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09 November 2015
Issue Seven
Head Elf School Report
School Project - Assessments
Dear Support Elves... 
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Head Elf School Report

Double-Double, Toil and Trouble...

It's always been easy for a parent to make a booking using School Interviews, just enter your email address and details and off you go.

But we have just introduced some changes to make it easier for parents to RETURN to their existing bookings.

In the past, when a parent made an appointment, a confirmation email was sent instructing parents to return to and enter the event code, to either cancel or change their bookings if they needed to.

For security, if a parent returned and entered their email address again, they were sent a token to that email address. They needed to access their email account and enter the token into the system or they could click on a link. And the token changed every time they returned to our site.

Some parents, either through impatience or misunderstanding, the would enter the token in the event code box, or would click on the "I am booking for someone else" and create a second version of themselves usually with the same email address but sometimes with a different email address, and in turn, create a second lot of bookings - a duplication of themselves, when all they really wanted to do was check their bookings.

When this system was originally designed 5 years ago, there were concerns about parents having access to the internet, or not having an email address, so there was a feature that allowed for parents to help out a mate, by making an appointment for them also. They could click on "I am..." if they wanted to access their own bookings or "I am booking for someone else" if they wanted to book for another person. This allowed parents to make another booking for a different parent but use the same email address for both bookings, but it also meant that returning to either booking to make changes,  was almost impossible, because our system couldn't tell which bookings to access.

Our system will now only accept a unique email address. An email address cannot be used twice by anyone,  for the same event, so if a parent want's to help out a friend, they will need to enter their friend's email address or a different email address to make a booking. With Centrelink and Medicare now requiring all customers to have an email address and most parents having multiple email addresses these days, this is no longer the issue it was 5 years ago.

We have made some changes to the way that parents can return to their bookings. 

When parents are emailed confirmation of their bookings, they now see this paragraph at the bottom of the page:

DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL. You can view, change or cancel your bookings by clicking here.

Their confirmation email now has a link that will take them directly to their bookings, without having to visit or entering the event code again or entering a token. 

If a parent does return to the schoolinterviews website and enters their email address again, they will see this warning:

Please check your inbox

It looks like you've already registered for this event...We've sent you an email with a link..."

Parents will be unable to proceed any further, until they return to the email and click on the link to access their bookings.

Parents can still book for a friend, but we have changed the wording to "I want to book for a different Parent"  - to make it clearer, that they will not access their own bookings this way, but create a new booking for a different parent.

We will be monitoring these changes closely but if you notice any issues or have any feedback about these changes, please send an email to [email protected]

School Project - Assessments

Kindergarten Best Start, MAI's, Foundation Assessments and other Assessment Interviews

Many schools conduct assessment interviews for children beginning school for the very first time, or for other year levels to assist next year's teachers with a student's transition into the next year level.

For many schools, these assessments happen the very first week of school, some appointments are held whilst most families are still on school holidays.

It isn't easy to make appointments for families when some classes/teachers haven't been decided yet, or might only be settled on during the last week of term. How will you get all those appointment slips back before school ends????

You don't have to.

Using means that even though the school is closed for the holidays, parents can still be booking appointments ready for next year. 

Staff can monitor appointments during the holidays. The school can send reminder's through their school apps, emails etc (you can even schedule reminder emails these days, to be sent automatically during the holidays) and staff can even make appointments for families if they need to.

Every school is different - there are many, many different ways to set up an event like this so that it works for your school. We know all the right questions to asks - for instance:

  • Will parents know their child's exact teacher's name or just their group/class name?

  • Do you have a pool of limited teachers that are conducting interviews and it really doesn't matter which child sees which teacher, so long as they have an appointment?

  • Would you like to use "Teacher A, Teacher B..." instead of actual names?

  • Do parents need to attend these appointments with the children, or do the children attend these appointments on their own while the parent waits somewhere else?

  • For whole school assessments or families with twins, would it be easier for parents to have all their children assessed at the same time, with their different teachers, rather than have one appointment after another after another?

  • Can a teacher have more than one child being assessed at the same time, a group of 2 or 3 children being tested by a single teacher?

If your school are running assessment appointments this year/next year, and would like to ease the workload for teachers and make it more convenient for your families, contact us today.

It is not too late. You could be up and running and taking appointments in under 15 minutes.

Dear Support Elves... 

What's New?

Schools will often contact us for advice about different events  or will ask if we know of any other products that might be helpful - products that help eliminate the need for paper.

We have recently been asked if we know a better way for  signing in and signing out of school - how to remove the need for paper sign in books and slips, for late students, early leavers, contractors visiting the school, substitute teaching staff, or regular visitors.

Many parents are uncomfortable about their personal information being seen by the next parent with a student signing in late or leaving early.

They want a more secure system in place for students at risk and an easier way for regular visitors (or regular late students) to sign in.

In an emergency, your priority is to GET OUT QUICKLY AND SAFELY -  not to stop and remember to collect things like sign out books. Off-site emergency access and reporting is essential and could even save a life.

Introducing PASSTAB - School Visitor Registration

  • Individually tailored to suit your school
  • Multiple access from multiple devices - no extra to pay.
  • Sign out from the school office, the sickbay, the school wellness counsellor's office, from the side of the pool at the next swimming excursion,  or from the side of the bus after the next school camp
  • Email notifications - let a teacher know that a parent is on the way, or that a student has left for for the day, or silently warn any group of people (including a parent/grandparent) that a child at risk is being signed out.
  • Dynamic student tracking -  a student signing in late, leaving early for an appointment then returning to sign in again? - NO PROBLEM
  • Electronic Signature requirements

30 Day Free Trial

We can customise an account to your school's individual requirements, and you can try it free for 30 days. 

Find out more

Click here for more information or download the attachment to share.

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