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17 September 2019
Issue Fourteen

Our mission is to inspire the self belief and motivation in students that will enable them to achieve and grow

From the Principal, Linda Jones
Diary Dates
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Parenting Ideas by Michael Grose
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From the Principal,
Linda Jones

We are here to support the academic, social and emotional development of our students to be resilient to the
challenges of a rapidly changing society.


The results of our grades 3 and 5 students on the national testing (NAPLAN) was distributed to students and their families last week. We believe that students will be able to look closely at their NAPLAN achievements with their parents with a degree of satisfaction, pride and knowledge that they have done their best.

The diagrams below are the Year 3 and 5 ‘School Summary Reports’ for the areas tested. The red boxes represent the school’s performance while the cream boxes represent the State. The horizontal line represents the medium score (mid-score).



Our goals and priorities at CPS are to support our students from prep to year 6 academically, socially and emotionally. As a staff we regularly discuss our passions to ensure instilling a love of learning across many curriculum areas in the students we support and care for each and every day.  NAPLAN is just one assessment of each child’s learning and we are committed to developing the whole child through a wide curriculum that extends well beyond what NAPLAN assesses.

Literacy and Numeracy are key curriculum priorities for us each day within our classrooms. As discussed previously, considerable professional learning for teachers occurs in Literacy and Numeracy.

Teachers work hard to use all our teaching spaces in innovative and flexible ways adopting collaborative, engaging and targeted teaching methods to ensure all students have better opportunities to be challenged at their point of need.  We also continually monitor and review our progress as a team of teachers to ensure we always strive to be better at what we do. At Carnegie Primary we support students to participate in more formal assessments such as this.


We have been contacted by the Victorian School’s Building Authority ask us to hold an official opening event on Tuesday 8th October from 9-9:45am. The Minister for Education James Merlino, along with local member Steve Dimopoulos will be in attendance. Mr Merlino and Mr Dimopoulos will tour the refurbished sections followed by a short assembly, in our school gym, from approximately 9.15am. A warm invitation is extended to our families.


A valued tradition at Carnegie Primary is our Friday assembly which we now hold regularly in our wonderful new gym. These assemblies are a time to share news with our community with the priority being the opportunity for our students to take centre stage and shine.  Our students gain confidence speaking and performing in this setting. We warmly welcome families to all our assemblies and I know the children are extremely excited when families and friends come to watch specific year level or grade items or performances.

Of recent times it has been noted that more families, than is preferable, watch a particular year level perform and then choose to leave once this item on the program concludes. For some of you, I respect that you have a pressing engagement but where at all possible we would appreciate if guests remain for the duration of the assembly. Our Friday assemblies usually run for 30 minutes concluding at approximately 9.30am. Thank you in advance for your efforts in valuing and respecting our assemblies and all they bring to our school’s program.


Term 4 is nearly upon us and I remind families that all students should be wearing their sun smart hat when playing outside at recess and lunch breaks when term 4 commences. School hats can be purchased from Primary School Wear Uniform Shop and are also available from the office. Plain navy sun smart hats that can be purchased from local department stores are also acceptable, particularly if you like to keep a spare one. We also encourage students to apply sunscreen throughout the day, to stay hydrated and to play in areas that provide shade.


In line with government guidelines, all Victorian schools are required to develop Child Safety Policies with a number of quite specific requirements. One of these is that Working With Children Checks require stronger oversight for visitors and volunteers in schools. As a result, at Carnegie Primary, any parent or carer  who wishes to attend an excursion and supervise a group of students  (eg. visiting the zoo, museum, Scienceworks etc) will need to provide the school with a Volunteer Working With Children Check. Obviously the primary duty of care always falls to our teachers but on such occasions, parents may be the primary carer for a period of time at an excursion.

These are free and relatively easy to obtain on line at

Such checks aren’t required for parents who attend sessions such as Book bags or the Parent Helpers program as activities such as this are exempt under the guidelines. If you have any questions or need assistance, please see Linda or Karen.


The last day of term 3 is Friday 20th September.  The children finish school at 2.30pm; they will be dismissed from their classrooms. I wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday, hopefully enjoying some lovely spring weather and look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday 7th October.


As always, we have quite a few bikes and scooters living in the bike shed. It would be timely to remind families to see if one of these belongs at their home. With lovely spring days ahead they can be well used over the holidays!


Be the type of person you would like to meet


Diary Dates



Wednesday 18th September

Year 4 Open Morning


Thursday 19th September

Year 2 Sleepover


Friday  20th September

Sports Colours Day

Last day of term-early dismissal 2.30pm




Term 4

Monday 7th - Friday 18th October

Year 1/2 Swimming


Tuesday 8th October

Capital Works Official opening with James Merlino and Steve Dimpoloulos - 9.15am in gym


Saturday 12th October

SCHOOL FETE 11am-4pm


Wednesday 16th October

School Council Meeting 7.30pm


Tuesday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Day holiday-no school


What's happening

Birthday Books

Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes from all at Carnegie Primary School.




Natalia S-I

4 C

“Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire”

Collecting Bottletops

Don't forget to collect your plastic bottle tops (from milk, soft drink bottles etc) to donate to Envision, a charity which makes them into prosthetic limbs for children in need. We need as many lids as possible, so please drop off washed lids to the tub at the office.

We will be using these for a competition on Fete day before donating them to Envision.


Parenting Ideas
by Michael Grose


Cyberbullying of children and teenagers is one of the greatest fears facing parents today. The thought of their child being subjected to heinous words, threats to their physical safety, as well as their social and emotional wellbeing, is something no parent wants their child to experience.

Most of the bullying behaviours we now see are happening from behind a keyboard, playing out in social media feeds and gaming chat rooms. It is little wonder parents feel overwhelmed and out of their depth, especially when for most, online is an environment that is relatively unfamiliar.

So what can we do to help our kids avoid these types of behaviours, as well as give them the skills to deal with cyberbullying behaviours should they be exposed?

  • Remind them of all of the things they have control over: While it may not feel like it, we have a lot of control over what happens online.  We can determine who we talk to, what we ignore, what we share, how we comment, who we follow, who we block or hide from our feeds. All of that, helps us determine who is allowed to play a role in our online experiences and ultimately what behaviours we accept on our feeds
  • Give your child time away from the screens: Everyone needs a break from screens. We want to encourage regular times when a child doesn’t need to be tethered to their device. Building a wider community away from the screens helps a child or teen build their sense of self worth. Keeping devices away from the dinner table also gives them a break from being socially switched on and allows the to connect with family without a device. Removing devices at night helps their active brains to switch off, and prepare for sleep.
  • Role play possible responses:  Discuss with your child whether whether they should respond to bullying or nasty online comments, If they do, then consider how they could respond. Consider the statements or types of people they ignore, block or report.
  • Regularly check the privacy settings: Every app, game and social network has a settings button that enables you to determine how positive an experience your child can have on that platform and how much control they have.  Visit these settings regularly to look at the options available

While nothing is guaranteed particularly when it comes to the online world, we can certainly be taking steps to help our kids. We can give them skills, encourage positive behaviours and thinking that allow them to minimise their exposure to the bullying behaviours of others.

If your child is being cyberbullied you can also access the reporting tool at


You will find more information at


Students of the Week

September 9, 2019

Aalya B         Prep        For being such an inclusive member of our class. You are a star!

Harrison W  Prep       For trying so hard during writing sessions. Keep up your wonderful efforts. You are                                              a  star!

Emily T   Prep              For being an amazing reader and trying so hard with all areas of our Cafe Reading.                                              You use many good strategies to work out unknown words. Keep it up.

Tiana H   Prep             For being such an enthusiastic writer during our postcard writing!. Your ideas and                                                handwriting are terrific. Well done.

Willow K  Grade 1      For trying so hard and succeeding at staying on task and focusing during our                                                          learning times. You are a star!

Kivi S  Garde 1            For his fantastic Dreamtime story about "How the eagle got it's good eyesight." We                                              have noticed a big improvement in your handwriting too!!

Ananya B  Grade 2    For your kindness and patience you practise with your friends in Year 2. Thank you                                                for spreading your positivity everywhere you go.

Aaria M  Grade 2        For your positive attitude to your learning and taking pride in all that you achieve.

Thomas V  Grade 3   For great effort and attitude towards your multiplication learning.

Bass M  Grade 3         For being so focused during your poetry writing. Well done on an excellent effort.

Tvisha A  Grade 5     For her incredible maturity and dedication towards all aspects of school. We are                                                  very proud of you.

Pranav S  Grade 5    For an amazing start to Carnegie Primary School. You are already a great part of 5A,                                             sharing your work with the class.

Thanusree B  Grade 5   For always having an incredible attitude to learning and putting in your best                                                           effort.

Shashank G  Grade 6   For being a good listener and asking interesting questions during our Circuits

                                              Incursion. Well done!



PFA  News


Please follow and share our FB and Instagram Fete pages:

facebook: @ Carnegie Primary School Fete

instagram: #carnegieprimaryschool_fete


Jellis Craig Bayside Glen Eira will be running a colouring draw on Fete day with winners being drawn randomly from the barrel at 3pm by Mark Staples, Director of Jellis Craig Bayside Glen Eira. So come and visit the Jellis Craig marquee near the stage on fete day to complete a colouring sheet and have a chance at winning some awesome prizes! 


We have lots of fete flyers that need delivering around the neighbourhood. If you are able to deliver some over the next 3 weeks, please contact Michelle McCurdy to arrange a time to grab some flyers this week before the end of term. 


Ph: 0430 288 250


The rosters for all the stalls are now up online so please see where you can you can do a shift or two. The Fete is a massive event for the school and so we really need everyone to get on board and do their bit to make it a really successful day. Click here to sign up today!


You can now purchase your fete ride bands via trybooking. A ride band will give you unlimited rides all day at the Fete for the bargain price of $30! We also have discounted ride bands for the 3rd and 4th child in your family (only available for CPS families)

Ride bands on fete day will cost $35 and individual rides will cost either $3 or $6.









Rides include: Cha Cha (height restriction applies), Rock Climbing Wall, Combat Challenge Inflatable Obstacle Course, Cup and Saucer, Giant Slide, Jumping Castle, Animal Farm.

Click here to purchase your rideband.


Lucky jar items (which everyone received a paper bag for last week) are due in by this Thursday morning as we will be filling them then. Please drop these off at the old staffroom near the office.


If you have any more books, toys or kids clothes to donate can you please bring them in by Friday morning so we can finalise all the sorting.


Due to a lack of numbers we unfortunately won't be entering a CPS team in the Relay for Life this year.  


School Fete                       October 12th

PFA Meeting                      Monday 14th October

Kids' Disco                         Saturday November 9th

Community Breakfast   Friday November 22nd

Mango Fundraiser


Leesa Needham

Ph: 0408 556 669

Mark Staples

Mark Staples, Director of Jellis Craig Bayside Glen Eira, talks about the local area and his strong relationship with the Carnegie community.

How is Carnegie changing and what does it mean for the local real estate market?

Mark: “Carnegie has always been a great suburb. There are lots of options when it comes to living: from apartments to large homes, there is something for everyone. The transformation of Koornang Road in the last 10 years has added a real buzz to the strip, the new state-of-the-art train station and the allocation of funds to parks and recreation are making the area even more desirable.”


2018 has been a transitional year for the real estate market, how has the buyers’ behaviour changed?

Mark: “With a lack of stock in the Melbourne market, we have seen more buyers looking to areas like Carnegie for the first time. Post-election certainty and interest rate changes have seen buyer confidence increase sharply over the past 2 months.”


What is your connection with the Carnegie Community?

Mark: “I have worked in the Carnegie Community for nearly 20 years. I have developed very strong relationships with the locals which I am very grateful for. There is a strong sense of trust from the community which I have worked hard to earn and that I am very proud of.”


What is the competitive advantage that Jellis Craig Bayside Glen Eira provides Carnegie’s vendors with? 

Mark: “No other agency has such a strong reach across our area and broadly to the relevant areas of Melbourne like Jellis Craig do. Innovative tools and technology in the hands of really dedicated people who want to do their absolute best for clients is a very powerful combination.”


Mark Staples is known for his extraordinary work ethic, perceptive market insight and commitment to building strong, productive relationships.

After more than 15 years in real estate, Mark’s marketing nous and consultative communication style have seen him become a trusted advisor to numerous Bayside Glen Eira property owners.


To know more about Mark, visit: or have a chat with him at our fete. Mark will be there volunteering and supporting our school.


Fete Supporters


The businesses listed below are just some of those who are generously supporting this year's Fete either through sponsorship or by donating to our Silent Auction, so please  support them back if you can.

Thank you!










Sports News

District Athletics

On Monday 9th September, 48 of Carnegie’s finest athletes traveled to Duncan Mackinnon Athletics Track to compete in the 2019 Caulfield District Athletics Carnival.  

The team spirit was high and our Carnegie students once again did a super job of representing our school with a great display of sportsmanship. Each student was cheered on in their event and everybody performed exceptionally well. We were very proud of the efforts displayed on the day!

We are excited to announce that we have 24 students who have progressed through to the Kingston Division event to be held early next term. Incredibly, CPS will be represented in 3 relay teams and 23 individual events!

We wish everybody all the best at the next level!

Dallas O’Brien,                                                                       Amy Travers,

Sports Co-ordinator                                                              Sports Co-ordinator

Numeracy News

This week’s focus is


Here are this week’s problem solving questions. You have until the end of Term 4 week 1 to submit an entry!


By taking an educated guess Gloria is using prior knowledge and known facts to support her.


This week we are back looking for another junior and senior Problem Solver of the Week. 


Hi, I am Mack and I am your 2019 Numeracy Captain. This week the questions are:    


Junior Question (Prep – Grade 2)

Junior Question (Prep – Grade 2)

Will spends $5.85 for two different books. Which two books does he buy?



Senior Question (Grade 3 – Grade 6)

 The movie theatre charges $4.00 for each child’s ticket and $7.00 for each adult’s ticket. The art club purchased a total of 20 tickets and spent $101. How many of each type of ticket did the club buy?


Please place your entry into the calculator box at the office by the 11th of October and include your name and grade.    



Discovery News with Year 4

Australian History Excursion

On the 5th of August the Year 4 students headed into the city to check out the Ian Potter Museum, the Birrarung Wilam walk and the Koorie Heritage Trust artefact collection. While on the Birrarung Wilam walk, students learned how the land on which Melbourne is located has changed over time and the significance of the Birrarung Wilam to the local Kulin peoples. The walk through the Ian Potter Museum and the Koorie Heritage Trust enabled the Year 4s to interact with Indigenous artefacts and the opportunity to discuss their uses and cultural importance. 


Student Wellbeing 


In the second half of term 3, students from P-6 have learnt all about how to ‘seek help’. Children can experience all kinds of challenges as they grow and develop. The help-seeking behaviours of children are fundamental to their mental health and wellbeing. The teachers of CPS have been working with students to make sure they are aware of help-seeking avenues and are confident to seek help from an appropriate source when needed. Many of the students have looked at different scenarios that require them to seek help and practised these skills through role play.  


Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours:  Before School Care 7am-8.45am

           After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm




Email: /

Service Mobile Number: 0402043810

A copy of the enrolment and booking form can be downloaded through our website on:

Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20



We are very excited to inform you that our service is introducing a new parent digital sign in/out system called QK Kiosk.


To assist everyone with the new system and make the transition easier, we are implementing new booking and cancellation procedures.


We are kindly requesting parents to:

  • Ensure that your mobile contact numbers are up to date and accurate with the service.
  • Also families utilizing the BEFORE SCHOOL CARE PROGRAM on a CASUAL BASIS to inform the service prior of their child’s attendance, to ensure that the service has updated the system with your casual booking. Thus, eliminating any delays when you arrive for the morning session.
  • Could we also please request due to our maximum license capacity of 100, that if you are needing to cancel your child’s AFTER SCHOOL CARE BOOKING for the day, that you inform the service by email at: or by mobile on 0402043810 by 12 midday on the requested day In order to accommodate families on the waiting list


Also bookings for the September Holiday Program are now open. Please visit:


Last day of term Friday 20th September the service will be operating at the earlier time of 2.30pm to accommodate with the school’s early finish.




Lunar Drive In










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