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02 December 2015
Issue Twenty-one
Upcoming Events & Principal's Report 
Pupil of The Fortnight
School News
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Upcoming Events & Principal's Report 


Tuesday 1st   Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Thursday 3rd  Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

                       Whole School Photo 9am

Friday 4th   Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Monday 7th  Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Tuesday 8th  Whole School Transition

                 2016 Prep Transition 11:15am-1pm

Wednesday 9th Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Thursday 10th   Yr 6 Ice Skating

                          Yr 5 Insportz 

                          Yr 3 Incursion TBC

Friday 11th          Lvl 1 Mad About Science                                    Incursion

Wednesday 16th  Year 6 Graduation Evening 

Friday 18th       LAST DAY OF SCHOOL                                students dismissed at 1:30pm


Monday 8th  Prep Photo Day

2015 Term Dates

Term 1  -  29th January to 27th March

Term 2  -  13th April to 26th June

Term 3  -  13th July to 18th September

Term 4  -  5th October to 18th December

2016 Term Dates

Term 1  -  28th January to 24th March

Term 2  -  11th April to 24th June

Term 3  -  11th July to 16th September

Term 4  -  3rd October to 20th December

* 2016 Curriculum Days are not yet confirmed.


Level 1  -  Prep

Level 2  -  Year 1 & 2

Level 3  -  Year 3 & 4

Level 4  -  Year 5 & 6

Principal's Report

Dimi Sfetsas

Congratulations to Dimi Sfetsas who has been appointed to a teaching position at Gardenvale Primary School. Dimi has undertaken a significant leadership role at Ormond over the last two years and I am sure that Gardenvale will benefit from her knowledge, expertise and energy. We wish her every success in her teaching and school leadership pursuits.


Marian Naidoo

Marian Naidoo, our Reading Recovery teacher, has announced that she will be retiring from teaching at the end of 2015. Marian first trained at Melbourne Teachers College before beginning her teaching career in 1972 at Altona Primary School. This was followed by Moorabbin West Special School, West Melbourne PS, Altona Gate PS and then Hawksburn PS. Marian came to Ormond PS at the beginning of the 1987 school year. Marian’s twenty-nine year’s service at Ormond Primary School has seen her be a highly effective classroom teacher who has focussed on the Reading Recovery Program over the last nine years. On behalf of the Ormond community I thank Marian for her great work and wish her well in her retirement.



The parent access has now been expanded to be able to report student absences and approve these absences online through the COMPASS Parent Portal. So we can have the most accurate attendance data for your child's report, I encourage all parents to log on to COMPASS and approve any outstanding absences that may be visible.Please see the attached Parent Guide for directions on how to process and approve absences.


Parents are also now able to email teachers directly through COMPASS for easy communication. 


In preparation for End of Year Report access, please contact Brodie in the school office as soon as possible if you have misplaced your COMPASS login details or do not have access to email/internet and require a hard copy of your child's report to be sent home.

A reminder for the COMPASS website is ormondps.vic.jdlf.com.au 



Whole School Photo

The whole school photo will be on Thursday 3rd December at 9:00am. I encourage all students to be at school on time and neatly presentable so this process runs smoothly and on schedule.



School Uniform - PSW

School Uniform is no longer available for purchase through the school. You may now purchase all uniform directly from the PSW shop at 1/596 North Road in Ormond.


Our Business Manager, Jan Cassidy called in for a visit at the store and reports that the store looks fantastic and that the set up and organisational aspects are exceptional. We hope our OPS families agree.


Student End of Year Reports

The End of Year Reports will be available on COMPASS from Friday, 11th of December. Please take time to share these report with your children and consider the significant achievements that they have made in their learning through 2015. I encourage parents to save and print their child’s report for personal filing at home.


Organisation 2016

The appointment processes and the class allocations for 2016 have been completed. A number of teachers have been appointed by Ormond Primary School and they bring experience and skill to our school. A number of the current Ormond teachers will take on new roles in 2016 as part of the continuous renewal of the Professional Learning Teams. As primary teachers we pride ourselves in our ability to effectively teach all year levels from Prep to Year 6 and so it is vital that teachers have the opportunity to move within the school over time. The regular opportunity to build and maintain vibrant PLTs is an essential element in great schools. Ormond Primary School has taken this opportunity for 2016.


Parent Concerns Regarding Educational or Social Issues

The opportunity for parents to contact me regarding the educational or social issues pertinent to their children has been completed. I thank those parents for their emails which brought my attention to certain matters in a timely manner. The class teachers have been given my confidential summary of these items and they will take that into account when creating the draft class lists for 2016. These lists will be reviewed at the Leadership Meeting with the PLT Leaders, the Assistant Principal and I. The classes will announced to parents on Monday, 14th of December.


New teaching appointments

New teachers to Ormond are:


Jade Lipson – Over the last two years Jade has been teaching at Stonnington PS

Allyce Cash – In 2015 Allyce has been teaching at Kingsley Park PS

Julie Nield – A highly experienced teacher from Wattle Park PS

Kylie Fitzgerald – A teacher with over twenty years of experience in schools. Currently at Xavier College


Class Structure and Specialist Programs 2016

Organisational arrangements for 2016 are detailed below. Parents are asked not to respond to this information with requests for particular teachers.


Class                 Teacher                  Room  


A               Helene Ioannou                  10  
B               Jade Lipson                        11


Year 1

A               Jacinda Milczakowsky        12         
B               Elani Gibney                       13


Year 2

A               Richard Abell                     4/5       
B               Sally Berryman                    6                                 (LT-Student Data/PLT P-2)        
C               Effie Liarakos                      1   

Year 3

A               Chris Cheverton                   8  

B               Jodie Fernandez (0.7EFT)
              & Carrie Tunnock (0.40EFT)   3   

C               Allyce Cash                          7          
Year 4

A               Lorraine Bell                        14
                        (PLT 3-4)                                    
B               Gregg Workman                  15         

Year 5

A               Felicity Hall-Shulman           19       
                        (LT-CIS/PLT 5-6)         
B                Siobhan Hosking                18


Year 6

A               Sandra Johnson                 20 
B               Julie Nield                             2         
C               Jacqui Sampson                  21    
Early Years      Kylie Fitzgerald (0.5 EFT)  
                                               P-2 Classrooms
Visual Arts  Helen Kupfer (0.6 EFT)
                                                       Art Room

PE               Michael Pannam             Hall

ICT              Kim Stewart                    Lab
Korean         Anna Park (0.7 EFT)        16


Academic Excellence Award in Korean language

The following students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance in Korean learning this year will receive an award and a small gift at the assembly on Monday.


Kate N - Yr 3                Caitlin L - Yr 4

Clancy W - Yr 4           Jack A - Yr 5

Laura W - Yr 5            Joshua L - Yr 5

Meg P - Yr 6                Milly S - Yr 6  


Glenn Butler


Pupil of The Fortnight


  • Clementine H  -  For the  positive enthusiastic way that she approaches all work tasks. Congratulations,  Clementine, what a great role!   
  • Markus B  -  For his determination and commitment for all tasks and for the empathy he displays towards others. Wonderful, Markus!
  • Madison P  -  For using her decoding strategies to assist her with making fantastic improvements in her reading. Congratulations Maddie!
  • Kora B  -  For being an extremely helpful and cheerful member of the Prep B class. Keep up the wonderful work Kora!

Year 1

  • Raphael S  -  For a great job on his 100’s book. He has now completed writing numbers up to 600.
  • Tara A  -  Tara, you have developed a huge amount of confidence this year through performing Readers Theatre. Well done.
  • Keenan B  -  For outstanding year of all round hard work and progress. Your focus and determination to improve your skills in reading, writing and Maths has paid off, you should be proud Keenan, Well done!
  • Sarah L  -  For the deep thought and attention to detail you apply in all areas of your school work. Clear signs of a model student. Well done!
  • Max J  -  For his excellent work when changing the place value of larger numbers, by adding 10’s or 100’s.
  • Ella G  -  For her terrific work in identifying the place value of larger numbers.

Year 2

  • Eva C  -  For the positive and productive energy she puts into all her learning activities.
  • Lachlan H  -  For the hard work and determination he has shown with solving number problems.
  • Joshua H  -  Joshua has shown great determination and an impressive understanding of the fraction learning tasks.
  • Siena N  -  Siena has displayed an impressive ability to work with fractions on many different learning tasks.
  • Emma G  -  For demonstrating resilience both within and outside of the classroom.
  • Rachel H  -  For always bringing a positive attitude to all areas of her learning. 

Year 3

  • Alex Z  -  For inspiring his class and the grade 5 & 6 students with a Powerpoint that explains how we can all care for the environment by taking action.
  • Nik W  -  For his courage to do what is right, always being truthful and caring for his peers.
  • Harry A  -  For an entertaining and informative presentation on their excursion to Scienceworks.
  • Isabelle O’B  -  For an entertaining and informative presentation on their excursion to Scienceworks.

Year 4

  • Julian K  -  For showing excellent understanding when reading and making analogue time to the minute.
  • Sarah N  -  For her humorous and entertaining narrative with a twist, about a marshmallow bunyip at our recent camp.
  • Alex D  -  For working hard during numeracy to complete his column graph from our class survey.
  • Peter C  -  For his powerful persuasive presentation on his favourite holiday destination.

Year 5

  • Claudia W  -  For completing a much-improved piece of narrative writing, which included some creative vocabulary and clever complex sentences.
  • Oliver K  -  For his success at Camp, becoming the student archery champion.
  • Duncan B  -  For your resilience at camp. You actively participated in all activities and you showed great persistence with our surfing lessons. Great effort!
  • Michael H  -  For showing fantastic leadership qualities on camp. You were a supportive friend to your fellow classmates and always participating in activities.
  • Denika G  -  For an outstanding performance in an archery competition against Oliver and Mr Butler at grade 5 camp. Fabulous job!
  • Denny N  -  For being a very helpful student and showing great initiative at grade 5 camp. Well done!

Year 6

  • Harry H  -  For his passion and dedication throughout our Environment Project. Harry lead his team in a mature and responsible manner.
  • Meg P  -  For her continued persistence, calm nature and dedication to her role as Flynn House Captain. You are a natural leader Meg!
  • Alex O  -  For demonstrating great commitment to the Multimedia team, and problem solving skills when faced with adversity.
  • Isabella G  -  For always willing to undertake more time and responsibility when working with others, as highlighted during our Environmental Project and during Leadership time

Good Choice Awards

  • Yoon L  -  For concentrating very hard on improving his writing.
  • Lachlan T  -  For showing initiative in his reading. 
  • Sebastian P  -  For showing super resilience in the school yard. 
  • Nik W  -  For challenging himself in Maths.
  • Jed M  -  For showing resilience by keeping on going when he forgot where he was up to in his presentation. 
  • Otto CM  -  For participating fully and showing amazing resilience on Year 5 camp.
  • Ellie E  -  For showing incredible persistence and resilience during the Year 6 Environment Challenge.

School News

2016 Book lists and Essential Education Contributions

Book lists and Essential Education Contributions for 2016 went home several weeks ago. If you have not received one for your child please contact the office as soon as possible. 

Payment for booklists are due no later than Monday 14th December 2015 so we can finalise orders. If you wish to take advantage of the early bird discount on the Essential Education Contribution, please also make payment for these also by Monday 14th December 2015.

Payments can be made by cash or cheque and sent via your child's classroom cash bag in an envelope clearly labelled with your child's Name, Class and name of payment. If paying in cash please send correct amount as limited change is available.

Alternatively, payments of cash, cheque or EFTPOS can be made in person at the office between the hours of 8:15am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Phone payments or manual credit card payments will not be accepted. Limited change is available if making cash payments.

** Please Note **

End of Year Payments/Banking Procedures 

Due to end of year processing, all cash or cheque payments must be made to the school by 4:00pm Thursday 17th December. 

EFTPOS and Credit Card payments will be accepted at the office until 1:00pm Friday 18th December. 

OPS Building Fund

Did you know we have a Building Fund?

Thank you to those families who have already made donations to the Ormond Primary School Building Fund as a part of the 2015 and 2016 Contributions. 

We are aiming to raise $35,000 through donations to the Building Fund which will be put towards the painting of the Junior School building, the Hall and the Portable Classroom wing. 

Tax deductible donations for any families wishing to make a donation are still welcome.

Please note that any Building Fund Donations must be paid in cash or a Cheque made out to 'Ormond Primary School Building Fund'. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jan or Brodie in the office on 9578 1327.

Notices sent home recently:

Year 1 Mad About Science

Year 3 Orienteering Incursion

Year 4 Hands on Science - Forces & Movement

Year 5 Insportz Excursion

Year 6 Ice Skating Excursion

School Banking

The last day for Student Banking will be Thursday 10th December. 

Students eligible to order rewards must do so this week so orders can arrive before the end of the school year. To find out your token tally please come and ask Brodie. 

The remaining available rewards are:

  • Dollarmites Money Box (2014 Item)
  • ET DVD
  • Galaxy Glider (Frisbee)
  • Intergalactic Rocket
  • Out of Space Savers Money Box

Icy Pole Day

The last day for Icy Pole Day will be Thursday 10th December.

A huge thank you to all the parents who have come in each week to help sell icy poles this year, especially Jayne Sullivan. Jayne has volunteered her time for the last couple of years to co ordinate this treat day each week.

Jayne will be finishing up at OPS at the end of this year as her family moves up to Secondary School.

We will miss you next year Jayne. Thank you for all your hard work and the endless hours you have given up over the years to help out. 

If any parent is interested in taking over from Jayne in 2016 please contact the office as soon as possible. 

Second Hand Uniform Stall

Friday 4th December will be the final Second Hand Uniform Stall for 2015.

The stall will be held in the Korean Room between 3:15pm to 3:45pm.

Thank you to Rachel Marsden for all the time and energy she has given OPS this year to keep the second hand uniform supply in order and running. Your efforts are very much appreciated. 

Year 6 Graduation

Notices were sent out a few weeks ago regarding the 2015 Year 6 Graduation evening. Any families of students in Year 6 who have not yet provided their RSVP are required to do so by Wednesday 9th December so catering can be finalized. 

1:1 iPAD Program 2016

We are very excited about the continuation of our 1:1 iPad Program in Year 5 & 6 in 2016 and expanding the program to now include our Year 4 students.

Previously, information evenings have been held to help better inform the community about this program and the benefits the program provides in terms of further extending the powerful learning that takes place at Ormond Primary through the integration of technology.  It was great to see quite a few faces at the information evening, and a huge THANK YOU to the Year 6 students (Zara, Gus, Tom, Nina, Lucy, Claire, Dom, Harry and Marcus) who presented on the nights. They were definitely the stars of the night.

It is now time to finalise the commitment to the program to ensure the smooth commencement of the program when school returns next year.

We ask that all parents read through the attached ‘Information Booklet’ to help you to understand why we are moving in this direction and to better understand how this program will be implemented. Then return the ‘Commitment to Program’ form by Monday 7th December.

The ‘Digital Technologies Acceptable Use Agreement’ detailing the specific guidelines and requirements that need to be understood and adhered to is attached. Please make sure this is read carefully with your child, and signed by yourself and your child and returned with the ‘Commitment to Program’ form.

After the school has obtained all the commitment to program and acceptable use agreement forms, families will receive an apps list, with redemption codes to download the required school apps in readiness for the beginning of the 2016 school year.

Should you require further information to answer any questions you have, visit the OPS 1:1 iPad Program website at http://ops1to1ipad.global2.vic.edu.au.

If you are considering purchasing an iPad through our school webstore (provided by JB Education), the website is stated below and is live now ready to take your orders.

URL: http://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod/

Code: OPS2016

Gallery:  Year 6 Students speaking at a recent Information evening on the iPAD Program

Please find below documents for all 2016 Year 4-6 students and their parents relating to the iPAD program that must be completed and returned to school. 

Year 4-6 2016 Acceptable Use Agreement

Year 4-6 2016 Commitment to Program

1:1 iPAD Program Information Booklet

Frequently Asked Questions

2016 Prep - Year 3 Digital Technologies Acceptable Use Agreement

Please find attached below the Digital Technologies Acceptable Use Agreement for 2016 Prep to Year 3 students. 

This booklet must be read by parents and the acceptable use of ICT equipment and programs at Ormond Primary School explained to their children. Parents are then asked to sign the acceptance page and return the entire booklet to the office by the end of 2015. 

* Please Note - 2016 Preps would have already received this agreement in their information packs. 

Casual Clothes Day

Casual Clothes Day On Wednesday 25th November was a huge success. A big thank-you to all the families who donated food. Merle from the Salvation Army was overwhelmed by

Ormond's generosity. The Bentleigh Salvation Army will make food hampers and donate these to families in need. A big thank-you also to the year six  students who helped collect the food from around the school as well as the Junior School Council and leaders for advertising and promoting this worthy cause.

Wild Animals in Action

On Tuesday the 24th of November the Preps had the Zoo come to them during the Wild Animals in Action incursion. The children had a fantastic time meeting a laughing kookaburra called Cackles who had a gigantic laugh along with the Preps and Rumpy Stumpy the stumpy tail lizard. The Preps really enjoyed themselves and had a fun time getting to hold a range of animals including a baby koala, wallaby, green tree frog and even a black headed python which they found a little scary. They now know who are friends are in the Australian Bush and have gained a new respect for the different wild animals in action. 

Helping the Environment

Blue Team

Wow! The plastic bag amount has been rising over the weeks and the Blue team, with the help from the community have received an enormous, 2637 plastic bags! Can we keep this amazing effort up? Our goal is to collect 6000 plastic bags and with your help, we can get there. Help save the environment and donate your plastic bags!

Green Team

This is the Green team, and we are collecting NESPRESSO and NESCAFÉ coffee pods to help the environment. Every pod which is collect, means a pod not being thrown away and wasted and a pods that will be properly recycled, without harming the environment.

You can donate your Nespresso and Nescafe coffee pods just outside the office, where you will find a box that says 'Coffee Pods'. So far we have collected 523 Used Coffee Pods and we are aiming for 1000.

Orange Team

We’re the Orange team and we've been collecting batteries to help save the environment from leaking waste that are left lying around, and that can affect animals or even people. So please bring old or dead batteries to just outside the front office in the batteries box. We have already got 357 and we hope for around 550 so please bring in your old batteries it all really helps!! Don’t forget to find the boxes outside the office.

Pink Team

In the last couple of weeks, the Pink team have been collecting empty ink cartridges. In these weeks we had collected 33 empty ink cartridges so far. Our goal was to collect 100.

There is still another week for collecting to help the environment. You may think that throwing out ink cartridges is ok but it is not. Once the ink cartridges are emptied into the rubbish dump all the chemicals from the ink soaks into the soil, making it unhealthy and an unsafe habitat to live in. 

All the ink cartridges we collect will be sent  to Officeworks, who will then send them off to Planet Ark, who will recycle them properly. We would appreciate it if you would bring in your empty ink cartridges to school and put them in one of our boxes which are outside the office, outside the hall and one in the staff room. 

Year 5 Phillip Island Camp

Two weeks ago Year 5 went to Phillip Island Adventure Resort. We had a brief stop at the park to eat recess, checked out the Pelicans and then continued on. We had 30 minutes to settle in before half of us went surfing. Surfing was really fun and new for the greater percentage of us. It was a decent size walk and took half an hour of learning before we hit the waves. It was fun. The other half stayed at camp and did the twin flying fox and giant swing. Later the surfers returned and we had dinner. It was delicious! After dinner we celebrated a birthday with a cake and watched the new Karate Kid movie. We were all very tired.

The following day was just as exciting as the one before, we swapped activities. Surfing had the perfect weather for it. The waves weren't too big and it wasn't too cold.

That afternoon we packed and moved to our camping sites to camp in our camping tents. Ant, one of the camp supervisors,  taught us how to put up out tents and told us about the animals that lived nearby. We all had a fantastic time at the camp site.

On the third day, breakfast was great and we set off for action. Now there were 6 groups instead of four. Two went for a day at the beach, the other two went canoeing and raft making and the last two did low ropes and archery. Throughout the day we all rotated between the activities and had fun. At night we had damper, played spotlight, had yummy hot chocolate, a nice marshmallow roast and our night walk.

The last day we packed up and got ready to go back home, sadly we had to move our bags 2-3 time due to the rain. We were all sad to leave and this was a camp that was to be remembered! We had our long bus ride and finally got home. We were all glad to see our parents again and finally went home. What an amazing 4 days we had!

by Denny & Jonah

Students on the move...

For the last few weeks students from Prep to Year 5 have been involved in our Transition Program. They have enthusiastically experienced working with different teachers and students on a variety of activities.

Last Friday our new Preps for 2016 joined this year’s Preps and their Year 5 buddies for a fun Sports afternoon. Thank you to Michael Pannam for organising this event.

On Tuesday 17th November, instead of their regular Library session, Year 4A students were treated to the wonderful experience of reading to the local kindergarten children. In preparation for the exciting day, 4A students carefully selected picture story books that each felt a 4 year-old might enjoy. A warm fuzzy feeling was had by all, with one little tot even falling asleep to the soothing sound of a story being read aloud.

PE & Sports News

T20 Cricket

After winning the T20 District competition, eight boys from Year 4, 5 and 6 went off to Cranbourne to face some of the best players and teams from around our region. It was sure to be a test, but one the boys were up for. Each game was do or die, as the team that lost went home and the team to win would progress through to the next round. The team played superbly, winning their first two games with ease making large totals and knocking over their opposition with ease. Round Three proved to be their first real test. After the opposition posted a total of 143, the bowlers were proving to be difficult to get away. As the game came near to an end, the team thought they were going home. As the scores were being announced heads were down, until the umpire had finished. “Winning by 5 runs, Ormond!”. The boys were through to the Semi-Finals. 

The team was only two wins away from playing at the MCG in the state finals. The boys posted a dominate score of 215, with Tait P scoring heavily.The boys were bowling fantastically well, however were struggling to get wickets. At the end they held the opposition to 180. However, with wickets worth 5 bonus runs, Ormond lost by the narrowest of margins. Well done to all players - Tait P (Captain), Tom A (VC), Gus C, Lucca B, Padua B, Jacob W, Michael A and Lewis S.


The Rounders inter-school sport team competed in the grand final against Hughesdale Primary on Friday 27th November. Ormond started off batting and after an unsuccessful first innings, came out firing in the last innings. Unfortunately, they we not victorious and were defeated 14-5. All players did a fantastic job and it was a thrilling end to an undefeated season. 

Prep - Year 2 Swimming

It’s that time of year again! The students in Prep, Year 1 and 2 have commenced swimming program at Waves. On the first day the children were very excited. The Preps are just learning the ropes, but the Year 1 and 2 students knew the Ormond drill. Towels out first, sock inside shoes, pack all belongings back in your bag and find your group. Happy sounds fill the air, water bubbles are blown and water splashes from speedy little feet. Each day their swimming skills improve and so does their confidence. Out of the pool the children again followed the Ormond routine. 

Wrapped in a towel they snake their way the change rooms and get change. Mums and dads would be very proud to know that their children get themselves organized again so quickly so that they can be ready for the bus. They should also be proud of their lovely manners and their responsible behaviour in the pool. Thanks to all the mums and dads who have helped out throughout the program. The teachers are all very grateful!

District Swimming Trials Year 4-6

Ormond P.S. swimming trials will be ha held at Carnegie Pool on Tuesday 8th December between 4:00 and 5:00pm. Parents are required to have their child to the pool as close to 4.00 as possible. The trial is open to children in Year 4 – 6 in 2016.  Students must be confident in swimming a minimum of 50m without stopping. These trials will determine the swim team for 2016.

Before and After School Tennis in 2016

Forms for 2016 tennis lessons need to be returned directly to Mr. Pannam by Wednesday 9th of December. If you have not received a form they can be obtained from Mr. Pannam.  

Year 5/6 Summer Sport Teams

Well done to our Rounders team for their success this year. Congratulations to Super Coach Ms Sampson on her efforts with the team throughout the year.

T20 Blast Cricket Allstar Year 6 Team

Well done to the boys on their 3rd place in the South East Region final held at Lloyd Park, Langwarran.

Michael Pannam

Sports Coordinator 

Out of School Hours Care

Out of School Hours Enrolment 2016

Families requiring Before & After School Care or vacation care for 2016 must submit an enrolment form by Thursday 10th December An immunisation certificate must be attached to their enrolment form for new children attending the service for the first time. Incomplete enrolment forms, without a booking commencement date or forms stating 'To be Announced' or 'To be Confirmed' will not be accepted and will be returned. Families will be informed of their Before & After School Care placements for 2016 by Tuesday 22nd December. Families requiring care during the January Holiday Program please submit your enrolment form with your holiday booking form.

2016 OSHC Enrolment Form

January School Holiday Program 

The January School Holiday Program will operate from Monday 11th January to Wednesday 27th January. The January Holiday Program is available from the OSHC Program or below

After School Care Excursion

Due to the Year 6 Graduation all children booked in the After School Care Program on Wednesday 16th December will be attending a local excursion to Alnutt Park. If your children usually attends After School Care on a Wednesday they will be required to attend the excursion as there will be no child care provided at the school. Parents must authorise their children to attend the excursion by signing the permission form located on the sign out desk. Children will be walking to and from the park.

Excursion Schedule

3:45pm  -  Depart OPS to Alnutt Park.

4:00pm  -  Afternoon Tea in the Park.

4:10pm to 5:30pm  -  Park Activities.

5:30pm  -  Depart Alnutt Park to OPS.

5:45pm  -  Arrive back at OPS                                   

Parents can collect their children from the park between 4:10pm to 5:40pm or from school between 5:45pm to 6:00pm.

After School Care Activities

Thursday 3rd         Cooking

Friday 4th              Xmas Activity

Monday 7th            Xmas Activity

Tuesday 8th           Xmas Activity

Wednesday 9th      Xmas Activity

Thursday 10th        Xmas Activity

Friday 11th             Cooking

Monday 14th          Miniature Christmas Trees

Tuesday 15th         Cooking

Wednesday 16th    Alnutt Park Excursion

Thursday 10th        Xmas Activity

Friday 11th             End of Term Xmas Party

April Kopitz

Out of School Hours Coordinator

Parents & Friends

Mexican Fiesta

What a beautiful evening we had at the Fiesta. All the planets aligned to give us a great community event filled with happy kids and parents. The mole and Mexican rice was delicious, so were the tacos. The Terry Cole band did a great job entertaining us and calling the dances. And Squishy Pig DJ did his thing with the decks and got all the kids onto the dance floor. The kids loved it! The decorations made by the Crafternooners made our night very colourful and authentic.

The P&F Committee use their own time and energy to put these events together to foster and build the great spirit we have here at OPS: Anouk Sherman, Darrell Mason, Rachel Marsden, Debbie Hammon, Amber Currie and Kylie Cockle all made this happen for you. Thank you for all their efforts. Thank you also to the helpers who helped us set up, run the event, pack up and clean up, especially:

Lyndon Loader         Kellie & Chris Hamilton

Brett Tyrell        Belinda Michell & Trian Tabara

Jo Lazarou               Chris Swifte

In the background, thanks also to Jan Cassidy and Brodie Thomson from the office help us with the budget, finance and communications.

Finally, you may be wondering where Pedro the Pinata has gone. Well, he’s moved along to St Kevin’s Primary to help them celebrate their 2016 Welcome Night.

We have the first release of photos to show you now. There are a lot more to come but we haven’t got them ready yet. We’ll send out a link later this week.

Parents & Friends 2016

Planning is under-way for 2016. Below are listed the events we have scheduled but they may not be viable as the existing committee group is just too small to carry the load. We are also exploring ways in which the parent body could better help us with event management.

When this has been confirmed we will share the details with you. But watch this space! Changes are afoot. Twilight Market is scheduled for 2016, so if more parents could be motivated to help with the other events that we run during the year, the P&F committee will not be overburdened when it comes to organising the Twilight Market, which takes an enormous amount of resources, time and energy. 

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