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28 April 2017
2017 Issue 5
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Principal's Address

It was very humbling to be on stage for our Whole School 35th Anniversary Assembly on Monday morning. As I often say and write, Bayside Christian College exists because Christian parents desired education consistent with their biblical values. It was wonderful to see so many Bayside Christian College pioneers who were instrumental in the earlier days of Bayside Christian College present and then on stage for the 35th Anniversary assembly. It was their commitment and belief in schooling based on biblical foundations that laid the foundations for our school, and we, as this present generation, should not shy away from thanking them for the gift that we have today.  Thank you to all those who were able to attend and also to the special 35th Anniversary Committee that has worked alongside of Ben Williams, our Community Development Officer, in compiling and scanning photos from the past days and planning events.


Thinking of the pioneers of our College reminds me of the importance of parents in our community. At the core of Bayside Christian College is the Association for Christian Education of Frankston. It is because of this body of Christian parents that we have Bayside Christian College. From this body, the Board of Governance is selected, and it is this body that sets the overall direction of the College, ensuring that we remain true to the Christian faith in our practice. On 25 May, we will have the Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which we will celebrate the past year, (hopefully) accept the annual accounts, and further our understanding of Christian schooling. Our guest speaker for the AGM is Mr Davis Samuel Hiire who works for the Association of Christian Schools International East Africa. Davis will be visiting from Uganda and sharing on the emergence of Christian schooling in Africa.  All are welcome to attend.


As we embark on Term 2, my encouragement to all is to keep the lines of communication open between home and school or school and home. As principal, I would appreciate prayers for the students and staff of the College. I look forward to seeing many of you through this term.




Christopher Prior


Report: Bayside Celebrates 35 Years

Bayside celebrated its 35th Anniversary at a special Thanksgiving Service on Monday 24 April. Members of our community past and present joined together in thanking God for our school.

Highlights of the service included a cooking demonstration by Rev Paul Woodcock, the Anzac commemoration, and a wonderful performance by Serena Joseph, Lauren Dodge and Erin Clarke.


But perhaps the greatest highlight was the special standing ovation given to the founders of our school as they each received a special gift on stage.


The service was followed by a lovely morning tea, where many of the pioneering families caught up and swapped stories about days past and marvelled at how far we have come.


A massive thank you goes to our Anniversary Committee for all their hard work in planning and putting together the service – Christina Lomulder, Leanne Wells and Janine Mann.


We look forward to the next of our 35th Anniversary events in 2017 – our Reunion Day on Saturday 2 September. We’ll let you know more details closer to the date.


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our new students as they settle into school at Bayside Christian College.


Pray for our amazing production team - students, parents and staff - as they continue their rehearsals for Calamity Jane.


Thank God for His faithfulness to us over 35 years, and for the opportunity to honour our founders at our recent Thanksgiving Service.


Please pray for our leadership team and co-ordinators as they seek to lead and nurture those around them.


Pray for our Board and Association as they prepare to host the AGM on 25 May.



From the Deputy's Desk

Celebration Assembly

What an enormous blessing it was to be a part of Monday's Celebration Assembly for our 35 Year Anniversary. As a College, we aim to promote and celebrate the gifts of students in many different ways. The choir, Owen Mathews and Serena Joseph singing, Lauren Dodge and Erin Clarke dancing, Aaron Sinclair reciting the Ode of Remembrance, and even Lila McDonagh and Oliver Brown's impromptu cooking assistance were all wonderful examples of the diversity of giftings in the College. Even the giftings of teachers such as Mr Pleiter leading our ANZAC commemoration and Mr Williamson playing the trumpet, as well as Mrs Mathews singing with her son Owen, is a reminder of the amazingly diverse ways in which God gifts us. Thank you also to the gifted people who worked behind the scenes to put the assembly together.


School Photos

School photos are scheduled for Prep to Year 12 on Tuesday 2 May. All students are expected to be in full winter academic uniform. For Primary students this includes the maroon windcheater, and for Secondary students this includes tie and blazer. If students have sport on this day, they must wear academic uniform to school and change after photos have been taken.


Photos for the ELC 3 year old group are on Friday 19 May, and for the ELC 4 year old group, photos are scheduled for Tuesday 23 May.

Photo envelopes have been sent home. If you have not received yours, please contact reception.



As you may have been aware, Bayside Christian College was scheduled to undertake the annual NAPLAN testing using the online format this year. Unfortunately the government has identifed some issues in the platform which cannot be rectified in time, so they have informed us that all testing this year will revert to the pen and paper format.


The  National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) 2017 for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students will be held before recess on the following days:

Tuesday 9 May - Language Conventions & Writing

Wednesday 10 May - Reading

Thursday 11 May - Numeracy


Information has been emailed to all parents of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students. If you have not received this email, please contact me at [email protected] and I will send it to you.


Student Phones at School

This is a reminder that according to the school policy: "Students may not use their own mobile phones (or iPods) or have them switched on during the school day. Students may make telephone calls through the College office after seeking permission from administration staff. Students are not permitted to make or receive personal i.e. non-emergency phone calls at the College."


It is especially important to remember that students must NOT call home via mobiles, or even make contact via email, to make arrangements to go home if they are feeling unwell. Students must come to the office, and the office will call home. Parents and carers, if your child calls you during the school day, please ensure you remind them to follow the correct procedure. We thank you for your support in this.


eSmart Safety tips

Bayside Christian College is committed to being an eSmart school where we CaRE (Care for and Respect Everyone). Some things you can do at home to help your children stay safe and respectful online are:


1. Put computers in a communal area of the house and don’t allow portable internet devices (laptops, phones, tablets etc) in the bedroom.

2. Find out what your child is doing online. Talk to them regularly about what websites they visit and take the time to sit with them as they use the internet. Make sure you’re familiar with how the sites that they visit work.

3. Encourage your child to tell you if they ever have a problem on the internet or if they’re ever unsure about anything. Reassure them that you won’t take away their connection to the internet if issues occur.

For more tips visit the Primary Tech website here.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

We ended Term 1 with ‘Friendship Day’, which was a huge success. Our Primary students spent time in class discussing how being a friend, showing encouragement and having a serving heart align with not only scripture and 'KidsMatter', but also our College’s Purpose 4, which is "helping students to discover and develop their own God-given abilities and to recognise and respect those of others".


The Prep-Year 2 students created  ‘The Friendly School banner’. This is a school of fish with words that represent friendship written on their coloured scales. It is displayed in G Block foyer and I would encourage you to read all the words that the children associate with being a good friend. It’s wonderful!


The Years 3/4 classes created acrostic poems and friendship cubes. There were discussions regarding how God wants us to treat others and what each child values in their friends. Teachers encouraged students to reflect on the gifts that God has given them and how these are seen by others.


The Years 5/6 students created a ‘Friendship Tree’. The children traced around their own hands and wrote key words that represented each other's giftings and values. This tree and the acrostic poems are in G Block foyer also.


We ended the day with a special Primary assembly where representatives of each year level presented and explained their activity. Our local puppet Calvin was our MC, and we also enjoyed listening to Mrs Lomulder’s Songbirds as well as the Primary Choir. Students wore free dress and the proceeds went to The Royal Children’s Hospital, with $435 raised. It was a privilege being part of such a wonderful day!


Joy Plummer

Head of Primary




Our unit on leadership gave us an opportunity to promote each individual student to be proactive in their own life. As part of this unit, Kalvin Hart visited our school on  23 March to outline how one company "Thankyou" (Water) was changing the world, and how one person can make a difference. Our Years 5/6 group responded with a very responsible attitude and extremely interesting questions. We learnt that this company began small but has recently branched out into many other products which also support the idea that there are lots of people around the world who need our help. Teachers all commented on how respectfully our group participated. 


Russell Svigos

Years 5/6 Teacher

Years 7-10 News

Biscuits for Easter

At the conclusion of Term 1, Food Technology students took part in the annual Prison Fellowship Easter Bake activity. Through the Easter Bake, Prison Fellowship Victoria aims to send a packet of 10 biscuits, and a card that explains the Easter message, to every prisoner in Victoria. It is great for our students to be able to support an activity such as this, and it also provides the opportunity for some excellent conversations about forgiveness, grace and serving others. Our Food Tech classes managed to bake over 500 cookies, meaning that we were able to share the Easter message with more than 50 prisoners this year. Well done to all of the students who took part!


Andy Lancaster

Food Technology Teacher


Year 8s brave the elements

Year 8s showed great stamina and resilience as they hiked amidst the extreme winds and cold of Point Nepean on Wednesday 26 April. As well as taking in the wonders of our environment, it was an historically enlightening day looking around the fort and quarantine station. Thanks for your awesome effort, Year 8!


Ken Berry

Years 9-10 Co-ordinator


Friends in Years 7-10

The last day of Term 1 was not only free dress to raise funds for FOP (Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva) but was also declared Friendship Day. Students spent the day involved in making banners and other activities focusing on friendship. There was a delicious BBQ lunch and much fun.


The day closed with the students presenting their banners at a final assembly for the term.



Years 11/12 Happenings...


It's amazing to think that Term 2 is already two weeks in!  Our Years 11 and 12 students have settled back in, and have a very full term ahead. A reminder for VCE Units 3/4 students that the GAT will be on Wednesday 14 June.


Our focus in home groups this term is on 'Jesus'. In their Bible study groups, students will be studying who Jesus is: Jesus the man, teacher, physician, servant, shepherd and king. Our group leaders are doing a great job leading their groups through these studies. 


At the end of last term, it was wonderful to see all of our students come together to run the Bayside Community Market. Our VCE students ran some fantastic activities for all to participate in, while our VCAL students ran businesses to raise funds for various charities. We would love for anyone who would like to be involved in some way to let us know. Maybe you have a stall, or a musical talent you would like to showcase? Our next market will be on the final Thursday of this term.


Congratulations to Bryn Inglis who was the runner up in the National Class Clown Competition! It was also a great privilege for me to attend the Panorama production of Seussical last Saturday, and to see so many of our Bayside students (and teachers) using their amazing gifts. Year 11 student Courtney Bennett was a very talented member of the cast, as was our very own Mrs Mathews! Well done, all.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Co-ordinator

This week's subject in focus

Unit 3/4 Health and Human Development 

(Comprised of Years 11 & 12 students)

During the first term of Health and Human Development, we explored the impact of different social groups in relation to socioeconomic status, and the importance of nutrition to help us understand Australia's health. As a class, we looked at nutrients such as fibre, carbohydrates, fats and protein, and how they work together to keep us healthy, as well as the consequences of eating junk food. We shared healthy snacks and interpreted the nutritional information on packets. We even had the pleasure of having a 'Cake Class' where students brought in store-bought and home-made cakes, as we learned about saturated and trans fats, and sugar. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be learning about models that have been put in place to assist with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses to help us expand our appreciation for Australia's healthcare system. 


Holly Phillips


Student reflections on life in the Bayside community

Although Year 12 can be stressful at times, there are so many exciting milestones that we get to experience as a community such as turning 18 and getting our licences. Celebrating these events with our classmates is a lot of fun and creates memories that we'll never forget. We are very privileged to have such a tight-knit and loving community at Bayside.

Mia Sharp

Friendship Day

Friendship day was jam packed. There was much to do as home groups had to design a poster on what friendship meant to them. The works were incredible and unique. There was a banquet held at lunch where each home group brought food and the entire school ate together, then activities and games were held with teachers and students. It was a beautiful moment to see a school really embrace the spirit of friendship and the power of unity. 

Community Market

The Community Market was an incredible turn out. There were plenty of fun activities such as paper plane throwing, basketball competitions and even chalk art on the basketball court. Also, the place was filled with well-organised business like burger stores, T-shirts and many more. The market was a huge outcome and it highlighted the importance of community.

Bryn Inglis


Mrs Campbell and Mr Kong's Year 11/12B homeroom held a paper plane competition at the Community Market after school on the second last day of Term 1. It was a great event with many Primary kids coming to try and build a plane and fly it the furthest for a small prize. It was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Mitchell Butler


For the Community Market, our home group  Year 11/12 C decided to do an Easter egg hunt and a basketball knockout competition. There were a lot of Primary and Secondary students involved in the market. It was a great day filled with smiling faces and laughter, helping the school community come together for the amazing causes chosen by the VCAL students.

Cooper Pratt


At the Community Market, we ran the stall 'Fresh to go'. We hired Lucas Holland (Year 10) to be our intern. We sold out of hot dogs and burgers, then made toasties which also sold out! It was really good to have people come back for seconds, and keep buying things after the stall closed. We raised $300 to go towards Children's Fortress in Africa. Thanks everyone for supporting us!

Jack Grant


Mr G, Aaron, Amber-lee and I held a stall selling delicious homemade donuts. The Year 12 VCALs  made them in our Hospitality class (Food for Life) the morning of the market . We made approximately 100 scrumptious donuts that everyone loved and the team had so much fun making them for the community market. In total we raised about $180 for charity, so we were very happy with  our efforts. Thank you to everyone who came down and helped support the Bayside Community Market.

Ebony Knapp


At the Community Market, Simply Mason sold out. Our rocky road jars were the number 1 seller so at the next market we are going to have to make more of those. We made $100 which is all going to the Breast Cancer Foundation Australia. Thank you to everyone who bought a jar, and we are looking forward to seeing you at the next market.

Courtney Bennett & Grace Gaskell


The entertainment at the Community Market was good. The people who played did some great songs and performances. The organisation can be improved for next time but nevertheless it was a really good day for music entertainment.

Matt Holt


Our Business is Unified Apparel. We aim to raise money for the Gateway Children's fund. GCF supply primary education to the slums of PNG, helping to give children a decent foundation for their lives. We are selling Bracelets, T-shirts and Lip Balms.

Phoebe Newman


At the market, we sold all of the stress balls and Luke's slime. We got quite a lot of good feedback and made $26.70.

Riley Hutchinson


Tom McLean and I run a business called Doggy Dees. We sell homemade dog treats and dog beds. We made $86.50 at the Bayside Community Market. We were very happy with how it went because we were very unsure coming into it and we sold all our stock.  

Bahlin Wishart


At the Community Market we ran a stall called Tiny Treats. We sell different desserts such as Yoyo's, Giant Yoyo's, Anzac biscuits, and Anzac slice. We are bringing in brownies soon also. Our charity we are giving to is Kids with Cancer and the amount we raised at the market was $78.

Matt Wells & Hannah Hayes


We ran a stall called Secret Garden selling plants. On 30 March we raised $120 and 30% of my profit goes to Parkinson's Disease Foundation. 

Shanae McGillivray

It's all legal

On Wednesday 22 March the Year 11 Legal Studies class visited Barwon Prison to gain first-hand experience of a maximum security correctional facility. They were able to interview four inmates about their criminal history, learn about their experience within the prison system, and gain the perspective of prison officers. The process of security screening was rigorous. Students thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

On 29 March Years 11 and 12 students visited the Supreme and County courts. A highlight was having the opportunity to spend time with a County Court judge and ask questions about his journey in the legal profession and the legal system. Students viewed a civil case in the County Court and a criminal (murder) case in the Supreme Court. They also visited the historic Supreme Court Library. This was an invaluable learning experience, bringing course content to life.


Year 11 Celebration Ball

The Year 11 Ball will be held on Monday 9 October, and will be a wonderful opportunity for Year 11 students to celebrate their various gifts, as well as develop some new skills! A letter was sent home on 24 April with further details about this. We would love to hear from people who would like to be involved in the committee. The first meeting will be on Tuesday 9 May at 3:30pm in room S4.

Year 12 Interviews

It has been wonderful to meet with Year 12 students and their parents this week, as we look towards the end of this year and plans for the future. Please make sure you make time to visit open days and have conversations with Mrs Dawson about various course requirements.

BCC Noticeboard

School Readiness
Information Session

What:  A session to assist parents in preparing their preschool child for Prep.

Who: Alicia McCann (ELC Director), Glenys Bailey (P-2 Co-ordinator) & Donna Martin (Prep Teacher)

Where: P1 Prep Classroom

Time: 2:00-2:50pm, Thursday 25 May


Any questions please email:

[email protected] or

[email protected]

Sport Star Academy 

Last term an expression of interest form was sent home from Sport Star Academy regarding various sporting activities outside of school hours.


If you have not already done so please return all completed forms to College reception by Friday 12 May. 


Zacc Klan

Primary PE Teacher

Market Stalls for Thailand

When: Lunchtime, Monday 22 May

Where: In front of B Block

What: Cupcakes, pancakes, burgers, milkshakes and spa products (bath and skin products and candles).

Who: For Primary and Secondary students and members of staff 

Come prepared and bring $$ to spend - profits will go towards the Thailand Missions Trip.

(brought to you by the Unit 1 Business Management class)

Upcoming Careers Excursions

VCE Year 11 - VCE & Careers Expo (Caulfield) - Friday 5 May

VCAL (Years 10-12) - FMP Careers & Jobs Expo - Tuesday 16 May

VCE Year 12 - Peninsula TIS (Monash Frankston) - Friday 23 June

Year 10 Work Experience

Please be reminded that all Year 10 students must return their completed Work Experience forms to Mrs Dawson by Monday 1 May.

New Drum Teacher

Bayside Christian College is proud to announce that we have a new Instrumental Drum Teacher starting this term, Nate Hill. He is a very experienced and talented teacher who is looking forward to starting his work at Bayisde. If your son or daughter has an interest in learning how to play the drums, now is the perfect time to sign them up! All you need to do is print and fill out the form below and hand it in to the College reception, and Nate will get in contact with you to organise lesson times. 


All other details about instrumental lessons are also found on this form, but please email [email protected] if you have further questions.


Happy drumming!


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Bayside Open Day - 13 May


Working Bee - 29 April

Our next scheduled working bee is taking place on Saturday 29 April from 8am-1pm. Families are reminded that they are to attend 8 hours at Working Bees throughout the year or are liable to pay the Working Bee Levy of $150.


The remaining Working Bees for 2017 are:

Saturday 24 June (Term 2, week 10)

Saturday 26 August (Term 3, week 6)

Saturday 28 October (Term 4, week 3)

Entertainment Books

This year, Bayside Christian College is selling Entertainment Books to raise funds for the school. The fabulous books contain vouchers for many wonderful family-friendly activities and attractions around Melbourne. Be on the lookout for your family's book as they will be distributed very soon!

Community Noticeboard

Literacy for Uganda

On the evening of Friday 5 May at 8:15pm, Miss Lorraine Hook is showing the movie 'Queen of Katwe' at Mornington Cinemas. The profits from the night go towards the 'Literacy for Uganda - teaching children to read' program. The response so far has been amazing so don't miss out, get your tickets as soon as you can! It is a great movie, based on a true story and set very authentically in a slum in Kampala, exactly the sort of place where Lorraine has been working.

Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased from the cinema or by getting in touch with Lorraine via email: [email protected].


Don't forget also that Lorraine is trying to fill a 40 foot container with children's books to take to Uganda. So if you have any of your children's books which are still in good condition and you wold like to donate them, please just drop them in at College reception.



Girls Day Out


Firebird Trio


Camp Australia Newsletter



Have you seen Suess yet?


Congratulations to  Courtney Bennett, Claire & Brianna Lomulder, Angie & Owen Mathews, Karen Hooper and Tim Mann. It is great to see so many Baysiders representing our community and sharing their God-given gifts with the broader community in this fantastic, energetic and heartwarming show for the whole family.


Three shows remain: this Friday 28, Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 April. Book online at 


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