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25 August 2016
Issue Thirteen
Important Dates
Principal's Report
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We're off to see the Wizard!
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CLIMARTE Poster Project sticks up for climate change action
Renewable Energy? We’re big fans!
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Important Dates


30th August - Year 12 Music Proformance Evening, 6.30pm


1st September - Year 7 Immunisations

5 September - Progress Reports available at 9 am

9am, 5 September – 6 pm, 11 September – Parent/Student/Teacher Conference open for booking
2nd September - Fathers' Day Breakfast

6th September - Year 12 Drama Solos

13th September - Parent Teacher Interviews, 12.30pm - 8.00pm

16th September - Final day of term 3


3rd October - Term 4 Commences

20th October - Dance Night

21st October - Dance Night

31st October - PUPIL FREE DAY

Principal's Report

Welcome Stephanie Burgess - Head Rowing Coach

We are delighted to welcome our new Head Rowing Coach, Stephanie Burgess, to Melbourne Girls’ College.
Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge as a coach and rower herself. Stephanie has worked on the Head of the School Girls’ Regatta Committee, coached teams to National Championship A and B Finals and has a degree in Tourism and Environment. We look forward to an exciting future for MGC Rowing.

Curriculum Day on 19th August

The 19th August was a great learning day for our staff. Each Domain Leader worked with their teams on the Victorian Curriculum F-10. Thank you to Nerida Mathews, Curriculum Manager, Health and Physical Education, VCAA for answering the many excellent questions to ensure the day was worthwhile. Please see a snapshot below from our introductory power point which outlines the multi-pronged design of our Professional Learning Community. This is a community of students, staff, parents and key stakeholders.

We also heard from Matt of the Safe Schools Coalition, his examples of inclusion and respect delivered with humour and goodwill ensures staff could reflect and think about their own ideas for teaching and learning with the safe schools lens.

Mathematics Games Day

Thank you to Mathematics Leader, Georgia Sotirou, John Opt’Hoog and our students who hosted a Mathematics Games Day on Wednesday 24th August. A room full of teenage mathematicians from Mac Robertson Girls’ College, Melbourne High School, Albert Park College, University High School and Auburn High School battled with the many problems and ideas set. The Mathematics Captains, Claire Armitage and Sarah Simpson-Tuckey; M.C.s Amy Bagster, Katherine Meletiou and Sophie Cutter; assistants Tylah Sparkes, Ingrid Perkins and Zoe Constantinou represented our school with distinction. Congratulations to our MGC team, Thirumagal Arunachalam Elanthendral Ruoqi (Rachel) Peng 
Van Nguyen Tuong Pham and Muyao Zhou. Our girls gained third place, narrowly beaten by two teams from Melbourne High. A fantastic achievement!

Parents’ Association

Thank you to our Parents’ Association lead by Gailean Hammond and Sallie Carman for the latest fund raiser, the MGC Massive Recycled Designer Sale to be held on 11th September! Hours of work go into each of the fund raising activities and we are so grateful. The grants provided by our P.A. ensure learning is supported by the latest technology, such as the robots and equipment in the Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) centre. 

City Edge Community of Practice

The student leaders of Mac Robertson Girls’ College, Melbourne High School, Albert Park College, Princes Hill Secondary College, University High, Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Girls’ College work extremely well together through their newly formed coalition. Our Captains, Laura Bass, Sally Jacobs, Tallara Drew-Hazou and Mimi D’Orsogna will host the next meeting of this dynamic group of young people on 2nd September.

2017 Planning

Planning for next year is underway as we look at the learning, curriculum, assessment, reporting, staffing and organisation required to build our school to the next level. It is a busy yet exciting time as we look at how our professional educators can work with your daughters next year.


Best regards and thank you again for all of your support, 

Assistant Principal's Report

Road Safety for students

There has been an increase in students crossing Swan Street amongst oncoming traffic recently.  A report of a near miss where a student was nearly collected by a car was made recently to the school.  An additional report was made to the school by one of our parents who also reported that many cars often go through red lights along Swan Street.  Being vigilant and aware of the surroundings will hopefully keep our students safe.  Practices, such as:
•    listening to traffic instead of having loud music playing through headphones 
•    looking for oncoming traffic and using traffic lights
•    waiting for traffic to stop when getting on the tram
are basic practices that can minimise accidents and prevent injury.

It would be appreciated if you could discuss road safety with your daughter and in particular using the pedestrian lights to cross roads rather than weaving through traffic.


Linda Brown
Assistant Principal

Dropping off and picking up students in Park Avenue

We have received a request from the City of Yarra in relation to parents dropping students off and picking students up in Park Avenue near the school crossing. Whilst MGC recognises that this is a convenient place for parents to drop off and pick up students nearby the Gate 1A school crossing, please be mindful of other road users and local residents by ensuring that you do not stop in the middle of the road to drop off or pick up students, for the safety of all. Stopping in the middle of the road also means that other road users cannot get past. Please also ensure also that you park only in designated parking zones (e.g. 1 hour & 2 hour parking), not in permit zones or across driveways. During peak times, please consider dropping off and collecting students on Westbank Terrace as an alternative.


Brent Houghton
Assistant Principal 

eSmart Cybersafety Awareness Evening

A big thank you to Judi Fallon for her presentation on Tuesday evening. Those who attended were given many tips for supporting their daughters in the safe and responsible use of technology. The message was to build awareness and family discussion about online behaviour. A resource sheet from the presentation was sent to families via a Compass newsfeed. 


Tip Kennedy and Patricia Sklavakis
eSmart coordinators

MGC Aerobic
Gymnastics Club

Aerobic Success!

Last week the MGC Aerobic Gymnastic Team competed at two events.

On Thursday 11th August 36 girls competed at the Victorian AeroSchools Championships held right here at MGC. This competition was tough this year with over 20 schools entered in the competition. For the THIRD year running, MGC won the Secondary School of the Year. This is a credit to all of the girls hard work throughout the year at training and their brilliant routines! It was a big day filled with excitement and nerves. We would like to congratulate the following girls on their performance on the day.

1st Place and Victorian Champions!
-Sylvia Gammon, India Mazzoccoli, Amelia Simeone, Izabella Jepsen & Ava d’Orsogna
-Izabella Jepsen & Ava d’Orsogna
-Lily Jepsen & Alice Stewart
-Claire Cheesman, Emma Croker &Sophie Jeffery
-Olivia Morrissey & Bethany Smith
-Sylvia Gammon, India Mazzoccoli, Amelia Simeone, Izabella Jepsen, Ava d’Orsogna, Laura Smith, Isabella Stitt, Alexa Magnifico, Nina Carden & Annabella Camera
-Claire Cheesman, Emma Croker & Sophie Jeffery
-Claire Cheesman, Emma Croker, Sophie Jeffery, Olivia Morrissey, Bethany Smith  & Olivia Vickery
-Paris Altheimer, Lana Croker & Mariana Pappas

2nd Place
-Holly Morrison & April Eastick
-Victoria Gosios, Sophie Glover & Sofia Howson

3rd Place
-Laura Smith, Isabella Stitt, Nina Carden, Annabella Camera & Alexa Magnifico
-Sylvia Gammon, India Mazzoccoli & Amelia Simeone
-Charlotte Carney, Victoria Gosios, Sophie Glover, Sofia Howson, Natasha Jensen Marini, Ella Doherty, Taylah Doherty, Carly Mollineaux & Isla Coughlan

This year the whole High Performance Squad have qualified for the Australian AeroSchools Championships which will be held in Bendigo at the end of this term.

On Saturday 13nd August the team headed to Loreto for the Victorian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships.  The girls once again represented the school very well. In this competition MGC competes against gymnastic clubs so the competition is even fiercer. This year MGC finished runner up for the Champion Club of the Year! We would like to congratulate the follow girls on their amazing performances.

 1st Place and Victorian Champions!
-Bethany Smith & Olivia Morrissey
-Claire Cheesman
-Ava d'Orsogna & Izabella Jepsen
-Claire Cheesman, Emma Crocker, Lana Croker, Paris Altheimer & Mariana Pappas
-Sylvia Gammon, India Mazzaccoli, Amelia Simeone, Nina Carden, Annabelle Camera, Ava d'Orsogna, Izabelle Jepsen, Laura Smith, Isabella Stitt & Alexa Magnifico
- Lily Jepsen
- Lily Jepsen & Alice Stewart

2nd Place
-Izabella Jepsen
- Charlotte Carney
- April Eastick & Holly Morrison

3rd Place
-Paris Altheimer, Lana Croker & Mariana Pappas
-Nina Carden
-Charlotte Carney, Victoria Gosios, Sophie Glover, Sofia Howson, Natasha Jensen Marini, Ella Doherty, Taylah Doherty, Carly Mollineaux & Isla Coughlan
- Oceane Liddelow
- Zara Jozsa & Tayger Checkley

Victorian State Aerobic Gymnastic Team 2016

Throughout Term 2 and 3 the girls have been competing at competitions gaining points, rankings and qualifying scores to be in the running to be selected for the Victoria State Aerobic Gymnastic Team for 2015. We would like to congratulate the following 15 girls from MGC who have been selected to compete for Victoria at the upcoming Australian Aerobic Gymnastic Championships in Bendigo.

Claire Cheesman-Level 6 & AeroDance
Emma Croker- Level 6 & AeroDance
Sophie Jeffery-Level 6
Gemma Wise-Level 6
Lana Crocker-Level 5 & AeroDance
Paris Altheimer-Level 5 & AeroDance
Mariana Pappas- AeroDance
Nina Carden- Level 4
Ava d’Orsogna-Level 4
Izabella Jepsen – Level 4
Lily Jepsen-Level 3
Alice Stewart-Level 3
Holly Morrison-Level 3
April Eastick-Level 3
Oceane Liddelow-Level 3
Katherine Chan- State Team Coach
Rebekah England-Hill- Chaperone

Victorian State Aerobic Gymnastic Team 2016

Victorian State Aerobic Gymnastic Team 2016
Throughout Term 2 and 3 the girls have been competing at competitions gaining points, rankings and qualifying scores to be in the running to be selected for the Victoria State Aerobic Gymnastic Team for 2015. We would like to congratulate the following 15 girls from MGC who have been selected to compete for Victoria at the upcoming Australian Aerobic Gymnastic Championships in Bendigo.
Claire Cheesman-Level 6 & AeroDance
Emma Croker- Level 6 & AeroDance
Sophie Jeffery-Level 6
Gemma Wise-Level 6
Lana Crocker-Level 5 & AeroDance
Paris Altheimer-Level 5 & AeroDance
Mariana Pappas- AeroDance
Nina Carden- Level 4
Ava d’Orsogna-Level 4
Izabella Jepsen – Level 4
Lily Jepsen-Level 3
Alice Stewart-Level 3
Holly Morrison-Level 3
April Eastick-Level 3
Oceane Liddelow-Level 3
Katherine Chan- State Team Coach
Rebekah England-Hill- Chaperone

We're off to see the Wizard!

Cast Two - Thursday 11th August



Principals & Staff of MGC for their support
Origin for copyright.
Dani & the MGC Café for preshow and interval refreshments, staff and student catering
Emily Healey for online Ticket Sales, Real Estate Agent Boards, Bulletin and Newsletter notices. 
Kate from Mr Tee-shirts and the office staff for their support with T-Shirt sales
Fred Salmond for rearranging hirers
Rachel Buchart-holiday flower making workshop
JB for covering classes and organizing room changes
Staff for Front of House & Student Executive for Ushering
Lesley Simms and Sylvan Dorney
Andrew Vance’s Environment Collective, led by parent volunteers Ruth Cronin, Virginia Steiner and Susie Jalloh.
Staff Afterschool and Dressing Room Supervisors 
Cath Barrett from PLC for their generous use of their Crow costumes.
Liz at Noel Jones Real Estate for Fete Boards 
Teja Godson for Logo, Poster and Program design, assisted by Lilith Stewart (photos)
Carol Busetti, Lily Hopkinson & Layla Enriquez-Tsilidis for costume co-ordination.
Jason Kohlman and James Lauritz for photography
Wendy Keen (photos) and Tony Keen (College TV Slides)
Graham Brain for helping with his last “bump out”.
Warwick Brown for Corn construction
To all of our 27 Year 12 students in the production-thanks for making The Wizard of Oz a priority and good luck for the rest of the year.
Our Arts Captains for all their help and support, led by Gemma Hughes.
Our amazing 22 student crew, led by Sophie Toomey.
Patricia Sklavakis and Rachel Steiner for Hair & Makeup
Our Musical Director Tony Hicks for rehearsing and conducting the orchestra and our wonderful 30 student musicians, assisted by Wen Chen (cello) & Jhana Allen (Violin)
Ellyce Calder for assistance with Vocals.
Our wonderful student choreographers: Mia Baroud & Abbey De Lange 
(The Jitterbug), 
Gemma Hughes and Sophie Balmforth (Merry Old Land of Oz, Ding Dong and Trees!)
Alex Dolan (Munchkinland) Frances Fleet and Mae Jones (Follow the Yellow Brick 
Road) & Genevieve Campbell (Tap-dancing Crows)
Zack Pretlove for helping with sound 
Our Technical Director, Trevor Howlett for his hours of work on Sets, Special Effects,Video feeds, Lighting and Sound. 
Lindy Mumme for co-directing.
To all parents and friends for their support and for coming to see the show.
To all the 185 students involved for their commitment & faith-thank you & well done!


Anne Corry

School News

Middle School Positive Thinking

On Thursday the 18th of August,  the Middle School Positive Thinking Assembly took place. To kick off the assembly and to put us in a positive mood, we were treated to an outstanding performance by year 9 student Jamila Jalloh, singing ‘Stay’, by Rihanna. Our guest speaker Emma, from the organisation, Beyond Blue, detailed her experiences battling mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and anorexia.  She described to the girls her methods of dealing with these challenges, how she managed to overcome most and how she stays positive, whilst she continues to battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Emma shared with the Middle School students, 10 things she finds helpful to get her through tough and troubling times. Her words were inspirational and informative. We are grateful for Emma’s courage to share her personal story.
The Middle School Executive are excited to be running follow up activities for the year 7’s and 8’s in their upcoming wellbeing lessons. Thank you to the Parent’s Association for their Grant which has funded the materials we will use in these lessons. 
Lucy Vogel
Middle School Vice-Captain 2016

Hello from Gnurad!

Hello from Gnurad! This term we are away in the country near Warrnambool at the School for Sudent Leadership program. We’ve had 5 weeks here so far, and we have 4 more to go. It has been going so well, we are enjoying every minute of it. So far we have done surfing, canoeing, bridge building, climbed Mt Noorat, completed expo 1, learnt how we best learn and think and met heaps of amazing people from school all over Victoria, just to name a few. It’s been so interesting getting to know people from all different backgrounds and we think we have become more confident and well-rounded people from this experience.

Not being connected to social media and being forced to spend time outside, talk to people and confront our problems has taught us that there is a lot more to life than how many likes you get on a photo. We are so grateful that we were able to come here, and we are having the time of our lives! See you in term 4!

From Chelsea Hammond, Liv Walkinshaw, Daisy Batten and Lola McCaughey.

International Student Program

Lluani Williams – Who am I?

My name is Lluani Williams, and I have been the International Student Coordinator since January 2015.  Amanda Trang (International Student Program Assistant) and I work together to make sure that all the international students at MGC are happy, healthy, successful and safe during their time studying at Melbourne Girls’ College.
It would seem that International Education has been a recurrent theme throughout my whole life; from when, at the age of 9 months, my teacher parents having bundled me up into a suitcase to the Cook Islands where they were building new schools, my first language was Maori, to being an exchange student in the USA after completing year 12.  I worked in schools and with schools in New Caledonia for 6 years and in France for 5 years.  I also studied at l’ Universite de la Nouvelle-Caledonie.  My son was born French and I now have both Australian and French citizenship! Needless to say that we don’t speak much English at home!
I have had a fairly a-typical professional pathway; after a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Linguistics and French, I taught English as an Additional Language for two years in New Caledonia, and then ran my own small English Services business in Noumea for four years.  On returning to Australia I worked in a variety of positions, until I moved to France to do another year teaching EAL and then I became the head of R and D in a French company, developing, translating (French to English) and regionalising ICT software solutions for children with language and learning differences (dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc).  After our return to Australia three years ago, I worked at the International Education Division in the Department of Education and Training, before coming to work at MGC.


My role at Melbourne Girls’ College is to oversee the recruitment and enrolment of international students to fill the 65 places reserved annually for girls from all over the world.  Also, from the time the girls arrive at the airport until they graduate, we are responsible for making sure that they are safely and comfortably housed, fed, have their studies supported and their wellbeing assured.  In fact, you could say that my job is to be ‘Mum’ to my 65 international babies!
I love working with these intelligent, talented, hardworking and immensely courageous girls.  At around the age of 15 they leave the familiarity of their home countries and schooling for an adventure that will change their lives in every single conceivable way, all the while studying VCE in a second language.  There are not many people who can say that they would be tough enough to do that!  
I can be contacted via the College number: 9428-8955, or by email: [email protected] , or you can pop by my office in room 302.  My door is always open!

Melbourne Girls’ College International Student Program News

Welcome to the renewed and long overdue MGC ISP News page! 
The last year and a half has been a blur of vertiginous learning curves, herding cats, and general running around like a headless chicken, and that’s only from the perspective of MGC’s new International Student Coordinator!


Since the last time an ISP newsletter appeared we have had 20 year 12 international students graduate, with all 20 graduates receiving an offer to a tertiary institution; 9 students offered a place at University of Melbourne, 4 students at Monash University, 3 at RMIT, 2 at Swinburne and 1 at Deakin University.  We are very pleased to report that 2 students were accepted into Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne and 1 into Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University.  MGC international girls ROCK!
We have also had 55 new students arrive in Melbourne to either start their intensive English language study or to transition to study at MGC since the beginning of 2015.  That’s a LOT of trips to the airport!


We currently have 65 students at our school, from China, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Switzerland and Germany.
Last week we welcomed 11 new students who are currently studying at Glen Eira English Language Centre, Blackburn English Language School, Melbourne Language Centre and Hawthorne English Language Centre, in preparation to transition to year 10 and year 11 at Melbourne Girls’ in 2017.  They met with the year level coordinators to help them choose their 2017 subjects, and they also shared some pizza with the current international students.   They will complete 20 weeks of intensive English language study before they come to us next year.
If you are interested in hosting one of our fabulous international students, please contact Lluani Williams via the College number: 9428-8955, or by email: [email protected] , or you can pop by my office in room 302.  We are always looking for new Melbourne Girls’ College homestay families!

CLIMARTE Poster Project sticks up for climate change action


MGC is honoured to be hosting an exhibition of the CLIMARTE Poster Project. Classes have been using the series displayed in the central corridor for inspiration all term since Bronwyn Johnson and her daughter Daisy Batten installed them in July. Please keep an eye out for the exhibition on the upcoming parent teacher evening or any time you come in for a visit.

Andrew Vance


Last year CLIMARTE commissioned 11 artists to design posters that engage the community on climate change action. The CLIMARTE Poster Project exhibition was held during April-May at the Carlton Connect Initiative, LAB 14 Gallery at The University of Melbourne, with 500 A0-sized posters displayed on poster sites around the City of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. 

The commissioned artists were Angela Brennan, Chris Bond, Jon Campbell, Kate Daw, Katherine Hattam, Siri Hayes, Martin King, Gabrielle de Vietri and Will Foster, Thornton Walker, and Miles Howard-Wilks.
The posters convey the strength, optimism and urgency we need to move to a clean, renewable energy future. Each artist has imagined a completely different way to convey their feelings about these issues: from the didactic to the numinous, graphic to the abstracted. And yet every artist points to the necessity and benefits of transforming our economy and lifestyle from one based on fossil fuels to one based on renewable energy.

Guy Abrahams, CLIMARTE CEO and keynote speaker at MGC’s forthcoming Student Enviro Conference said “The CLIMARTE Poster Project is about provoking public dialogue, and influencing public and political opinion, by creating the empathy needed to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.”
Katherine Hattam, creator of the Renewable poster said, “My design highlights the optimistic and beautiful aspects of wind farms – how good is that!”
CLIMARTE will continue to commission artists to make posters and exhibit them at our forthcoming festival ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE to be held in April-May 2017. 

CLIMARTE is delighted to exhibit the Posters at MGC and looks forward to seeing the posters created by students at the annual Student Enviro Conference on 9 September (On the theme “The Great Barrier Grief”). We hope the Posters on exhibition and all those attending the conference will find inspiration and encouragement to help create the solutions urgently needed to lead us towards a just and sustainable future for all.

Bronwyn Johnson
Executive Director
Member of MGC Sustainability Committee


Renewable Energy?
We’re big fans!


Our lives within the 21st century are very fast and busy and are filled with our drive to pursue our desires. Sometimes this makes us susceptible to commit logical fallacies presented to us, therefore hindering us from making the conscious decisions we would like to. As a result of this, the negatives may outweigh the positives. The globe is frighteningly becoming warmer and warmer, due to an acceleration of the level of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. This has a direct impact on the natural sceneries and monuments that play an integral role in our cultural and national identities, including our national pride, the Great Barrier Reef.


As the temperature rises, the Great Barrier Reef’s natural beauty continue to wither away, suffering from heat stress, a severe side effect of temperature increases. A primary consequence of this stress is its affect on the microalgae (zooxanthellae) living in the tissue of the corals. These microalgae are ejected, causing the coral to turn completely white. This leads to coral bleaching and combined with the global acidification of the ocean due to increases of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it makes it harder for corals to grow and recover from these continual bleaching events to be healthy again.


While there is a current lack of action in reducing reliance on coal as a fuel source, combined with an actual increased investment into infrastructures to encourage the exporting of coal by our federal government. It is undeniable that this will a start chain reaction in the future health of our environment. It is obvious to me that if individuals and grassroot organisations step up and address this issue, the effect of these instances of negligence can be minimised by a significant margin, as well as abiding by the Paris Agreement

(COP 21 conference) in curtailing the warming of Earth under two degrees celsius.


Our state is predominantly powered by coal, most of which is burnt at the Hazelwood Power Station. This is Australia’s dirtiest power generation station, burning brown coal in order to meet Victoria’s high energy demands. In the process of producing this dirty energy, 16 million tonnes of greenhouse gases are produced annually as a byproduct, contributing to an Enhanced Greenhouse Effect, impacting the Earth’s wildlife and sensitive ecosystems, while also affecting our luxurious lifestyle detrimentally.

Australia has extensive resources and vast opportunities to be powered by renewable energies. Who as a country and society could be any luckier? When Australia has the highest average solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world.


You and I can show what is possible to the federal government and the community with the power of students!


At school, the Student Environment Team and the team’s mentor (the Sustainability Collective) have and continue to implement many campaigns and initiatives for the benefit of our school community for over more than 10 years. In 2015, the team won $100 000 USD for renewable energy initiatives and education programs from the Zayed Future Energy Prize. In 2013, year 9 student Ingrid Morton won $20,000 in prize money from the Ocean Acidification Art Challenge to invest in solar and pedal initiatives that helped us to form an effective submission for the Zayed Prize. The prize money from the Zayed competition enabled us to kickstart our massive Solar Array, the development of our Ergo Generators, a Micro Hydro Generator and the Solar Fountain.


The Ergo generators are based on a concept of harnessing kinetic energy produced by our rowing girls practicing rowing indoors on rowing machines. Kinetic energy is produced on the ergo’s and then this energy is converted into electrical energy, which is then used to power for lights in use, essentially making the ergos electrical generators. The solar fountain is also used as an educational tool which is used to demonstrate another potential source of renewable energy in the form of solar energy. The Micro Hydro generator consists of water from the third floor in the middle staircase which  turns a turbine. The energy generated from the turning turbine can be used to charge phones (which seem to always run out of battery), producing a guilt-free charging station via Green Power! All of our projects are fully operational and are able to be used now. Our solar array made up of 126 panels is meeting 10% of our school’s energy needs and the other 90% is from the main grid which can be traced back to the Hazelwood Power Station.


Our goal is to become fully carbon neutral by reducing our current energy use, to produce a higher percentage of our school’s energy needs and to continue fundraising in order to support our initiative to purchase the remainder of our school’s needs for renewable energy sources. This will in turn inspire government bodies to change their beliefs by setting an example of our achievement to other schools and the community. While also inspiring them to implement widespread renewable energy production strategies, which is what I would say is our ultimate goal.


We - the Student MGC Environment Team - would like to show real STEAM leadership on this important issue that affects us in the present and which will continue to have an impact on our lives into the future. We feel that we have the power and the knowledge to implement strategies that will make meaningful impact on our climate. We know we need to act urgently and we don’t believe we have to wait until we are politicians ourselves!


We are calling on the community to help our school be powered by 100% renewable power.

There are several ways you can assist:

1.    When you’re visiting the school, jump on the bikes or the ergo machines and see how much power you can contribute to the grid.

2.    Encourage efficient use of lights, heaters and electrical devices.

3.    Form a group and raise some money to donate another panel to our 33kW array.


Each panel costs $450 to install so you can individually donate or donate as a group with several families or as a friendship group. The sponsor gets to name the panel on our digital array and you will be updated with an annual report including the power produced and greenhouse gases saved. For more information on the Adopt a Panel program see:


I am positive that together we can achieve our endeavor to create a more sustainable future and healthy lifestyle for us, the planet and the future citizens of Earth.


MGC community, let’s lead and achieve in being green!


Thirumagal Arunachalam-Elanthendral

College Environment Co-Vice Captain 2016 (Energy portfolio)



We need your clothing donations ASAP for our huge recycled sale on September 11th. Please clear out your wardrobe and your daughters' wardrobe for any good quality clothing brands. We need clothing (formal to casual wear), shoes and handbags – womens/girls only.
Once we have all our stock you can come along and buy something for yourself that was someone else’s “favourite”.  Some brand suggestions might be – Gorman, Forever New, Dangerfield, Guess, Country Rd, Zimmerman, Sass & Bide, Princess Highway, Nike, Adidas, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc (HAHA…wishful thinking we know!!) Generally things you loved wearing but no longer fit or just don’t need anymore.
Please drop them at the office at school anytime over the next few weeks. ONLY CLEAN CLOTHES PLEASE.

Thank you so much from the MGC Parents’ Association.




Melbourne Girls' College