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27 November 2017
Issue Six 2017
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Photo: Year 7 & 8 Fun Run


 Tuesday 5th December 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm at Footscray City College
While Footscray City College is providing the venue for the Information Evening on the proposed Footscray Learning Precinct (FLP), it is being hosted and organised by the Victorian Schools Building Authority (VSBA) of the Department of Education &  Training.
On December 4th, Minister Merlino will be making an announcement about student transition arrangements, school governance and a shared learning framework for the schools within the Precinct. These schools include Footscray City College, Gilmore College, Footscray Primary and Footscray City Primary.
As well as providing an overview of the vision for the Precinct, the Information session will provide more detail around the areas covered by the Ministerial announcement. There will also be some Q & A time.
Feedback from the community engagement process conducted by the VSBA in August has helped to inform the detail developed so far around the transition of students, governance and the shared learning framework.
We encourage our community – parents, staff and students – to attend the Evening on the 5th December to find out more about what is envisaged for the Precinct, and what the next steps are.
If you are interested in attending, please click on the following link to register for the event.
You can also read more about the Precinct using this link.
In terms of recent developments for the schools of the Precinct, master plans have been drawn up for our school (FCC), Gilmore College, a new campus at Pilgrim Street, and Footscray City Primary.
The plans have been developed for FCC with a view to it becoming a senior campus (Years 10 – 12), and with Gilmore and the new Pilgrim Street site planned around being junior campuses (Years 7 – 9). These three campuses will form the one secondary school within the Precinct.
The master plans are currently in draft form and will be finalised and released in early 2018.
New Timetable for 2018
In 2018, the college will be changing to a fortnightly timetable for our student programs. The main impetus for this change was one of the key strategies in our Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) for 2017 which was 'to develop a revised Year 7 – 9 curriculum that includes a focus on STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) and 21st C skills and capabilities.’ Essentially, we are aiming to make a serious endeavour to deliver a curriculum which will equip our students to meet the work and life demands of the future.
As many of you will be aware, STEM/STEAM capabilities are touted by industry and higher education as essential for effective functioning in the future at both a personal and employment level. It is predicted that there will be significant growth in jobs related to these areas, and for those who do not pursue work directly in such areas, it is expected that digital and scientific capabilities will still become increasingly important for everyone to function effectively in the world of the future. It is also now a requirement of the Victorian Curriculum that digital technologies be taught within the curriculum.
As a result of the revision of our junior curriculum, a key initiative has been to introduce two new semester long subjects into the year 7 and 8 program – one is Digitech and the other is STEAM. Digitech will focus on developing students’ digital skills and capabilities, including those of coding. STEAM will be project based and students will largely collaborate in teams to address a real-life challenge and develop a useful product or products to resolve this challenge. In the process students will be drawing on, and developing skills and knowledge from the different disciplines of science, technology, engineering, maths and art/design.
At Year 9, the main change is in the area of projects. Community Action will continue to be a compulsory semester long project, timetabled for a full day on a weekly basis.  There are two main reasons for maintaining Community Action as a key feature of our Year 9 program. Firstly, it explicitly promotes some of our values and purpose of the current strategic plan for the school which states that we aim to develop ‘confident, resilient, well-rounded young people, who act with respect and active responsibility towards others in the community, and the environment....’ Secondly, over the years, there has generally been very positive feedback from many students and parents about the program.
Other Year 9 projects that have run previously, such as CSI – Forensic Science, Screen & Film Production, Art Adventure, Mythbusters and Outdoor Adventure will become semester long elective units. Sport will still be offered in the Year 9 program but it will no longer be compulsory, and students will have other leadership focused elective units to choose from. Some of these include Maths Mentoring (in primary schools), the Duke Edinburgh program, and Find your Voice (training of presentation of ideas in public forums). Other options can be seen via the Year 9 Handbook which is accessible from our website.
The inclusion of new subjects is, of course, a challenge when we already have a very busy curriculum. Some of the other changes to the Year 7 & 8 programs include a small reduction in the number of periods per fortnight for the arts based term units (Art, Drama, Music) from ten periods to nine. Maths will also have nine periods per fortnight as some Maths will be covered in the STEAM units, and PE and Sport will alternate on a weekly basis. Like many other schools who use a fortnightly timetable, we have chosen to go to this schedule to minimize the impact on other subject areas, whilst allowing the introduction of new subjects to provide a more current curriculum to help meet the needs of our students.
Graduation and Presentation Evenings
Although Term 4 is officially one of our longest, it seems to move rapidly from the moment the Year 12s finish their courses, culminating with their Graduation evening in October at the Flemington Racecourse Atrium venue. Once again we had a wonderful celebratory evening with our Year 12s and their families, and our students are to be commended for the manner in which they conducted themselves at the event, and for the cohesion and care they showed for each other as a group.
Congratulations goes to all of our Year 12 students who were acknowledged with certificates for completion of their VCE or VCAL, and to others for their outstanding performance in individual subjects. Special mention goes to two of those students – the dual recipients of the Highest Performer Award – James Madsen-Smith and Vincent Victory. Also a special thank you and commendation for their eloquence and aplomb goes to Lainey Drake and James Madsen-Smith for their valedictorian speeches, and to Tia Altschwager and Vincent Victory for their leader of ceremonies role.
The presentation Evening for the Year 7 – 11 students at the Clock Tower in Moonee Ponds was also an excellent evening with so many of our students acknowledged for their achievements in academic studies, sport, the arts, leadership and contributions to the community. Congratulations goes to all of those students with their diverse range of talents, skills and commitments.

Thank you to the students who confidently and ably conducted most of the proceedings of the evening – Jamie Brown, Mia Brittain, Imogen Braun and Quincey Davis. All of those students involved in the music, theatre and short films showcased in the entertainment segments of the evening also made the event all the more enjoyable and celebratory.
2018 Course Commencement
Our Year 12 students for 2018 have already commenced their programs for next year and likewise for the 2018, Year 11 students. It will be no time before our junior students too, will move into an introduction to their programs for 2018, and we will be farewelling the 2017 school year.

Report Writing Day Monday 4th December - Student Free Day

Monday 4th December is scheduled for teachers to complete their report  writing prior to the proof-reading and distribution process. No students will be required at school on this day.  Friday 1st December will be the last day of  the 2017 Year 7, 8 and 9 programs for our students. The week of the 4th December  marks the beginning of the end-of-year program including a week of Course Commencement where our Year 7 to 9 students will experience an introduction to their 2018 programs as Year 8 to 10 students.

Best wishes 
Maria Bawden - Principal



FCC’s annual Art Show is opening today, Monday November 27 from 6pm to 8pm. Featured will be visual art and furniture produced by students from years 7 to 12. As usual, there will be a wide range of media that artists have chosen as a means for their expression, such as 2D, 3D, painting and drawing, photography, digital art,animations and film. The exhibition will close on the afternoon of Thursday November 30.




On Monday November 13 the major ensembles, plus a few minor ones, performed in the Theatre for the End of Year Concert. Included in the program were the Concert Band, the Stage Band, the String Ensemble, the Vocal Ensemble, the Brass Ensemble, Percussion Groups, Guitar groups and some quartets of various instruments. Students from many year levels showcased their work.  Congratulations to all involved!


Photo: Halloween dress up day


Our library has recently introduced Clickview, a new resource that enables staff to share educational videos with students via Google Classroom and on our curriculum sites as part of their coursework. It includes selected content that has aired on TV, as well as high quality, locally produced and engaging videos which are mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

However, students are also able to browse and view any of the available video content at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection! At the moment, staff are still curating content and learning how to use the software, but soon it will be regularly used as a teaching tool and there will be an abundance of great content available for students to enhance and reinforce their classroom learning.

To sign up, students simply go to: and login using their FCC Google email credentials. 
For example: [email protected]

Note: You may be re-directed to a second Google login page if you have multiple Google accounts, eg; one for school and one for personal use. Only your FCC School Google credentials will log you in. 

Feel free to speak to library staff if you need help with anything.



On Tuesday 31st October, we had 60 students participate in a creepy crawl through the library and many more dressed up for Halloween whilst raising money for our school's homeless fund.  Many thanks to Ali Dullard for taking the photos in the gallery below.



Message to students: If you've been waiting for the opportunity to give stand up comedy a go, you've got some lyrics you've been working on, you've written about how you feel about an issue - you name it - we'd like to hear from you!  This is the final Come here and say it for the year and also the release of this year's final edition of the student newsletter Cecil.  If you would like to contribute to the student newsletter, you can email Year 11 student Jay Curtis, on [email protected] or leave your piece in the submissions box at the library desk.  To register your interest to perform in the library during lunchtime on Thursday 30th Nov, please follow this link:


As you probably know, our Library has an extensive collection of eBooks available to borrow on our ePlatform at We’ve just added 500 audiobooks to the very same platform so now you can listen to your favourite books from the device of your choice! 

The simplest way to read eBooks or listen to Audiobooks is to access the free ePlatform app. Through this app you can easily find our library, then access all of our available titles and read or listen to them via your browser – even when offline, all on your netbook, tablet or smartphone.

The app can be accessed on an iPad, iPhone, Galaxy and most other devices. Using it is as easy as 1-2-3:
    1) Download the ePlatform app from the Apple, Google Play or Windows app stores.
    2) Look for our library and log in - you’ll only need to do this once.
    3) Search for, borrow and read or listen to any book you want!

For more information on the app and where to download it from, read our app information.

Audiobooks can be accessed just like the eBooks, but for offline listening, you’ll have to download the title first. To download an Audiobook you only need the ePlatform app - no extra software is required. After that, you can listen to your Audiobook anywhere and anytime.

So why not take advantage of this amazing addition to our library during these upcoming summer holidays? Audiobooks are a great way to pass the time on a long road trip or flight, or even just lazing away in the sun…. enjoy!




The Australian Government has produced some great new online resources to help young people and their parents.  Young & eSafe contains practical advice from young people, for young people to help them negotiate the online world. Using videos, real life experiences and social media this initiative helps young people build the skills they need to make a positive impact on their wellbeing. You’ll need to scroll down on each page to discover all the available content. It can be found at:

Learning Potential is a website designed for parents to help nurture their child’s potential by providing hundreds of articles, ideas, games and videos on all aspects of education and development. There are sections for Early Years, Primary, and High School aged children and it covers a range of topics such as Numeracy and Literacy, Careers, Nutrition, Wellbeing and Technology. These resources can be accessed on the website or on the free Learning Potential app - download it on the App Store or Google Play.
There is also a supplementary website ( ) for parents of primary school kids which helps you to reinforce the skills they're learning at school.





Our first ever Junior School Production is only weeks away! Our students have been working incredibly hard alongside our wonderful team, Director Madeleine Kerr (FCC alumni), Vocal Coach Jocelyn Jensen and Production Manager Toby Thomas (FCC alumni). They are proving to be enthusiastic, eager and hard-working balls of energy and have been a joy to watch so far!


The focus for this production has been on teaching the students the skills required to join the senior school production or an ameteur theatre group. We also aim to equip these young performers and designers with the skills of problem solving, teamwork and initiative, all skills essential as they move through into early adulthood.


Performances will be held on:

OPENING NIGHT: Tuesday 28th November - 7pm - 8.30pm (CAST 1)

Wednesday 29th November - 7pm - 8.30pm (CAST 2)

Thursday 30th November - 7pm - 8.30pm (CAST 1)

CLOSING NIGHT: Friday 1st November - 7pm-8.30pm (CAST 2)


Tickets will ON SALE and will SELL OUT!
Emily Unt-Wan - Drama teacher

I have been doing the school productions since I first came to the school in Year 7, however Peter Pan has been such a wonderfully different experience to all the other shows due to only being for Years 7-9 and having the leads double cast. It is lots of fun to be able to share a role with someone as you can help each other to develop the character. Rehearsals are really fun and it is great getting to know the rest of the cast. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive towards each other which makes it such an enjoyable show to be a part of. We have been having to rehearse a lot in the cinema due to VCE exams so it will be really exciting to see how we all go when the set gets put in and Neverland comes to life. I can’t wait to perform and I hope everyone comes to see the show as we all have been working hard on it.
Ash Trusler - Year 9


It is such a privilege to be a part Footscray City’s first ever junior musical of the production Peter Pan. Our progress of the show is moving fast and smoothly as our cast’s commitment have made a massive impact on how much we have achieved throughout the past few weeks. We have not only worked on blocking the scenes and singing, but we have also had numerous lessons learning about characterization by using physical movement and expressions. The whole cast are very much enjoying every rehearsal because the environment is so welcoming and warm. We are all so enthusiastic for the show nights and counting it down until the nights come. Hope to see you there!    
Rosa Deverell - Year 9


It is an exciting opportunity that I get to participate in Peter Pan jr this year. It’s been a fun time and I’ve learnt new organisational skills, theatre terms and I’ve made lots of new friends along the way. We’re currently doing many rehearsals and preparing for the opening night at the end of November. The experience has been great so far and I hope the play goes well.
Joely Kennedy - Year 7


Many thanks to all students and staff for their participation and assistance in making the recent Year 7 & 8 Fun Run along the Maribyrnong River, a success. Feedback was that the colour run was a winner and a huge hit with students. However, apologies to parents for the extra washing duties!
Congratulations to the run winners: Year 7 Boys - Roberto Salas-Miles 27.00; Year 7 Girls - Jade Lewicki 28.20; Year 8 Girls - Tural Yamazaki-Edwards 28.22 and Year 8 Boys - Otto Crawford 22.40.

Many thanks to all students that raised sponsorship money. Final numbers are still coming together but it appears over $1000 was raised to help the homeless. Great effort!
 Mark Komp - Head of Health/PE/Sport




Photo: Raimond Gaita, Baringhup, Central Australia. Courtesy ABC news.


Year 12 Philosophy students at FCC had the great pleasure of not one, but two, visits from author and moral philosopher Raimond Gaita who talked passionately about humanity, ethics, hope and loss, and how his family and history have shaped his beliefs and values. Rai took questions from students about current global and national issues and spoke powerfully about the experiences and role models that formed his moral seriousness and commitment to equality and justice. Rai discussed with our class his essay collection 'After Romulus', published by Text and  the new Text Classic edition of his memoir, Romulus My Father and very generously donated a copy of it to the library. We are extremely grateful to Rai and the class was very moved by his conviction, honesty and openness.
Kalinda Ashton - Philosophy teacher


Photo: Night view of China Town in Yokohama, K. Kabacchi


At the moment I'm staying in Midori ward Kanagawa Yokohama with my host parents I'm really enjoying it and can say without a doubt this is the best and most challenging thing I've done in my life. I came to Japan at the age of 15 with the goal to learn Japanese and with that come back in the future to live and work here for a short period. In the time of 2 months I have seen myself grow up and change a lot, whether it's taking public transport (which I never did back home), or cooking more regularly for myself and my host parents, to doing the family grocery shopping. But the toughest of them all is getting up 6:40 every morning of the week except Sundays, all of this plus school and studying and my club (Running) has helped me grow up and see how the real world can be without the bubble or the cloud of safety I had back home. At first it was a struggle but after time I began to find these things that I struggled with at the start to become easier week by week and right now 2 months in I'm really happy with myself for getting used to my new life here!


I'm happy to say even with these challenges I have faced the good far outweighs the bad without a second thought! I have made heaps of new friends that I hope to keep for a very long time , I have become a part of a family which I didn't know two months ago, I have seen parts of the world I could never have seen if I hadn't gone on this exchange, and opened my eyes up to a different society and a way of life. But the main part:  my language is slowly but surely improving. All these experiences on this exchange help to shape the person I'm going to be as an adult and I think this the best decision of my life.



A group of our Year 9 Girls were selected to participate in a program tailored to youth issues.

Discussion points  were around friendships, relationships, bullying, self-image, sex and drug education.

The program ran for 6 weeks and culminated in a spectacular event held at The Phoenix Youth Hub in Footscray. The event was called 'Switch on/Switch Off" where all technologies were "put to sleep"

whilst the girls were involved in creative art activities, culminating in playing with gorgeous rabbits and guinea pigs.

Our girls had a fabulous time and all conveners of the Girls Talk Program mentioned how responsive, mature and engaging the girls were.

Well done girls!
Irene Alexandrou - Student wellbeing coordinator



This semester the year 10 Drama class has been studying Elizabethan Theatre, so it was a great thrill that the Pop-Up-Globe had been built in the CBD just in time for us to visit an Elizabethan Theatre replica.

On Tuesday the 17th of October we went into the city to the Pop-Up-Globe to watch two Shakespearean plays, Around the Globe in 60 Minutes and Othello. Around the Globe in 60 Minutes is a comedy about the historical events that took place in the 16th century recalling facts and fiction about the Elizabethan era. After lunch we watched Othello, one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragic plays. It looks at themes of love, betrayal and race with two friends turning against each other because of greed, power and false rumours, resulting in tragic murder. The entire class very much enjoyed the trip (even though it was very hot) and we all enjoyed the presentational acting, audience interaction and the puns and jokes.

Audrey Page - Year 10


On Wednesday the first of November, students in 8G, 8A and 8F visited the Organ Pipes National Park and studied the geological processes that lead to the formation of igneous and sedimentary rocks. 

On our excursion we observed three different geological formations, the tessellated pavement (formed when the lava from volcano melts creating patterns in the rock), the organ pipes ( formed while the lava was cooling cracks formed in the rock), and Rosette rock (formed when a lava pocket/cave was cooled in a spherical formation).

The Organ Pipes are a spectacular example of basaltic columns. Rising up to 20 metre in height, the pipes are up to 1 metre across and are hexagonal in cross section. They are formed when lava flows fill a valley cracking vertically as the lava cools forming basalt and shrinking. Five hundred metres upstream of the Organ Pipes, overhanging the northern bank of the stream, we saw a large outcrop of basalt with a radial array of columns resembling the spokes of a giant wheel called Rosette rock. It was formed by the radial cooling of a pocket of lava, probably in a spherical cave formed from an earlier lava flow. On the valley floor 250 metres upstream of Rosette rock is a basaltic outcrop which has a tiled or mosaic-like appearance. It is another area of columnar basalt called the Tessellated Pavement; but instead of the vertical faces being visible as at the Organ Pipes, the horizontal faces are visible-so you can walk and climb over them. The columns tend to be hexagonal, but many sides of unequal length and there may be from four to eight sides on each column.

We all had a fascinating day exploring the National Park and marvelling at the geology and we also got a chance to complete the Climate Trail which starts at the Organ Pipes carpark and passes a number of checkpoints where we had to make observations and record indicator animal and plant species on our recording sheet as well as make observations of behaviour and different phenophases. This citizen science project is part of an Earthwatch project where climate trails have been created in different rural locations to help scientists build up a picture of how global warming is impacting  animals and plants in different types of ecosystems. The whole day was a great learning experience for all who took part. Thank you to Elaine Rose, Michael Hardiker and Elizabeth Simpson who helped organize the excursion.




  • Year 9's in the gym at lunchtime - Mark Komp
  • Junior animation club in IT3 at lunchtime - Rob Cust
  • Gardening club in the Sustainability Centre at lunchtime - Jak Dunstan
  • Shadowhunters fan club in the library at lunchtime - Naomi Lockwood -Hickey
  • Homework club in the Library after school - Claudia Esquivel
  • Junior School Production (cast) rehearsals in the theatre after School - Emily Unt Wan


  • Year 8's in the gym at lunchtime - Mark Komp
  • Photography club in IT3 at lunchtime - Mustafa Eyiam & Malisa Govori
  • Robotics and Coding Club in the Science Technology Centre at lunchtime - Simon Tyler & Shumaila Paracha
  • Homework club in the Library after school - Claudia Esquivel
  • Debating Club - schedule varies across the year - lunchtime in B11 - Brendan Fry


  • Year 7's in the gym at lunchtime - Mark Komp
  • Tabletop gaming club in C11 at lunchtime - Fiona Schoer
  • Chess club in the Library classroom during lunchtime - Mustafa Eyiam
  • Environment and Sustainability club in the Environmental Science Centre at lunchtime - Michael Hardiker and Michelle Sanders
  • ​Junior animation club in IT3 at lunchtime - Rob Cust
  • ​Junior School Production (backstage crew) rehearsals in the theatre after School - Emily Unt Wan
  • Homework club in the Library after school - Claudia Esquivel


  • Year 11 & 12's in the gym at lunchtime - Mark Komp
  • Caught Read Handed book club in the Library classroom during lunchtime - Emma Pollock
  • Choir in the Music department at lunchtime - Jocelyn Jensen
  • Junior School production rehearsals in the Drama and Music departments after school - Emily Unt Wan and Jocelyn Jensen
  • SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) LGBTIQ+ group in B12 after school - Meaghan Lavelle - Health Promotion Nurse and Malcolm Fretz
  • Homework club in the Library after school - Claudia Esquivel


  • Year 1O's in the gym at lunchtime - Mark Komp
  • Marie Curie girls in Science club in the Chemistry room at lunchtime - Jodie O’Connor
  • Glee Club, student singing in the music department at lunchtime - Jocelyn Jenson
  • Come here and say it student spoken word performances in the library during lunchtime as advertised - Emma Pollock



7pm Art show opening 



7pm Junior production opening night - cast 1



7pm Junior production - cast 2



7pm Junior production - cast 1


End of year assemblies for Year 10 & 11

7pm Junior production closing night - cast 2


Pupil free day (Years 7 - 9) - teachers report writing



Year 10 Work Experience



Year 7 & 8 homegroup excursion day



Orientation Day for Year 7 (2018)



End of Year Awards Assemblies for Years 7, 8 and 9



Student Organisation Day - preparation for 2018



End of Year Activities Program



Clean-up Day 

END OF TERM  - 12.00pm Finish






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