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16 November 2017
Issue Eighteen
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Important Dates


17th November: Year 10 (in 2018) Course Confirmation 

23rd November: Year 10-12 New Student Orientation

28th November: Presentation Night


4th December: Year 10 Work Experience Begins

12th December: Year 6 Orientation Day/ Course Confirmation

18th December: Semester 2 reports available to parents on Compass

21st December: Semester 2 reports available to students on Compass

21st December: End of Term 4

Principal's Report 

Parents’ Association (P.A.) Grants

Sallie Carman, co-President of the Parents’ Association and Chair of the Grants Committee, has just completed the enormous task of assessing all applications and notifying students and staff of the Round 2, 2017 outcome.


The successful projects include fitting out the new Library’s “Green Screen Room”, grants to Science, Food Technology, Rowing, STEAM, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Visual Arts, Mathematics, Sport and Wellbeing.


Enormously grateful thanks to Sallie and all Grants Committee members: Jane Wilson, Penny Wilson and Sean Carmen. Of course, none of these extra educational programs could be funded without the consistently diligent hard work of our P.A. lead by Gailean Hammond and Sallie.


Women Funding Future

On Tuesday the Australian Women Donors Network hosted global thought leader, author and entrepreneur, Lisa Witter. Lisa spoke about new perspectives on the forces of philanthropy, gender, entrepreneurship, impact investing and how they interact with government policy. Lisa explored Global women's empowerment trends - what's actually working and what's not and how this compares to what's going on in Australia. This research informs future thinking for Melbourne Girls’ College.


Year 12 Product Design and Technology Success

Congratulations to Jo Jepsen who has four students shortlisted for VCE Top Designs! Well done to Sarah Betts, Emma Croker, Lilly Oshlack and Meshi Seymour-Pessah. We wish our students every success for the next two stages of selection for the Top Designs exhibition.


Congratulations Courtney McKenzie

From a field of 10,000 Australian candidates our 2017 College Captain, Courtney McKenzie, has been selected as an Officer Lieutenant of the Australian Defence Force in 2018. The field included young people from all over Australia and internationally, many candidates much older than herself. The selection is a testament to Courtney’s character, leadership and talent. The process included flying to Sydney for extensive interviews and interrogations while undertaking multiple hours of conference calls testing her knowledge of feminism, world conflict and military history. Courtney managed this enormous workload whilst preparing for her VCE exams. Courtney was inspired and supported by her VCE History Revolutions teacher, Lisa Rosos. Lisa briefed her on historical events, ensured peer reviewed references were available and gave enormous moral support throughout the process. Courtney is truly grateful.


Congratulations Lauren Pengelly

Lauren has been recognised as the 2017 Preston Leader Junior Sports Star, a great achievement given Lauren has also managed Year 12 and the training required for her elite gymnastics.


Our Students on Public Transport

It is a pleasure to highlight a very positive phone call about our students on public transport. A caller who had just left a doctor’s appointment on crutches said he got on a Bridge Road tram with many of our students already present. One student swiped his Myki for him and all of our nearby girls offered their seats. Thank you to all present for representing MGC with respect and kindness.


Artificial Intelligence and Future Thinking

“Creating better humans will always be more important than creating smarter machines”. Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion and author of "Deep Thinking", opened the OECD conference “Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Machines, Smart Policies" on 26 October 2017.


There has been much in the media of late about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and the potential changes we will see over the next 20-50 years in education, health, transport, infrastructure and business.


This OECD post highlights the very human qualities which will always be needed. At Melbourne Girls’ College this is why Wellbeing, core subjects and co-curricular programs focus on character strengths to support our young people to negotiate the future they will lead.

Thank you to our students, parents and staff for your ongoing support to ensure MGC is a centre of personal best in learning and wellbeing for every person in our community.


Kind regards,

Karen Money

Year 7 News

Well Done Melba for Winning the Organisational Olympics!

On Thursday the 26th of October, the year 7s from house Melba were joined by teachers to enjoy a pizza lunch in the Lyceum due to their organisation over the year. Since camp earlier on in the year, the year 7  houses have been competing to earn points leading up to the big prize. To earn these points, we were to ensure that we were extremely organised, and teachers would sometimes do a class call out to count the number of students who had remembered their planners. The one thing that quite a few of us found hard was keeping our locker passes. The locker passes were a way to keep us organised. We would have to give them to the teacher if we had forgotten something from our lockers. This would then put us out of the running for the raffle and points for our house. There were many other things that would earn points for our house like Red Faces, which was a talent/performance competition. This could get you house points if you participated, or even more if you won! These all helped us work well as a house and a team as we were all very competitive, and I think it has brought us together in our classes.


As the year went on we would check on the score board in our year 7 assemblies to see which house was leading. In the end Melba won with the most points across the year! This was followed by the big prize… the pizza lunch! We sat around the tables in the Lyceum and enjoyed the pizza with teachers and friends in Melba.


Well done to Chisolm, Maris and Lyons for all your hard work in the Organisational Olympics too. It’s been great to practice our organisation as we have just moved into the big building and will have to apply these skills especially as we move onto Year 8.


Beth Pert




Year 10 News

L'Oreal Girls In Science Excursion

We all had a fantastic time at the L’Oréal Girls in Science Excursion. The event took place at the prestigious Walter and Eliza Institute, undoubtedly Australia’s oldest medical research centre which is located amongst Melbourne’s biggest hospitals.


Our group of 20 students from Year 10 were able to meet and listen to the personal experiences of four remarkable female research scientists. These women not only have successfully established firm academic positions in possibly the world’s most male dominated profession, they are also the recipients of the 2017 L’Oréal Fellowship for their outstanding accomplishments with a money prize that can further develop their careers in Science.


Moreover, the presentation featured an intimate Q&A session where we were inspired to have a career in Science upon hearing of the adventures those women have led. We heard from Dr. Pearson who was revealed to be an old member of the 90's rock band Lash from Perth. She developed a passion for Science later in life after leaving the prime drummer position. Dr. Jacq Romero from Philippines who has lived all over the globe to pursue her interest in Quantum Physics (the Science of minute subatomic particles) while caring for her three children. Dr. Williamson and Dr. Simonds were particularly helpful in showing us about career choices, how it is beneficial to have a broad subject range in high school if anyone is still unsure of how their future career is going to roll out.


Throughout, we learnt that the most important keys to success for a career in Science are Commitment, Communication and more than most Creativity. It is encouraging to witness the footsteps of these successful women, the strong role models of our potentials. 


Linh Nguyen 10L2

Science Club Representative



Performing Arts News 

Year 11 Performance Evening

On Tuesday 14th November the year 11 Music and Drama classes presented the culmination of their Unit 2 work to an audience of family and friends. The music students presented both a solo and a group piece. Highlights included the premiere of original compositions and a fond farewell to our Brazilian exchange student, Isabela Panato-Mucke.


The drama class was split into two ensemble groups and came up with two excellent pieces based around a variety of stimulus material that was given to them in class.


Drama Performance 1 – Iceberg –

Chantelle Daher, Alex Dolan, Jeanti Exton, Miranda Koop,

Belle Mardon-Chivell & Hannah Willoughby



You don’t always see the full picture. “Iceberg” demonstrates that what we see isn’t always reality, and sometimes a much larger truth lies below the surface. Reality is often found if we look a bit deeper, and until we walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, we are not in a position to make judgement. This hesitancy to look a bit deeper is perhaps where stereotyping, false expectations and even racism emerge from. This piece reminds us that you can’t judge a book by its cover.


Drama Performance 2 – Lucifer –

Isabelle Carney, Bella Crawford, Nicola Lennon, Kala Rosebirch

Sophie Townsend & Laura Walsh



“Lucifer” follows one boy’s journey through life and how names can dictate direction. This performance piece explores the idea that names shape and influence our ideas and image of things, places and more importantly, people. The performance also explores moral decision-making between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. This piece reminds us that we are not defined by names or labels placed upon us.

**Rain is referenced as a symbol to demonstrate cleansing, natural tension and re-birth. 


Thank you to Tip Kennedy and Bridget Tellefson for attending.

Anne Corry and Lindy Mummé.



VCE Drama Solo Performance Exam

On Monday the 30th of October the performance exams for Melbourne Girls' College concluded with the Drama Solo Performance Exams. Of the ten possible structures provided by the VCAA that students can develop for this exam, Melbourne Girls' College covered nine of them. The 2017 structure included;

  • The Fortune Hunter - in search of El Dorado.
  • Lady Lucy Duff Gordon -  interviewed about the scandals in her life.
  • Hermoine Granger - set in 2020 after the events in The Cursed Child
  • Jonas from The Giver - set after the events that occur in the novel.
  •  Mrs. Sarah Siddons - on the events surrounding the emergence of the Shakespeare forgeries.
  • The Storyteller - reflecting on events from the Wavehill Walk-off to the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Australian referendum.
  • Mr. Sneelock - from Dr Seuss', "If I Ran The Circus".
  • Elisabeth Hauptmann - confronting Bertolt Brecht's widow for acknowledgement of writing "The Threepenny Opera". 
  • The Showdog - inspired from the film, "Best In Show"  

Every student found the exam a positive experience, and I was proud that they all worked hard to present excellent performances.


Well done

Lindy Mummé



Continuation of Instrumental Lessons for 2018.

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We trust that your daughter has enjoyed being a part of the Instrumental Music
 program at MGC. Apart from undertaking weekly lessons, students have the
opportunity to be involved in our many ensembles and performance evenings.
We thank you for supporting your daughters with their home practice.

Planning for 2018.

Staffing and timetabling is an involved task, so it is necessary for your daughter
 to indicate if she wishes to continue with her music tuition in 2018 to guarantee
 her place.

In order to secure your daughter’s place in the program, we require you to return
the portion below to the General Office with payment methods
 by Friday, 24th of November.

Want to begin instrumental lessons for 2018?

Please submit your application form to the office ASAP.



Anne Corry

Instrumental Music 



Rowing News

MGC Places Second at the Rowing Victoria Junior Schoolgirls Regatta

On Saturday November 11, the Junior and Intermediate rowers went out to Geelong to compete in the Rowing Victoria Junior Schoolgirls Regatta. For the Inters, it was their first regatta of the year. For the Juniors, it was their first regatta ever! After a hard-fought day of racing in hot conditions, MGC finished second overall on the medal tally with four gold medals, two silver and six bronze. This was a fantastic effort from all rowers and coaches involved, and it was wonderful to see so many parents cheering from the banks of the Barwon River. The future looks very bright indeed.

Science News

CSIRO Scientist in Schools Visit

During term three Dr. Cathy Wright, a microbiologist working with CSL Behring, shared her knowledge on different types of bacteria, how they affect us and how we use them. She talked about how harmful bacteria can enter the body and how our bodies are designed to help prevent their entry. We enjoyed learning about how our bodies deal with bacteria that have entered and how some bacteria are good for us. The presentation was great, and it gave us an idea of what is actually happening in our body. Then, using cotton tips, we swabbed a variety of places and surfaces around the school to investigate where bacteria might be present. e.g. school computers, school desks, door handles and even toilet floors. We transferred the bacteria to agar plates and several days later we got to see what had grown. The results were shocking, they showed that the school desks had more bacteria than toilet seats. We were all so fascinated by this new knowledge. On behalf of the whole year seven body I would like to thank Dr. Cathy Wright for a fantastic presentation! ​


Lucy Robotham




Please find attached a flyer for Monash University's 3 day MySci event:



Environment News

Ban the Fork- a review on our 2017 Plastic reduction campaign

On the 5th of June this year, the MGC Environment Team launched a campaign to celebrate World Environment Day 2017 that challenged our community to consider the environmental impact of their daily consumer choices. We did this by teaming up with Bocca (the School canteen) and IKEA to ban plastic cutlery on campus.



The campaign took off with an eye popping presentation to a whole school assembly involving MGC Biology teacher and Waste awareness officer, Mr. Clarke dressing up as a giant disposable coffee cup to literally reveal the inside plastic liner that renders the cup unrecyclable in standard recycle bins. This entertaining yet informative skit reinforced the facts outlined by the ABC series #WarOnWasteAU that Australia has a long way to go in terms of reducing our waste, increasing our recycling rates, reviving our reusing culture and ultimately, reducing our consumption all together.


Before the campaign started, it was not uncommon for MGC to ship 200 plastic forks and 100 plastic spoons to landfill daily. The ban the fork campaign encouraged staff and students to BYO their fork or to hire a metal fork (donated by IKEA) for a refundable fee of $1. The campaign has certainly reduced the number of plastic forks consumed and exists to this day, but it continues to be a challenge for many members of our community. Some people do not value the $1 hire fee highly enough to return the fork and we find several forks in our bins or littered across the school daily! Others find creative ways to use the hire fee as a sneaky way to make cash withdrawals at the canteen while a few individuals have liked the forks so much that they have stretched the definition of a “hire” in order to the supplement their own fork collections in their own school bags or kitchen drawers.


Despite the purchase of more than 500 additional forks and spoons, canteen staff are regularly running out of re-usable metal cutlery and forced to give out plastic cutlery to customers as not enough forks are being returned.


The importance of shifting away from single use cutlery is paramount. The facts are undeniable. Disposable plastics cause death of wildlife, pollute waterways and are beginning to show up in our food sources through processes of bioaccumulation where microplastics from litter can be passed up through the food chain and accumulate in animals that are consumed by humans. We have reached a point in society where we ARE LITERALLY EATING OUR NON-BIODEGRADABLE WASTE.


The production of plastic eating utensils for single use is an energy intensive, potentially socially unethical process (most utensils are manufactured in developing nations where emission standards are low or non-existent) and unsustainable. It is a convenient option for privileged consumers who have the knowledge and capacity to make better choices.


This term we will be trialling a new strategy to reduce single use plastic across the MGC community:

  1. Gold stars, high fives and looks of admiration will be awarded to all staff and students who remember to bring their own reusable forks and cups.
  2. The canteen will continue to offer the $1 metal fork hire scheme.
  3. A 15c disposable wooden fork will be available for customers who forget their own fork and cant afford the $1 hire.
  4. As a last resort, a plastic fork will be made available for people purchasing hot food, but consumers are encouraged to take it home and reuse.

We have learnt that a ban on plastic forks was not the right solution. For true behaviour change, people need to be presented with the facts and challenged to make an informed choice, rather than have a policy thrust upon them. One suggestion has been to put a single, reusable fork on the 2018 booklist for each student, however this is still being debated as to whether this is a practical or effective solution.


At MGC, we have a philosophy of building global citizens with critical thinking skills. I challenge all members of the MGC community to take a leading role on this war against waste… Have we really reached such a point of affluenza where it is more convenient to dig up fossilized remains of organisms from deep within the Earth’s crust, spend thousands of kilowatts of energy to refine the product, add colourants and UV stabilisers to ensure its longevity, mould it, shape it and package it, ship it across the globe, unpackage it and sell it to consumers to use once and then throw away rather than simply reusing a metal fork!?



…and while we’re at it MGC, stop sucking! If you are worried about too much sugar decaying your teeth, don’t buy sugary drinks. Give up plastic straws tomorrow and drink straight from the drink tap or reusable bottle!


Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference

On Tuesday and Wednesday the 24th and 25th October,​ 10 MGC students attended the Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference. The conference was held over two days and was attended by school groups from all over Australia as well as New Zealand. The first day was held at Melbourne University, we heard from many important guest speakers and went around in groups to partake in other schools' workshops. In the evening, we attended the Gala Dinner and saw some more special performances from other schools. The second day was held at Collingwood Children's Farm, and on this day a few selected schools and other organisations were chosen to present their own workshop, including MGC.


Over the past several months we had been working together as a team to create the workshop that we were lucky enough to present to other schools as part of the Environmental Project Day. Our workshop focused on the different types of renewable energy sources and aimed to educate and get people thinking about how Australia is generating power at the moment and how we can do this in more sustainable ways in the future. 


Overall, being involved in the conference was an amazing experience for all of us. We learnt many new things and were able to see what other environmentally aware schools like ours are doing. 


We had a great time and would encourage other students to participate next year. We would also really like to thank Mr. Vance and Ms. Hosking for all of their hard work, encouragement and enthusiasm throughout the process.


By Lilith Stewart

Year 9 Environment Rep

Creative Writing

The 2017 MGC Writers' Festival Anthology


We are gathering entries for the 2017 MGC Writers’ Festival Anthology. We are looking for a collection of artwork, designs, creative writing, short stories, scientific reports, comics etc., made by teachers and students from across all year levels.


The creative anthology will be published at the end of the year in a bound book and presented at the 2018 MGC Writers’ Festival.


Entries are due December the 10th and should be submitted via the MGC Creative Anthology Dropbox:


We’d like to thank the PA for their generous donation and making this all possible.


Imogen Leigh





Latrobe University Young Writers' Award

Congratulations to Crystal Choo and Meg Funston in year 10 who were Highly Commended in the 2017 Latrobe University Young Writers’ Award, for Crystal’s story Ad Astra Per Aspera, and Meg Funston’s story, Big Girls Can't Fly. This is a state-wide competition, so to have two students in the top ten is a fantastic achievement for the school and a great opportunity for the Latrobe to provide.

Year of Awesome!!

Year of Awesome - #experiencesnotstuff

It’s experiences not stuff that makes you feel alive, and connects you to the world and the people in it.


The benefits that play provides for children have been tracked over decades.  Studies show that increased play during early childhood creates the foundation for an individual’s development that helps determine their lifetime earnings and provides a whole host of other benefits. 


There's only 3 weeks left in the Year Of Awesome Campaign so get out there, (well pull out your IPAD, computer or phone) and get selling those tickets!


And don’t forget the funds raised will support Playground Ideas to help communities living in poverty build play facilities to help their kids. And your school will receive 50% of funds raised by your community to go towards helping us build new play facilities. 


Click here to buy tickets and share:



The prizes that can be won are seriously amazing:


1.     Intrepid Travel Family Adventure to Vietnam

Experience the wonders of Vietnam on a 13 day family adventure (2 adults and 2 children) with Intrepid Travel, valued at $10,441


2.     Intrepid Travel Victorian Family Adventure Loop

Experience a 3 day Melbourne to Melbourne family Adventure Loop for 2 adults and 2 children, via the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians. Valued at $2,176


3.     Lakeshore House, Daylesford.

Enjoy a luxury lakeside weekend getaway for up to 8 people in Lakeshore House, valued at $1700


4.     Wanderlings Airstream and Peninsula Hot Springs Family weekend

Experience a unique getaway in a Wanderlings Airstream & relax together in the Peninsula Hot Springs, valued at $650.


5.     Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Big 4 Holiday Park

Enjoy a beach holiday at Anglesea Big 4 Holiday Park and visit the Chocolaterie for a kids chocolate making course, valued at $580


6.     Circus Oz

Learn, laugh and leap in a family circus experience with Circus Oz, valued at $120


7.     Enchanted Garden

Family day out to explore the wonders of the Mornington Peninsula’s Enchanted Garden, valued at $100


8.     Slow Clay

 Learn together in a private family ceramics class with Slow Clay, valued at $450


9.  Arts Centre

Win family tickets to see ‘The Unbelievables’ show at Hamer Hall, valued at $276 


10.     National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)

Family tickets to see the final year NICA students ensemble show, valued at $83


11.  Zoos Victoria Family Membership

2018 annual family membership for unlimited visits to Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range zoo, valued at $216


12.  Museums Victoria Family Membership

2018 annual family membership for unlimited visits to the Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and the Immigration Museum, valued at $79.




School News

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!!


Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.


When?  3:30-4:30 Mondays and Thursday

Where?  Room 112


See you there!!

Ms Hajzler


Melbourne Girls' College
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