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16 August 2016
Issue Five
Principal's Report
Assistant Principals' Report
Parent liaison Report
Dromana College 50 Years 
Fashion and Art Expo
Wakakirri 2016
Design and Innovation Day
HMAS Cerberus Open Day
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Principal's Report

Alan Marr

Term 3 has already developed into another rewarding term with much activity going on within the school, both at an academic and co-curricular level. The preparation for the student courses in 2017 has commenced and it was fantastic to see so many parents at our Year 12 Victorian Tertiary Admissions Information Evening and Parent Teacher interviews. Similarly, our careers and pathways evening had over three hundred families in attendance. The pathways structure and subject choice for students from Years 9 to 12 can be complex, and I would encourage all students and their families to get fully involved in this process and utilise our pathways staff and information evenings.


As has become our tradition at Dromana College, we commenced this term with a whole school assembly, the focus of which was on acknowledging student success and participation; from great academic efforts to fantastic sporting accomplishments. I would particularly like to acknowledge the highly respectful behaviour and participation of all our students as both members of the audience and presenters – well done.


State Schools Spectacular

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the State Schools Spectacular, the biggest live music production in Victoria.  There will be two performances on Saturday 10 September 2016 at Hisense Arena. Tickets will soon be released through Ticketek. The Spectacular includes a cast of 3000 Victorian government school students, working towards a common goal in a collaborative, competition-free environment. 
Its dual aim is to provide an invaluable performing arts opportunity to Victoria's government school students and to showcase the enormous talent that exists in our schools. This all comes together in a 2-3 hour scripted show that celebrates a diversity of performance mediums, including choir, dance, vocal, drama and orchestra.



The 2016 performance season for the Wakakirri Story Dance Challenge is up and running! I had the pleasure of attending our regional final with six schools represented. This was a very enjoyable performance and our students had a fantastic experience, not only on the day but throughout the whole production process. No results have been released as yet.

Congratulations to all staff and students on this fantastic event.



Pierre de Coubertin

Congratulations to Year 12 student Jarrod Murphy on receiving the Pierre de Coubertin Award.  This award is named after the founder of the Modern Olympic Games and is presented to students who display the A.S.P.I.R.E Olympic values and attributes - Attitude. Sportsmanship. Pride. Individual Responsibility. Respect. Express Yourself


Assistant Principals' Report

Simon Jones

It has certainly been a very busy time with preparations now in full swing for 2017 course selections. Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 have been provided with information at school about the options available to them and the process for selecting courses.


Further, it was very encouraging to see so many students and parents in attendance at our recent Careers Expo and Information Evening. This shows that there is much support for the school program and strong interest in each student’s education. We hope that all who attended found the evening valuable in supporting informed decision-making about future student pathways. If further assistance or clarification is required, there are staff in the senior school who can be contacted by phone, email or Daymap message. If necessary, please contact your child’s Head of Year, Tracey Bastin (Head Of Senior School), Derry Caulfield (Careers) or myself.

Following this evening students are to be withdrawn from class to undergo a course counselling session, which will help and guide their selections for next year.


The subject information for each year level and the link to the selection program are now live on the College website. Students have been issued with a code that will allow them to access the selection program and choose their courses. Parents will need to sign-off on these selections and this form then needs to be returned to the Careers Office.


There is also a course counselling session set aside on the 10th August that parents and students can attend without an appointment. Course counsellors will be available in the staffroom between 3.30 and 6.30 to provide advice and expertise, should it be required.  


If there are any students who will not be returning in 2017, we would appreciate it if you could advise the school as exit paperwork will need to be completed and processed.


New College Jacket

Please note that we now have waterproof rain jackets for sale from the uniform shop. They retail for $29.95, please order them through Noone Imagewear or contact the Administration Office for details.

After School Help Sessions

Parents and Students are reminded that we have afterschool help sessions on a Wednesday and Thursday from 3.15 to 4.30pm in the Library.

All year levels and all subjects are welcome!

Students can come to get extra help with their work, or study independently and complete their homework.

A variety of teachers attend and are ready and willing to help.


Parent liaison Report

Theresa Stelling



I would like to remind all parents willing to assist at the College you need to apply for a Working with Children Card by going to the following site.


If you already have a Working with Children card but are new to the College it is important you  go on this site and add Dromana College to your card. The initial card will cost you the price of a passport photo from there, it is free for volunteers.



Do you shop at Bakers Delight Dromana or Somerville? If so, then mention you are from Dromana College to link a 5% annual donation from all your purchases. This will be donated to the schools welfare fundraising at the end of the year. Please support this business as loyally as they support us.

This wonderful store sponsor our Breakfast club every week with all our lovely bread.



Meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm in the Administration Building. Parents, guardians, grandparents and students are welcome.

By supporting the events the P&F run you are contributing to great things for our students.


PARENTS AND FRIENDS BUNNINGS Scones Jam & Cream Fundraiser

The Red Hill Riders run a competition at the College every July and offered the P&F the opportunity to participate. It was decided to offer Devonshire tea. The committee were very happy with the outcome and look forward to participating again in 2017. I would like to thank the following parents for all their hard work at this new and successful fundraiser. Maryke Stapleton, Karla Metcalf, Kayleen Smith, Kerri Healy, Jenny Burt and Carol Patullo.  



If you have a business or you know of one that would like to advertise in the program for this event please contact me at the College for further details. Advertisements start as low as $50. See poster in this newsletter.

See flyer for this event elsewhere in the newsletter. Hope you can put it in your diary, gets some friends together and attend.



The Wednesday breakfast programs runs from 8.00am to 9.00am and serve hot Milo and toast with jam, vegemite or honey. If you are keen to help please contact me at the College, or if you would like to donate any of the following items in 2016 please leave at the front office. The items we use are margarine, jam, vegemite, milo, hot chocolate, napkins and disposable gloves. Make sure you leave your details so we can thank you or the company who made the donation. We have a letter at the College to ask for donations if you require one.



Dromana College will celebrate 50 years on 12 March 2017. A committee is currently being formed to plan this great event.

If you are interested in being part of the great adventure contact me at the College for more information.



We have a large amount of boy’s trousers, shorts and woollen jumpers at very good prices. See me Monday Wednesday or Friday if you wish to purchase these items.


Theresa Stelling

Parent Liaison Officer

0419 502 081

Mob 0419502081




Dromana College 50 Years 

Mark the Date in your Diary


Fashion and Art Expo

Dromana College Fashion and Art Exhibition 2016



Victorian Schools Cycling Championships 2016


On a sunny day after rain and hail cleared, the 6th Victorian Mountain Bike Championshiops were held at Dromana College on the Hillview Trail. 

Over 230 kids from all over the state appeared to race the heavy, and in parts muddy trail. 

We had some excellent results from the 16 strong Dromana Cycling Team who were missing some of their team due to regular team weekend sporting commitments.





Podium Results:

Trevor Allen       U 15’s 3rd

Jack Banks        U17’s 1st

Sam Turner       U19’s 1st

Riley Morgan     U 19’s 3rd

Mikayala Wolfe U 19’s 1st


Plenty of other great performances with mud and smiles on all of the kids faces.

Well done to staff who showed up in the icy cold conditions and it was greatly appreciated by the kids; Alan Marr, Alan Bounds, Theresa Stelling, Marc Plumridge, Derry Caufield, Paul Barton, and Annie Turner.


Special thanks to ex-students Ellie Wale and Jet Turner for running the pre-school riders around the pump track. Thanks to Kate Mason and Beau Wood for preparing and supporting the Dormant Racing Team before and at the event.


Thank you to the Dromana College Parents and Friends Association for their contribution on the day of scones with jam and cream. Feedback from the ladies was very positive and we look forward to having them on board again in 2017.

Adrian Wale

Wakakirri 2016



This year Dromana College entered into the Wakakirri Dance Story contest for the first time. This is a competition against other secondary schools around the state, then ultimately, around Australia. It is very similar to the Rock Eisteddfod that used to run a number of years ago. Each school is required to present a story through dance, costume, set, projection and music.


After many student planning meetings in the library in Term 1, we arrived at the theme of a modern “Alice in Wonderland”.  With regular lunchtime and Thursday afterschool rehearsals, our student’s story emerged into a 7 minute dance story exploring the deeper issue of mental health.


Alice skips on stage complete with headphones bopping to the latest music, her various personalities and emotions (other ‘Alices’) are reflected behind her. Tired and exhausted she falls on her bed and falls fast asleep. She wakes, climbs through her bedroom mirror and finds herself in a strange land and confronted by aspects of mental health issues. The Cheshire Cats illuminate the stage with their lights, the Cards come marching on and try to overwhelm Alice and the voices keep questioning who she is … We see cyber bulling, Alice questioning her self-worth and physical beauty and feeling like she is ‘going’ crazy. Finally, she finds a way forward and rises up against the negativity and darkness that had been confronting and challenging her on her journey.


We are very proud of our students who performed so professionally, both on and off stage, and represented Dromana College so well.


We would like to thank all students involved in our 2016 Wakakirri performance. We had over 30 students perform on stage, along with and fabulous back stage crew, who helped with and designed make up, lighting and sets etc. Many other teachers, parents and students came in at the final stages to assist with make-up and hair.

Thank you to all the parents who assisted in all ways including supporting on the day.

Well done to the 2016 Wakakirri team!!


Ms Sabell, Ms Johnson and Ms Day.  


Design and Innovation Day

Design and Innovation Day


I’m Mia McWilliams and I am a student leader (sports captain) in Year 8.


The year 8’s had the privilege to have some fantastic guest speakers and participate in a variety of activities at our school for the Design and Innovation Day, held on June 17th, at the end of last term.


Etienne Reinhold and Brayden Hilbert who are also student leaders, helped me out with greeting all our guests and introducing them to the year 8’s who were assembled in the Design Centre for the day.


Our speakers were Martin Dixon MP, Stephen Huxley Acting Dean of Swinburne University, Laura Murphy from DATTA.VIC, Simon Mulvany from Save the Bees and two young guys from Swinburne, Adam Carr and Nuwan Ranasinhe, who are both students in the design and engineering courses.


It was a great day as all students had the chance to participate in a number of workshops including the Sustainability of Bees and the effect of new technology on their habitats, Sphero Balls, Introduction to 3D Printing, Lego and Robotics, Creating Websites, Wearable Technology, Living Spaces with Google Sketch up and Food photography.








took part in the ‘Sustainability of Bees’ activity where Simon Mulvaney brought in some of his delicious honey for us to taste and spoke about how multimillion dollar companies, through GM modified crops, weed spraying glysophates and harmful chemicals and ‘thinning out’ honey and replacing it with corn syrup are literally killing bee populations worldwide.


Overall it was a fabulous day and I’m happy that it was a great success



Alex Lee

Throughout my years at Dromana College I have had many different opportunities, met many friends and obtained vast skills to set me up for my future years in my chosen career. I have been working towards one goal of getting my VCAL senior pass, as I have wanted to become a builder since Year 7. I signed up as a School Based Apprentice at the end of Year 10 after completing work experience and being accepted into the VCAL program. With hard work and dedication along with assistance from the College VCAL staff, I was able to fast-track my VCAL program to 18 months.  Since successfully passing and graduating Year 12, I have commenced full time work with Coastal Builders Pty Ltd in late June, and will become a 2nd year apprentice in September. Without the help and support of the College, VCAL team and the VCAL program I would not be on this pathway.

Alex Lee

Year 12 VCAL Student


During Alex’s time in the VCAL Program he has been a friendly and dedicated student who always received glowing reports from his classroom teachers. It has been a pleasure assisting Alex in fast-tracking his Senior VCAL certificate and we wish him all the best as he begins what will surely be a successful career in the building industry. Congratulations Alex!

Jaimie Watts

Year 12 VCAL Coordinator







It is with great pride that we congratulate Alex Lee as the first Dromana College student to achieve mid-year completion and graduation in the Senior (Year 12) VCAL certificate. This fantastic outcome is testament to the positive attitude, outstanding work ethic and commitment that Alex has demonstrated not only this year but throughout his VCAL program. Alex’s achievement serves as a positive example to other students of what is possible and will hopefully inspire others to follow in his footsteps in future years. We wish Alex well in his apprenticeship and again commend him on the initiative that he has shown in fast-tracking his entry into his chosen pathway.

Simon Jones

Senior School Assistant Principal



2017 Production


HMAS Cerberus Open Day

HMAS Cerberus Open Day


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