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26 August 2019
Issue Eleven
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From the Principal's Desk.....

Good afternoon students, parents and teachers,


With Term Three well underway, I am greatly impressed at the academic industry and purposeful busy-ness I witness each day; teachers and other staff members working with students and families in an effort to achieve best academic and social outcomes for individual students, and in many cases groups of students. It is a comfort to speak with staff members, students and parents, and come away certain in the knowledge that the school continues to flourish as a result of the strengthening ties between these individuals connected to Cobram AGS.


Many will be aware that our school is part of the Anglican Schools Commission system, a group of 14 Anglican Schools located across West Australia, NSW and Victoria. It is a pleasure to report that our school hosted the regular Semester meetings with sister Eastern States schools over the past fortnight, planning curriculum and pastoral initiatives and aspirations for the balance of 2019 and beyond. The ideas that are discussed at these meetings are integral to setting the direction of the school, as undertaken by the Senior Executive Staff at the School. This team includes the Heads of School, The Director of Studies, the Head of Anglican Identity and the Chaplain. I am extremely grateful for the efforts and input of our senior staff during these sessions, and am acutely aware that the School asks them to fit more and more into their already extremely busy professional lives. I am also extremely proud of the resultant ‘calls to action’, and the ongoing improvements to our fabulous school community that stem from these meetings. Thank you senior staff, and all who work beside you.

It was my privilege to represent our school, along with Head of Anglican Identity, Ms Shea Doyle, at the recent Anglican Schools of Australia Conference ‘Awe and Wonder’, held in Hobart recently. The conference featured some exceptional speakers and, in part, focused on developing successful interpersonal relationships – and hurdles and enablers of same. The speakers also noted the importance of Faith and Spiritual awareness as enablers of personal wellbeing. There was much to reflect on, in context of the ongoing pastoral care of our school community. I look forward to developing the School’s Pastoral program and connecting with all members of our community irrespective of Faith choices.


The Winter Appeal Sleepover was held last Thursday night (August 15). Around 15 students took part and I would like to thank Ms. Doyle, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Bird, Ms. Wannis, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. White, Mrs. Hargreaves and Ms. Hills and all students who attended for highlighting, even just for one evening, the difficulties faced by those in our communities who find themselves homeless. A frugal night was enjoyed by all, with donations received from many students as part of the Casual Clothes Day that followed, in the name of this worthwhile cause.


Science week came to a close Friday August 16, and I would like to thanks all maths/science staff for their fabulous efforts to bring the importance of the study of Science to the attention of all students, and the broader community. Events were many and varied but included our own 3D printed cars launched and raced along the purpose built race track in our PAC – very exciting.

Last week, on Thursday August 22 was our annual Book Parade. What a sight! Novels, stories, and Tales tall and true were colourfully set to costume, and our community again set the bar high. Thanks to all who participated, and to Mrs Pam Trewin for her organisation of this event, not forgetting Mr. Jon O’Dwyer for taking on the Master of Ceremonies duties yet again. Well done all!


Speaking of colourful sights, what about the 100 days of Prep celebrations last Friday August 16! Staff and students donned appropriate 100 year dress ups to join in the fun.


Last Thursday, August 22 our Senior School students kicked up their heels at the annual Senior School Formal. The event was full of fun and energy, and colour and movement. It was a fabulous opportunity for senior school students to ‘let their hair down’ for a brief moment, on the eve on the pupil free day today. Well done School Captains Mohammed Al Mousawy and Chloe Turra. Thanks also to all staff who assisted on the night, and especially to Mr Ash Kennedy for his work with the students in the lead up to this wonderful event.


Please remember that my door is always open. Whether it be to discuss your child’s progress or float an idea for the improvement of the school, I have time to talk, and to listen.


Kind regards,


Steve Gale



Head of Middle School Report

Head of Middle School 

Greetings everybody,


We have now passed the halfway mark of Term Three and as I reflect on the year so far, it brings a smile to my face thinking about the growth of our students. Middle School is an important time in a young person’s life, as they start to develop their personal identity, therefore, students and staff in the Middle School try and encourage every individual to be themselves and treat others how they would wish to be treated.


Everyday there are examples of students showing empathy to others and working thru problems, socially, emotionally and academically; both in and out of the classroom.  It is extremely pleasing to see, and we look forward to this continual growth.


Once again there have been plenty of activities happening this term, with the book week parade in the PAC a standout. It was fantastic to see so many students dressed up for the theme ‘reading is my superpower’. Our staff in Middle School always go above and beyond to help with extra curricula activities, but in this instance special mention must go to Mr. O’Dwyer, or should I say Mr. Optimus Prime, for presenting such a fun and engaging parade.


The Year Eight leaders and myself have been investigating the idea of a Middle School social. We are very close to setting a date, which will most likely be in the last week of this term. It has been great to see the Year Eight leaders taking an active role in organising this event and we can look forward to them organising some more activities throughout the rest of the semester.


A focus of the Middle School of recent weeks has been to try your best. As the great inventor Thomas Edison said


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”


Mr. Kale Watkins

Head of Middle School

Recent Events

Science Week

Science week started with a bang as the Year 7A joined with Miss. Thomas' and Mr. Willet's Year 3/4 classes. In groups of three, with a year 7 leader, students were given two pieces of newspaper, a meter of string and sticky tape, a chux wipe and an egg. They had to design a package that would protect their egg when dropped from a height, landing on cement. We had a variety of design, including parachutes, packages tied up with string, baskets, some of which were very creative. Shane then threw the packages off the Art Room roof, landing often with a splat! We did have a couple of eggs that survived the experience. Thanks to the 7A class for leading the evening and looking after the smaller students. We all had an egg-celent time!


Congratulations Stem and Language Lit TOM teams

Tournament of Minds STEM and Language Literature teams travelled to Latrobe University campus in Shepparton last Saturday to compete in the TOM Challenges for our region.


Over four weeks, students involved in both teams put in many hours of lunchtime and final day practices to ensure they were ready for the competition. The two teams put in excellent performances and the judges agreed, awarding both teams first place which sends them to the state final at Latrobe Uni Bundoora campus on the 8th September.


Thanks to Melonie Smith for all her work with the STEM team and Sharonlee Post and Chris Hargreaves for their work with the Language Literature team. Thanks to the many parents and family members who came to Shepparton to cheer our teams on.


Hope to see lots of support for our fantastic students in Melbourne on the 8th.

"Challenging the World to develop problem solving skills in Primary and Secondary students."

Winter Sleepout

Winter can be a time of exacerbated hardship for many. The CAGS Winter Appeal, in conjunction with Anglicare and The Bishop’s Winter Appeal, has endeavoured to provide some relief for those in our local community who face difficulties during the colder months.


On Thursday 15th August 17 students from year 9 – 12 participated in the Senior School Winter Sleepout. The goal of the event was to raise awareness of difficulties of homelessness and in the process to raise money to help out those in need locally. The students experienced a soup kitchen style evening meal and, after some heated games of UNO, viewed a documentary about homelessness which prompted some great reflection and discussion. They then spent the night sleeping rough in and around the VCE centre. On Friday morning they were stationed in various locations near the administration, middle and senior school buildings and attempted to collect money from passers-by as they arrived at school. These donations together with the money collected from their families and friends in the wider CAGs community saw the students raise approximately $1500.00.


A big thankyou to all who gave generously to the sleep out.


A reminder that our other Winter Appeal endeavours will continue through term 3. We welcome donations of non-perishable food items from our junior school families and toiletries from our middle school families.


Junior School NAIDOC Day

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920′s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.


Celebrations are held around the country each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Our junior school along with the exceptional assistance from the 5/6 students celebrated our annual NAIDOC day on Friday the 2nd of August. Teachers implemented a variety of cultural activities for students to engage in and explore.

Students played traditional Indigenous games; explored languages in both Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta through song and dance; used the art of dot painting to design and decorate eucalyptus leaves using both modern and traditional earth colours and students and staff worked collaboratively to decorate a hand template which then went on to form the very impressive ‘Rainbow Serpent’ based on the Dreamtime story ‘Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake’.


The atmosphere around the junior school throughout the afternoon was buzzing with positivity and happiness which made for a great day for all.

A big thank you goes out to all the teachers, staff and students involved.

Jacinta Robbins


2019 Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge Results

As the 2019 Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge is coming to a close I would like to keep you updated with the results. The whole class to meet the challenge first were Prep L.


Students to first meet the challenge individually were:

Year 3 - Coralie Guthrie

Year 4 - Emelia Cole, Jaidyn White

Year 5 - Julian Guthrie,  Alexandra Stillard, Tom Curnick

Year 6 - Abigail Brooker, Christian Demaio, Teagan Wilkin-Thom  

Year 8- Ainsley Guthrie

Year 9- Rory Brooker, William Large


The following student went over and beyond as they logged 100 books:  


Year 3 - Coralie Guthrie


Also a special mention to:


Year Prep W - Heidi Guthrie who independently logged 89 books.


What a fantastic achievement by not only these students but all those involved. The Challenge continues until the 6th September.


Elmore Interschools: Equastraian 

During the July School Holidays, three CAGS students competed in the Elmore Equestrian Club interschool competition, Lyra Mete, Sarah Stone and Ava Morgan-Trease.


Results for the weekend included: 

Dressage, Lyra 5th, Ava 2nd

Showing, Lyra 6th, Ava 8th

Handy mount, Sarah 3rd, Ava 13th


Sarah picked up:

Reserve Champion show jumping

Reserve Champion Combined Training

Reserve Champion Working Hunter


The CAGS team finished 4th overall. The girls all had a great time and although the weather was pretty chilly enjoyed a weekend away with their horses. A big thank you to Virginia Stone who has acted as team manager for the last two competitions and well done to Lyra who attended her first. The girls have done so well this year and have qualified for the state championships next year at the National Equestrian Centre in Werribee.


VCE Agriculture Trip 

Yesterday the VCE Agriculture and Horticulture class joined with the Kyabram P-12 College Ag class for an indepth study of Unit 4 Outcomes.


We walked around a farm looking at environmental degradation, sustainability issues and considered how to construct a whole farm plan. They applied their knowledge of crops and animals to what was happening on the farm, and also looked at the effect of fertilizer, pesticides and weeds and how they were controlled. Trees featured heavily as a solution to many of the environmental issues facing farmers today. We enjoyed lunch together, and also talked about government policies and legislature that farmers are affected by.


Many thanks to Matt McCready for his generosity in hosting the day. There was great discussion on the way back to school about what had been learnt.


100 Days of Prep

After keeping track of how many days Prep have attended school since the beginning of the year, it was with great excitement that we finally circled the 100th day. The children went to a lot of effort to dress up as 100-year-olds.


At an assembly each Prep student was presented with a certificate to congratulate them on this great milestone and we watched a video on the students being interviewed about their favourite part of Prep so far. The day proceeded with many fun activities involving 100 and a party to end our celebration.


Donna Williams &  Kate Lee



Rev's Review

Spring has nearly sprung!  It will be a time of renewal and fresh beginnings, new life awakening.  This is how we think as Christians.  It doesn’t need to be spring for us to have a new beginning each day.  Spring also heralds in hay fever at least for me.  As most of you know my favourite season is Autumn.  But onward we travel for new adventures. So much happens at Cobram AGS.  Being in the classroom and yard is where I witness staff and students communicating, laughing and getting to know one another better.

The Bishop's Winter Appeal 

The Bishop’s Winter Appeal, has once again seen the students rally to this great cause.  We have a stage full of food, toiletries, blankets, hats, socks and items all destined for helping people in own community. This will be dispatched ASAP. Thank you to all who contributed in any way.  The ‘Sleep Out’ was successful on many levels. Uncomfortable for one night, but imagine this was your life every night!  The funds raised from the ‘Sleep Out’ and the ‘Out of Uniform Day’ ($1443.95) will be put into the Welfare Dept of the Parish.  This money will be used for actively feeding the hungry.


Many think you have to be homeless to be poor.  This is not true.  We now have what is termed the ‘Working Poor’, where there is an income coming into the family, but the cost of living is higher therefore financial stress is increasing within these families at a fast rate.   Our church, can be very busy after hours and on weekends, with people wanting to access emergency relief, until agencies reopen to assist.  Jesus said “feed the hungry give water to the thirsty”.  This is the point of the Gospel, to go in peace and love and serve the Lord.


Below are students preparing emergency relief bags, and one section of goods waiting to be delivered.

Year 10 R.A.V.E Community Service.

Year 10 this term, are completing their community service at a number of venues in Cobram.  One of the venues is St Margaret’s.  Students have been busy bagging supplies for emergency relief and sorting for the St Aidan’s Op Shop (which is in Main Str Strathmerton, look at FB page for St Aidan’s Op Shop. The afternoons so far have seen us all muck in and our ‘jobs’ are done in good time.  It is also a chance to get to know students better, in a relaxed atmosphere.


Messy Church 

Messy Church is held on the 3rd Sunday of the month between 4.30pm & 6.30pm, St Margaret’s Hall Cobram.  It is a multigenerational (babies to 100+) church, which sees families and adults worshiping and having fun together in all our messiness, both within our own lives and that of that of the church. 

We have activities set to a theme, designed for all age groups.  We have worship and praise in the church, then a 2 course dinner at NO cost.  Everyone is welcome. You do not have to be Anglican. Let me know if you would like some more information  to come along next month.


Sports Report 

Good afternoon to all the sports-lovers out there in our wider Cobram AGS community! What a fantastic couple of weeks we have had on the sporting front, especially with badminton and athletics.  Our Senior Boys’ (Year 11) team, consisting of Miles Curtin, Carlo Ditchon, Shem Swoffer and Bailey White, travelled to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) in South Melbourne on Thursday, 15th August. A very early start saw us venture down the Hume and the boys found themselves in Pool B, where they were matched up against Melbourne High School, Mt. Clear from Ballarat and Warragul Regional College. The team ended up winning 1 of their 3 round-robin matches and losing 2 to end up in 3rd spot in the pool. The following results were achieved:


vs. Melbourne High Won 0 sets/ 37 points to 6/126

vs. Mt. Clear won 6/126 to 0/55

vs. Warragul won 2/84 to 4/116


Unfortunately, the boys missed out on finals’ action but ended up 5th overall after final calculations of results from both pools tallied so a very impressive effort considering the talent pool they were up against.


Our Year 8 Girls’ badminton team went off to Wangaratta on Tuesday, 20th August to contest the Hume Region final, attempting to reclaim their title from the Year 7 equivalent in 2018. What a great result was achieved by the girls: Hannah Logie, Emily Orsida, Cadence Pang, Natasha Smith and Caitlin Welch, where they only dropped one set for the tournament to emphatically claim the title for the second consecutive year. The results were as follows:


vs. Myrtleford Secondary won 6/127 to 0/81

vs. Seymour Secondary won 6/126 to 0/33

vs. Cathedral College Wangaratta won 5/115 to 1/72


The girls will now contest for the State title in the School Sports Victoria’s Junior Girls (Year 8) final, which will be held at MSAC on Friday, 13th September!!! Congratulations girls on your magnificent achievement. Thanks to Mrs Logie and her mum, Glenda, who travelled over to Wangaratta to support Hannah and the rest of the team!


On Thursday, 22nd of August, we had 8 Year 5-6 students head to Shepparton to participate in the Shepparton Badminton Association’s Primary School tournament. With a full contingent of schools, the competition was fierce. Our A Team: Isabella Boys, Teagan Wilkin-Thom, Melissa Voeurn and Regan Rouse, did a terrific job to finish in 3rd position. The B Team: Scout Kernaghan, Lewis Brown, Abigail Brooker and Seth Walker, didn’t fair quite as well but narrowly missed out on a bronze medal! Comments received were they played with beautiful sportsmanship and gave their best effort. A huge thank you to Jane Bowman and Jan Brown, who enabled this to go ahead by providing transport and supervision/management of the teams!!! We greatly appreciate your ability to step up into these roles and being part of providing a special experience for our keen students.


We conducted our Cobram AGS athletics carnivals over 2 weeks, with inclement weather playing havoc on the scheduled date for the 3-12 carnival. The P-2 carnival, held at Barooga Rec Reserve on Wednesday, 7th August, was a great opportunity for the younger students to explore and enjoy the skills and strategies involved with events/sports in the athletics program. This also had the added spice of some competitiveness, with house points going towards the overall champions. In the end, it was Cowell leading the way, closely pursued by Stanyer with Farrer not far away in 3rd spot. These points were added to a jam-packed 3-12 program, which got rescheduled for a nicer day on Tuesday, 13th August! What a competition it was, with athletes from all houses doing a superb job! This resulted in Farrer being the winners on the day, followed by Stanyer and Cowell slipping to 3rd spot. When all the results were tallied, this saw Cowell come in 3rd position, Stanyer were runners-up and Farrer claimed the title of House Athletics Champions for 2019! Well done to all those connected to Farrer (Blue) House!!! Please find results, age champions and overall points, for both days:


Age Champions:

Age Group




5/6 yo Girls

Melody Su COW

Ruby Burns STA

Bridie Iskov COW

5/6 yo Boys

Jack Watkins FAR

Ollie Adkins STA

Nicholas McDiarmid STA

7 yo Girls

Aroha Kautai STA

Mila Diaco FAR

Olivia Jeffrey FAR

7 yo Boys

Kohen Verner STA

Jed Flanagan COW

Jacob Latina COW

8/9 yo Girls

Isabelle Haberfield STA

Almasi Keary STA

Madison Simpson COW

8/9 yo Boys

Kohen Haddrell COW

Blake Davidson-Miles COW

Toby Sutton COW

9 yo Girls

Tayla Connelly FAR

Tennille Kautai STA

Finella Donald FAR

9 yo Boys

Aidan Forster COW

Xavier Franklin COW

Harlin Robbins COW

10 yo Girls

Casey Chandler FAR

Eq. Livinia Vescio/

Charlotte Woosnam

Taylah O’Dwyer COW

10 yo Boys

Hugh Stone COW

Charlie Fox STA

Aidan Chandler FAR

11 yo Girls

Sarah Stone COW

Zahlia Kautai STA

Heidi Franklin COW

11 yo Boys

Sam Trembath COW

Rory Campbell FAR

Julian Guthrie STA

12/13 Prim Girls

Mackenzie O’Dwyer COW

Savannah Zoch FAR

Kiara Stephens FAR

12/13 Prim Boys

Toby Wane FAR

Joel Jezewski FAR

Baden Riedell COW

12/13 Sec Girls

Madison McDiarmid STA

Ava Vodusek COW

Layla Towler FARR

12/13 Sec Boys

James Hooper FAR

Thomas Corso STA

Jordan Su COW

14 yo Girls

Belle Dunn STA

Erin Scanlon FAR

Emily Orsida STA

14 yo Boys

Isaac Crawford STA

Thomas Backhouse FAR

Connor Taylor COW

15 yo Girls

Grace Stillard FAR

Emma Nolan COW

Regan Fox FAR

15 yo Boys

Jacob Champagne FAR

Riley Turra STA

Rory Brooker COW

16 yo Girls

Lauren White STA

Arminta Mason FAR

Lacee Williams STA

16 yo Boys

Bailey Mason FAR

Jacob Shilling FAR

Brodie Wade FAR

Open Girls

Christyanne Smith COW

Chloe Turra STA

Emily Power FAR

Open Boys

Oscar Mackay FAR

Cooper Trembath COW

Bailey White STA

5/6 Girls MC

Kayla Brain



12/13 Prim Boys MC

Josh Edwards




House Champions:




P-2                    656

P-2                   564

P-2                      650

3-12                  1942

3-12                 2436

3-12                   2088

Total                2598

Total                3000

Total                  2738


2019 Champions



Congratulations to all our students and to those mentioned the above, in particular the last two on the list. Kayla Brain (Prep) and Josh Edwards (Year 6) received their awards as Multi Class athletes, being an athlete competing with a visual, intellectual or physical impairment. Even though official classification needs to be registered with applicable sporting bodies, it was only fitting to bestow this honour on these two amazing students as they competed in EVERYTHING against their peers! Congratulation on your efforts! Huge thank you to all the staff and parents who assisted in making both days fantastic experiences for the students! Greatly appreciate all the effort and involvement!


Good luck to all our students and staff involved in winter sports finals!!! Hope you and your team play to the best of ability and go as far as you possible can!!!


Until next time, take care and God bless!


Jon O'Dwyer

Head of Sport 

Cobram AGS Noticeboard 




Portsea Camp

For Children between the ages of 9-12:

2nd - 9th January

$390.00 (can be paid in instalments)




58711318 or 0418 415 028 

by 30th September 2019. 


School Banking

The Commonwealth Bank School Banking program includes an exciting and exclusive Rewards program that encourages students to get into the habit of saving regularly.


Every time you child makes a deposit at school they receive a silver Dollarrmites token. Once students have individually collected 10 tokens they can redeem them for an exclusive School Banking reward item in recognition of their continued savings behaviour.


School Banking is every  Tuesday



CAGS Calendar

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Monday 26th August

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Tuesday 27th August 

  • ASHEfest 10.00am

Wednesday 28th August

  • Class Mass Year 5/6
  • Homework Club 3.15pm

Thursday 29th August 


Friday 30th August 

  • Father's Day Breakfast 7.30am 
  • HPV Training 3.15pm

Monday 2nd September 

  • MS & SS Assembly 9.00am
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  • Transition Maths- Year 5/6

Tuesday 3rd September 

  • P & F Meeting 7.00pm 

Wednesday 4th September 

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Thursday 5th September 

  • GMDSSV Athletics Carnival

Friday 6th September 

  • HPV Training 3.15pm


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