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02 August 2017
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Student Voice for Learning

The voice of children, full of life and energy. Questioning, debating, opinionating and learning. I am trying to write this editorial on Student Voice and I can’t concentrate due to my children talking incessantly. I shouldn’t complain. Where are my earplugs?


In the past, children came to school to listen to the teacher so that their heads could be filled with knowledge. They should be “seen but not heard.” Being able to regurgitate what they had been told was the most important thing so that they could move on to a job where they could, once again, do what they were told.


Times have changed. The workforce now requires people who can think creatively, work collaboratively in teams and communicate effectively. Skills such as analyzing, synthesizing, designing and problem solving have become far more important than regurgitating knowledge. Almost anything one needs to know is a few clicks away on the internet. Student Voice is paramount in developing powerful learners and successful citizens.


The students themselves are the most important influence on their own learning. The school physical structures are now being designed to help children develop these skills and attitudes. The current STEMWorks building development is creating spaces for children to work collaboratively and creatively. Gone are rows of desks facing the teacher. Classrooms have been opened up with large entrances to make them part of a variety of learning spaces. Children will have seating in booths and circles to facilitate team work for problem solving and they will collaborate with students from other classes, units and schools.

Teaching methods have changed from chalk and talk to the students designing their own learning and assessment with the teachers. Every opportunity is seized upon for student learning and solving real problems.


A good example of Student Voice was the Anti-Bullying Day initiated and organized by two Year 6 girls which resulted in deep learning by all students who worked collaboratively with teachers on the activities.


Another example of this occurred last Friday when a game, King of the Hill, played by some Years 6/7 students became too rough and a boy got pushed and hurt. In the past, the teachers would have taken control and banned the game. Instead, the problem was put back on the students to solve using our School Values of Good Manners, Friendliness, Courage and Resilience. The students came up with a set of agreements on how the game should be played and what would happen if some did not stick to the agreements.


Everything we do at school must have its focus on learning. We do not rescue children from their problems; we help them solve their own problems. We increase the challenges to stretch the learning. We let children fail because we know that the best lessons learned are from our mistakes. We give responsibility and have high expectations. We ask questions and let children talk. We must stop and listen and let the children do the talking….and the learning.

Bob Thiele, Principal



School News

School Photographs

Master School Portraits will be at our school on Friday, 25 August, 2017 to take photographs of the children.

Please note that all children will be photographed individually and in their class photo, irrespective of whether photos are to be purchased.

Points to remember are:

  • Online payment is available. The range of options available online has increased. As well as the option to download a Low Resolution image for a Smart-phone, also available for purchase is a High Resolution Digital Download of your child’s image.
  • Family/Sibling packages can also be ordered online.
  • Two new packs are available in High Resolution.
  • MSP now offers 10% discount for all family orders above $90.00 per family.
  • If you pay by cash, cheque, or money order, money is to be sent in the envelope ON THE DAY OF THE PHOTOGRAPH via your child’s class teacher.  Do not send money to school before Friday, 25 August, 2017. Please enclose correct money as no change is given.
  • If there are two or more students in one family attending the school, payment can be made in the one envelope but each student must still submit a completed prepaid envelope to the photographer.
  • Envelopes are to be kept separate. Only payments are to be placed in envelopes, not messages or other children’s envelopes.
  • Please print details required clearly on the front of the pre-paid envelope, including a short note if payment is included in another student’s envelope.
  • Family photograph envelopes may be collected from the office.  If a family photograph is not requested none will be taken. Payment is made on the day, Friday, 25 August, 2017. No family envelopes are to be handed into the office.  NO ENVELOPE, NO FAMILY PHOTO.
  • No orders will be accepted at school after the photography day. Contact MSP on 83913951.
  • For a really great photo make sure your child is neat & tidy and must be in school dress code.

Lee Clements-Front Office

School Banking

Check out the link below for exciting reasons to keep saving with School Banking including rewards and a competition starting on 14 August 2017. 

Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager


Lost Property

A reminder to parents/caregivers to please clearly label any item your child brings to school eg jumper, hat, water bottle, lunch box etc so that they can be returned if found.

Chicken Pox


Chicken Pox has been reported in the Castle Unit.     Chicken Pox is spread by airborne droplets produced by coughing or sneezing or with fluid from the blisters.

The incubation period (time between becoming infected and developing symptoms) is 2-3 weeks but may be longer.

The infectious period is from 2 days before the rash appears until at least 5 days after the rash first appears and all blisters have crusted over. Students are to be excluded from school until all blisters have dried (usually 5 days).

People at high risk of complications from Chicken Pox include pregnant women, young babies, people with an immune deficiency or people with   leukaemia.

Symptoms to watch out for are: slight fever and cold-like symptoms, followed by a rash. The rash is more noticeable on the trunk than on the limbs and may affect the scalp, inside of the mouth, nose and throat. The rash is usually itchy.


French Day

On Friday 4/8 students and staff will be participating in French Day. Parents/caregivers and friends are invited to attend the two assemblies during the day which will be held in the Gym.  The first assembly is at 9:00am with a welcome to French Day and performances.  At 2:00pm classes to present work they have done during the day.  

At recess  students can purchase French cuisine from $0.50 upwards (on sale outside the Canteen).

We look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Mademoiselle Brooks

STEMWorks News

STEMWorks Update

The building works hit a hurdle during the holidays as the flooring was found to contain low grade asbestos when the new carpet was about to be laid. The classes were redeployed to different areas of the school temporarily while the problem was rectified. The builders have completed the process of covering the floors with masonite and the laying of carpet tiles has almost been completed.


It is planned to have students move into their class spaces on Monday Week 3 (7/8). Removalists will come in to move all large furniture and boxes into Stillwell and Holly classes on Friday this week. Mr Grieve’s class will move in later  after the floor in his class has been completed.


Stillwell classes will be only able to access their class from the front of the school and Holly classes from external doors until the completion of the project.


The attached photos show the development of the learning spaces. Classooms have been opened up to the other learning areas with large sliding doors, some walls removed to form open spaces, walls built to form specialised areas and conversation booths are in the process of being created.


The project is still on track for completion on 8 September 2017.

Bob Thiele, Principal


Library News

Book Week

Book Week will be held from 21 August to 25 August 2017.  The theme this years is "Escape to Everywhere.

The Book Week Parade will be held on Wednesday 23 August.  The parade will commence at 10:00am at the back of the Gym and finish at approximately 10:25am.  Parents/caregivers are invited to stay and share a picnic and your favourite book.


We encourage students and staff to come dressed up on the day.  You can dress up either to the theme or as your favourite character/person.  

The last two years have been a great success and enjoyed by all.  

Deb Scarff

SSP Library


Earn & Learn

Earn & Learn is on again from 26 July to 19 September 2017.  

Earn one Earn & Learn sticker for every $10.00 spent at any Woolworths. Once the sticker sheet is complete drop it into our collection box in the Library or our local Hackham Woolworths.  Sticker sheets can be obtained from either Woolworths, one of our Library staff or can be printed by downloading the sheet from www.woolworths.com.au/earnandlearn.

Completed sheets of stickers go towards school resources including - Library, Science, Sports, Mathematics, English and Arts & Crafts.

Thank you for your support.

Deb Scarff

SSO Library    


July Vacation Care

Wow, that was an incredible Vacation Care program! We packed so much in those two weeks and had a blast while doing it. We kicked off with Christmas in July, where the children had fun making bon bons instead of popping them. Each child made two, one to take home and one to put aside for our Christmas Party in December. Anthony decided to make a whole pile so no-one would miss out at Christmas time, thank you Anthony.


We saw quite a lot of that caring and respect as the children welcomed new children to our OSHC family. Some families were from our school and others from different schools in the local area. The children also helped one another and supported each other during the activities, many of which required courage (I’m a celebrity get me out of here, climbing to the top of the lighthouse, ice skating for the first time and our eat it or wear it challenge).


This time instead of doing our normal relaxation activities, we decided to practice/teach some interoception exercises. The children took up the challenge and as many of them knew the exercises better than some of our staff, they took turns at teaching the whole group how to do them (staff and children). It was great to see what a positive impact the interoception room and exercises have had on the children.

Some incredible Artwork was produced these school holidays too, with children designing their own T-shirts and putting on an Art Exhibition after some Master Classes in Pastels, Painting and Clay.


We also had some keen Crime Scene Investigators, who spent the morning learning about finger printing, body language and looking for clues, before solving the crimes in the afternoon.


Our most popular day was a tie though, between Make-My-Bear, where children were able to make their own bear to keep and our excursion to Old Noarlunga for BBQ hamburgers! The children and I have already started making plans for the next school holidays, which I am sure will be just as exciting and fun.


Fast Facts for July Vacation Care

Number of children attending: 70 children from 41 families

Number of schools/kindergartens represented: 5

Average number of children per day: 38

Average Age: 7 years old

Number of Birthday’s celebrated: 5

Number of hour’s staff worked: 460 hours (by 11 staff members)

Number of Volunteer hours contributed: 164 hours (by 4 volunteers)

Number of Beanies knitted/crocheted for our Ice Skating excursion: 35

(Thanks to Belinda, Marie, and Trish for helping make them.)

Number of ideas for the October Vacation Care program already: 167



Canteen News

French Day 4/8

On Friday 4/8 to celebrate French Day the Canteen will have food with a french theme available for students to purchase at recess.  Food will be priced from $0.50 upwards.


Sausage Sizzle 8/8

Notes with the order form for a Sausage Sizzle to be held on Tuesday 8/8 have been sent home to all families.  Please return all orders by Monday 7/8 - no late orders can be accepted.

Students can still order from the Canteen Menu on the day.

Volunteers for the Canteen

Volunteers are needed to help in the Canteen.  If you have any time you can spare it would be very much appreicated. The Canteen also caters for functions and volunteers are needed with the food preparation and serving on the day.

Please see Coralie Goodman, Canteen Manager if you would like more information or are available to assist.  Any time you can offer is valued and appreciated.

Dates to Remember

Diary Dates

Fridays - Afternoon Tea held in the Conference Room, Penney Unit from 2:30pm.

All parents/caregivers welcome.

August 2017

Friday 4 August - French Day - 9:00am & 2:00pm Assembly, Gym Hall

21-25 August - Book Week

Wednesday 23 August - Book Week Parade, 10:00am at the back of the Gym

Friday 25 August - Whole School Photographs

September 2017

Thursday 7 September - Student Free Day

Friday 8 September - School Closure Day

Friday 22 September - School Sports Day

Friday 29 September - Last day of Term 3


October 2017

Monday 16 October - Student Free Day

School Crossing Monitors

Term 3 2017

Week 3 (7/8 - 11/8)


Joseph Coole

Mitchell Wasser

Zac Summers


Kassady Buttfield

Tylah Schmock

Selene Brock



Week 4 (14/8 - 18/8)


James Williams

Adison Harris

George Mavraidis


Madison O'Donnell

Wyatt Brophy

Jimmy Lenard




Community News

Take Care of Yourself An interactive dynamic 8 week program to inspire and support parents of young children.  Held each Thursday from 10/8-28/9  1:00-3:00pm at O'Sullivan Beach Children's Centre.  Afternoon Tea provided.  Ph Jo or Steph 83822850 to register.  Limited Creche available.

Foster Care Have you ever thought of being a Foster Carer?  For more information or to book into one of our information sessions, Ph Linda 81313456 or visit www.anglicaresa.com.au/foster-care.

Junior Basketball Summer competition starts 19/10 - boys and girls welcome.  $6.50 per child.  Junior Basketball Clinic held on Wednesdays from 4:30pm at Noarlunga Leisure Centre, David Witton Dr, Noarlunga.  Ph 83841144 for more information.

Circle of Security A group for parents and caregivers who would like to explore and further develop their relationship with their child.  Held each Tuesday 12:30-2:30pm from 1/8-19/9 at O'Sullivan Beach Children's Centre, 51A Galloway Rd, O'Sullivan Beach.  FREE.  Ph 83822850 to book.

Inclusion Suncorp NetSetGo Netball program for people with a disability.  All abilities, boys and girls welcome.  Held each Wednesday from 2/8-20/9 from 4:00-5:00pm. To register visit http://sa.netball.com.au/inclusion/ or Ph 82380500.

Blokes & Kids If you are a dad, step dad, brother, uncle, granfather, family friend or any other important male in your child's life come along and enjoy a cooked breakfast and some activities.  For children aged birth - 8yrs and the bloke in their life.  Ph 83822850 for catering purposes. Held on Saturday 19/8 from 9:30am-12:00pm at O'Sullivan Beach Children's Centre, 51 Galloway Rd, O'Sullivan Beach.

Free Saturday's For Families to Enjoy The Children's Centre Saturday Play space is for families with children aged birth-8yrs to enjoy.  Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.  Held on Saturday 19/8 from 10:00am-12:00pm at O'Sullivan Beach  Children's Centre, 51 Galloway Rd, O'Sullivan Beach. Ph Jo 83822850 to register.

Learning Together A program for families with children aged from birth-4yrs.  The program is funded through DECD and is based at Christie Downs Primary School.  Flyer attached.

Supporting Children With Autism & Their Challenging Behaviours Do you want to better understand and support children with autism?  Join AEIOU Foundation for a free workshop which will help you gain an understanding of the functions of behaviour and learn tips and techniques to assist with challenging behaviours.  Ph Karen Piscopo 81872777 or email [email protected] for more information.

Ladies Night - Nothing to Wear Swap till you drop.  Held on Friday 11/8 from 6:30-9:30pm at Woodcroft Community Centre, Bains Rd, Woodcroft.  Flyer attached with further information.

Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes A workshop which focuses on practical ways to improve relationships.  Held on Monday 18/9 from 6:30-9:00pm at Anglicare SA, 111 Beach Rd, Christies Beach.  Ph Joy or Helen 81868900 for further information.

Carers Outing Come along and enjoy time for yourself with others in the community who are caring for someone.  Held on Monday 21/8 10:00am-2:00pm.  Ph 81866944 for more information.


Women's Information Service Would you like to know more about the Women's Information Service.  Talk to be held on Friday 18/8 from 2:00-3:00pm at Community Connections, 72 Collins Parade, Hackham.  Free Creche.  Ph 81866944 to register or visit www.facebook.com/sawomen/#

Cooking 4 Kindness Do you enjoy cooking?  Have you ever thought about giving back to your community?  Held each Wednesday 3:45-5:15pm from 30/8-27/9 at Wardli Youth Centre, 13 McKinna Rd, Christie Downs.  For 13-16yr olds.  Ph 81865133 for more information.

Keeping My Place Support for young people living in private rental, who are at risk of losing their home.  Ph 82124561 or visit [email protected] for more information.

Being Dad Term 3 A men's group to chat about our role as fathers, our children's development and what it means to have a good relationship with our family.  Held each Tuesday 12:30-2:30pm from 8/8 for 6 weeks at Taikurrendi Children & Family Centre, 8 Price St, Christies Beach.  Ph 81861102 to book.  Lunch provided.  Creche available.


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