St John Vianney's Newsletter

13 February 2020
Issue Two

'St John Vianney's school Community Is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards'

Dates to Remember 
 Principal Post....
From the office...
Get to know our staff.....
From our Captains.....
Religious Education
 2020 OPEN DAYS 
Class of the Week - 5/6LS & 5/6R
Specialist Classes
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Dates to Remember 

Important Dates


Wednesday 12th - Preps not in (Literacy Testing)

Monday 27th - SJV Open Day 9.15am & 10.15am

Wednesday 19th -  Preps not in (Literacy Testing)

Friday 21st - Year 3 Fun afternoon

Tuesday 25th - SCHOOL PHOTOS

Wednesday 26th - Preps not in (Literacy Testing)

Wednesday 26th - Ash Wednesday Mass

Wednesday 26th - Swimming (Years 3-6)

Thursday 27th - Reconciliation Year 3 Family Faith Night. 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Friday 28th - Working Bee 2.30pm - 4.00pm  (School Clean Up Day)
Friday 28th - Swimming (Years 3-6)

Term Dates

TERM 1 – 30th January – 27th March(NORMAL FINISH 3.15PM) 

TERM 2 – 14th April – 26th June (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 3 – 13th July – 18th September (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 4 – 5th October – 16th December (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

Camp Dates 


YEAR 4 CAMP - 2nd - 4th September (SOVEREIGN HILL)

 Principal Post....

From the Principal. . . 

Dear Families, 

Our students and staff appear to be settling in well to their class grades as we begin our work about improving student outcomes.  As teachers  and support staff our aim is to bring about growth for students. We want and expect all students to make progression in all areas of the curriculum.  Student  progress or development in their academic studies  often appears over time. It takes a positive mindset and  perseverance to progress forward. 

As parents it is vital that you encourage your children in their efforts.  Reserach would say that high but realistic expectations together with encouraging support leads to better results. 


Academic achievement is only one part of Catholic Education. We strive also to provide an environment at SJV through our programs and our relationships, where students  do feel a sense of belonging, purpose and connectedness in their lives in order to flourish in complex ever changing world!  Again encouragement from both school and home is vital.   

Meet & Greet Interviews

The Meet & Greet Interviews  have begun well. We hope that you providing us with further information and insights about your child  helps us  in our tasks to best support your child. 

Open Days at SJV for 2021 Prospective Families

It's that time already when we will be hosting Open days for 2021.

Our first Open Day is next Monday  17th February with tours at 9:15am & 10:15am. 

We know that parents are the best advocates or marketers for our school. Please spread the word in the street and and kinders.  Please reassure prospective families  that we do  take non Catholic students into our school, given support of our Catholic ethos.

Our Open Day Flyer is  on a page later in the Newsletter. 

If you have a shop business  where you are able to display in a window  an OPEN DAY FLYER please come to the Office to pick one up. We would be most appreciative. Another good way of building our partnership! 

Opening School Mass & Captains Badge Presentation

Our Opening School Mass held last Friday was a  most important occasion as we all gathered to ask God blessings upon our Year . It was most fitting  to see our Preps and new students and staff process into our Church to the Hymn  All Are Welcome. 

Congratulations to our Student Captains who were presented their badges by the Premier Mr Daniel Andrews at the Mass.  We are confident that the 2020 Captains will carry out their role very successfully. All Year 6's as  Leaders of our school were acknowledged and later received their Leaders Badge at the Morning Tea. 


Working Bee

Our first Working Bee is on Friday 28th February at 2:30 - 4pm. Mark it in your diary.

We are trialing a different time! It is 'Clean Up Schools Day' across Australia so we invite parents to come  along to give a hand. Toddlers will need to be well supervised. 

More information next week.  Afternoon Tea provided at 3:30ish! 

Action Plans

Please ensure ALL ASTHMA, ANAPHYLAXIS & ALLERGY plans are sent to the office as soon as possible. It is vital that the school has this information. 

Child Safety

Gates & car park - As you are all aware child & community safety is our priority. We remind you of the following:

- The back gate is opened at 8.15am 

- ALL gates are locked around 9.00am

- The gate near the basketball court/reception is locked at recess AND lunch.

- When attending the school parents must report to the office  for any matters (including prep testing times)


We thank you for your understanding and support!

From the office...

School Photos

School photo order forms were sent out with students yesterday. If you would like a Sibling Portrait Order Form please visit the office to receive a form.


Payment Options

- Via Cash (in a sealed envelope with exact amount)

- Ordering online. Click HERE


Action Plans 

Please ensure ALL ASTHMA, ANAPHYLAXIS & ALLERGY plans are sent to the office as soon as possible. It is vital that the school has this information. 

Healthcare Card

If you have a healthcare card you may be eligible for government assistance towards your school fees. You will need to fill out a form which is available at the office.

Updated Details

If you have updated your contact details, email address, emergency contacts or address you MUST notify the school office as soon as possible!

Get to know our staff.....

Mrs May, 1/2 Level leader & Teacher in 1/2M

Hi Mrs May, welcome to SJV!!! 

We have a few questions which we hope will help the Community get to know you a little more.....


Q. What do you want the students to pursue at this school?

A. Have a go at everything and they do their best.


Q. When did you start working in schools?

A. 2008 was my first class and I taught  Year 6


Q. What is your goal when you teach students?

A. For us to work together so all students can do more or know more


Q.What is your favourite book or book series?

A. Harry Potter


Q.What are your hobbies?

A. Walking my dog, reading and travelling

Mrs Chan, Teacher in Prep CH

 Hi Mrs. Chan! Welcome back to SJV!!!!


Q.What is your favourite subject to teach?

A. I love to teach all subjects but I particularly  love to teach writing!


Q.What is your goal this year? Why?

A. To have creative fun and engaging lessons to help students to reach their full potential 


Q.What are your hobbies?

A. Basketball, pilates and  walking the '1000 steps'....


Q.When did you start working in schools?

A. 2008 or 2009 


Q.What do you want the students to pursue at this school?

A. A love of Learning 


Stay tuned as we share more about our  New Staff next Week!! 

(Georgia and John - Public Relations Captains)


From our Captains.....

Anabelle and Ryan....

We are your 2020 St. John Vianney's School Captains! This year we hope will be  be a great year for all at SJV. We are hoping to make the school an even better place for everyone! We will work closely with teachers and students. We will try to make sure everyone is happy and always looking forward to coming to school. We will especially look out for our new preps and other new students.


We do care a lot about St John Vianney’s and our community. Parents please remind your kids that if they need anything we will be there!

Beginning Of Year Mass

The Beginning of Year Mass last Friday was absolutely marvellous. The Honorable Mr Daniel Andrews, the Victorian State Premier and our Local State Member was able to join us. 


After our school captains brought in the SJV banner, all our new preps, other new students and new teachers walked down the middle aisle of the church. After communion, Mrs Klupacs, Mr Mullaly and Mr Andrews announced all the captains and gave them their badges. The captains got to take some photos with the Premier too.


After the Mass the year 6 students were able to invite their parents and families to come and enjoy a special morning tea. Overall, this morning was an amazing experience and we thank Mr Andrews for making time to be with us, the teachers and staff of St John Vianney's for all their work (especially Mrs Russo) and all the parents and family member who were present at the mass.


We look forward to an awesome year with you!


On behalf of all the captains, 


Kind Regards,


Anabelle and Ryan

2020 SJV School Captains

Religious Education

Opening School Mass

Many thanks to all of our families who attended our Opening School Year Mass. It was a wonderful occasion and gave us the opportunity to celebrate the beginning of our 2020 school year. We were privileged to have our state Premier, Mr. Daniel Andrews, present our captains with their badges. He took the opportunity to remind all of the students to work towards being the best person they can be and to apply themselves to all areas of school life enthusiastically.



Family Faith Evening - Thursday 27th February

Our Family Faith Evening will be held on Thursday 27th February beginning at 7.00pm in the Brigidine Learning Centre. On the night, you will receive more information regarding the sacrament celebrations. It is essential that the child making their Reconciliation and one member of their family is present for the evening.



If you have yet to return the Reconciliation Enrolment form and payment could you do this as soon as possible please.


Social Justice News

These last summer holidays saw some terrible weather elements take control of our country. We saw much of our beautiful landscape destroyed by devastating bushfires. Our friends in rural Australia suffered huge losses as a result of the wildfires.  Many people lost farm stock, businesses, homes and livelihoods. Ultimately some families were changed forever with the passing of family members.

As part of our commitment to helping others in need, the Mini Vinnies group will be holding a 'free dress' day to help support those families affected by the bushfire. On Friday 6th March all of the students will have the chance to wear casual clothes to school in return for a gold coin donation. I encourage all families to support this day so we can help those in need of our assistance. 

Have a wonderful week

Claire Russo

Religious Education Leader


 2020 OPEN DAYS 

Open Days 

It is so important that we continue to spread the word about the wonderful SJV Community. 

To that end please tell your friends at Kinder or those in your street or friendship group.

Here is the Open Day Flyer with dates.

Should a prospective Parent not be able to attend the Open Day they can ring the office to make another time for a Tour. 

If you have a shop business  where you are able to display in a window  an OPEN DAY FLYER please come to the Office to pick one up. We would be most appreciative. Another good way of building our partnership! 



Class of the Week - 5/6LS & 5/6R

From 5/6LS...

My First Day...

The first day, the first step into my new  classroom made me feel like everyone was beaming at me. It caused me to tremble almost quake in my shoes. I had the feeling I would never get along in this class and that other students would do nothing but gossip about me. I was going to shatter. I stood there glaring down, too anxious to talk. But that was then…. 

Fortunately, I have exquisite classmates supporting me and I feel they will not let me down. Because of my astonishing classmates I have nothing to be petrified about. They are allowing me to feel that I have incredible friends. Now I come into the classroom with a bright smile and a group of friends behind me. Even if I did not know anything, having a group of encouraging friends has made me feel I can do anything. Our teacher is a bright guy who pushes me through. I have completely forgotten about being invisible that first day and will never turn back.

By Daniel


When I stepped into the school, I had very mixed feelings. I was very jittery, BUT really social to everyone all the same. I said hi to every student and teacher that walked by. When I got into class I was breathless, my heart was pumping really hard. I was nervous! I was kind of sweaty and I was eager to get into class because it has been so long since I had seen my friends and I wondered if they have changed. I was very enthusiastic to get into class and to be a Year 6 leader, Public Relations Captain, and meet some Year 5 and Year 6 students that I hadn't really seen. I was super excited to meet my new teacher Mr.Ru. When I got into my class I was chatting with my friends like there was no tomorrow. We did activities to learn about each other. My feelings by the end of the day were lively and cheerful but I was a bit tired! My heart was pumping normally and my hands weren’t sweaty at all!

By John

From 5/6R...

What we've been up to so far in the Senior School and looking ahead...



Once every day we walk around the oval and think about what we feel, hear and see.  This is called a Mindfulness Walk. When we get back into class, our teacher, Miss Rak asks us to write what we feel, hear and see. The purpose of this is to relax and be more aware of our surroundings .

Lately, we have been discussing the difference between good and bad friendships .

For example:

Good friendship 

Bad friendship

  1. Trust



2. Telling lies

   3.Listening to each  other 

3. Speaking over each other

By Amber, Vivian, Elly and Manya.


5/6 Sport

Sport is awesome! We do it in our everyday lives. This term, our 5/6 level has summer sports for our inter school sport. We will compete in different sports such as hotshot tennis, cricket, volleyball and softball. We will strive to have the best sportsmanship and be a team player along with striving to have the best, fair game that we can. 

By Doup, Ovi, Kevin and Jackie


Year 6 

This year is very special because we get to step up and become leaders. In Year 6 we are looking forward to many things like camp. We are going to Phillip Island! One of the awesome things to look forward to is Teachers vs Students at the end of the year. Year 6’s will compete against the teachers in various sports including dodgeball. Last year we lost, but this year we WILL beat the teachers!

At the start of school we received our Year 6 rugby jumpers. As you have probably seen, Year 6 jumpers are worn basically every single day of the school year. They are special because all the Year 6 student names are on the back of the jumpers. Year 6 is going to be an exciting year!

By Ryan, Maximus, Matilda and Josh


What we're looking forward to this year (Year 6)

This year we are looking forward to Year 6 Camp because we get to do fun activities and we get to do new things.  Also Year 6 Fun Day because we get to spend time with our friends and have a good time outside of school. We are looking forward to being the leaders of our school and the way kids look up to us and helping the school to be a better place. We are also looking forward to Year 6 Graduation because we get to move on and make new friends at a new school.

By Athena and Allegra


What we're looking forward to this year (Year 5)

This year the Year 5’s in 2020 are looking forward to stepping up and being more responsible with our choices and being  senior students. Here are some other things what we’re looking forward to:

  • Challenging ourselves to do more work

  • Being buddies to the preps and showing them how our school works

  • Getting ready to be a leader next year

  • Making new friendships with other students

  • Getting our own chrome books

  • Being upstairs with the seniors

By Kayla and Karolina

Specialist Classes

Take a look at what's happening in our Specialist classes........



We acknowledge the following birthdays from 
Wednesday 12th February - 18th February

Happy Birthday! We hope that you enjoy your special day!

- Nicholas 1/2DP

- Sukhreet Prep CH

- Juan 5/6N

- Ella Prep L

- Alesia Prep CH

- Ricky 1/2M

- Oliver 1/2DP

- Dominic Prep C

- Jacinta 5/6LS

- Cooper 5/6N

- Ian 3/4A

Secondary College News

Killester College


Open Day Tours


Community News 

Experience Stillness & Silence


Montessori Early Years Education


Family Fun Night




Program Details

For more information about our programs and fees, you may visit our website If you prefer to speak to us, you can contact our exceptional Customer Care Team that is available to support our families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except for National Public Holidays. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit us in service and chat with our qualified Educators about the Camp Australia program at your child’s school.


We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

From the Team at Camp Australia

                              Coordinator: Brigitte                                                     Phone: 0423 793 662

Check out all the fun activities happening in Your OSHC this week!


                              Tuck shop 

The tuckshop at SJV is open from Wednesday to Friday only.

You can order a lunch order via CDFpay  or Via a brown paper bag with money in it.

Please note: The cut off time for CDFpay is strictly 9.30am


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