Lilydale High School News

19 December 2017
Issue 19
Lilydale High School
9735 5644
25 Melba Ave
Lilydale, VIC, 3140



Monday 18 to Thursday 21

End of Year Program


Thursday 21 

Year 7 Awards Assembly - 9 am

Year 8 Awards Assembly - 10.50 am


Friday 22

End of Term 4




Term 1    30 January to 29 March 

Term 2     16 April to 29 June
Term 3     16 July to 21 September
Term 4      8 October to 21 December


Monday 29 January

Teachers RETURN


Tuesday 30  January

Year 7 students START

VCE students START


Wednesday 31 January

Year 8 student START

Year 9 and 10 students START


Wednesday 31 January to Friday 2 February

Year 12 Retreat 


Monday 5

School Photo Day


Wednesday 14

School Photo Catch-Up Day


Monday 25

School Swimming Carnival (TBC)


The following calendars are also available on our school website homepage from the News and Events tab;

  • Whole School Calendar
  • Junior School Calendar
  • Middle School Calendar
  • Senior School Calendar
  • Sports Calendar 





Valedictory Dinner Farewell class of 2017

On Tuesday December 5th, we farewelled the class of 2017 with a spectacular dinner at the Peninsula Docklands.  Over 1100 guests were in attendance with many awards being presented to our students.


The student leaders; Brenton, Lana, Abbey and Will spoke about the year just gone and their six years of schooling and what had been achieved.


The Valedictorians, Johanna and Nick gave a heartfelt farewell speech on behalf of the year level.


We are incredibly proud of all of our students and how they came together to be a group of young people who cared for each other through the years.


Thank you to everyone who made the trek out to the Docklands and particularly to Head of Senior School, Cathy Drury and her team Caitlin Wiles, Mark Beatson, Jonathan Bleakley, Cassie Knight and Katie Wilson for their work in organising such an enormous event.

Orientation Day

Our 2018 Year 7 students joined us on Tuesday December 12 for the annual Orientation Day. They were able to meet with their teachers and classmates to engage in a range of activities and become familiar with their new school.


We welcome them and their families to our school community and look forward to a very successful association with Lilydale High.

Visit - Minister for Education, James Melino

Last Friday, Minister for Education and Deputy Premier James Merlino dropped by to congratulate our Year 12 students on some great results. It was a very exciting morning with many of our high achievers present to speak with the Minister and the media.


Thanks to everyone who came along, including the very proud parents, and congratulations to our class of 2017 for some outstanding results.


A year in review

Looking back over the past 12 months through the newsletter archives, it became very obvious that we achieved a great deal as a school and school community.


To everyone who has contributed to the ongoing success of Lilydale High School, I would like to say a very big thank you for your endeavours and commitment, it is very much appreciated.


To those who are leaving us, I wish you good health and happiness always and to those who will return next year, I look forward to even greater improvements to ensure our students are given every opportunity to be successful.


Please have a very happy and safe festive season, see you in 2018!

Wendy Powson



Students EXITING 2017

Parents and Guardians of students who are exiting Lilydale High School at the end of this year are required to complete and return an Exit Form to the Administration Office.


Students in Years 10 to 12 will be required to have a MIPs Exit Interview with a MIPs/Careers Counsellor prior to exiting. 


School Reports

Once students are removed from current student records at the school, their REPORTS can NO LONGER be accessed via the Parent Portal (Compass).   Parents and Guardians are advised to print/download and save the reports for future reference.

Parent Payments 2018

The Lilydale High School Council has determined the parent payment for 2018 as follows:


discount of $30.00 per student will apply to all parent payments paid in full on or before 28 February 2018.    The discount will not apply if only the locker/service fees are paid.


The school will accept instalments up until 28 February 2018 for parents to still be eligible for the discount.  


Year 7

Parent Payment - $380

Total Payment Locker/Service Fee - $65

Total Payment - $445

Discounted Payment by 28 Feb 2018 - $415


Years 8 - 10

Parent Payment - $380

Total Payment Locker/Service Fee - $55

Total Payment - $435

Discounted Payment by 28 Feb 2018 - $405


Year 11 and 12

Parent Payment - $400

Total Payment Locker/Service Fee - $60

Total Payment - $460

Discounted Payment by 28 Feb 2018- $430

Lost Property

The School Office has a number of lost property items of school uniform and other clothing items.


If your student has lost an item of clothing please ask them to check lost property by Wednesday 20 December.  After this date all unclaimed property will be disposed of.


Students should also check that all lost property is collected from the Sub School Offices.



Booklists 2018

Booklists for 2018 are available on the school website homepage.  


Lilydale Books Trading Hours

Monday to Friday - 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday - CLOSED


Second Hand Books

Lilydale Books commenced accepting second hand books from Monday 13 November, 2017.


Monday 8 January, 2018 will be the last day books are accepted (until the following year).


Parents can only collect money for their second hand books from Monday 12 February, 2018.

School Uniform 


Uniform requirements are available through LOWES our official uniform supplier


Commencing February 2018 – NEW girls school shorts with logo will be available from Lowes.  Cost $46.99.


Uniforms can be purchased ONLINE by clicking the link below;


General Office Hours January 2018

The School Office will REOPEN on Monday 29 January, 8.15 am to 4.15 pm.





7.48 Art activity

Steamworks mural - clay cogs making.

Cathie Young


'Found Poetry' in the Library

Students were asked to make a poem out of one page,  ripped out from a book.   They then had to  circle the words they wanted to keep and blackout the words they weren't using.

Sanja Stapar


Students were immersed in Indonesian and French culture on Monday 11 December, during the Languages End of Year Program.


Some learnt how to play Pétanque which is a “form of boules where the goal is to toss or roll hollow steel balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (literally "piglet") or jack, while standing inside a circle with both feet on the ground”. 


Other students learnt Indonesian dances, Poco-poco and Dinding Badinding, from Ibu Iva, the Indonesian Language Assistant. Dinding Badinding is a dance with very complicated moves, yet the students performed admirably to remember the steps.


Shadow puppets were made using the pattern of two traditional figures from the wayang kulit (shadow puppet) plays performed in many parts of Indonesia.


Making puppets





Learning Indonesian dance with Ibu Iva

Sharon Stoyanoff


Last Friday, Year 7 students and Ms Barr made a huge skyscraper using Geo-shapes. 


What a wonderful way to build 21st century life skills of communication and collaboration using Mathematics! 

Julie Colyer


Photo: End of Year Program Wsyang puppets

Languages in 2018 at Lilydale High School

Year 7 students studying Indonesian next year in Year 8, are reminded to KEEP their Saya Bisa 1 Textbook and Workbook for 2018.


If a student has lost their books, they are required to replace them with new books. Lilydale Books will have copies of both of these books.


Year 7 students studying French in Year 8 will have a new textbook and workbook – Quoi de Neuf 2.


Payment for the 2018 subscription for Education Perfect can be made at Lilydale Books. Education Perfect is a requirement for students of French and Indonesian and forms a major part of the homework requirement for Languages.


The students of French will be fortunate to have a French Language Assistant working with them during 2018. Mélodie will be at Lilydale High School for two days per week.

Farewell Ibu Iva

It has been delightful to have had the privilege to work with Ibu Iva, our Indonesian Language Assistant, during 2017.


It is the first time that LHS has had an Indonesian assistant as part of the Department’s Languages Assistant Program and Iva has worked well with both staff and students.


Her friendly disposition has enabled students to develop a strong rapport with her and Ibu Iva has shared many aspects of her experience living in Indonesia with the students.


We will all miss you, Ibu Iva, and we hope that your stay in Lilydale has been an exciting experience despite the “four seasons in one day”.


Host families urgently required

There is still a need for host families for four girls from our partner school in France.


The group arrive on the evening of Sunday 18 February and depart on Wednesday 7 March.


If you can help, please contact Sharon Stoyanoff or Kristy Mays as soon as possible.

Sharon Stoyanoff

Head of Languages


Year 7 Science

As part of their Term 4 assessment, the students of 7.56 Science undertook a consumer investigation to determine which liquid hand soap was the best.


With some assistance, they identified a range of tests that they would like to complete. These tests were focussed on how many bubbles were produced, the cost of the product, it's stickiness, it's smell and effectiveness to clean hands.


The students were then required to identify the materials they would need and write a method on the best ways to carry out each of the tests.


Through the completion of these tests, the students were able to gather data, discuss their results and then form a conclusion of which liquid hand wash was the best.


From the consumer investigation, the students ranked the liquid hand soaps.


1st place

Coles Nourishing Milk and Honey Hand Wash (12 points).


2nd / 3rd place

Thankyou Foaming Hand Wash Botanical Red Ginger & Blood Orange and Palmolive Naturals Softening Aloe Vera & Chamomile Liquid Hand Wash (9 points).

Kellie Schroen

Robots and Dancing

So you think you can Dance Nao final at Scienceworks!


On Sunday 12 November,  3 of our extremely Tech savvy students were invited to the 'Dance Off' (State Championships) at the Robotica Festival, Scienceworks in Spotswood.


Some of the most capable computer programming students in the state were in attendance and competed against each other.


The task was to program a small computer controlled robot to complete a series of dance moves.  Students had 1 hour to program their robot and then a 'Dance Off' for first prize (only prize).


Unfortunately, we did not win the contest, but in my opinion, we would have probably got second. Then again, I might be a bit biased.


Stuart Morrow, Zeke Hatfield and Brandon Graupner were very impressive ambassadors for our school and impressed not only the organisers but also a group of advanced computing and robotics students in their final year at RMIT, whilst talking to them later at an advanced Robotics demonstration.


The boys prior to the contest.

The robot about to do some disco moves; the envy of John Travolta.  Congratulations and well done boys.

Garry Bennett


Instrumental Music News

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for doing their AMEB Exams last Saturday,9 December.  Well done on achieving excellent results.

  • Jessica Clark - Year 10
  • Rebecca Clark - Year 8
  • Emily Gerdes - Year 8
  • Gabby Bassett - Year 9
  • Lily Black - Year 9
  • Valentina Aloysius - Year 7
  • Tobi Phillips - Year 8
  • Ashleigh Damen - Year 9
  • Darcy Lloyd - Year 8
  • Hannah Slattery - Year 9


A BIG THANK YOU to the LHS Band and Rookie Band for performing at the Year 7 Orientation Day on Wednesday 12 December.  Both bands performed exceptionally well. 


There will be re-enrollment forms for Instrumental Music students on Compass before the end of the year, for students continuing in 2018. 

Year 9 & 10 Awards Assemblies 

Congratulations to the following students who received awards (Trophy or certificate) for Music at the Year 9 and 10 Awards Assemblies;


Year 10 

Jay Kogler - High Achievement on Piano

Jessica Polhill - Excellence on Piano

Jessica Clark - Excellence on Flute

Alex Mayne - Band Devotion  

Aaron Noronha - Band Devotion  

Nick Rowe - Band Devotion  

Jess Clark - Band Devotion  

Rachael Erdody - Band Devotion 

Jonah Phillips - Performance Excellence on Trombone 

Dylan Dent - Performance Excellence on Tenor Saxophone

Caitlyn O’Halloran - Infectious Enthusiasm on  Guitar

Ashlee Gotsche - Infectious Enthusiasm on Bass Guitar

Kelsey Wade - Outstanding Performance on Guitar

Paris James - Excellence in Performance Voice


Year 9

Tayla Shearer - Excellence on Voice

Rachael Erdody - Excellence on Bass Guitar

Gabby Bassett - Excellence on Clarinet

Maggie Leslie - High Achievement on Drums

Hannah Slattery - Band Devotion  

Ashleigh Damon - Band Devotion  

Neo Silfavan - Band Devotion  & Positive Attitude

Lily Black - Performance Excellence on Clarinet

Alan Zavaleta-Lopez - Encouragement on Guitar

Kate McAlister

Instrumental Music Coordinator


Year 8 Boys Super 8 Cricket Champions

MILO T20 Blast Cricket Final 

Well done to our Year 8 Cricket team for WINNING the Super 8 State Cricket Championships on Thursday 30 November.


Playing at the MCG, Lilydale defeated Caulfield Grammar 158 to 137 in the Grand-Final.


Over 70 teams entered the competition and Lilydale went through each of the preliminary rounds undefeated.


The team consisted of;

  • Gilbert Harries - Co-Captain
  • Phoenix Beck - Co-Captain
  • Joel Proctor
  • Noah Adkins
  • Harry Nyhuis
  • Blake Sparkes
  • Noah Hoare
  • Kynan Jones
  • Daniel Coutts


Australian Schools Basketball Championships

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the EIS Basketball Boys who have taken out GOLD in Under 17 Division 2.


The team of Darcy Fisher, Jamie Gray, Sam Westh, Lochie Johnson, Cayden Maki, Connor Walker and Riley Spicer beat Cheltenham SC in the final 77 to 55.


The game was hard fought, with the lead hanging around the 6 to 10 point mark for most of the game until the final 5 minutes.


Cheltenham threatened at different stages to take over the game however,  the boys managed to control the tempo through some big shots and came up with important stops when needed.


Cayden Maki started the game on fire, scoring 15 points in the first quarter to help build a little lead for the team. He went on to finish with 18 points, also playing some great defence along the way.


Riley Spicer had the tough job of guarding one of Victoria’s best junior players and did an amazing job to keep him under control. He also created some great offense through attacking the basket, made some big shots at different stages of the game and finished with 18 points.


Lochie Johnson controlled the game from point guard position and did not let his defensive assignment get up a shot. He contributed on offense with 8 points.


Jamie Gray positioned himself well on both offense and defence to assist the team and contributed on the scoreboard with 8 points.


Darcy Fisher and Sam Westh were both very good off the bench; keeping their players in control on defence and helping the offense run smoothly.


Connor Walker was massive on the rebounds, not letting Cheltenham ever have a second chance point and cleaning up on any missed shots on the offensive end. He finished with 27 points.


An amazing effort by the boys who all improved significantly as a team as the week went on. Very deserving gold medallists.


Alister Stuart



Photo: Steamworks Christmas lights are the best! #wifilights.

Digitech Startup Initiative Grant

Great news for Steamworks, LHS has been approved for a Digitech grant to purchase robotics and future classroom tech.


We are going to buy a class set of Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics kits and a class set of Circuit Scribe Electronics.


Future workplace skills will be boosted even further for our students with these new tools in the classroom!


Our mentor students @ Steamworks are very excited to get their hands on the new tech when it arrives, so they can roll out training to both staff and students.


Term 4 @Steamworks

 Hot wings eating challenges V2.0!

Grade 6  Orientation Day design challenge.  Some great teamwork on display!

Holiday goals!

Christmas bridge designed by students  in 8.27

Peter Paladinos alien creation, for Year 7 Science Crash-landed unit.

Year 9 Coding and 'Design Shark Tank' presentation.  Well done boys!


Thank you!

Thanks to all the staff and students who came to Steamworks this year and helped make it a more exciting, supportive and growth filled place.  


Lookout 2018, here we come!!

Tony Vallance

Steam Coordinator


Supper Club Graduation
Time to celebrate!

Friday 8 December - Lunchtime

The Supper Club began last year as a small collaborative project between myself, Eleni Stavrou, a Junior School Coordinator and Rob Webb in Student Services. The program has grown this year and it now involves boys from Year 8 all the way through to Year 11.


The aim of the program is to engage boys in a fun, interactive and meaningful way. Working with the boys helps them to feel a connectedness to Lilydale High School Highthat is not necessarily achievable in the regular classroom environment.


I have built the most wonderful relationships with the boys, working with them week after week; deciding on recipes, ordering food, preparing meals and serving culinary delights to the staff and students.


In particular, Daniel Sultana and Brie Somerville have demonstrated a fierce commitment to the program, and it would not have run as successfully and smoothly if it weren’t for their weekly dedication and passion. I am eternally grateful to them for being role models in the kitchen and supporting the younger boys to be their best self!


I look forward to another year of delicious food and positive relationships with engaged students and passionate cooks.


Eleni Stavrou


Melbourne Gun Club

The year has now drawn to a close for interschool competition at the Melbourne Gun Club.   


Mr Box and I would like to take this  opportunity to thank all of the students who have been attending the club after school to improve  their skills and generally have an enjoyable time.  All students have demonstrated a very pleasing improvement in skills as the year has progressed. 


During this year, we have had a number of students from all year levels come along and join our group of eager sports people. 



A couple of weeks ago, Bethany and Olivia from Year 7 came along for the first time and broke a high percentage of the clay targets, despite having never used a shotgun previously.  They both showed some natural ability in this sporting area and we are hopeful that they may become regulars next year.


If students have any interest in trying this sport, they can approach either Mr Bennett or Mr Box and we will gladly explain what the requirements are to attend in future. 


A reminder, our first interschool contest for 2018 will come around fairly quickly.  It is scheduled for Thursday 3  May. 




Students  must  have a junior shooters licence to compete in this event.


Have a Merry Xmas and a very pleasant break and we will see you back next year.


Garry Bennett and Andrew Box


Martial Arts Therapy Program

For the past eight Mondays, we've taken a group of students from Years 7, 8 and 9  to Bukido Karate School to participate in a Martial Arts Therapy Program run by Craig 'The Pit Bull' Cole.  Craig is one of the stars of Warzone Wrestling Australia.


The purpose of this program is to develop skills in Social and Self Awareness and Management. This includes; recognising emotions and personal qualities, developing discipline and resilience, working collaboratively and learning to resolve conflict.


The eight-week program concluded last week with the participants putting all the martial arts skills they'd learnt to the test in a board-breaking challenge.


The students should be proud of themselves for their enthusiasm and persistence throughout the program.

Robert Webb

Second Hand Items

Uniform and Books

Thank you to all those families who have made uniform and book donations to Student Services this year. We are able to pass these on to many grateful families.


Between now and Wednesday 20 December, if you are able to donate school uniform items or current books (Booklists on the school website) it would be be greatly appreciated.  


Girls Uniform

School logo printed maroon windcheater or maroon jumper

School approved college grey slacks

Box pleated tartan skirt (knee length or below)

Light frock-school check

White polo shirt with school logo

LHS weatherproof jacket


Boys Uniform

School logo printed maroon windcheater or maroon jumper

School approved college grey slacks

Mid-grey tailored shorts

White polo shirt with school logo

LHS weatherproof jacket


Physical Education Uniform 

Navy coolmesh shorts with school logo 

Navy polo top with school logo 

Tracksuit pants navy microfibre with school logo


PASE Uniform

Navy coolmesh shorts with Logo

Navy polo top with school logo

Tracksuit pants navy microfibre with school logo

Breakfast Club Fridays!

On Friday mornings we run Breakfast Club, where we provide food, drinks and fun activities before school.


We are privileged to have support from a group of enthusiastic volunteers from Discovery Community Care. They are great mentors who engage and support our students, whilst working frantically to keep up with the demand of our hungry students.


To celebrate the end of term, we cooked hundreds of pancakes on the Junior School deck for our Year 7's and 8's. We used nearly 8 kilos of flour, three dozen eggs and many litres of milk!



Jane Robbins and Robert Webb

Student Wellbeing Coordinators​


VET 2018

Most students completing a VET subject in 2018 attended a VET Orientation session on Wednesday 6 December.


Students were informed about the requirements of their particular course and in some instances were required to complete important enrolment paperwork.


Students who missed this session are required to contact the course provider directly and obtain any work or information that they may have missed.


ATAR, Change of Preferences and where to find HELP?

From Friday 15 December, Year 12 students will be able find out their VCE results via SMS and online.


Once students have their ATAR results, they may wish to add, remove or change preferences until Wednesday 20 December at 12noon.


There is lots of HELP during this time if students need to change their preferences. Universities and TAFEs have a number of different ways in which students can contact them, ranging from Open days, to phone hotlines, live chats on their websites, Facebook pages and in person with course advisors.  A full list of where to find help at this time is now available for students on the Year 12 Facebook page.


The Careers Office is available for Year 12 students from Friday 15 – Wednesday 20 December at 12noon.  As this is a busy time, bookings are recommended. Please call 9735 5644.


Students can also access help online, via the Year 12 Facebook page.

Youth Central

About 80% of all job vacancies are not advertised, so it is crucial that you market yourself to businesses with an excellent resume and cover letter.


Make sure you tell as many people as possible that you are looking for work, as often, employers rely on ‘word of mouth’ to recruit for their positions.


For excellent job seeking tips, check out the resources at Victoria Youth Central;

Youth Central is the Victorian Government's website for young people aged 12-25, filled to overflowing with great information and articles about;

Access Education Summer School

Deakin University 

Burwood Campus

Monday 22  to  Thursday 25 January, 2018


The Access Education Summer School program is a unique opportunity for students studying Units 3 & 4 to experience university life while preparing for the demands of the VCE year ahead.


The format of the program is that extensive and detailed 3 ¼ hour VCE preparation lectures will be given, and subject specific study notes prepared by the lecturer will also be made available.


The presenters have been chosen for their extensive knowledge, communication abilities and passion for their subject.


Subjects on offer are; 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Further Maths
  • Health & Human Development
  • Legal Studies
  • Maths Methods
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO VCE SUCCESS - The most essential lecture that anyone attending either Year 11 or 12 in 2018 must attend

To find out more or to download a brochure for this program, visit the website below;


Neap Summer Lectures

Wednesday 10  to Saturday 20 January, 2018

Victoria University

(Flinders Street Campus)


Get a head start on your VCE! The aims of the Neap Summer Lectures are to give students a head start on topics and concepts from the Units 3/4 course for each subject and to revise key concepts from Units 1 and 2 that form an essential base for each subject.


There is also an emphasis on helping students understand each subject’s assessment criteria, 

strategies and problem-solving.   


Exam techniques will also be a focus, so that students can further develop these skills throughout the semester as they work towards their exams.


Each student also receives comprehensive lecture notes.


Subjects on offer include;

  • Accounting
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Specialist Maths
  • Strategies for Success in VCE
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Maths Methods
  • Biology

To find out more about the 2018 program. pleaes visit the website below;


Tim Kogelman and Craig Harris

Careers Coordinators


Photo: Year 8 Camp


Monday 18 December

End of Year Program (18 to 21)


Thursday 21 December

Year 7 Awards Assembly - 9.00 am

Year 8 Awards Assembly - 10.50 am


Friday 22 December

End of Term 4


Monday 29 January

Teachers START


Tuesday 30 January

Year 7 students START


Wednesday 1 January

Year 8 students START


Monday 5 February

School Photo Day


Wednesday 14 February

School Photo Catch-Up Day


Monday 25 February

School Swimming Carnival (TBC)

Junior School NEWS

The final week of school is here.  All assessment tasks have been completed and the End of Year Program continues this week.


The Year 8 Anglesea camps were held last week.  The Year 8 team and students couldn’t have asked for better weather for the final camp of the year. 


Year 7 & 8 Academic Excellence & Endeavour Awards

It was a fantastic end to the year with over 100 Year 7 students and over 80 Year 8 students receiving 5 or more Academic Excellence and Endeavour awards in their subjects in Semester 2.


Excellence in learning is something that is highly valued here at Lilydale High School and we congratulate all the students who achieved academic success and excellence in any of their subjects in Semester 2.


We encourage you all to approach 2018 with dedication and vigour towards your studies, with the aim to improve and strive forward in your learning.

Year 7 & 8 Awards Assemblies

Thursday 21 December is the Junior School Awards Assembly.  The Year 7 Awards starting at 9am and Year 8 Awards starting at 10.50 am.


Any parents who may be attending on the day, we ask that Year 7 parents meet at the Main office at 8.45 am and Year 8 parents to meet at the Main office at 10:40 am.


Can all students please ensure lockers are cleared out by the final day of term.


The locker bays are going to be cleaned out and refurbished over the holidays and we need to make sure there is no equipment, books or uniform left behind.


2018 Year 9 Elective Subjects

Year 8 students will find out their elective subjects  on Thursday 21 December.


Year 8 parents and guardians wanting to complete their child's booklist order for 2018 can do so for the core subjects; English, Maths, Science, Core Physical Education and Humanities- Geography, History, Economics.


The elective subjects usually only require basic resources (exercise book, display folder). There are no textbooks for any elective subject.


PLEASE NOTE - Changes to subjects will be considered in the second week of full classes next year.  A 'Change of Subject Form' will be required to be completed and signed by a parent/guardian.  This form will be available on Compass next year.


Please note, not all changes will be possible due to course requirements and student numbers in classes.

Unapproved Absences

Please assist us to fulfil our legal obligations and approve any outstanding absences your child may have on COMPASS for 2017.  Thank you.

Congratulations and THANK YOU!

On behalf of the entire Junior School team we would like to congratulate everyone on a fantastic year.


To our Year 7s, well done on completing your first year of high school.  To our Year 8’s well done on progressing through Junior School, we wish you the best of luck in your move up to Middle School.


Again, a massive thank you and congratulations from everyone in the Junior School Coordination team.  We wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to seeing everyone return in 2018.


Matthew Nicholls, Sarah Redgewell, 

 Jeremy Neumann, Stephanie McLachlan,

Andrew Rogers, Andrew Box,

 Katie Hunter, Eleni Stavrou

Kerrie O'Rourke and Kerri Skewes




Photo: Year 10 Awards Assembly



Year 10 camp DEPOSIT $250 DUE


Friday 22 December

End of Term 4


Monday 29 January

Teachers START


Wednesday 31 January

Year 9 and 10 students START


Monday 5 February

School Photo Day


Wednesday 14 February

School Photo Catch-Up Day


Monday 25 February

School Swimming Carnival (TBC)

Awards Assemblies

Year 10

Thursday 14 December, Period 1 


Year 9

Friday 15 December, Period 1


Congratulations to Year 10 and 9 students who received awards and certificates for 2017.



  • 2017 Year 10 Captains - Connor Walker and Molly Nyhuis
  • 2018 Year 11 Captains – Benson Rountree and Chloe Saunders
  • Instrumental Music Awards
  • Sports Awards
  • Maths Awards
  • Kwong Lee Dow  Young Scholars Program – Jessica Polhill
  • Long Tan Defence Force Award – Molly Nyhuis
  • Outstanding Attendance – 100% Whole Year
  • VCE Subject Awards
  • Academic Excellence & Endeavour in – 4 to 6 subjects
  • Female Student of the Year – Jessica Polhill
  • Male Student of the Year – Jonah Phillips
  • Denise Young Citizenship Award – Taryn Bourke
  • Principal’s Award – Matthew Feakes

Sports Awards

  • Intermediate Boys AFL – Jarrod Gilbee
  • Intermediate Boys Basketball – Cayden Maki
  • Intermediate Boys Netball – Jarrod Gilbee
  • Intermediate Boys Soccer – Oliver Young
  • Intermediate Girls Soccer – Katelyn Ruehmer
  • Intermediate Boys Tennis – Seb Villarreal
  • Intermediate Boys Table Tennis – Ricky Williams
  • Intermediate Girls Table Tennis – Jazz Scagnetti

Overall Year 10 Male Champion

Jarrod Gilbee


Overall Year 10 Female Champion

Lily Peacock


  • 2017  Year 9 Captains - Reuben Watson-Low and Keira OConnor  
  • 2018 Year 10 Vice Captains - Ethan Carroll and Lily Black
  • 2018 Year 10 Captains - Corey Waite and Tameka Fossey
  • Music Awards
  • Sports Awards
  • Maths Awards
  • Outstanding Attendance - 100% Whole Year
  • Academic Excellence & Endeavour in -  7 to 10 subjects
  • Male Student of the Year -  Derek Villaceran
  • Female Student of the Year - Georgia Laven
  • Principals Award -Ryan Thrall

Sports Awards

  • Intermediate Girls AFL – Kara Oakley-Smith
  • Intermediate Boys Badminton – Jarrad Teklenburg
  • Intermediate Girls Badminton – Riley Jones
  • Intermediate Girls Basketball – Charli McMahon
  • Intermediate Girls Netball – Gemma Langdon
  • Intermediate Girls Tennis – Lily Black

Overall Year 9 Male Champion

Brodie Atkins


Overall Year 9 Female Champion

Georgia Laven

At the completion of both assemblies, in a final Home Group Assembly, students received certificates for Attendance (Whole Year and Semester 2 – 98% and above), certificates for Academic Excellence & Endeavour and the school Salamander.

2018 Year 10 Subjects

Ccourse subject codes and descriptions for Year 9 students are now available on the windows of the MIDDLE SCHOOL OFFICE.


Students will be required to take a copy of their course allocation (including the code descriptions) for purchasing of books from the Year 10 Booklist.


Changes to subjects will be considered in the second week of full classes next year


A 'Change of Subject Form' will be required to be completed and signed by a parent/guardian. This form will be available on Compass next year.


Please note, not all changes will be possible due to course requirements and student numbers in classes.

2018 Year 10 Central Australia Camp

Deposit $250 due - Wednesday 20 December on COMPASS or at the School Office.


Total Cost of Camp: $1,450.00 - This includes transport (coach, airfare), camping and entrance fees and most meals.


Full camp information was emailed to all parents/guardians and students on Tuesday 28 November.  


Lost Property Items

Students are reminded to check  'Lost Property' held in the Middle School Office by Wednesday 20 December.  Items not collected by this date will be disposed of.


Happy Holidays

The Middle School Coordination Team, would like to wish all students and families, a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Elizabeth Nevins, Daniel Toma,

Dianna Moore,  Tyler Phillips, John Box,

Michael Bourne, Riana Asta, Amy Walton

and Lauren Kelso




Monday 29 January

Teachers START


Tuesday 30 January

VCE students START


Wednesday 1 to Friday 30 February

Year 12 Retreat


Monday 5 February

School Photo Day


Wednesday 14 February

School Photo Catch-Up Day


Monday 25 February

School Swimming Carnival (TBC)


2017 Valedictory Dinner

Tuesday 5 December

The  Valedictory Dinner was a spectacular evening!  Almost twelve hundred people braved the city traffic to arrive at ‘The Peninsula’ in stunning attire for an evening of entertainment and celebrations.


Captains regaled stories of years gone by.  Music students wowed their audiences as usual and many enjoyed a groove on the dance floor later in the evening.  Between all this, students were recognised for their achievements throughout the year and received their graduation package and handshake. 


Congratulations to all our award winners, especially ‘Everard Environmental Award’ winner Ualani Miller and our 2017  Valedictorians; Nicholas Reid and Johanna Dobson, both of whom spoke with class and distinction.


Thank you to all who played a part in making the night a success, especially Caitlin Wiles who spent hours ensuring the smooth running of the evening.


The VCE team would also like to thank parents, guardians, family, friends, students and staff who attended.


Congratulations and all the very best to our '2017 Graduates'.



Year 12 2017 VCAA Results

VCE Results and ATARs were released to students at 7am, Friday 15 December, 2017.


The Careers Office is available for Year 12 students from Friday 15 December to Wednesday 20 December, 12 noon. 


So please drop into school, message or call Careers if you require assistance.

Week 1 Arrangements 2018

VCE students will be starting 2018 on Tuesday 30 January. 


Year 12 students will then be attending the Year 12 Retreat at Deakin University from Wednesday 1 to Friday 3 February. 


Any Year 12 student not attending the  retreat will still be required at school those days.  


Queries regarding the retreat should be forwarded to the VCE Coordination team.


Year 11 classes will run as usual all week.

Merry Christmas

The VCE Coordination Team, would like to wish all students and families, a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.


Cathy Drury, Katie Wilson

Mark Beatson, Jonathan Bleakley, 

Caitlyn Wiles, Cassie Knight

  and Jenny McLean





Have a HAPPY and SAFE holiday from the staff at Lilydale High School.



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