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08 March 2016
Issue Three
Celebrating 90 years
Parent Student Teacher Meetings
Internationalising Education
Principal's Report
Middle Years Inews
Junior School Inews
Inews Update 1
Yr 7 2017 -Open Day and ACE Testing
elearning at NHS
Social Justice – NHS & Ayui
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Pathways and Careers
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Celebrating 90 years

Photo: NHS Staff 1982. Which 3 are still here?

A 90th birthday

The Launch Assembly 1926 – 2016  – Monday 21 March 2016  11:30am

Featuring past/present students and staff, school council presidents, representatives from neighbourhood schools, and Darebin Council and DET.

Open Day Exhibition - beginning Wednesday 27 April 2016

Featuring school photos and memorabilia plus David Wadelton’s photos of Northcote through the Decades


Back To Soiree - Friday 09 September 2016

This will be an early afternoon/evening gathering featuring opportunities to review photos and memorabilia and catch-up with students and staff form your time at the school.


Seeking photos and memorabilia and linking with past students and staff – please contact Kate Challis  9488 2332 

Which 3 staff (above) look familiar?

Yes... some teachers arrived 34 years ago! In the photo above its Mr Price (upper right), Mr N.Murphy (upper left) and Ms Corkery (middle row, sixth from the right). Only Mr Price and Ms Corkery have worked at NHS continuously however.


The photo also shows former Principal Mr Bob Nelson (centre front row), former Principal (and then Assistant Principal) Mr Gary Israel to his right, former Assistant Principal Ms Rani Reid (front row, left) and many other long serving staff members.


Where have we come from?

In the early 1920s there were just five Melbourne metropolitan high schools providing less than 2,000 places combined. Local Member of Parliament and future Premier John Cain Senior led the agitation for a local high school in Northcote and Lt Colonel J. Sidney Kitson became the first headmaster of the new school, with 71 boys and 61 girls enrolled in the first year.


After two years of coeducation, the Education Department required all NHS girls to leave and attend the newly established Preston Girls High School. No choice was given to stay! Educational thinking at the time was that single sex schooling was preferable, although there was no educational research to support this thinking - it seems to have reflected the cultural bias of the time. For the next 60 years, Northcote High School operated as a boys only school.  The curriculum offerings and facilities expanded as the school reached a maximum of about 700 boys in the early 1980s. During this time NHS’s reputation blossomed as a provider of international education, as the school to beat in interschool sports and as a school with a strong academic tradition.


By the 1980s staff were aware of overwhelming international research that advocated coeduation as the preferred  context in which to educate children. At the same time, several families insisted their daughters attend the school with their brothers to access the wider range of senior level subjects. The school found itself in the absurd situation of playing interschool senior boy's soccer, but with girls in its (boy's) team. In 1988 the school made an easy decision to again offer places to girls. There are now 800 girls in the school, constituting almost 48% of the student population. In 2016, girls outnumber boys in Years 7 and 12. A dramatic change in less than 30 years.



Parent Student Teacher Meetings


- Parent Student Teacher Meetings this term are Thursday March 17 and Wednesday March 23, from 1.30-7.30 pm.


- On those days, the whole school operates periods 1-3, with dismissal after Period 3—approximately 12.30 pm.

- Bookings are made online, using Compass School Manager.

How to book

Compass Bookings open from March 9, 4.00 pm

1. On the welcome page or under the Community tab you will find Parent Student Teacher Conferences. Click to follow the link.

2. After 4 pm Wednesday March 9 you will see “2016 PTN1 March 17 ” and also “2016 PTN2 March 23” Click on the day that suits you. It does not matter which day you attend.

3. A panel will come up, as shown . At the top is “My Bookings”, with available spots in green. At the bottom are the names of your son/daughter’s teachers—”Available Staff”.

4. Click on the time you would like to see a teacher, in the top pane. Pull down to find your teachers name. Click the Update button. A green sign at the top will show you its done! (If you don’t click the update button it won’t save your bookings)

The page looks a little like this:


- It’s a good idea to print or copy down your bookings! We do not keep a copy for you at school.

- If you don’t have a computer at home, you will be able to contact the office for assistance. (9488 2300) 

- This year we will again keep bookings open until the day meetings commence—that is, until 12.30 on each PTM day. 

Who to see

Parent Student Teacher Meetings are always well attended at Northcote High School. However, if you are new to the process, here is some advice:

- It is not necessary to try to see all of your son or daughter’s teachers at Parent Teacher Meetings. For example, you don’t need to see your Year Level Program Coordinator, Head of School or even your child’s Tutor, unless there is a specific need.


- Interviews book out quickly for some staff. Please don’t delay to make your appointments.

- Select teachers to see on the basis of need. For example if you are concerned about how your child is going in a particular subject, contact with that staff-member should be a priority! If you miss out on seeing a teacher but need to see them, please contact them for another appointment via Compass .


The following teachers are not available for Parent Teacher Meetings because they are on other duties:

- 17 March: Ms Mancell

- 23 March: Ms Morris, Mr Murphy, Mr Gilby , Mr Jeffery, Dr Shao

(Please check Compass on the day for any other absence announcements)

Some other teachers work part time and have limited availability on both days. Look for availability when you log on to Compass. If the teacher’s name does not come up as an option when you look on Compass, it means they don’t work that day! Please contact these teachers by Compass if required.

All teachers take a break between 5.00 and 5.40 pm for dinner. (It is not possible to stagger this break in a way that would be equitable for parents and staff)

Internationalising Education

Photo: farewell Beijing National D ay School

Beijing National Day School Visit

Its easy to forget the power of cultural exchange. Over the last three weeks, 10 NHS families  have hosted ten students from one of China's leading schools - Beijing National Day School. All NHS families have commented on what a terrific experience this has been - thanks to all involved. Special thanks to the many other families who offered to host but could not be used because of the small group visiting. 


Our Chinese visitors all reflected on the visit. Here are the comments of one  Chinese student, who saw the stars for the first time in her life, while sitting  in a Northcote garden at a BBQ:

My host family Rosie has a friend called Layla, who is my friend Snowy’s homestay. On the weekend, I went to a BBQ with them. Layla told us that this kind of party was held regularly at the villa. There were a lot of rooms in the villa and also a big backyard which is impossible to own in Beijing. Several families came to the house and brought some things used for a BBQ. We had lamb, various grilled sausages, and home-made bread for dinner. After the dinner, kids began to play in the whole villa and others chatted . I lay on the grass and was totally impressed because of the starry sky. I have never seen this scene before. The moon was bright and twinkling stars were so clear that we can use the star map to tell each of them. Indeed, the city light in Beijing is too bright for us to see stars. Shopping malls, avenues, restaurants…. There are so many things could attract people at a night. But lights from stars, from the moon, from nature are forgotten.


Vic Young Leaders 2016

Yr 9 students who study Chinese have a chance to be part of the 6 week language immersion program - The Victorian Young Leaders to China program. This is our third year of running this program. An info session for parents and Yr 9 students studying Chinese as a second language  will be held on  Thursday 10th March 6 pm, Room 1 
Enquiries to Mr Murphy



Orchestra Tour China 2017

All parents of students in the NHS orchestra are invited to a briefing regarding our March 20176 tour of China.

Tuesday 15 March, 6pm in Room 1

An invitation letter has gone home to families concerned.|
Enquiries to Ms Brogan


Gov't house Reception


International School Student Welcome Reception

at Government House on the 2nd of March 2016

Four of our International Students (YU jian zhe & ZHOU jiaqi from China, BUI Nguyen Khanh from Vietnam, EVANGELISTI Enzo Aranjo from Brazil) attended the annual Government House Reception on Wednesday,  2nd March.


During the reception Her Excellency the Hon. Linda Dessau AM and Parliamentary Secretary Ms Judith Graley MP addressed to the 450 International Student representatives from all school sectors and welcomed them to Victoria and thanked them for choosing to study in our education system.


During the reception BUI Nguyen Khanh felt a great honour to be invited for an interview. Khanh highly spoke of her experience studying at Northcote High School. Her interview footage will be used on and social media to engage prospective students and to promote Victorian government schools.

Ms Lixia Wang, International Student Coordinator



Principal's Report

Students to Shine


The last few weeks have provides many opportunities for our students to shine. 

- Thank you to the students and families who embraced student guests for three (3) weeks form Beijing National Day School, they had a ball!

- The swimming carnival on Friday was one such event whether a  competitive swimmer or participant in the table tennis scrabble opportunities for fun and connection filled the day and highlighted the importance of community building and great weather!

- The Year 7 information Night was also a highlight and featured parent and academic Nicki Dulfer speaking about the joys and challenges of parenting and a workshops facilitated by the year 7 team.


Building a Community that works for our Children – Tom Bentley

Be part of the conversation 2016 is a year of consolidation and forward planning for NHS. Be part of the future casting conversation by participating in the NHS Annual General Meeting and hearing Tom Bentley speak about contemporary education thinking and actions - see adjacent advertisement


A key element of the NHS strategic plan is Realising the Vision (Project Refresh) - deep consideration of curriculum and program planning, teacher development and broader based thinking around the remit of schools an next steps for NHS.

Post review, research and consultation - planning decisions will be implemented across the 2017/2018 school year.  This work is focused on the learning experiences of students and ensuring NHS graduates are well equipped to be successful as they emerge into the broader adult world.

What could be different - what we teach, how often we teach it (semester, annual, bi-annual), other implications may be reduction in focus areas (subjects), structure of the schools days - length of sessions, start earlier or finish later (may be both), community / project / problem based learning, teacher as facilitator - all is up for review and consideration as to best placing our students to be well equipped and confident young people.


Feedback and Assessment at Northcote High School

Beginning the last quarter of 2015 Josh McDonald has been communicating with families (via the newsletter) changes to the NHS feedback, assessment and reporting framework and communicating how this will manifest for students and families.

You may have seen the article in The Age on Saturday around changes to reporting guidelines and reflections of schools, staff and families. Titled Some Victorian schools axe grades in reports   The following article provides further perspectives into feedback and reporting at NHS. Read more:


This week we celebrate International Women’s Day with activities in Daily Connect, Whole School Celebration Assemblies – sale of purple ribbons to support Port Moresby’s (New Guinea) female only bus service, Herstory Hackathon in partnership with the Trades Hall – see this great ABC article about women and Wikipedia and an Art Installation ‘BLOOM’ - in the Atrium.

We celebrate IWD at NHS to action change and to ensure we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  Importantly we also highlight the fact that progress has slowed in many places across the world, so urgent action is needed to accelerate gender parity.

‘Bloom’  This artwork was created for International Women’s Day as a celebration of the social, political, economic and cultural achievements of women around the world.

Produced by the Northcote High School Art Club and the International students of years 10 and 11, the flower motif represents the growth and ‘blossoming’ of gender equality, and reminds us of how fragile this progress is. The Origami flowers have been made with cover images from some of the great literary works by female authors over the last two hundred years.

Come and have a look we hope you enjoy this special installation and thank you Barry Drinan.


Kate Morris and the Year level Captains’ -  IWD team




Middle Years Inews

Welcome to Yr 9

Your Sub-School Team for 2016

  • Middle School Principal – Sean Butler
  • Head of Middle School – Airlie Tudhope (formerly Swallow)
  • Year 9 Program Leaders – Jamie Lethborg and Sarah Green
  • Student Wellbeing Coordinator – Felicity Marlowe
  • Your Tutor: Your child’s tutor provides a key connection for students and families for any questions or assistance.

The Year 9 program has an array of rich curricula and co-curricula activities. We focus on academic care and disciplined approaches to learning. The Year 9 students have their own space in the Global Citizenship Centre (GCC). Next year (2017) many current Year 9 students will commence VCE subjects, so Year 9 is an important year of consolidation, exploration and preparation.


Opportunities for Year 9s that promote inclusion, leadership and connectedness:

For Year 9 only:

  • “City School” - self-directed group project and week in the City.
  • Year 9 Philanthropic Project
  • Global Citizenship Program and Awards
  • School for Student Leadership (Alpine School)
  • Victorian Young Leaders to China
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award program (as an elective)
  • Possible voluntary Yr9 camp late in 2016 – Under consideration by student leaders.

With Year 10

  • Central Australia Immersion & Community Project camp (August 15th – 22nd)

With Year 7-12:

  • Production, Music, Bands, Sport, Green Team, Class Captains, Year Level Captains and all the array of clubs from Reptiles to Latin!


Whilst the compulsory Year 9 Camp to Roses Gap is not running this year, the Year Level Captains and Class Leaders have already begun discussing a voluntary student-led camp opportunity for later in the year. The camp will cater to the needs and interests of the students as well as promoting teamwork and communication skills.


Community members have queried the decision to not run a compulsory camp in 2016. Ultimately, the decision was informed by the following:

- There were more students not going than going, with declining numbers annually since 2012.

- Staff availability for compulsory camps at Year 9 has been reducing at a similar rate to the point that we risk having more non-NHS staff on the Year 9 camp than NHS staff. 

- Feedback from students was that the year 9 camp experience was too similar to camps from Primary School through to Year 7, and, as you can imagine, campsites that can cater for a whole year level do not offer vastly different experiences. 


Families and students in Middle and Senior school have clearly communicated through take-up rates and discussion with us - that at Year 9 they prefer to support opt in camps / student exchanges / family trips etc around areas of interest and passion rather than compulsory camps.


Towards Year 10 & VCE – 2017.

Subject choices and options outside NHS.


As students move toward Year 12 it is critical for families and students to understand the importance of Semester 1 results in Year 9.


Semester 1 results provide key information about which courses students can be recommended for in Year 10, 2017. During course counselling and confirmation in students will choose subjects and receive recommendations from course counsellors based on a range of factors, one of which is your Semester 1 report.


Students and families who are considering moving to VET or VCAL program in other schools need to be aware that places in these courses are highly competitive and that, again, Semester 1 reports are critical. In addition to this these courses will generally ask for a recommendation from Northcote.

Yr 9 City School Pgm

This program continues in 2016 and we will provide more information on the City School Program, and the self-directed student-team projects that they will undertake, in future correspondence.

Yr 9 leadership - Alpine School.

A group of year 9s (Ruby, Ollie, Khelan, Hamish, Pascale and Maddie) are spending term 1 in the outdoors and preparing a community project for when they return home – at the moment this looks like being a community garden. There will be a full report in a Term 2 newsletter  from the team when they get home. Best wishes to the team and their families.

Yr 10 Health & PE -  Lawn Bowls


at Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club

Students received a tutorial in lawn bowls from Victorian State Player Dylan Fisher and played multiple rounds throughout the visit. They demonstrated significant improvement as the rounds progressed. There were some outstanding shots and quite a few that missed the jack and went straight into the gutter.

Overall, it was a pleasure to see them enjoy themselves and make the most out of the opportunity.  We will be relating this experience to our upcoming unit of work on 'Physical activity across the Lifespan'



Compass & Student ID Cards

Compass is a critical interface between parents and the school. It is the means by which the school communicates with you and by which parents contact teachers, make payments, provide approvals for events and monitor/approve absences.


For this reason it is critical parents do not share their password with their child. You can reset your password by contacting the General Office on 9488 2300.
Students were reminded at the end of 2015 to keep their ID card until the 2016 version arrives. Student ID cards are important for signing in and using the Compass Kiosk as well as accessing a range of school services. New cards can be ordered through Compass or by contacting the General Office. A charge will apply for replacing a lost card. 2016 cards will not be available until into Term 2 so lost cards should be replaced now.

Thank you for your support of Northcote High School and the 3-way partnership between School, Family and Student.


Please feel free to contact us at any time, particularly if your child’s tutor is unavailable


Ms Airlie Tudhope
Head of Middle School

Y10 International Student Welcome Breakfast


On 29th Feb. Monday the International Student office hosted breakfast session to welcome Y10 International Students of 2016.  The new y10 international students and staff attendees enjoyed a sumptuous array of fruits and cakes for breakfast. School leaders Ms Morris, Mr Butler and Head of Middle Years Ms Tudhope spoke to welcome our new year International Students and to wish them well and enjoy all the great opportunities school offers.

International Students were grateful and delighted to the event as they were able to talk to their teachers and share a happy time with their friends over breakfast.



Junior School Inews

A great start to the year!


At six weeks in, we are pleased to report that our newest members of the NHS community are thriving and thoroughly enjoying their start to Northcote High School. In addition to adjusting to the demands of secondary education, our students have also been able to partake in the in the ‘Dot.Com Safe Cyber Citizens’ workshops run by Project Rockit and have competed fiercely at the School Swimming Carnival.


Our Year 7 students have also been able to host their families at our annual Picnic, which included the much anticipated scavenger hunt around the school, resulting in an afternoon at the movies for students in 7E. Our Year 7 parents / carers have also been welcomed back for an information evening to look at strategies to further ensure the success of our students. This was a very well attended event and provided another great opportunity for parents to connect with one another and the school, further strengthening our relationships and commitment to work together.


Similarly our Year 8 students have also had a busy start to the year. Almost all of our groups have now enjoyed their time away in Boho on the Year 8 camp. The remaining groups yet to head off will do so in the next couple of weeks. Students have enjoyed their overnight hikes and the canoeing and horse-riding activities whilst being able to spend time together as a form outside of the formality of the classroom. Our Year 8 students have also participated in leadership workshops run by Project Rockit. Students spent time looking at the importance of leadership skills and strategies that could be utilised to help them become the sort of young person that they aspire to be. These sessions proved to be both powerful and inspiring.


It’s been an exciting start to the year, and of course will only continue to get better. The Junior School team, and our teachers are all very excited about working with such a talented, passionate and thoughtful group of students.


Should you have any concerns or would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact a member of our Junior School Team.


Year 7: Ms Jaymie Metcalf & Mr Luke Slingsby – 9488 2343

Year 8: Mr Rowan Hore & Ms Audra Keane – 9488 2320


Mr Gerard O’Shaughnessy

Head of Junior School

Inews Update 1

Photo: Yes-it was hot!

Green Team: Finding Nemo

Northcote High School's Green Team are showing "Finding Nemo" on Thursday the 10th of March at 7:15pm in the GCC. Tickets are $5 each at the door and all proceeds go to new solar panels in our school. Register your expression of interest here and please pay with cash on the day. Enquires to Michaela Greenwood-Smith at [email protected]



So, last year scientists discovered water on Mars and everyone breathed a sigh of relief because once we've finished wrecking this planet we'll have somewhere else to move. WRONG. Ok, let's be real, we're not all going to move to Mars (would you actually want to? really?).


We'd love you to come and join Green Team! Contrary to popular belief, we don't walk around picking up garbage.  We plant trees and veggies around school, go on the awesome Landcare Camp every year (where we watch School of Rock as well as being earth warriors), dance around in nemo fish costumes and hang out with cool people who want to make a difference. And we need YOU! We meet every Monday in D1 at lunchtime with the lovely Ms Greenwood-Smith and would love you and your friends to come and join us. Unlike Fetch, which Gretchen never made happen, Green Team is going to happen. See you all there!

IWD Short story Comp

The Competition details are here


VCE Art & Design Tour


2016 Swimming Carnival

What a great day and yes... it was 32 degrees!


Aidan's Season of Excellence


Congratulations to Aidan Griffiths for being selected to perform at the 2016 VCE Season of Excellence. Aidan completed VCE Music Investigation last year, achieving outstanding results. He explored the music of Barney Kessel and performed his end of year program on the guitar. Aidan will be performing at Top Class Music at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Thursday 10th March.

Yr 7 2017 -Open Day and ACE Testing

Open Morning 2016

Wednesday April 27 is our very popular Open Morning. Student led tours run from 9 am to 12 noon, with a information session at 10.00 am in the Hall, repeated at 7.00 pm at night.

There is no need to book for this event, families register on arrival.
There are demonstration lessons, music performances and coffee available. Invite your friends, if you have a younger child this is a good occasion to bring them along.

ACE Program testing 2017- register now!

Testing for the 2017 Yr 7 ACE Program will take place on Saturday April 30. Application forms are on our website or available from the General Office, but these must be returned by COB  Wednesday April 20.

Further information is on our website - please note this.

elearning at NHS

Assessment feedback



As outlined in previous editions of the newsletter, Northcote High is transferring assessment feedback to an online environment through myNorthcoteHigh. As SAC and Common Assessment Task (CAT) feedback is beginning to be released we have provided a video (below) that will assist you to locate the feedback that has been given to your child. We hope that you use this feedback to assist your child to identify areas for improvement in their learning.

Youtube link click here



GPA Cycle 1


The first cycle of GPA Learning behaviour reports will be released this week, Friday March 11. These reports can be found in the Compass portal under the “Reports” tab.

Mr Josh McDonald

Social Justice – NHS & Ayui

The Ayui Foundation provides a hostel

and educational support for poor, vulnerable, at-risk, ethnic Akha hilltribe teenagers, promoting the importance of education. The stories behind the kids are heart breaking, but you wouldn’t know it from what you see. This is thanks to the wonderful work of Sumalee Milne, the director of the Ayui Foundation. She was awarded an OAM this year in recognition of her work.



NHS linked into the Ayui Foundation in 2013 when a philanthropic group raised about $10,000 that went to building a Bedroom, two Bathrooms, a rice hut and two storage rooms. There was also money left over to buy blankets for all the families in a hill tribe village, tracksuits for all the Ayui students and sponsoring one of the students for a year.


In 2014/15 Mr U. and his family volunteered at the foundation while living in Chiang Rai.

In 2015 students from the 2013 trip helped raise another $1000 for the Foundation.

In 2016 a new social justice group will form stronger connections with the Ayui Foundation as well as help out in local community groups.


Want to help?


“Buy a cup of coffee” for the Ayui Foundation.


Or better still go to and buy some lottery tickets. 2 tickets cost the same as a coffee in Northcote.

The money from the online tickets will go to the Ayui foundation to help with the construction of the new boys’ hostel. There are great prizes to be won and every dollar spent on tickets is given back to NHS.


Any individual that purchases tickets has a chance to win the equivalent of their tickets purchased (up to the value of $40). For your chance to win be the first person (kids are allowed to answer of behalf of their parents) to name all the current NHS teachers and students who feature in the Ayui newsletters . You need to tick the box  “Let Northcote High School know who I am” so the extra tickets can be purchased in your name.

The answer needs to be given to Mr U. before the end of term 1.


Note tickets purchased online have a double chance to win a car, with an early bird draw happening mid April. The main draw is in October.  The information collected online by peoples choice is to be able to notify the winner, and won’t be used for any other purpose.


Mr  Donal Uahwatanasakul


What's Coming Up

Mon Mar 7

Yr 8 Boho Camp ( to Thurs 10)

Tues Mar 8

90th Anniversary Launch

Wed Mar 9

PSTM Bookings Open, 4 pm

Thurs Mar 10

Yr 9/10 Sport - Volleyball/Tennis
6 pm. Vic Young Leaders to china Info Night (Yr 9 chinese Second Language only) Room 1

7.15 pm  Green Team- Finding Nemo GCC

Frid Mar 11

Staff PD Day
(No School for Students)

Mon Mar 14

Labour Day Public Holiday
(No school for students)

Tues Mar 15

2017 Orchestra Tour of China Info Night.
6 pm, Room 1

Wed Mar 16

Yr 7-12 Baseball

Thurs Mar 17

Parent Student Teacher Meetings 1.30-7.30 pm (Evening 1)

Sat Mar 19 +

Politics Tour to Europe departs

Tues Mar 22

5.30 Annual General Meeting
Guest Speaker Tom Bentley

Wed Mar 23 

Parent Student Teacher Meetings 1.30-7.30 pm (Evening 2)

Thurs Mar 24

Last day Term 1.
Dismissal at 2 pm

Mon April 11

First day Term 2.

Pathways and Careers

Important dates for Yr 12 


Students will hear a lot more about VTAC this year, and for those who wish to pursue tertiary studies in Victoria, it is essential that they attend all Daily Connect sessions, as much of the information will be delivered via tutors, who can then support students through the application process.

These dates need to go into your calendars:

  • Monday 1 August -  Applications open for courses, SEAS, and Scholarships
  • Friday 30 September - Timely course applications close
  • Tuesday 4 October- SEAS (Special Access Entry Schemes) applications close
  • Friday 14 October -  Scholarship applications close
  • Monday 12 December - VCE Results and ATAR released
  • Wednesday 18 January 2017 - Round 1 undergraduate offers available

Work Experience Guidelines 2016


Year 10 students have started to organise their work experience placements. An outline of the procedure is attached here for your information.


Events & Workshops


Whilst all the tertiary institutions run open days later in the year, many of them also run special activities in the holidays. These shorter activities are often more targeted, and there are fewer visitors, so you can get more individualised information. We will promote them at school, but you should make a habit of actively looking for them as well.

A couple of examples are listed below:

  • Experience La Trobe – Starting March 31 – sign up at
  • Meet Melbourne – events, seminars, holiday programs, starting in March – go to  and sign up for their newsletters.
  • Inside Monash Seminar Series – starting March 9 – information on all study areas, spread out through the year. March offerings include Business & Economics, Science, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – more info at
  • RMIT – runs workshops throughout the year – follow this link to see what kind of events take place, bearing in mind that some of them are during school hours -
  • VCE Careers Expo – May 5-8 - a massive big event at Caulfield Racecourse, with displays and seminars. You can download a program below. This is a good place to get lots of information in one hit, after which you can narrow down your search.


Is this you?

If you are a former student, parent, or community member, and would like to help our young people with their career development, we’d love to hear from you.

We would welcome:

  • Hearing personal career stories – either for the newsletter or in person at the school.
  • Help with work experience placements.
  • Sharing other skills or knowledge related to the working world.

Please contact Kylie Witt, our Careers Practitioner.



French & Media Studies

Ex NHS student offering French and Media Studies tutoring to students of all year levels including VCE. Currently completing his 4th Year of Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University with a Diploma of French.Contact Alexei on 0428724879 or email at [email protected] from $35 per hour.


Maths/Physics Tuition

I graduated from NHS two years ago with a 99+ ATAR, and since that time have been helping Northcote students achieve the results they deserved in both maths and physics.
I would love to tutor any student, both VCE and lower years.

From $35 per hour.

Contact Devon on 0413 591 932 or via email [email protected]

Offering tutoring for VCE Revolutions students. I completed year 12 in 2015 and studying International Studies at RMIT this year. I received a 40+ in Revolutions last year and can help with understanding complex aspects of the course and developing succinct argumentative essays. Please contact Dan Megennis on 0488240654 or [email protected]
Flexible with location. 


Literature & Classical Studies
My name is Darcy Cornwallis. I'm currently preparing for First Year Arts at the University of Melbourne. I am tutoring in Literature (for which I received 40+ in 2015), Global Politics (40+) and Classical Studies (for which I received the third highest mark in the state). I can help with essay writing skills, synthesis of information  and viewpoints, and help you construct ideas and arguments. If you're looking for advice and support in these subjects, give me a ring on 0466 508 661, or email me at [email protected]


 Revolutions & Global Politics,

My name is Yiani Petroulias Romios and I am offering tutoring services in both of these subjects, having achieved study scores of 40+s in 2015. I can help with writing answers/essays, using evidence and constructing arguments, and in any other areas you might need advice or assistance.  I live in Northcote, close to the school, so if interested call me on 0477116671 or email me at [email protected]

Maths, Accounting and Business Management.

Former NHS student and current Commerce student at Monash University offering private tutoring services to year 11-12 who are undertaking Maths Methods, Accounting or Business Management. Can also tutor for Year 7-10 Mathematics.


For more information, please contact George on: Mobile: 0449508042,

Email: [email protected]

Community Services

U14 Boys Soccer

Darebin United are putting together a new U14 boys team. This is a great opportunity to get in early into a local team. The Club plays at Mayer Park in Thornbury. Darebin Utd is rapidly growing its juniors in an area with strong demand for junior teams. The team will appeal to anyone living in the area, especially South and West Preston, Thornbury, Northcote, East Brunswick, Coburg. On match-days, the best souvlaki in the area will be served out of the club rooms. The club is a friendly, football loving group with strong links to the local community and 40 years of football history in the area. The coach is terrific and good with the kids.

Please contact 
George Panagiotidis on 0430 055 421
[email protected]
[email protected]

Youth Group Meeting
April 11. 


Anglicare Fostercare 

Anglicare provides support to some of the most vulnerable families in Victoria. Anglicare's role is to recruit, train and support the special families who voluntarily provide foster care to vulnerable children. We are desperately seeking to increase the number of foster carers to ensure these children can be placed in a safe and nurturing home. Please read the attachment for more details

Financial assistance info. for parents

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (see attached flyer)  helps ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. It is part of making Victoria the Education State and the Government’s commitment to breaking the link between a student’s background and their outcomes. The appplication form is enclosed and also available at our General Office.



Northcote High School Newsletter
Work Experience Guidelines 2016.pdf
Work Experience Guidelines 2016.pdf
VCE 2016 Seminar Program and Exhibitor List Br.pdf
VCE 2016 Seminar Program and Exhibitor List Br.pdf
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