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08 August 2019
Issue Ten
From the Principal's Desk.....
Head of Junior School Report
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Rev's Review
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From the Principal's Desk.....

Good Afternoon Parents/Guardians and Students,


Welcome back to all members of our School community on the resumption of regular classes after the midyear break. I trust families were able to spend time together, and students were able to make the most of the opportunity to enjoy some time away from studies.

Parents and students will note some improvements have taken place at the School over the holidays, especially in and around the Year Eight rooms.  Thanks to Jane Overeem, supported by our maintenance person Shane Bugge, for their efforts in beautifying this area.

Parents and Guardians, along with students (and staff members), have been contacted recently requesting input into surveys designed to assist the schools strategic planning for the next five years. Your assistance with this request will help to determine the direction of Cobram AGS into the future. Thankyou to those who took the time to comment on their impressions of the school.  Responses will assist the school as it embarks on the next major building program, including the construction of Middle and Senior School classrooms, Foods Centre, Cafeteria, and upgraded Middle and Senior School restrooms. There is much to do in the preparation for this expansion. Watch this space.

Parents/Guardians and students experiencing difficulties should remember that Mr Kevin Quin (Educational Psychologist) and Ms Vanessa Wannis provide student welfare services daily at the school. Mr Quin and Ms Wannis’ assistance can make a significant difference to students facing problems and issues at school or at home. Please don’t hesitate to contact either of them where support is needed.

Last Friday August 2, all students in Years Prep to Four were involved in NAIDOC celebrations. As part of our NAIDOC commemorations, teachers Sharonlee Post and Jacinta Robbins put together an engaging program for the benefit of all these students. It was a great day for the school. Well done Jacinta and Sharonlee!

Families and students received their midyear Academic Reports early in the holidays. I encourage parents and guardians to contact the School at their earliest opportunity and make appointments to speak with individual staff members where any queries exist. Discussions with teaching staff are vital to inform and increase parental connectedness and understanding of the day to day interaction between teachers and students. This is especially important in areas of curriculum content and delivery, differentiated tasks offered within the classroom, homework expectations and current student outcomes.

I look forward to a term full of challenges, growth and shared rewards.

Kind regards,



Steve Gale


Head of Junior School Report

The Junior School has been buzzing recently. We welcomed over 125 preschool children from all around the district into our classrooms. These potential 2020 Cobram AGS Foundation students have experienced a morning at ‘Big School’, and teachers and students from across the school have delighted in the faces and imagination of these little ones.

On Monday the children enjoyed a private music class with Mrs Chmiel, then joined our Year 8 class with Mrs White, as they propagated a variety of seeds in petri dishes. Mrs White also demonstrated how to make a terrarium and the children were able to take it back to their Centre as a gift. The second session  joined Year 9 students and Mrs Bird in the Science Lab where they explored the effect metals have on the flame from a Bunsen Burner and saw the flame change colours just like those in fireworks.  They then went across to the PAC and joined the Year 1/2 class with Mrs Chmiel where they played a variety of instruments and sang some familiar songs.

Our other sessions through the week have included :

  • Sitting in the Human Powered Vehicle (Mr Smith even showed one group how to toot the horn which they were very excited about)
  • Watching the Year 8 students make  pencil boxes in Woodwork
  • Observing the Year 12 students sketching cartoons
  • Completing an obstacle course created by the Junior School students
  • Drawing with oil pastels on the big chairs in the Visual Arts room
  • Playing the Ukuleles in the Music room
  • Creating an initial board out of clay with the Year 7 class
  • Making chocolate crackles and decorating them with the Year 8 class

It has been a fabulous opportunity to showcase all the exciting and wonderful things Cobram AGS has to offer. What I have witnessed and what has certainly been noted by each of the group leaders was the incredible sense of community at Cobram AGS, the little ones instantly felt comfortable and safe in what is an unfamiliar environment . The program has also given many of our Middle and Senior staff and students the opportunity to be a part of this important transition to school for our newest members of our family here at Cobram AGS.


Mrs. Mary Swoffer

Head of Junior School

Recent Events

Lions Public Speaking Competition

Towards the end of Term Two our Year 3/4 and 5/6 students were involved in the Lions Youth Public Speaking Competition. We held our school finals in the PAC and our winners from Year 3/4 were Joseph Whelan- Brain and Casey Chandler, and from Year 5/6 were Connor Tarrant, Lewis Brown and Kiara Stephens.

The club finals were the next stage, held at the Cobram Senior Citizens Centre on Sunday the 28th of July. Our students should be very proud of their speeches, presenting to an audience of around eighty.  The students looked professional in their school uniforms.

In the Year 3/4 category, Cobram AGS scored the quinella, with Joseph Whelan-Brain coming first and Casey Chandler finishing second.

In the Year 5/6 category, Connor Tarrant took out second place. Well done to everyone who participated and congratulations to the place getters. Joesph now goes thru to the next stage, which is to be held in Yarrawonga on Sunday the 11th of August.




For the past few months I’ve been involved in the Lions Club Public Speaking competition. It has been a real honour to represent my school, Cobram AGS, in this superb competition.

We knew that it was going to be hard but we went for it and I ended up coming runner up in the competition on the 28th of July. It was very exciting and I’m super happy that I gave it a go! I must thank my friends for giving me support along the way. Also the Lions Club for organising this thrill of an adventure!

But the most important person who helped me was my teacher, Mrs. Post, she gave me the confidence I needed to do it.

Thank you    

Connor Tarrant

I was very nervous at first and not sure if I wanted to do it, in fact I just did it for the fun of it and experience.  I didn’t think I would even make it past the class stage let alone the Year 5/6 stage. In the end though I was happy I did, because I felt accomplished and a little bit proud.  

Kiara Stephens

Year 10 Community Service

Students in Year 10, last week, commenced a Community Service Placement Program.

As part of RAVE for Term 3, students in Year 10 will be involved in a Community Service Program. Each Wednesday afternoon, students will participate in a range of activities with different service providers within the local community.

Community Service activities will include:

·         Irvin House (Cobram Hospital) and Ottrey Lodge

·         PALS where students will be involved in a range of activities such as Craftwork, Yoga and Meditation and Woodwork.

·         Cobram and District Specialist School where they will read listen to students .

·         PALS Op Shop and St Margaret’s Op Shop where students will work with those who run these shops.

·         St Margaret’s Food Services where students will prepare food hampers for the needy in the Cobram area.


Rev's Review

We thank you for our school, Lord

We thank you that we are back together.

We thank you for our school, Lord

We thank you for the new pupils and staff that have joined us.

Thank you for our school, Lord

We thank you for everyone here.

We thank you for this new start, Lord,

We thank you for our future.


As I write this, the morning frost is glistening on the grass and ice covers my car.  I am warm, sipping that first cup of morning delight, my coffee and sitting quietly.  No radio, TV, or other device.  Lost in a world of peace and comfort.  The feeling is short lived . The mobile phone, even though on silent, vibrated on the table and shattered the silence.  It was the hospital.  Two young men, brothers it turns out, had entered the hospital, suffering from hypothermia, starving and no where to stay. The boys had run out of petrol.  They had travelled from Adelaide after a family breakup.  They were 16 and 19 years old.  After treating the boys, the hospital gave them a hot meal. I was called as it is a weekend and there was no emergency relief available.  The brothers story was sad.  Their lives had been devastated.  Because of the Winter Appeal, both at Cobram AGS and St Margarets, I was able to give them blankets, food, toiletries, a vouchers for petrol and essentials till the next day which was a Monday.  This is one example of how your generosity and the sharing of our resources can help others.


On the 21st July, 6 candidates were Confirmed by Bishop John Parkes at St Margarets Church.  The Bishop also Baptised a beautiful baby girl.   The church held 170 people in relative comfort. 

During the previous 4 Sundays, we had another 4 Baptisms.  As they were not infants or young children ,they took their own Baptismal vows.  After being Baptised, they were admitted to Holy Communion.  The 6 candidates also participated in the Sacrament of Reconciliation on the Saturday.

After the Confirmation Service, the traditional cake was cut and a feast was laid out.  Many families left after for their own celebrations.

All the candidates attend Cobram AGS.  The partnership between the school and the church is continuously growing and building our Anglican identity by sharing the Christian faith and values, while being inclusive to other faiths, is our point of difference. 

Congratulations to all who were Baptised and or Confirmed.  Your walk in faith is just beginning.  

Rahni Duhring, Molly Rice, Ryder Duhring, Aaliyah Fitzpatrick, Alex Hawke, Joseph Whelan- Brain & Mattias Burns. 




Our next Messy Church will be 18th August


           St Maraget’s

           2 Course Meal @ NO COST

           All are welcome!


Anglicare & Bishop’s Appeal

Thank you for the donations of food and toiletries.  The first batch of donations have been sorted and bagged. Thank you to students in Year 10, who are participating in the RAVE Community Service Program.  Each Wednesday donations will be sorted and delivered to those in need.  This appeal goes to the end of August.

A list of items that we have been asked for will be sent home next week. 

Suggested items include baby food, meals in a can, 2 min noodles, pasta, pasta sauce, rice, canned veg, long life or powered milk, breakfast cereals, snack bars, small jars coffee, teabags, water, hand wipes, tinned goods with ring pulls, Dried mash potato, feminine hygiene products, bandaids, tooth brushes, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, tissues.  Thank you all again for your support.

Sports Report 

On Thursday, 25th July, Cobram AGS's Senior Boys (Year 11/12) and Intermediate Girls (Year 9/10) Badminton teams travelled to Wangaratta to contest for the 2019 Hume Region title in their respective divisions. 

What a terrific performance from the boys!!! In convincing fashion, they played brilliantly to win all 3 matches comfortably and book their spot in their 5th CONSECUTIVE STATE FINAL!!! The team, consisting of: Miles Curtin, Carlo Ditchon, Shem Swoffer, Bailey White and Martin Kong, only dropped two sets in their 3 games. In the first match against Tallangatta, they did not drop a set in the 4 single/2 double rubbers, earning maximum points - 6/126. They then played Kilmore International, who had a very good player in their side, which saw our team drop 2 sets but still winning with ease. In the 3rd and final match, the boys again played exceptionally against Victory, winning all the matches. This sees them now head to Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) on Thursday, 15th August, to compete at the State final. Well done on your fabulous achievement.

The girls' team, consisting of: Meghan Gossayn, Emma Nolan, Grace Stillard, Ally Trives and Lauren White, also did a fantastic job to come runners-up for the 3rd consecutive year, playing bridesmaid to a strong combination from our ASC sister school, Cathedral College. They definitely had to work hard to earn this achievement. Their first game against Rutherglen went right down to the wire, where it was only points separating the two teams. The end result saw the girls come out victors 3/112 to 3/98 by 14 points!!! They then came up against the might of Cathedral, where they battled hard and made a real contest of it but were not able to grab a set off the opposition. Their final game against Kilmore International saw the girls regroup and do superbly to win every set and finish off on a strong note. This sees their campaign come to an end so well done to the girls on their terrific outcome.

We still have our Junior Girls (Year 7/8) team (Hannah Logie, Emily Orsida, Cadence Pang, Natasha Smith and Caitlin Welch) in calculations and they will attempt to regain their Hume title on the 20th August in Wangaratta and, hopefully, make another assault on the State title, where they finished runner-up in 2018! All the best to our Senior Boys and Junior Girls teams in the quest for glory!!! Go Team CAGS!!!



Huge congratulations to Zahlia Kautai (Year 5), who was notified at the end of Term 2 that she had made the 2019 SSV 12 AND UNDER VICTORIAN TOUCH FOOTBALL TEAM!!! After an agonising wait, the great news finally filtered through on the last day of term. This will now see her training in Melbourne most weekends until the Australian Schools Championships, which will be held in Canberra from 27th October - 1st November. This is the second consecutive year that Zahlia has made this team and our second Victorian representative this year!!! We congratulate her on her wonderful achievement and wish her all the best in her preparation! Go Team CAGS!!!

Cobram AGS Noticeboard 

Book Week


To coincide with Australian Children’s Book Council (ACBC) Awards 2019 our students will once again be celebrating Book Week from 19th to 25th August.  The theme this year is “Reading is my Secret Power”


Through the week, we will be having special activities associated with the shortlisted books.  A ‘New Books’ display will be set up in the Library for students to borrow from all week and on Thursday 22nd August at 9am will be the Book Parade, all students dress as a character from any storybook.  Each student should be able to state the name of their character and perhaps a comment about their character.  The school staff will also be part of the parade and we no doubt see some creative and amusing outfits.


Come and join us at 9am on Thursday 22nd August for the Book Parade. This is a fun and much anticipated event.  New books on display in the Library all week



Skillzone After School Program


Moira Arts & Culture Inc.


Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton Writing Competition 2019!

Dymocks and Pan Macmillan are inviting Australian kids to get creative and enter a story writing competition that’s judged by the one and only Andy Griffiths! To celebrate the release of The 117-Storey Treehouse, we’re calling all Andy fans to share with us their imaginative short stories. The theme is "If you could add one level to Andy & Terry’s treehouse, what would it be?".

To register your entry and for the full terms and conditions please visit

Competition is open to primary school-aged children who are Australian residents. The word limit is 400 words. Competition closes 30 September 2019

Upcoming Dates

8th August

  • Year 3-12 Athletics’ Carnival- Cancelled due to inclement weather
  • Transition Maths- Year 5/6

9th August

  • HPV training

12th August

  • Science Week
  • MS/SS Assembly
  • GROK

13th August

  • Year 3- 12 Athletics’ Carnival

14th August

  • Science Olympiad
  • State Badminton final
  • Class Mass- Year 8

15th August

  • Winter Appeal Sleep Out
  • Careers in Science Roadshow
  • Transition Maths- Year 5/6

16th August

  • 100 days of Prep
  • Casual clothes day

Year 5/6 Book Boxes

When you are next in the Library be sure to check out our colourful display of Year 5/6 Book Boxes. The students found this to be a creative way of doing their book reports about a recently read book of their choice.

Lions 'Need for Feed'

The Lions Club are conducting a 'Hay Run' on August 30th. Donations can be made to the school office by 24th August. 

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