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11 October 2016
Issue Fifteen
What's Coming Up Summary
Principal's Report
Farewell Year 12 
Coming up - Rewrite your Story
Coming Up - Walk for Hudad, 28th of Oct
Coming Up - ACE Testing Yr 9, 2017
Coming up in Sport
Tonight! -  Night Sky Viewing 
Coming up -Yr 9 City School
Coming Up -Cambodia Trip
Coming Up -Young Leaders off to China
NHS Writer's Club
Operation Enhance -Graduations
Third in State Chess Finals
National Science Week – Drones, Droids & Robots
Lions Club Public Speaking
Design and Technology Week
Yr 7 Public Speaking
Library News
Uniform Reminder Term 4
Community News
Pathways and Careers
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What's Coming Up Summary

Tues 11 Oct -  (TONIGHT) 7.30pm, Night Viewing with Telescopes. Near D13


Wed 12 Oct - Meliora Sequamer Awards

Wed 12 Oct - Young Leaders depart for China

Thurs 13 Oct - Captain's Conference


Sat 15 Oct - Educational Skills Testing for Yr 7 of 2017. See email or compass for details


Mon 17 Oct - Yr 12 Farewell Breakfast

Wed 19 Oct - Yr 12 Graduation - Grand Hyatt

Thurs 20 Oct - Yr 7 Immunisation


Frid 21 Oct - Yr Curriculum Day - No school for students

Frid 21 Oct - Applications for Yr 9 ACE Program 2017 close

Mon 24 Oct - City School for Yr 9A,B,C


Wed 26 Oct - City School for Yr 9 D,E,F,H

Frid 28 Oct:  Yr 7 -Walk for Friends of Huddad


Mon 31 Oct - No school for students
(Day in lieu for Parent Teacher Meetings)


Tues 1 Nov - Melbourne Cup Holiday


Friday 4 Nov - ACE Testing, Yr 9 2017, 9.00 am -12 noon


Principal's Report

Welcome Back Term 4!

Northcote High was a hive of activity over the holiday period with teacher led VCE revision sessions along with Connect Education sessions run by ex-student Lex Ituarte and his brilliant team of recent graduates who partner with schools to ‘supercharge revision - learning with student.’


The Class of 2016 are in the last week of formal classes as they begin preparation for the exam period.

Language Oral and Performance exams – music and drama began last week – with many smiling faces as they return from the exam venues.

End of course work and SAC completion -  There was a lot of high fiving at the end of Friday, as many delighted VCEs realised the completion of their last SAC – congratulations to all students on their efforts to date and thank you for staff for their ongoing support.

Please see Shane Gemmola’s report later in the newsletter regarding SWOT VAC and VCE learning supports and expectations – our experience tells us students gain much from participating in the regular class sessions in the week prior to the scheduled exam.

Special events include:
Year 12 Farewell Assembly (Tuesday),
Farewell Breakfast (Mon 17 Oct) at school and Class of 2016 Graduation (Wed 19 Oct) at the Grand Hyatt.


Welcome Back  and Farewell

The language trip to France was a great success – thanks to Audra Keane and Pierrick Hubert for their leadership. 

Speaking with students and families the experience has certainly provided many brilliant experiences, deeper cultural understandings, language immersion and a thirst for the next travel adventure!


This week we farewell the 9 NHS Victorian Young Leaders to China for 6 weeks in Beijing and Shanghai led by Liz Lenthall.  This program is an initiative of the Victorian Government and is the third time NHS has participated. We will be joining 70 students from Public and Catholic Schools across Victoria. We look forward to regular updates.


This weekend 40 Antipodeans Adventurers from Years 10 and 11 spent the weekend camping and tramping in Knglake in preparation for 4 weeks in Cambodia. The Antipodeans adventure is focused on student leadership, cultural understanding and a philanthropic project. Thank you to Kylie Witt, Jamie Lethborg, Luke Barrett and Michael Grose for leading the group.

We wish the tour group great times and safe travels.


State Schools Spectacular

A highlight every year for public school students is the opportunity to perform in the Department of Education and Training’s ‘State School Spectacular’.

Over 3000 vocalists, musicians, acrobats and other performers came together for a fantastic celebration of the talent we have in our schools. The science themed show was accompanied by a 64 piece orchestra with students from 200 schools across the State. Congratulations to Rizzie Rotunno, Greta McNab, Katrina Rotunno, Tristan Knight and Theo Carbo, all of whom represented Northcote High School magnificently at Hisense Arena.  The special Spectacular broadcast will air on Channel 7 on Saturday 3 December at 7pm.


Northcote Giving

This week at Northcote High you’ll be greeted by large cardboard boxes waiting for your donations.  The year level giving projects are in full swing. 

  • Year 8 – Blankets, Pillows, Towels, Toys and Leads for RSPCA - Random Acts of Kindness
  • Year 10 – Donating Toiletries for Women and Children – Women of the North - Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Year 9E – Donating Toys
  • Year 7 - Walk for Hudad: on the 28th October Yaer 7s will be walking to improve access to education for the remote Hudad Community in remote Ethiopia. The young people in Hudad need a school and our support.  To raise money the Year 7s will walk for 3 hour along the Merri Creek to replicate the 3 hour walk the Hudad children take each day to school.
  • Show your support  for this great cause by hitting the link and Donating Now

Northcote High (29) Top 50 Public Comprehensive Secondary Schools In Australia

Congratulations to our student, families and teachers. 

Last weekend the media published the annual Your School information in The Australian. The "Your School lift out" is a feature on almost 10,000 schools cross all Australian states and territories.  There is also a Your School portal that ‘provides a snapshot of the key characteristics of a schools performance’ and highlights it is ‘an easy evaluation tool to browse all schools within your own search parameters’.  The media compile this information annually from their own sources i.e. public sources not ACARA. 

Although, Northcote High does not support league tables, we are committed to providing current and longitudinal data on our website that reports on school performance.  Northcote High students, teachers and families are doing well, which is highlighted in this data.


We also encourage school visitors to consider review of the myschool website as a nationally consistent source of data on school performance.




Farewell Year 12 

Photo: All those years ago! Yr 7 Girls Hockey Team 2011



on your efforts to date, we are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with you as you have journeyed through the VCE.    As a group your growing focus and momentum continues to impress and we look forward to celebrating your future successes. We are here to support and ensure your final weeks at Northcote High School are highlighted by hard work, occasions to remember and fun. You can do this by ensuring your actions and those of your friends match school and the broader community standards.


Revision over the holidays


Many thanks to the students and teachers who took the opportunity to continue to partner together in making sure you are placing themselves in the best possible position as you move toward your final exams. Over 450 individual sessions were attended through the Connect program and this is indicative of your commitment to your studies.

Final Weeks of classes


Your teachers and peers continue to be your learning partners and will support your quest to achieve results that are indicative of your talent and effort. With one final week of scheduled classes, as it is a normal school week, imperative you are in the right place at the right time with required equipment etc. Please note: full school uniform is an expectation.


Practice Exam Feedback


Students need to be congratulated on the way they committed to the practice exam process. Teachers have been giving you feedback on your results and these need to be the bedrock of your work over the next couple of weeks. Take the time to sit down with your teacher to get more detailed feedback.


What's Coming Up


The Final Countdown

Final formal classes for Year 12 draw to a close of Friday 14th October.  At a recent assembly, we discussed the importance of actively participating in classes right up to the last day.


SWOT Vac and Exam period support

SWOT Vac is the period prior to exams starting and begins post Friday 14th Oct. Year 12 teachers will be available to support during SWOT Vac and in the week preceding the scheduled exam your teacher will be available during your timetables classes as well.


That means that you are welcome and encouraged to visit your normal scheduled classes during this time, which will ensure you get the most support and benefit from their expertise 1:1 or in small groups.


Year 12 Breakfast:

will take place on Monday 17th October. The theme of ‘nostalgia’ has been set for your fancy dress. Staff who have supported you through your secondary education are looking forward to enjoying a delicious breakfast with you. This enjoyable event will conclude with students undertaking the first ever Northcote High School ‘Victory Lap’ around the school and the symbolic departing of the school through the front doors at around 9.30am.


Class of 2016 Graduation:  Northcote High School Graduation will be on the Wednesday 19th October at the Grand Hyatt in the city, starting promptly at 7.30pm. Book your tickets on Trybooking website:


Unit 3/4  VCAA examsWritten exams begin on Wednesday 26th October – Thursday 17th November.  


VCAA Exam Protocols inform what is acceptable in the examination room please ensure you are prepared by arriving early and are cognisant of expectations.


NHS Dress Protocols our school uniform is a visible sign that we are part of NHS and for the Class of 2016 a group within it, exemplified by your ‘hoodie’. 


During the exam period it is an expectation that you wear either the full school uniform or your 2016 hoodie and navy or black pants, shorts or skirt. 


We ask that you partner with the school in ‘living’ the above guideline and in so doing maintaining a ‘school mindset’, and communicating a sense of pride in school to all other year levels.

Year 11 Students undertaking Unit 3/4 Exams

Year 11 students undertaking VCAA exams are allowed to use the day before their exam as a study day. This can be taken either at home or in the study spaces provided at the school. Once the exams have begun, students are expected to be studying in the VCE centre or the library in lieu of their Year 12 classes.


Year 12 Formal:  The final celebration for you all is at San Remo Ballroom on the Wednesday 23rd November. To ensure you all have the opportunity to be part of this event, we encourage you to make every post a winner during the final days of your schooling.


Mr Shane Gemmola
Senior School Coordinator

Coming up - Rewrite your Story

Photo: NHS students as extras in an episode of "Rewrite Your Story"

Filmed almost entirely at Northcote High School, Rewrite Your Story is a youth-focussed program which explores 8 cyberbullying  real-life cyberbullying stories, alongside advice and support about how to handle it. The program also provides detailed, and essential, information about how to report serious cyberbullying  when required. These were produced by Brave Media for the Federal Government's Office of Children's esafety Commissioner. Trailer


Rewrite Your Story is designed to empower young people to be courageous in the face of cyberbullying, guide them when they need, and help them to support their friends. 

Rewrite Your Story will launch via a live stream on Facebook @ 11am AEST on 12 Oct.


Note: Dont be put off by the "Seacrest High School" uniforms. There is no such place!
A thankyou is due to our students who were involved as extras and especially to Oli Crawford-Smith, who was helpful throughout with the project and earned a special thanks from the Office of Children's esafety Commissioner. Well done Oli!

Nick Murphy
Assistant Principal

Coming Up - Walk for Hudad, 28th of Oct


The countdown is on!


Year 7 students are Northcote High School are aiming to improve the quality of life through providing the remote Hudad Community in Ethiopia with access to education. To support this community Year 7 students will be undertaking a 3 hour walk along the Merri Creek on the 28th of October to replicate the hardships the children of the Hudad encounter each day just getting to school. 

But we also need your support! If you would like to donate to this great cause then please follow the link below to donate.


Ms Hannah Kent & Mr Luke Slingsby Yr 7 YLPC


Coming Up - ACE Testing Yr 9, 2017

There will be a number of places (about 7 ) for the ACE program in Yr 9, in 2017.

Applications close, 3.30pm,  Friday 21 October 2016
Testing date is Friday 4 November, commencing at 9.00am

The application form is below.
The cost of testing is $70.


Coming up in Sport

Welcome back to term 4. We have another action packed term with many regional events on the sporting calendar.

Looking ahead:

  • Wednesday 12th Oct - Year 8 Boys Cricket
  • Thursday 13th Oct - Intermediate Boys Hockey, Intermediate Boys TT, Intermediate Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Friday 14th Oct - Year 9/10 Girls Futsal
  • Monday 17th Oct - State Athletics
  • Tuesday 18th Oct - Year 7 Boys Cricket, Year 7/8 Girls Cricket, Year 9/10 Boys Futsal
  • Wednesday 19th Oct - Year 8 Boys and Girls Hockey, Year 8 Boys Table Tennis, Year 8 Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Thursday 20th Oct - Year 7 Boys Hockey, Year 7 Boys Table Tennis, Year 7 Boys Basketball
  • Friday 21st Oct - 9/10 Girls and Boys Futsal Finals
  • Tuesday 25th Oct - Year 8 Girls Volleyball
  • Tuesday 15th Nov - Year 8 Girls Futsal
  • Thursday 17th Nov - Year 8 Boys Futsal
  • Tuesday 22nd Nov - Year 7 Girls Futsal
  • Thursday 24th Nov - Year 7 Boys Futsal

Surf Team
Can you already surf or would you like to try for the first time? There’s still time to sign up to surf school taking place in term 4. Please see Ms Costanzo or Ms Blanchard as soon as possible for further information.


Aerobics Taster

Are you considering joining the aerobics team next year or undecided? Come along and have a go during Health and PE Week. Thursday 20th Oct at Lunchtime in the GMR.


Year 7 Volleyball Program
Calling all volleyball enthusiasts. Come along and join the program taster afternoon on Monday 10th Oct from 3:21pm. The training session will take place in the gym and will ran by qualified coaches from our local community club. For further information please see Ms Wright.


Health and PE Week

Health and Physical Education (HPE) Day is a nationwide initiative that highlights the importance of HPE in the Australian Curriculum, and its influence on the learning and development of children. HPE Week will be taking place at NHS during week 3. There will be a variety of events running throughout the week with plenty of opportunities for you to come along and join in the fun. Event dates and time can be found on MyNHS during week 2.


Ms Blanchard

Tonight! -  Night Sky Viewing 



Our terrific telescope (courtesy of the Telescopes in Schools program) will be set up in the courtyard near D13 on

  • Tuesday 11th October 7.30pm to 9.00pm* (TONIGHT)

Bring your ipads, phones and cameras to take your own pictures of our Moon and planets!

Students, teachers and families all welcome.

For more information please see Ms Hutchens.

*Weather permitting. If it is a cloudy evening we will reschedule.


Coming up -Yr 9 City School

In Weeks 4 and 5 of this term year 9 students will be embarking on one of the highlights of the Year 9 program: City School. Students will be using Melbourne’s CBD as their classroom for three days, where they will be gathering multiple forms of data by researching and surveying the general public to explore a hypothesis they have created in order to test a theory about issues facing young people in Melbourne.


As part of their exploration of youth issues in the city of Melbourne they will also develop a radio segment at youth radio station SynFM. They’ll be explore homelessness in their session at the Big Issue and get better acquainted with the CBD and all it has to offer young people as part of their Amazing Race challenge.


This fantastic program is born out of the Year 9 English and Science curriculum and encourages students to explore a theory, create a hypothesis, and gather data to test that hypothesis. These findings will be presented at a City School Celebration Evening for parents and students to see on Monday November 21st.


The dates each class are attending City School are below:


9A, 9B, 9C: Mon Oct 24 - Wed Oct 26

9D, 9E, 9F, 9H: Wed Oct 26-Fri Oct 28

9G, 9I, 9J, 9K: Wed Nov 2 - Fri Nov 4


As this is one of the marquee programs at Year 9 it is of course compulsory, so could parents please ensure that consent and payment for the event are completed via Compass or at the General Office by Friday October 14th.  This payment goes towards venue hire, SynFM, Big Issue and Amazing Race sessions as well as other costs associated with excursions. For any families who require financial assistance or a payment plan, you can contact Richard Wang via the general office.


If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Year 9 Program Leaders, Jamie Lethborg or Sarah Green.



Jamie Lethborg


Coming Up -Cambodia Trip


A group of intrepid travellers from Years 10 and 11 has literally “weathered” conditions in some ways tougher than those we will face over in Cambodia, camping in Kinglake on the windiest weekend in recorded weather history. The group of 39 students and 4 teachers, accompanied by their 2 leaders, spent last weekend together developing the skills and knowledge they will need to successfully navigate the challenges of travelling in a country where none of us speak the language, and where the culture is new to almost everyone in the group. We have all been fundraising throughout this year, and in six weeks will be translating these funds into materials for our two community projects – a house construction project for one group, and a school renovation project for the other. In-country, students will lead all aspects of the decision-making, including where we stay, what we eat and what we do each day. It was therefore very reassuring for all the teachers to see how well the two groups worked together to support each other, solve challenges and make decisions; as it bodes very well for our travels together. In addition to our community work, we will explore the country as backpackers, and undertake a trek where we stay with locals in their homes and participate in their daily lives.



Coming Up -Young Leaders off to China

Students from L to R:

Finlay Symons 9H, Grace Evans 9I, Rory Stevens 9J, Mikka Jordan 9E, Luca Narum 9E, Anton Brouwer 9B, Henry Durran 9F, Jasmine Papavasiliou 9H

Victorian Young Leaders to China 2016


Tomorrow eight of our current year 9 students will depart for a 6 week language and cultural tour of China. Our students will be joining with students and staff from Auburn HS, East Doncaster SC, Koo Wee Rup SC, Lowanna College, Traralgon College, Stawell SC, Wantirna SC & Wellington SC.


The Victorian Young Leaders to China program  provides  the opportunity for students to:

–      Discover and learn Chinese language, culture and life

–      Build a foundation to learn, live and work in a global community

–      Discover their potential as future leaders and global citizens


The group will spend 2 weeks in Beijing honing their language skills at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, and will then spend the remaining 4 weeks at living at and attending their host school Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Languages School.

Ms Liz Lenthall

NHS Writer's Club


Operation Enhance -Graduations

Congratulations to Darcy Mcerlain and Ben Morgan in Year 8 on their recent graduation from the Operation Newstart Enhance Program.

The Enhance Program is a five week leadership building course that aims to provide alternative experiences out of school to promote further personal growth. The program aims to further develop leadership and communication skills, and encourages students to promote positive change within their school and local communities. The students produced a short documentary titled 'Think Global, Act Local', and can be viewed here:
Well done!

Mr Gerard O'Shaughnessy

Third in State Chess Finals


Northcote High School Senior Chess Team travelled to Brighton Grammar on Friday 9th September  to participate in the Open Secondary  State Final Chess Championships.


Many prestigious schools from around Victoria competed for the Chess State title, apart from us these included Melbourne High, Mazenod College, Ballarat College and Brighton Grammar. The tournament consisted of 9 games of half hour duration.


Northcote achieved equal third in the Open Secondary division.  Jack Puccini, the NHS Chess Captain, won 8 games and drew one, with (long time rival and former NHS student ) Ari Dale from Melbourne High (pictured above and below)


Finley Dale was back at his brilliant best winning 7 out of 9 games.  Finley was masterful in his selection  of strategies to out do most players.  The team did an outstanding job, and congratulations to all the chess members particularly, Joseph Hatton and Daniel Zou,  who once again, played for the team with “bulldog spirit”.


National Science Week – Drones, Droids & Robots

Late in Term 3 a number of students participated in activities organised for National Science Week. We were lucky enough to have one of our parents, Deb Agars, come and film some of the sessions and put together a video of the students at work. We were also featured in an article that appeared in Australian Teacher Magazine. Links to both the article and film can be found below.

Lions Club Public Speaking

Congratulations to Alice Barnes and Jenny Le for their Outstanding Performance at the Youth of the Year Club (Public Speaking) Final. This high-profile event was held at the Lions Club of Northcote on the 5th October. Alice and Jenny successfully stood out through preliminary interviews and were chosen to represent Northcote High School. During the course of the competition both Jenny and Alice impressed the enthusiastic audience and judging panel with not just their well-chosen topics but also their well-developed public speaking skills. The highly anticipated audience gave a long and loud applause when Alice was announced the winner of the competition. Jenny became the “star of the evening” for being the very first international student entered this event.

Mr Ramsay & Ms Wang

Design and Technology Week


Last week was a wonderful celebration and exploration of Design and Technology!


Many of the students took part in Makerspaces at lunchtimes, creating whatever they desired, they unboxed and had a test flight of the school’s first drone and they also had Design and Technology activities in their English, Maths, Humanities and Science classes.


The highlight of the week was our “Studying Design Forum” on Wednesday night where we had five amazing ex-students share their experiences studying and working in design and technology related areas. Parents and students asked lots of interesting questions and there is no doubt that the future is bright for Design and Technology education at Northcote High School and also for our talented and dedicated students as they use their, much sought after, creative problem solving skills to make the world a better place for us all!



Mr Peter Murphy

Yr 7 Public Speaking

Following the publication of speeches in newsletters last term, please see attached Indigo Van Der Hoeven's persuasive speech on gay marriage which came 1st in the Year 7 Public Speaking competition. 


Indigo was chosen by her class and teacher to represent 7K in the Year 7 Public Speaking Competition. In addition to being selected by the class, Indigo also successfully made it through a round of heats in order to be crowed our Year 7 Public Speaking Champion!


Library News

Library lunch time opening for the remainder of term 4


10th – 15th October is VCE week in the library

  • The Library will be open during lunch time exclusively for VCE study all next week.   This will provide additional study space and support for our VCE students preparing for the exam period.
  • During this week other year levels can access the library for the last 15 minutes of lunch time for printing, photocopying and borrowing. 

17th October – 12th December

  • The Library will be open during lunch time between 1 – 1.30 pm to provide access to copying, printing and resources.
  • There will be additional lunch time study sessions arranged during the year 10 and 11 exam period, to provide access to a quiet study space and support for the exam period.

Reminder to all students  

In preparation for the end of the year we are asking all students to go through their lockers, school bags, and check at home for any library books.  Please return your books as soon as possible.  

  • Year 12 students are required to return their library resources by 19 October 
  • Extended holiday lending periods will be set in December for returning students.  

Uniform Reminder Term 4

School Uniform – Reminders and Thank you for your support!


Northcote High school uniform was designed by our community – students, teachers and parents, with a big change in 2010. Our uniform communicates we are part of the Northcote High community. Wearing a uniform well indicates a level of organization and school mindset.  Hence, we expect students to wear our uniform with pride. We are a uniform school and ensuring students wear it well represents us all.  It also supports one of our school values – fairness.


Summer uniform is a feature of Term 4 and Term 1, thankyou for your supporting the transition.

Below is a reminder of what current uniform items. 

Essentially, if students wear an item which is not available in the school uniform shop it is not part of the NHS uniform.


Therefore long sleeves tops under summer dress or shirt are not uniform items and students will be asked to remove them.


To ensure clarity:


2016 Summer Uniform - what’s in:

  • White socks only with the Summer dress
  • Grey marle socks with the grey shorts or trousers
  • Black leather school shoes

2016 Summer Uniform - What’s out:

  • Undergarments
  • Runners
  • Black leggings, stockings or track pants
  • Hoodies
  • A combination of summer and winter uniform items

Again thank you very much for your support in our management of our school uniform and please don’t hesitate to contact Jocelyn Hill on 94882314 or [email protected] if you have any queries.


NHS Uniform Shop Opening Arrangements.


Normal Trading Hours:

Tuesday 12.30 – 4.00pm

Friday 8.30am – 11.30am


 Northcote High School uniform can also be purchased at Dobsons,  667 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

Mon to Thur:     8.30am - 5.30pm

Fri:                  8.30am - 6.00pm

 Sat:                 8.30 - 5.00pm


Phone:       9819 1122     


Community News






Pathways and Careers



Congratulations to our Year 12 students, who have all identified where they’d like to head when they complete their schooling here. Whilst a large proportion of them are hoping to pursue tertiary studies, some have already embarked on equally inspiring journeys into the workforce or a travel destination. Some are planning to combine more than one of these goals simultaneously. We look forward to hearing about where life takes all of them.


For those engaging with VTAC, we are now in the first “change of preference” period (COP).


Preferences can be changed from now until December 20 (December 15 for international students). After the ATAR release, students should evaluate their preferences again, and can continue to seek assistance from the school if they wish.


A couple of things to remember:

  • Unis are still changing course details, adding courses and removing them. Keep up with these changes by checking the careers newsletters on myNHS, and signing up to the uni-specific email lists.
  • Tertiary institutions are all holding various events in the week of the ATAR release, to help students with their decision-making. Download a useful “Change of Preference” summary here. And remember to double-check the ones relevant to you closer to the date.
  • You can get help from Kylie Witt at school until December 19, 2016. She’ll be back at school on January 18, 2017 for students who need assistance dealing with the offer process.  

Download a useful handout for Year 12 students here that outlines what still needs to be done between now and January.





All Year 10s should have now completed their preparation for Work Experience. This means they have:

  • Organised a placement
  • Returned all the paperwork
  • Completed two OHS modules
  • Printed their OHS certificates and given these to their tutor.

Students who do not have all four of these elements completed by the end of October will risk not being able to participate in the program, and will be required at school to participate in a school-based program.

Forms can be downloaded from myNHS, and students experiencing difficulties should talk with their tutor or Ms Witt. We hope all students will make sure they can participate in a meaningful work experience placement.




Year 9 students should be starting to think about where they would like to complete their Work Experience in 2017. “Work Experience” means experiencing the world of work, and there are many creative and exciting ways to do this. Explore some of the work experience resources on myNHS to generate ideas, and don’t overlook volunteering opportunities or community organisations. Often they need a spare pair of hands more urgently, and there is the capacity to make a real difference as well as experiencing the routine of the workforce. In addition, you may find you learn skills that will stand you in good stead later. Work experience is a chance to explore a career you are interested in, but it can also be the one time in your life you can try out something you know will possibly never evolve as a paid interest for you, or something about which you are simply curious. It might lead to a new passion, or it might just be something you think you want on your CV. 


The earlier families think about how this can be approached, the more likely it is that the placement will be a rewarding, informative and useful one. In particular, organisations where placements will be highly sought after have early closing dates – often these will be the year before, and some 2017 programs are already closed. This means students with specific and ambitious plans should be actively seeking and organising opportunities.

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