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29 June 2017
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Important Dates


29th June: Semester Reports available to parents on Compass at 9 am

30th June: End of Term 2


 3rd July: Semester reports available to students on Compass at 9 am.

17th July: Term 3 Begins

25th July: Senior School Information Night

26th July: Year 9 City Experience

Principal's Report 

Have a Safe and Rewarding Term Break

We look forward to seeing the students back on 17th July for the beginning of Term Three. Please have a safe, rewarding break from routine. Term 3 will be busy with 2018 planning, finalising the Strategic Plan, preparing for the VCE exams, rowing season and aerobics competitions. Melbourne Girls’ is always so vibrant and busy so take the two weeks to rest, reflect, enjoy and study!



The New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Report 2017 K-12 Technology

This Horizon Report highlights the growing emphasis in K-12 education on deeper learning approaches, defined by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation as the mastery of content that engages students in critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and self-directed learning. In order to remain motivated, students need to be able to grasp how new knowledge and skills will impact the world around them.


Pedagogical approaches that shift the dynamic from passive to active learning allow students to

develop ideas themselves from new information and take control of how they engage with a subject.


These approaches include problem-based learning, project-based learning, challenge-based learning and inquiry-based learning, which encourage creative problem-solving and actively implementing solutions. As the enabling role of technologies in learning crystalizes, educators are leveraging these tools to connect the curriculum with real-life applications.


The report identifies a number of long-term trends in rethinking how schools work in order to bolster student engagement and drive more innovation.


This type of work is reflected in our current project with Professor Yong Zhao, work on Curiosity and Powerful Learning and S.T.E.A.M.


Reminder: City Edge Network Professional Learning 16th and 28th August

Every two years the City Edge Network of schools conduct professional learning as an inner city Community of Practice. This year the Twilight Session will be held at The University High School on Wednesday 16th August, 2pm - 4 pm.


All students will be dismissed at the end of period 3 on this day.


The Student Free Day endorsed by School Council for 18th August will see City Edge colleagues congregate at one of our seven schools to discuss pedagogy and curriculum, particularly related to our schools, performance development plans and Key Note speaker who is Adjunct Professor Erica McWilliam discussing “High Impact teaching for collaborative learning:  What great pedagogy looks like.”


In her presentation, Erica will address the issue ‘why collaborate?’ before exploring what highly effective teachers do build, sustain and ‘normalise’ collaborative learning. Drawing on recent classroom research, she will share a range of useful pedagogical techniques for directing, supporting and sustaining collaborative learning in the context of a virtual ecology of digital disruption and distractibility and high stakes assessment. Insisting that all learning environments function best around facilitative routines, Erica will elaborate on pedagogical protocols for placing dynamic peer-with-peer collaboration at the centre of the inquiry-oriented learning environment.    


International and National Success for Emily Cuddy

Congratulations to our dedicated student Emily Cuddy who is recognised internationally as an elite gymnast after competing in the highly regarded International competition, the Maia International Acro Cup (MIAC) in Portugal. Emily and her team mates came tenth in a field of forty-six in their first routine (Dynamic), followed by a first place in the beautifully performed second routine (Balance). The team came 11th overall which is a great achievement at such an elite level.


On the 3rd and 4th of June Emily and her team competed at the Australian National Gymnastics Championships here in Melbourne at Hisense Arena, where they came first in all three routines and have been crowned National Champions for their level of 13-19 International Trio.  With the scores they achieved they have become a part of the Australian International Acrobatic Squad and are now eligible to trial for a position on the Australian Team to attend the World Games next year in Antwerp, Belgium. 


We are very proud of Emily's achievements and look forward to hearing of future successes.



Kind Regards,

Karen Money

Acting Principal's Report

North-Western Victorian Region Principals Forum, Tuesday 27th June

Two of our School Captains, Ashleigh Hammond and Courtney McKenzie, spoke at the recent North-Western Victorian Region Principals Forum on the topics of student agency and voice. Their insights were very well received by the more than 700 Principals and Assistant Principals in the room. Ash,  Courtney and fellow College Captain Nell Crossett were fantastic contributors to our recent School Review and the Principals present could see how student voice could enhance this process in their schools. Ash spoke about how MGC encourages open communication and feedback between students and their teachers in and out of the classroom, in a culture of mutual respect and with a real focus on student learning. Courtney reflected upon our ethos of ‘leadership without a badge’ and how ‘quiet leadership’, demonstrated by MGC students all the time, is just as important as our formal leadership roles.  



Whole School Assembly, Thursday 22nd June

Congratulations to the Senior School and Middle School Executives on their whole school assembly held last week. The theme for the assembly was inclusion and it was fantastic to hear about all of the upcoming events that our student leaders have planned in the different portfolios. A focus for the assembly was ‘MGC’s War on Waste’. As a school renowned for our environmental ethos, it is disappointing that sometimes students don’t take responsibility for the most basic sustainability issue – putting their rubbish into bins (rubbish, recycling, worm farms and soft plastics). This is particularly important given our location next to the Yarra. I hope that the rubbish strewn across the gym was a reminder that this is one very small but important everyday action that we can all take to improve our environment. Thanks to Ella McDonald, Girls’ Leadership Leader, for all of her work in coordinating the student executives for this assembly.


City of Yarra Art Collaboration Launch, Wednesday 28th June

If you are in the Richmond area in the next few weeks’ I encourage you to drop in to the Richmond Library to see some of our Year 10 Visual Arts students’ recycled artwork pieces. This is another in our collaborations with the City of Yarra, expertly facilitated by teacher Harriet Turnbull. Harriet’s class has had the students working with Yarra’s Artist-in-Residence Carolyn Cardinet and Kirsty Richards, Waste Education Officer.  I think you’ll agree that the pieces look fantastic!


Kind Regards

Brent Houghton

Acting Principal


Environment News

MGC is Tackling its Problem with Waste

The changeover to non-disposable cutlery is going well and many students and staff are remembering to pack their own forks rather than hire a fork from the canteen. Please remember that when you hire forks, the $1 hire fee is refundable, even if you bring the fork back the next day or the day after! Thanks so much to our fabulous Canteen operators BOCCA and year 9 environmental crusaders Genevieve Castles-Krusec and Oceane Liddelow for their initiative and hard work in getting this program off the ground.


It has started a lot of conversations about how to avoid packaging in the first place and has led to a BYO reusable container option for students who wish to order their lunch order in a reusable container. Just make sure you bring a well labeled clean container early in the morning to the canteen and leave it with the staff to fill up for your lunch!



At assembly this week, the Environment Team mounted a war on waste, covering the gym floor with litter before the students came in to sit down to challenge them to consider why many students still leave litter lying on the ground when they return to class at the end of recess or lunch.



Documentaries like Australia’s War on Waste remind us of how big these problems are, but most importantly, also remind us that we are not powerless to address these problems. The MGC café and the Environment Team have worked collaboratively to make it easy for our community to make positive environmental decisions. It is up to all individuals in the community to make that a reality.



Performing Arts

Piano Soiree

Congratulations to Katrina Halliday and her 31 piano students who performed for parents and friends at MGC’s Piano Soiree on Tuesday, 28th June.


The variety of pieces performed and the fact that students had committed their pieces to memory was very pleasing.


Winners of the best bowing competition were Beth Pert (Best Ballet Bow) Siena Chumbley (Most Creative bow) and Jade Johnson (Most bows!)


It was lovely that two of Katrina’s past Year 12 Piano students, Judy Liu and Carmen McDonald, were in the audience.



We look forward to our next Piano Soiree in Term 4.


Thank You

Anne Corry

Performing Arts Leader



STEAM Program


Our Year 8s and 9s have been learning how to use the Green Screen setup in the STEAM room.


The Year 8s have been using the Green screens to develop scenarios for Health in relation to decision making in situations involving alcohol.


As part of their comedy unit, Year 9 girls are exploring the genre of satire. Creating their own 'fake news' shows, the girls are putting their satirical skills to great use. This seems to be a particularly pertinent topic to explore and the girls are having great fun in putting together their news segments using the green screen.


The STEAM Term 3 Thursday Lunchtime sessions are now finalised, we encourage as many students as possible to bring their lunch and attend.


See you all in Term 3 and contact us below if you have any questions regarding STEAM @ MGC.


[email protected]



Introducing PAO, our Humanoid Robot

PAO, our humanoid robot was generously donated by MGC’s Parent Association. PAO is a complex robot who can walk, feel, hear, speak, see and reproduce human behaviour. The students have coded PAO to participate in Swinburne’s Everyone Dance Nao completion and to meet and greet parents on information nights.



MGC's Parents Association

Supporters of MGC’s STEAM program

The STEAM program would like to say a huge thank-you to the Parents Association for the grant to buy 6 new Lego Mindstorms EV3 sets. These new additions mean we now have a class set of robots to use for programming, experimentation and problem solving. They will be widely used in a number of programs.



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Sport News

Cross Country Report

The Region cross country was held at Bundoora park on Wednesday 21st June. All of the girls performed extremely well with 4 out of 5 teams winning their events and will now compete in the state finals next term. They were:


Girls 13 team:                                                                                             Girls 15 team:

Bethany Zmak                                                                                              Scarlett Winstanley

Victoria Trentin                                                                                            Sunshine Spencer

Charlotte Bourke                                                                                         Eliza Hughes

Marcella Souter                                                                                            Amelie Kean

Iris Webb                                                                                                         Lilly Andrews

                                                                                                                            Erica Theodoridis 


Girls 16 team:                                                                                            Girls 17-20:

Venezia Naylor                                                                                            Maddie Carman

Abby Jensen                                                                                                Annie Coleman

Molly Sharrock                                                                                           Emily Mizis

Florence Webb                                                                                           Zara Guss

Emily Cumming                                                                                         Annie Umseher


The Girls 14 team of Helen Alonso, Saskia Junge , Erica Brown Yamada, Alessia Acquaro and Molly McPhee came in second.


Emily Mizis and Sunshine Spencer also came first in their events, with Amelie Kean coming in second.




Alan Clark

Aerobics News

Aerobics Competition

On Sunday 18th of June, the MGC aerobics club had their first scored competition for the year. Despite various injuries, all the girls competed to the best of their abilities and the results definitely represented all the hard work that has been put in over the course of the past term and a half!




Berry and Amanda placed first in the level 3 intermediate pair section, with Lucy and Tilda coming in third. Charlotte, Maeve and Jess placed first in their level 3 intermediate trio section. In our level 3 intermediate individuals, we had Berry, Maeve and Sofia place top 3! Lily and Natasha placed 1st and 3rd in the Level 4 intermediate individual section, with our level 4 pairs placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (Lily and Alice, April and Holly, Sophie and Natasha, Victoria and Isla). For the level 5 senior individuals section, Bethany came in 1st place, with Ava and Bella placing 3rd for their level 5 intermediate pair. Claire placed 2nd in her level 6 senior individual. Finally, we had the aerodance team (Claire, Emma, Lana, Mariana, Ava and Bella) placed 1st in their section!


Next term is the peak of the competition season for the aerobics girls, with State Team trials, Aeroschools trials, Victorian championships and nationals! We will be having demonstration routines at the next whole school assembly on 9th August, followed by the annual MGC competition on Friday 25th August!


Thank you to our coaches Bek, Emma and Martha for supporting us and encouraging us to train hard, and to Ms Twist and Ms Bradshaw for ensuring everything is organised runs smoothly. We are very proud of everyone who competed at this competition and encourage the girls to keep up the hard training! Good luck!


Mariana and Bethany



Philanthropy News 

World Vision Youth Conference

As most of you now know, some Fridays ago (9th of June), I went to a youth conference in the exhibition centre, in the city. It was a fantastic opportunity to listen to some great keynotes from some pretty inspirational people! We were actually delayed to the conference but on walking awkwardly in the middle of a speech, we sat down on seats with a booklet and a book. Chapter one, by Daniel Flynn, the co-founder of Thankyou™ (I’ll get to that soon). We first listened to a speech about humility from a man who pretended to be a mountaineer. We played a game of what would you do? - Mount Everest version. I was out within the first question; would you rather climb the side of the mountain with the most beautiful views but which has the most risk or the side with a not so good view but higher chance of survival? I chose the beautiful side. I was actually pretty surprised since the people who chose the more selfish options like ripping off Sherpas, leaving behind an injured friend just so you can reach your dream… Well those were the people that got through. But in the end we found out that it was all a test. To see how many people had basic humility in them. Good to know that I had just enough to get out in the first go!


After the test, we had recess before coming back into the building to listen to three keynotes. I’m going to talk to you about them. The first was from a Sri-Lankan Australian (Like me!). She talked to us about a challenge that she and some other girls were working on, Taboo. When something is taboo, it means it’s not usually talked about… Like Voldemort! Most women (and some men) between adolescence and the age of around 50 go through the monthly cycle of menstruation (laugh if you may, but I am serious). What I found out that day was that in countries like India, periods were seen as a shame. Even in western countries, this normal thing, something that leads onto birth is considered as an embarrassment. But in India, it is taken to a whole new level. Women and girls on their periods are forced to stay in an empty room with nothing for company when they’re on their periods. This is because of a stereotype, a superstition that she will contaminate the family. They have to stay in an empty room for sometimes over a week for something they can’t help. And so this girl, Therena and some other girls are starting up a business in selling sanitary products around Australia. They haven’t gotten it out yet, bu they have hopes and “dreams power reality”.  These profits go into funding programs to educate people more about menstruation and give sanitary products to these women. Therena talked about empowering women. And I just love that idea!


The next keynote was from one of the co-founders of Thankyou™. Justine Flynn. She talked a little bit about Thankyou’s journey. Thankyou isn’t like one of those businesses, selling products thinking mostly about the money they’re going to get rather than the actual customers. Thankyou was a business that started in 2008 and they went through so many setbacks just to get to where they are now. Fresh out of high school (with no money or ideas on how to actually achieve his goal), Daniel Flynn wanted to do something about the world water crisis. And so with his best mate, Jarryd and his then girlfriend (now wife), Justine, he started Thankyou™(then known as Thankyou water). 100% of the profits from their products (which now includes water, body care ranges, a muesli bar range and even products for babies) goes to fund projects to help people living in extreme poverty. And I think that it is beautiful. As I mentioned, we got a free copy of chapter one. Now there are so many things wonderful about this book. For one, this book is not only about Thankyou’s journey, but it’s also about how you, yourself can achieve your dreams. Another thing is that the book is written in a completely different format to other books. Instead of being written in the typical fashion of vertical, flip to the left, read left to right. It is written horizontally. So you read it up to down and flip the pages up. Daniel says that this is to challenge your thinking and he is very well aware that this daring act could lose some readers. The final great thing about this book is that it has no recommended retail price. So you can pay whatever you want! You can be selfless and pay $100, $1000 even $10,000 (which someone has done!) or you can choose to pay just 5 cents. A dollar. Or you can pay $10, which is good enough! The choice is yours depending on how much you are willing to pay to fund the future of Thankyou. Now I know some of you might want to see for yourself! Where can you buy these things? Well… Thankyou’s products are on the shelf at Woolworths and Cole's and its water is sold in 7 eleven and even Australia post! As for Chapter one… You can order it online from their website, But for the ones that don’t have the internet by their side, chapter one is sold at every airport in Australia and New Zealand as well as bookshops like Relay, News link and Watermark.  It’s a great book and is worth a read and the money goes for a great cause!


Now after Justine talked about Thankyou™, we listened to Abe Nouk. Abe Nouk fled Sudan with his family through Egypt to arrive in Australia, in 2004. He didn’t know how to read or write. He was illiterate. But now, he is a poet, a community educator, a rapper… He was one of eight siblings and he was very lost when he went to school in Australia. He was not used to being allowed to talk to the teacher, answer their questions, and ask questions… And the thing that made me appreciate my life most was how he explained that he was fascinated by the toilet. He was amazed how when you flushed, clean water would replace dirty water… He was amazed at some of the food we had. Like Nutella (he unfortunately mistook Vegemite for Nutella once and lathered on layers of it on some bread before biting into the bitter truth). To think that he was once illiterate… His English is amazingly fluent!


After Abe, we went to lunch where I got to chat to Justine’s brother, Kalvin Hart who was the community builder, he talked to schools and the broader community about their cause (last year, he came to our school!). Kalvin showed us some of their products and let us use the special codes on the back of the products to track the impact. I got to see what project the product would help fund. I also got to talk to Therena and at that moment, I was feeling so very inspired and happy!


After lunch, we got to hear one more speech. This time from a Syrian born teen. Saad Al-Kassab. Saad Al-Kassab was a Syrian migrant. He talked about how beautiful his home, in Homs was. It was just like any well developed country. Lots of tourists swarming in, everyone was happy and living their daily lives in a truly beautiful country. That was until 2011. The Syrian government wanted power and power only. Homs was turned into something completely different. People who protested against the government would get shot, killed… Tortured. Saad’s own family came to so many near misses. His own uncle was tortured and killed by the government, because he posted on YouTube a video about the true realities of Syria. And Saad lost 7- not 1. Not 2 or even 5. But 7 of his friends. To the Syrian government. The sad thing is that these terrorist situations that happen around the world, as sad as they are... This is the harsh reality Syrians have to face. Not once here and there but every day. For Saad’s family, the last straw came when Saad’s brother wanted to go to university. That’s all. He wasn’t protesting. He wasn’t cursing the government. He just went to university. And got arrested. And as soon as he was released, the family fled Syria. They finally got to Australia but even there challenges faced him. He wanted to study like every other teenager. He wanted an education but he was turned down by many schools because he was illiterate. One day, he got a job as a gardener at a high school. And after a while, the principal gave him a scholarship. And so, he got to study. He’s graduated now and is on his way to become a doctor. For the record, he was on TV a couple of times!


Listening to these 4 speeches was so inspirational. Each one of them stuck to me, still sticks with me for different reasons. Overall, I am glad that I asked to go to this conference. It was a great conference and me and my friend, Xara definitely got a good experience. I may try my hardest to be compassionate and caring which I am (I hope at least!) but deep down I can be very selfish, disregarding the origins of where my belongings come from. Sometimes I don’t think about the lives others live. I acknowledge them. I do. Charity is very close to my heart and every time I get a chance to volunteer, I take it! But it means nothing unless I keep it within my heart and I reckon that through this experience, I am bought very close to these people and their experiences.


I hope you enjoyed listening to my experience with these stories. It was a great day for me and I really hope to get another chance like this again!



Davina David





Student News

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!!


Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.


When?  3:30-4:30 Mondays and Thursday

Where?  Room 112


See you there!!

Ms Hajzler



Alice Pidd-Davey (Year 12): The Crow Family

Year 12 student Alice Pid-Davey will be performing in the play The Crow Family at the Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin. For more information, please see the flyer below.



Get to know MGC's Education Support Staff

The IT Network Manager

Anthony Keen: IT Manager


As the IT Manager of MGC, it is my job to make sure that all the technology in the college functions for everyone to use. My job includes everything from accessing the internet to using the printers. Additionally, I work with the STEAM team to make sure we have functioning equipment for everyone to use and we take advantage of new technology such as drones, PAO, and Virtual Reality.

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