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11 August 2017
Issue Eleven
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Key Dates

AUG 15                    School Council (6pm)

AUG 17                    Curriculum Day (Student Free) 

AUG 20 - SEP 1     School Production 

SEP 11                     Meningococcal Immunisations,

                                   Yrs 10 - 12

SEP 12                    Parent/Teacher Conferences 

                                  (12 - 7pm) 

SEP 19                    School Council (6pm)

SEP 22                    Last Day Term 3 (2.30pm Finish)

Mr Nicholas Adamou


Well into Term 3…

We have now completed the first four weeks of the new term and are well and truly into the second academic semester with reporting behind us and looking forward to an exciting and very busy remainder of term. This term marks the beginning of work force planning for the following school year with student course/subject selections taking place as well as a host of other organisational and curriculum matters to attend to prior to next year.


Students and parents/guardians do need to be clear about the time lines for course selections and to ensure that they see Ms Astles, Mr Hill (Transitions Pathways Leaders) or Mr Rankcom and Ms Makin (Careers Coordinators), or Mrs Bridges – Senior Years Sub-School Leader, for more clarification on course advice if required. It is yet another busy term with a myriad of extra-curricular activities; Sports, Geography Reading and Writing competitions.


The school’s annual production “Here, There and Everywhere” is in its final stages of rehearsals and preparation for the performances is underway. The school production will be offered to the public from the 29 to 31 of August with a number of matinees provided to our local primary school students. Tickets are available at the School General Office. Come and see the amazing young talent and enjoy a great production.

Parent Opinion Survey 2017

We're conducting a survey to find out what you think of our school.


The Parent Opinion Survey is completed annually by the Department of Education and Training and is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents at every school in Victoria. This year, about 30 per cent of parents will be invited to participate.  All responses to the survey are anonymous.


The Parent Opinion Survey is an opportunity for schools to collect data from parent/guardians in relation to our school community, ensuring that continuous improvement and success is occurring in School Climate, Student Engagement, Teaching and Learning and of course improved student outcomes. It is a very important step towards making our school one of the best possible educational settings in the wider community.


In recent years, we have conducted annual and anonymous opinion surveys for staff, students and parents.  We use this information to inform and direct our plans for school improvement.  Many parents over the years would most likely have completed these surveys.


This year, your family may be randomly selected to participate in the Parent Opinion Survey.  If you do get selected, I would ask you to take the time to complete the survey as your opinion is important to our school community. It is important to us that you complete the survey as honestly as possible.


This year the Department of Education and Training has updated the survey to align it with the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes and the refreshed Attitudes to School Survey. Core measures from the previous survey have been retained for data continuity purposes.


Completing the survey: Access, translations and more

This year for the first time the survey will be completed online via the secure survey portal managed by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd, and can be completed by parents on any device connected to the internet.


There will be no paper survey option, therefore, North Geelong SC is very happy to provide access to computer facilities and staff members to support all parents who are unable to complete the survey online using their own devices or they need someone to guide them through the survey. The school will notify the selected parents and provide them with the information and all the support needed to complete the on line survey at home or at school.


The survey is available in English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (Hakha) and Hindi.


For more information, see: Parent Opinion Survey


Thank you very much for your support. If any parents/guardians have any questions or queries re: Parent Opinion Survey, please don’t hesitate to contact the school Principal.

The Geelong Tech School sod turn event

On Wednesday, 26 July Mr Adamou and school captains, Kate Frith and Oliver Massey attended a ceremonial sod turn event at the new Geelong Tech School with the Deputy Premier James Merlino and local Member for Parliament Christine Couzens.


The Geelong Tech School is part of the initiative of the Victorian Government’s commitment to creating the Education State by ensuring every Victorian has access to an excellent education. This exciting initiative has invested $128 million to construct and establish 10 Tech Schools across the state with further ongoing funding to support operation.


The Geelong Tech Schools is hosted by the Gordon TAFE aiming to introducing students to the tertiary education environment and smooth their pathways into post-secondary education and training.


The 10 high-tech centres of learning use leading-edge technology, discovery and innovation to deliver the advanced education and training that Victorian school students need to flourish in the rapidly changing global economy.

Scholarship Program - Year 7 intake, 2018

Our scholarship program for the 2018, Year 7 intake has been completed and the successful recipients, their families and respective primary schools have been notified.


As Principal at North Geelong SC, I am very proud to report to the school community that our scholarship program has attracted a large number of high quality candidates, which made it very difficult for the selection panel to make the final decision. The calibre of the students was outstanding. Congratulations to all who participated in the process.


The NGSC Scholarship Program promotes outstanding commitment of Primary School students who have displayed a strong involvement in their School Community. The College looks for outstanding young people who are exceptional in different areas and possess personal qualities and values that will contribute to the life of North Geelong Secondary College.


This Program also recognises the considerable achievements of children in our community and provides them with the opportunity to experience exciting curriculum opportunities through a broad range of engaging programs delivered by our outstanding teachers.


Our Year Seven scholarships are to the value of $4600. These scholarships will be presented by the Principal to the scholarship recipients and celebrated at their respective primary school assemblies early in Term 4. Family and friends of the scholarship recipients will be invited for the presentation.


Congratulations to the following scholarship recipients joining North Geelong SC in Year 7 in 2018.   


Academic Excellence – Emily Heitmann (Ashby Primary School)

The Academic Excellence Scholarship is available to students with an exemplary academic record who have demonstrated outstanding application and achievement in one or more of English, Mathematics or Science, together with a strong performance in general studies.


Student Leadership – Rarlee Bevan (Rollins Primary School)

The Student Leadership Scholarship is available to students who have demonstrated leadership skills. The successful applicant(s) will have excellent communication skills, display initiative, and have a passion to motivate, delegate, guide and direct fellow students.


Community (Good Citizenship) - Corey Thomson (Herne Hill Primary School)

The Community (Good Citizenship) Scholarship is available to students who have made a significant demonstrable contribution to their community. The successful applicant(s) will display a strong social conscience as well as an outstanding work ethic and behaviour.


Sporting Excellence – Bella Gilhans (Northern Bay College)

The Sporting Excellence Scholarship is available to keen sportspersons who have shown outstanding aptitude and personal achievement in one or many sporting field(s).


The Arts – Ruby Maher-Williams (St Mary's Primary School, Melbourne)

The Arts scholarship is available to students who have displayed excellence and shown commitment in one or more of the Arts areas (such as: Drama, Music, Dance or Visual Arts). Successful applicants should have a record of involvement in all aspects of primary school life in addition to artistic talent.

Scholarship Program - Year 9 intake, 2018

Our scholarship program for the 2018 Year 9 intake is in the process of being completed. Please contact the school and speak to Ms Astles – Transitions/Pathways Leader or Mr Allister Hill –Assistant Transitions/Pathways for more details.


Scholarships are awarded for two years in Years 9 & 10.


Lynne Kosky memorial VCAL Scholarship 2018

Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Scholarships 2018 for students aged 17 years or under planning to study VCAL in 2018 are encouraged to apply before 5 September.


Students aged 17 years or under – as at 1 January 2018 – who are planning to study the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) in 2018 as a pathway to further study, employment or training, should be encouraged and supported to apply.


The Scholarships are valued at up to $25,000 over 5 years of study, in grants of $2,500 per semester, subject to satisfactory progress. Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need, evidenced by having a valid Centrelink Reference Number and they must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia.


Applications opened on Monday 24 July 2017 and will close on Tuesday 5 September 2017.

To apply, see: Special category student scholarships


It is important that all sections of the scholarship application are completed in order for it to be considered. In addition, principals must verify applications and complete the ‘Supporting Comments’ section to ensure they are valid.


If a student applied for a Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Scholarship last year, they will need to register again to apply for this round of scholarships.


For more information about the scholarships, see: Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Scholarships.


If any students  have any questions about these scholarships, please contact Andrea Constantino, student Scholarships Coordinator, on 9097 7375 or via email at


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson & Mr Bradley Headlam 

Assistant Principal's


Reminder to all parents that the bus bay is for buses and is not a car parking bay. Cars preventing buses to stop to collect children can cause significant delay to the traffic. Please take notice of the appropriate times for bus-only use as displayed on the signs.


It has become apparent that some students are travelling without bus passes/myki card. Bus companies have warned the school that students will be issued with fines and or asked to leave the bus should they not have a pass/myki card.


We have had a number of new International Student Enrolments. The school now has 11 International students enrolled from five different countries, China, Malaysia, Thailand,  Vietnam and Cambodia.  These students will further contribute to the school's fantastic diversity.  They are in a range of Year Levels from Year 8 to 12.


This week the Year 9 students were surveyed on their potential interest in doing a Unit 1 and 2 VCE subject in 2018. This is an excellent opportunity for motivated students to get a taste of the VCE in Year 10. Students were surveyed on their preferences and when the senior timetable is structured we will then begin addressing student capacity for accelerating into a VCE subject. This will be discussed during the full course counselling where all students and parents will be invited to an interview to discuss the course selections for 2018. Details on the full course counselling will be provided to students and parents within the next fortnight.


Subject selections have now been completed for Year 10 students moving into Year 11 and involved a week of careers presentations that include KLA presentations, excursions to TAFEs and Universities and the Senior School Information Night. Students finished the week by meeting with their parents and course counsellors to make choices for their subjects for next year.


The Year 11 into 12 students have also been counselled in regards to their academic program.  We do not anticipate many changes as there courses tend to be over two years.


Two weeks ago we held an SRC Year Level meeting with the Year 7s being the best attended meeting.  Below are some of the ideas and programs that have been generated from each year level.  Some of these we will see develop over the coming weeks whilst others will require further discussion.


Year 7 - More direct bus services, a dance or a prom, more drinking taps, laying better grass, more bins, heating in A6, a netball court just for netball, a boys netball team, more sport activities at lunchtime, more art supplies, more periods of Food Tech., fixing up the junior toilets


Year 8 - Paper towels or hand dryers in toilets, more sitting areas (where is to be determined),  more plants around, air conditioners and heaters in all rooms, outside learning areas, fix some the drink taps


Year 9 -Waiting on their ideas.


Year 10 - 3v3 competition, sports uniform request, ecological taps, Year 10 formal, Netball comp for Year 10 boys and girls, drink taps


Year 11 - Male senior toilets to have benches and hooks, new toilet seats, higher cubicle walls, school formal, Year 11 lunchtime activity, obstacle course


Year 12 - The Year 12 captains will be assisting with the above proposals


If students have ideas can they please approach their home group captains so these can be tabled at the next year level or Area SRC meeting.

Legacy Week

Year 12 captains will be selling Legacy Badges in the coming weeks.  Please see one of them to purchase these badges.


Legacy Week (28 August to September 3 2016) is an annual national appeal to raise awareness and funds for the families of our veterans who've given their life or their health. Funds raised help to continue to assist over 65,000 widow(er)s and 1,800 children and disabled dependants Australia-wide.



From August 1, 2017, there were changes made to the act to strengthen the protection of Victorian children by implementing key recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Individuals who engage in ‘child-related work’ must have a Working with Children Check (WWC Check). ‘Child-related work' is any work that involves ‘direct contact’ with a child that is part of the person’s work. It does not include occasional direct contact with a child that is incidental to the work the person is performing at the school (whether or not that work is paid).

The definition of ‘direct contact’ with children has been expanded to include oral, written or electronic communication as well as face-to-face and physical contact.


A WWC Check is now required for anyone engaging in ‘child-related work’ regardless of whether contact with a child is supervised by another person or not. This means that a volunteer or visitor who is supervised by a teacher must have a WWC Check if they engage in ‘child related work’


Please be aware of these changes, whether you are booking guest speakers, engaging volunteers, visiting the school to work with students, etc. The school will request to see the WWC Check card and the school must keep a register of all people on site who have a WWC Check card.

For more information: WWC Check applications can be made online at and are free for volunteers.


New Department policies are in place for students with mild or moderate allergies. Students with a mild or moderate allergy to a food or insect and those with medication allergy should have an ASCIA Action Plan for Allergic Reactions (green plan). Those students with a severe reaction to allergies should have an ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis (red plan). Both of these action plans are provided to the school by the student’s parents.


In addition, the school will develop and annually review an Individual Allergic Reactions Management Plan for each student with a mild to moderate allergy in conjunction with their parent or guardian. This change replaces the need to have a Student Health Support Plan.

There are no changes for managing students with anaphylaxis.


REMINDER: ALL students who require medication for any illness or condition must have a completed pink ‘Medication at School’ form. This includes any medication that is administered at school and/or at home. All medication information must be available to communicate to emergency services as, and if, required.


Students for whom the school does not have current medical plans or up to date medication information may not be able to attend excursions or camps as a health and safety measure. Please contact the main office to update your child’s medical records.


If you are concerned about any medical or health issues for your child at school, you can contact the Secondary School Nurse, Faith Field, who is at NGSC two days a week.


Mr Chistopher Hudson

Assistant Year 7 Coordinator 


With Term 3 now well under way, the Year 7 coordination team hope that both students and guardians have had time to reflect upon the first semester reports. It is important that guardians incorporate their children in these report discussions, as it provides a platform in which both parties can consider how the second semester reports might be even more successful. Please ensure that your child knows that the Year 7 coordination team are always available for discussion about any problems they are facing with their learning.


We would like to congratulate our Year 7 students on the manner in which they have completed the first semester. It has been quite a busy semester at the college however students have settled in quite well to the positive culture and learning environments that we aim to promote. I would like to take this opportunity to remind students to keep up the good work and positivity, and to finish Term 3 as positive as they have started it.


The Year 7 team now have a new initiative that recognises students who display positivity in the classroom and within the College community as a whole. The Year 7 Coordination team monitors green entries on Compass (green entries are entered on Compass by teachers for positivity and excellence shown within class), and a list is compiled each week of the students who amass the most entries. These students then have their photos and names displayed on the ‘Green Machine’ board in the Year 7 coordination office. This is a great visual reminder to the Year 7 cohort of the students in the year level that are performing above and beyond within the College.


We had our first Year 7 home group challenge for Term 3 on Friday - an A.F.L goal kicking challenge. It was fantastic to see so many Year 7 students participating and supporting their home groups during the activity. These activities have been an absolute pleasure to run, and the Year 7 coordination team are incredibly impressed with the supportive nature that each home group shows during the challenges. Next Friday we will have another home group challenge, so if you have not yet signed up for it, make sure you see Mr Mills or Mr Hudson before the end of school on Thursday!

Mr James Cowan-Clark

Year 8 Coordinator

It has been a very busy start to term 3. The Year 8 cohort has already had two-year level challenges, being the netball and downball competitions, and 8F is on top of the leader board. We have an excursion coming up next week to Deakin University but only 100 places are available so please make sure you get your permission slips in. Uniform has been an ongoing issue so please remember PE uniform is to be worn only once a week for the double PE class. Well done to all our Year 8 students who have been representing the school in interschool sports. Keep up the great work.


Mr Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Manager 

Following on from progress reports which should be accessible soon I wanted to share some important information regarding the adolescent brain- interesting reading for both parents and teachers. The reason I also elude to this brief piece of information is it coincides well with the current resilience program being implemented in the middle school at NGSC. 


Carol Dweck’s research shows us that students’ mindsets directly influence results. Adopting a growth mindset enables students to remain engaged and achieve well. Students with a growth mindset outperform control groups because they believe in effort and are resilient in the face of setbacks. Teachers who have a growth mindset have students who improve faster.


Changing students’ mindsets from a fixed (I can’t do any better) to a growth (I can improve) raises their achievement scores.


Our aim should be for each student to develop their potential. To this we need to praise effort not intelligence and improvement over accomplishment.


Lot’s of teenagers would have trouble planning their way out of a wet paper bag with a fine wind behind them. This is because their prefrontal cortex is being refined during these years. Most teenagers should have a sign on their foreheads that says” closed for re-construction”.

While the connections in the prefrontal cortex are being refined or pruned, it is also a time of great opportunity. It is in these years that thinking, problem solving and creativity can surge if nourished.


It’s all about the frontal lobes at this time and once they are wired, they are harder to change.


Key things we can do to boost the performance of the adolescent brain:
* structure learning so that most of the initial organisation is done for them. They will absorb the structures later;

* provide opportunities for mastery learning; and * give them activities that develop the frontal lobes- prediction games, anticipation of consequences, mazes, discussions about the long term effects of social issues.


Also can all Year Nine Parents please be aware of the Melbourne Discovery Camp on offer and permission slips need to be in ASAP.


Scholarships for Year 9, 2018

North Geelong Secondary College wishes to share our collegiate pride and success with the community by offering four Leadership Scholarships to support students in their studies during Years 9 and 10.


The scholarship program at NGSC covers the compulsory costs of your education for two years of secondary school. The value of each scholarship is approximately $3000.


Applicants may have demonstrated leadership in the community, sports, the Arts, academically or in other pursuits. Examples of their leadership should be outlined in students’ applications.


Recipients of the Leadership Scholarships will uphold our College values (Respect, Excellence, Achievement, Diversity) and encourage their peers to do the same.


Applicants are required to complete an application form and obtain a teacher reference, to be returned to the Junior Sub School Office by 3pm on Friday September 1st 2017.


If you have any queries about the program please do not hesitate to contact the College on 5240 5800.


Ms Visnja Perin

Year 11 Coordinator 

A big welcome to our students for Semester Two.

On behalf of the senior school team I would like to thank Miss Samantha Ladson for her work over the last month in her role as Acting Senior School Manager. Welcome back to Mrs Bridges from her travels.

Graduation Tickets

The current year 12 students and families are reminded that Graduation tickets are on sale at $70 per ticket ($30 for children under 12 years). Please contact Mr Scott regarding any dietary requirements, if you have not yet done so. It’s going to be a great night.

Subject selections

This is a busy term for finalizing subject selections for 2018. Year 11 students are currently in the process of planning their course and undertaking counseling with various staff members. Students should have been discussing their plans at home with their parents/guardians.


We continue to monitor school uniform. Most of our students look fabulous in their uniforms every day. The few students who continue to not follow policy are being asked to fix that up. Please remember that if you require support in this, we may be able to assist. We ask that you discuss this with your child’s year level coordinator or the wellbeing team.

Year 12 camp 2018

Letters regarding the 2018 year 12 camp were distributed at the start of this term and those wishing to take advantage of a payment plan needed to commence that. Payments need to be finalized by the 20th of November. The permission and medical forms need to be returned to the general office by that same date or as soon as possible.

Year 12 tops 2018

The tops are being finalised. Students will soon be able to check sizes. Each student will need to decide whether their first name or surname will be used on the backs of these. They may only use a nickname if it is genuinely a nickname they have been known by over the years and not something that is made up just for this top.


Information about all these things and more are communicated with the students via email. It is important they have a device and check these daily. Students must also check Compass regularly to stay informed of all daily updates. A device is needed to stay on track with learning activities. Please contact the year level manager or our ICT department if you need assistance to purchase a device.


Speaking of Compass, have you seen your child's semester 1 report? This was available at the end of last term. Progress reports will be available in the coming days. The school is making every effort to keep parents / guardians informed on student progress, please look out for these and contact us if you have any concerns. We value open communication to ensure all students are achieving their best possible results.

What are we learning?

We strongly encourage families to ask the students ‘what did you learn today?’ to engage in a conversation about the positives in their day and to support them in their learning.

Senior School Information Evening

I would like to thank all the families who attended the senior school information evening earlier this term. Anyone with further questions about all things VCE, VCAL, VET, Traineeships etc please make contact with the school and arrange a time with the appropriate staff member to discuss.


Senior Girls Soccer Western Metro Finals

The NGSC Senior Girls team won the Geelong competition to become the best in the Geelong public school system. In Melbourne they found a higher standard of competition but were competitive in both their games. They drew with Hoppers Crossing SC and lost 2-0 to Lakeview SC. Daisy Sanders, Abby Gardner and Tammy Luu were the most valuable players over the two matches. Thanks to Nya for her coaching efforts.



Woolies Earn and Learn is on AGAIN!


When: Wednesday July 26th  -  Tuesday September 19th



  • Shop at Woolworths - earn one sticker for every $10 spent

  • Place your stickers in the NGSC box at the supermarket OR

  • Place them in the box at school OR

  • Place them on a sticker sheet and put the completed sheet in the box at the supermarket or at school.

Why: The more completed sticker sheets we get the more resources we can get to help our students with their learning.

There will be a prize for the family who complete the most sticker sheets. Remember to put your name and school on them before you put them in a box.


Multicultural Festival


School Production News

Our show for this year is called HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE. It’s a Cabaret. Some of you might remember the Cabaret from a few years ago. This year’s show is no exception. A night filled with songs from..well…here, there and everywhere. You’ll see some familiar faces from previous shows and some up and coming rising stars from Yr 7. There are a ton of musicians making their debut performance as well. 


The show will be on in the Drama Room on Aug. 29, 30 and 31 starting at 7.30.  Doors open at 7.10.

Tickets will be on sale at the General Office starting August 14. 


EAL VCAL Luncheon



This busy and exciting Term Three is upon us and staff, students and the NGSC community are all hard at work with a lot of events in progress.  


The Multicultural Committee is also on a mission searching for ideas and suggestions for  the upcoming  Multicultural Festival (27th October) for the Festival’s opening assembly ceremony.  In particular we are looking for innovative guest speakers and acts to fit in with this year’s theme: "The Music of The World”.  We welcome all your ideas, so feel free to contact us (Multicultural Commitee Members) or drop in to our next meeting.  We value any input from the  NGSC school community.  


The next Multicultural meeting will be held  on Monday 21st   August at lunch time (12:45pm) in the Discussion Room.




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