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26 May 2015
Issue Four
Head Elf School Report
School Project - RSVP's
Dear Support Elves... real emails from real parents
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Head Elf School Report


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School Project - RSVP's

Are you with us?

Using for RSVP's for events is a simple way to find out who is coming to your next information night or get together and can be as simple or as indepth as you require.

Some school's just need to know that a student is being represented, some need to an idea of how many people are coming and others need to know exactly how many are attending as there are limited places.

Today we will show you 3 ways that you can use our service as an RSVP. There are many and varied ways to set up this style of event and your next event may be different to our examples, or you might have other requirements. Below are just some examples to get you thinking.

Simple RSVP

In this example, our school are running an information night on Cyber-Bullying. We really just need to know how many people will be attending, so we can work out which room to host the event in. We are happy for as many parents to attend as possible. We will email parents (with the email addresses we have collected from this RSVP) closer to the date to tell them where it is being held.

It is only being held on one night, there is only one session available.

Parents will only be required to enter their details. Our system knows that there is only one session available, so parents do not need to select anything. It knows that this is the only possible event/session these families could be booking for, so it does the booking for them as soon as they enter their details.

More complex RSVP

Our secondary school are hosting 2 information sessions about enrolling for year 7 at our school. We know that there are many busy parents in our area and that we are a very popular school, so parents can select from two different nights, that best suit their family.

We will be holding this event in our school gym so we can seat as many people that would like to come, but we are interested in the name of the student/s they are considering enrolling, what school they currently attend, and why they have chosen our school, as a school of interest.

Very complex RSVP

Our school are hosting a series of activities for the whole family. These are all held on the same day at the same time, but we have strictly limited places for each of these activities. Some activities can host 10 guests, other activities can host 35 guests. Some workshops are suitable for children, some workshops are suitable for adults or older children, and some activities are suitable for the whole family. Because our guests and their children might be scattered across the school, we need a mobile phone number to reach parents that might have misplaced their child.

Other RSVP?

If you have an event coming up that is the same as one of our examples, or if you have something completely different in mind, please send an email to [email protected] or call us on 03 8786 9233 and we can help you set up your next event, so that it works for your school, too.

Dear Support Elves... real emails from real parents

Anonymous from NSW writes:

...The subjects are listed as acronyms, which I don't know the meaning of, the actual subject list and teacher names my son provided didn't reflect the acronym...

We understand this parent's frustration. When you are tying to find your child's History teacher, your natural instinct is to look for the subject "History". Many schools make use of acronyms like LOTE, TAS, IT, HSIE, CAPA etc and while these might be very familiar terms to most of us, it can be a little confusing for parents.

So what can you do to make it easier? 

The first way would be to enter the subjects in their whole form, History, Business Studies, Economics, Society and Culture, Legal studies etc.  This makes it very easy for parents to find the teacher they are looking for but it is a little extra work for the admin to enter these subjects.

The other alternative is to make use of the Booking Notes, found on the EVENT page, when you are setting up your next event.

Ticking the "Booking Notes" box, presents you with 3 text boxes. The STEP 2 box is information you can include on the screen for parents, on the page where they actually select their teachers.

By including a KEY in this text box, parents are quickly able to work out what these acronyms stand for, and are able to find the correct teacher in an easier fashion.

You would include something along the lines of:

LOTE - Japanese, French, German, Italian

TAS - Computer Science, Engineering, Web Building, Information Technology

HSIE - Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Extension History, Geography, Legal Studies, Modern History and, Society and Culture

CAPA - Drama, Music, Photographic & Digital Media and Visual Arts.

So long as the subjects you list reflect your school curriculum, and what parents might see on their child's school report or timetable, it will be a much easier process for all.

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