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16 December 2016
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Principal's Report

10 Years of Learning


‘Inspiring’ is how I would describe 2016 @ The Lakes. Ten years of learning in an amazing community was peppered with a range of firsts; not bad I would argue. Our unique polo shirts, featuring our school logo, were a hit to start the year and we sincerely thank our long term sponsors and supporters for their interest in this project.


For those new to our school, the leaf represents the river gum, native to the area, with seven protected trees on the Middle Years campus, while the waves represent the waterways throughout our estate. The logo was designed by Andrew Hayley, a designer from St Andrews.


Firsts on Early Years include our amazing playgroup, led by Maria and an awesome group of mums/grandmas, who have relished the opportunity to share, explore and build both curiosity and relationships together.


The Prep discovery program and the "Making Music" group have built community and shared the skills of the super talented staff with our next generation of learners. Thank you Tim and Leah.


A joint project with Merriang SDS to produce an inspiring video, together with the crossover with Mike Larkin, emphasises the dynamic and inclusive learning environment we share. Kitty and Laura M are to be congratulated.


On the Middle Years, the academies continued to grow, while SANE extended into the secondary program for the first time. The MAD dance troupe represented our State at Nationals and SANE collaborated with Scienceworks to present our drone project at an international conference.


To preserve our past and continue to create a tradition, honour boards where launched to recognise a range of sporting achievements. These will be displayed in the new cabinets in the gym.  Boards, recognizing our original staff members and our staff 10 years on, were also unveiled.


My personal highlight was the magnificent whole school production "From Little Things Bigger Things Grow - a Ten Year Tale".  While sharing many significant events and highlights of our journey to date, it was an absolute reflection of the quality learning community we have - not a village but truly a ‘ginormous’ family’ where everyone works together", to quote from one of the songs. As for the Auslan Signing team – sensational.


I am humbled and proud to have the privilege to be the "big chief", the “boss”, the educational leader of The Lakes.  I urge you to take the time to listen to the lyrics of our songs - they very much tell the tale of the roller coaster journey from 2007 till now.


My professional highlight was when my manager shared with me the fact that the students at The Lakes’ growth rate in reading and writing has outperformed any other school in the City of Whittlesea. This is the best validation we can have that the model of learning used in our school is working. To have such validation at this level confirms and celebrates the teaching, the opportunities created and the empowering of our students to be curious and creative while accepting the challenges to aim high, take risks and dream big.


In closing, I would like to acknowledge my incredible team, Bill, Warren and Chris, for their unwavering belief and commitment to our community, our wonderful support staff, teachers, families and students who all make each day an exciting and challenging adventure.


Please enjoy the well earned break, be safe and return to us kicking the 2017 year off with a birthday celebration - cake, balloons and a family picnic/ BBQ on Friday, 3rd February.


Your Principal



Year Prep

Term one

The Preps have had a fantastic start to the year and have really settled well into The Lakes. It has been fantastic watching the Preps make new friends and learn new things.

This term in Maths, the Prep students have been learning about numbers to 20 and 2D shapes. When we learnt about shapes we went on a shape hunt to find shapes in our environment. We also used our bodies to make shapes and discussed how many sides’ shapes have and what they look like. We have also been learning about patterns and using a range of concrete and electronic materials. With our IPADS we have been able to create different patterns, using colours, numbers and letters. We have used Apps such as ‘Pattern Shapes’ and ‘Magnetic ABC’ to create different patterns.

In Literacy we have been focusing on learning our Oxford Words and our letters of the alphabet. Each week we focus on a new letter and word. This term we also began our Language Experience Program where we learn new vocabulary linked to our letter of the week. We complete hands on activities that also link to our letter. So far in the program we have made toast (Tt), ice fossils (Ii), noodle necklaces (Nn) and paper planes (Pp). We look forward to continuing our Language Experience Program in Term 2.

Here is what some of the Preps students had to say about our Language Experience Program:

“I liked finding the fossils because you get to turn them into ice” -Xavier Kelly (Prep A)

“I loved making paper planes because we got to fly them outside”- Tanya Sharma (Prep B)

“I liked trying to break the fossil in the ice and learning about the letter of the week”- Tye Vanek (Prep C)


Term Two

Term two was a long term and the Preps have done an excellent job with their learning. The preps have continued to make new friendships and engage in new learning experiences.

In Literacy we have continued learning about our letters and letter sounds. This is assisting the students in their writing and reading as they are learning to sound out unfamiliar words. Term 2 has also allowed the preps to participate in more language experience lessons. This term we have grown grass (letter G), made dinosaur fossils (letter D), created orange paintings (letter O), made bouncy balls (letter B) and made magnets (letter M).

In Maths during term 2 the students have been developing their knowledge of place value, understanding how ten’s and one’s make up a number. The preps have been using lots of hands on materials to learn about numbers, including unifix blocks and icy pole sticks for bundling.

The Preps have had lots of exciting events this term. We began our dance rehearsals for the school production where we will be acorns. In Inquiry we have be learning about people who help us in our community; we had a visit from the CFA and the responsible pet program. We also had a visit from Kobe the guide dog in training who was kindly brought in by the Zadoroznyj family. Towards the end of term 2 we also had a dentist visit from Swati who taught us all about being a dentist and our oral health.

This term we have continued to further develop our skills using our ipads. The Preps love to use ‘eggy words’ on their ipads which is assisting them to learn their oxford words. To enhance our learning of place value in maths we have also been using the ‘bead frame’ app to show up how to represent our ten’s and one’s.


Term Three


This term has been very eventful for the Preps as we celebrated our 100 Days of Learning. To celebrate the Preps wore their crowns and had a breakfast together which was assisted by our parent helpers. We also did a fun activity with our buddies and ended the day with a disco and some cupcakes.

We also had a few visits from the Kinder children from across the road who joined us for Book Week. Our Preps took on the role of the big buddy to assist the Kinder children with their ‘Three Little Pigs’ activities, it really showed how the Preps can show our School Value of Teamwork.

We continued with our Language Experience lessons this term and made many new and exciting things which related to our letter of the week. We made x-rays (Xx), zebra masks (Zz), under water artwork (Uu), vegetable soup (Vv), kites (Kk), leaf collages (Ll), cardboard robots (Rr) and jelly (Jj). This is a great way for the students to engage in discussions with their peers about previous knowledge and experiences about the topics.

In term 3 the Preps have been learning lots of new things on their iPads, they have developed new skills which will assist them with using their iPads to scaffold their learning. They began by learning how to search and save images on the iPads. Once they had this skill they were able to use those images to present their learning in an ebook using the ‘Book Creator’ app. The Preps worked with their year 4 buddies to create a book about Olympic events and presented them to the year level.

To further celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics the Preps held their very own ‘Mini Olympics’. The Preps learned lots about the Olympics in our Maths sessions and during Inquiry. They made their own medals and watched some of the events. To participate in the ‘Mini Olympics’ all the Preps made a country flag to carry as they walked into the ‘Opening Ceremony’. The Preps worked in their teams of different countries to participate in different events. It was lots of fun and all the Preps received a medal at the end of the day.

In Maths for term 3 the Preps have been learning about addition and how to ‘count on’. They have learnt that two numbers together makes a bigger number. We have used many concrete materials to practise using our addition strategies and have done many games to help us learn how to add. We also introduced the topic of money and learned about the motifs on our coins.


Term Four


This has been a very exciting term for the Prep students. They were very excited to go on their first excursion to Animal Land in Diggers Rest. While at the farm, they had the opportunity to milk a cow, ride a pony, feed the ducks, plant a seed and hold some baby animals in the animal nursery. The Preps had been learning all about farms and farm animals during Inquiry this term and it was a great experience for the students to extend their learning by visiting a real working farm.


In Maths, the Preps were introduced to 3D shapes. They learnt their names and about their features. To introduce the topic we went on a shape hunt around the school, looking for 3D shapes in the environment. The Preps walked around and took pictures on their ipads, as they looked for cubes, cylinders, rectangular prisms, spheres and pyramids. They continued to revise all Maths topics learnt this year, including addition, subtraction, place value, location, time and shape.


In Literacy this term, the Preps learnt their double letter phonograms to assist them in both reading and writing. They continued learn new reading and writing strategies. Their excellent farm recounts were a great example of this learning.


The Preps continued to learn new skills using their iPads in Term 4. They learnt how to use Book Creator to present work. This term they began to use Showbie. Showbie is App that allows students to submit work to their teacher and their work can be shared with the class. Some Prep students entered a video competition where they were required to make a video about what their super power was if they were a Superhero. They recorded their videos with their buddies and then submitted their work onto Showbie. The Preps did an excellent job with their videos and created some very special superheros.

Some of the Preps have shared their favourite parts of their year in Prep:


“I liked making the paper airplanes because I like airplanes and we had time to fly them outside”- Adrian I (Prep A)


“I loved making Yummy Yoghurts when we learnt about the letter Y because I love yoghurt”- Donny W (Prep B)


“My favourite thing was learning about numbers in Maths because I like knowing things about numbers”- Sienna W (Prep C)


“I loved when we went to the Farm because we got to feed the animals and sometimes pick them up, and I love animals”- Ashlee T (Prep B)


“I liked going to the Farm because it was fun and we got to see all of the baby animals, like pigs, rabbits and ducks”- Mannat (Prep C)


Well done to all our Prep students on a fantastic year! The students have shown such growth and we wish them all the best of luck in 2017!


The Prep Teachers


Year One

Term One


Edendale Farm Excursion

On Friday I went to Edendale Farm.  Firstly I went on the bus and I sat next to Salena.  It was fun.

Secondly I went around the farm getting to know everything.  Then we put our bags away and got our brain food.

We learnt about water mini beasts, Eltham Copper Butterflies and how worms work hard making compost for us. Then we had snack and went around the farm to do our activities.  During lunch we watched a video on water quality.

Finally, we caught the bus and went back to school.

by Lidia A



On Friday the 18th of March we went on a Year One excursion to Edendale farm. We went on a bus and I was very excited. A nice lady talked about invertebrates. It’s a scientific word for min beasts. We did three activities.

Firstly we learnt about water mini beasts. We got a container to put the mini beast in with a magnifying glass. Then we got a sheet of paper and we had to identify them.

The second activity was about the Eltham Copper Butterfly. We hear the story of its life cycle and we answered some questions. I was very happy. Then we dressed up as the butterflies life cycle, in the correct order.

Thirdly, we learnt about worms, recycling and compost. We recycled some things in the yellow, red, green and black tubs. We washed our hands and then held some worms.  Then we had to wash our hands again. We talked about what they do and how they are important in our life.

Finally we had to hop on the bus and go back to school.

by Jun O



On Friday we went on a year one excursion to Edendale farm. Firstly we went to Tim. With Tim we had to have a magnifying glass and a little cup.  We also had a piece of paper that had all the mini beast on them. We had to get the cup and put it into the tub of water and find the mini beast. Some were back swimmers and other mini beasts.

Next we did the Eltham Copper Butterfly. We dressed up in the life cyle of the butterfly.  Then we had to get into the correct order.

Lastly we went to a lady and she talked about invertebrates. This was really good.

Then we caught the bus back to school.

by Stephanie K


Term Two


Coopers Settlement Excursion

On Friday I went to Bundoora Farm Heritage Village. I learnt about the olden day farm. I went to the olden day school then we pretended we were horses. We ate our brain food. Then we did a dance. Then we ate snack. We looked at the printing machine. We went to the old barn. We walked back to get our bags then we went back on the bus to school.

by Jack T



On Friday I went on a bust to the Herritage Village. When I got there we did four activities and the activities were throwing horse shoe and the other activity was bowling. The next activitiy was the olden day house. At the olden day house we had to find three olden day things. The three olden day things was a music player. The next things was a fridge and the next thing was a fire place. We found all the things. Then we went to the olden day school and the girls had to go in first. We had a piece of paper and it had pluses. We went to our school and we went home and I had a fun day.

by Jaydyn H


On Friday I went to Bundoora Farm Heritage Village. I saw an olden day school. When we got there I was happy. It was so much fun. At the end of the day I felt excited. My favourite part was the paper machines. 

by Sierra T


Semester One

Student Reflections

During Semester one we had our first six months of school. We love being in Grade 1 because we learnt time and more new things. In literacy I learnt how to write neat and good too. In Inquiry I learnt Past and Present at Bundoora Farm and we went to Edendale Farm. In maths I love playing on my ipad because I learnt how to play on Targeting Maths and I like it too. In Literacy I love writing stories. In Inquiry I love minibeasts. I love minibeasts because I learnt about lots of new insects.

By Dona P



During Semester one, we had our first six months of school. We loved being in Grade 1 because we learnt lots of new things. In maths I learnt measurement. I liked this because it makes me smart. In literacy I learnt writing. I liked this because it gives me energy. In inquiry I liked the past and present. I liked this because it gives me energy too.

By Milana S

Term Three

Year One Dinner 


Last Thursday night all of the Year Ones had a special event. It was the Year One dinner! Firstly our parents dropped us off and signed us in. Then we went off to find our place mat until the teachers offered us a beverage. Following that we had pizza. I had hawaiin and chicken and then we had a banana. After that we ate chocolate ice-cream. Then we played pass the parcel. There were lollipops in the parcel. Then we had a dance party. Then we went home.

by Angus H


Science day


On Wednesday morning I learnt about science and I learnt abuot natural and man made. The first activity, we went outside to look for natural and man-made materials. And then we came inside and made an animal. I made a fish.

by Lucas K


In the morning, when 1B finished the roll, the grade 6's people came. And we learned about man made and antural materials. Then we did a scavenger hunt for some materials. Then we packed them all up. After that we washed hands.

by Milana S 


Term Four

Student Reflections

"I like playing with my friends in Year One. I liked going to the swimming carnival because I like swimming. I liked going to the farm because I liked seeing the animals" Chloe


"I enjoyed going to the swimming carnival this year. I liked running at the athletics carnival because we got ribbons and I won the race (out of all the girls)"

Jaydyn H


"We got to do some things with our teachers in year one. I liked doing word searches and colouring in sheets"



"I learned to not be shy to people that you don’t know and say yes you can play with me. I like making recounts and stories and I like my teachers"

Sierra T


"I like doing PE like playing tiggy. I like playing the instruments in music"



"I like writing stories in literacy. I like art when we paint"



"I like doing art. In art I liked making the clay cups. I liked when we went to the swimming carnival. At the swimming carnival I liked going to the pool"



"I liked colouring in in Art. I liked the Mini-beast incursions when we tried to grab the water minibeast"



"I liked writing. I liked playing with my friends outside and dancing with my friends. I like reading to people. I liked going to the farm on excursion. We got to see animals that live in wet places. I liked the swimming carnival"



"I liked writing in Literacy. I liked going to Bundoora Farm. I liked all the animals. I like maths. I like all the different things that you learn like different numbers"



"I liked writing recounts about the weekend and writing stories about narratives. Learning how to write neatly. I like going to the farm with the minibeasts. I liked the year one dinner with the pizza"



"I love going to maths and learning about addition. I liked going on the excursion to the swimming carnival"



"I like PE. I liked going on the excursions. I liked swimming in the swimming carnival because I like water. I like literacy and maths . I like doing activities and I like going to assembly and I like the fun bits of the school – the playground and stuff"



"I liked the Year one dinner. I liked eating the pizza. I liked going to the farm. I got to see a lot of olden day things"



"I liked the swimming carnival and the dinner. About the swimming carnival, I really liked the activities. For the dinner, I really liked when we played pass the parcel"



"I liked the swimming carnival. I liked when we were swimming and doing activities. I liked the farm when we saw all the animals"



"I like when we go on excursions. I liked when we went to the farm and fed the horses. I liked the year one dinner when we were dancing"



Year Two

Term One

The Year 2’s have had a busy start to the school year, beginning with the appointment of our 2 SRC representatives. Benjamin C and Olivia T were both selected by their peers as exceptional leaders and representatives for the year 2 cohort.  Over the course of the term the students have been learning about how different things grow.


“We planted some broad beans and watched them grow. We wrote a journal to see how they changed. It was really fascinating.”

Ben A


“My favourite part of term was setting our goals. Now I know what I want to learn about for the rest of the year, and hope the balloons carry us away!!”



We celebrated cultural diversity week by sharing our family’s culture from around the globe. Some students wore their cultural dress and created presentations for us to enjoy their diversity.


It has been a fantastic start to the year and we are looking forward to more  days of friendship, fun and of course learning.


Term Two

During Term 2 we did lots of interesting things. In literacy we learnt how to write fairy tales. I really liked it because we could write about anything we wanted. In maths we got to use some new apps. My favourite is Targeting Maths, because it has cool games that tests what we have learnt. We have also been using Showbie for our work. Next term I can’t wait for to go on our excursion to Science works.

by Ben A.


Term 2 was really really fun. In inquiry we learnt about different forces like push and pull. We were very luck to have some of the S.A.N.E kids and Marcus who come down from MY to helps us do an experiment. That showed us how we could make a object that pushes and pulls when your press a button. It was lots of fun.

by Tristin Lee T.

Term Three

The Year 2’s have had an extremely busy term. In literacy we started to write different types of poetry. From Haiku to Couplets, Diamante to Colour, each and every student produced some fantastic pieces of work.

Looking back on Term 3, it seemed to have a science theme. Early in the term we were joined by the year 3’s and Young Einstein’s to learn all about science. The students shared their knowledge about smell, taste, force and many other different theories. A highlight would have to be Liam’s balloon rockets, which almost blasted off into space. Soon after came Science Works where we travelled by bus to see many different exhibits. The students learnt all about the Olympics, what our planet will look like in the future and how things worked in the past. They couldn’t believe it, NO iPhones or iPads! A crowd favourite was definitely the sprinting challenge, running against Cathy Freeman. Once again, the kids certainly tired the teachers out.   


It has been amazing term and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.


Term Four

Wow, what a busy Term 4 the Year 2 cohort has had.


Starting off with the production, the team worked very hard to learn their frogs dance. Fun fact – the frogs represented the many babies The Lakes staff have produced since 2007. The kids looked amazing and did an outstanding job on each night. It’s safe to say we may have some future performing stars in our group.


Next came a sad/happy moment as we said goodbye to the wonderful Claire. She was overwhelmed by comments and videos made by the children and was sad to see us go. Lucky for us we had Ines to step in for an easy transition.


Following came the highlight of the year for some kids, the Year 2 Sleepover. A fantastic opportunity for the parents to have a good nights sleep! The kids shared in some outdoor games, a funky disco and supper before attempting to settle into bed for a movie. For what seemed like 2 hours later for the teachers the kids were up and ready for breakfast. Once again, the kids showed their outstanding social development and maturity for 2016.


Last was our Westgarthtown excursion where the students explored the local area of Thomastown. They learnt all about the development of the town in 1856 and studied the local cemetery. Students were stunned by the differences of life back then compared to now. I heard a student ask “Where is the Xbox?”


It has been a wonderful year for our kids and the teachers cannot be prouder of how you have blossomed. Have a great holiday and see you next year.


Liam, Leah, Claire, Ebony, Michelle, Mellissa and Ines.


Year Three 

Term One


This term in Grade 3 we have been working on lots of fun and exciting things.


In Inquiry we have been learning about our community and school gardens. We have been watching lots of clips about school gardens and making worm farms. We have been doing activities on how we can improve our community and how we as individuals can improve our world.


In Literacy we have been introduced to a new website called “Studyladder.” On Study ladder we get to create an avatar and earn spending money by completing our activities the teacher has set for us. You can also earn points to get certificates. We have learned how to write various types of writing, for example, persuasive and narratives.


This term in Maths we have learnt different ways to solve addition (+) and subtraction (-) problems. We have learnt the jump strategy and the split strategy.


This term in Paths our lovely paths kids have been beautiful role models by; showing the values of Learning, Teamwork, Leadership and Respect. We have also been looking at the SWPBS matrix and the most appropriate behaviours for outdoors and indoors.

From Jesse H, Olivia K and Natasha



Term Two

In term 2 we did awesome stuff in Inquiry.

We learned about John Batman, Victoria,

the Gold Rush, ANZAC day and last but not least  Ned Kelly. 

In year 3 term 2 we learned that John Batman wanted to call Melbourne Batmania and he signed a treaty.

Did you know that Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger, killed three police men, stole horses and insulted a man. Ned Kelly was born in 1855 and died in 1880?

Did you know that the year three’s also learned about the Gold Rush?

We learned that Victoria had the second most gold and Ballarat was where people came to search for gold. We also learned what ANZAC stands for. People from the War had to eat ANZAC cookies because ANZAC cookies last longer and poppies are used for remembrance.

Our most favourite activity in inquiry was completing our Ned Kelly WANTED posters.


At the end of Term 2 Literacy we completed some spelling tests, and the Year 3’s had a little joke that one of the girls got expelled because she got 99/100 on her spelling test.

In literacy we also wrote narratives, recounts and created comics about our Polly Woodside excursion.

We also have our reading night Minion Wall which teacher Alex says looks AWESOME (better than the year 4’s)


Year 3 Maths in term two was awesome! We learned telling time, division, time tables and how to count by 3’s, 4’s and more.


We also went on an amazing excursion to Polly Woodside, where we learned about the past.


That’s all on our Year 3 term 2 life!

We can’t wait until term 3!

By Sheena



Term Three


This term in Inquiry we have learnt about solids, liquids and gases. We learnt how gas particles are more spaced apart, liquids have a little more space than solids and solid particles are closer together, that’s why you can’t walk through solids.


We also did experiments about solids and liquids. We did an experiment about oobleck. We had different colors like blue, green, pink/red we also had partners. We went outside and it got stuck on the rocks and we learnt that if it sits in the sun it gets dry.


In Literacy we learnt about the Olympics. We did Olympic reports, a lot of the people did gymnastics. The reports people mostly did were gymnastics, fencing, basketball and water polo. We also added pictures into our information reports to present our work.


In maths we have been learning about shapes, fractions and timetables.

We learnt about how 1 part out of 2 is half in fractions.


We learnt about 3D and 2D shapes this term. Some 3D shapes we learnt about were the sphere, cone, cube, cylinder, triangle prism, rectangle prism and pyramid.

We have also learnt about timetables, we focused on the 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.



On the 31st of August we went to camp. We went to Gundiwindi lodge for three days it took 1 hour. When we got there we got split into cabins. There were 14 cabins. After that we got split into our activity/duty groups, there were 6 groups. Cabin 11 was the biggest cabin. There were 6 activities at camp. They were the flying fox, giant swing, archery, survival skills, nature hunt/trampolines and damper.


At night we had a night walk and camp fire. After that we went to sleep Zzzzzzz. Once everyone woke up we had breakfast. Group 2 had duty group for breakfast. In the afternoon the activities people didn’t do the first day did it the second day.


That night we had a disco and movie and nearly everyone fell asleep in the movie. Then everyone went to their cabins and went to sleep. On the last day we had to get up early then get all our suitcases in the bus and leave. We went to a place with water. After that we went to a playground and played for a bit then we left to go to Lilydale Lake to have lunch. We had a sandwich and a drink, there were so many sandwiches and for the drink there was lemon and raspberry cordial. We also had some fruit, like apples and oranges. Then we headed off to go on a walk.


We walked a long way then we went to a fitness playground. After that we went to the toilets and we went back and ate our muffins (they were choc chip muffins). Next we went on the bus to go home. We got back on the bell and all of our parents were waiting for us (our parents missed us).





Written by Mia F and Matilda N


Term Four


Year Four

Term One


Excursion to “Rethink” Education Centre 

On Monday the 21st of March 2016, the Year 4s went on an excursion to Banyule Rethink Education Centre in Heidelberg. We had to bring a rubbish free lunch and a nice cold drink bottle. It was also very important to bring our hats. We went on a bus called Panorama Coaches.


When we arrived, we went in a door that led us inside the entrance. We went up the stairs and sat in front of the instructor, Douglas. He told us that he was talking way too much and he introduced us to the Material Girls “Polyester and Organza”. They introduced themselves by singing a Recycling song. It was fun to listen to and we all enjoyed the song. The first activity they did was shopping in their own shop. There were two Year 4s from each team and they had to buy materials that could be recycled and reused. They told us it was always best to shop in BULK. The teams were called “Bin Busters” and “Waste Watchers”.


Next we played trivia, one person from Bin Busters came up and one person from Waste Watchers came up. They had a trolley and there was a mini buzzer to answer questions. During the game they showed us a big box chart and all the processes that plastic, glass, steel, paper and aluminium go through in order to be recycled. All the products that shouldn't be in these materials floated to the top and all the products that need to remain in these materials dropped to the bottom. When the trivia finished each contestant got a gift which was a reusable shopping bag.

Ethan's mum also had a big garage sale and she said showed us how you can reuse old things from around the house and make some extra money.


After the trivia we got a chance to go inside the factory and see a big machine called a MRF. It was very dusty and in front of us was the paper separating machine. There were really big bundles with plastic and paper that were stacked up around the factory. There were factory workers that sorted through the materials and took out materials that could not be recycled. Douglas told us that he had found 2 hand guns, a knife, a horse’s head and 2 urns with people ashes in them.


When we went back inside the Material Girls asked one of the teachers to come up and dance with them. We all chose Dave! They showed him some groovy dance moves and Dave followed. The Material Girls asked us to stand up and all join in. Then it was time for the Material Girls to leave and we also left. 


When we arrived back at school, we were exhausted!

The Year 4s watched “The Mighty Ducks” back at school and took some time to relax.


We all enjoyed our excursion.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the exciting day we all had.

Eliza and I had an outstanding day.

If you were there you would agree.


By Eliza & Sara.



Term Two


The Earth and Its Surface


Our names are Piper and Ane and we are going to be talking about our term 2 inquiry topic; Earth and its Surface. We started our topic with watching a documentary about the history of the earth. We took the information that we learnt from the film as well as our own prior knowledge and put it in a KWL chart (know, want to know, and learnt). It was a good way for us to share our ideas with the class and think about which questions we wanted to find the answers to.


Bit by bit we watched the rest of the documentary and began to learn more about the Earth and its Surface. With the knowledge from the documentary we started to investigate the Earth in greater depth and began to do activities about the different layers of the earth and what made them special. We learnt that the Earth is made up of the Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantel and Crust.


We used plasticine to made models of the Earth and its layers. We used red plasticine to represent the inner core, orange for the outer core, yellow for the mantel and brown plasticine for the crust. We were also able to use blue and green plasticine to replicate the oceans and land. Finally we cut a cross section into our model and were able to label each layer of the Earth.


 We also did an experiment where we made our very own sandstone with died sand, water and cementing solution. We put together a chart explaining what happened with our experiment and our observations. We were able to draw pictures and illustrations that described what happened. 


The Year 4 cohort also had an incursion where ‘Star-lab’ came and set up a big dome in the cola. We had to wait our turn to go in. Inside the dome there were projectors set up in the back of the room. It reflected off a plastic shield shaped like the dome which made it seem like you were looking up at the stars. The presenter talked to us able the different types of natural disasters and types of weather. Our favourite part was when they showed us a clip with dinosaurs and the meteor that wiped them out. When we came out we could not stop talking about what happened inside... we were AMAZED!


We made diagrams and illustrations of the few natural disasters that we saw in the dome, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. After that we researched some facts on our iPads that would hopefully be useful in our inquiry books. We watched more documentaries and looked at more diagrams that gave us lots of information, for example did you know that Tsunami is the Japanese word for Harbour Wave? Probably not.


The Year 4 cohort has had a great term and enjoyed learning all the new and interesting information about Earth and its Surface.



Semester Two


Honk Honk! Beeped the bus as we drove to Portsea Camp.  We were incredibly excited to go to the beach. After a boring 2 hour bus ride we finally arrived.


Once we arrived we jumped of the bus and went straight for the hall. We were PUMPED! In the hall, they told us TOO much information for our brains to handle. We were losing it until they announced the cabins. Mia and I were both in the same cabin and we also had Sarah, Hollie, Jessica and Shaylani. We got our bags and ran to cabin 5 to get ready for our first activity.


It was kind of cramped in the cabins, but it was ok. In the cabin we were both on the same bunk. (Abbey on top, Mia on bottom.) Once we got set up, we got ready for our first, which was Beach Game with David. We tiredly walked to the beach with our activity group.

When we got there we all dived into the water. It was really entertaining. After that we went back to the hall for a snack. It was delicious. Then we had our second activity which was Orienteering, so we headed to Simon. We got our maps and started to explore. There was this creepy temple, I was scared of it but we still went into it, it was kind of exciting in the end.


Later that day we had free time, so I just stayed in my cabin and played games. We ate dinner then we started walking to the camp fire to roast MARSHMALLOWS! We both ate around 3 marshmallows. I was full after that and I was also tired. We’d had a very long day, so we went back into our cabins for lights out.

We both had a FANTASTIC time and had so much fun. We couldn’t wait for the next 2 days of camp. Our favourite activity was the beach games.

by Abbey & Mia



BOOM! The light hit me as I went on stage. Oh sorry let me back it up a little, I just got home from school and I was about to get ready, sorry I guess that was a little bit too far. I’ll start from…. Here! I just arrived, I could hear the music and people rehearsing, I couldn’t wait to get on stage.


Night one:

The first night Mia was singing ‘Bare Necessities,’ because she is in the choir. The year 4’s danced to a song called ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson.  Abbey wasn’t here because she is in L-Z and Mia is in A-K. The choir was the second performance of the night. It was really fun and exciting to perform to such a big audience. A while later the year 4’s did their dance, it was so much fun and I had a great time. Our teachers said we ‘Nailed it!’


Night two:

Second night Mia & Abbey are here together, you might be wondering ‘why is Mia here’ it’s because of the choir, the choir is preforming at all 4 performances. Once again, the choir performed their song. It was basically the same thing the L-Z group then got to do there dance which was the same as yesterday. Some of us were lucky enough to perform our Beat it song twice. It was so awesome


Day three:

This time there was 2 performances in one day, but there was no Early Years, it was all Middle Years students, but you guessed it, there was still the choir. This session was in the afternoon, so it was a little bit quitter than the night sessions.


The final night:

The last performance was so exciting, it was our last chance to be up on stage. Kerrie was talking about how far the school has come and how this wasn’t just a story it’s about the school and it’s all a true story. It is our 10th birthday after all, so everyone was feeling pretty proud to be a part of it.

So that’s behind the scenes of the production. It was a lot of fun and you just know that’s the school has been through a lot, but it is better than ever. 

by Mia & Abbey                          

Year Five

Term One


Term 1 Inquiry was packed with fun from start to finish for the year fives! From experiments to a interesting trivia. The term 1 commenced with the interesting topic: space. The year fives did projects such as the orbit of the planets. The topic also lead to physical experiments and watching facinating articles. Overall the year 5 students had a perfect time with this supreme and unique topic.

By Isum M 5C


 AVAILLL Program

In term 1, the year 5 students did a Read-Watch-Write program called AVAILLL. We had to watch a movie with subtitles and do activities such as 48 Hour Film Festival, Match the Meaning, Synonym Search, Word Hunt, Mystery Word and The Last Word where we had to write the last word we saw on the subtitle.  The movies we watched were Meet the Robinsons, Horton hears a Who and Earth The Power of the Planet.  AVAILLL was really educational and fun program!

Sithuli M 5B

Term Two


Science Fair

This term in Year 5 we have had a Science Fair. Our topics were about Earth Space Science and Light Science. We worked on developing Lower, Middle and Higher Order questions and creative presentations across 3 days a week for a whole term. In the process, we had to get into our groups and do some research on our topic and had to do 3 low order questions, 3 middle order question and 3 high order. During all the research we had an Inquiry booklet that we had to fill in. Then we made our little stall. Some people made some experiments. We then got assessed on the night. Everyone did well and answered the questions very clearly.

By Leisha and Caitlin


Athletics Carnival

This term the whole school participated in the annual Athletics Carnival, to receive house points for their house colours (Beachley, Rafter, Evans & Jackson) and to attempt to win the trophy. However for this year, as we are in year five, we had the opportunity to compete in numerous events and were granted with ribbons for our achievements. There were a variety of competitions that students were able to participate in such as Long Jump, Shot put and several running races. At the end of the day, Beachley were awarded the trophy for the completion of the challenge and for showing the School Values. However all the of the other house colours were satisfied with what they had achieved throughout the course of the day.

By Somere G and Isum M


5/6 Sport



At The Lakes P-9 School we had a chance to go into a Netball team. We had some games at our school and some at other schools. It was a fun journey and we all had fun playing netball. We learnt how to pass really well and NOT to step with the ball, and we also learnt how to shoot. We had great time.



This term the 5/6 football team had training on Thursdays and they learnt how to handball, kick and defend. They had a fun time playing football as they won 3 times and are very proud of. They enjoyed learnt new skills and really have progressed over time.



This term, the Year 5's were involved in a one off Volleyball Tournament along with the Year 6's at Marymede. On the day, The Lakes won 3 games and sadly lost one. We had a ball learning new skills and hitting it over the net. We enjoyed participating and playing in this tournament because we love Volleyball. We were so grateful we had this amazing opportunity to represent our school.

By Jessica C and Angelina P


Scienceworks Excursion

This term the Year 5’s went to Scienceworks. Everyone had lots of fun. We saw a whole load of different things and experiments etc. The tilt show was amazing, it was interesting and exciting, it was fun to learn about stars and constellations and what constellations to look for and where, I don't know how many people went home and looked for those constellations but I sure did. We learnt a lot of scientific concepts which were really helpful for our Inquiry Science Fair Project.

By Heather R



Woorabinda Camp

At the start of Term 2, 40 lucky students from Year 4 and Year 5 were selected to go on a trip to Camp Woorabinda. When the 4s and 5s arrived we all got invited to get started. There where so many fun activities such as High ropes course, zip lining Bush walk, canoeing and much much More. It was really exciting and it was a great chance to learn more about the great outdoors, our environment and each other.

By Jack W and Angelique N


Scienceworks Excursion

This term the Year 5’s went to Scienceworks. Everyone had lots of fun. We saw a whole load of different things and experiments etc. The tilt show was amazing, it was interesting and exciting, it was fun to learn about stars and constellations and what constellations to look for and where, I don't know how many people went home and looked for those constellations but I sure did. We learnt a lot of scientific concepts which were really helpful for our Inquiry Science Fair Project.

By Heather R



Term Three

Book Week
Book week was on Friday the 26th of August. In year 5, we all dressed up as characters from famous books such as, Mad Hatter, people in onesies and many more. This was a very fun event that everyone enjoyed it and we all had so much fun. We read a load of books during the week. Some of our favourite books were, Madagascar, Jungle book and Spiderman. We realized that lots of the books are made into movies now which we thought was very interesting.
By Jessica C and Angelique N


The Vietnam Veterans Day
On 18/8/16 Carla Z got the opportunity to participate in the Vietnam Veterans march. She was delighted and was exceedingly excited. In addition, students who participated in the march received a colourful scarf and also received a badge. Carla said "I will always keep these souvenirs to remember the fantastic time I had on the day." The students held huge flags and followed a soldier. There was a vast quantity of spectators. They marched all the way to the memorial hall simultaneously being trailed by the choir and the band. Soon enough they had their final moments in the parade. Overall all the students had a great time, from receiving free food to marching in a momentous parade.
By Isum M 5C


Year 5 Science Week
This Term the Year 5's got the chance to conduct an experiment alongside the year 6's. The year 5's constructed a robotic hand consumed of string and straws. They really enjoyed the experiment and would love to do it again.

On the Thursday of Science week, a selection of Year 5 students (Part of SANE) conducted a variety of basic experiments which were displayed to 3-6 year olds. The Year 5 SANE students had a great time. A select few Year 5's also came to several science activities held simultaneously during lunch time. The year 5's explored interesting experiments in science which was fun and amusing but they also learnt a a lot as well.
By Isum M and Logan G


Asia Pacific Unit
In Year 5 this term we have been learning about special countries in the Asia Pacific Region. With starting our new unit we have been having fun while learning by creating our own maps of the region, making suitcases, passports to sign when we finished exploring a country and much more fun learning. The whole Year 5 cohort have been looking at four different countries of the Asia Pacific Region thus far; 1. Australia, 2. Papua New Guinea, 3. Easter Island and 4. India. We have been investigating their individual cultures and comparing their similarities and differences to each other and Australia.

By Angelina D and Leisha


Athletics District
On the 26th of August 2016 some of the year fives and sixes competed at the Athletics District Carnival. The events were 1500m, 800m, 200m, 100m races. Nearly all of the competitors participated in the races therefore by the end all of them were very exhausted. The other events were high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put and discus. One of the boys who competed in the shot put event got 10 meters long.
When the grade five and sixes entered the stadium they felt very scared and nervous but luckily they were having positive thoughts. The Lakes didn’t came first [we came 6th] but they came top 10. But at least they competed for the school and had a pretty great time when they came back!!!

By Harris M & Reech D



Year 5/6 Craft


Term Four


MAD Visits Mill Park Lakes Pre School
On November 15th the MAD (Music and Dance) Academy went to the Mill Park Lakes Pre School and performed 5 songs including; Let it go, Fight song, Count us in (Let it play), Break free and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We had so much fun! Lots of us saw our old teachers and we were so excited that they remembered us. The little kids knew some of our songs and sang along. Everyone had a great time and we made a lot of memories that day.

By Jessica C & Caitlin G


During the course of Term 4, the year 5's have been taught how to write Information Reports. Students were originally taught the structure and the content of the writing piece. From then we were given the freedom of choosing our own topic. After a few practice pieces, the 5's completed an assessment, which they were training for. Overall, the Year 5's were elated to have the opportunity to 'sharpen' their skills in this writing style.

In addition to the Information Report project, Elise's Literacy group (5B) were lucky enough to present an Information Report to the Year 2's in groups. The students were required to use sutible language which could be understood by the Year 2's. They also had to construct a PowerPoint which would boost the value of their presentation overall.
By Isum M & Zak N


Science Fair
On 23rd of November, students showcased their work to the community at the after school Science Fair. Students explained their projects to other students and parents during the night. Year 5 SANE (Science And Nothing Else) presented their Science Busking (quick) experiments to the community. Some of the experiments included Skewer through a Balloon, Human Origami and many more. The students also got the opportunity to view other experiments as well. Overall, the night was a great success, with many people learning a lot.
By Isum M, Logan G & Jonno D


ITS (International Transportation System) World Congress
In Term 4, SANE (Science And Nothing Else) went to the ITS World Congress in the city. At the ITS World Congress, world international leaders of transportation met together to discuss ideas. SANE presented their project (a robot city) to inspire people. The robot city consisted of lego robots which drove around the city, (constructed by the students) safely and efficiently. In addition, Lego Drones were used to add value to our project. The students also got to roam around the exhibition and explore what other schools and companies had achieved. They even received many souvenirs! At the end of the day, SANE students had gained a vast quantity of knowledge and had also enjoyed the once in a lifetime experience.
By Isum M, Logan G & Jonno D


MAD Matilda Excursion
This term the Grade 5 MAD Academy students went to see Matilda the musical.
It was a great experience! We caught a train to the busy Melbourne city. When we arrived at federation square, to eat our snack we got attacked by seagulls. We then moved to the State Library front yard to eat our lunch. After we finished eating, we went for a nice long tiring walk around the city until we got to the majesty's theatre. When we walked into the lobby area we were able to buy merchandise. After a long thirty minute wait we were able to show the man our tickets and walk inside. The show went for a long 2 hours and 13 minutes including intermission. Matilda the musical was a great performance and we had the best time!
By Heather, Adrian & Angelina


Inquiry + Asia Pacific Unit
In Year 5 this Term we have been learning about the countries in the Asia Pacific and have previously started a project on a country of our choice. In our project we have had to include different resources to help answer our key question surrounding our individual Asia Pacific country. We have also had to create a poster or visual presentation using ICT to demonstrate our learning of the cultures of the Asia Pacific Region and how they connect us here in Australia.
By Somere G


5/6 Cricket

On the 28th of October the Grade 5 and 6 Cricket teams went to Marymede to compete in a Cricket Tournament with six other schools. Andy coached the Year 6’s and Josh coached the Year 5’s. The year fives played four games one against Hazel Glen, one against Morang South and two different Marymede teams. The Lakes won against Hazel Glen and Morang South and lost to two Marymede teams finishing 3rd. Even though we didn’t win, the teams had a lot of fun.

By Reech D


Year Six

Term One


In term 1 the year 6 students have studies the film text ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ using several different strategies, with a focus on setting, plot and film techniques. Students had to write a detailed character profile and provide evidence of different film techniques used to develop character.  



In Maths the students worked on Number and Algebra looking at different strategies in the four operations. They also explored different number patterns and being able to explain a rule to continue a pattern. The principles factors and multiples were revised and practiced through a variety of number games and challenges.



Our Inquiry unit in term 1 was 'Five Mile Creek’ Students used a range of different skills linking to curriculum areas including Economics, Geography, Maths and English. It involved the students becoming town planners who are in charge of planning a new estate in Five Mile Creek. The students also took on a character within the town and were randomly assigned a set of life ‘situations’ (job, family, assets). They then had to go through the process of applying for a loan to buy a house in their estate in Five Mile Creek, design that home and furnish/decorate their homes.

The students presented all their work from Five Mile Creek at our celebration night at the end of the term 1. They all did a fantastic job of explaining their work and playing the role of their characters.


Term Two



In Maths students have worked on fractions looking at equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fraction. Students have also explored the topic of shape looking at what makes a pyramid and prism. The students used their iPads to create some great films about shapes around our school and to also explain different parts of a 3D shape.



Our Inquiry unit in term 2 was History and Ports.

Students used a range of research skills to explore why Australia Federated and how this has had an effect on Australia.

Term Three

Term 3 has been a wonderful success for the grade 6’s. We have able to learn many things during very creative sessions. Some of the major projects we have participated in are the Potato Olympics and the News Broadcast.


As the Rio Olympics stormed ahead, the Year 6’s have had some festive fun by running their own Olympics. Students were able to choose their own potato and decorate it to their own taste and decide which country they wanted to represent. Some of the activities included were long jump, golf, cross country and synchronised swimming. We ended this brilliant project with a closing ceremony on the same day as the Rio Olympics closing ceremony.


In English this term, the grade 6’s have been developing their skills by writing news articles. Their knowledge of the structure of a news report, has been tested in a group project of making a news broadcast. Students had to take on multiple roles such as news reader, director and teleprompter to complete this challenging task. Students were able to produce some amazing results.


The focus of this terms Science Unit has been Chemistry. Students have participated in fun experiments such as the milk and detergent experiment. We also learnt about different types of energy like thermal, chemical, nuclear, electrical and kinetic energy. Students participated in alternating sessions between theory and lab experiments.


Term 3 has been and overall awesome term for the Grade 6’s and we have had many opportunities to learn multiple things. This term has definitely been very educating and enjoyable.

By Angela R and Amaya L


Term Four

The grade six cohort have had a wonderful term four. It's been jam packed with
learning as the students prepared or grade seven. The students participated in
many enjoyable projects like Science Fair, the Boy Overboard project and making
our own family feud.
This terms English focus has been a series of assessment tasks relating to the
book Boy Overboard which is written by the famous author Morris Gleitzman .
These assessment tasks consisted of character profiles, news reports,
comparisons and descriptions. All students were able to produce amazing work to
high standards. Some selected students were chosen to trial write an essay to
compare with year seven standards.
In Inquiry this term Grade sixes have focused on electricity and energy conversion.
The Science fair was held on Tuesday 22nd of November and the grade 6 students
presented their creative projects. The aim of this project was to show that electricity
can be formed by converting and transforming energy.
Another main project that the Grade sixes have worked on is making their own
family feud games in Maths. Students were put into small groups and they
surveyed various year levels. We used the data collected to figure out the most
popular answers which would then be the top answers for the game.
All in all, Term 4 has been a blast for the Grade sixes. It has been a wonderful end
to the year with Term 4 being one of the best. All students have now been prepared
to enter high school next year.
By Amaya &  Angela


Year Seven

Term One

Life in year 7 

The first term of 2016 has gone fast. We’ve done so many things in various topics that have been interesting. In English, we have been reading the book Holes and when we finished reading it, we got to watch the movie. Our teachers are Laura, Sam and Michael. In Humanities, we have been learning about Ancient China, Rome, Greece and Egypt. Our teachers are Cam, Dane and Laura. In Maths, we have been learning about various topics from subtracting negative numbers to Cartesian planes. Our teachers are Helen, Jose and Moe. Our Home Group teachers are Shannon, Dani, Paul, Laura, Craig and Vanessa. For the first term we had the choice of trying out for sport. The sports for this term were volleyball-girls and boys, cricket-boys and baseball-boys. We also had the choice of running for SRC and the year level voted for Ryan and myself to represent them. This year we are the biggest year 7 group ever. That meant that some of us had to share lockers, but in the end it was worth it as we got new big lockers. This term we had a lot of fun and we have made some new friends.

-Nicolette B 7A

Term Two

What Year 7 has been up to in Term 2….


Science Expo
On Tuesday 14th June, year 5-9 Science students participated in The Lakes’ first Science Expo celebration of learning evening. It was a great success with many investigations on display and lots of friends and family members along to support. This is a quote from one happy Year 7 Science student:
“For my assessment, I tested what effect bicarbonate of soda has on different liquids. I tested vinegar, milk, Cola and water. It was fun! When mixed with the vinegar, it fizzed everywhere. The milk, Cola and water did nothing but it was still interesting to test different conditions. I enjoyed the Expo Evening when I demonstrated my experiment in front of parents because everyone clapped and laughed and had a good time!”


Athletics Carnival

“On Athletics Day this term, students from Year 7 at The Lakes participated in lots of events and they also collaborated with others to show team spirit whilst cheering on their peers. Students made a great effort to appear dressed in their House colours. Overall, the winner of the House Cup was Beachley, with everyone else still going home from a fun and enjoyable day.”
-Tinese and Danielle, 7A



50 students from year 7 eagerly travelled to the Yarra Ranges to attend the Forest Edge Camp this term for 3 days. The students were met with a scene of tranquillity where they were able to enjoy nature at its best whilst participating in activities such as the flying fox, ropes course, hut building and bush walks. The students were able to build on their teamwork and social skills by stepping out of their comfort zones, making many lifelong friendships and bonds. Thanks to all of our teachers who made the camp possible!






During Term 2, Year 7 students worked enthusiastically on their Soma Cube Project. The project involved many different aspects of geometry including three dimensional thinking, isometric drawing using both digital technologies and manual drawing, and of course the fun part, hands on modelling and building of their own Soma Cube.


Our students also learnt about the history of the Soma Cube and why this amazing puzzle is so famous. The Soma Cube was invented by Piet Hein in 1936 in Denmark. He was listening to a lecture on quantum physics when the speaker talked about slicing up space into cubes.


Hein then thought about all the irregular shapes that could be formed by combining no more than four cubes, all the same size and joined at their faces. In his head he figured out what these would be and that it would take 27 cubes to build them all. From there he showed that the pieces could form a 3x3x3 cube.


Not only does this project sharpen students’ visual perception and spatial thinking skills which are very useful attributes for a mathematician, but our Year 7 students also enjoyed challenging each other as they eagerly competed to see who could assemble the Soma Cube the quickest. There are at least 200 distinct solutions to this task, with some students able to assemble the Soma Cube in record time of 12 seconds, even with their eyes closed!


Term Three

Year 7 Food Class


Term Four

It’s been a busy term 4 for Year 7. The Science students worked hard to complete their investigation projects and were proud to display them at the popular and well received Science Fair Evening. We were so proud of the standard of projects and communication the Year 7’s shared with our community members.


A few words from our students…

The year 7 Fast Track team have had an amazing term, participating in Spin Fit for three weeks, doing exercise on the exercise bikes. In our Thursday morning sessions, we went to YMCA for high intensity classes and yoga. We also had a trip to the Victorian Institute of Sport. We do gym sessions on a Monday afternoon where we have our own gym program.

By Jack & Clayton, 7B


On Thursday 1st December, 35 year 7’s went to the school Swimming Carnival. I came 1st in Freestyle, 2nd in Breaststroke, 2nd in the relay and 4th in backstroke. The day was very exciting for all teams and the Year 7’s did really well.

By Bradley, 7A


The Production of 2016 was a huge success. There were three main cast members from Year 7 (Haylee K, Jaden L and Nicky P), Nicolette B on backstage and five dancers (Emily G 7A, Lilli F, Kaitlin K, Phoebe P and Natasha E). We had a great time getting to know students from other year levels and hang out with them!

By Jaden, 7A



Fast Track - Sports Academy

Term One


Students completed a variety of fitness testing including beep test, speed, agility and strength testing. As well us completing a variety of fitness sessions students also focused on invasion games and understanding the key principles and how they relate to their chosen sport. In the before school sessions students how to use the fitness gym safely and participated in a variety of fitness training activities.

Term Two

Students had a focus on increasing their aerobic fitness in order to not only improve their sport performance but to also compete in cross country. We had some excellent results with Taj, P, Finnen H, Nathan D, Josh C and Jack H making it through to NMR.

Year one Essendon Football Club

Students participated in a nutrition and leadership seminar as well as touring the training facilities and completing a training session with some of the players.

Semester Two


Year 5-9 Fast Track students have been involved in a fantastic program in 2017. Students have participated in a variety of fitness testing throughout the year and have developed their own personal fitness plans. Students attended before and after school sessions and have been provided with specific coaching in skill development and strength and conditioning areas. Students continued to focus on their chosen sport have concentrated on playing a variety invasion sports, striking and fielding games and specialised sport training in basketball or football codes.


Students across year 5-9 have participated in a number of excursions throughout the year including

Year 5 / 6 – Epping Leisure City and the school Cross Country team.

Year 7 – Essendon Football Club “On the Ball” program, Victorian Institute of Sport, Mill Park YMCA, Spin Fit cycling fitness sessions and the school Cross Country team.

Year 8/9 – Melbourne United Basketball clinics, Collingwood Football Clun Leadership Development, Victorian Institute of Sport, Love Me Love You mental health awareness, Mill Park YMCA, Spin Fit cycling and fitness sessions and the school Cross Country team.


Fast Track students were also fortunate to have two Australian Olympic athletes who competed at the Rio games from the Victorian Institute of Sport come and present to year 8/9 Fast Track students. Bronze medalist in Archery Alec Potts and champion weight lifter Simplice Ribouem. The athletes discussed their journey to Rio and the importance of physical preparation, recovery, mental preparation and nutrition.


HPE Year Prep - 9

Term One

First term has come and gone. Throughout we have seen many excel.


On Monday 15th of February, 15 of our Lakes students represented our school at the Bridge Inn District Swimming Carnival. Dane the supervising teacher on the day reported that, it was a hugely successful day with The Lakes finishing 7th overall and 2 students moving onto the next round. The most pleasing aspect of the day was not only all students showing their values but also their willingness to have a go even when at times they were not overly confident. Many times we had students swimming against others well older than them.


A list of students who competed is below as well as some of the results.

Year 4

Charlotte A

Hayley C

Piper C

Sean D

Year 5

Jonathan D

Immogen H (3rd Relay)

Keira H

Ethan M (1st Freestyle, 1st Backstroke, 1st Butterfly, 3rd Medley Relay)

Hailee R (3rd Relay)

Year 6

Jett D (3rd Medley Relay)

Luke H (3rd Freestyle, 3rd Medley Relay)

Taylah H (2nd Freestyle, 1st Backstroke, 1st Butterfly, 2nd Breastroke, 3rd Relay)

Bianca L (3rd Relay)

Isaac P

Lachlan P (3rd Medley Relay)


Congratulations to all of these students for their participation and their excellence in representing the school on the day, and especially to Ethan M and Taylah H who were represented the school at the Northern Metropolitan Region finals also.


Congratulations to Joseph Serra who has been selected in the Victorian under 17 Softball team. We also congratulate our former student Anthony Serra on making the team also. This is a terrific effort from both students and we look forward to seeing them compete at the School Sport Australia National Championships at Waverley, from 1 to 7 May.

On Monday February 29th a group of year 8 students represented The Lakes at the Whittlesea Division Volleyball. Both boys and girls teams finished second on the day. A fantastic achievement as there were 7 teams in both competitions. All students involved were great role models for the school, consistently showing the school values throughout the whole day. A big thank-you to Josiah and Caitlin M of year 9, for their assistance in coaching both teams.


Early Years Physical Education

On Tuesday March 1, our Year 1 and 2 students participated in a hockey clinic session. They were introduced to the fundamental skills involved in the sport, whilst simultaneously learning how to participate in a safe manner. Students were well behaved during the sessions and thoroughly enjoyed the activities.


Interschool Sport- Soccer

Congratulations to the Year 5/6 boys and girls soccer teams who have finished second in their respective competitions after a five week home and away season on Friday mornings this term. Both teams were scheduled to play Marymede in the Grand Final on Friday March 18th. Due to the weather conditions the matches were abandoned and our teams finished in second place. A fantastic effort by both sides to accomplish the finish after excellent performances throughout the competition.


Year 7 Boys Cricket

On Tuesday 15th March, a group of students from year 7 competed against schools from our district. Unfortunately both games ended in loses however the boys represented our school amazingly well.

Neeraj bowled extremely well taking 1-9 off his 3 overs and Dylan C dominated with the bat making 13 not out. All played in the right spirit showing great teamwork. Thank you to Dane for his assistance in coaching the team.


Year 7 Volleyball

The boys finished 2nd overall with fantastic improvements in team work and skill throughout the day. The girls also utilized their teamwork abilities and were able to finish 6th overall. They displayed great commitment to their training and were competitive in all of their matches. Thanks to Jose, Taj and Finnen for their assistance in coaching the teams.


Year 9 Volleyball

On Friday 11th of March the Year 9 volleyball team represented the school and were very competitive and represented The Lakes values all day. The boys won 3, tied 1, lost 1 and came 3rd. The girls had 2 wins, 1 tie, 3 losses and came 4th. The highlights were Sabrina, while being one of the smallest players on the team, proved her spiking to be a hard shot to defend and hitting many winners. Harry was also untouchable for the boys, serving 12 points in a row. Thank you to Marc, Josh and Marcus for their assistance on the day.


The Lakes students from year 7 – 9 represented our school in the Whittlesea District in Baseball, Cricket and Volleyball. All teams were very competitive with year 8 boy’s volleyball making the final. Year 9 boys and girls also finished 3rd in their tournament. Year 8 Baseball won their tournament with some outstanding performances. They progressed to the Northern Metropolitan Region and competed against Macleod and Montmorency. The team had two narrow losses on the day but were very competitive and thanks to Liam for his time and effort with the team.

Term Two

EY After School Sports Program

This term the Early Years After School Sports Program continued with students in Years 3 and 4 participating in clinics based around the sports touch rugby, Australian football and soccer. The students participating in these programs did a fantastic job of learning and developing new skills to enhance their knowledge of these sports.

Congratulations to all students who participated. Next term, students will be participating in basketball, netball and volleyball. Student enrolment in these programs has been outstanding and indicates the motivation our students possess which is an excellent reflection of The Lakes community.


EY Walking Club

This recess club has done fantastic, completing 12 kilometres since beginning in March. The club is designed to engage students in a social, physical activity club during recess on Tuesday to promote physical activity whilst simultaneously providing an inclusive social environment.


5/6 Interschool Sport

A selection of 5/6 students participated in interschool sport. Both our A and B netball sides exemplified fantastic learning and teamwork improving their performance each week. Their skills improved fantastically and as the season went on, their positive results reiterated their development. Our football side also improved week by week with some dominant performances throughout the campaign. They completed the season with consecutive, significant wins which allowed for a positive conclusion to a tough competition. Congratulations to all of these sides for their fantastic effort and amazing evolution throughout the term.


Cross Country

On Tuesday 24th of May, a variety of students from Years 4-9 participated in the cross country event at Bundoora Park. The students, especially the Year 4s, prepared for this event with enthusiasm and excitement. A special congratulations to the following students for placing in the top 10 in their respective age groups and progressing to the Northern Metro Region round which will take place on the 1st of June.

  • Jesse C in Year 4                                  
  • Adrian D in Year 5                                           
  • Asha P in Year 6

All of our students put in thorough preparation, including all of our Fast Track students and we had many finish in the top 20. As a school, we were able to finish 4th in the district which is a fantastic effort from the students that participated on the day.

A special congratulations to Asha and Adrian who progressed to the Northern Region Cross Country phase of competition and represented the school in a fantastic manner. They indicated all of our school values and truly attempted their best amongst fierce competition.


Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to everyone within The Lakes community on an excellent carnival on Thursday May 5th. The day ran smoothly and students were excellent in displaying their competitiveness and support of all participants on the day. Thank you to all the students who assisted with activities on the day, including the Early Years events within the field of the athletics track. A massive thank you and congratulations to Erin for organising the day and dealing with the hectic tasks that need to be completed not only on the day, but in the weeks leading up to the event. Congratulations to Beachley house for winning the Athletics Carnival Cup and displaying the school values throughout the day.


Term Three

Volleyball Clinics

Over the first 3 weeks of this term, our Year 4 students were involved in sessions to enhance their volleyball skills. The specialised coaches have allowed our students to improve their fundamental skills, in an enjoyable and inclusive environment. Congratulations to all students involved on a fantastic effort and attitude within the sessions.


Early Years After School Sport Program

The Early Years After School Sport Program has had excellent participation from our Year 3 and 4 students. Students have explored the skills required within the sports volleyball and basketball and netball over the course of this term. All students have attempted their personal best when engaging in challenging activities within their chosen sport. A special thank you to Clayton from Year 7, Carol from Year 6 and Jake and Tony from Year 8 for their voluntary assistance at the sessions. Congratulations to all involved within the program for their work and great attitude.


Year 4 Hoop time

Friday July 22nd an excited group of our Year 4 students went to represent us at Hoop time at Mill Park basketball stadium. All the teams were really competitive, our rookies won the majority of their games. The All Star girls were competitive losing two of their games by only a handful of points, drawing against the day’s runners up and keeping their opposition scoreless in their two wins.

However, the highlight of the day was our All Star boys who won every game and clinched the title through a 1 point win, with one of players scoring two clutch free throws in the dying seconds to hand us the title.

All of the students represented the school in a fantastic manner, both on and off the court. Thank you to Josh, Dave and Matt for their fantastic coaching and managing of responsibilities on the day.


Semester Two

Sport term 3 and 4

Year 3/4 Hoop Time Basketball State Final

Th team that competed in the State Final in Dandenong yesterday. It is a huge achievement to get to this level in any sport with basketball possibly the most competitive school sport. The team played against schools from Berwick, Sandringham , Ivanhoe and Mooroolbark. Unfortunately we lost each but two of the games were by 3 points or less so the team was very competitive in the hot and humid conditions. The students have learnt quite a lot playing at such a high standard of basketball.


Year 6 Girls Northern Region Basketball and Hoop Time Regional Finals

Our Year 6 girls basketball team represented The Lakes at the Northern Metro Regional Basketball Finals as well as winning the district Hoop Time competition in 2016. This was another terrific effort from our basketball teams.

Friday July 22nd an excited group of our Year 4 students went to represent us at Hooptime at Mill Park basketball stadium. All the teams were really competitive, our rookies won the majority of their games. The All Star girls were really competitive losing two of their games by only 2 points, drawing against the day’s runners up and keeping their opposition scoreless in their two wins.


However, the highlight of the day was our All Star boys who won every game on the day and clinched the title through a 1 point win, with one of players scoring two clutch free throws in the dying seconds to hand us the title.


All of the students represented the school in a fantastic manner, both on and off the court. Thank you to Josh and Dave for their fantastic coaching and managing of responsibilities on the day. Congratulations to our champions below.


Years 7-9 Science

Semester 1 & 2

In science we were working on all types of fun practical projects such as Science Fair, leaning about force and sound as well as learning about the periodic table and all elements. One of my favourite things in science was when we made copper sulphate crystals. Recently in science we have been making parachutes for Santa to use. It was cool to see all the different ideas and designs that everybody came up with. My favourite on had a very big parachute for a very small Santa, so far one has officially saved Santa from the big fall. I have really enjoyed science this year.

By: Jordan Schumann-Cheng


We covered Earth and Space where we learned about the planets and how they orbit. We also learned about the different types of rocks and how they form, we demonstrated this by making biscuits and chocolate crackles in the Food Technology room. We also presented at the Science Fair in November to demonstrate our understanding of the topic we chose. In Year 8, we had the option of studying either Biology or Earth Space Sciences. It was an exciting experience to be involved in the event and also seeing other students with different experiments and topics that we have never known about. We have covered more things in Science like using microscopes and observing cells through the microscope. We got to look at different types of cells. We also did two dissections of a kidney and a heart.

By: Emilija and Chelsea. 


Humanities Year 7-9

Term One


It has been a very busy term 1 for students studying Humanities. We are currently involved in a variety of programs and the students have demonstrated excellent growth in their knowledge.


Year 7  

We have been having a close look at the Ancient Civilisations of Egypt, Greece, China and Rome. Students have learnt about the aspects of these societies that still influence us today and have been amazed at the amount of ideas and items that we can trace back to these civilisations. The students really enjoyed making their own mummies, competing in their own Ancient Greek Olympics and learning about the life of Julius Caesar.


Year 8

The students are in the middle of their Economics unit for the semester. We have learnt about how companies, both large and small, meet the needs and wants of consumers. The students were tasked with creating their own product that they believed there was a high demand for. The Year 8’s are also involved in the Stock Market Game, which is a simulation game involving students from across Australia. They have really enjoyed learning about how the stock market works and buying and selling stocks. This game will continue well into Term 2.


Year 9

Humanities for Year 9 is all about Australian History. We have just completed a unit on colonisation, the treatment of Indigenous Australians, migration and the birth of our nation. We are seeing a clear link to the values and ideas set forth during the birth of our nation our way of life today. Students have completed their first essay for the year and did a fantastic job. We are all very excited about the next phase in Australian History, World War 1.

Term Two


Term 2 has seen some very exciting learning taking place within the Humanities classroom. Students have been studying history, economics and geography.


Year 7

Students moved from the Ancient era to Medieval. We discussed and examined the importance of the European Feudal system and how it plays a role in Australian society today. We looked at the role men, women and children play in Medieval Europe and Japan as well as the importance of religion. Students concluded the term with a research assignment on a chosen aspect of either medieval or ancient life. Students created books that were then shared amongst with the year level.


Year 8

Students completed their Economics unit with a project analysing multinational and local businesses. We then examined the importance of sustainability within the Asia-Pacific region. Students looked at how we can be more sustainable and the impact this has on everyday life.


Year 9

We have continued our Australian History theme with the completion of our World War 1 unit. Students investigated the impact of the war on Australians on the front as well as at home. Students concluded this unit with their semester exam.


Dane, Cam & Laura

7-9 Humanities Team.



Semester Two


On the 18th August 70 students from years 5-9 attended the Vietnam Veterans Day Ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance.

The students played an important role in the ceremony as they led the march of service men and women to the Shrine. Each student was given a scarf as well as an Australian flag to carry. This represented the Australian lives that had been lost during the Vietnam War. 18 Lakes students were selected to form a guard of honour to remember the 18 Australian soldiers who died at the Battle of Long Tan in 1966. This was a wonderful experience for staff and students as it has provided them with a greater understanding of this conflict and its importance in Australian military history.


Year 7-9 English

Term One


It’s been a wonderful term in English. The students have been working hard and so have the teachers. We have welcomed three new staff to the secondary team with Laura Heim teaching two classes in Year 7 English, Annette Spence in Year 8 and Michael Di Ciocco in Years 7, 8 and 9. I’m sure that Renee Short (Year 9) and Sam Goodman (7, 8 and 9) would agree that their new ideas and energy have made a real difference to the way we are teaching and how the students are learning. It’s great to have them on board.


Year 7 English
We have been studying the novel “Holes” and in a short term it has been quite a challenge to get through a 233 page book, but the kids have had a red hot crack at it. It’s the story of a brave, ethical boy punished for a crime he didn’t commit. It deals with themes like growing up, resilience, prejudice and friendship. Our students have been learning about how authors explore important ideas and having a go at doing it themselves. The key is to describe the thoughts and feelings of your characters. Thus, we have them all writing about something they all would have been through; a time when they have been blamed for something when it was not their fault. We have read stories full of evocative adjectives, vital verbs, astounding adverbs, sizzling similes and memorable metaphors.


Year 8 English

In year 8 we introduced a new novel called “Trash” which is a story set in the Philippines. The central characters are young adolescents living in dire poverty, eking out an existence by fossicking through refuse at a garbage dump. They make a discovery that leads them on a dangerous adventure. Our students have enjoyed this tale of poverty, corruption, hope and friendship. It has also given us teachers a new and entertaining text to help develop the logical processes and literacy skills of the kids. They have produced in depth analytical essays about the key ideas of the novel with some very interesting conclusions. It’s all about preparing our students to understand the complex messages that the world will throw at them.


Year 9 English

We have been studying film as text this term in Year 9 with a return to the entertaining and thought provoking film “I-Robot”. It has a great mix of action, special effects and deep philosophical insight into technology, free will and the very nature of existence. The students have lapped it up and their studies have been a mix of the analytical and creative. Our young thinkers have learned how to justify their opinions with detailed evidence and then turned their minds to creating their own science fiction narratives. They have written entertaining stories, using sci-fi settings and characters to explore key ideas like friendship, equality, bullying, acceptance and trust. We may even have some budding writers in our midst.


Term Two


In term 2 we have all been working on poetry with the students. It’s a great way to develop our students’ expressive skills.


Year 7 English

In Year 7 this term we have seen some great work from our students which has been on display around the pod for all to see. We started with the technical side of writing poetry learning about rhythm, meter and rhyme through simple poetic forms like haikus and limericks. By the end of the term the students were producing longer works with several verses. The focus was mainly on students using powerful adjectives and verbs to develop their vocabularies, grammatical expertise and of course their descriptive skills. Their poetry collections explored personal themes like family, pets, their favourite seasons and even serious matters like friendship, bullying and the difficulties of education.


Year 8 English

In year 8, the focus of the student poetry anthologies was their connections to community. Like the year sevens, the students worked hard at developing their descriptive skills. We began with the analysis of some famous poems like “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe and even a rap by Eminem called “The Monster”. It was a fun and interesting way into more complex poetic devices like literary allusion, similes, metaphors, personification, internal rhyme and poetic license, just to name a few. The students faced the challenge of presenting talks analysing the works of famous poets like Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe and even Shakespeare. We then moved onto their poetry anthologies where the year 8s produced some terrific narrative poems, haikus, cinquains and even sonnets. The boys and girls of year 8 worked hard to improve their analytical as well as creative skills.


Year 9 English

Like the year 8s, the year 9 boys and girls had to analyse poems but the challenge was just a little greater. We studied the book “Love Ghosts and Nose Hair” by Steven Herrick which explores themes of family, grief, death, romance and many more. The students had to do oral presentations comparing one of Herrick’s free verse poems with a poem or song lyrics of another writer that explored similar themes. This gave the kids a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how description is used to explore deep ideas and complex issues. Unlike the year 7s and 8s, the year 9 poetry anthology had to explore global ideas that were important to our students. The year 9s produced some really thoughtful pieces on equality, world hunger, terrorism, war and even Donald Trump.


Term Three


It’s been another incredibly busy term for all our junior high school students. We have all been working hard to develop our literacy skills. Indeed, there have been a few times when our students have pointed out spelling and grammar mistakes on the board. A great sign for the kids but no so good for us. Hey, nobody’s perfect! We all make mistakes, just so long as we “PROOF-READ OUT LOUD!!!”


Year 7 English

This term our students have been learning all about Myths and Legends. It has been fascinating as usual, to ponder the reasons why ancient civilizations made up all the stories we know so well, and the stories that we don’t know so well, as well. In modern civilization we often forget how important stories are and we take them for granted. It’s always a pleasure to see the light in the kids’ eyes when they realise that this is the essence of culture! It’s how humankind have passed on its experiences, knowledge, discoveries and in fact, everything we know today. The kids had to investigate a myth, folktale or legend and write a report on its origins and purpose, as well as create their own story that explained a natural phenomenon or that taught a moral lesson. Our students have played a part in creating their own little slice of human culture!


Year 8 English

During Term 3 the Year 8s have been working on increasing their ability to both analyse and utilise persuasive language. The Year 8s began by dissecting various advertisements, learning exactly what techniques writers use to position a particular audience. From here students worked on creating their own advertisements. Many of the students elected to develop not only their English skills but also their digital literacy through the creation of radio advertisements via the computer program Audacity.


After working on creating their own advertisement students considered how persuasive writing could be used not only to sell a product, but also to convince a reader or listener to accept an idea. Students began to analyse language through editorials or opinion pieces on a variety of different contemporary issues.


Students also demonstrated their ability to write persuasively through utilising many of the persuasive techniques that they had learned throughout the term through the creation their own persuasive writing.


Through the refinement of these skills students are now better equipped to critically view different types of media and more accurately discern a speaker or writer’s agenda or intentions. They are also more able to reflect on how the language choices that they use can effect and influence others.


Year 9 English

The Year 9s broke up into their respective English electives this Semester giving them the opportunity to study specific areas of interest. There were two classes of Modern American Literature, one class of Sports Write and one class of Classic Literature.


In Term three the Classic Literature students learned how to explore text and important themes through their study of the novel ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. Our students really enjoyed the novel; we had some fascinating discussions about teenage alienation. It’s no surprise that our students identified with this narrative, even though it’s about an American adolescent in the 1950s. The protagonist of the story Holden Caulfield, faces many of the worries and problems that today’s teens do. No wonder it’s such a popular and enduring work. Our students did some really fine writing during the term. It’s always very gratifying to see our Lakes students growing into young intellectuals.

During Term 3 two English classes studied the elective Modern American Literature. This subject was focused around contemporary and impactful American works and the themes they contained. The text that formed the focus of Term 3 of Modern American Literature was ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins. The students dissected the predominant ideas surrounding the novel such as; what a dystopia is, what makes us human and methods of control. At the end of the unit the students wrote a text response regarding ‘The Hunger Games’ which analysed the characters and themes of the novel.

Sports Write has been an energetic, loud, all-boys class dedicated to the pursuit of understanding literature through the lens of sport. We began the unit reading and writing a range of text types including reports, narratives and transactional texts. Speaking and listening was a big focus as well leading to the creation of some truly memorable commentating moments and informative presentations on a range of sports. The Olympics created an ideal opportunity to look at the hot topic of drugs in sport and we enjoyed combing the Herald Sun daily to collect a range of articles.


Term Four


Year 7 English

This term the Year 7s have been doing some film as text study, watching and analysing “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”. It’s great to see young minds learning all the different ways to make meaning and explore big ideas: shot types, camera angles, editing, music and much more. It’s also a great way for the students to follow on from their study of Myths and Legends and build on their knowledge with a story based on so many of the famous Greek myths that they probably read in Term 3.


Year 8 English

The Year 8s were also studying film as text with an exploration of the science fiction film, “The Maze Runner”. The students studied the way the film uses shot types, camera angles, music, editing and symbolism to explore the important ideas of change, growing up, responsibility, community and leadership. The boys and girls have had a good intellectual workout with both creative and analytical writing tasks. It’s been a fascinating study of a dystopian future. With climate change becoming more and more prominent this sort of future may not be so far-fetched. Well, let’s hope not.


Year 9 English

 In Classic Literature we studied another American classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The students were surprised at what an enjoyable experience it was, although some of the language was challenging and it is quite long for Year 9s. The students explored the key themes of prejudice, justice, courage and integrity. We started doing some research on the life in the 1930s, moving to oral presentations comparing the book to the film, which is one of the very best cinematic adaptations of a novel. The kids finished by writing an essay for their exams, which was probably daunting beforehand, but we did a lot of preparation and many said that it was easier than they had expected. It was a fine way to finish a year of fun learning and hard work.


The two classes studying Modern American Literature considered two films in Term 4, “Life of Pi” directed by Ang Lee and “Big Fish” directed by Tim Burton. The students considered the importance of storytelling in developing relationships and also the dynamic between lies, exaggeration and the truth. After analysing these concepts the students were asked to write a comparative essay on the two films which considered the similarities and differences. After having written a comparative essay the students engaged in exam study and revision to prepare for their end of year English exam which was sat under strict test conditions.


In Term 4 the Sports Write class moved to a text study of the inspirational story of Jim Stynes’ “Walk Tall”. We discussed, debated and dissected the words of this great man and took on board many of his messages about hope, responsibility, choices and resilience. A final expository exam on the themes of the text and we were finished. Well done to all of the boys who have enjoyed this subject this semester, I believe the greatest lesson we have all learnt is that ‘Actions define character’….




Year Nine



Congratulations to the year 9 graduating class of 2016. What a tremendous year it has been! Throughout the year the cohort grew, matured and bonded. They were exposed to many different experiences and opportunities, which they will take with them on their future journey. Congratulations to our wonderful school captains Amanda, Caitlin, Nathan, Josiah and Darcy for being the brilliant leaders that they are, and becoming respectable role models for their peers. Farewell to you all and best of luck in all of your future endeavours. We look forward to hearing all about your experiences!


Outdoor Education Elective

The 2016 Year 9 Outdoor Education elective was hugely successful and enjoyable for all involved. Throughout the semester students were given the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones and try something new. Not only did we do some vital learning within the classroom, including First Aid and Nutrition but the opportunity to get out in the local environment was vital for the students’ development. We were able to provide some unique experiences, including the Trees Adventure High Ropes Course, Wheeltalk incursion and Hardrock Rock Climbing. Well done to all students for their commitment and willingness to test their limits in the great outdoors.


Amazing Authors

Term One

The Amazing Authors are back again in 2016!  This is our second week of Amazing Authors and we are so excited that we have new people in our group and new ideas popping out of everyone’s brains!!!! We are all getting along and working hard as a team.

Maria is the teacher who is leading the Amazing Authors and she writes and tells great stories.  Maria has talked to us about enhancing our writing and working in the “Zone of Proximal Development”.  This zone means we are working at and beyond our expected year levels. Maria is loving all the work she is seeing and she tells us all the time that we are brilliant!


We have talked and shared our ideas about what good writers do. We came up with a list of great story openers and story endings, and we discussed narrative writing and began creating our first writing piece.


We are loving Amazing Authors so far because it is fun and it is giving us unique ideas. We are glad we are all together and we can’t wait for the rest of year.


Katie, Natasha, Maddison, Olivia, Jesse, Alannah (Amazing Authors)


Term Two

My name is Olivia and I am a Year 3 Amazing Author. 


This term in Amazing Authors we have been doing some AMAZING activities. 

We have been working hard to enhance and upgrade our writing.

I have enjoyed doing lots of things but I have mostly enjoyed writing new stories and publishing them in book creator on our iPads.  We wrote a story about a bully that never got into trouble and can I just say it didn’t end well for the bully.

We also did lots of writing sprints to help with our creative ideas and have continued to work on improving our grammar and speech marks in our writing.

Our Amazing Authors BLOG is now up and we have begun posting stories to share.

In Amazing Authors I am mostly looking forward to writing more stories and doing more fun activities.


By Olivia K


Term Three

WOW! Term 3 is nearly over and we have had a great time in Amazing Authors. We have been writing FANTASTIC pieces about Mythical Creatures and incursions we have been having this term.

The Blog has been up and running and our school has been loving all our stories we have been posting. Whenever it’s a rainy day or your just bored come see our AMAZING stories here  Mia, Benita and Eliza have been running the blog. They have been posting stories and editing our OUTRAGEOUS pieces we have done.

We have lately been writing about a Mythical Creature and drawing it. Some people just have amazing minds and think of great ways to set it out. The options were Medusa, Chimera and Manatore. These creatures have been selected by simply grabbing two animals and making them one. We worked on it for about a week. Our Amazing Authors have been really enjoying the work we have done and Maria (the beautiful one who came up with this) has really enjoyed our writing and is very proud.

Sadly, Term 4 is coming our way and we have to learn new things and really make the most of it. One week left and we have to look at our Learning Goals to see if we have achieved them.  Maria always reminds us to work in the “Zone” so we can achieve our best all the time. Our Amazing Authors are very happy to have Maria as our teacher.

By Sara J




Term Four

Amazing Authors Ezine Report

This term, in Amazing Authors we have all been working very hard to get all our work finished before the end of the year. We have written many fiction stories and also some recounts highlighting special events during Term 4.

One of the recounts we have written about was the Fiddlesticks Performance we had at our school. We have completed a range of non-fiction stories including Life on Another Planet, The Wooden Dragon, The Day I Met a Dragon and various adventure stories.

We have all been working very hard to get our stories written up into our books so we can conference with Maria.  When stories are completed we then need to airdrop them to either Maria, Benita, Mia or Eliza (our blog team) so they can get uploaded onto the blog:

The blog team have been working very hard to get all of our writing pieces on the blog. The Blog Team often stay inside at recess and lunch so they can get all of the pieces on the blog. Well done, Benita, Eliza and Mia!

All the Amazing Authors are very pleased with their work and are very proud to have their work on the blog. 

By Charlotte A


Hands on Learning

Term One

Hands on learning has had a busy term one and two so far which resulted with great finished projects that have been outcomes of the each students effort, enthusiasm, team work and love for the hands on tasks.


The students from the Wednesday and Thursday group have successfully finished a number of projects that they are very proud of. The projects that have been completed this year so far include designing their own personal avatar and sorting out the container. The students have sorted out the container by making their own personal bracket that is used to hold all the spare timber as well as designing and building shelves that equipment such as shovels can hang off. 


The Wednesday and Thursday group have both made their own picnic seat with left over timber they found in the container, these turned out fantastic and can be seen outside the hands on learning room. The groups have also built a shadow board each which are almost completed. Most recently the groups are working hard on repairing their billy karts for the big billy kart race against the other hands on learning schools on Wednesday the 22nd.


Hands on learning have been extremely busy over the first half of the year. Brett Phillips the hands on learning teacher is continuing to do a great job at planning, preparing, supporting and teaching each student so that they are aspiring to complete each project and task, with the support from Baseline for young people’s youth worker Jess. 


MAD Dance

Semester One

In the first semester of MAD 2016, we have worked on a wide range of performances and assessments.


In term 1 we began working on our contemporary ad hip-hop troupe dances for the TFT Sports & Events Dancestar competition. We also worked on a themed piece called MAD Circus for song, Dance and Drama Night.


The year 8 students learnt about the human anatomy and used their knowledge to create a structured warm up with a partner. Each pair completed a written plan and ran their warm up during class time in term 2.


The year 9 students worked on creating solo pieces as part of their mid year exam. They had to choose or write a poem and create choreography which expressed the emotion and meaning portrayed in the piece of poetry.


In term 2 both the hip-hop and contemporary troupe made it through to the State finals of the dancestar competition. We used the feedback we received at the preliminary finals to modify and improve our dances for States. The hip-hop troupe finished in 4th place and the contemporary troupe had improved their score by 5 points, placing in first and qualifying for National Championships in Queensland.


The 15 students included in the contemporary troupe will be travelling to Queensland to compete at Nationals on 6th August 2016. We will be running some fundraising events to help us with the cost of flying to Queensland and staying there for 2 nights. We will also have a featured article in the Whittlesea Leader Newspaper.


Written by Natalie S & Tiarnah P (Year 8)


Semester Two


In Term 2, the year 8 & 9 Contemporary Troupe were crowned State Champions at the TFT Dancestar competitions, qualifying for Nationals. Haylee, Erin, Amilia, Naomi, Claudia, Indi, Taleisha, Taneesha, Natalie, Shannon, Megan, Emma, Harry & Kate all travelled to Queensland along with their families, to compete against schools from other states. Darcy, Emily & Ella also came along as their support team! The vibe at Nationals was an extraordinary experience and the dancers looked absolutely beautiful on stage.


In Term 3 & 4 MAD focused on routines for The Lakes 10 year anniversary production. Students from year 5 through to 9 worked tirelessly to learn their lines and routines. The bond grew between students across different year levels and the entire cast and crew worked amazingly together to put on a 4 show masterpiece.


To conclude the MAD year, 5/6 students created their own dances which they performed in front of the MAD music students. Year 8 & 9 students worked on a final piece for the end of year assembly as a tribute to farewell the year 9 dancers.



Inclusion at The Lakes

Film Project with Merriang SDS


In Term 3, the Year 5/6 Media Arts elective group started working with students from Merriang SDS to create a film for their End of Year Performance.  We had to learn how to use the green screen app on the iPads to make the video.  There were different scenes in the film and we had to find backgrounds from the Olympics and the students’ home countries. 


When the Merriang students came to The Lakes, we met them outside and showed them to our classroom.  We introduced ourselves and filmed some scenes in front of the green screen.  The scenes we filmed needed some props, including a soccer ball, drums and flags.  The Merriang students were dressed in soccer jerseys and their traditional costumes. We even got to try a costume on! For the end of the movie, we cut out the letters from the students’ names and used stop motion on the iPads to make the credits.


On 8th December 2016, we went to Plenty Ranges to watch the Merriang students perform.  We saw the video that we made on the big screen at the back of the stage.  We felt very proud and excited to see our video.  We thought the Merriang students did really well in their performance.


During this project, we learned that it doesn’t matter if people have disabilities or if they can’t do everything we can do.  We can still be friends and have fun together.

Ethan M – Year 5 & Josh T – Year 6


Integration with Merriang SDS Preps


For the last two terms me, Michael, Romeo and Sheruni have been working at the SDS. We have been walking and playing with them. I really enjoyed the Sensory Room.

Cassie M – Year 4



Auslan, the language of the Australian Deaf Community, is the Language Other Than English (LOTE) that The Lakes South Morang P-9 School is implementing as part of its curriculum.

It is unique to Australia and does not have a written form. It is a visual and spatial language that has its own grammar and syntax and uses other linguistic elements not found in spoken languages. It is very different to English which is an auditory, verbal and written language. Auslan vocabulary and grammar are greatly dependent on the context of the topic.


Auslan was not invented by any single person, hearing or deaf. Any language, whether spoken or signed, grows and develops spontaneously in response to the communication needs of its users, particularly when it is used by an entire community and in communication between parents and children.


The essentials of Auslan are:

  •           Specific hand shapes, body language and facial expression;
  •           Direction, location, movement and orientation of hands to deliver meaning;
  •           Fingerspelling is used in conjunction with Auslan to manually spell out words that have no equivalent sign, or to spell out the names of places or people. Fingerspelling is also used for emphasis or to clarify a word.


The program is structured to include a section of suggested vocabulary signs linked to each term unit included in the year level’s Scope and Sequence Planner. Teachers plan for the signs they would like to incorporate into their daily program, allowing the teams to develop a culture of authentic communication with both verbal and signed speech.


A set of games and activities is included for each year level to support the introduction and continual practise of the signs and will be extended as more ideas are created and utilised. The program is continually reviewed and modified. Signing can take place any time of the day and in any way appropriate.


Auslan aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure students:

-          communicate in Auslan;

-          understand language, culture and learning and their relationship, and thereby develop an intercultural capability in communication;

-          understand themselves as communicators;,

-          develop a knowledge and an understanding of the diversity of Deaf experience and the nature of identity.


Semester One

In Media this semester students explored many different aspects of the study of Media. They began the year by delving into the history of human communication and demonstrating their ability to research and present information in a way that communicates an effective message.


After looking at the history of media students considered the way that media effects the world both positively and negatively in the society of today. Students explored how men and women are portrayed differently in the media. They also looked at the effect that media can have on the body image of young people.


After studying the modern media students got hands-on experience with utilising the media departments SLR cameras for a unit of photography. The students participated in a local excursion to a nature reserve not far from the school and took photographs of natural and manmade environments. Students learned about camera angles and different contrasts.


Throughout the semester students had the opportunity to photograph various school events such as; cooking classes, dance classes and science experiments. Students learned how to use professional media equipment such as a green screen and Photoshop to edit an image.


Students completed a unit on propaganda and engaged in demonstrating their knowledge through the creation of propaganda for a fictitious nation.

Lastly students had an opportunity to learn how to use storyboards to write short scripts and how to use the video cameras that the media department has to construct short messages.



'From Little Things Bigger Things Grow'

A Tale of 10 Years @ The Lakes


Thank you everyone for your incredible support for the school production. How clever are our Lakes kids. I would like to share a few facts about our Tale of 10 years.
Fact 1.
The tree that occupied centre stage was constructed by Norm our recently retired technology teacher and the many leaves on the branches were produced by the students from P-6. I am told every child contributed and our backstage crew with Andrew, Nat and Annette constructed the final product. This amazing feature will take up residence in the EY Cola where student work will be displayed.

Fact 2.
The script was written by Steph and Shana using the early diaries from our beginning and conducting lots of research about significant events. Marc then wrote the songs to support the script.
Fact 3.
The main characters represent real people The fox is Bill, the deer is Warren, the bear is Chris, the squirrel is Vera and I am the owl. The songs try to pick up the personalities and strengths of our team in supporting our learning community.
Fact 4.
The music for the show was played live by our amazing band - Caleb Year 5 drums, Naomi and Grace Year 8 Saxes, Josiah Year 9  on piano, Ophirah Year 9 (2015) bass, supported by Andrew (drums) Marc (Sax) and Bek ( guitar).  Most people were not aware they were live. Supergroup.

Fact 5.
The football games was based on our successful girls football team who played for the State title at Victoria Park and the whole school went to cheer. Robbie Rabbit and Jackie Rabbit are based on Rob and Jackie from PE.
Fact 6.
The 60 new additions to the tree is a reference to the 60 babies born to our staff since we opened including a few sets of twins and the scene with the wedding represents the many we have celebrated since we began.
Fact 7.
The talent of our students was showcased for all to see and the delight in their faces bringing a tear to many and just how good were our singers, dancers and signers. Simply the best!


Student Reflection


BOOM! The light hit me as I went on stage. Oh sorry let me back it up a little, I just got home from school and I was about to get ready, sorry I guess that was a little bit too far. I’ll start from…. Here! I just arrived, I could hear the music and people rehearsing, I couldn’t wait to get on stage.


Night one:

The first night Mia was singing ‘Bare Necessities,’ because she is in the choir. The year 4’s danced to a song called ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson.  Abbey wasn’t here because she is in L-Z and Mia is in A-K. The choir was the second performance of the night. It was really fun and exciting to perform to such a big audience. A while later the year 4’s did their dance, it was so much fun and I had a great time. Our teachers said we ‘Nailed it!’


Night two:

Second night Mia & Abbey are here together, you might be wondering ‘why is Mia here’ it’s because of the choir, the choir is preforming at all 4 performances. Once again, the choir performed their song. It was basically the same thing the L-Z group then got to do there dance which was the same as yesterday. Some of us were lucky enough to perform our Beat it song twice. It was so awesome


Day three:

This time there was 2 performances in one day, but there was no Early Years, it was all Middle Years students, but you guessed it, there was still the choir. This session was in the afternoon, so it was a little bit quitter than the night sessions.


The final night:

The last performance was so exciting, it was our last chance to be up on stage. Kerrie was talking about how far the school has come and how this wasn’t just a story it’s about the school and it’s all a true story. It is our 10th birthday after all, so everyone was feeling pretty proud to be a part of it.

So that’s behind the scenes of the production. It was a lot of fun and you just know that’s the school has been through a lot, but it is better than ever. 

by Mia & Abbey  (Year 4)    


Tuesday Night

Wednesday night


Thursday Night


Digital Learning

iPad Program


It has been an exciting year for Digital Learning at The Lakes, with the launch of our one to one iPad program.  Students from Prep to Year 9 have been excited to use their iPads to complete learning tasks that would not previously have been possible.  Students have been using the Book Creator app to create interactive digital books, containing text, photographs, videos and drawings, to demonstrate their learning across a range of curricular areas.  They have also enjoyed using apps such as iMovie and Stop Motion Studio to bring their learning to life.  Students use the Showbie app to receive tasks from, and submit completed work to, their teachers. This app has also been great for recording feedback and reflections.


Digital Technologies

This year, we also introduced the new Victorian Digital Technologies Curriculum, with specialist classes running across Years 5-7 and electives in Years 8 and 9.  Students have been using computational thinking to design and create their own apps, websites, animations, games and real-life digital solutions.




Students in the Amazing Authors program have created a wonderful blog to share their writing with a wider audience, using their iPads to publish their work.  Check out their work and leave students a comment here:

Global LYNCs


This year, students in Year 5 have worked with students from a school in South Korea, sharing information and learning more about each other’s countries and cultures.  Students have used their iPads and netbooks to create content to share and have participated in ‘face-to-face’ sessions using Polycom technology.  We have learned lots about school life in South Korea and their traditional songs, dances, sports and foods.


Film Project with Merriang SDS


In Term 3, students in the Year 5/6 Media Arts elective worked with students from Merriang SDS to help them create a music video for their Annual Concert.  The students used their iPads and green screen technology to create the video, which was shown on the massive screen at the Plenty Ranges theatre.  We were so proud of our students who actively demonstrated The Lakes Values during this project.


Disability Awareness Week Film Competition


As part of our Disability Awareness Week at The Lakes, students were challenged to create a short film describing what ‘inclusion’ means to them, or sharing details of their own ‘super-ability’.  Students from Prep to Year 6 used a range of different iPad apps, including Book Creator, iMovie, Stop Motion Studio and Adobe Spark Video, to create their amazing films.


Breakfast Club

Student Reflections

What I love about Breakfast Club!

I go to breakfast club on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have two raisin breads and some milo. I love breakfast club. Breakfast club is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.15am - 8.40am in the COLA. 

by Michael I  - Year 3


Breakfast Club

At breakfast club we get to eat breakfast and drink a drink. Sometimes there's games. If your mum or dad need to go to work earlier  than 8.30am and you didn't get your breakfast then you can go to breakfast club. I love breakfast club.

by Abby M - Year 3


Cultural Diversity Week

Student Reflections

Our Cultural Dress Assembly

We had a Assembly. We had a cultural dress up day. We loved the boys doing the "NaKq". There were good dancers. We were good too! Colour fromaround the world

Havey M 2D


In the culutral assembly we all dressed up in different clothes and we all did different dances too. When people were doing their dance I saw some people were nervous when they were doing it. My favourite part was doing the dance with the Year 2's but the only thing that was wrong was it was too noisy.




Culutral Diversity Day

I am from India the state is Gurat. I speak Gurati. Today is Cultural Diversity Day. People dressed up in the clothes they are from. We had a special assembly so parents came to see the dances, acts and singing we were doing at assembly. Lots of people dressed up from the country they are from so people wore the clothes their country wears. Some people wore school uniform and some made their country clothers. India has a lot of people. I wore indian clothes called Indian dress.


Early Years Choir

Semester One

This semester in choir everyone has been practicing extra hard to get ready for all our upcoming performances. We have been practicing 'Lollipop.' 'Frere Jacque' and 'The Candy Man.' We have also performed in the Song Dance Drama Night and at an assembly this term.


At the Song Dance Drama Night we were very overwhelmed and thrilled while backstage. We were also a bit nervous since we were opening the night. At the assembly we all got to sit up the front for the whole assembly. We were not as nervous this time but we were doubled with excitement. After our two performances we all started getting eager and excited again for our upcoming performance at the kinders.

By Charlotte A

Young Einsteins

Semester One


Student Reflections

This Semester in Young Einsteins we learnt about Electricity and Magnetism.

Our first activity was blowing up balloons and rubbing it on our hair. The balloon lifted our hair as if we were about to be hit by lightning!

My favourite activity was when we made slime. My slime was green, but there were different colours. My slime was HUGE!! and it made my hands green.

Jesse H 3D


This Semester in Young Einsteins we have been learning about Electricity and Magnetism and these are some of the activities we did.


We made lemon batteries where we had to put copper and zinc in the lemons (on opposite sides)  and create a circuit with wires, alligator clips and LED globes.

Another activity we did was making PVA slime, where you had to mix PVA glue, food colouring and Borax.


My favourite activity of all was investigating static electricity using a balloon and a metal soft drink can. I liked it because it was fun controlling a can with a balloon. Josh and l stole Jess’s can at one point. I like Young Einsteins.

Ryan E 3D


This Semester in Young Einsteins we made slime. We used PVA, food colouring and borax. We also learnt about how our ears work; the pinna catches the sound waves, then it goes through the cochlea.

My favourite activity was when we did an interactive investigation and learnt all about decibels.

Bhumika K 3D


Semester Two

This semester the Young Einsteins were involved in a number of exciting and informative science activities.

In our weekly sessions we learnt about animals, plants, insects, genetics, gravity, rocks, space and fossils.


In Term 3 we went up to the Middle Years Labs and dissected cow’s eyes and lamb’s brains. We studied the special structures of mammalian eyes and brains and discovered how each organ functions.


We got to explore a local granite quarry and collect rocks, and learnt how to collect and identify live insect specimens with Deanna.

We also enjoyed having opportunities to share our science passion and knowledge with the school, and broader community during Science Week, running special science sessions at local kindergartens and presenting at the Middle Years Science Fair.


Science Week

I was involved helping out during Science Week – l did the Robot Activity where someone says an instruction and their partner (with their eyes closed) follows them; like programming a robot. The ‘robot’ has to follow all instructions and try and work out where they have walked.

The activity was fun and exciting – because it was exciting to hear people’s feedback!!

By Natasha


Science Fair

On Tuesday 22nd November the Young Einsteins were involved in a Science Fair on Middle Years. I helped run an activity on rocks, bones and fossils. We also ran a competition were you had to answer 5 questions about fossil and rocks – one of the questions was ‘How old do the remains of animal have to be to be classified as a fossil?’ (the answer is at least 10,000 years old). The prize was a Meccano Dinosaur. People enjoyed the activity, but most got tricked when trying to identify animal bones.

I enjoyed running the activity because l knew all the answers.

By Ryan


Kinder Visits

This semester l went with some other Young Einsteins to a local kindergarten to run some special science activities. I enjoyed doing this because all the little kids got so excited when we did the experiments and activities with them. The experiments were making oobleck and learning about static electricity.

By Imad


SANE (Science)

Semester One

The Year 5/6 SANE students have been working on an exciting project which they will be sharing at the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) world Congress in October. They will be showcasing their efforts to program a Lego robot to become a futuristic robot taxi. Already we have built an interchangeable modular city for the robots to navigate around. With the help of staff from Scienceworks we have also built two different prototype taxis using a variety of sensors for our robots to “read” the world around them.


In Year 7 this term we visited the Year 2s down on Early Years to run a pushing and pulling incursion where we helped the Year 2s build a toy that moved using pneumatics. We have also been experimenting flying and controlling some drones. We are starting to program them with the app Tickle. We plan to program them to fly around our model city to scan areas for people in need, for example the homeless. 



Semester Two

Semester 2 in SANE was very busy. Firstly we finalised our projects for the Intelligent Transport Projects for presentation at the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) World Congress. We had Lego robots programmed as automated taxis and a light rail system driving around a modular city. The Year 7s shared their drone project where drones had been programmed to fly around the same city searching for people in need. We were one of only four schools lucky enough to work with Scienceworks to be able to present at this conference which is the largest non-medical industry conference in the world. Our students were fantastic ambassadors of our school and were able to share their projects with industry professionals who were all blown away by the knowledge and thinking of our students.

The Science Expo night had students from SANE busking all around the Technology building, performing demonstrations and sharing activities which they had devised and practised to share during the night.

What a fantastic year in SANE it has been!


Early Years Student Leadership

Semester One

The Early Years Student Leadership team have been working hard this year to organise special events, host assemblies and assist students to allow them to have a voice. This means, to include students in decision making and allowing them to expressing their ideas and opinions.


The EY School Captains have prepared and held many assemblies throughout the year. One of the special assemblies was ANZAC Day. Laura Meaney, one of our Leading Teachers played The Last Post on her bugle, the student leaders shared various poems to commemorate the fallen soldiers and Liam Gallagher, a current army cadet and former student of The Lakes came to share his knowledge with us about war and what this means to him. Everyone showed their upmost respect and the Kinder children also came to commemorate this occasion with us. Each year level, including the Kinder made and bought wreaths and flowers to show their respect to the fallen.


Crazy Hair/Hat Day was held on Friday 29th April, 2016. It was a great success and it was fantastic to see both students and staff getting into the spirit of this fun day. Collectively we raised $461.50 that will go towards supporting and maintaining our excellent programs at The Lakes. Some of this money was used to purchase new recycling bins and sports equipment for our Early Years Campus.


On Thursday 5th May was our Athletics Carnival. The Early Years House Captains ran field activities throughout the day such as relay races, octopus, fruit salad, teepees and campers, tunnel ball, scissors paper rock and toilet tiggy. They did an amazing job explaining each activity to the students, instructing them on the rules of each game and engaging their group in a fun an exciting way. Well done to the School Captains for also leading this event and rewarding students who demonstrated The Lakes South Values with SWPBS reward cards.



During Term 2 the SRC assisted in organising Australia’s Biggest Moring Tea, which was on Friday 13th May. We made invitations for staff and created posters to hang around the school. We helped Christine set up the staffroom which looked lovely. There was lots of different flavoured tea, scones, biscuits and yummy cakes. We raised $284 for the Cancer Council. What a great effort!


Winter Woolies / PJ Day was on the Friday 10th June. Everyone came dressed in their pyjamas, onesies, scarfs, beanies and gloves. They all looked so cosy and colourful. We raised a total of $487 that will go to the State Schools Relief organisation.


Well done to all the young leaders on all their efforts so far.  


Semester Two

Term 2 and 3 were very busy for our young leaders. Footy Colours Day was on Friday 9th September and was a great success. Everyone was dressed in their favourite soccer and footy colours. Although the weather on the day was not in our favour, we all had a great time talking about our favourite clubs and players. On Early Years we raised $300.90 that went towards our sponsor child Merliana.


Jeans for Genes day was on the last day of school for term 3. Everyone came dressed in their blue, black, white and stonewash pair pf jeans. Collectively we raised $441.10 that went towards supporting the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI).


The Early Years School Captains have been involved in all the assemblies throughout the year. On 11/11/2016 was The Lakes Remembrance Day commemorative assembly. Each cohort made wreaths to remember the fallen soldiers over the years. Our guest speaker and former student, Liam Gallagher came to speak to us about his experiences as an army cadet. It was a great day and everyone showed their upmost respect.


"My favourite part of footy colours day was finding out what team everyone barracked for "

Jesse H


"I liked participating in footy discussions. Go the Tigers!" 

Olivia K


"I enjoyed Jeans for Genes day because we raised money for a great cause"

Brodie H


What an amazing job all the SRC, House Captains, School Captains and all the kids involved in the Student Focus Groups have done throughout 2016. These students have given up their recess, lunch time, after school hours and have put in 110% in all their role this year. Congratulations everyone!


Early Years Art

Art Program

In the Art program we strive to provide all the students with many varied visual and media art techniques.


In Prep to Year 1 the students get to experiment with different materials and processes to make a range of Art forms such as painting, etching, collage and clay modelling. They also get to use media technologies to capture images and ideas.


In Years 2-4 the students get to explore ideas and artworks from different cultures. They get to plan, create and present media artworks for specific purposes. The students use materials, visual conventions and techniques from a range of places, times and cultures to create artworks.



Making Pottery

Three weeks ago in Art, 4A and 4E made clay pots. We made the bottom using containers and we made clay snakes and piled themon top of the base, on top of each other and also we had to mould them together by using water. During the second week of the activity we got to paint our pots. Some of us painted only using red, yellow, green and blue. Some people thought outside the box and mixed the colours. In the end everyone's pot turned out great.

Eliza R. 4A

Yarn Bombing Project

Semester One

Lucia and Chris launched the Yarn Bombing Community Project  in Term 1.

It's purpose was to bring our Community together to provide a visual representation in our school.

We had an amazing response and many Mums, Dads, Grandma's, Grandpa's and extended family members have contributed their knitting pieces. We also had a small group of parents and Year 8 students who came to help sew the pieces together and place around the school. We also participated in the Whittlesea Community Festival and provided a large piece of the knitting from our school to be displayed. It has been a very successful Project.


Photo: Year Prep

Early Years Music

Photo: Year Prep

Term One

This term has been full of music learning at The Lakes. The Prep’s have been learning the names of different percussion instruments. The Year One’s have been reading and writing their own bars of music. The Year Two classes have worked hard to learn the song ‘Band and the Orchestra’ where they sing and play instruments at the same time. The Year Three’s have learnt how to play music using dynamics, and they sound great using all of the different volumes. The Year Four’s are working on their Four Seasons project based on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  They’re creating and telling their own musical stories. We may just have some future music composers in our midst.


EY Dance Club

Dance Club

Each Wednesday the learning street is filled with music, laughter and singing as Ebony’s Early Years Dance Club practise their moves. Some of our very patient and enthusiastic Year Four girls have created specifically designed dances for the younger students. We have performed these dances at assemblies and at our EY Celebration of Learning. Everyone is welcome each week. We love seeing the smiling faces of the students, as they learn more about teamwork, respect, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, and many other things, while participating in EY Dance Club.


Middle Years
Student Leadership

Yearly Report

This year the Student Leadership Team have done countless things, in Term One we established our SRC’s for 2016 with a speech and a student vote to help choose SRC’s that would help our school grow with fundraisers and school events. The school captains helped show the community how the lakes cover all learning bases for every student’s benefits from paper work to technology in a school tour. The team also involved our school in ‘clean up Australia day’ to help keep our school clean of litter. Later in the term the SRC’s went to their first SRC cluster for the year, working on their leadership skills and working on ways to improve our school for the better. At the end of the term we had an end of term assembly, where the school captains ran their first assembly for the year.

In Term Two we did many exciting things like on Middle Years we had an Open Evening where the student leaders were ambassadors showing what our school students have worked on in the past term. The Lakes also had our own ‘ANZAC ceremony’ where the student leaders spoke a few words to honour the soldiers who fought for our country. The SRC’s ran their first fundraiser for the year ‘Crazy Hair Day’ where students could wear their craziest hair for a day. The House Captains were preparing for the ‘athletics carnival’ where they introduced spirit points to people who were supporting their house. After that the Student Leaders helped with another fundraiser ‘The Biggest Morning Tea’ to support cancer research and clinical trials it was a success we donated a lot of money to a great cause. The year 8 students went on a Leadership Camp to help build on their skills as a leader preparing them for a leadership role in Year Nine. Our team also assisted the performing arts captains running ‘Song Dance and Drama Night’ where students demonstrated what they had learnt in music, dance and drama classes to the public and families. Another fundraiser the SRC’s ran in Term Two was ‘Winter Woollies’ where students could wear beanies, scarves and gloves to school for winter. The last thing the school captains did in Term Two, was present their experiences of ten years at the lakes at the Prep Information Evening

Term Three was a busy term as the student leaders were ambassadors for the Middle Years ‘Domain Expo Night’ showing parent and the community everything The Lakes has to offer. The SRC leaders ran a sausage sizzle and also a ‘BBQ breakfast’ was held to fundraise for The Lakes Sponsor Child. The school captains and SRCs attended the Shrine on the ‘Vietnam Veterans Day’ to support the soldiers who fought and passed. Later in the term the SRCs held ‘Genes for Jeans day’ where the students could wear jeans to school and bring a gold coin that went to support children’s research. Near the end of the term the student leaders ran activities at lunchtime for students to participate in as it was Footy Colours Day where students came dressed in their favourite footy team jersey, scarf, gloves or beanie. Another SRC cluster approached near the end of the term where the SRCs came together at the Middle Year’s Campus and organised the kids teaching kids program for next Whittlesea SRC cluster. “We worked on our image for our school, we contributed on what we liked and didn’t. We also shared how we learn best” Apryl in year 8 said.

Term Four came around quickly, the student leaders ran the kids teach kids workshop on the EY campus where we ran activities about leadership and teamwork with the year 4s, they had so much fun working with different student from other schools. Walk to school October tally started to count up how many students walked to and from school. At our ten year school production we invited some of the community to watch our show, the performing arts captains also said a speech at the community show. “…we worked on how to change the school like bringing in new furniture. They asked opinions from students” Chelsea in year 8. Near the end of the term our swimming carnival came around unfortunately our year nine leaders couldn’t run it they had graduation so it gave the year eight leaders a chance to practise for their opportunity to become a leader in year nine. It was amazing to see all the support for each of the houses. The school captains finished up the last term of 2016 with a school council meeting where they presented any last proposals they had before they were finished at the lakes.


Food Technology

Yearly Reflection


Throughout 2016, we have had two 5/6 elective classes, five Grade 6 classes, six Year 7 classes, two Year 8 Junior Master Chef classes, two Year 8 Food Discovery classes, two Year 9 Senior Master Chef classes and two Year 9 Food Safari classes. All of these students were able to produce and showcase their creativeness through their food. Not only have they produced amazing food but they have learnt invaluable life lessons during their theory classes.

Here are some quotes from two of our own students.

We have made a lot of nice things in Grade 6 Food Technology. Some of the foods we have made include stir fry, pasta, cookies, quiche, and fried rice. We have also learnt about healthy eating and how it is important to eat healthy for our future. We know now some good snacks and lunches to have at school. I can’t wait for Food Technology in Year 7!

Grade 6


Food Technology is an amazing subject and it’s really fun. I have gained confidence and now believe in my ability to do well in the kitchen. We have made many savoury dishes such as chicken kebab, spaghetti bolognaise, mushroom and spinach risotto and butter chicken. Some sweet foods we have made include caramel slice, chocolate brownies and rock cakes.

Year 7

At the beginning of Term 3, the Year 8 and 9 students worked extremely hard on producing food for the Middle Years Exbo. Each pair of students were able to produce a food that they thought best represented Food Technology for the upcoming year levels. The food was a great hit with all the food being eaten within the first hour! All students worked extremely hard and were all very proud to share their experiences with other parents and students.


Bring on 2017!


Middle Years Premiers' Reading Challenge

The Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2016 on Middle Years


This year a number of students took part in the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge. It’s a great way to promote the joys and benefits of reading.


The students have to read a minimum of 15 books and register them on the PRC website between February and September. They receive their certificate from the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews and the previous seven Premiers of Victoria, dating all the way back to John Cain. The successful students also get their names published in an online honour role to celebrate their efforts to further their intellectual development.

So many people nowadays recognise the importance of exercising daily but don’t realise that regular reading is the thinking equivalent; books are like gyms for your brain.


Educational research has shown that even just having books around the house makes a significant difference to student learning outcomes. It’s true! if you’re wondering what to buy someone for Christmas, why not buy them a good book?


We had ten students on the MY campus complete the challenge this year but hopefully we get more kids next year who are interested in being the best readers, writers and thinkers they can be. The simple fact is that people who read regularly know things that non-readers don’t know and because they know more, there is so much more of the world to enjoy. Regular readers inevitably become interesting and interested people.


Well done to the MY students who completed the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge in 2016 :

Jenny L, Michelle Kim, Sithuli M, Isum M, Amaya L, Angela R, Samantha T, Sheridan d’A, Apryl C and Naomi T.


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