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03 September 2015
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Principal's Message

The Winter has ended

and we have moved into the spring term. Holidays are on the horizon and over these weeks it is important that we continue our focus on the following:

  •   Completing class work.
  •   Being focused in class.   
  •   Ensuring that all assignments are             completed.
  •   Being at school on time and attending     all classes.       
  •   Ensure that the uniform is being worn     correctly on all occasions. Students are   required to wear the winter uniform until   the end of October.

For the Year 12 students the holiday period is not holiday time as they need to spend significant time preparing for their VCE Exams. There will be an opportunity to do trial exams over the break and it is important that Year 12 students take the opportunity that the College provides.

Parent/Teacher interviews:

Can I take this opportunity to thank all parents for their attendance at the recent Parent Interviews for the Year 7-11 students. Your interest in your son’s progress is appreciated. The College appreciates your support. Hopefully, you were able to ascertain your son’s effort and commitment to his studies. As students select studies for the following year it is important that they continue to ensure that they maintain a strong commitment to their study.


At present we are undergoing major renovations in a couple of key learning areas. The Benilde block windows are presently being replaced with updated and modern windows. Cost-$400,000.

At the end of this term the Art area will undergo a full renovation so that the area will be modernised and some new classrooms added. The art floor will be out of action for all of Term 4. The cost of the renovations is $1.4 million.

Volunteer Programme:

The second group of Year 11 students will leave for Thailand on September 12 to spend two weeks working at the Parmenie (Bamboo) school. They will complete the new dining room that was commenced by the first group of Year 11 students earlier in the year. All St Bede’s College students have contributed to this project by their effort in raising money for MISSION ACTION DAY. We wish the second group of students and 3 teachers all the best as they work on this project.

End of Term: Friday, September 18.

Br Garry Coyte


Year 8


To the following students who have been elected Class Captain for Semester 2:

8.1 – Martin Buljat & Ciaran McAninch

8.2 – Ronan Beaucasin & Nicholas Grech

8.3 – Declan Easton & Riley Mihailovic

8.4 – Joshua Dias & Finbar Harrison

8.5 – Aldwin Baynosa & Joseph Toniolo

8.6 – Miles Bergman & Lachlan Meyer

8.7 – William Dingeldei & Deacon Kitts

8.8 – Daniel Argentov & Jarrod Pearson

8.9 – Benjamin Adkins & Alexander Street

Further congratulations to the following students who achieved an Academic Excellence Award for Semester 1:

House Cross Country

On Friday, 24th July the annual Year 8 House Cross-Country was held on Mentone foreshore.  It was great to see the majority of Year 8 boys entered this event and aimed to achieve their personal best as well as acquiring points for their House.  We congratulate Ben Foster (8.9 – La Salle) who came in first and has been declared the Year 8 Cross-Country Champion - 2015.  Further congratulations to Mitchell Ryan (8.9 - Benilde) in second place and Liam Wilson (8.2 - McCristal) in third place.  Well done to every boy who ran and achieved his personal best.


Inter-Class Public Speaking

The Year 8 Inter-Class Public Speaking Competition was on Monday, 24th August in the Auditorium.  Nine students were chosen to represent their Homeroom and each spoke credibly on the following topics:

Angus O’Toole (8.1)

Australian Justice System

Nicholas Grech (8.2)


Tyler Woolley (8.3)

Drugs,Punishment & Consequences

Rhys Bennett (8.4)


Daniel Passante (8.5)

Sweat Shops

Joseph Dickens (8.6)


Tom Skehan (8.7) 

ICE: Australia’s Most Destructive Drug

Caleb Curtis (8.8) 

Smoking – Ban

Dillon Bullman (8.9) 

Abolish Animal Culls

Each of the nine speakers competed in two categories: the Prepared Speech (3 minutes) and Impromptu Speech (1 minute).  At the end of the competition, Daniel Passante (8.5) and Dillon Bullman (8.9) were chosen to compete in the Br. Quentin O’ Halloran Public Speaking Competition to be held on the evening of 8th September.  Both students were excellent in their public speaking delivery.  

Inter-Class Challenge Day

Our annual Year 8 Inter-Class Challenge Day for the year will take place on Friday, 11th September in periods 3-5.  This is an Inter-Homeroom competition that allows each boy to represent his Homeroom in a particular area: cricket, soccer, table tennis, basketball and volleyball.  Students will be able to wear their P.E. uniform for the competition.  We hope the day will be very enjoyable and a great success.  Good luck to each Homeroom. 



Year 8 Co-ordinator     

La Salle

La Salle House has started the year with a bang!



The first House competition was Senior House Athletics. The aim for this House competition was to have every La Salle student in an event. The inspirational grand entrance by our Year 12 students clearly set the triumphant tone for the day as La Salle House was victorious in this event!


Additionally, the Hackett Mile was also run during Term 1 and La Salle had great success in this long distance running event. The Year 11 La Salle runners took the gold and silver. Congratulations to Matt Crowley (1st) and Luke McCarthy (2nd).





Year 10 


Corey Kovacs          82 Points


Jack Dunn               45 Points

Nicholas Carlon       44 Points


Year 11


Matthew Crowley     54 Points

Lachlan Wigney       41 Points

Jack Cameron         34 Points


Year 12


Blake Anderson       78 Points

Daniel Lavery          22 Points

Matthew Ricciuti      22 Points


Although La Salle House is inspirationally led by House Captain Michael McWeeney and his Vice-Captains, Nelson McKiggan and Callum Linehan, all students in our House are considered leaders in their own right. La Salle House is also very fortunate to have very reliable Tutor Group Captains also serving as terrific role models for their peers.



Tutor Group Captains


Tutor 11 - Cameron Wilson

Tutor 12 - Luke Meo and Dane Heverin

Tutor 13 - Joe Russo and David Vorich

Tutor 14 - Andrew Kelly and Pierce Duffy

Tutor 15 - Lang Nguyen

Tutor 16 - Jake Koelmeyer and Jordan Davey

Tutor 17 - Matt Crowley and Jack Erbacher

Tutor 18 - Lucas Michelin

Tutor 19 - Luke Russo and Cameron Jones

Tutor 20 - Kevin Mulcahy



In terms of community service and fundraising, La Salle House students should be very proud of their contributions to the largest amount of money raised by St Bede’s College students for Mission Action Day (MAD). La Salle House raised over $5000! These funds will be used to help those in marginalised communities, and some of the La Salle Year 11 students will be heading to Thailand later in the year which provides a practical insight into the benefits of these fundraising activities.  Students heading to Thailand to build classrooms with the funds raised by MAD are: Brodie Amor; Jason Knipe; Brodie Linford; Lachlan Wigney and Jake Williams in Group 1 and in Group 2, Campbell Pickett; Donovan Blanchette; Matthew Crowley; Bradley Shea. 


Year 12s also have an opportunity to head to India at the end of the year to also build classrooms as part of the India Outreach program.


There was a great La Salle Team pride demonstrated in the House Swimming Competition. La Salle (senior) Team was victorious! The House Swimming Champions were Austin Lam 1st (Yr 10); Sam Preston 1st (Yr 11); and Callum Linehan 2nd (Yr 12).  





The Year 10 La Salle students have had a very busy Term 3. They have had to decide on the subjects that they would like to enrol in for 2016 and decide whether to be a VCAL or VCE student. They have also had one week of work experience, getting a taste of the world of work followed by a terrific week at the Grampians, on the Year 10 Camp.

The House Footy Competition was held in Term 3. La Salle went in with a strong team but narrowly lost the grand-final to McCristal.


Lastly, many La Salle students have represented the College in ACC Sporting Teams. Each student has shown excellent sportsmanship qualities. Other students are actively involved in the Arts, Debating, Theatre and Public Speaking and even the College’s yearly production. All students must be congratulated for the way they get Involved with the varied activities in the College community.











Senior Ball

Another non-stop few months with so many activities and events taking place.  The last week of Term 2 saw the handsome Benilde boys, looking dazzling in their formal attire, attend the Senior Ball at The International of Brighton.  A wonderful night was had by all with great music from the DJ and live band made up of very talented St Bede’s boys.  Special thanks to the College Leaders and Andrew Beaumont for all their work in organising this memorable night.


Year 10 headed off to the Grampians in week three of this term.   A fantastic week of activities kept us busy and included abseiling, rock climbing, hiking and kayaking.  We had a great week and thank you to the outdoor education staff, Darren Strom and Nick Anderson as well as Mr Rafferty, Mr Danckert and Mr Murphy.

The Year 10s also completed a week of work experience which was also a success with some students finding their placements leading to further part time work and decisions being made to pursue particular career paths.  

House Cross Country has been run and a big thank you to all the Benilde boys who participated in this event.   Of course Benilde won the house cross country!

Year 12 House Footy was played over two weeks with Benilde displaying brilliant skills and of course class!  Unfortunately we came third, but at least we beat Solomon!

Congratulations also to the Benilde boys who have been involved in the school production of 'Away' and also the other productions with Mentone Girls Grammar and Kilbreda College, 'Mulan' and 'Hairspray'. The time and effort that goes into such productions is incredible.  Well done.

Not long to go for our Year 12s.  From all in Benilde House we wish you all the best for your exams and future endeavours.  We hope you take with you some wonderful memories and long lasting friendships from your time at St Bede’s College.

Melisa Lyons

Benilde House Coordinator

Business Manager

College Fees

If families are struggling with fees please contact myself Mr Dominic Langdon on 9582 5999 or to discuss the situation.

Change of contact details

Almost all information is forwarded to families by email.  It is important to keep the College updated of any changes to email addresses, as well as other changes such as address and telephone numbers.  Notifications of changes should be forwarded to:

Student absences

Parents are reminded to notify the College Office before 9.00am if their son will be absent or late for school for any reason (holidays,appointments, sick).  Parents can phone the College Absentee Office on 9582- 5983 available 24 hours a day and leave a message.  An SMS text message will be sent out to parents if your son has not been marked on the class roll or reported to the Absentee Office.

Uniform Shop Hours

Monday 21st September  1.15-5.30

Thursday 24th September 1.15-5.30

Saturday 3rd October - CLOSED

September School Holidays Office Hours

Mon - Fri 21st September  9.00am - 4.00pm

Mon - Fri 28th September  9.00am - 4.00pm

College Matters

Year 12 Drivers

Students wishing to drive to school must be registered with Mr Jones.

While Year 12 students are permitted to drive to and from school, this privilege does not extend to them leaving the College property during the school day. They are not permitted to drive off campus for lunch or during study periods.

It is a college rule that NO passengers, other than a younger brother, be in the car with the driver.

Students are NOT permitted to drive or park on the St. Bede’s College Property.

The College has negotiated the use of the Mentone RSL carpark for students by a special arrangement. We do not own this property and the Mentone RSL is doing us a huge favour by allowing us to park there.

Any student wishing to park on the Mentone RSL property simply needs to see Mr Jones to obtain a car park pass.


Three rules for parking at the Mentone 


1. Please do not leave rubbish in the                 carpark and act with respect to the               property and members.

2. Please do not drive in a dangerous               manner or above 20 km per hour.

3. Please park in the spaces along the               fence line and do not park in the island       section close to the entrance as RSL             members use this section.

Recently we received a call from the RSL regarding a student or students ‘hanging out’ in the carpark leaving rubbish on the grounds. There have also been reports of dangerous or ‘hoon’ driving. This is seen by the RSL as generally disrespectful and quite rightly they have asked us to address this. A continuation of this will place our arrangement in jeopardy.

The rules regarding student drivers are not open for discussion. We expect that they are followed. Please understand that in the interests of safety for all members of the St. Bede’s community and the wider local community they must be adhered to.

Mark Jones

Deputy Principal

Student Management & Wellbeing Yrs 10-12


Homework Help

HOMEWORK HELP in the Beacon (S31) every WEDNESDAY after school from 3.30pm – 4.15pm. Students can get assistance with homework, assignments, essays, reading material etc.

Ms Sue Gabron

Learning Enhancement Coordinator



Year 10 students completed one week Work Experience placement at the start of Term 3 and this year the most popular placements were in Health, Office & Business, Building & Construction and Retail industries.  Thank you to all the employers who supported the St Bede’s College Work Experience Program this year and an extended thank you to the following employers who offered more than 2 placements:-

Andrew Waters Constructions Pty Ltd; ATC Williams; Aviation Component Services; BDD Engineering; Beaumaris Vet Hospital; Bluefire Systems; Coles; Gray Nicholls; Hawthorn FC; Just Kids Furniture; Larkin Electrical; Mentone Primary School; OLA Cheltenham; OLOTA; Pacific Star Network; Rebel Sports; St Joseph’s Primary School; St Mark’s Primary School; St Patrick's Primary School; Victoria Golf Club and Waves.

Student feedback was very positive with the majority of students enjoying their work.  Many students had their career ideas confirmed whilst others realised that this was not the job for them.   We received many positive comments from the employers for our boy’s willingness, professionalism, contribution and their attitude towards work.

If you are an employer and would like to participate in the school’s Work Experience Program please contact Jill Gamble in the Careers Centre on 9582 5843 or email

Some of the most popular placements such as Football Clubs and Hospitals open their applications for 2016 over the coming weeks.  So, if any Year 9 student would like to get a head start for his work experience, please drop into the Careers Centre and see Mrs Gamble.  I have included the dates for next year below: 

JULY 18 – JULY 22                      MCCRISTAL

JULY 25 – JULY 29                      LASALLE

AUG 1 – AUG 5                             SOLOMON

AUG 8 – AUG 12                           BENILDE

I take this opportunity to thank Mrs Gamble for all the hard work that she puts into the Work Experience Program.   I will be visiting all Year 9 students during Term 4 to introduce them to our Work Experience Program. 

Ms Angie Greaves 

Careers & Pathways Coordinator


Time is fast disappearing

and so much has happened in the realms of mathematics at St Bede’s College so far this year.  At the end of last term we saw nearly 200 mathematics staff from across the state using our Auditorium for some Professional Development. The VCE courses are all changing for 2016 and so training was provided to staff as a beginning towards writing new courses and understanding the nuances of the new designs. This certainly remains a work in progress and may explain the slightly more distracted look of your son’s mathematics teacher at the moment.

Also late last term we received results for our students who had entered into the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians. This is a precursor competition for the Mathematics Olympiad which is an international competition. This was our first time entry and was a learning curve for all of us. The boys who entered all did very well. Special congratulations need to go to William Devlin (7.7) for receiving a distinction and to Damian Corral-O’Meara (8.4) and Adam Dingli (9.2) who both received Credits.

Also in the realm of competitions was our annual entry into the Australian Mathematics Competition this term. This is a national competition and has been running for well over 30 years. I do have the results and they are the best we have received for some time. Congratulations to two of our Year 7 students. Both Flynn Morley (7.6) and Marco Verna (7.3) received High Distinctions which places them in the top 1% of students nationwide. An excellent achievement and something of which they should be very proud. A list of all students who received a Distinction or above is below. This places students generally in the top 15% of all students nationwide. Overall, over 25% of our entrants received a Distinction or above. Well done to all who entered both competitions on some really fine results in a difficult competition.

In Term 3 we have had 8 students across Year 7 and 8 competing in the Tournament of Minds Mathematics and Engineering section. Their task was to create a vehicle that could transport a 250ml bottle of water around an S-shaped track. All of this set within a believable storyline and context. There are many limits placed on what the students can and cannot do, their presentation area and the overall cost of the solution. The emphasis being on creativity and recycling of common materials with no motorised or electronics involved, sounds easy but I also forgot to mention that the vehicle must move without them touching it or appearing to control it. We are getting close to our final solution and it is truly a remarkable piece of engineering and dramatic flair that our students have produced. Congratulation to Max Herbold, Kiran Pereira, Ben Ngo, James Thompson, Angus O’Toole, Jake Dunne, William Devlin and James Kalpakoff for what they have achieved so far.

On August 17 our Year 9 Enrichment students headed off to Sidetracked for a day of arduous collecting of data. This involved tedious activities such as Go-Karting and Laser Force sessions. Sometimes it is very hard to get the students motivated for such work! The students bring back loads of real time data and use it to practice all the statistical analysis skills they have developed in their coursework. A good way of taking mathematics out into the real world.

On the 17th July we had our annual Year 7 Mathematics Day. This occurs as close to “PI” day as we can make it. PI is the value that connects ratios within a circle. A quick google search will tell you that it has been calculated to over 100,000,000 digits. This was not a task set for homework. It has an approximate value of 22/7 and this is why we hold our maths competition near the July 22. This is a day of fun maths activities (yes they exist) and the students had a great day of learning how maths can help with many everyday tasks. Congratulations to the students in 7.7 for their victory on the day and to Mr Wilson, their mathematics teacher.

Our VCE students are into their final stretches of covering the actual content. They will be starting revision shortly and their practice exams are scheduled for week two of the upcoming break. I certainly wish them well with all of the work and with their November exams.

High Distinction

Flynn Morley

Marco Verna


David Surace

Damon Kelly

William Devlin

Liam Collins

Vikrant Vinodhram

Angus O'Toole

Daniel Mint

Declan Easton

Alex Bedier

Dominic Hinschen

Max Herbold

Mitchell Tsiros

Thomas Mccauley

William Barron

Mr Phil Devlin

Mathematics Coordinator




VCE Media

Students in VCE Media explore a range of story-telling styles and genres through their use of differing media formats, such as video, photography and print. The following pieces of student work are from Ms Kerry O’Gara’s Year 11 Media class and demonstrate the students' interpretation of the representation of ideas in the various media forms.


Pierre de Coubertin Award 2015

The Pierre de Coubertin Award recognises secondary school students who demonstrate values which are consistent with the Olympic Movement through participation in sporting activities.

More than 13,000 young Australians have received the Award since its inception in 1993 including 2012 London Olympic Silver Medallists Kim Crow (Rowing), Jessica Fox (Canoe/Kayak – Slalom) and Nina Curtis (Sailing), London 2012 Bronze Medallist Kaarlie McCulloch (Cycling - Track) and Youth Olympians Luke Noblett (Hockey), Annalese Smith (Handball) and Clair Dennerley (Handball). 

Each year, secondary school teachers are invited to nominate one recipient for the Pierre de Coubertin Award from Year 11 or 12, and a further 2 Olympic Academy representatives.

Perhaps in future years we may see Zac, the St Bede’s Pierre de Coubertin recipient for 2015, a junior national level hurdler and, add his name to the Olympic list above. Our Olympic Academy representatives, Matthew a football umpire and distance runner from a family of international endurance pedigree and Sebastian, a young man keen to take his Shot Put to higher levels thoroughly enjoyed the Award ceremony held at MSAC earlier this year, where they mixed with former Olympians and like-minded student athletes from across the state.

College Production


This Year St Bede’s College is proud to present Michael Gow’s Away, in conjunction with students from Kilbreda College, over four shows commencing on Thursday 3rd and ending on Saturday September 5. Students from Years 7 – 12 are participating in the production as actors, designers and stage technicians, working tirelessly with a small team of dedicated college staff.

A few words from our Director: Mr Jamie Parton

I chose Away not only to support Australian playwrights but to challenge our students with a piece less reliant on visual effects and more reliant on their own performance. It will be a play that rejects the typical linear narrative, instead focusing on moments in time and shifts in human relationships.

The play follows three main families as they attempt to address and resolve conflicts between one another that are still very relevant to the structure of family today. By the end of the play most characters are able to find resolution in some way, either it be through acceptance or forgiveness. 

Our four shows will be presented in the Performing Arts Auditorium and tickets are available from TryBooking by going to the College website and following the designated links.

For any further enquiries regarding the show please contact Mr Stephen Irving - (Producer) on


Stephen Irving

LAL - Drama / Media / College Production

AWAY - Producer



What's on

In Sympathy

Our Prayers and condolences

To The Ioannou Family and especially Andrew (11.19) on the passing of his grandmother.

To the Eagling Family and especially Luke (11.26) on the passing of his Uncle Iain Troup. 


The Annual Finian Foundation Breakfast Function & Golf Day

Friday 20th November, from 7am at Woodlands Golf Club.   Guest Speaker AFL Western Bulldogs coach and St Bede’s Old Collegian,  Luke Beveridge. Followed by Four Ball ambrose. Come for the speaker and breakfast, come for golf and lunch or come for the day! We hope to see you there for this Annual event where we aim to raise money for the Finian Foundation that supports current St Bede’s students whose families may be experiencing financial hardship.


Where are they now?

John Raciti (Class of 1993)

John has recently been greatly honoured with an Academy Award for Global Peace, a Certificate of Excellence and a Doctor of Philosophy from the esteemed Academy of Universal Global Peace.

He is Director at Fox Petroleum and a Business Post Graduate student at UTS Business School of Management.

John is the Secretary General for Australia for The Multi-purpose Inter Parliamentary Union - TMIPU, the Commonwealth Secretariat, High Commissioner & Vice Chairman for Australia of the International Human Rights Commission. He is also an Ambassador for the International Human Rights Commission for Indigenous & Minority. John is Honorary Ambassador for the Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, a Member of CEREPPOL, and an Ambassador for the American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations.


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