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13 March 2020
Issue Eighteen
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Principal's Message

Welcome to Week 8

Our school is receiving many phone calls from concerned parents regarding the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19).   Then Department Of Education (DoE) have a comprehensive plan in place to manage the  situation as it unfolds. The DoE are closely monitoring events, and working collaboratively across the Department to ensure that when an issue arises we can respond rapidly, working hand-in-hand with NSW Health and other relevant organisations.  The link below is frequently updated and I encourage all parent and carers to follow the link for any additional information.


Congratulations to our wonderful students who competed at the Zone Swimming Carnival. Mr Stephens and Mrs Cid Pinkas reported to me that our Brooke Avenue Public School students were fantastic; all cheering on their teammates and congratulating each other for their successes and effort. It has been great to see some of our children proudly wearing their Zone jumpers.


Education for your child is important and regular attendance at school is essential for your child to achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options. NSW public schools work in partnership with parents to encourage and support regular attendance of children and young people.

On occasion, your child may need to be absent from school. Justified reasons for student absences may include:

• being sick, or having an infectious disease

• having an unavoidable medical appointment

• exceptional or urgent family circumstance (e.g. attending a funeral)


When your child attends school every day, learning becomes easier and your child will build and maintain friendships with other children.  


At BAPS we are lucky enough to have fantastic front office staff who accommodate as many requests as they can each day.  Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of parents contacting the office to change afternoon pickup requirements after 2.30 pm.  This makes it very difficult to get the message to the room before the 2.50 pm bell.  Can all parents and carers please call as early as possible if changes to pickup arrangements need to be made. We appreciate your support getting our children home safely. 


This week you will received a letter asking for to support for Stewart House.  Stewart House is a Specific Purpose School.   Each year 1,700 public school children attend Stewart House from many parts of NSW and the ACT. During their stay, children are provided with optometric, dental and medical treatment as well as emotional support.  This is balanced with health and educational programs and out of school activities to boost their self-esteem and to promote a healthier lifestyle.  We do send children throughout the year and if you are in a position to support this great cause... thank you. 


Enjoy the last few weeks of the term.  

Upcoming Events

Week 8

Monday March 16th

TLPSSA- Zone Hockey Trials (Boys and Girls)

Friday March 20

Harmony Day

Week 9

Friday March 27

Jersey Day

Week 10

Tuesday 31st March

Jarjums on Country - Kindergarten 

Thursday April 2nd

TLPSSA- Combined Central Coast Touch Trials (Boys and Girls)

Friday April 3rd

School Cross Country Carnival

TLPSSA- Zone Netball Trials

Week 11

Tuesday April 7th

Clean Up Australia Day

Wednesday April 8th

TLPSSA/Sydney North- AFL Trials (Girls)

Thursday 9th April

Easter Hat Parade - 1:45pm

ANZAC Day Assembly K-6 -10:30am

Last Day of Term 1

Early Stage 1 News

What's Happening in Kindy Land

The last two weeks has seen so many joyful moments for our Kindergarten classes. Here is a recap to keep you up to speed.



Congratulations to all our new SRC inductees! We are confident that you will embody our PBL behaviours and represent our classes with pride.


Parent Volunteers

Thank you to all Parent Volunteers who have taken the steps to be available to volunteer in our school. We truly appreciate your time and effort, and it benefits our kids greatly to have your support in our classrooms. If you missed the volunteer info sessions and are interested in helping in your child's class, please see your child's teacher. 


What's been happening?

In class we have been working hard to write our first independent words, collaborative sentences and are continually progressing with our reading skills. We have commenced "Buddies" and the children in both age groups are loving this experience. Building a community of support is one of the many benefits of this shared time. We are looking forward to our Jarjums on Country excursion, however, a number of notes are yet to be returned. I would encourage you to contact your class teacher if an additional note is required.



Homework is finally here and will commence this week. We took the time to allow our Kinder classes to settle and work through the initial fatigue of starting this huge undertaking that is formal schooling. Please take the time to read through the information pack and ask questions if you are unsure of any of the components. Our students are doing great and we look forward to seeing the benefits of the homework program within the reading and writing our classes produce.


A gentle reminder to all families and students

Toys are a great way for students to feel comfortable at school, however, these items need to remain in bags during class time to minimise distractions to learning. To eliminate confusion around ownership, please label all toys with your child's name. Please label everything! Hats, Jumpers, wallets, lunchboxes, containers and drink bottles all become misplaced at times. The process of finding or returning these items is greatly assisted by ensuring items are labelled.


Thank you so much for the support so far and I look forward to seeing you all engaging in our school as the opportunities present themselves. We hope you enjoy the photos of our learning.


Mr Duff, Mrs Broadhurst, Miss Manley and Mrs Brown


Stage 1 News

2RE's Amazing Artworks

2RE are off to a great start this term. We have loved being in our new classroom and adding some beautiful artworks that we have created. We recently read the book, 'The Dot,' by Peter Reynolds. We then created masterpieces from one single dot of paint. We absolutely loved this and had so much fun. We even created a 'dot tree!' 

The book, 'The Dot' taught us about having a growth mindset and having confidence in ourselves. 


Stage 2 News

3/4 G Goals for 2020

-I want to improve my writing to get my pen licence. Kyrah
-This year I want to improve my reading. Maddie
-I would like to get my pen licence before the end of term 1. Sophie
-I really want to get my pen licence because I really want to improve my writing. Flynn
-I want to improve my writing to get my pen licence. Aaliyah
-I want to focus on my maths and spelling because I’m not the best at it. Mia
-My goals are to get smarter and get my pen licence. Payten
-In 2020 I want to be able to write in pen so I need to write neatly to get my pen licence. Hope
-I think I will be the best safe, respectful, learner in 3/4G. Jaziah
-This year I want to get picked for the school football team. Harry P
-I want to be good at Art by term 2 and I want to get in the finals of Dance. Georgia.
-This year as SRC representative I will go to all the meetings and be a great 3/4G rep. Willow.
-In 2020 I want to get my pen licence. Cameron.­
-My goals for this year are to get better at Sport and Mathematics. Koby
-I want to learn all about calcium, Science and radioactivity. Arakai
-My goal this year is to be the best basketball player in the school. Jai
-This year I will focus on learning and listening. Tayah
-This year I will try to calm down and not be silly. Memphis
-In 2020 I want to improve I Maths and get my pen licence. Jaycie
-In 2020 I want to play for BAPS football team. Chase
-This year I want to be a role model for others, make lots of friends and get better at maths. Serenity
-In 2020 I want to write really well so I get my pen licence. Harley
-This year my goal is to be in the school football team. Miki
-My goal this year is to make some great friendships. Kayla





Stage 3 News


We are off to a very busy start in 5H. This term we have been learning about how to regulate our emotions, physical and emotional abuse, orcas living in captivity, desert flora and fauna, how to mark proper fractions on a number line, how to expand numbers in standard and non-standard forms and much more.

Our favourite lessons so far include visual arts and drama. We enjoy changing characters, emotions and scenes to entertain our peers. Enjoy our pics, 5H!



P&C News

Term 1 Upcoming Events


Staffing List 

Our staffing list as of Week 3, Term 1, 2020

Support Classes

SC1 - Emily Hurst

SC2 - Lisa McBride

SC3 - Bridget Scott - Assistant Principal

SLSO - Jane O'Donnell


Early Stage 1

K Yellow - Ali Broadhouse

K Blue - Rhiannon Manley

K Red - Kiara Brown

K Green - Tane Duff - Early Stage 1 Assistant Principal 


Stage 1

1J - Lauren Johnon

1W - Sarah Whiting

1G - Gabrielle Wellfare

1/2H - Kristy Herring - Stage 1 Assistant Principal

2RE - Sophie Rex and Claire Enders

2/3H- Karen Hey 


Stage 2

3S - Nicole Spencer

3/4G - Kelly Goodwin - Stage 2 Assistant Principal

4R - Melissa Ritchie

4J - Alec Power 


Stage 3

5CP - Raelene Cid Pinkas

5H - Alex Hetherington - Stage 3 Assistant Principal

5/6G - Richard Griesser

6S - Jamie Stephen 


Specialist Roles

Executive release and Intervention - Kirsten Atkinson

PE - Samuil Sheens

Teacher Librarian - Rebecca Nesbitt

Intervention -  Jill Barnett and Kelly Rees

Instructional Coaching - Courtney Lewis

Learning and Support Teacher - Nic De Mestre

Learning and Support Teacher - Kylie Dorn

Counsellor - Di Kirby

Chaplain - Anna Davis

Community Liaison Officer - Sue Turner


Aboriginal Liaison

Aboriginal Liaison Officer - Temyka Booker-Clarke

Aboriginal Programs - Cherie Collins

Aboriginal SLSO Jorrel Burazer


Student Learning Support Officers (SLSO)

Kellie Bush

Janelle Thorpe

Donna Bennett

Lyn Ashe

Beck Coleman

Amber O’Connell

Louise Farley

Pam Cambourakis

Mel Rudd

Katrina Green

Cath Wilson

Jane O'Donnell

Leah Jones


Administration Staff

School Administration Manager - Sandra White

School Administration Officers:

- Tracy O'Connell

- Lynnette Brown

- Val Smith

- Amber Faulder

- Linda Watkins (Library)

General Assistant - Peter Carter


Off-class Executives

Deputy Principal/Instructional Leader - Natalie Gillett

Deputy Principal/Instructional Leader - Naomi White


Principal - Owen Dalkeith


Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Positive Behaviour for Learning, known as PBL, is an evidence-based whole school systems approach that:

  • addresses the diverse academic and social needs of every student to support them to be successful
  • supports students in early childhood settings through to senior years of schooling
  • enables schools to establish a continuum of supports that are intensified to meet the needs of every student
  • is team driven, using a problem solving approach (data, systems and practices) that engages students, parents and all school staff
  • establishes positive social expectations for all in the school community
  • provides a framework for the school and its community to collectively support the wellbeing of every students.

When implemented well:

  • students respond positively as they have been taught what is expected of them
  • staff deliver consistent responses to student learning and behaviour
  • students feel safe and cared for at school. Their parents, family and community are more involved in their school
  • unproductive and challenging behaviour can be significantly reduced for most students.

Each fortnight, students engage in PBL lessons which focus on different aspects of schooling. These lessons give students examples of what positive behaviour looks like is particular settings and gives them the tools to be successful learners. When students are showing positive behaviour and encouraging others to do the same, they can earn PBL Tickets. These tickets are then placed into a barrel to be drawn weekly for prizes. If you would like to know more about PBL at BAPS, please follow the link to our web page.


In Weeks 8 & 9, we are learning all about the ways to implement the Zones of Regulation in classroom and playground settings.


Sports News

School Swimming Carnival

On Thursday 27th February BAPS held our annual Swimming Carnival. It was a great day held in great weather.


The following school records were broken on the day.


Myah D. Junior Girls 50m Butterfly

Isaak G (11y 50m Freestyle, 11yr 50m Backstroke, 11yr 50m Butterfly.

Special certificates for these students will be handed out in swimming carnival assembly in Week 10.


Our Swimming Champions for 2019 are;


Jnr Girls                Myah D.

Jnr Boys               Archer W.

11y Girls                Bronte B-F..

11y Boys               Isaak G.

12/13y      Girls                Lillian M.

12/13y      Boys               Riley w.


The final House pointscore was:


FREEMAN             - 1st

FRASER                 - 2nd

PERKINS                - 3rd

BRADMAN           - 4th


A special Swimming Carnival Assembly will be held on Wednesday in week 10 (1st April) from 2.05 in the school hall, where ribbons and special certificates for records will be presented.

Zone Swimming Carnival

On Tuesday 3rd March, 31 students represented our school at the TLPSSA Zone Swimming Carnival. These students were selected based on the results from our school swimming carnival. All our swimmers did a great job but none were able to gain selection for the Sydney North Carnival. Isaac Goulding was our highest place swimmer finishing 5th in the backstroke.

Zone Sports Trials

Over the past few weeks we have had several students representing our school at zone and central coast sports trials. These trials are held as a pathway towards gaining selection in Sydney North Regional teams that participate in State carnivals.


Soccer -   Liam S., Cooper C. and Kade C. Liam gained selection in the combined Tuggerah lakes /Wallarah team and will participate at the Central Coast trials. Good Luck Liam


Tennis -     Ana H., Lauren M.


Rugby league - IsaaK G, Max H. jayden H., Jaxson Z.  Isaak was selected in the Tuggerah Lakes U11 team to compete at the next Central Coast Carnival. Good luck Isaak!


AFL – Kade B, Isaak B


Netball is next week. We have Ana H., Lillian M., Eden P representing us. Good luck girls.


More sports trial information will be in the next newsletter.

Library News

Time Capsule


Book Club


Community News

Traffic and Parking around BAPS


Get off to a healthy start in 2020


Healthy School Lunches


Ticketing Offer - Roosters v Sea Eagles






School Banking


Samaritans Start Strong Supported Playgroup


School Information

A message from our Student Leaders 

All student leaders are having a good time working with our new kindergarten children. It has been so enjoyable to help our new B.A.P.S students and help them as they develop new social skills and abilities. We have been helping out all over the school especially in areas like the canteen and supported play areas. We have been doing a great job so far so it would be nice to see them continue doing it.

 Max Hill and David Carnovale, Student Leaders


Easter Hat Parade


Harmony Day

We are celebrating Harmony Day on the 20th of March. Please come to school wearing your traditional dress or orange. 


Are you interested in being an Ethics Teacher?


Ethics teachers receive full training by Primary Ethics, the not-for-profit organisation approved to design curriculum and training for the ethics program. Training consists of a two day workshop and short online modules. Lesson materials are provided. Suitable volunteers have an interest in children’s education and development of critical thinking skills and must be available at Thursday 9am-9.30am each week.


In ethics classes, children learn how to think logically, disagree respectfully and support their arguments with evidence, rather than act according to blind habit or peer pressure.


Children discuss topic such as:

-imagining how others feel

-how do we treat living things?

-what is laziness?

-how do we disagree in a respectful way?



If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer as an Ethics Teacher, please visit

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