14 December 2017
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from the principal

This is love (featured at our end of year service video)

A celebration of love in our school and community.



Christmas Greetings

You will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.

Luke 2:12


Jesus, Teacher and Lord,

I give thanks for 2017 ... for all the positive moments and the excitement for learning that has been clearly evident.

For the talents and gifts that have been creatively shared… and the challenges that have been faced head on.

For the burdens that have been lifted and the hurts that have been healed.

For the respect and care that has been nurtured.

I give thanks for laughter and friendships.

For the faith that has been lived in our daily struggles.

For the hope that has lifted our hearts on the very dark days,

and for the love that has kept us going.

Lord,  I give thanks for the special community that is Good Shepherd Lutheran School.

Lord, last night we graduated the class of 2017.   I think especially of those families who, conclude their time at Good Shepherd Lutheran School.  I give thanks for their generosity, support and encouragement over their time with us.

Bless all families as we take our holidays - leave us at year's end Lord, with memories to cherish.

Pour out your love on us that we may return renewed and refreshed to continue our journey together. 

 Lord, inspire us through your spirit with hope and anticipation for 2018. Excite us to engage in the ongoing discovery of your love in and through our community.

In your name I pray.



May God give you all joy and peace this Christmas.


Graduation Awards

Many thanks to our Stage 4 students for leading worship last Friday.  Following chapel we acknowledged the contribution our graduating class has made to Good Shepherd and we celebrated the following achievements.

Visual Arts Awards: Jessica Hollitt and Amara Bos

Florey Creative Arts Award: Shannon Campbell

Physical Education Awards:  Jaiden Verrall, Zeid Jamal, Ayla Johnson, Tara Hobby

Languages Award:  Maddison Duns

English Awards:  Amara Bos, Molly Pearse, Rachel Kuhlmann, Stephanie Wybrow,

Mathematics Awards:  Jaiden Verrall, Stephanie Hansen, Amara Bos, Jessica Hollitt,  Zeid Jamal, Grace Mann, Bianca Wyatt, Heidi Hewetson, Shannon Campbell

Optimism Awards:  Bianca Wyatt, Jessica Hollitt, Ella Bussenschutt, Shannon Campbell, Ilona Howson, Stephanie Hansen, Taylor Hoeymakers, Tara Hobby, Maddison Duns, Rachel Kuhlmann, Stephanie Wybrow, Alyssa Williams

Love Awards:  Zeid Jamal,  Rachel Kuhlmann, Maddison Duns, Katelyn Kutija, Alyssa Williams, Trinity Kaesler, Ava Mitchel, Jaiden Verrall, Luke Donnelly, Finlay Thomas, Ilona Howson, Ayla Johnson


Also announced at our Closing Service were....

Principal's Award:  Maddison Duns

Spirit of Good Shepherd Award:  Shannon Campbell



School Captains 2018

We celebrate the appointment of our 2018 student leaders.

Captains:  Olivia Gregurev and Toby Hulme

Vice Captains:  Sarah Dunn and Jack Wake-Dyster

from the council chair

2017 Chair's Report

2017 has been another amazingly busy, productive and outstanding year of learning at Good Shepherd Lutheran School. I seek to offer a snapshot of the role, activities and initiatives undertaken by School Council over the last 12 months.  


Council members volunteer to ensure the effective governance of the school. All members are active Christians, sensitive and in-tune with our school values, and represent both Lutheran and other Christian denominations.  Councillors serve a three year term.  The Council collectively brings expertise and experience in governance, strategic planning, law, finance, spirituality, education and marketing to our decision making and policy direction.


Functions of the School Council consist of but are not limited to:-

  • act as a steward of the school, taking care and concern for the school, holding true the traditions and ethos of the school while and ensuring the school continues to grow and prosper
  • set the mission and values of the school (its identity)
  • approve the strategic priorities (direction) for the school
  • to be architects of the future
  • ensure there is a culture of ongoing improvement for the school, the principal and for itself
  • engage in oversight of risks in operation the school
  • ensure the schools accounts and procedures are audited in compliance with the law and procedures, and
  • approve policies that provide management with permission to act

In 2017, there has been enrolment growth, something for which we are truly blessed. We have done remarkably well to fill other vacancies, especially with some strong competition from other schools in the local area, especially in the middle years. At the time of writing this report we currently have 358 students.


The School has undertaken a significant facility development, and we are truly blessed with an innovative and unique STEM building with additional classrooms. The School Council was involved in the consultation of the $7.5 million School Redevelopment and the $2.5 million STEM Project which we have seen take shape in 2017, recently open and we look forward to seeing the commencement of in 2018. It is amazing that for such a small school, we have been able to manage and ensure such change and building growth- what an incredible, modern school our students are able to learn in. Future projects are being investigated and planned carefully. One development in late 2017 was that after a number of years of conversation, the School was able to formally enter a memorandum of understanding to successfully purchase the current ‘New Community Church’ and adjacent car park, which we know as our overflow car park each day on the corner of Montague Road and Dwight St. Purchase of this site ensures long term access and use of the car park, and Council and School Leadership will now undertake a thorough examination of a possible expansion of education services to include Early Learning.


Council has also consulted over numerous policies and procedures throughout the year which include Motor Vehicle use, Sport, Sunsmart, Enrolment, Excursion, Extreme Weather and Uniform policies. This is an essential and important process to ensure we are covering and managing adequate risks and procedures required for the smooth running of the school.


In 2017, School Council has undertaken a review of the School Improvement Plan and Learning Principles.


We have continued to maintain and develop strong partnerships throughout the year which include:

• Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

• Connected Schools

• Lutheran Education SA, NT & WA

• AISSA – The Association of Independent Schools of South Australia


It has been great to see more fantastic combined Church and School activities and a planning session about how we can establish greater links. This will remain a priority for our School Council and we look forward to future steps to stronger relationships within the Good Shepherd Community. On behalf of School Council, we thank the members of Good Shepherd Congregation for their ongoing support and prayers for the school. I look forward to ensuring that the Church and School relationship can continue to remain effective and further strengthened. It has been great to see Pastor Reid so actively and regularly involved within the School.


Connected Schools, continues to be a focus and it is great that students transitioning to Endeavour College continues to be high above 75%. There are many benefits of this partnership including staff professional learning, a joint Council meeting, Chapel service as well as many other school based activities. 


We are truly blessed with an amazing community. Many people contribute above and beyond to make our community such a vibrant one.


I am thankful for all Council members who volunteer much time each month at meetings and at other sub committees. We are fortunate that Council members govern the School and effectively offer an extremely diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experiences to strive to strengthen and build the School Community that you see today. The Council plays an important strategic role to set the direction and policy for the School and to continue to grow Good Shepherd whilst still feeling community warmth and sense of Christ centred education. 


Council Members in 2017

Matt Schmidt (Chairperson)

Ashley Schmidt (Vice Chairperson)

Bruce Campbell

Rebecca Crowe

Sonia Hulme

Matt Modra

Debbie Schubert

Paul Schultz

Shawn Zeppel

Pastor Reid Matthias (Pastor), David Wilksch (Principal), Garry Schwartz (Business Manager),

Bronwyn Holliday (Deputy Principal), Pauline Gilroy (Secretary).


I wish to acknowledge the efforts of Bruce Campbell who will complete three years of dedicated service to School Council. Bruce has also contributed to the Finance Team and his contributions and attention to detail have been valued.


We are fortunate to have all members continuing their terms on Council, and in 2018 we welcome Ashley Amaro to School Council. 


The School is extremely fortunate to attract a range of volunteers who assist with classroom activities, sporting teams, canteen duties, camps and excursions, fundraising and social activities and other tasks. We are thankful for those people who offer to be involved and create a vibrant school community. There have been a range of successful activities coordinated and offered including Wine and Cheese Night, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls for the students to purchase inexpensive gifts, Kid’s Disco, Aloha (School welcome event), Men and Minors camp and many more. Thanks for your contributions to our community, your efforts are appreciated and valued.


We have sought to continue to reduce the workload on a few people, and share the load amongst a broader range of enthusiastic parents each doing their own part to build our community with their talents seeking to reduce time commitments.



Good Shepherd is extremely fortunate to have a dedicated, caring and professional Staff Leadership team that continually promote respect and professionalism in our community.


  • I thank School Principal David Wilksch for his professionalism, creativity, leadership and sacrifice that he has given to leading this school. We are so appreciative of David’s outstanding leadership of our School.
  • Special thanks to Bronwyn Holliday for her extensive work as Deputy Principal and at times acting Principal (including term 2 while David was on leave), as well as her efforts on Council with policy development, and her ongoing dedicated service to the school community.
  • Thanks to Garry Schwartz for his amazing efforts as Business Manager, in effectively managing another major School building development and managing the School’s finances in a professional and efficient manner.
  • Karen Schoff as Director of Learning and Resources ensures that Good Shepherd has a range of modern academic learning programs that develop deeper learning skills through inquiry, personalised learning, creativity and critical thinking. 


We rejoice and thank our School staff, including our teachers, support officers and other administration staff. Collectively these passionate people inspire and contribute so much to our students and community. A special thanks to our dedicated teaching staff who enthusiastically motivate our students, and other school support staff who ensure the school runs so smoothly.


Our School’s vision ‘Active and Connected, Growing for LIFE’ is evident each day within our corridors, playground and community. We are truly blessed for the outstanding learning environments for our children. At the end of 2017, we will farewell some staff, and our Year 6 students off to a new journey at Secondary School. I hope you can look back with a sense of pride and love. To families whose formal contact with the School draws to a close, we thank you for your time with us and wish you every blessing for your new school, work and home environments. To these families, and for families, staff and students returning or starting at Good Shepherd in 2018, may God be with you as we approach the Christmas season and break to refresh for 2018.


I treat my role as Chairperson of the school as a privilege and important responsibility to continue to ensure a vibrant School community. 2017 has been another special year in the life of our school. I thank God for his continued love and blessings he has shown for our staff, our students and the wider community that make Good Shepherd a special place that promotes our vision and values. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas for our community.


Matt Schmidt

School Council Chairperson 2017

news and information

Starting in 2018

Book Collection Day

Books may be collected between 8.00am and 3.00pm on Tuesday, 23rd January. 

If you are unable to pickup books, you may send a friend, neighbour, other school family or grandparent to do this on your behalf.  Books must be covered and labelled as per the instructions with your book pack and brought to school on the first day of term.


Uniform Shop

The uniform shop will be open between 8.00am and 3.00pm on Tuesday 23rd January.


School Resumes

School begins on Wednesday, 31st January for students in Stages 2 - 4.  Parents are welcome and invited to attend the opening Chapel service at 9.00am.


Foundation Students

Teachers will be making home visits between 31st January and 6th February, with our Stage 1 students beginning school on Thursday 8th February.


Back to School Worship

On Sunday, 4th February at the 10.30am service at Good Shepherd, Pastor Reid will be hosting a 'Back to School' celebration.  All school families are welcome to attend.

Term 4 Chapel

Lutheran Community Care welcomed our donations for their Christmas Hampers!  As well as the generous donations of food, books and toys, we have collected $571.70 from Chapel offerings during Term 4.  Thanks to all families who have contributed in helping families less fortunate.

Christmas Service Times

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church:

Christmas Eve:  5.00pm - Children and family service

Christmas Eve:  6.30pm and 8.00pm - Carols and message

Christmas Day:  9.30am - Celebration service


Golden Grove Lutheran Church:

Christmas Eve:  7.00pm - Candlelight, readings and carols

Christmas Day:  9.30am - Celebration service


Tea Tree Gully Lutheran Church:

Christmas Eve:  9.00am - service with Holy Communion

Christmas Eve:  7.00pm - Readings and carols

Christmas Day:  9.00am - Celebration service


Mawson Lakes Community Church:

Christmas Eve:  7.30pm - Readings and carols

Christmas Day:  9.00am - Celebration service


St Paul Lutheran Church, Blair Athol:

Christmas Eve:  7:00pm  - Readings and carols 

Christmas Day:  9:30am - Carols with Holy Communion



To Stephanie (4 Di) who competed in the South Australian State Open Water Swimming Championships in the 1.25km event last weekend.  Stephanie came first in her age group, and finished 3rd overall. 

Well done Stephanie!


Cricket Result

5/6 Senior Cricket

We played our last game against Kings and sent them in after winning the toss.  We maintained a tight bowling line and restricted our opposition to 66 runs taking 6 wickets.  Jaiden taking 2 wickets and single wickets to Riley, Jaxon, Alby and Adrian. 

All our batsmen made a contribution to the score with good running between the wickets and some good hits both sides of the wicket.  We ended with 99 runs and only lost 2 wickets, which was our lowest number for the year.  Jaxon top scored with 23, Alby made 18 and Riley made 13.

Well done boys on a great year only losing 1 match and great team spirit and encouragement shown throughout.  Thanks also to Mr Hulme for organising the BBQ which was enjoyed by both teams.

Simon Janetzki (Coach)

Netball Results

U9 GS Champs

The Good Shepherd Champs had a great finish to the year with an excellent game against Keithcott. All girls played really well, with some really fast passages of play, excellent shooting and defending - an outstanding finish to a really positive season. The girls have all improved so much individually and as a team, and importantly have developed a love for the game, excellent team skills, and all have enhanced skills of throwing, catching, shooting, defending and game play.

A special thanks to Karen Bloffwitch who has been sensational as Team Manager, thanks to Sarah Brockhurst and Jason Bloffwitch for helping, and to all parents who have helped support their daughter and our awesome team.

Thanks for a really enjoyable end of season break up and the really cool presents! Keep practising your skills for an even more enjoyable 2018.

Matt Schmidt (Coach)


Basketball Results

U10 GS Rockets

It’s been a great 2017 Rockets, you have been a fun and energetic bunch! A big thank you to our Team Manager, Belinda, for keeping us organised all year. To the parents, thank you for your support and smiling faces week after week. 

The biggest thanks goes to this fantastic team of players!

Kylie Foskett (Coach)



diary dates

Diary Dates


       23 January     Book Collection

       23 January     Uniform Shop open

       31 January     Term 1 begins (Stages 2 - 4)

        4 February     Back to School worship service

        7 February     LLL banking resumes

        8 February     Stage 1 students begin

      12 February     Music lessons resume

      24 February     GSPV Circus Carnival 2018


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