challenging of public perception by drawing on his experience of his own family farm.  Mitchell also challenged the audience, asserting the

need to foster innovation and passion ineducation in Australia. Mitchell struck a chord with audience and judges alike, being awarded first place in the senior section





for his efforts.  Both students achieved an

impressive balance between substance and

good humour, engaging the audience whilst conveying insightful messages.

Stephanie Garrod | Teacher


Mock Trial

Mock Trial at Albury

The Mock Trial Team put on a dominant display against their counterparts from the Scots School, Albury. All members



performed their roles admirably and we successfully won the trial. It was an absolute pleasure to coach this team as they work really well together and they are committed. The case involved defending a property owner who was alleged to have committed grievous bodily harm by setting traps on her property and inciting her dog to attack the victim who sustained injuries. 


We wait to see now about the Elimination Rounds. Well done Emma Moss (Barrister), Amelia Preuss (Barrister), Niahm Dwyer (Solicitor), Anna McGrirr (Witness), Maddy Dean (Witness), Rebecca Curry (Court Officer) and Lacey Newman (back up Solicitor)


Shane Fuller | Leader of Curriculum

Child Studies

KU Kookaburra Preschool Excursion

Throughout this term Year 9 Child Studies have been exploring the growth and development of children. As part of the unit, both classes visited KU Kookaburra Preschool and Wagga Early Years Learning Centre where they had the opportunity to observe and interact with children aged between 0 and 5 years old. In addition, students also visited the Botanic Gardens where they completed a research task on the play equipment and identified how the equipment relates to the developmental needs of children. Thank you to KU Kookaburra and Wagga Early Years Learning Centre for this valuable experience.

Jacqueline ByrneTeacher

Child Studies  at Botanic Gardens
Early Years Learning Centre

Child Studies have been studying different areas of development. On Thursday 30 June they  evaluated the safety of the play equipment.

Child Studies Excursion to Wagga Wagga Early Years Learning Centre

Monique CowledTeacher

HSC Music Study Day






On Monday 20th June our two HSC Music classes attended the HSC Music Study Day at the Riverina Conservatorium of Music. This day is run annually and provides an opportunity for students to gain helpful tips in preparation for their upcoming Trial examinations. They were also given the opportunity to perform and receive both written and verbal feedback from experienced HSC teachers. Students were an excellent representation of the College.


Melanie Cotterill | Music Teacher



Dance Workshop

With Damian Smith


On Friday 3rd June the KCC Dance Department was honoured to welcome ballet master Damian Smith to our studio to lead us in two one-hour master classes. "Damian was raised in Newcastle NSW and began his ballet training at Robin Hicks School of Dance, then onto The McDonald College. He left Australia at 16 years old to attend The School of American Ballet in New York. After this he joined the French company Ballet Du Nord as a Soloist in 1992 - 1996 then onto The San Francisco Ballet Company in 1996 - 2015. He became a Principle dancer in 2001, remaining so for 14 years of his career. Damian has performed over 110 ballets in more then 25 countries, and throughout the last 20 years has been a Principle Guest Artist with The New York City Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The Dutch National Ballet, The Boston Ballet, The Hong Kong Ballet, The Hamburg Ballet and The Australian Ballet. He has also performed in many gala's and special events, such as the Nijinsky Gala in Hamburg, The Australian Ballets 50th Anniversary and the Ballet Stars Of America for 4 years running. Damian was recently awarded the Isadora Duncan Dance Award in 2015 for "Sustained Achievement". " (Turner, J.)


"Damian is back in Australia for one season only, as a guest artist in the Australian Ballet’s latest production, Symphony in C, which was showing in May. He is now working on a documentary called Invisible


Man, which will shed light on partnering from the male perspective. He notes that when he started in the late 1980s, men, still there to primarily support the ballerina, were rendered largely unseen; today, choreography increasingly celebrates the male form in its own right. He is now exhibiting 24 works alongside other Indigenous artists in an exhibition in Circular Quay. The artworks are a collaboration with six ballerinas in six companies from six countries. Damian fashioned a garment from canvas, and, dipping his hands in paint, executed choreography. The series of lifts and twirls were then mapped out in organic smudges and swirls to make the end print. It is no accident that the piece he chose – the same as his final dance – is After the Rain."  (Sebag-Montefiore, C.)

Students from Years 10, 11 and 12 participated in a one hour ballet technique workshop where Damian focused on strength and grounding as preparation for all facets of dance. Then, students participated in a one hour contemporary technique class that focused on freedom of the torso as a means of expression. Following this, students were able to ask Damian questions about his life, his dancing, tips for performing and professional dance career. He was very open and candid, offering unique insights and perspectives which were invaluable.

Following the two workshops, Damian spoke to 21 Indigenous students about his experiences.  They were mesmerised by his passion and accomplishments as he encouraged them to follow their dreams, no matter what. Damian also allowed students to see an exclusive preview video of his After the Rain documentary. This was Damian's first venture into motivational speaking and he was a true inspiration to our students.

We can't thank Damian enough for coming to teach our KCC Dance students - it was such a highlight for us!


Have a look at some more of Damian Smith's story by following these links...


Living Black documentary - click HERE 

San Fransisco Ballet Tribute - click HERE 


Megan Hardy | Dance Teacher

Youth Mental Health Forum

On the 8th of June, a group of fifteen Year 10 and 11 Kildare students attended the 2016 Youth Mental Health Forum at Mater Dei Primary, joining a number of other schools from around our region to hold a conversation about the issue and consider what can be done to help young people deal with mental illness. The day consisted of a panel of guest speakers from Headspace, the police force and a young man who shared the story of his own mental health journey. The focus of the day centered around the idea that it’s okay not to be okay and it’s perfectly fine to ask for help if your problems are getting too much to handle. We were also challenged to consider ways we could initiate positive change in the context of our own school.

Together as a group we worked on developing an action plan which focused on spreading mental health awareness on a regular basis at KCC. We all agreed that to change our school community’s mindset around mental health, we needed to start talking more about mental health. Our next step is to pitch our positive change ideas in a meeting with Mr Whelan.

Overall, the day was extremely effective and the students who attended received valuable information which we are passionate about sharing by following our carefully constructed action plan.

Watch this space for more information from the [email protected] committee (Mental Health at KCC)  coming soon!


Maddie Dean (on behalf of [email protected]) and Catherine Banks | Teachers



Industrial Chemistry

Some action happening in Year 12 Chemistry this week as the class carry out experiments for their option topic on Industrial Chemistry


Ronald Sharrock | Science Teacher

























Flowerdale Lagoon

Field Study

As part of their course Year 11 Senior Science students conduct a field study of Flowerdale Lagoon in Wagga Wagga. To do this, they perform chemical tests to assess the water quality, and conduct a quadrant and


transect to study plant abundance and distribution. Students use available evidence to assess human impacts and discuss the importance of this habitat for biodiversity, society and its significance for the indigenous community. This activity allows students to be involved in real world experiences and reinforces the importance of protecting our precious environment.

Karen Smith | Science Teacher

Year 11 Biology




A beautiful display of winter flowers at the Erin Earth garden, not only attracted some bees and honeyeaters, but also a group of Year 11 Biology students. These students were studying Angiosperms and their reproductive adaptations as part of the "Evolution of Australian Biota" course. They acquired a lot of knowledge and understanding from Gordon Murray, a volunteer worker who happened to be at the garden on the day. Thank you to all involved in this activity.

Mamta Gounder | Teacher


Wagga School Leaders

Last Thursday, June 23, saw the graduation of the inaugural Committee 4 Wagga school leaders program. 

The program commenced earlier this year and Kildare was represented by Year 11 students Zoe Adams, Jocelyn McMullen and Amelia Preuss. The program was designed to nurture aspiring local leaders, and build a network of young Wagga Ambassadors.

The girls were part of 15 students from seven local high schools who completed the course which involved five single-day sessions, each with a different learning outcome. Content was built around leadership development,



presentation skills, and business operations. The Committee 4 Wagga, Charles Sturt University, the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, along with a number of local businesses and business people, provided insights and training aligned to individual, local and global leadership challenges and initiatives. 


As part of the graduation evening, attended by sponsors, families and school representatives, each of the 15 participants displayed their newly developed leadership skills through welcoming guests and presenting speeches and thank you's to those people who supported the program. Congratulations to  Zoe, Jocelyn and Amelia for their successful participation and graduation from this valuable opportunity. Thanks also to Mr Peter Hunt who coordinated and supported the girls throughout their training.


Simon Huntly | Assistant Principal

Shine! Cabaret 2016

Shine! Cabaret 2016 Finishes on a High!

Our cast and crew of 80 students ended their highly entertaining run of eight performances of Shine! last Friday night to a large and appreciative crowd in the Kildare Hall. Over 1500 people came to see the show over the past two weeks and it was great to see so many parents and family returning more than once, along with lots of past students connected to the performing arts in previous years. The cast and crew are to be commended for their superb cooperation and good will throughout the past two weeks. We also bid farewell to a fine troupe of Year 12 students for whom Shine! was their last major performance at Kildare. 


We are very lucky to have some clever people who made the show happen so well. Mrs Hardy and Mrs Lough did an outstanding job with the choreography. Ms Sutton and Mrs Potts collected an array of glamorous costumes that worked so well ... and in such a short time! Mrs Cotterill nurtured beautiful harmonies from so many voices in every show. Mr Thompson had the band running hot and presented some sharp conductor moves of his own! 

A big thanks to Mr Patterson for his work on helping us project the vision onto the big screens. Mr Lough and the sound engineers (Adam and Cheyne Halloran) worked tirelessly to manage the array of sound cues.


Mitchell Marinac in Year 12 delivered an

excellent lighting show along with his spotlight operator Rachael Bowering. Ms Felicity Davis, a graduate of Kildare from 2012 served the show beautifully as stage manager. The whole show was very much a team effort.

Michael Mack | Drama Teacher

Kildare Boys Tennis

Following their successful selection in March, the Kildare Boys Tennis Team represented the Wagga Diocese at the CCC Teams Tennis Event, which was held in Bathurst on Monday 20th June.  

The Teams Event is a knockout where each round includes singles, doubles and reverse doubles with the successful team moving to the next round.

As the highest ranked team, we had a bye in the first round and moved straight to round two. We had a promising start against Armidale’s O’Connor College with each


doubles partnership winning. Tom Gardiner and Trey Murphy won  6-1 while Charles Prest and team newcomer, James Forwood won 6-0 before play was cancelled due to the bitterly cold and wet conditions.

Our top ranking meant Kildare was awarded the winning boys team and will represent the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges against the Combined Independent Schools early in term three.


Elizabeth Woods | English Teacher

 CWHS Basketball



The Girls open CWHS competition has been going on over the past two weeks. Involving Georgia O’Connell, Abbey O’Connell, Brianna O’Connell, Zoe McFarlane, Ella McFarlane, Zoe Douglas, Sarah Lynch, Phoebe Cheshire and Gabby Tschirn. In our first game against WWCC we showed a tremendous amount of teamwork and skill beating them by 38 points. Our second game against TRAC seemed to be very similar to our first winning by more than 30 points. The students then played Kooringal this was a game that I watched off the edge of my seat

as it was neck and neck the entire game, but


thanks to some free throws and an awesome 3 pointer we edged ahead winning by three points. Our final game was against MDCC the scores were tied going into full time. We were given 2 minutes of extra time then we scored, the scores were 20-22 and we still had 1 minute to go, then in the last 30 seconds we scored again, the buzzer rang and we are now the champs of the WCHS competition 2016.


Daniel Robinson | Coach/ Physics teacher

Whats Happening

Important Message

Any student leaving Kildare Catholic College during the year to attend another school, TAFE or commence full time employment needs to collect a “Leavers Form” from the front office and have it signed by the Resource Centre, Canteen, House Coordinator, and the Principal. The student must then have this form signed by their parent/guardian and return to the front office.

Application for Leave

If students need to be absent from school for five or more days they now need to obtain approval from the Principal and complete an Applcation For Leave Form. This has been put in place by the government and we need to commit to this procedure. Forms are available at the front office or downloaded below. If approval is not given or sought from the Principal, students will be marked as an unexplained absence.

Download Part 1 HERE & Part 2 HERE.

National Arts School

Congratulations to Claudia O'Reilly and Zoe Adams on their successful application to the National Arts School in Sydney to complete the  HSC Intensive Studio Practice Course.


Students are selected from hundreds of applications for this course by submitting a portfolio of works to the National Art School.  Zoe will be studying Painting and Claudia will be studying Digital Photography.


The NAS HSC Intensive Studio Practice is endorsed by the NSW Board of Studies and has been offered by NAS to Year 11 visual arts students in all government and non-government high schools since 2000. During the NAS HSC Intensive Studio Practice the student will:

  • work within a specialised discipline using a broad range of media and art making processes
  • refine their ability to interpret and evaluate their own and others’ artworks
  • engage in sustained critical reflection and evaluation
  • gain practical skills in preparing for mounting and curating an exhibition

Zoe and Claudia will attend the National Art School during the school holidays to complete Module 1  for 4 days: Tues 12 – Fri 15 July 2016  and Module 2 & 3  for 5 days: Mon 26 – Fri 30 September 2016.

We wish them well for this extra study and are very proud of their inclusion in this course.

 Winter School Holiday Activity Guide

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This coming Holidays