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15 October 2019
Issue Fifteen

We are here to support the academic, social and emotional development of our students to be resilient to the
challenges of a rapidly changing society.

Diary Dates
From the Principal, Linda Jones
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Year 2 Sleepover
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Diary Dates

Diary Dates

Monday 7th - Friday 18th October

Year 1/2 Swimming


Wednesday 16th October

School Council Meeting 7.30pm


Friday 25th October

World Teachers Day



Wednesday 30th October

Year 1 Open Afternoon


Wednesday 30th October- Friday 1st November

Year 5 Camp


Tuesday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Day holiday-no school


Saturday 9th November

Students' Disco in the Hall of Champions

From the Principal,
Linda Jones


Our fete is a much anticipated event in our calendar particularly for our students and their friends.  There was a real buzz in the air throughout last week and at our Fete on Saturday with many stories of fun, excitement and support. The PFA once again did themselves and the school proud and drew many visitors to our school. This special event is a fine example of the teamwork from parents, staff and students and highlights what a special community we are.

  • Congratulations to Leesa Needham, our PFA president and the Parent and Friends Committee for overseeing this very successful event
  • Special thanks to the stall coordinators and their helpers on the day many who put in hours of work preparing, manning stalls and generously packing up after a long day.
  • Thanks to all of the year 6 students who ran various stalls and assisted on the day. Thanks also to our wonderful Envirostars for their preparation of items for sale and manning their stall.
  • Thanks to all the families who donated so generously goods and services to ensure the success of the fete
  • Thanks to the families and friends who spent the day enjoying the activities offered.



We are now into the full swing of term 4 but I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays with your family. There were some lovely spring days along with some quite chilly ones obviously allowing for a mixture of inside and outside enjoyment at home.

We again thank the many parents who supported our open afternoons, excursions, incursions and PFA activities last term in a variety of ways. We look forward to a rewarding term 4 and your ongoing support in various ways that present themselves.

Over recent weeks we have continued to ensure a safe, well-resourced environment at CPS for all.

  • The electrical upgrade has occurred with all works undertaken smoothly. This was a large and costly project but knowing we have the electrical capacity to meet all our needs for years to come is terrific.
  • Arborists spent a day, over the break, pruning many of our trees to ensure they remain safe and grow healthily.
  • A new shade sail has been erected outside the Hall of Champions. This will serve us well when the warmer weather arrives and also gives protection from the rain. A second ‘umbrella’ sail has been installed outside our learning centre in the grassed area. This too provides shade and protection. Thank you to our PFA for funding these large projects.
  • Continued to enhance the bush garden area we share with our lovely kinder children. It has been rewarding seeing this taking shape and we look forward to it being completed shortly. Thank you to Glen Eira Kinder Association for funding and leading this project. I look forward to working together to care for this area together and gaining much enjoyment from this greatly enhanced outside space.


As you are aware, we held a special assembly last week to officially acknowledge and open our capital works project. The State Education Minister, Mr James Merlino and our local member, Mr Steve Dimopolous attended and our wonderful choirs entertained all. We held a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark this occasion.

Over the last two years many areas of our school have been transformed with the $5.5 million project and we have so very much to be proud of. As I reflect on all we have achieved, I would like to again thank staff, students and families for their patience over this time. Our school looked a real picture for our fete on the weekend.

A wonderful revelation at our ceremony was the very surprising announcement by Minister Merlino of a further $129,000. This funding has been allocated for landscaping works, including paving, seating, play equipment, an area for sand play and garden beds. I am envisaging this work occurring in the area near our year 3 and 5 portables. I look forward to sharing plans for the project with our community.



Plans for 2020 staffing are underway and budgets are being organised. To ensure the best possible outcomes for students and teachers, I am keen to organise plans for 2020 as soon as possible.

To support this planning please ensure your child has returned the form sent home last week which asks you if your child is remaining at Carnegie Primary School in 2020.

The Orientation Program for 2020 Preps will be held on the four Wednesdays in November. The first two sessions run between 2.30 and 3.30pm. The third and fourth sessions will be from 11.45 till 1.15pm. All 2020 Prep students are invited to attend all of the sessions. If you would like further details please call into the office.


Friday 25th October is World Teachers’ Day. The UNESCO has declared World Teachers’ Day and it is a great opportunity for us to say ‘Thank You’ to the teachers at our school and acknowledge their professionalism and commitment to ensuring the students at Carnegie Primary School are cared for and well supported in their primary school education.😊



We are once again planning a special end of year picnic on Tuesday 17th December at Koornang Park/Lord Reserve from around 5pm. Full details of the evening will be sent home shortly but please pop this date on your calendar as the end of the year is a busy time for many families.


By now all students should be wearing their sun smart hat when playing outside at recess and lunch breaks. School hats can be purchased from our Uniform Shop. Your support for this school rule is greatly appreciated as it is important we educate our students about sun smart protection strategies and the harmful effects of the sun during our warmer weather. Please note that caps are not sun smart hats.


Term 1:     Year 1 to 6 students – Thursday 30th January to Friday  27th

                      March, 2020

                      Preps – Friday 31st January  to Friday 27th March 2020


Term 2:      Tuesday 14th April to Friday 26th June, 2020


Term 3:      Monday 13th July to Friday 18th September, 2020


Term 4:      Monday 5th October to Friday 18th December, 2020


Prep students don’t attend school on Wednesdays until 11th March, 2020.



You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.


Parenting Ideas


Technology use in the evenings may delay bedtime and interfere with sleep
• Using a bright screen for 1.5 hours or more can increase alertness.
• Not all people are affected by technology use in the same way.
• Some forms of technology use may be better than others and some
activities better than others.
• In the evening, use technology in moderation. Switch from interactive
devices (e.g., phones) to passive devices (e.g., e-reader).


Note: All words that are underlined relate to topics in the Sleep Health Foundation Information Library at

1. How can technology use affect
us at bedtime?

The bright screen light from devices can cause increased
• Activities on such devices can be stimulating and make us less
ready to sleep
• People can become absorbed and continue using technology
beyond their usual bedtime

2. How long is too long to spend
in front of a bright screen
before bed?

Studies have tested the effects of bright tablets (e.g. ipads) and laptop
screens for up to 5 hours before bed. It seems that the natural evening
rise in melatonin (a hormone that makes us ready for sleep) is not
affected by 1 hour of bright screen light, but it is after 1.5 hours. Thus
after 1.5 hours of technology use in the evening people report feeling
less sleepy. They also do better on mental performance tests and their
brainwaves suggest increased alertness. Repeated use of a bright
screen over 5 days can delay the body clock by 1.5 hours. This means
you consistently want to go to bed later and sleep in longer. This can be
a real problem when you need to get up at a set time in the morning for
school or work.

3. Does using technology just
before bedtime affect sleep?

Self-reports suggest that sleep is indeed affected by technology use in
the hour before bed. Such late-night technology users report less
satisfactory sleep more often than those not using technology before
bed. They are also more likely to feel sleepier during the day in a range
of situations, including driving. These findings relate to both using a
computer or laptop before bed or texting. The findings are from a 2011
US study that involved over 1500 people, surveyed by the US National
Sleep Foundation.

4. Are some forms of technology
use more stimulating such that
they affect sleep?

Technological devices can be either interactive or passive. Passive
devices are those which need little to no input from the users. Examples
include listening to music, reading an e-book, watching television or a
movie. With interactive devices what is viewed on the screen changes
with input from the user. For example, playing a video game is clearly
interactive. To a lesser extent, so is surfing the web, messaging and
making posts on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Researchers propose that interactive technological activities are more
harmful for getting ready for sleep compared to passive activities.

5. Is everyone’s sleep affected by
technology in the same way?

No. Some people are more affected than others. Some young people,
especially those who don’t play lots of computer games, can be
sensitive to the effects of violent video games and this affects their
sleep. However, more experienced gamers may habituate to using
technology before bed and are less affected by violent video games.
Also, teenagers who are consider themselves to be less risk-takers are
more likely to stop gaming earlier and go to bed earlier than their
higher risk-taking peers. Finally, those teenagers who strongly immerse
themselves in computer game activity (experiencing what is called a
‘flow’ state) play for longer and delay their bedtimes. Research is yet to
uncover all the different individual characteristics that explain why some
people are more affected by technology use before bed than others.

6. What about the effect of
technology use on people’s

Data from over 85,000 teenagers (through an analysis of several
studies of teenage sleep) showed that different forms of technology use
(e.g., televisions, computers, phones – and even video gaming) were
related to later bedtimes. The more frequently adolescents used
technology in the evening, the later they went to bed. Using technology
often may increase alertness and/or reduce the ability to recognize
sleepiness at night. Thus the teenagers keep playing, surfing, texting
and chatting, resulting in delayed bedtime.

7. Can the alerting effects of
screens be reduced?

Dim the screen as much as possible for evening use. In many
e-readers you can even invert the screen colour (i.e., white font on
black background). A free software program for PCs and laptops
decreases the amount of blue light (which affects melatonin levels) in
computer screens during the evening and increases orange tones
instead. This program is called f.lux and is at

8. What about watching television
in the bedroom?

Many people enjoy reading a good book in bed, or listen to relaxing
music or the radio before sleep. Those who report doing these passive
activities in bed often have no trouble falling asleep, especially if the
lights are dim or off. So considering the television is classed as a
passive device, should it enter our bedrooms?
The answer is not clear. On the one hand, sleep experts talk about the
benefits of keeping the bedroom as a sanctuary for sleep. They believe
that electronic devices in the bedroom can easily be a distraction from
sleep. We know that unsupervised teenagers can easily watch TV in
their bedrooms till long past a healthy bedtime. On the other hand, we
currently have no evidence that watching a TV in the hour before bed in
the bedroom brings on sleep problems.
We do know, however, that relying on the TV being turned on while you
fall asleep can mean you lose the ability to self-soothe yourself to sleep
and thus may have trouble falling back to sleep when awake in the
middle of the night.

9. What strategies can help
regulate my child’s technology

Parents of a pre-teenaged child should try to restrict technology use to
after-school or earlier in the evening. Plan quiet activities (board games,
drawing, playing with toys, reading) closer to bedtime. This negotiation
is more difficult in the teenage years. Try to encourage interactive
technology use (e.g., video-gaming, smart phones) earlier in the
evening, and use of passive technological devices (e.g., watching
TV/movies, reading) in the lead up to bedtime. A certain level of
accepting evening technology use is needed. After all, it has been found
that more than 90% of both teenagers and adults (13 to 64 years old)
in the USA use technology before bed. Practice what you preach.

10. Where can I find out more?

For information on over 60 different sleep related
topics, written by professionals, visit the Sleep
Health Foundation Information Library at The underlined
topics in this article are covered in detail there.


Sleep Health Foundation
114/30 Campbell Street, Blacktown NSW 2148
T: +61 (0) 2 8814 8655 F: +61 (0) 2 9672 3884

What's happening


Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes from all at Carnegie Primary School.




Aalya B.

Prep B

“Franklin’s Flying Bookshop”

Ryan S.


“The 117-Storey Treehouse”

Sachin B.

Prep C

“The Very Hungry Bear”


The school has recently purchased a class set of Makey Makey kits. These kits allow students to use their imagination, be creative and come up with their own inventions. The Year 6 students have designed a range of controllers for different buttons on the keyboard. Using the Makey Makey kits they have used fruit, pencils, foil, earrings and much more to create circuits and control the computer. Students have played music on a virtual piano, move Pac Man, control Scratch Sprites and more!

Josh Acklom

ICT / DigiTech




Walk to School Month

CPS Gets Walking!

This month at CPS we are encouraging our entire school to walk, ride and scoot to school. If your child can’t walk, ride or scoot to school, there are heaps of ways they can still get involved in the fun. Parents can drop off their children a few blocks from the entrance to the school and walk the rest of the way or help their kids before school to walk around the oval together.

Kids are healthier and happier when they’re active every day. Walking kids to school is a great opportunity to get them active and build their confidence and life skills. It’s also a chance for everyone to spend some quality family time together.

Fantastic effort to everyone who participated in the Walk to School Month! Here are the results for Week 1:


































































Well done to 4B for being the most active class in the school and for winning the CPS Golden Sneaker this week.


Don’t forget to hand in your walking tickets to your classroom teacher for the chance to win a Fitbit!

Year 2 Sleepover

Year 2 Sleepover

Congratulations to all Year 2 students who participated in our sleepover last term! It was a great success and we had so much fun. This is a wonderful stepping stone towards getting ready for camp next year.


“The breakfast in the morning was delicious.  I like how there were so many options to choose from.” - Aayushi


“I was excited for the next day because it was Footy Colour Day.  I like playing thee games because the the teachers said they were new games and they were really fun!” - Jasmine

“It was really fun coming to the sleepover because I’ve never had a sleepover at school before. The night walk was my favourite part of the sleepover.” - Alex


“It was so fun being with my two best friends, Arjun and Devansh. My favourite thing to do was the games because we were so excited to go to the sleepover.” - Peter


“I loved the sleepover. We had yummy pizza and I loved the games and everything.  It was the best 2 days of term two.” - Fiyin


“It was fun to play games and eat pizza.” - Atharva


“I like the sleepover because we got to do the night walk.  It was fun because we got to walk in the dark and it was even more fun because we got to use our torches.” - Alana


“I really liked the night walk because we got to see what nature looks like at night.  We saw a possum hanging from the tree.” - Christopher

“I like the sleepover because all my friends were there and we got to eat pizza.” - Subi


“I was really excited about the sleepover and all the meals.  My favourite part was the games before sleeping.  It was the best part of term 2” - Prisha


Thank you to all parents and staff who made this event possible, as well as the fabulous Year 2s.


Fete Wrap Up

What a Wonderful Fete!

What a wonderful Fete Day we had on Saturday. The weather was perfect and it certainly brought out the crowds!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day such as success. From the parents who manned the stalls to those who donated goods for the auction and everyone who came along and had fun!

The Eco side of things worked really well and I think we put in place some wonderful practices for future fetes.

I do have to say a special thank you to a few very special helpers who did a massive amount of work in the months leading up to the Fete and on the day ;

  • Sandra Rowlands and Sapphira Keleher- food stall coordinators
  • Candice Hall & Miranda Welham- Sponsorship and Auction
  • Rahila Zeeshan- Book Stall Coordinator
  • Jelena Milivojevoic- Hamper Raffle as well as helping EVERYWHERE!
  • Sandra Michela- craft and plant stall
  • Marina Vanstan- artwork
  • Pooja Jethra-curry stall
  • Priyanka and Kerin- for helping out with lots of different things!
  • Karen Phillips- the money and rides lady!
  • Sindhu and all our gorgeous Indian Dancers on the day-they practised for many, many hours  and they did a fantastic job of performing on the day.
  • Deon at 'Print on Wood'- for all our wonderful signage

Thank you also to:

  • Our fantastic teachers who got dunked; Mr Acklom, Mr Nathan, Mr O'Brien, Miss Carhart , Miss Macklin and of course our wonderful Ms Jones!
  • Bob Mileo and his band 'The Ormond Brothers' for providing some wonderful music during the afternoon. 
  • Alicia Sometimes- our MC
  • Grade 6 performers- Pooja on guitar and our dancers: Anushka, Shreevidya, Natasha, Nia, Masha and Selina who choreographed their own item. We have such talented students at CPS!
  • Student Stalls- Grade 6s for their own craft stall, the Ninja Warrior Course, Liam with his Japanese stall and the Envirostars with Miss Connelly and Mrs Knight 
  • Lou Mileo and Anna Cahill- toy stall
  • Sian Holm-Kids Corner
  • Melissa Trudinger-external stall holder coordinator
  • Carmilo- who was on the coffee machine ALL day!

I apologise if I missed anyone, my brain is a bit fried at the moment!


Thanks to everyone-it was areal team effort. we have a wonderful school community and it is great to see everyone get involved!



Fete Supporters


Please support our sponsors and businesses who supported our Fete so generously on Saturday.


Thank you once again to Mark Staples from Jellis Craig Bayside Glen Eira for their support this year. They ran a great colouring draw on Saturday and there were three lucky winners who won some awesome prizes.


Contact Mark to find out what your home is worth with a complimentary property appraisal.

Click here for a property appraisal 

Sign up and stay up to date with the latest property market trends and local community events

Click here to subscribe



Thank you to our other wonderful fete sponsors: 

BAKERS DELIGHT- Don't forget to mention Carnegie PS when you make a purchase at Bakers Delight Carnegie as they donate 5% of all sales directly back to the school.

PRICELINE AT CARNEGIE CENTRAL-See Priceline at Carnegie Central for all you health and beauty needs.





A special deal for CPS families...



















Thank you to the following businesses who generously donated items or services for our online auction. It raised over $6,400!

Ace Airport Parking
Atomik Pink
Babo Wines

Bendigo Heritage Attractions (Bendigo Joss House Temple)

Bentleigh Fitness Centre
BK Gym & Fun
Bon Pentite Cookies
Brew Bar
Caulfield Bears
Charisma Dance Centre
Charity Paintball
Charlies Cookies
Chesterfield Farm
Community Sports Camps
Core Physio and pilates
Cricket HQ
Crocs Playcentre
Dance Desires
Darryl Greeves - Tennis Coach
Duldig & Russo Optometry
Emerald Accountants
Emma Tse
Fashion Care Drycleaners
Fizz Kids
Fruition Tuition
Gabriel Gate
Glen Eira Dental

Glen Eira Physiotherapy & Physiolates

Golden Bean Espresso
Hampton WIne Bar
Harold Holt Swim Centre
Hoyts Chadstone
Inflatable World
Inner Health Solutions
Jim's Batteries
Kando Martial Arts
Kids Unlimited
KX Pilates - Oakleigh
Liana James
Little Devil's Circus
Luna Park
Lunar Drive Inn
M & M Rug Shop
Mars Australia

Melbourne Museum / Scienceworks

Melbourne Racing Club

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

Melbourne UTD basketball tickets

Michelle McCurdy
Mini Maestros
Missie CoCo

Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre

Monkey Mania/Laser Mania
Moonee Valley Racing Club
Mornington Golf Course
Moss & Maple Florist
Murrumbeena Wine Bar
Myuna Farm
National Sports Museum
O'Grady Drama
Omnia Restuarant
Otao Kitchen
Palace Cinemas
Partners in Planning
Phillip Island Nature Parks

Playdays / InSportz

Pretty Peonie

Primary School Wear PSW
Puffing Billy Railway
Pure Boba
Rain Hayne & Shine
Rapt by Rosa
Saltwater Swim School
Sandy Mini Golf
She Knows
Sherrin Factory Tour

Sidetracked Entertainment Centre

Smart Hire
Sovereign Hill
Stage Left
Step in to life
Sth Side Music Academy
Strike bowling
Sugar Temple
Tailored cafe
The Comic's Lounge
The Conductor Barbershop
Triple Five Fitness
Wetlands Golf 'n' Games
Woolworths - Kokaribb Rd
YAY Yoga
Yoga A Go Go
Zoos Victoria

PFA  News


It's that time of year again to order your mangos! Orders must be in by next Friday October 25th and delivery will be early December. 

This year we are doing online orders via trybooking:

I've also attached an order form here if you wish to pay cash or  via eft at the office, but trybooking is preferrred.



As parents we are always looking for new lunchbox ideas for our kids, so lets share some ideas with each other! Send us a photo of your healthy, nude food lunch box for your chance to win a Biome Bento style lunch box and reusable wax wrap.

We will be drawing a winner every 2 weeks for the remainder of the term.

Send your pics to by Sunday 27th October and we will draw a winner and announce it in the next newsletter.



Mango Fundraiser

PFA Meeting                      Monday 21st October

Kids' Disco                         Saturday November 9th



Leesa Needham

Ph: 0408 556 669

Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours:  Before School Care 7am-8.45am

           After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm




Email: /

Service Mobile Number: 0402043810

A copy of the enrolment and booking form can be downloaded through our website on:

Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20



Being term 4 children will need to wear hats and sunscreen when going outdoors. As children tend to leave their school hats in their school tubs, could you please organise for your child to have a spare hat in their bag for after school care. As for sunscreen we use Woolworths Every Day SPF 50+ If your child has any allergies to this brand could you please provide a sunscreen that is appropriate.


Could we also request (due to our maximum license capacity of 100), that if you are needing to cancel your child’s AFTER SCHOOL CARE BOOKING for the day, that you inform the service by email at: or by mobile on 0402043810 by 12 midday on the requested day. This will help us to accommodate the families that are on the waiting list














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