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20 September 2019
Issue 35

Working Together, Learning Together

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Dates to Remember

Monday, 7 October
Start of Term 4


Friday, 11 October
Eastern Metro Athletics Competition, Knox Athletics Track


Thursday, 17 October
Year 7 & 10 Immunisations

Friday, 18 October

Year 12 Formal and Celebration Day






Principal's Report

Women in School Leadership Pilot Program (WISL)

Leading Schools for Social Change 


The Women in School Leadership Pilot Program (WISL) has been developed as part of Victoria’s India Strategy: Our Shared Future and is an initiative enhancing engagement between Victorian and Indian schools and their communities. 

The WISL Program has been developed by the Department of Education and Training, International Education Division in partnership with Asia Education Foundation and the Australia India Institute at The University of Melbourne.  I was fortunate to be selected to be a part of this program and as you are reading this, I am actually in Delhi, India.  The program overlaps with the Victorian Young Leaders to India program and I am fortunate to have touched base with our students and Ms Sayer in Delhi.

The WISL Program is a bilateral exchange. In May 2020, Doncaster will host the Principal of a school in Delhi.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with you in upcoming newsletters.


Éva McMaster




Assistant Principals' Report


Call for Parent and Alumni Support

In Term 4 our Year 8’s will have the opportunity to participate in a Careers unit in Discovery. As part of this unit, we are looking for parents from different occupations to participate in a panel presentation in Week 4 of Term 4. During the presentation, participants can share with students the main activities they do in their job, as well as the importance of developing employability skills during school and how they are used in the workplace.

Employers often look for skills that go beyond qualifications and experience. These are employability skills. These are the skills that we develop and take with us from one life or work situation to another. They include:

  • Communication: Are you a good communicator? Are you able to listen and understand, speak clearly and directly and share information? Are you confident speaking with people face-to-face or over the phone and can you compose written works that are appropriate to your audience needs? 
  •  Teamwork: Can you work with other people? Can you work towards a team goal rather than personal glory?
  • Problem-solving: Can you find solutions when faced with difficulties or setbacks? If you can’t think of a solution immediately, do you have the capacity to develop a logical process for figuring things out? • Initiative and enterprise Can you think about the bigger picture, adapt to new situations, be creative and translate ideas into action?
  • Planning and organising: Are you able to organise yourself, plan project timelines and meet deadlines?
  • Self-management: Can you take responsibility for your actions and work independently? Are you able to stay on top of your own deadlines and delegate as appropriate to ensure tasks are completed?
  • Learning skills: Do you want to learn new things and are you able to pick them up quickly?
  • Technology: Do you have a range of IT skills, are you able to apply IT as a management tool and to organise data and are you willing to learn new IT skills? Parent/Carer Participation: Students should be encouraged to discuss skills and role-play activities with their parents/carers.

Prompt questions for students to ask during a field trip or industry visit can include:

  • What is the main activity that you do here? 
  • What jobs do people do? • What skills and qualities are required for these jobs?
  • What are the main tasks the staff do each day?
  • What skills and qualities are required for these tasks? 
  • What are the entry-level jobs in this industry? 
  • What formal qualifications/and or experience are required?
  • What are the best/worst things about working in this industry?
  • What hours does this business operate? • How do you think jobs will be affected in 5–10 years’ time? Why/why not

If you have any further questions or are interested in participating in this presentation please do not hesitate to contact me via email,

Glenn Morris

Assistant Principal

College Information

Our official DSC Facebook page


Do you need help using Compass? 

All parents, guardians, students and teachers within the Doncaster Secondary College have a personal secure online Compass account. Through this account parents and guardians have access to important information related to their child's schooling. Compass can be accessed via any computer or mobile phone that is connected to the Internet. Whilst most features of Compass are not difficult to understand, it can take some time to become familiar with the interface. The video tutorials in the attachment below have been designed to assist parents and guardians in familiarising themselves with the features of Compass.


Interact Club 2019 Trivia Night

Towards the end of term 3, the Interact Club ran a fun-packed night filled with games and activities with many prizes being won. These prizes were generously provided by 15 sponsors who held a huge role in the fundraising of the event and without them, could not make the night as great as it was. The event fundraised approximately $1500 which has been donated to the Run To RED charity, an organisation involved with fighting poverty around the world.

The Interact Club would like to thank everyone who attended and all the sponsors for their contribution to this community project. We raised around $1500!

DSC Interact Club

Around the College

Bird mural unveiling

On Tuesday, 17 October, Mr Morris helped to unveil the Bird Mural for students and staff to see. This term, the year 8s and year 11 VCAL students worked together to produce a Bird Mural, which is on display near the canteen.

Each year 8 student painted a bird onto a tile, which was then submitted to the VCAL students. There were over 250 tiles! Together, the VCAL students worked hard to place the tiles onto a Mural. Well done to everyone that contributed and a big thank you to Mr Sprigg and Mr Laansdale for their help in putting it all together. 

Chelsea Rohrlach
Marketing Communications Officer

House Basketball Competition

Greetings school community. The year 10 House Basketball Competition which has recently concluded has seen the participation of many year 10 students, in either joining a basketball team or being a spectator.

It has been an incredible term with six teams in the mix all lead by teachers within the school. The grand final saw Team Crane and Team Tennent face off for the House Cup with Team Tennent able to stand their ground and take the Cup with a seven-point lead. 

Well done to Justin Crane for organising the competition and giving up many of his lunchtimes to assist with the comp. The students and teachers both thoroughly enjoyed the competition and very much look forward to the next House Basketball Competition. 


Jonathan Tennent
Teacher of English and Humanities

Victorian Young Leaders to India

VYL to India

Four students, Isabella T. 9J, Dana B. 9F, Jessica J. 9G, and Amy R. 9G have embarked with Ms Sayer on their trip to India. They will be spending three weeks in total journeying through India. Below are some recounts of their experiences thus far.

Day 6: Springdales School and temple visit

Day 6 of The Victorian Young Leaders Program kicked off at 6:30. We began our jam-packed day with the beyond amazing buffet breakfast, followed by a brief on what the day ahead’s expectations would be. Our first bus ride took us 20 minutes to get to Springdales for our second day attending school, although not much of the day was spent on campus. We were given a little time while in the school’s conference room to reflect on our experience so far and the way we are feeling. We then gathered downstairs to watch a short film. The film was in Danish but had a strong message. It was about honesty, resilience, and a boy owning up to his mistakes. Then we went to Chattarpur Farms in South Delhi and met Mrs Rajni Kumar. Mrs Kumar is 96 years old and still helps to educate many children and adults across India. She came to India in 1946, following love, and founded Springdales School. She spoke to us about the importance of education and literacy. She believes the world is a family and encouraged us to create positive change in the world. She was very wise, and we all felt very grateful to meet her today. She inspired us all to be the best version of ourselves. Mrs Kumar’s grandson showed us around her beautiful farm. There were many animals and gardens. Tonight we travelled Akshardham, a Hindu temple. We had to go through very strict security before entering the grounds. The temple was beautiful. We had to take our shoes off to go inside. The temple is 43 meters high and is made from 300,000 hand-carved stones. We ate dinner at the temple canteen. We were able to choose our own meals from the menu, which included a wide variety of Indian cuisines from all over India. 

We are grateful to have the most wonderful guide, Manoj. He has been so generous, kind, patient and accommodating. He has created a wonderful sense of camaraderie among the group, and has gone out of his way to ensure we have had the best experience in India… and it’s only day 6! Isabella T. 9J

Day 10: Springdales School Assembly and travel to Jaipur

Today we woke up bright and early to get on the Springdale’s school bus by 8:00 am. When we arrived at school we had time to rehearse and get ready for the assembly in honour of Minister James Merlino and his delegation. We all had a blast performing, half the group sung a song called Hum Honge Kamyaab/ We Shall Overcome and the other half performed a Bollywood dance. It was such an experience embracing the Indian culture with our costumes and makeup and we all loved being up on stage with our Indian peers. 

It was such a pleasure to be able to meet the Minister of Education and we are all looking forward to debriefing with the Minster when we get back. We want to tell him about everything that we have learned! Without Minister James Merlino this trip wouldn’t have been possible and we are all so grateful for this amazing opportunity! 

After the assembly, we said goodbye to our buddies for the week and we said goodbye to Dr Ameeta Wattal, the Principal of Springdales. When we return from Jaipur she will be in Finland. Her warm and caring nature is passed onto her staff and students and we all felt warmly welcomed from the start. She is an incredible principal who has created a school full of kind students and teachers who want to create a better world.  Following the assembly, we set off to Jaipur! We travelled for roughly 6 hours with breaks to have drinks and snacks.

Once we arrived at Jaipur we stopped off for dinner at the Green Pigeon restaurant and not only were we served amazing food (especially butter chicken) but we loved joining in and dancing with the Bollywood dancers!

We were warmly welcomed at our new hotel in Jaipur, I think we’re all going to enjoy staying at the new hotel as it used to be a palace for the royals and has a lot of character. Overall today was such a great day and definitely an experience we will never forget!

Amy R. 9G


Basketball Training

Hoop Science Student Athlete Program

Hoop Science was founded on a vision to create pathways for basketball students transitioning from secondary school to their initial post-secondary destination, combining basketball skill development with exercise science. Through the Basketball Academy, students will have the option to go to the Australian Institute of Sport, Tafe or a University which may offer financial support to elite athletes, helping them gain a tertiary education whilst pursuing their chosen sport.                                                     

Kareem Drayton, Certified Skills Trainer / Program Director
Kareem has built a basketball program around the advanced teaching as offered with NBA superstars and NCAA college players. Teaching all players of the game, Kareem is passionate about upskilling players with a variety of skills from shooting, footwork, IQ, defence, to ball handling. 


Matt Majka, Exercise Physiologist / Plyometrics Director
Matt is a movement specialist with over 10 years of experience. He has designed a unique plyometrics program that incorporates strength and conditioning aspects to improve explosive muscular power. His training system focuses on fast, powerful movements to improve the functions of the nervous and muscular system. 

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Hoop Science has just launched a weekly Athletic Performance x Skills Training program for Doncaster Secondary College students. Due to popular demand, the Hoop Science team kicked off their high-intensity program yesterday, Thursday, 19 September. This program will run for 1.5 hours on a weekly basis in Term 4 on Thursdays at 7:00 am, just before school starts.  With a scientifically proven program, students will learn more about foundational movements that will help them transform into the complete athlete.

Foundational movements include:
·      balance and stability
·      core activation
·      tumbling
·      safe running
·      jumping
·      landing techniques.

Designed for serious athletes:
Hoop Science combines sports science and skill development to help student-athletes further develop their skills, as they work on a variety of athletic components:

  • speed
  •  agility
  • vertical
  • core
  • flexibility
  • ambidexterity
  • hand speed
  • footwork.

The program is designed for student-athletes aged between 12 to 18 years, who are committed to a career in sports or fitness.

Each session is structured in a format that every athlete can handle; regardless of age, skill level or your chosen sport.

Book your spot!
Spots are limited, so book your spot for Term 4 quickly!
Day:              every Thursday (weekly)

Time:             7:00am (to 8:30am)

Location:       Doncaster Secondary College (in the Basketball Stadium)


Have a friend interested in sports and fitness?
Ask them to come along!? But remember, there is limited space!
Register your interest via

More information:
For more information, please email or call 0466 842 775.


Chelsea Rohrlach
Marketing Communications Officer

Middle School

Year 8 Werribee Zoo Excursion

On Wednesday, 11 September, a selection of year 8’s from 8A,8E,8G and 8K attended Werribee Zoo. I personally and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Some of the activities during the day included looking at various animals in their natural habitat, undertaking a scavenger hunt, going in a cage with the orange-bellied parrots and last, but not least going on a safari bus tour.

The highlight of the day would have to be the safari bus tour, as this was an opportunity to see the animals up close and see how they behave in their natural environments. I definitely recommend going to the Werribee Zoo as I learnt so many facts about grassland animals in general, and how they help humans and our ecosystem to survive.

Betty Z. 8G

Year 8 STEAM

Last week on Wednesday, 11 September, the year 8F class presented Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths (STEAM) projects in their groups to the rest of the class. Their aim was to make a Rube Goldberg inspired chain reaction machine to pop a balloon. Each group had to invent a machine with at least 8 stages resulting in the balloon popping and only one contact of human touch to start the machine. We were extremely impressed with each group's creativity and problem solving. Well done!

Sousanna Katiforis
Science Teacher


Year 9 Romeo & Juliet Incursion

On Friday, 30 August, the Year 9 cohort attended an incursion in the Performance Centre. As we are studying Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the event was a production of this play, portrayed and performed by three actors from Complete Works Theatre Company (CWTC). Four students from the Year 9 English SEAL class (Elina Jayamanna, Kelly Ng, Keiana Thai and Noah Freitas) were selected to assist these actors for the first scene in the production - the fight scene. We were required to meet the actors before school to have a run-through on stage and to go through our scripts. We all really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this play, as it was great to do something out of our comfort zone. Throughout the short amount of time, the professional actors assisted us in portraying our characters, for example, how to be in character, and how to display mockery and aggression between the rival families. It was a lot of fun to meet the talented actors who produced such a well-rehearsed and comedic play with only 3 people. We are sincerely grateful to have worked alongside these fantastic actors and would like to thank CWTC and all the teachers for organising this event. We are sure the Year 9 cohort enjoyed it as much as we did.

Elina J., Kelly N., Keiana T. 9E

Year 7 Humanities

This term, year 7s have been learning about Ancient Egypt in History, focusing on the social structure, the architecture and their different way of life. Year 7E put their knowledge to the test by following the mummification steps to mummify a classmate (pretend of course). Each group successfully completed each of the mummification steps in the correct order and created necessary resources including canopic jars.


Courtney Taylor
Humanities Teacher

Year 9 Myself Program

MyBake Celebration Lunch

On Wednesday, 4 September, the Year 9 MyBake class had their celebration day for the term. Each group contributed a different food item to the table. 

MyFuture: Doncaster Police Station Excursion

On Wednesday, 11 September, Ms Chiuchiarelli’s MyFuture class went on a day’s excursion to the Doncaster Police station. The students of that class were able to plan and organise this excursion and chose the police station because it is a possible career option for some people.


When they got to the station, they were met by one of the constables from the station, and they got taken up to a room upstairs where they talked about the work that policemen and women do on a day to day basis. She explained to them what policemen and women are allowed to and not allowed to do. They got to have a look at the belt that the police force wears, as well as their bullet vest.


While they were listening to the constable talking, the station sergeant came walking into the room and started talking to the students. One student stood out, Joshua Groenewald. Josh stood out by answering the sergeant’s questions and had a conversation with him. Josh told him what school they’re from, as well as what subject they are doing, and what the purpose is for their visit to the station. The sergeant was impressed by Josh and shook his hand.


After a while of a bit more talking, the constable took the kids back downstairs and went outside to the police van. The students got to look inside the van, and see what technology is used. They also got to see and sit inside the area where criminals would be transported in.


While it may have seemed that most students were getting bored during the presentation, some students took something from the excursion that could help them for their future.

Joshua G. 9A

Senior School

Joanna Lin cleans up in AFL awards

A huge congratulations to Joanna Lin (12G) for efforts in her football this year, which has been recognised at a variety of award celebrations. Joanna, who played in the Under 18’s Bullen Templestowe Girls team, received the following accolades:

  • Named in the Under 18 NAB AFL Women’s Under 18’s Team of the Year
  • Finished in the Top 5 for NAB AFL Women’s Under 18’s League Best and Fairest
  • Named in the YJFL (Yarra Junior Football League) Team of the Year
  • Best and Fairest Winner for the Women’s Under 18 Bullen Templestowe team

Year 12 Pancake Breakfast

On Tuesday 17th September we celebrated as a cohort the end of Term 3 – and therefore for most students, the end of SACs! A big thank you to Britt, Abbey, Keishan and Ainsley who did a lot of work to prepare and help at the breakfast. I wish all the Year 12’s a safe, productive but balanced break and I look forward to working with them with their last few weeks of school.


Elly Stewart 
Year 12 Coordinator

Year 12 Pyjama Day

Student photographer - Selina C. 12H


VCAL Nightclub Excursion

On the 19th of August, the senior school VCAL class had an excursion to two business venues, Ms Collins and the Harp of Erin Hotel. Along with Mr Hore and Miss Stewart we had a tour around the venues and got to learn how each of the successful establishments works and make a profit.

As you read this you may be wondering what this business actually is! Ms Collins is a Nightclub. Mr Hore and I organised a trip to this venue by messaging the management and explained that is was numeracy. project we have been working on over the last few weeks. The Harp of Erin Hotel is another venue we visited although the two where different they both should us valuable lessons on what it takes to run your own business


The nightclub project is one that involves designing our own club and researching the cost of running a successful business. Through this project, we are seeing what some of us may need to do in our futures to open up our own business as we work our ways up in the industries we choose to follow.
Philipp K. 12

Sacred Heart Mission

Where  “Everyone is welcome at their table” 

A community Engagement Project by VCAL students

Continuing on from the Homeless project, in Personal Skill Development Where Senior VCAL students held a sausage sizzle to raise awareness and funds for the homeless in the second term. Students in third  term have been  involved in a community engagement project, which involved year 11 and 12 VCAL students , who volunteered their services to the Sacred Heart Mission which is a not for profit  organisation, who every day of the year welcome adults of all ages and backgrounds who experience homelessness, disadvantage and social exclusion to a meal, care and support.

This project fitted well with the purpose of the Personal Development Skills program’s purpose, which is to develop knowledge, skills and attributes that lead towards

  • the development of self
  • social responsibility
  • building community
  • civic and civil responsibility (ie through volunteering and working for the benefit of others)
  • improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • valuing civic participation in a democratic society

The students over a four-week period attended The Sacred Heart Mission, where the students prepared meals, served and engaged the clients, packed up, cleared and cleaned up at the end of the day. This project gave the students insights into a community who experience disadvantage in many ways, who come together to share a meal, experience social interaction and receive any other support from the professionals and volunteers involved with the mission.

The students found this experience extremely rewarding and will be able to learn many skills, which will put them in good stead for any future community projects they involve themselves in.


Donna McKinlay
Education Inclusion Officer

Year 11 VCAL Integrated Project

During Term 3, the year 11 VCAL mainstream class have been working on an Integrated Project, the purpose of was to enhance the environment of the school, which would also provide a calming wellbeing space that the school community could utilize. The class chose a wall of the senior school which was considered dull to look at. It was also thought to be a good idea to brighten up this wall, as it is a major thoroughfare for students and staff on their way to exams.

Many skills were required to create and complete this project, Teamwork, leadership, budgeting creativity and project managing. Making sure that the image of what they were creating was made to scale met all the specifications. The students have worked extremely hard and had to work around various weather conditions.

A pixilated Mario game was chosen to brighten up the wall, as it was considered that Mario is an icon that all are familiar with, which would create an opportunity for engagement with peers and staff, and hopefully foster a happy calming atmosphere.

Gracen  P. 11V

International Students

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival(中秋节) is a harvest festival celebrated by the peoples of East Asia and Southeast Asia, including the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese people. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night, corresponding to mid-September to early October of the Gregorian calendar with a full moon at night. Mooncakes, a rich pastry typically filled with sweet-bean or lotus-seed paste, are traditionally eaten during the festival. The festival was a time to enjoy the successful reaping of rice and wheat with food offerings made in honour of the moon. Today, it is still an occasion for outdoor reunions among friends and relatives to eat mooncakes and watch the moon, a symbol of harmony and unity. 

We bought mooncakes for all our international students to celebrate. One of our talented international students gave us a hand-made card for celebrating the festival. We would like to make the overseas students feel supported and belonged in school. In the meantime, we would like to share the traditional Asian culture school-wide, wishing all staff and students can enjoy the festival atmosphere.


Heidi LUO
International Student Program Assistant

Multicultural Meet a Lifeguard

With the main purpose of educating students about water safety, a seminar called ‘Multicultural Meet a Lifeguard’ was delivered to middle school international students on the 4th of September. It was quite an informative session, however, the instructor presented the information in an interesting and engaging way that all students were absorbed. Beyond the session, the students were also surprised to learn that the instructor, whose English is as good as Australian native, only came to the country 8 years ago. The instructor shared his experience with the students that when he first came to Australia, he barely spoke English, and using English to communicate with his friends is what had really helped him in learning the language.

International Student Program Multicultural Aide


I learnt a lot about water safety, the teacher also showed us how to help others when they are in danger. This class makes us better understand how to protect ourselves and others in our life.
John Z. 9K


It was a great experience, I now know some new information about Australian beaches and their rules that I did not know before. I think it was good and useful too because when I go to the beach, I know what should I do and how I can keep safe.
Kiarash L. 8L


In the seminar, we learned about the dangers and things to watch out at the beach. The speech was very interesting and I learned a lot of knowledge, I am very glad to participate in it.

Frank W. 8L

Annual Art Exhibition

Recently we had our Annual Art Exhibition. Some of our wonderful international students were keen to “show off” their excellent artworks. As some of our international students are not able to communicate effectively in English yet, art is a fantastic outlet for them. Art is a universal language and through art, they can express themselves to the whole school community. Linh UONG, from Vietnam, is one of these international students who participated in this wonderful Exhibition and showcased her artwork with pride and sense of belonging. 


Director of International Student Program

Ski Camp Reflection

The best part of ski camp was obviously the activity itself. The teachers and instructors were really understanding and didn’t force us to ski if we were tired, instead of after lessons (Which were thirty minutes long) we got free time to either rest in A-Bom or to free ski in safe areas. I had only gone to two areas, Bourke Street and Mercedes.

At the lodge we were also given time to rest, my recommendation would be to bring painkillers or patches for sore muscles if you plan to ski a lot. Also in the free time make sure you at least have one other person to ski with you, just to stay safe.

Finally, skiing will no doubt be difficult for beginners and your shins will burn but, it is very convenient for getting around the mountain quickly. Just bring a face mask, tight hair tie, moisturiser, sunblock and lip balm. The wind is cold and could “burn” your face so to avoid having your mouth and face in pain just keep applying. You won’t regret taking this advice.

Kit Yun HOH 10H

Year 10 International Student works as a Library Assistant

Year 10 international student, Franchesca, enjoys her role as a Library Assistant. Below she reflects on some of the highlights so far.

What do you enjoy the most of this job?

The job I have taken was not completely easy. Books were heavy. Books were dusty. And most of all, there were so many of them to reorganise - returned books were exhausting, but the uncountable number of books haphazardly lying on the shelf was... sometimes 'provoking'. However, whenever I looked upon the neatly arranged books in a row, I felt a sense of fulfilment and a sense of perfection. I felt as if my mind was also being reorganised - taking in the good, taking out the bad.  Although working in the library might seem trivial and insignificant, it does require a good amount of responsibility, and there is a number of valuable lessons one wouldn't otherwise obtain throughout one's lifetime. Despite some hardships, being a member of the school library gave me unforgettable moral lessons and memories. I would like to take this chance to express my thanks to all school librarians for giving me endless support and valuable life lessons.


Year 10 Italian Horoscopes

Natasha M. 10K


Dylan C. 10A


Holly M. 10H

Italian Film Festival 2019


Year 8 Chinese Museum Excursion

On the 4th of September, Y8 Mandarin class went to the Chinese Museum in Chinatown. It was a great experience for all of us to learn about Chinese Australian history. It was an efficient, realistic way to study instead of doing textbook work. The booklet that Ms.Jing made for us was really interesting as well. It guided us to think about the key ideas that we have to learn in each section. In the museum, there were sections about Chinese settlement, Han Dynasty, Goldrush, Chinese tombs and a Chinese dragon. My favourite part in this museum was the Han Dynasty section, it was attractive and interesting to learn. After the museum excursion, we went to the Kung Fu workshop nearby. The sense behind Wing Chun is an artistic conception of 'Zen'. I was amazed by the philosophy behind Wing Chun. 
Cindy L. 8F

There were a lot of ancient exhibits in the museum but one of the things that really attracted me was Confucius’ quote “learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is dangerous”. This means that if you learn without thinking, you are just wasting your time and there is no point of learning. If you’re thinking without learning, it is meaningless because you have no knowledge about it. This learning skill is reflected in DSC when students review and reflect by the end of a lesson to recall and think about what we just learned in class. I believe that all students enjoyed and learned something from this excursion as we did not only do book work but also physical activity such as 'Kung Fu'. I would say that this was one of the reasons which made the excursion very fun, yet educational.
Berry E. 8F



The excursion to the Chinese Museum was a wonderful, educational and fun experience which I had the opportunity to share with my peers. We learnt an abundance of facts and knowledge that has helped us to understand the history of China. We looked at exhibits of the Han Dynasty and the migration of the Chinese people to Australia for reasons such as the Goldrush and for job opportunities.  We also explored a Chinese mythical creature, the Chinese dragon.  We learnt about Kung Fu by experiencing how to do it.  This was a lot of fun and something we can practice in our personal lives if we are ever in danger.
Stevaan A. 8G


On the 4th of September 2019, I went to the Chinese museum in the city, as well as the Kung Fu workshop. I learned a lot from the Chinese museum, such as the 12 inventions of the Han Dynasty. I also got to learn some self-defence from the Kung Fu class. It was fun. I learned that Kung Fu is not for harming people, but it is for self- defence.
Hui J. 8F


Katrina Jing
Teacher of Mandarin and EAL

Short Stories

Short Story Competition Winners

Last fortnight our year 7 and 8 students' stories were shared and in this fortnight's newsletter, excerpts and stories from our year 9, 10 and 11 students' are shared below.


Year 9 – Angel W. 9J
The Wait for the Inevitable

I stand frozen at the front of the wide corridor that leads to my biggest fear. My mum holds my hand tightly as she urges me to walk forward, each step building more and more tension throughout my body. The candles on the walls flicker in the darkness as I continue walking until I finally make myself look. I peer down at my Nonno’s aged pale hand lying still inside my own from the glossy black casket. His body, now a lifeless coat of humanness lies inside. I try my best to focus on this feeling, as I know I will not get to hold onto it much longer. I take this time to go through the memories of our time together to distract myself from this painful reality for a moment. Each memory plays one after the other like a slideshow in my mind.
Read the rest of Angel's story in the attachment below.


Year 9 SEAL – Zoe T. 9E

In one week, an asteroid is going to wipe humanity from existence. I have one more week as Sean Diaz until it’s all done. I’ve lived all twenty-one years of my life like I’m floating, re-watching the same lonely day's loop over and over again, and time is running out for change.
Read the rest of Zoe's story in the attachment below.

Year 9 EAL – Helia M. 9D

Love and Royalty

I finally got her after all those months of hard work, she is in my hands. She is so calm and doesn’t even try to do anything anymore. There are things making her absolutely different from the others I’ve ever caught. I notice something, the scars all over her body on her back, her face, her

arms and even on her legs.

Read the rest of Helia's story in the attachment below.


Year 11 – Jackson L. 11D

The Wait for the Inevitable

“Promise me. Promise me you will always Hold me, and you will never let go.”
“I promise.”

33 years later

Augustus Booth sits alone again for the 32nd year in a row. Eating his dinner. White potato poisoned with brown gravy. He moves his spoon into his food and moves it to his dry, ghost-white lips and munches his life away. Augustus Booth is in his 40s. He has brown hair on the ends of his ears and nothing more. His stomach sticks out and almost touches the brown table with an old, dirty maroon cloth on it. His feet are small. As always, he wears his brown, cheap suit, with a coffee white shirt. The shoes he wears are as dull as his house. Brown and sad. As Augustus finishes his meal, he looks up the cobb webbed roof of his house, and a worried look gets glued to his lonely face.
Read the rest of Jackson's story in the attachment below.


Our Alumni Community

Spotlight on former DSC student Monte Gaffney - Class of 2017

2017 graduate Monte started his degree, a Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Commerce degree at La Trobe University, in 2019, after taking a gap year in Manchester, England. During his time overseas he travelled extensively around England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Germany. 

Monte was highly involved within the music program during his time at Doncaster Secondary College, playing in the school Stage Band and 'Quarter Life', a band comprised of fellow DSC students. His fondest memories of the school being the "music tours and school productions". This year, Monte has been returning to the school to help out his brother and other Unit 3/4 Music Performance students by being their bass player. Some of the photos below show Monte performing with the DSC VCE students at their music Soiree in September. 

He discussed how important it is to aim as high as possible, but also to remember to have fun and utilise your young adulthood to have new experiences and create memories. As Monte said, "if you work hard, the possibilities are endless".


Annabel Carr
Alumni Coordinator



Careers News

Dates to Diarise

Year 12 VTAC timely applications

due September 30

VTAC SEAS and scholarship applications

due October 11

Box Hill Institute's Design School

On Friday, 13 September, four academic representatives from Box Hill Institute’s Design School provided a group of students with valuable information and inspiration. Presenting information on the Diploma of Visual Merchandising, the Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and the Bachelor of Fashion Merchandising, students were able to hear of the many opportunities available to develop practical skills and connect with employers in creative industries through these types of courses. In addition, students learnt about the requirements for application, developing suitable portfolios and managing the interview process.

Our thanks to the Box Hill Institute staff, particularly Odile Higgins (Head of Design), for their time and expertise in coming to support our Year 12 students.


Vanessa Ramsay
Career Development Coordinator

Latest DSC Career News

  • Dates to Diarise in Term 4
  • Reminder: VTAC 2020 Upcoming Key Dates
  • ACAP: Psychology and Criminology Experience Sessions
  • Career as an Illustrator
  • Career as an Architect
  • University of Sydney: Academic Excellence Scheme
  • Career in Carpentry & Cabinet Making
  • William Angliss School Holiday Programs
  • Public Health Degrees in Victoria



How to get through a bad day!

Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist, has released a new book ‘Your Best Life at Any Age’. Here is some of his wisdom on how to get through a bad day:

They don’t happen often but they do happen. Days that are so awful we want them over as soon as possible. Everyone has them- lousy, rotten, dreadful days when absolutely nothing goes right. The dark clouds of negativity surround us. We feel flat or angry or agitated. Everything we try to do to improve our feelings backfires and it feels like life is ‘going to hell in a handbasket.’ These are days that are ended as quickly as possible. Everyone has had days when they have thought the best thing they could do is to go to bed and finish the day so that a new one can begin. But what if it is ten in the morning and it’s just too damn early to go back to bed? Let’s talk about some ways of getting through.

Read the document attached for the full article.



Does Australia's classification system suit your family's needs?

Classification of movies and games 2019. 


Australia's National Classification Scheme for movies, games and apps uses the classifications G, PG, MMA15+ and R18+


The Australian Council on Children and the Media has designed this survey to assess how helpful this classification system is to you, and whether it could be improved


This 9 question survey will not take too long to complete and we encourage all parents/caregivers input their answers.


Community News

Do you or a family member have a personal war story? 

Manningham Council is seeking personal war stories about any aspect of the war that you, a friend, family member or ancestor have experienced. Stories can be about any war or conflict in Australia and internationally.

Stories will be used to help educate the community about the human impact and experiences in war and honour the sacrifices of all people in conflicts across the world. Fitting stories will be featured at the Doncaster RSL through commemorative soundposts and promoted within our community.

Stories can be from a wide range of perspectives including:

  • A service person in the armed forces (solider, sailor, piolet etc.)
  • A nurse or doctor who served during a war
  • A person who migrated to Australia to escape war or conflict
  • A person who may have been detained during a war
  • Those who stayed at home when soldiers left for war
  • War love stories
  • Resistance fighters 
  • Those unofficially recognised in their service to the armed forces

How to submit your story

You can submit your story in any of the following ways:

  • Written story 
  • Video or voice recording
  • Through images
  • Other relevant documents 

Please email all stories by Monday 14 October 2019.




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