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25 May 2017
2017 Issue 7
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Principal's Address

Fidget Spinners


Over the past few weeks much has been written about the current craze that is sweeping the world, the fidget spinner.


In recent days, I have listened to stories of arguments in the school yard over fidget spinners and noted students not doing work because they are distracted by the spinners. In an article on, I noted that the President of the South Australian Primary Principals’ Association suggest that the devices are doing the opposite of what they were designed for. Elsewhere in the article an occupational therapist, Sandra Mortimer, said there was “nothing as yet to support this tool as a learning tool”. As they fill our classrooms, questions have been asked and issues presented. Are they good for children or just a distraction? Should we ban them from the classroom?


In this article, I want to take a slightly different approach. As a Christian school, we have the responsibility to teach our children how to engage in and with culture with a biblical lens. One mechanism to achieve this is through what we call a Creation-Fall-Redemption framework. What follows is a simple application of this model to fidget spinners.


In Genesis 1:26-28, we get the mandate to rule over or more aptly, care for the earth and everything in it. This can be known as the "cultural mandate". To positively do this as image bearers of God, we are to be creative, finding ways to develop systems, practices, tools and processes to care for God’s creation - the creation that we are a part of (Psalms 24:1). Fidget spinners have been described as a sensory device designed to help children with their anxiety and engagement in the classroom. This is a wonderful outworking of the cultural mandate. Yet there are, of course, many sensory devices that can be utilised.


It is clear, as described in the Scriptures, that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). As people, we can act selfishly rather than love. We can corrupt what was intended for good. We can covet what other people have, rather than appreciate what we are blessed with. However, it may be that fidget spinners can be illustrative of a deeper issue, one related to consumerism and gratification. In an article by an Occupational Therapist I noted the following:


With the invention of the spinner fidgets, we take their brains to the next level of instant gratification. Moreover, again and again, we buy our children what they want, the moment they want it, without thinking if it is truly what they need. Now, they bring the spinners into the classroom; continuing to stimulate their brains all day long with high levels of spinning stimulation. The more they stimulate their brains, the more they will crave it, the less delayed gratification they will have, the less emotionally available for learning they will be.

(The Article)


As people who follow Christ, how are we to respond in this life? The Christian faith is more than a message. It is a life to be lived in community and before our wonderful gracious loving God. Jesus challenged people to act to love their neighbours and to live according to the Kingdom of God. He also suggested that we take up the cross and follow him (Luke 9:23).


So what is a Christian response? I would say that should our children have issues of anxiety or a diagnosis that suggests they may struggle to concentrate in the classroom, then health care professionals and/or the learning support coordinators and teachers in the College can often recommend ways to assist. Yet it also might be that we look elsewhere. For example, in an article, one person suggested in the days before these devices, people used to spin pens on their fingers or even roll coins across their knuckles. A bigger and more complex issue is how  we respond as adults when our children say they are bored, or when they need the latest “something”. We should be careful and considerate.I f we look to gratify, then we may miss a great opportunity to assist them in problem-solving and finding ways to live thankfully with what they currently have.


May the Lord work in us as adults as we look to raise our wonderful children to know what it is to live in God’s world.




Christopher Prior





Vale Ken Martin, friend and colleague, 1947-2017

Ken Martin, known to many of us as a teacher at Bayside Christian College and Board member, passed away on 11 May. The Thanksgiving Service for his life took place last Friday at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Camberwell.  Rev. Ken Martin 1947-2017.


A word from Peter Stevens (former College Principal)


I knew Ken when he was on the Board of Directors. Board meetings were all the more interesting because of Ken’s persistence to examine every detail of a contentious issue, quietly making sure that other Board members understood potential problems and outcomes, but above all, applying a Biblical perspective. Many times during a long meeting, I was sure he was sound asleep, but he always seemed able to awaken and join in the conversation as though he hadn’t missed a beat! As a member of the Finance Committee, Ken spent many hours helping parents in financial difficulty; quietly working through their situation with them and helping them to plan for their tuition fee commitments.  


Later, Ken became a teacher in the Secondary School, focusing on Biblical Studies. Again, he was thorough in preparation and delivery of lessons, and drew on his pastoral and missionary experience to teach the Word of God with practical application. If he needed help with classroom management issues Ken was not too proud to ask. What colleagues and students will really remember though, was his ability to combine his self-admitted eccentricity with a genuine interest in how others were going in their life. 


Tutoring individuals in Latin during lunch time,  jogging around the oval during breaks, showing his sporting prowess in staff v student matches, and his kind word in season, these are the things I will remember about Ken Martin. 

From the Deputy's Desk


Education Week

This week is designated by the Victorian Government as Education Week. This year’s theme is "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body".

The overall goal of Education Week is to positively profile the strengths and achievements of Victoria’s education sector. The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body theme aligns to the Education State target of Happy, Healthy and Resilient Kids, which recognises that the healthy development of our students helps to drive the future prosperity of Victoria.


At Bayside, we recognise that God has created us all with gifts and talents, and for a purpose. To have a healthy mind and body is to be in alignment with God's plans for us. When we use what God has given us, it pleases him. On Tuesday, our Primary choir performed at Karingal Hub as part of the celebrations. This is a wonderful way to glorify God through the particular gift of song. We also have a display at the Hub that you might like to have a look when you do your shopping.


Primary Playground

Parents, please note that the Primary playground closes each day at 3:35pm. After this time there is no teacher on duty to supervise children for safety. At 3:35pm, the teacher on duty will announce that all children must go to their parent/ guardian who is there with them, and any children without an adult supervisor will be sent to the main office to await collection. After this time, it is solely the parent's/ guardian's responsibility to supervise their own child/ren on the playground. We thank you for your support to keep all children safe.


Car Park Reminder

Our car park can be very busy most afternoons, and it is vitally important to keep traffic moving. Particularly when it is wet and more parents come to collect children, the car park can become quite congested. The queue often extends out the gate and impedes the traffic flow on Robinsons Road. To this end, if you are waiting to access the collection/drop-off kerb in front of A block, please keep moving forward as far as possible before collecting your children. Cars must pull into the kerb or a car park. Children should never be collected by crossing between cars at the kerb and entering a car in the traffic flow.  In addition, there are a lot of cars now reverse parking in the main car park. This is extremely dangerous and is not permitted at any time.


What's in a Name?

Last week we had the Whole School Cross Country and it was a marvellous day with children from Prep to Year 12 running to represent their house and earn points for their teams. Of course, children get hot when running and jackets were taken off and hung over the fence or put aside while students ran. Needless to say, many jumpers, jackets and other items of clothing were left behind at the end of the day. Staff did their best to return lost property to the correct owners, but unfortunately, many items were not named. These are now in the lost property bins outside A block and F block. Please ensure all items that come to school are named as students (even Secondary) forget things, and they can be returned to rightful owners if named.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

House Cross Country - A day of encouragement!

Celebrating our house cross country day this year was one with a difference. Students were

encouraged to look around them at fellow peers and teachers, and to choose someone to encourage on the day, whether it be for team spirit, dress-up, coming alongside others or expertise. The students were able to express their encouragement on a decorative encouragement board which turned out to be one of the highlights of the day. 

Report Writing Day

Parents, please remember that next Friday 2 June is a student-free day at Bayside.

Primary News

Australian Scooter Titles

On Saturday 29 April, Bayside  student Charlie Stamp competed against 53 other riders in the 13 and Under Division at the Australasian Scooter Titles held at The Bunker Indoor Skate Park.

The event brought together the best riders from interstate and overseas who had qualified by competing in various competitions held since October 2016. Charlie had been dedicated to training in the months leading up to the comp and amazed the crowd and judges by being only the 2nd rider in his age group, in competition, to successfully land a particular trick. Charlie did an amazing job and was awarded 9th place. It was a fantastic achievement as he was one of the younger riders out of the 54 competing in that age group on the day.


Congratulations Charlie! 

Open day talent

In the Music room during Open Day we were wowed by the talent of some of our instrumental students at Bayside:

Isabelle Hooper, Bryce Hooper, Mary Turner, Charlotte Turner, Bailey Stubbs, Annabel McDonald, Heather Stubbs, Gabriella Fryers and Hannah Reed. These students did a great job of performing to passers-by, and for some of them it was their very first time performing. Well done boys and girls, you made us very proud!


David Mallen 

Music Teacher

Primary Choir performs at Karingal Hub

As part of Education Week, our Primary Choir went along to perform a few songs for shoppers and what an amazing job they did! 


Bayside also has an Education Week display all about our College at Karingal  - check it out!

House Cross Country

Last Monday 15 May, our school had a great day at our Whole School Cross Country.

The event was run by Mr Klan and Mr Pleiter and other teachers. It was one of the best Cross Country days this school has ever had. The day was organised so the whole school ran together, from Year 12 all the way down to Prep. And the day gave so many chances for students to step up in leadership and help out, from marshaling, to time keeping, to being a hare, to just being someone who cheered others on. There were even other students from Holmesglen TAFE helping out on the day, as well as teachers and parent volunteers, and Mr Prior even ran with us.

Cory Vass

There was so much encouragement over the whole day. People cheered each other on as they ran. Mr Klan set up an encouragement board on the oval, where you could write down an encouragement card for other people and pin it up.

There was also an opportunity to make headbands and other crafts in our house colours, which the Primary kids especially loved. Not only did the sun shine all day, but it was such a warm and friendly environment and everyone had a great time. Thank you to everyone who helped out on this day. Without Mr Klan, Mr Pleiter and all of the other teachers that helped out, this day wouldn't have turned out so well. So on behalf of the school, we would like to thank you guys for making this great school event a success. We are definitely excited for the next Cross Country as we run, cheer, encourage, help and have heaps of fun on the day.

Jasmine Gleed

District Cross Country

On Friday 19 May, 75 students from Bayside ran in the Primary District Cross Country. It was a big competition for those students involved.

With 11 other schools and roughly 120 competitors in each age group, it was easy to see why students were a little nervous before their race. A big congratulations to all those who ran the grueling course. You should be very proud of yourselves! From a spectators point of view, the last 200m of each event was always exciting to watch, particularly as the big crowd cheered everyone on. Although clearly fatigued, competitors would receive a burst of adrenaline as they heard the roar of the crowd. It was such a great atmosphere for all involved. A special mention to Hayden Chester (2nd), Matisse Spark (5th), Isabella Gleed (8th), Anya Stapp (9th), Jack Matheson (3rd), Jarrett Richardson (4th), Isaac Lomulder (3rd), and Jordan Lock (5th) who have all qualified for the Peninsula Division Cross Country. This event will be held at Hastings Foreshore on Wednesday 7 June.

National Simultaneous Story-time

Our Prep-Year 2 classes celebrated National Simultaneous Story-time (NSS) in the Library on Wednesday morning. 

NSS is an important annual event which encourages young Australians to read and enjoy books. Each year an Australian picture book is chosen to be read simultaneously around Australia. This year "The cow tripped over the moon" by Tony Wilson was the chosen book.


The Bayside students enjoyed sharing the story together in the Library and a surprise visit from the cow herself. Library lessons this week also featured activities based on this story. 


Jennie Champion

Teacher Librarian

Years 7-10 news

Good Scout

Jacinta Harrison achieved the highest award in the Scout section,  the Australian Scout Medallion. Jacinta was presented with the Mediallion and  a certificate . What an amazing achievement!

Cross Country

On Monday 15 May, Bayside participated in the annual House Cross Country carnival that was held around our very own cross country track,

which weaves through parts of our pristine bushland. The bright and sunny conditions led to a high number of runners compared to last year. All ran 3km except for the Boys 15 and 16/Open age groups who ran 4 km instead.  All those who ran should be proud of their efforts on the day as each participant contributed to their house total. 


Secondary students also were able to demonstrate their sporting abilities through a series of games and activities throughout the day. Students participated in basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and a cricket bowling activity.


The final cross country results were:

Conquerors (yellow) - 220 points

Believers (green) - 162 points

Overcomers (red) - 87 points


Michael Pleiter

Secondary PE Teacher

Inter-school Cross Country

On Tuesday 23 May, Bayside participated in the Inter-school Cross Country held at Robinsons Reserve. All ran 3km except for the Boys 15 and 16/Open age groups who ran 4 km instead. It was a cool day with occasional bursts of sun, which made it very comfortable conditions for running.

Bayside had 8 competitors in most races, but we were lacking in runners in the older age groups mostly due to the VCAL camp that was also on. It was a great effort by Bayside this year but unfortunately, we could not pull off the win like last year. Bayside came second to Mount Evelyn Christian School.


Well done to all the competitors who gave their best effort representing Bayside at this event.


Medallion winners were:

1st –  Charlie Matheson

              Lila McDonagh

              Aaron Sinclair

2nd – Emily Marden

3rd – Thomas Garth 


Michael Pleiter

Secondary PE Teacher

Everybody say “Thankyou”

On Tuesday 16  May, Bayside Christian College was blessed to host a visit from Kalvin Hart from ‘Thankyou’. Thankyou is a not for profit

social enterprise using business skills and strategies to make a positive difference in the world. Kalvin spoke to our Year 9 and Year 10 VCAL and VCE business students about the journey of Thankyou from an idea to a world-changing organisation. We were inspired by this amazing presentation that helped our students grapple with difficult issues in a positive way. The Thankyou story opened our students’ eyes to the difference we can all make when we take a chance to change the stuff that needs to be changed.


Jay Johnstone

Year 9 Humanities Teacher

Years 11/12 Happenings


It was wonderful to see so many of our students helping out at open day - showing people around the College, running market stalls and demonstrating wonderful artistic abilities in the

Art room. Our Art students have been creating some spectacular pieces of art, which I look forward to seeing displayed later in the year. I loved hearing our students describing their school to others, and explaining what they love about Bayside.


It was a great privilege to be able to hear from a speaker from 'Thankyou' last week about how everyone can make a difference - all it takes is the desire to step out of our comfort zone, and embrace what God lays before us. Many of our students were challenged and inspired by what was shared.


House Cross Country was a fabulous day where we were able to join together as a school community and enjoy the lovely fresh air while celebrating some great sporting abilities. As well as competing, it was wonderful to see our older students connecting with our youngest students, encouraging them, running alongside them and assisting staff. Well done to all!


Our VCAL students have just returned from a student-led camp, having shown again their teamwork and leadership skills, and the ability to plan a large event effectively. It was lovely to have three of our past students, Sammy Gelli, Josh Watkins and Asher Walden, join us for the evening. VCAL students also ran their market businesses at the Hastings market this morning.


A reminder that the Year 11 exam week begins Monday  29 May. All students studying a Unit 3-4 sequence will also be sitting a trial GAT on this day. Students have all received a timetable, which was also emailed to parents. Please also keep in mind that Friday 2 June is a student free day.


Have a wonderful week,


Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 11-12 Coordinator

This week's subject in focus

Units 3/4 Literature

We have been very excited to have had a fellow English teacher, Mr Daniel Lim from Shepparton Christian College, visiting our class this week. He joined us in a round table discussion on one of Browning’s poems “My Last Duchess”. We had many laughs with him as we all presented our varied views on what Browning was trying to convey in this dramatic monologue. We then discussed the values put forward in this poem concerning wealth and materialism, and how God does not want us to find our identity in these things, which are so temporal, but rather in Him and His love towards us.


We have also just finished preparing for our Creative Response SAC. The students have thoroughly enjoyed examining and discussing the construction of characters in the novel “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. They then went on to developing their own unique creative response that expands on the character’s perspective, and demonstrates an understanding of ideas or concerns explored in the text.


Shirley Patterson

Units 3/4 Literature Teacher

Biology Camp

The Year 11 Biology Class have been studying different environments and ecosystems and

how organisms survive successfully in the varied Australian Environment. Last week we travelled to the Surf Coast, the Otways Rainforest and the Little Desert National Park in order to experience these places first hand and complete our fieldwork. These photos show students preparing food for bettongs and bandicoots, feeding them, and an up close and personal encounter with George, the resident emu!


Angie Mathews

Biology Teacher

House Cross Country

On Monday 15 May, the Years 11 and 12  joined with the rest of the College community and

participated our House Cross Country Carnival. The day was packed with sporting events, such as basketball and volleyball, as well as the cross country race around the school. It was so uplifting to see everyone so enthusiastic and making the most of the friendly competition. The day seemed to be an all round success for all the students and teachers involved, and was a great opportunity for students to get out of their classrooms and enjoy the outdoors with their friends.


Emily Clarke

Year 11/12C

In 11/12C Home Group this term we have been running a program of study groups, devotions, prayer and community service. This term’s focus is on studying Jesus. The students meet in groups and discuss readings, guided by a devotional book and a group facilitator.  We have a devotions roster where teachers and students alternate every Wednesday. We are blessed to find out more about the speakers through heartfelt stories and sharing. Every Friday we take the opportunity to pray as a group, sometimes by writing and reading out other's prayers, and last week having each person pray, sometimes for support or guidance, but also to offer thanks. Our community service has been welcoming families into the school as they cross the crossing in the morning and this has been received well, with many a younger student and even some parents sharing high fives with the gathered throng. As one of the adults in these gatherings, I have been impressed at how our students embrace these practices and enjoy seeing the growth of community which is evident.


Paul Mathews

Secondary Teacher


Last Tuesday, the majority of Secondary students were blessed by a visit by Thankyou, a

a social enterprise committed to giving 100% of profits towards ending world poverty. Students learned about how Daniel Flynn, co-founder of Thankyou, had a vision for providing safe drinking water in response to the worldwide water crisis, where over 900 million people did not have safe drinking water. He had the idea of selling bottled water to Australians to fund this initiative. Thankyou has now grown to sell over 50 products in over 5500 outlets around Australia, and is now expanding into New Zealand - an amazing and inspirational story of the difference one person can make when there is a vision and passion to change the world. Thank you Mr Johnstone for organising this event.

Australian Business Competition

Last Thursday, eight Year 12 Business Management students completed a 50-minute multiple choice test, competing with students all around the country: Michael Ashcroft, Josh Beck, Emily Bilyj, Mia Jewson, Emily Clarke, Nicola Laurenson, Mitchell Butler and Grace Jabbour. Best wishes - there are prizes up for grabs!

Year 12s get down to business

On Friday, as part of their study of operations management, Year 12 Business Management students were taken on a tour of the Australia Post Dandenong Letter Centre, which processes 6-7 million letters a day, and represents one of the largest letter processing facilities in the world. Students were given a presentation in the board room, and with safety vests, earphones and devices in hand to hear the tour guide, they entered the extensive facility which is bigger than the MCG.

After a much needed lunch at McDonald's, students were ready for another tour, of the Yakult factory. They witnessed first-hand how a state-of-the art manufacturing facility operates. They were able to experience how the theory they have learned in class relates to the operations of a real business, and will be able to refer back to what they have learnt in their SACs and end of year exam.


Sonja Campbell

Business Management Teacher

High tea with the Year 12 girls

Last week our wonderful Years 11/12 Coordinators, Mrs Curtis-Morris and Mrs Cooper, organised a high tea for the Year 12 girls to have a break and relax over some sweets and cups of tea.

A few students made some slices to bring in, while the teachers provided us with adorable cupcakes, macaroons, cucumber sandwiches and more. It was a great opportunity to sit down with all the other girls and share a lunch time together while getting to know each other further. We all brought in our favourite Bible verse or inspirational quote to motivate and support each other throughout this last year. It was a really fun experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Lucy McMillan

A word from our Captains

Last week’s awesome Cross Country carnival saw all year levels from the Primary and Secondary give their best effort to finish the laps of the school, with Mr Prior running nearly every race! Everyone had the opportunity to use their gifts and abilities in a variety of ways - to play different sports during the day, to compete, and also to cheer on other students and teachers. Conquerors were the overall victors for both Primary and Secondary Schools - well done Yellow House!


We have had plenty of other community events this week:

  • The Business Management students put effort into providing the school community with a range of wonderful food and products at their stalls, with the proceeds going to the 2017 Thailand Mission Trip.

  • Our VCAL students from Years 10-12 went on their camp at Balnarring, enjoying God’s environment.

  • There have been excursions and incursions to strengthen our learning and engagement in our studies.


God has blessed us with great weather throughout these weeks before we enter winter, giving students and teachers the opportunity to enjoy our surroundings and each other’s company. However, there seems to be quite a few students struggling with sickness at the moment, so I invite you to please join with me in asking for God’s healing and protection over our community.


Have a good one, Bayside!


Benny Cooper

College Captain

Open Day

Open Day was a huge hit! It was really good to see so many families come through and it was

also a pleasure to give them a tour around such a wonderful school we are able to attend. Everyone that came seemed quite impressed.

Courtney Bennett


Open Day was absolutely amazing! Doing tours and seeing how excited the families were about

Bayside was really cool to see. It was also a day for the whole family, with a petting zoo, food, jumping castle and face painting. All the guests who came saw and felt the family environment at Bayside and they were all very impressed.

Kyle Berry

Food for Life

In this unit of study, Food For Life, we explore and engage with food that is good and healthy, and fun and easy to make. We understand the health aspect of what we put into our bodies and the difference between organic and commercial based foods, and how it’s grown and prepared for our consumption. We explore the benefits of whole natural foods and how to prepare a vast range of different dishes, using all of our five senses.


We do lots of tasting and comparisons, introducing different foods to extend students’ pallets, and are starting our journey into the Mediterranean diet. We learn kitchen safety, processes, hygiene, and food preparation but most important of all, the love of food and the importance of sharing, community and service.


Gino Ciancio

Secondary Teacher

VCAL Balnarring Camp

The student-led VCAL camp began in the right direction after some initial abstract wandering.

The recovery though was excellent, and the students worked through struggles and successes together. It was fantastic to see the range of activities planned. The group enjoyed volleyball, footy, night games, fishing and organised walks. The food preparation was taken very seriously, and a number of students displayed their giftedness, not only for creating meals, but in sharing them together with others, and making some great connections. Claire brought a wonderful devotion on the wideness of God and His plans for His people, while Matthew highlighted God's desire to share in our burdens. Kim wrapped up the camp with a reflection, and students contributed both encouragements to the group, as well as ideas for improvement in the future. 


Sam Waldron (& Co)

VCAL Teacher


Thailand Trivia Night

Every year Bayside sends a group of Years 10-11 students to Thailand on a Mission Trip, and every second year we run a Trivia Night to raise funds to support this trip.


We have Thai food, drinks and ice-creams for purchase, as well as the silent auction, where you can bid on items such as paintings, bags, jackets, golf days, holiday accommodation, pamper packs, garden equipment and much much more. Over $8000 in auction items have been donated.


With free child minding and a night filled with  fun and entertainment don't miss out - book your seat now.

3yo and 4yo Early Learning Centre 2018 Applications

Just a reminder to parents planning an enrolment for their child into the Early Learning Centre for 2018, applications close on 30 June.  Victorian state legislation requires that all children enrolled in early childhood education and care services be up to date with their vaccinations or have an approved exemption.  A copy of your child’s current Immunisation Record is required for enrolment.


Preference of place within the 3-year-old program will be given to children who are 3 years of age on or before 1 February of the year in which they will attend the Early Learning Centre. This arrangement is made in reflection of Government regulations and ratios, and to support the positive experience of all children within the program.


Children who turn 4 years on or before 30 April in the year they attend the Early Learning Centre are able to enrol in the 4-year-old program.


Please do not hesitate to contact our Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck, on (03) 5971 6709 to ensure your lodged application is up-to-date and complete.

GRIP National Leadership Camp 2017

Would you like to develop valuable leadership skills whilst having enormous fun during the July school holidays? Students in Years 10-12 are invited to participate in a national leadership camp being held in Brisbane, hosted by the GRIP Leadership team. Teenagers from around Australia will be gathering for this 4-day camp from July 3-6. GRIP Leadership is well known for organising Australia's largest student leadership events and helping students reach their potential as a leader. Full details are available at

Langwarrin Girl Guides


Gravity Zone discount

Friday 2 June is Report Writing Day, and Gravity Zone in Carrum Downs have provided a special price for parents of Bayside Christian College students. Students/parents simply mention the name of the College to the staff and they will offer the super special price of $16 for a day of jumping or $25 for unlimited jumping and laser tag! So students from Bayside CC can have five hours (10am – 3pm) for the one low price! Should be extra fun with the new Ninja Zone now open! (No extra cost)

Langwarrin Fire Brigade - volunteers needed


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