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30 October 2019
Term 4  Issue 1
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Important Dates

28 October

School Council

5 November

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

6 November

Year 6 to 7 Information Evening (KP)

7 November 

Year 6 to 7 Information Evening (SYD)

14 November

Music Concert

20 - 22 November

Year 7 Camp



27 November

Year 12 Formal

28 November 

Year 10 Formals ( KP & SYD)

9 - 10 December

VCE / VCAL course confirmation

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Day

13 December

Awards (KP)

16 December

Awards (SYD)

17 - 18 December
Year 7 - 9 Activities


29 January 2020

Years 7, 11 and 12 Start School

30 January

Years 8, 9 and 10 Start School









College News
Day Structure 2020

Copperfield College – Changes to Day Structure 2020:  Information for Parents / Carers


Dear Parents/Carers,

A key improvement strategy in Copperfield College’s Strategic Plan is to establish the school as a Professional Learning Community (PLC). In a PLC, teachers work collaboratively to focus on improving student learning.

Reason for changing the day structure

In a PLC, teachers meet regularly in teams to look at the results of common assessments and establish what the students know and don’t know and how they can improve their learning. At Copperfield, our teams are based on subjects and year levels (eg. Year 7 Maths or Year 9 Humanities). Our teams are called Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) and we aim to cover all subjects and all year levels.

One of the challenges secondary schools face is scheduling enough regular PLT time. We will, therefore, be implementing 1 shortened day per week (Wednesdays) from the start of 2020. The PLTs will meet on Wednesday afternoons. This currently happens at Delahey but will be extended to our Sydenham and Kings Park campuses.

There will be one less break and no Homegroup/Mentor session on the Wednesday. On Wednesday students will be dismissed at 2:19pm.


What will it look like?

Period 1 will still start at 9am on all campuses. We are currently working with the bus company to ensure their schedule matches the end of our day. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to speak with one of our Campus Principals.





Anthony Sokol

College Principal

College News

Westfield Local Heroes Campaign

A big thank you to all the members of our Copperfield College community for the huge support in the 2019 Westfield Local heroes Campaign. I am very proud to accept the $10,000 grant on behalf of the College. This money will be used to provide further opportunities for Copperfield students in 2020. Student leadership and engagement opportunities with ABCN, VCAL community projects and mentoring and employability skills programs with WPC will be some of the areas where the money will be spent.

Thank you for getting behind this nomination and for your overwhelming support of our College.

Photo of Ms Chiodo with her parents, accepting the award at Westfield Airport West.

Ms Mary Chiodo

Campus Principal


A new generation is upholding the might of the Copperfield Robotics club. On 17 October, four teams from Sydenham and Kings Park competed in a competition at Dandenong High School, demonstrating their robotic prowess against teams from across Victoria. 

The year nine and ten teams from the two campuses both performed well, making it to the semifinals before bowing out in hard-fought games. The year seven Sydenham team ran into some technical difficulties but demonstrated great resilience and positivity. 

The day’s greatest success went to the Sydenham year eight team, consisting of Stephanie, Alana, and Talia. The girls finished second in the junior division final, before being awarded the Excellence Award for an outstanding all-round performance on the day and in the design, construction, and programming of their robot. This is the highest award given out at a VEX competition – an outstanding achievement for the team’s first competition! 

As a result of their award, the Sydenham year eights now join the Delahey team in having qualified for the National finals, which will be held in Adelaide this December. The other teams will have one more chance to secure themselves a spot at Nationals when they compete at the State final at Templestowe College on 9 November. Congratulations to all for their work through the season so far! 

End of the Year Music Concert

Watch out for the End of the Year Music Concert. You don't want to miss it!



Ms Sarah Gunn

Performing Arts Leader

Delahey Campus Principal Message

Hello Everyone,


Term 4 is off and running!  The hectic pace began in week one with the Year 11 VCAL CHASE Showcase where the students displayed and /or presented about their community projects done in their Personal Development Skills (PDS) classes.  It is called the CHASE Showcase because the students demonstrate the learning they have done in their PDS classes led by the Community Health Advancement Student Engagement (CHASE) mentors.  One group volunteered to help out at the local Food Bank, then decided to incorporate a food drive to make a donation and one of the group has continued to volunteer off his own bat.  This is a great example of the impact of the CHASE organisation.

We had the current year 10s who have chosen VCAL for next year at the presentations.  At the end they were fortunate to have access to a group of wonderful Year 12 VCAL students who were excellent ambassadors and gave them general advice about VCAL and explained things like the VCAL ‘subjects’, VET and Structured Workplace Learning. 

Year 12 Assembly and Celebration Day

We had a moving final assembly for the Year 12s and a joyful Celebration Day last week, where the students dressed up and were treated to a film made by a group of dedicated Year 12 students, the spectacle of the teachers attempting to do a zombie dance in formation and of course a sumptuous morning tea.

Awards Night

Awards Night was also held last week and was a great success with a very satisfying audience of happy families. We congratulate the students on their positive behaviour throughout and wish them all the best for their upcoming exams; of which English is the first on Wednesday October 30.

2020 Subject Selections

We are of course currently planning for 2020; we have decided what subjects are running based on students’ selections and for the most part have been able to accommodate students’ preferences.  A new thing we are planning for Delahey is how to best assist our students who were identified in Year 9 NAPLAN as reading below benchmark.  We are looking to continue as far as possible, the strategies that have proved so successful with our Year 9 and 10 Literacy Intervention program.

Year 11 VCE and VCAL

Year 11 VCE students are coming into sharper focus as they prepare for exams which commence on November 15.  Both VCE and VCAL students will have a very important week of transition starting on November 25 and similarly the Year 10 students on the following week, starting December 2.


Best wishes to our families as the end of year rush approaches,

Until next time,


Ms Pip Griffiths and Ms Snezana Veljanovski

Campus Principals

Delahey News

Community Project - Hang Out Zone

Another success for year 11 student Intisar , Janelle, Veni  and Micheal   on completing  their “Community Project”  at the Delahey community centre, Goldsmith Ave.

Students organised and planned a student “Hang Out Zone” where all students are able to use the facility before and after school to just hang out, study use the gym or play board games and ping pong.






Ms Sophia Ritchie
Education Support 

Celebration Day 2019

This year’s Halloween-themed Celebration Day commenced with staff and students arriving to school dressed in an array of clever costumes. An elaborate display of eerie animatronics, lights and other spooktacular decorations set the scene for the festivities. It was a fun event where students got to dance, enjoy food and take a few pics with their teachers as a way of unwinding before the commencement of exams. The teacher dance was a highlight and provided many laughs as staff stepped and shuffled to the best of their ability to provide a thriller of a performance.



Mr Andrew Price
Team Leader

Careers News

Sydenham Careers

Another round of year 10 students were out and about on Work Placement during the last week of Term 3 & 4.  Feedback from employers has been great; students have made valuable contributions to their work places.  Students also had a taste of the world of work, and a snapshot of life in their aspiring profession.

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage year 9’s to start thinking about ideas for possible work placement in 2020, as it’s your turn next year. It is an invaluable opportunity, and students learn and develop many skills through the experience.  Please see Jenny Zahra – Careers Advisor for further assistance.




Ms Jenny Zarah

Pathways Co-ordinator Sydenahm


This year government schools across Brimbank and Melton have been participating in the state-wide introduction of Head Start to students in Years 10 and 11. The program supports senior secondary students to enter into a part-time apprenticeship or traineeship whilst completing their VCAL certificate. A Head Start mentor, such as Maria Cox who is based at the school, supports the student, parent, employer and school to work together; ensuring successful completion of the apprenticeship in 3-4 years’ time.

Earlier this year our first Head Start apprenticeship, Jordan Fraser, signed up with his workplace learning employer: Westside Cabinets. Jordan demonstrated exceptional skill and a mature attitude in the workplace and was given the opportunity to work two days a week. Jordan is still required to meet the demands of Intermediate VCAL and completing theory and practical learning at Victoria Polytechnic. This is why the HeadStart program is a select entry program. Students must have school endorsement and a strong career interest to enter into HeadStart. They are also required to have the skills to meet the literacy and numeracy requirements of a Certificate III vocational study.

By the time this newsletter comes out a second Head Start student will have started work as a trainee Childcare worker in Melton. Her work and study will be combined and allow her to work additional days in 2020.

For more information about HeadStart contact



Ms Maria Cox
Headstart Mentor

Kings Park Campus Principal Message

From the Kings Park Campus

Goodbye & Hello

We are approaching the end of Year 10 students’ time at the junior campuses. We will be farewelling Year 10 KP students in an Assembly on Monday November 18th. Students will then be completing their exams at the Delahey campus before beginning the year 10-11 Transition week December 2-6.

Selected students from Year 10 will be participating in the WPC Boot Camp during the exam time. These students will be completing a 4 day Industry and Employment immersion. This is the 3rd year this program is being offered and we are pleased to welcome back previous year’s alumni to work with the group.

Whilst we say ‘goodbye’ to one cohort, we are preparing to welcome the Year 7 2020 students beginning with an Information Evening on Wednesday November 6th and concluding with the Year 6-7 Transition Day on Tuesday Dec 10.

Extra – curricular

During this term, we have also seen the completion of a number of ABCN programs. Year 8 students have been involved with mentors from CBA in the Innovate Program. They have been engaged in creative thinking and problem solving activities and the feedback from both students and mentors has been extremely positive.

Year 10 students have completed the Aspirations Program with mentors from Accenture. This program combines leadership and team building workshops to assist students to see the links between school and the world of work.

This year we have also taken advantage of the Interview to Impress Programs for a number of cohorts. All students who have participated have provided feedback highlighting the importance of developing knowledge and skills relating to interview skills and confidence in communication.

The Year 7 Poetry Incursion was once again a big success, with students incredibly engaged in the interactive performance. Year 7 students have also been participating in the Local Area Walks, a focus of their Humanities classes, to discover and appreciate the area in which they live. Speaking of Year 7s, we wish the Year 7 students attending the Year 7 Camp in mid – November a safe and enjoyable time.

Year 9 students who completed the Morrisby Profile in Term 3 had the opportunity to meet with a CEAV counsellor to discuss their profile. Follow up for students who missed the first session has been organised for later in the term.


End of year Music Concert

On Thursday, November 14th we will be holding our College celebration of the exceptional musical talent of our students. Tickets are available online for the performance at the Bowery Theatre.



School Uniform

A reminder that now is a good time to check on summer uniform items and to make sure that all students have all that they require. Parents and carers are encouraged to call the campus if financial assistance is required.

Changes to mobile phone use in 2020

In 2020, the Department of Education and Training will be requiring schools to adhere to its new mobile phone use policy. We are currently working through these new requirements to provide a smooth transition for students and staff for the beginning of the new school year.


Mr Renato Carinci and Ms Mary Chiodo

 Campus Principal


Kings Park News


As part of our continued relationship with ABCN  - a company that specialises in building relationships between the business and education communities – thirteen Year 10 students from the Kings Park campus recently visited the Nous Group in the CBD to be mentored in the ‘art’ of job interview techniques.  Designed to prepare students for the types of conversations they are likely encounter in an interview setting, the workshop also focussed upon developing confident body language and the skill of using words to build rapport. 

As our team of students approached the impressive and imposing façade of the Collins Street building where the workshop was taking place, they could have been forgiven for feeling a little nervous about what was to come.  This was perfectly understandable, given that each student had been learning English for only a short period of time.  As EAL (English as an Additional Language) students – all of whom were born overseas and some of whom had arrived in Australia during the last twelve months – this was a wonderful opportunity to practise their spoken English skills in a situation that they will soon experience ‘for real’ – particularly if they are already thinking about part-time jobs.

Shortly after getting out of the lift on the nineteenth floor and meeting with their enthusiastic mentors, it was clear that the workshop was going to be a success.  Any hint of nervousness was washed away as mentors and students got to know each other.  Later, after participating in a couple of mock interviews each, the students’ feedback clearly showed that they had benefited from the experience.  Comments ranged from “loved it” to “really helpful” to “awesome.”  The smiles on their faces in the photos also give a great  indication of how well the day went.

We are pleased that the students were able to have such a positive experience, and that they  represented the college so well.





Mr Rodney Strong




Kings Park Markerspace

Highlights from the last month in the KP makerspace:

  • The KP VEX team finished 8th of 25 teams at the Dandenong competition on the 16th OCT
  • Year 9 robotics students have started building their final projects with help from the Lego club. Later this term we will showcase their achievements to KP students
  • The Lego club is moving to the Delahey community center for January - Each Friday 9-12.


Year 10 Advance -Colour Run

On Friday September 20th a group of advance students hosted a colour explosion at Kings Park for their community project. Over a number of weeks the students put together a plan and collected equipment in order to host the event for the whole school. On the day of the colour explosion a number of students helped set up the course and get all of the colours ready. Each student paid $10 to participate, the total funds raised was over $1800 and all of the money was donated to our local community partners including Helping Hands, Love Me Love You and Caroline Chisolm. Overall the colour explosion was a huge success that all of the students enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Milica, Sky, Brodee, Nejla and Blessings 

Year 10 Advance students Kings Park 

Poetry comes to life at Copperfield College

On Tuesday the 8 October, the incredible team from Poetry in Action came to our school and performed a captivating 45 minute show jam packed with amazing poetry and inspiration. The show was hugely entertaining, engaging and relevant to our poetry unit we are learning at school. Everyone was hooked and immersed the whole time!

The performers Sophie, Rhianna and Govinda taught us a lot about poetry. We learnt about rhyme, theme, similes, metaphors and lots more. They made poetry seem easy and fun. Students were definitely taken on a wild and funny ride! Even the teachers were laughing! The bit where Rhianna was portraying Lady Gaga and Govinda portraying Eminem, was hilarious too! They had everyone bopping in their seat.

Immediately after the show, we had the opportunity to ask the performers questions, which they answered in detail.

Overall, it was an exciting adventure and we learnt so much more about poetry and what it could sound like. It has definitely empowered us as young writers. 



Chloe and Tiana 7L1

Sydenham Campus Principal Message

Term 4 

Upcoming events in term 4 include the Year 7 Camp, Year 9 &10 Exams and the Year 10 Formal. We will be running end of year activities and visiting Funfields, more information to follow. Our College Music Concert is gearing up and we are excited about the upcoming performances on November the 14th.

Year 10 Exams

A timetable of exams will be distributed shortly but please note all year 10 exams are at our Senior Campus at Delahey.

Building Works

We have begun renovations on our year 9&10 toilets and will be moving into the year 7&8 areas immediately afterwards. Any temporary inconvenience will be worthwhile for these much needed facilities improvements. 

We are finalising our plans for a new car park in 2020. This car park will include much needed staff car spaces and two buses will be able to move off the street for safer disembarkment for students.


Congratulations to our girl’s team (Stephanie, Alana and Mikayla) who qualified for the Australian Championships by winning an Excellence Award at the last Robotics Competition in October.

Brimbank Young Researchers

Congratulations to our Student Representative Council team of Makayla, Ravneet, Suela, Jastej and Chantelle who presented the findings of their project on ‘Prejudice’ to the Brimbank City Council Mayor Lucinda Congreve, Deputy Mayor Sam David, Counsellor Victoria Borg and interested guests in the Council Chambers on Tuesday October 22.


Mr Mark Nugent and Mr Lance Petherick
Campus Principals


Sydenham News

Local Area Walk

On the 21st of October, the first of year 7 classes, 7H3 and 7H4, along with Miss Barry, Miss Chung and Miss Causer, went on a walk to visit the local area, which was a part of our Term 4 Humanities unit. The local area walk was a good experience for our classes, as we were able to apply the knowledge we got from class to the observations we made on this excursion. It was beneficial so that we had insight into our local area and we could understand how liveable our area was and what strategies we could use to improve the areas we visited. While the data collecting was great, the highlight of the day was Watergardens. We enjoyed the stop as we got to eat till we burst, bond and laugh with friends.

Some sites that stood out were The Retarding Basin, used as a strategy to direct flood water, we were able to learn the history of why it was created, thanks to the guidance of Ms Barry, Ms Chung and Ms Causer. But, the bonus was rolling down the hills of the Retarding Basin, nature's very own playground. Another site that stood out was the old Sydenham Primary School, where my friends and I were discussing ideas of what we could use the space for, in order to make the area more liveable. The final stop, the playground unleashed our inner child. Despite the tiring walk, it was an enjoyable experience and wish all other year 7 classes still yet to attend, a wonderful experience.





Lauren  7H3.

SRC Report- Sydenham Campus

This year SRC students from Copperfield College Sydenham Campus participated in the Brimbank Young Researchers Program. The Brimbank Young Researchers Program is a program that has been developed by Brimbank Youth Services and Swinburne University of Technology, which aims to teach Secondary school students how to become “Young Researchers”. Students are supported and guided by an academic from Swinburne University to carry out a student-led qualitative project in their own school, which follows the standards and protocols of ethical qualitative research.

By participating in this program, the students learnt about generating evidences to answer a research question, communication skill, self-efficacy and improved community and school belonging. The SRC Students chose “Prejudice in our College community” as their topic of research.

The SRC students have attended four half-day workshops at Brimbank City Council Youth Services where they learnt the fundamental of ethical qualitative research. The Students carried out a qualitative project on Prejudice at Copperfield College and did an excellent presentation on their findings to the Brimbank City Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors, Principals, teachers and students of various Secondary schools on 22nd October in the Brimbank City Council Chambers.

Brimbank Young Researchers Program is one of the programs taken by SRC this year to enhance a sense of school and community belonging, confidence to make a positive difference in their community, leadership skills and a general satisfaction with the initiatives taken by the SRC team.                     


The SRC Team



Mr Shan Mugam

SRC Teacher

Victorian Preimiers' Reading Challenge (VPRC)
Pizza Party Celebration

On Thursday the 17 October around 40 students and staff attended the Challenge Pizza Party in the Sydenham Library. Students enjoyed pizza and drinks and were able to choose two books each as prizes.

Reading Champion badges were awarded to a teacher and student from each year level. Ms Pamela Barbara  was the winner of the Teacher Award, not only did she read the 15 required books herself, she also encouraged 9 students in her class, 7H3 to finish the Challenge. Student Challenge Champions were recognised for their continued reading and effort to complete the Challenge. This year’s student Challenge Champions were Alanna 7H3. Aleksandar 8H2, Sachleen 9B1 and Ameer XK1.  Major prizes of Watergardens vouchers were also drawn at the party and Aisha 8E5, Selin XK2 and Alanna 7H3 were the lucky winners!

The Challenge will begin again in early 2020, so all students will be invited to join in then.

Ms Sally Jeffrey and Ms Donna James

B and K Team News

We are approaching the end of the year and what a busy time it is. Shortly our Year 10 students will be making the very important transition to our Delahey Campus. Also, our current Year 9 students have just completed their elective choices for 2020.

We are approaching the time of year when teachers are beginning to write their end-of-year reports and will be expecting any overdue Common Assessment Tasks (CATS) and other work. Please ensure that all work is submitted in time for reports to be written and remember that reports will be finalised before Week 10.

Currently our students should be preparing for exams. Students have participated in “Elevate and Educate” sessions with the focus on how to exam preparation and study techniques. We realise that students may feel stresses around this time. Here is a link with information and strategies to help you support your child:

Please note the VCE and year 10 exams will be held at Delahey.

The year 10 students will soon be leaving the Sydenham campus. To celebrate their time with us, we will be having a year 10 formal. It will be held on Thursday the 28th of November. Tickets are on sale now.

The year 9 students will be taking part in the Step – Up program. This program gives the students a chance to experience classes that they will be taking at Copperfield College next year. Immediately after Step – Up, students will be taking part in the End of Year Activities.

I would like to thank all students, parents and caregivers who have supported the college in the Uniform and Lateness policies. It is very important that students are wearing the correct uniform and are attending school on time.


Brimbank Youth Leadership Program

It was an honour that 6 Copperfield College students participated in the Brimbank Youth Leadership program. This involves our students working with other young leaders, the Brimbank council and the Youth Justice department. The goal was to make our community safer. After the program students were rewarded with a day trip to Sydney and a visit to the Opera House. Congratulations to Erin, Chanade, Mohammad, Pallavi , Abuk and Christina.



Ms Karen Martin

Year 9 and 10 Campus Leader

Well Being

Healthy Living Apps


Ambulance Membership


College Notices


Delahey : 9307 5559

Kings Park : 9365 4901

Sydenham : 9361 3891

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