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28 February 2018
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Principal's Report

Welcome to 2018. We are already half way through Term 1 and it seems like it was only yesterday that we were on summer vacation!

We know that each year seems to fly by very quickly due to the busy calendar of school events; already we have had an action packed first four weeks.


The beginning of the year is always exciting as we welcome the new Year 9 students, along with a small cohort of Year 10 and 11 students. It is a pleasure to welcome these new students to our school and to begin the process of helping them transition into a new environment. One event that certainly introduces them to the school culture is swimming sports, which were held five days into the school year!


This year we moved the swimming to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) in Albert Park. This venue is a huge improvement on the Lara pool and saves us having to transport the entire school to and from the venue. In this newsletter, you will see pictures and information about the successful day we had at MSAC.


The Year 9 students undertake the Primus program, which is specifically designed to assist in the transition of students from some eighty different schools into SCHS. As part of this program, the students undertake three days of city experience and undertake small group projects on growth mindset. These projects are then displayed around the school and made available for parents to view at the "Meet The Teachers" evening. The evening was well attended and the students very proud to show off their projects. We have found that the Primus program establishes the foundations of a positive experience of our school for all of our Year 9 students.


The Year 12 students have made a positive start to their final year of secondary schooling. This year we added a three day camp for them to assist in preparing them for the remainder of what is often a very stressful year. The Year 12 students are our school leaders and their example is very important to the development of the positive school culture we engender. Even in these few weeks of school, the Year 12 students have already been leading the way.


There is always pressure on our senior students to perform well in the VCE. Unfortunately, the school’s results are published in the paper each year; subsequently, that places pressure on the following cohort. Our results from 2017 were very pleasing, placing us in the top five government schools; however, these VCE results do not tell the real story. As many of you will have heard me say, a more appropriate set of data is not the ATARs or median study scores, rather the better data is the percentage of students receiving offers for one of their first three university course preferences. This data for the 2017 cohort was exceptional; 88% of students received an offer for one of their first three preferences.  An important aspect of this success has been the emphasis, time, and effort placed on careers advice.  The school employs 1.5 full-time equivalent staff to provide careers and university course selection advice. 


The strength of the school and the education we provide is not just about academics.  The development of the whole person is fundamental to the success of the students and the school. The Renaissance person, a well-rounded individual, will always do better academically and in life. This is why all of our students are expected to participate in a wide variety of activities, from sport, to co-curricular, to chorals, and a myriad of other opportunities. We work very hard to ensure that we offer a wide range of opportunities and educational experiences.


Overseas trips are an important part of the school program. In past years, we have had trips to Cambodia, Vietnam, the USA, New Caledonia, Singapore and China. Each of these trips has had a different focus; however, they all have an educational purpose. This year we will develop a two-year travel plan for overseas trips. This year we will have three trips on offer: Singapore in July; Greece and Italy in September; and Cambodia in December. The Singapore trip is for Year 9 students to participate in humanities based projects with our sister school, the National Junior College. Greece and Italy is focussed on ancient history and Latin, but is certainly not limited to students studying those subjects; and Cambodia is a project under the auspices of Global Learning Expeditions (GLE) (formerly APYF) where the students fundraise to help build a school in rural Cambodia and then go and help build the school. Please look for information on these trips on Compass, in the newsletter, on the school’s website or on Facebook.


We are always looking for ways to improve our communication with the school community. This year we will be overhauling the school’s website and streamlining our social media presence. We have employed a new person to improve our communications and marketing and already Jack has made a significant difference to our digital footprint. This newsletter is now using a different platform, which will enable translation into different languages to improve accessibility for parents. The newsletter will be produced twice a term. Compass remains an important point of contact and information for parents as well as students. The parent portal is for the exclusive use of parents; please don’t give your login details to your child.


Once again, welcome to the 2018 school year.  I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead.


Colin Axup


Upcoming Events

Athletics Carnival
| Thursday 1st March

The second major school sporting event of the year is the ATHLETICS CARNIVAL, which will be held at the Vic Uni track field this Thursday!


Students are to meet in their home groups at the usual times, and will be marshalled to the venue (across the road) in house groups. All students MUST remember to bring their lunch with them, as the canteen will not be open.


Students may wish to bring some cash with them, however, as The Little Coffee Van will be on site from 10am!

Homecoming (2017)
| Sunday 4th March

The graduating class of 2017 are invited to attend their Homecoming event in the Agora on Sunday, March 4th, from 4pm to 6pm.


Homecoming is a celebration of students' time at SCHS, their past achievements, and the achievements soon to come! And best of all - it's FREE!


Students wishing to attend must RSVP by completing all areas of the registration form. Please note, this event is strictly for alumni ONLY.

Labour Day
| Monday 12th March

The Labour Day public holiday on Monday, March 12th is a STUDENT FREE DAY. No students will be required at school.


Parents are also advised that teachers and office staff will not be on campus for the duration of the day. Please send any pressing queries or questions via email.


Year 9 Camp
| Wed 21st - Fri 23rd March

The Year 9 Camp to Philip Island departs on Wednesday, March 21st and returns on the afternoon of Friday, March 23rd.


Students will be given more information about itineraries and activities closer to the Camp date. Please contact your child's home group teachers if you have any questions or queries about the Camp.

End of Term 1
| Thursday, 29th March

The last day of Term 1 will be Thursday, March 29th. Please note that Friday, March 30th is Good Friday and a public holiday, and no students or staff are required to attend school on this day.


Have an excellent, safe, and relaxing holiday break!

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

1 Minute Film Competition - Make a film in 60 seconds or less and win one of four $500 prizes! Entries close August 3rd.


Screen It Competition - The renowned National short film competition, held in collaboration with ACMI. This year's theme is "CURIOUS". Entries close September 25th.


Ada Cambridge Writing Prize - Previous students have made the shortlist of this esteemed short story competition. There is no theme, but there is a $250 prize on the line! Entries close March 5th.


Nillumbik Ekphrasis Poetry Award - Write a poem as a response to a work of art! Check out their website for the 2018 inspiration images. Entries close April 30th.

Policy & Parent News

School Wide Positive Behaviour at Suzanne Cory

At SCHS one of our main goals is to not only increase student academic performance but also to improve social behaviour and create a positive school culture. One of the ways we do this is through our use of the School Wide Positive Behaviour Framework. The school values that underpin what we do were formed by the implementation of this framework and have been embedded into the school community. The values of Respect, Aspiration and Contribution mean a great deal to both the staff and students at Suzanne Cory. Our behaviour expectations have been built around these values and are in the student planner, as well as on posters around the school to remind students of them.


This term we will see the explicit teaching and modeling of the ‘Behaviour Matrix’ through tutorial program and via all of the classroom teachers in the setting of expectations and routines in our lessons. The ‘Values Card’ has also been re-launched and students are thriving on the recognition of going above and beyond what is expected within our schooling community.  The cards are to be given to students who demonstrate the core values through their actions. This may be an extraordinary demonstration or simply doing the right thing such as picking up papers without being asked, offering assistance, turning around their behaviour, improved punctuality or application to work, completing a piece of work above their usual standard etc. These cards also contribute to house points and puts students in the draw to win a prize at the relevant year level assembly. It is hoped that this will reinforce the idea that the House Competition goes beyond sport and extra-curricular areas although values can be awarded here as well.


If you would like further information about the framework feel free to contact the school and ask for Laura Ruddick.

CSEF Information

​​​​​​​​​The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

This $148 million initiative helps ensure all Victorian students can take part in school trips and sporting activities.


Applications for 2018 are now open, through until the end of term 2, 2018. For more information, click here.


Wellbeing & Careers

Breakfast Club - Tuesday Mornings

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and studies have shown that a healthy, nutritious breakfast is essential in providing students with the energy they need to sustain the busy school day.

If you've skipped your breakfast in your rush for the bus, never fear - you can all aways grab a snack every Tuesday morning at the Wellbeing Breakfast Club! Join us from 8am - 8:40am in the Agora for toast with your choice of toppings... as well as the odd pancake or two! And best of all? It's free! All are welcome, so see you there :)

Lunch Lounge - Wednesday Lunchtimes

While it's tempting to put the peddle to the metal at all hours of the school day, it's vital that you take the time to rest your brain, mentally unwind, and recuperate your energy. Head down to the Lunch Lounge, located in G1 and G2, each Wednesday lunchtime, where you can relax with your mates, play some video games, and give your little grey cells some much needed R & R!

K-Pop Club - Friday Lunchtimes

Get active and connect with your peers at K-Pop club! Whether your passion is SHINee, Girl's Generation, Big Bang, or just casually tuning in to SBS PopAsia, make sure you head over to the PD Centre on Friday lunchtimes to chill with friends, bust out some low-impact cardio, and even make your own K-Pop-style music video! All are welcome, so see Ms. Paye for more info.


Careers News

With Uni open days, scholarships programs, and information nights occurring throughout the year, it's always a good idea to book an appointment with Mr. Taig and Ms. Paye, our Career Councillor Supremes, to make sure you don't miss out! You can find them easily through the "Star" icon on Compass, or by dropping into their respective offices.


The brand new Careers Online Portal will be launching later this term, but in the meantime, make sure you follow their Facebook page for all the latest news and events info.

Student News

Debating and Public Speaking at SCHS

At SCHS, the debating and public speaking program has a proud history of outstanding individual and team success. With the DAV (Debating Association of Victoria) interschool competition about to commence on 14th March, our students are already impressing adjudicators. Three students (Anagha Giri and Rubina Singh of 12K1 and Fatima Arshad of 10K1) recently progressed through to the ‘call back’ round of the Victorian State Team trials. They were among 27 students selected from 140 students who participated in the first round of trials-an impressive achievement in itself!


Congratulations to Fatima, who went one step further and was selected in the Victorian State Team! Fatima now joins a squad of 12 students who will receive special coaching, in preparation for possible selection in the representative team to travel to Western Australia and compete in the National Championships.

"The experience I’ve gained in debating thus far has helped me immensely in my journey. I’ve received professional coaching and training, mentoring from Ms Sullivan and encouragement to compete in various public speaking competitions. Throughout my time at SCHS, I have been given the opportunity to develop my confidence and hone my public speaking skills and have found my own voice amongst many others. The quality of speakers in many of the competitions I’ve been offered to compete in has been very high, allowing me to learn from the best. Recently, I have been attending training sessions hosted by the VST and have found these to be very beneficial. I hope to advance from here onwards." - Fatima Arshad


The DAV competition will be held on the following dates, at Williamstown HS (Bayview Street Campus). The Year 10-12 debates run from 7pm-8pm, and the Year 9 debates run from 8pm-9pm. Parents, family and friends are cordially invited to watch the debates. More details can be found here.


Ms Cindy Sullivan

Head of English/Debating & Public Speaking Coordinator

Dance Co-Curricular Class’ Jamaican Party

In the first session of the Dancing Co-curricular, Ms Inserra and Miss Fenby organised for us to learn Jamaican Dancehall. The instructors, two Jamaican break-dancers, had just arrived in Australia, and we were very lucky to be joined by such talented dancers. The other students and I learnt a lot about Jamaican culture, and the class was great fun!!!


- Ilham Aliye, 11C2

Economics Excursion to Monash University Behavioral Economics Laboratory

Last year, for the economics excursion, we visited the Clayton campus of Monash University. After travelling there together from Flinders Street Station, we got the opportunity to explore the beautiful campus. The best part of the day was engaging in an economics experiment, revolving around a common value auction. While the experiment gave us an opportunity to gain a practical experience of what bidding in an auction would look like, we also got an insight into the common behaviour patterns of bidders during an auction. This, along with being interesting, enhanced our understanding of behavioural economics. The friendly professors answered our questions regarding the vast study options at Monash, and gave us a guided tour around the campus. We also got the chance to come back to Melbourne Central, and have lunch.


Overall, the day wasn’t just an opportunity to enhance our understanding of economics, but we were also able to spend some quality time with each other, looking at future study options and making memorable moments.


- Rubina Singh, 12K1

Year 9 House Program & Student Leadership Primus

A quick start this year saw the Year 9 Primus Cup, with Blackwood taking out the title, in the first week. In Week 2, all students headed to MSAC for the Swimming sports that was an astounding success with enthusiasm from all houses and the win once again returning to Kororoit.


Outside of these massive events there has been significant planning and development for the remainder of the year. Student leaders from each house, SRC and the school captains attended a leadership day with the the select entry schools. Students have developed a vision and plan for both the student leadership and house programs. A range of interesting and exciting ideas are now in the works. Most recently; the house leaders met to start the planning for House Chorals. All of the houses spent 5 periods planning their performances that are sure to astound come June.

Co-Curricular Update

The Co-Curricular program kickstarted on Feb 7th with a range of new and exciting classes plus a range of the old faithfuls. New this year we have Soccer, Billiards and Snooker, Table Top Games and Golf. All co-curricular classes are final for the semester though changes for Semester 2 will open during Term 2.


We'll have a more detailed rundown of Co-Curricular activities in our next Newsletter.

House & SRC News


Here we are! While a hard-hitting 4th place sent us home pondering, it became clear we could not win this off sheer hope and luck. Cory's Swimming Carnival 2018 kicked off annual House competition in a fierce manner. For us, the continuous support from our crowd and their harmonious cheering kept us alive. The astounding enthusiasm and willingness to compete, showed us that we were resilient and committed under our blue banners. We also congratulate and admire the courageous Year 9's who poured all their efforts for victory. Without them, it would have been devastating. We will use this experience to further unify our House, both in building trust and in raising contribution. We aim to transform all of our potential into success in the events to come!

- David Nguyen, Marisa Devis


We’re off to a strong start in 2018. There’s no doubt about it, and there’s also no doubt that we can catch up, and eventually surpass our competition. We can do it, and as your House Captains, we hope that at the end of the year, we might have the pride, honour and joy of holding that House Cup high above our heads. As a charge to the fellow Cottrellians, continue in your valiant displays of commitment towards the house, and continue to work towards that Cup.  This year will special, but it will also present many struggles, and it our hope, that our commitment, bond and spirit as a house overrides these challenges and stresses. We will push, push and push you to the limits. Our respect goes to the other Houses and their captains, who all have such strong leadership teams, that will make the year ahead of us exceedingly challenging. May the best House win!

- Boen Galutera and Divya Vankatesan


As the first major house event passed, Swimming Carnival definitely brought the Kororoit house stronger and closer with one another. Preparation for the event itself enabled our leadership team to bond (through ideas and creating house decorations), and classes to coordinate costumes within their groups. Though our victory was memorable, it would have not been possible without the entire Kororoit leadership team’s hard work, the skill of our dedicated swimmers and the wholesome cooperation the Kororoit house contributed. It was such a delight to welcome our Year 9’s and celebrate our efforts for swimming carnival as Kororoitians with a piquant initiation of a spicy noodle challenge with challengers from various year levels and staff.


As house captains, we are ecstatic in continuing to serve this house. The Kororoit leadership team, including ourselves, will continue to strive our best for every house event and ensure every Kororoitian knows they are part of the mighty dragon house.

- Kororoit House Captains


Rothwell has had a steady start to the house competition with successes from House Chess last year and the Year 9 Primus Program. We may have finished third overall at Swimming Carnival, but we pulled through as a house to finish second in both House Chant (thank you Amelia Lee for rewriting the house chant) and the House Fashion Parade. Thank you to all the Rothwellians, Mr Hand and teachers who helped out the leaders on the day to get people to events and also to everyone who dressed up in their yellow outfits. A massive thank you to everyone who was happy to fill in for events on the day and to all of the Rothwell leadership team for being so organised and ready for swimming carnival. Hopefully the Mighty Rothwell Griffin can defend its victory from last year at Athletics Carnival.

- Rothwell House Captains


Student Representative Council

This year’s SRC has been actively meeting on a regular weekly basis as we endeavour in implementing ideas and school activities for the betterment of students. In meetings, we sit down as a collective with set goals to achieve for the discussion. We then spend time bouncing different ideas and proposals between each other, evaluating the viability and benefits of it. We also often consult with the teacher in charge, Mr Isaac Ryan, to gain a staff’s perspective so that we may consider it alongside our student perspectives, helping us understand how to implement what students want whilst considering the school’s values. As of now, the focus of our discussions has been around the organising of events for student enjoyment, the implementing of ideas and systems that support students’ learning, as well as looking at ways to create more comfortability in our daily student lives. Suggestions given to us by fellow students are what we value the most as we wish to ensure that we as an SRC strive for change wanted by the student body, placing them with high regard when discussing different possibilities. Currently, we are in the midst of preparing a talent show for early term 2. With this event, we seek to not only create an enjoyable and memorable time for students to ease stress, but also to allow them the chance to express themselves and build up confidence through displaying their many hidden talents and skills.


Our biggest goal for the year so far is a new program we are organising: The “Creating Conversations” program that is set to launch in the coming weeks. This program essentially serves to bridge any gap between students and teachers by creating an open feedback system. Ideally, by the end of this initiative, students will be able to have a constructive conversation with their teachers about how they learn best, and teachers will be able to plan their lessons catering for this. This program is the SRC’s response to the numerous student suggestions for fostering positive student-teacher relationships and safe environments in the school. We recognise that being comfortable with our teachers is particularly integral during VCE, as they will be one of our greatest support systems and help us achieve the success we all strive for.


Please feel free to message either of us or any of your cohort’s representatives if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see at our school or how things can be improved. We’d love to hear from you!


- Belinda Vu and Jason Fricker, 2018 SRC Chairs

School Captains

From the School Captains

From Wednesday the 14th of February to the 16th of February, the Year 12s attended camp at PGL Campaspe Downs in Kyneton. Though it was difficult for some to spend Valentine’s Day on a 2-hour journey to Kyneton, all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of travelling to school camp for the very last time at Suzanne Cory. The three days spent at camp were a great way to spend time with the people we had made memories with in the past 3 years. A combination of various activities, combined with the beautiful nature that surrounded us and of course, our friends and teachers having fun due to all of this made camp a wonderful time for everyone involved. The timing of camp was perfect as it allowed us to refresh before re-commencing Year 12 and VCE but also gave us an opportunity to rekindle fracture relationships, build entirely new ones and prepare for the rest of the year knowing that the entire cohort had each other’s backs. Massive thank you to the 2017 SRC members for organizing the camp and to the Principal Team, Senior School and well-being leaders for making it happen.


- Davor, Karmil, Aamna & Janath


Congratulations to all School and House Captains for 2018! Lead with respect, compassion, and integrity!


Janath Fernando’s VCE Address (Excerpt)

"Year 12s. We are now embarking on our final schooling chapter. By pushing through that final barrier and ending that final stanza on a high note, we may have just about reached satisfaction. We’re all in this together. Once we know, that we are, we’re all stars, and we see that, we’re all in this together and it shows, when we stand, hand in hand, and our dreams come true. 225 students: all with various goals for the future. At first this might seem hard to achieve but by chipping away constantly as an individual throughout the year, all 225 of you can achieve that one goal which may seem so distant yet at the same time within your grasp. By the way, if everything doesn’t work out, Plan B is always there. Hakuna matata."

Aamna Syed's VCE Address (Excerpt)

"Sometimes in life guys, unexpected things happen, things you can't control and you just gotta persevere through it. Just like me recently. When I lost my lock ... Although it was my fault forgetting my key at home that ONE DAY, I did suffer because of it. But I didn't lose hope. I approached my situation with different methods ... The moral of the story is to not give up during these tough times. You win some, you lose some, but you don’t automatically straight away give in."


Davor Trifunov’s Middle School Address (Excerpt)

"Wow, I look up in this auditorium and I see everyone bright eyed and bushy tailed. Smiling and excited. In the Year 11 and 12 assembly, all I could see were sad faces who clearly hadn’t had enough sleep ... I joke about the stresses of VCE but the truth is, there is a lot of stress due to the pressure of wanting to do well and the thing about that is, is that that stress builds up ... The thing about that pressure is that we put it on ourselves. The thing I'll put a lot of emphasis on is to enjoy everything about school. It’s a wasted opportunity if you come to school not wanting to be here ... The moment you recognise that will be the moment that success will come naturally. Because you’ll love what you do and it is easier to do well when you enjoy what you do."

Karmil Nguyen’s Middle School Address (Excerpt)

"For a lot of us, we make new year’s resolutions, we set goals for the year ahead of us, and give ourselves a sense of fleeting motivation and self-reassurance. But then comes the point where we don’t meet those goals. We slip up and don’t go to the gym, or eat healthier, or pick up new habits or try the new things we said we would. Essentially, we fail, and once we do, it’s usually oh well better luck next year ... This year’s just started, but it’s going to fly by before you know it ... As years 9 and 10, there’s literally no better time to put yourself out there, to get to know the school, yourself, and your peers from all cohorts. The journey’s all trial and error, but you won’t know what you’re missing out on if you never give it a shot."

Year 9 Primus

Primus Project | City Program | Amazing Race

The first three weeks of term have been an intense introduction to Suzanne Cory High School for our new Year 9 students. They have been participating in the Primus Program: A series of activities designed to prepare them for the rigours of study, to build strong connections with their class and House, and help them to be active and resilient learners. This culminated in their Primus Projects and their City Week experiences.

The students researched learning psychology fields, such as creativity, emotional intelligence and effective learning environments. They also conducted surveys with their peers to profile the Year 9 cohort in relationship to their field of research. The projects demonstrated the skills they had developed throughout the program, particularly resilience when faced with tight timelines and how to operate in a team.


The City Week challenged them to be more mindful and connected with their community. The students were encouraged to demonstrate respect, aspiration and contribution, school values that we expect they will continue to embrace throughout their years at SCHS.

Reflections on Primus from Year 9 students:


‘I thought the Primus Project was fun at times. I felt that the material was very important and enjoyable. I am confident that it will help in my next four years of schooling.'


‘The excursions were very fun and eye opening and our first assignment of the year was very fitting. I am grateful for being at this school, especially after the Primus Project.’


‘I believe the Primus Program was useful because not just in our next few years but throughout our lives we will certainly face failures that we must overcome by using grit, growth mindset and everything else that we learned throughout this Program.’


‘For the first two weeks of school, us year nines have been participating in a program called Primus Program. The Primus Program was a very fun program and we did a lot of group and team-building activities over the course of the two weeks. I think it was a very good idea to encourage students to keep a growth mindset and teach them the importance of resilience because it will help everyone throughout our four years of high school.’


‘I really liked doing the Primus Project and learning about the different factors that make up a good learner. The activities we did were really interesting and unique.’


‘The Primus Project was a great opportunity for us to learn how to deal with setbacks and failure along our journey at Suzanne Cory High School. Not only did we learn about our specific topics, we learnt basics skills to help us survive in the outside world. We were able to work in teams and develop our relationships with our classmates.’


‘I found the Primus Program extremely beneficial and exciting. What I especially enjoyed was the experiences and skills we gained throughout our transition into the school; from learning about a Growth Mindset and a balanced lifestyle to developing teamwork and leadership skills.’



Year 12 Camp

On Valentine’s day, our Year 12 cohort had something else to celebrate in 2018. They were excited to pack a bag and head to Campaspe Downs for Camp!

On the bus there was a mixture of tunes and snooze, but it was all go when we reached our destination.  Choosing the right size for the Year 12 jacket was the first order of business before heading off to an afternoon of adventure activities which saw some of our students conquer a fear of heights to abseil for the first time.


Everyone was able to chill out a little in their cabins before dinner, which allowed some to clean off with a shower after their adventures. The trivia quiz that night had everyone involved (even the teachers) with different rounds each with a specific theme, from sport to music to geography.

Waking up to mist rolling over the lake was a sight to behold after not much sleep for some. Our students then spent the morning in team building activities like canoeing or raft building where many ended up needing to change their clothes.


On the Thursday afternoon, some of the staff hosted a rotating session of relaxation techniques like mindfulness colouring, self-defence/martial arts and dancing.  Ms Gillard definitely took the title of most graceful, while Mr Yang showed us why he is a national Taekwondo champion. Hopefully some of these tips can help our students to maintain a good balance in what has already proved to be a busy year of school.


Making sure we had the appropriate safety briefing, students then soared on the Flying fox and the Giant swing, some even burst out into song! Special mention to both Ms Cook and Mr Yang, who looked after all our scrapes and taking care of us with their First Aid skills.


On our final night, students were able to use up any extra energy by playing sports in the gym, having a swim or dancing at the student run disco. There was fascination all around when a mob of Kangaroos dropped by the fields to have some dinner, and with the country sunset as a backdrop it was a memorable night.



After an early wake up to make sure everything was clean and packed up, we said goodbye to our cabins on Friday morning. After breakfast, there was another opportunity to have a dip in the pool thanks to Mrs Roberts, or to have a hit on the tennis court.


For some groups, the final activity to finish off our trip was a skill competition at the Archery range. There were some budding Katniss Everdeen’s and Robin Hood’s around, as well as some who took a long walk to retrieve their arrows, but there was a really friendly atmosphere as we all loaded our luggage on the buses to head home.


Many thanks go to all the staff from both PGC and SCHS who gave up their time to come on camp, but a special mention to Mrs Roberts who worked so hard to put this camp together!

Swimming Carnival

Wow, what a day!!!

This year the whole school Swimming Carnival moved to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. It was an awesome day with vibrant team spirit and healthy competition. The Swimming Carnival had great participation across all swimming events, fashions by the pool, novelties and dodgeball. It was great to see so many students competing in their house colours and having fun.

The new venue enhanced the excitement in the crowd and put more focus on the swimming. A big congratulations to the Blackwood Year 9’s who are on a winning streak at the moment, and to the Cottrell team who are dominating in the cheering and fashions. I was blinded by all the yellow and deafened by the continual cheering of the Rothwellians. The overall winners on the day were Kororoit with consistent results across all year levels and events.


A huge thank you to all the staff and student helpers who worked hard all day to make sure the day was a success. The inter-school team have now been selected and will represent Suzanne Cory at the Wyndham Region Carnival on February 27th, we have a team of 43 which is fantastic.

The Athletics Carnival is also fast approaching on March 1st. Students are busy getting prepared for the big day and I am certainly looking forward to seeing more SCHS talent on display.

Interschool Sport Update

This term is busy for inter-school sport we have teams going out for Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Netball, Lawn Bowls and golf. Goodluck to all these students competing!!!

Music Update

Music Program Update

It has been a great start to the year for the Music Program at SCHS. As we approach week five, all ensembles are up and running including Orchestra, Band, Choir, Drum Line and our some of our Chamber Music Ensembles. In matters of Staffing, we have a new Music Teacher to add to our team, Ms Emma Wu has joined us, and she will be our Singing teacher, and in the classroom, she will be teaching Year 9 Music and Year 9 Mathematics. We have a full calendar of exciting activities and concerts programmed for this year including Soirees, Concerts, Open Mic and excursions planned for our students. Students are welcome to register with me should they still wish to be involved with the Music Program.


Instrumental Music Lessons

Instrumental Music lessons have commenced some time ago and I am still receiving enquiries from student and parents about students receiving lessons. Due to unprecedented demand, some of our Instrumental Music Teaching areas have filled up quickly this year. If you have not as yet connected with an Instrumental Music Teacher for lessons, please come and see me in my office to try and organise this as soon as possible.


Mr. Tony Paye

Director of Music

Suzanne Cory High School
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