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17 August 2019
Issue Three
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Jesus reminds us that if we take on his message of compassion, hospitality and table fellowship then it can set us apart from those who have not accepted the message – even family members.  It’s a challenging message that even love and loyalty within a family can be disrupted by seeking to authentically live the model of Jesus.  If we authentically place the needs of the lowly and the outcast ahead of our own and ahead of our family, then this can be very confronting and very disrupting.


                                                                                                                                                                                           Greg Sunter

From the Principal


Dear Parents and families,

What a busy second half of term three we have coming up.  We look forward with great anticipation to the Trivia Night, Book Week, Oval Opening, Art Show, Working Bee and the appointment of our new Principal .




Thank you to Jane Fraser, Mia Jones and the whole Parent's Association for their planning of and preparation for what promises to be another fantastic community event.  Special thanks goes to the Trivia Night Sub Committee led by Kate Harford and Ben Mc Donald.  This group has done an extraordinary amount of work seeking corporate sponsorship, arranging the Trivia Hosts Funky Bunch, setting up and decorating the hall, gathering donations, etc.  The sub committee have been meeting fortnightly (perhaps weekly by the end) to ensure everything comes together.  A number of them were onsite into the night last night and were back there again this morning completing final preparations. Please take a moment to show your gratitude to these people when you see them throughout the night.  

Oh well, looks like we might have got a little bit ahead of ourselves.  The oval is very, very close to completion.  Pretty much all that's left is for the line markings to be cut in and the sand and rubber to be brushed in.  Unfortunately the rain has meant that it has not been possible for these works to be finalised so we must continue our patient wait.

We are really looking forward to the Oval Opening on Thursday 5 September.  We have invited a number of guests including Vicki Ward, the State MP for Eltham as well as Kate Thwaites, the Federal Member for Jagajaga. We have also invited past principals, members of our parish and local community.  But most of all we would like to invite you and your children to be there.  During the opening, the children will have an opportunity to participate in some sporting activities and run through a banner as part of the Official Opening.  This will lead into the SFX Art Show Gala Night including the Class Art Auction.

SFX Art Show 

The SFX Art Show runs over two days, Wednesday 4 September (3:45 - 5:00) and Thursday 5 September (5:30 - 7:30).  The Art Show Gala Night will follow directly after the Oval Opening and will include a live auction of class pieces.  The auction will begin at 6:15pm.

Please note that the Art Show will not be open during the Oval Opening but will open at 5:30pm.



The Term Three Working Bee will be held on Saturday 7 September.  This will run between 9:00am and 12:00noon.  Recently you were emailed/FlexiBuzz a Google Form to indicate whether you would be attending.  Thanks to those of you who have already replied.  If you have not had a chance to do so, please click here to fill in the form. It would be great if you could be there to help out.

Child Safety at Out of Hours School Events

Parents are reminded that they are responsible for the supervision of their children at Out of Hours School Events such as the Oval Opening, Art Shows and the like.  Staff are busy carrying out their duties at these events and cannot always be monitoring the behaviour and safety of children on these occasions.  We ask parents to be mindful of where their children are at all times during such events.


As there will be both adults and children requiring access to the toilets at the Art Show and Oval Opening, the following arrangements will be in place:


Students - use the toilets under the Prep Building and in the 1/2 Area (no adult access to these toilets)

Adults and toddlers requiring assistance - use the toilets in the hall (no student access)

The staff toilets, Senior Building toilets and toilets under the church will not be available at this time.

New Principal Appointment

Following the Principal Interviews, held on Friday 9 August, the name of the successful applicant was submitted to Archbishop Peter A. Comonsoli for ratification.  It is anticipated that this process should be complete later this coming week. Fr Michael Sierakowski will then be able to announce the name of the person who will be Principal of St Francis Xavier for the next eight years.  Thank you for your patience waiting for this announcement

Classroom Requests 2020

While we know the school is best placed to make arrangements for children's classes for next year, on some occasions parents have some insights that are helpful for the school to take into account when making these decisions.  If you have any information that you would like the school to take into account, please ensure it is sent through by the end of Term Three.  By then class formation will be well under way.  No further requests will be taken after this time.


I hope to see you at the Trivia Night tonight.


Kind regards,


Nicholas Boyhan

Acting Deputy Principal

Education in Faith

Religious Education News





Sunday 18 August, 2019


Gospel of Luke 12: 49 - 53


‘I have come not to give peace, but discord.’



We are very excited  that our Sacrament of Confirmation celebrations will take place next week on August 22, 23 and 24. Our candidates have taken part in their practice in the church and are well prepared. We wish them all well and please keep them in your prayers.


Some hints for Confirmation families:

  • Only one pew will be reserved seating per family, if you have a large number of family and friends coming to support then they need to arrive early to get one of the limited remaining seats

  • No photography –either still shots or film, is allowed during the ceremony. This is a sacred time to be experienced not captured. Bishop Terry will be available for photos after each ceremony.

  • Candidates and sponsors need to be seated 15 minutes before the beginning of Mass.

  • Candidates – don’t forget to wear your stole.

If you are unsure about anything please give me a ring at school!



On Monday August 19, Bishop Terry Curtin will be visiting our Year Six students. He will be discussing their Sacrament of Confirmation and asking the students about the definitions the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Bishop Curtin will be visiting our school at 10.15am and spend roughly an hour with our students.



An important and much loved part of our RE Program at St Francis Xavier has always been the Class Masses. The children enjoy being able to share this special celebration with their friends and family. Class Masses will be at 9.10am and will take place either in the classroom or the church.


Congratulations to our Prep students and staff for their Class Liturgy this week. Their theme of The Family highlighted how our families and friends are a gift to us from God and how we celebrate being a part of God’s family. Congratulations to our beautiful Preps for making it special and a huge thank you to all the families, staff and students  for being flexible with the many changes made to the time and venue for this Liturgy. 


Our next Class Mass will be our Year Three Children on Thursday August 29


Dates and times are as follows: 



Mass Dates and Times

Year 3

9.10am August 29

Year 6

9.10am October 31


Important Dates




Thursday 22 and Friday 23 August - Confirmation Celebrations in the Church @ 7.00pm


Saturday 24 August - Confirmation Celebrations in the Church @ 11am and 2.00pm.


Thursday 29 August - Year Three TH and LB Class Mass 9.10am in the Church


Adriana Bownds

Religious Education Leader (REL)

Student Wellbeing

Accept Your Invitations (It is not about the golf!)


Following on from my last newsletter piece, I encouraged our SFX Dads to explore what it looks like to be a male in 2019. Do you think it has changed since our dads were the same age? How can we best communicate this to our boys as they slowly change and develop into young men?


Back in 2012 I was invited to a camp, run by Williamstown Rotary for men (like me) involved with an organisation called ‘Challenge’. This camp took place in Mathoura and when our group arrived the ‘leader’ said, “There are two ‘rules’ this weekend. The first is we are going to go around the table and you will share with the group what has led you to being here? The second is that everyone plays golf in the morning.” 


The next day after breakfast the ‘leader’ approached me and I told him that I didn’t play golf. Well, he didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and reluctantly I found myself in the last group to tee off on a round of nine holes. For the first time in two years I found myself having fun; mixing with other men, many who were going through a similar experience to me. The golf was a great way for all of us to laugh, chat and connect. 


What did I learn from this gentleman and his two rules? He knew the importance of men needing to socially connect with other men. I guess some men shrug off their social invitations more readily than others. Perhaps with an ‘I couldn’t be bothered’ or ‘I am tired’ approach.


So my next encouragement to you gentlemen is to accept your social invitations. Better still as you grow in confidence, put out social invitations to other men. It might be a bite to eat, or a hit of golf or tennis. It could even be the Parish Men’s Night!


There you go! You are invited! Friday November 22nd, 7 pm in the Parish Hall, cost $40 and our guest speaker is Greg Champion. My invitation to you and yours to accept.


Thanks for listening and hope to see you there,


Guy Toomey

SFX Awards



Child Name

Award & Reason

Prep AS

Camden Ross

Resilient; for being a good sport when playing card games. Well done Camden.

Prep JS

Matilda Meakin

Responsible - for working her best on all activities given, including ‘having-a-go’ when tasks are more difficult. Well Done Matilda.


Nesta Intrapirom

Responsible- working hard to complete his tasks and not being distracted by those around him. Great Work Nesta


Isabel Rizzi

Resilient - for playing fairly with her classmates during Maths games and having a positive attitude regardless of the outcome. Fantastic Isabel!


Ethan Giles

Safe: For setting a great example for his peers by being safe inside the classroom and on the playground. Well done Ethan.


Lucas Pysk

Respectful: For treating our room with respect by doing his best to clean up at the end of each day. Keep up the amazing work Lucas!


Jayda Hawkins

Resilient: for being persistent and determined in her efforts in Multiication by not giving up when the questions seem challenging and difficult. 


Matthew Hocking

Responsible - For organising his ideas prior to and writing an information reports. Keep up the  great work Matthew!


Ava Logan

Resilience-For taking on positive feedback and applying it to her work, especially with her handwriting. Keep up the great work Ava!


Ruby Wright

Responsible - For demonstrating a growth mindset towards her learning and taking on extra tasks. Outstanding work, Ruby. 


Adityaa Ashok

Resilience- For having confidence in his own abilities and working diligently to make improvements in his work. Keep it up Adityaa!


Mitchell Haase

Resilience: For having confidence in his own abilities and working hard to complete his Inquiry work. Well done Mitchell!


Emily Natoli

Responsibility - for always using class time responsibly to complete tasks to the best of her ability. Great work Emily!


Christian Troise

Responsible - for the effort he makes to develop his leadership skills as a Sports Captain, great job Christian, keep it up! 



Child Name

Award & Reason

Prep AS

Poppy Keane

Responsible; for listening to and following teacher instructions. Well done Poppy!

Prep JS

Owen Bryce

Respectful: for listening respectfully to the teacher and others, and for completing set tasks, as expected.  Well Done Owen!


Zara Ridley

Responsible- for doing her best with every activity she undertakes, listening to others and the teacher. Super work Zara


Mia Logan

Respectful: for showing great enthusiasm for her learning and always trying to be kind and helpful when working with her classmates. A terrific effort Mia!


Kara Torcasio

Responsible:  For being a focussed learner and trying her best when completing all learning activities. Well done Kara.


Isla Gunn

Responsible: For always being helpful to her peers within the classroom and being wonderful teacher’s assistant. Well done Isla!


Marlowe Cianci

Responsible: For terrific organisational skills and diligence in his school work and taking the initiative to maintain and tidy the class chromebooks. You are much appreciated Marlowe!


Niamh Henderson

Respectful: for always showing respect to her classmates and being a kind and caring when working collaboratively on activities. Congratulations Niamh.


Kristian Guastella

Resilience - for always having a positive attitude towards his learning and never giving up on tasks. Congratulations on the commitment you have towards completing any extra work! Well done!


Kai Williams 

Responsible - For giving everything a go with a positive attitude and beginning tasks independently. Well done, Kai! 


Marques Infelice

Respectful- For demonstrating a respectful attitude towards his teachers and classmates. Keep it up Marques!


Glen Imbriano

Responsible: For displaying great creativity and skill in all visual arts lessons and taking pride in art pieces he is creating for the school art show. Well done Glen!


Ben Raynes

Responsible - for helping out the 3/4 level by working with Mr Egan to begin 3D printing his own design. His modelling inspired the 3/4 level to try their best at designing a 3D printable object. Thanks Ben!


Molly Saunders

Respectful - for the kindness, consideration and great manners she shows to all her peers and teachers. Thank you Molly, we really appreciate it! 

Classroom Clippings

100 Days of Prep

On Tuesday 6th August a group of excited Year Prep 2019 students celebrated 100 Days of School at St Francis Xavier. Since day one of Prep we have been counting down to this event and on the big day there were so many happy and excited students arriving at school wearing their specially designed and created Tshirt. A big thankyou to the Prep parents for working and supporting their child with this task in the last few weeks. 


The students started the day by sharing morning prayer together then participated in a variety of activities with their friends


  • making a 100 Days of School crown

  • creating a piece of artwork using the digits 1, 0 and 0

  • completing a counting to 100 by 10 activity

  • reflecting on their personal and learning achievements so far

  • participating in a disco

  • modelling their 100 Days of School Tshirt during a special assembly


We thank the 2019 Prep parents for supporting their child’s emotional, social and academic growth so far. We are very proud of how our 2019 Prep students have settled into school life at St Francis Xavier and look forward to sharing more experiences with them. 


Well done to our Prep students and their families on this great achievement,


Jeanine Sutherland and Angela Scarcella (Prep teachers)

Lisa Nassios and Rachael Jukubic (Learning Support Officers)


Specialist Showcase

Discovery Centre

The Book Fair has arrived in the Discovery Centre.

Many excited children welcomed the Scholastic truck on Wednesday morning when it delivered our Book Fair.  All classes have now come in for a preview and this years collection is particularly good, from the latest Dog man and Treehouse books to quality literature, activity packs and of course the popular posters and stationery.  The Book Fair will continue until Tuesday 20th August, and is open before school and after school, so please come in and have a look.

We have been reading the Children’s Book Council Shortlisted books for this year and doing some follow up activities. The Year 5 and 6 students recently made a feather mobile, from the book “Feather”/ by Margaret Wild. The younger students made some very cute rainbow bears to accompany the story “Rainbow bear” by Stephen Michael King.



Please see flyer and information packs for the full details.


Some highlights:


Book parade - Thursday 22nd August 9-10am on the basketball courts or in the Hall if the weather is inclement (which at this stage is looking the case).


Sausage sizzle - Thursday 22nd August


Whole School Reading - Friday 23rd August 2.30-3.10pm. Various venues around the school, as it looks like the oval sadly will not be ready for us to use. 

Prep, Year 5, Year 6 - Hall

Year 1, Year 3 - Discovery Centre

Year 2, Year 4 - Year 1/2 Centre Area


We are looking forward to an exciting week next week - when we get the chance to celebrate books and reading.



Dog man would have to be one of the most popular series in the DC.  The latest title by Dav Pilkey (who is also the creator of Captain Underpants) is “Dog man - for whom the ball rolls”.  This series appeals to readers of all ages and explores positive themes including empathy, kindness and persistence.

“Ninja Kid 4” by Anh Doh was our book of the week last week. In this latest book the circus is coming to town, and Nelson and his friends have a chance to be part of the show.  But then trouble arrives… You will have to read it yourself to find out what happens.


STEM News - 3D Printing

3D Printing Technology has come to St Francis. We were very fortunate that the Raynes families (x2) very generously donated a 3D printer to us. A 3D printer is a machine allowing the creation of a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material in succession. In STEM, over the last few weeks, we have been using Tinkercad to explore ways to engineer various 3D objects and have begun the process of printing the students designs, starting with the Raynes children.

I’ve made three videos showcasing some of the wonderful work done by the students at St Francis Xavier. STEM is a specialist subject that I am passionate about and it’s great to see the students learning so much and journeying with STEM.


Year 1/2 STEM/Digital Literacy Activity – Space Rover

During our Reading session and following on from our excursion to Science Works, the students completed a STEM activity using the Lego WeDo 2.0 kits.


Prep STEM Activity – Spiderwebs

During STEM, the students used their mathematics and engineering skills to create spiderwebs, their scientific skills to draw anatomically correct spiders and their coding skills to plan a path for a Bee-Bot to avoid the spiderweb.


Year 5/6 STEM Activity – Makey Makeys

During STEM, the students used a Makey Makey Kit. Makey Makey is an electronic invention, tool and toy that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs. Using a circuit board, alligator clips and a USB cable, the students used closed loop electrical signals through the Makey Makey to send the computer a keyboard stroke when touched. After creating their closed loop and attaching various buttons to the Makey Makey, the student saw if they could play a game using the Makey Makey.



Daniel Egan.


Sport News

Up-Coming Sporting Events

19 July - 13 September, Interschool Sport every Friday, 9:00-11:00am

20 August - SSV REGIONAL Final, Teeball (Mixed)

3 September - DISTRICT Athletics Competition @ Meadowglen Athletics Track

12 September - DIVISION Athletics Competition @ Meadowglen Athletics Track

9-20 September - Intensive Swimming Program (Years Prep-4)





Dear Parents of Prep – Four Children 


In weeks Nine and Ten of Term Three, the Prep to Year Four children will be participating in a Water Safety & Intensive Swimming program as a part of the Victorian Physical Education Curriculum.   This program will take place at WaterMarc, in Greensborough. The lessons will commence on Monday 9th September and conclude on Friday 20nd  September 2019.   


The cost of this program has already been included in the Student Levy paid by each family at the commencement of the school year.   Each child will participate in eight forty-five minute practical lessons, one theory (dry land session) and one fun session (to conclude the program), over the two week period.   



Where:  WaterMarc, 1 Flintoff Street, Greensborough 

When:  Week Nine (Monday 9th September to Friday 13th September) EVERY DAY

Week Ten (Monday 16th , Tuesday 17th, Thursday 19st, Friday 20th September) 

WEDNESDAY 18th SEPTEMBER @ SFX (theory day)

Transport: Classes will be transported to and from WaterMarc Centre by bus under appropriate staff supervision.


WaterMarc runs the Swim and Survive Water Safety School Program. It is a comprehensive swimming and water safety program in alignment with the aquatic requirements within the Victorian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. In working towards the achievement of the Victorian Water Safety Certificate, this certificate reflects the minimum level of skill recommended by the swimming and water safety industry for students exiting primary school.


The skills and knowledge learnt in the Aquatic Program provides children with a solid foundation in swimming and water safety.  The program will focus on the following:


  • understanding of water environments

  • water safety strategies 

  • swimming techniques

  • personal survival

  • understanding of how and why we swim  

  • development of skills, strength, endurance and fitness


During the Swimming Program, the children in Years Prep to Four will be required to wear their Sports Uniform on every swimming day. Each child will need to bring all their swimming requirements in a clearly labelled bag.  Please also ensure that each article of clothing is clearly labelled with their name.   If your child has shoulder length hair, please ensure that it is tied back. We highly recommend that children with long hair wear a swim cap if they have one for health reasons and to save on the number of children returning to school with very wet hair. Please note, there is not the time or facility for children to blow dry their hair. Parents may wish to provide their child with a beanie to wear after swimming.   


Where it is comfortable and practical, children may wear their bathers to school underneath their Sports Uniform however please keep in mind that children may experience some difficulty if they need to go to the toilet at school before the lesson.


  • bathers  

  • goggles

  • earplugs/headband if required

  • towel  

  • thongs  

  • brush or comb, spare hair elastic  

  • change of underwear   

  • plastic bag for wet clothes

  • a water bottle 

  • extra food in their lunchbox (they get hungry afterwards!)

  • We do expect all children to participate enthusiastically in this program, as we are all aware of the importance of water safety and becoming a confident swimmer. 


    Shortly, you will receive a Care Monkey Permission notification and/or a Flexibuzz message with a link to WaterMarc's new online system. This will enable parents to provide instant and accurate feedback regarding their children's water safely and swimming ability directly to WaterMarc.


    Thank you for your co-operation and continued support of our dynamic swimming program.


    Charlotte Hunter                         Nicholas Boyhan

    PE/Sports Co-ordinator           Acting Principal

Parent's Association

Pie Drive

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Community Notices

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