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02 September 2016
Issue Thirteen
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From the Principal





An evening of fun, laughter and good spirit was evident last weekend at the Annual Parent Association Trivia Night.  Good representation from our community including parents, staff and invited guests. My gratitude is extended to our Parents Association President Mr Nick Nicolaou and his committee and I am pleased to report the event raised over $3500 which will be directed to the new playground.


Leadership Day

We set a new record for our 5th Annual Leadership Day celebrating The Leader in Me process (7 Habits). Our students brought alive each of the Habits through drama, dance and song. Congratulations is extended to our Leader in Me Facilitator, Mrs Kathy Haramis, our talented musical teacher, Mrs Des Maramis, with huge support from Mrs Lauren Cummins, Junior School and Administration staff.





EISM Grand Finals

Our students continue to demonstrate prowess in their chosen sports whilst representing our school, premierships were noted in:


EISM Year 8/9 Premiers:

Girls Table Tennis

Boys Soccer


EISM Senior Premiers:

Girls Table Tennis

Boys Basketball

Boys Soccer

Boys Indoor Soccer (EISM competition at Box Hill Indoor Sport Centre)


EISM 5-A-Side Futsal Premiers:

Senior Girls Futsal Team


I thank Mr Greg Joyce, Head of Sport and all coaches for their mentoring of our students.


Taekwondo Exhibition

We recently hosted the USMA Taekwondo Club and they presented a small exhibition which included the Kumar brothers who are part of our Alumni. Master Cariotis and Mr John Ravlic proudly showcased the USMA Club talent and it is anticipated this club will run out of Oakleigh Grammar at the commencement of Term 4.


Curriculum Initiatives 2017

The Board of Management has endorsed two new curriculum initiatives commencing next year. The first initiative is to create a contemporary music programme commencing in our Middle School. Educational research is clear in relation to the academic benefits of a strong music programme. The second initiative relates to expanding our LOTE offering to include Mandarin as well as Greek as the two official language offerings at Oakleigh Grammar. We look forward to the additional learning outcomes that both of these initiatives are likely to produce for our students.



I am pleased to advise that the reputation of our School is at a very high level judging by turn out at recent Open Days. Not only have we achieved record enrolments for 2017 but we are now full at the Early Learning Centre and in eight out of the thirteen year levels.  Congratulations are extended to all staff who continually contribute to the outstanding culture.


Wishing all of our fathers a Happy Father's Day for this coming Sunday 4 September.


Deputy Principal



Deputy Principal


2016 NAPLAN Results

The National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students took place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10-12 May. The assessment involved Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation and Numeracy tests. The NAPLAN tests were conducted by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) on behalf of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).


Although NAPLAN results are a snapshot of a student’s achievements in Literacy and Numeracy on the day of testing, the results do provide diagnostic information for parents and teachers about a child’s performance in Literacy and Numeracy. This information can be used to support teaching and learning programs and improve student achievement.


You would have recently received your child’s personal report. The report described your child’s particular skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar & punctuation and numeracy. The report also shows how your child performed in relation to national minimum standards. These describe minimum acceptable standards for students across Australia.


The Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 NAPLAN student results were made available to the school in the week before last. Teachers have begun analysing the data and plans are underway to focus on the areas where students require further work.

The Oakleigh Grammar results showed significant improvement demonstrating the benefit of the outstanding teaching and learning programs across the school.

Congratulations to all the students in the Junior School on their performance in the NAPLAN Tests. Year 3 Oakleigh Grammar students performed very well in all test domains with students frequently scoring in bands 6&7. Year 5 students performed well with the boys scoring highly in the Writing Test.

Our Middle School students in Years 7&9 showed great progress. Year 7 boys scored strongly in Reading and Numeracy while the girls excelled in the Writing Test. The Year 9 results were impressive with the both girls and boys achieving strong results in the Writing Test and scored highly in all other tests.


We would like to congratulate the students in Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 for their positive approach and outstanding effort in this national testing process.

Important Dates & Notices

Conference Centre & 9ways Venue Hire

We are now accepting external hires of our Conference Centre & 9ways Centre.


If you would like to make a booking, or obtain more information, please contact

Miss Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer on (03) 9569 6128 during school hours or on 0449 863 622 after hours to leave a message or via email at 

[email protected]


Check out our website:



You can also find us on Facebook:


and Instagram: @ogconferencecentre.

Oakleigh Grammar - An Evening of Comedy

Tickets for Oakleigh Grammar's Evening of Comedy are on sale NOW!


It is sure to be an exciting night with the likes of Adam Rozenbachs, Dave O'Neil and Dilruk Jayasinha performing on the evening. There are also some amazing Raffle Prizes up for grabs, so make sure you get your tickets soon!


Tickets are $25 and include:

  • Admission to the comedy event
  • Finger Food
  • One free raffle ticket upon arrival (additional tickets can be purchased for $2 each)

Get your tickets here:


Uniform Exchange

A reminder that the Oakleigh Grammar Uniform Exchange is currently accepting consignment items and donations.


Donations: any used uniform items will be accepted by School Reception staff.


Consignment: bring items to the Uniform Exchange during its opening hours & days (listed below) where items will be accepted and recorded for resale on your behalf, for up to 30% of new prices.


Second hand, current, official Oakleigh Grammar Uniform items are available for purchase for no more than 60% of new prices. Please note: only current Oakleigh Grammar uniform items will be accepted for consignment. All old OGOC uniform items will be donated to Paradise 4 Kids (P4K) in Africa.


Upcoming Uniform Exchange Dates (located in the Community Conference Centre from 2:30PM-4PM on each date):

Wednesday 7 September

Thursday 15 September

Friday 23 September

Monday 3 October

Friday 7 October

Friday 11 November


Please direct any queries to [email protected].


We look forward to your participation as your support is vital in establishing the Uniform Exchange.

2 Minute Zones

A reminder to all parents that the 2 minute zones on Clapham Road are strictly for drop-off & pick-up purposes only. Parking your car in these zones for more than 2 minutes will result in a parking fine by Monash City Council.

Senior School

Head of Senior School 



Head of Senior School


As the term heads towards completion, many of our Year 12s have begun to count down their final days as students of Oakleigh Grammar. It is important, however, that they remain mindful of the end goal, maintain focus during this period of time, and use the time left wisely, seeking assistance where and when needed. The last of the dreaded SACs will be shortly completed and examination revision will begin in earnest. The preparation and effort they put into revision at this time will help to make the examination experience less daunting and overwhelming. Decisions made during this time can impact greatly on their final outcome.


VCE Year 11 and 12 students need to complete a minimum of 3 hours study each night including the weekends in order to achieve high results. This is the period of time, unfortunately, when many start to lose focus and become disillusioned by the process. This is when they need our support the most. It is at this time of the year when they need to re-group and realise that the time left is very short and they have so much to gain through perseverance and hard work. The examinations start in 8 weeks. So there is time left. They need to make the most of the Trial Exams and attempt them in a serious fashion to check their level of readiness. The Trial Examinations are compulsory for all students undertaking 3/4 studies this year and students not attending must see their subject teacher.

MPower Workshop

On Thursday 25 August the Year 11 girls participated in an MPower workshop which focussed on girls’ social and emotional skills. The Workshop explored how girls relate to one another and deal with issues of bullying and cliques.


The program aims were: to reveal and explore the nature of girls’ changing relationships, better understand girls’ aggression, practice new ways of relating and develop the confidence to express feelings honestly.


“The highlight of the day would have been being all together as a year level of girls. Usually we are all in our own groups and don’t get to catch up with everyone else. This session gave as an opportunity to find out about other girls’ interests, hobbies and aspirations.” Alexia Sfrantzis



On Thursday 25 August a group of Year 10 and 11 boys went on an excursion to Alfred Hospital where they were given the privilege to take part in the P.A.R.T.Y (Prevent Alcohol Risk related Trauma in Youth), program.


Students were confronted with the harsh consequences of risk taking behaviour with relation to alcohol and drug usage. The day consisted of a tour throughout the trauma wards of the hospital including the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), rehabilitation wards and the ED (emergency department).


From this experience, students

contemplated the ramifications of risk taking behaviour such as drink/drug driving, succumbing to peer pressure and making poor decisions. Students were especially surprised by the lasting impact such behaviours have on more people than just the person responsible. Whether it be their own family members, family members of the victim or anyone related to the situation, the consequences and pain caused is lasting and life changing. The visit to the ICU was a real eye opener as students met a young man whose life was hanging in the balance due to a decision he made under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This young man ended up in ICU on a ventilator, unconscious for the past 10 days.


He was not in a good state and even if he is to survive, his quality of life is going to be much more diminished than what it previously was. The ‘hit home’ message was to think carefully about what you do and who you are with when you are doing it. The visit to The Alfred also offered a good opportunity for the Year 10 and 11 boys to reflect on their lives and have a think about the people in their lives that would be impacted by such trauma. The boys were reminded that it is important to be open and discuss issues in their lives that may lead to poor decisions as sometimes it is difficult to reach out for help. Overall it was an excellent day with some real life lessons learnt.


Middle School

Head of Middle School



Head of Middle School


An interesting brochure passed across my desk this week promoting the website parentingideas.com.au. The website is run by Michael Grose who provides support and advice on building resilient families and creating positive parent – school relationships.


Below are Michael’s thoughts on building resilient families that I found interesting and provided something of value for all parents. 


Building Resilience

From a resilience perspective parents need to coach kids through some of the more challenging moments and reviewing what they may have learned for next time. Avoid solving all their problems for them.

You can promote a lasting sense of resilience in your kids by:

  1. Having a positive attitude yourself. Your attitude as a parent impacts on their ability to bounce back from some of the difficulties they face. Make sure you model a ‘you can do it’ attitude for your child when he/she meets some of life’s curve balls.
  2. Look for teachable moments. Many kids’ learning opportunities are disguised as problems. Make the most of these opportunities so that kids can grow and learn from some of the challenges they face.
  3. Make kids active participants in the family. Active participation in a family develops the self-help, problem-solving and independence skills of kids that are necessary for resilience. 
  4. Build kids coping skills. There are plenty of strategies you can pass on to kids to help them cope when life doesn’t go their way, including acceptance, getting away for a while, and normalisation.

Promoting resilience in kids is a not a single event but a continuous process that requires adults to be supportive and empathetic when things don’t go their way. It also requires you as a parent to have an understanding of resilience, so you have faith in yourself, and your child’s ability to cope.


If you found this interesting you may wish to sign up for his free weekly newsletter.



Meanwhile in the Middle School ….


MYP Information Evening

Last Wednesday evening we had the pleasure of speaking to next year’s Middle School families about the exciting adventure in learning they are about to embark upon that is the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP).


It was great to see around 30 – 40 parents take the opportunity to engage in their child’s learning and learn more about the MYP curriculum framework, that governs all learning, assessment and reporting in the Middle School.


The highlight of the evening was provided by four of our current Year 6 students; Iliiana Nicolaou, Stephanie Kalogeropoulos, Jonathan Daoulis - Liapsis and Helena Papagiorgiou, who each wrote and delivered a reflection on their experience transitioning to the Middle School and undertaking the MYP. Here are two of those reflections;


"Hi my name is Iliana Nicolaou and I am in Grade 6. I have been at Oakleigh Grammar School since Grade 2 but this is my first year of the IB Middle Years Program (MYP). 


This year has been a new and exciting experience for me. My classroom is located in the middle school as opposed to the primary school. Mr Flanagan is the head of Middle Years, and I am lucky enough to have Mr Damatopoulos as my homeroom teacher. He is also the Year 6 and 7 coordinator. 


I am really enjoying Year 6 and the different types of learning. I feel the MYP Program is instrumental in encouraging me to think. With assessments and even during class time we all need to try and formulate questions around topics we are exploring, and take a more active part in our learning. For me this has been particularly helpful as I feel my research skills have improved as well as my organisation. 


Even though I had a slight amount of trouble making the large jump between Year 5, Junior School, and Year 6, Middle School, it was made easier with all the support I received from all my friends, family, and teachers. I am really happy I made the jump, it holds many opportunities and I am loving all of it so far!


I like the feeling of having control over my learning and how we immerse ourselves in topics. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to present my work in various forms of media, and it makes me feel more independent. This year my confidence has increased and thanks to my awesome teachers and the programs I am supported both in my school work and as a person. 


My favourite subjects are Language and Literature (English), Science, IT, Art, Food Tech, and P.E (Sport). I love the weekly lunchtime Art Club and the Drama Club. Camp this year was awesome, and watching the teachers perform alongside us was a major highlight! I am looking forward to year 7, meeting new students, learning new things, and especially the new library because I love books! Thank you, Have a good afternoon, and good-bye!"  

       ~Iliana Nicolaou Year 6B


"Hi my name is Jonathan Daoulas today I am going to tell you about why Year 6 at Oakleigh Grammar is special.


The reason Year 6 is special is because it helps transition us to high school by giving us our own lockers, extra homework, new subjects and gives us a sense of responsibility.


Through this journey, it is great to have teachers like Mr Damatopoulos who guides us through this year 6 journey.


Year 6 also has different activities such as camp, science incursions and city excursions.


Starting at Year 6 through to Year 11, we have special rolls, which are called SRC leaders. Each class has 1 SRC leader, I am the SRC leader for my class. What an SRC leader does is organise fundraisers and ways to help the school improve. This may include going out of school to represent Oakleigh Grammar at special events such as Remembrance Day.


I think with all the new subjects and activities we have done throughout Year 6 we are now able to reach our academic goals in the future.


Year 6 has been a wonderful journey for me and I hope my speech has given you a better understanding of year 6. Thank you for listening."

      ~Jonathan Daoulas


Our students are our greatest advertisement for the School and the power of the MYP as these four Year 6 students clearly demonstrated through their eloquence and confidence on Wednesday evening.


Blackheath and Thornburgh Visit – Weekend Billet families required.

As mentioned in the last edition of the Grammar News, students from Blackheath and Thornburgh College (BTC) will be visiting Oakleigh Grammar between Thursday 9 and Wednesday 14 September, on the return leg of our camp and exchange program.


We are still looking for a number of families who are willing to billet one or two BTC students over the weekend Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September and return the wonderful hospitality shown to our students.


 A reminder also that Students of billeting families will be given first choice at joining the Oakleigh Grammar trip to Blackheath and Thornburgh College in Northern Queensland next year!


If you are able to take one or two students (sometimes it is easier with two as the students feel more comfortable) for the weekend, please email:

[email protected] [email protected].


Year 8 Environment Day

On Tuesday 30 August our Year 8 students travelled to The Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve in Seaford for an Environmental Day of planting trees and shrubs. The excursion formed part of their Science programme and doubled as a Service as Action activity. Service as Action in the MYP provides students with opportunities to utilise their skills and knowledge to make worthwhile contributions to the community. This empowers students to realise that they can make a difference.


Despite the cold and wet weather the Year 8 students enjoyed the chance to get back to nature and make a positive contribution to the preservation of the Flora and Fauna reserve.


Thanks to Mr Gridley for his organisation of the excursion, to Ms Papadakis and Mrs Takos for assisting on the day and to the volunteers and personnel from Parks Victoria for their guidance.


Parent Teacher Interviews

We are looking forward to having another chance to speak with parents at the second round of Parent Teacher Interviews on Tuesday 6 September. The interviews provide a chance for a productive three way discussion centred around your child’s learning. Students should be in attendance and are encouraged to attend in full school uniform.

Junior School

Head of Junior School



Head of Junior School


Junior school events

National Book Week commenced on Monday 22 August and the theme for this year is “Australia! Story Country”. Our book character dress up day was on Wednesday 24 August and we had the opportunity to see all the fabulous outfits at the Book Week parade in the Conference Centre.

Each year, across Australia, The CBCA brings children and books together celebrating Children’s Book Week. During this time Schools, Libraries, Booksellers, Authors, Illustrators and children celebrate Australian Children's Literature.  I would to thank the Year 1 teachers for doing a fabulous job organising such a fun-filled week of literature along with the Library staff and Arts staff.  Our students were lucky to have books read by an author in the Library, a Book Week performance and also participate in activities from ELC to Year 5 based on the nominated books.


Environment Week

Environment Week is a time to celebrate all things environment from permaculture gardening and healthy rivers to recycling and eating clean. We like to have a keen eye for the environment and a passion for sustainability and climate at Oakleigh Grammar. Our ELC gardens are extremely fruitful, colourful, green and succulent! The children have learnt about recycling, reusing and regrowth along with our planting and worm farms across the Junior School.  Thank you Ms Sarah Boardman and Mrs Amber Borneman for organising some really exciting activities for us all. The Environment Committee at Oakleigh Grammar and our Year 5 Environment Leaders encourage participation and awareness for all local and global environmental issues!


National Science Week

In 2016 we have embraced the ‘Technology’ in STEM, in particular autonomous technology, with the National Science Week school theme Drones, Droids and Robots. The theme centered on the real-world application of autonomous technologies in areas including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, medicine and space and deep ocean exploration. Of course, we will also look at how this technology has transformed our day-to-day lives – from robot vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers to automated pool cleaners. 

"I liked being the director of my team of engineers. Because it is fun directing my team by asking them questions about what they know about bridges and how we should build our bridge. Building the bridge was hard, but fun creating and designing it."

      ~Elias, Year 2C


"I made a suspension bridge because I have been to San Francisco and have been on and under the Golden Gate Bridge."

      ~Arkie, Year 2P


National Literacy and Numeracy Week

Thank you to our Year 2 teachers for making Literacy and Numeracy Week an engaging and challenging week for us all.  The display challenge was extremely hard to judge today as every year the standard and competition grows.  Thank you to Mrs Cassimatis for arranging the smart start commonwealth bank sessions and all of the rotations and numeracy week activities with Mrs Papageorgiou.


Fathers Day

The celebration of Fathers Day took place today, Friday 2 September.  A very big thank you to all the dads who were able to join us.  The students were very excited to have their dads and special friends in the classrooms and the students all prepared some fantastic surprises for them.

After our classroom visits the P – 5 students all took care of their hearts with our annual “Jump Off”! Established in Australia in 1983, the Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart is renowned for being one of Australia’s most popular physical activities and fundraising programs in schools. Thank you to Mr Michael Wengier for organising this event


Information Evenings

Thank you to the families who joined us for the Parent reading seminar (K4 - Prep), the MYP information Evening (Year 5 - 6) and the Arrowsmith Information evening.  All events were worthwhile and if you were unable to attend please contact the school if you wish to obtain any information.



Vehicles in the School

An important reminder to all drivers in the school grounds to be aware of the crosswalks and the pedestrians using them.  There have been a number of incidents where cars have not stopped for pedestrians at the crosswalks.
Car Park Etiquette
I would like to remind those that leave their car and to pick up their children to move their cars for those who are parked. The Monash Council have been in the area booking those who are double parked outside the school.

The Leader in Me



Leadership Facilitator


Teaching the 7 Habits through story telling: I love books.

You have the ability to be a transition person in your home and teach the 7 Habits through reading with your children. The principles behind the 7 Habits are timeless and apply across all areas of life. By reading books that teach social and emotional intelligence to your children, or encouraging them to read books from the paradigm of whether their books are aligned with effectiveness or otherwise, you are empowering them with skills for life. Please visit theleaderinme.org or purchase a copy of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr Stephen Covey and familiarise yourselves with the habits. They are common sense but not common practice. They have huge impact for personal and interpersonal growth. This knowledge will then allow you to read with your children and integrate the language of the habits to create a powerful partnership between you, your child and our school. Be the change you want to see in the world.


At Oakleigh Grammar, we have whole Junior School approaches to social and emotional learning by using proactive language and processes:

  • Bucket Filling
  • Red and Green Brain Choices

As a starting point, bucket filling is a metaphor for the trust and happiness we add in all relationships through what we say and do. There is plenty of literature online. The above books are all wonderful starting points to begin teaching your children about kindness, patience and bucket filling. Every book you read together with your children fills their bucket and yours too! The Book Depository online has so many books you can choose from at reduced prices. Libraries are wonderful places to visit too!

Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Coordinator



ELC Coordinator


Book Week at the ELC

Last week all our classes were very busy with Book Week Celebrations across the week.  Our costumes looked fantastic when we came to school as a special character from one of our books.  We took time to share these special books with each other on that day.  Other exciting experiences included having the Year 3 and Year 5 classes visit us for some buddy reading and getting to actually go and visit the library over at the big school.  Having the opportunity for us to be involved in special events like this one really highlights the benefits for our children of being part of the wider Junior School community.


ELC Learning Journey Night

This week saw us having our first ELC Learning Journey night for children in K3B, K4A, K4B and K4C, as part of the reporting process for the school.  These evenings offer a wonderful opportunity for our children to act as tour guide for their family, as they explore and talk about some of our Big Ideas together.  It was wonderful to see happy faces as the children proudly shared their knowledge and learning journals in their rooms. The confidence that everyone displayed has amazed our families again this year.  It is so wonderful to be able to give this snapshot of ELC life for everyone.


Supporting Emergent Readers Parent Workshop

All our K4 classes started our Home Reading programme last week as part of Book Week.  To help support the commencement of this programme families were offered the opportunity to attend a workshop about supporting emergent readers. Many different strategies were given for supporting children at different levels of early reading development, along with discussions about the benefits of establishing a reading routine each day that is a positive and fun time for everyone involved. We are looking to work together in partnership with families to support each child to become a confident and enthusiastic reader.


Head of Sport



Head of Sport


School Sport Victoria - Beachside Division Athletics Carnival

Well done to the following students who represented Oakleigh Grammar and the Bentleigh District at the Beachside Division Athletics Carnival. These students qualified for this Carnival by placing first or second at the recent Bentleigh District Athletics Carnival.

Dean Alabournos (Year 4) - 9/10 Boys Triple Jump: 4th Place.  

Christos Babatsias (Year 4) - 9/10 Boys 80m Hurdles.

Angelo Zois (Year 6) - 12/13 Boys 80m Hurdles & Triple Jump: 5th Place (New PB - 8.26m)

John Karagiannis (Year 6) - 12/13 Boys 100m: 3rd Place.

EISM Winter Season Grand Finals & Premierships

Well done to the Senior Boys Table Tennis & Year 8/9 Boys Table Tennis Teams on reaching the Grand Final and finishing as Runners-Up.  


Congratulations to all our EISM Winter Season Premiership Teams.


Year 8/9 Girls Table Tennis - Premiers

Undefeated throughout the EISM Winter season. The team won the Grand Final 7-2.

Coached by Ms Spanos.

Grand Final MVP - Vasilia Tamvakis.


Amanda Tsiagalos

Yiana Tamvakis

Kiriaki Gilinas

Vasilia Tamvakis

Christine Koutsioulis

Briget Rooke

Katherine Demirgelis

Jenna Sakellarios

Giorgia Kalogeropoulos

Eleni Kourkoutzelos

Year 8/9 Boys Soccer - Premiers

Defeated Huntingtower 4-2 in the Grand Final.


Coached by Sports Assistant Declan Seca.

Grand Final MVP - Keeper - Harrison Dimopoulos.


Juliano  Pinderi

Alec Alexellis

Adam Ammache

George Gameras

Dean Kantarias

Rhys Kostopoulos

Kosta Pliatsikas

Nikolas Karboulahanos

Mitch Apostilidis

Chris Giannaros

William Athanasakis

Harrison Dimopoulos

Jordan Kollatos

Michael Pegiou

Dion Halikopoulos

Senior Girls Table Tennis - Premiers

The Girls defeated Nunawading 6-3 in the Grand Final.


Coached by Mrs Varsos.

Grand Final MVP - Leah Tamvakis.


Samantha Kagarakis

Ilaria Henein

Natasha Momcilovic

Julia Paboukis

Electra Tsiros

Agapi Zoi

Anastasia Horomidis

Leah Tamvakis

Emily Pezos

Sophie Kagarakis

Senior Boys Indoor Soccer - Premiers

Playing in the Box Hill Indoor Sports Centre Competition. They defeated all the other EISM schools in the competition to win the Centre’s Indoor Soccer Premiership. 


Nick Agiazis

Peter Argiropoulos

Konstandinos Athanasiadis

Jonathan George

Nicholaos Goumas

Billi Mitsou

Yiannis Sergakis

Theo Arvanitis

Paul Clay

Senior Boys Basketball - Premiers

On our home court with plenty of support from the sidelines the team defeated Alphington Grammar 41-14. This core group of Basketball players have now won 3 Basketball Premierships (Year 8/9 in 2014, Senior Boys in 2015/16).   

Coached by Mr Phillips.

Grand Final MVP - Naoum Lazis (scored 21 points in the Grand Final).  


Alec Kirkner

Aaron Shang


Dimitris Antonopoulos

Kristian Bello

Spiros Houpis

Naoum Lazis

Costas Nikolopoulos

Valantis Psomadellis

Perry Stamatakos

Senior Boys Soccer - Premiers

Undefeated all season and completing the 3peat of Senior Boys Soccer Premierships (2014-15-16) the Senior Boys EISM Soccer Team defeated Bialik College 5-0 in the Grand Final.


Coached by Mr Zafiropoulos.

Grand Final MVP - Gabriel Giannetakis.


Kamal Kirolos

Anthony Tawfilis

Vasilis Zafiropoulos

John Christou

George Daglaras

Liam Koutsioulis

Anthony Malamas

Dimitri Fasoulis

Gabriel Giannetakis

Nico Giannetakis

Andrew Kassabian

Perry Katopodis

Philippos Kormas

Nicholas Limnios

George Tsitouridis

EISM 5-A-SIDE Futsal Tournament

Senior Boys: Runners-Up

Our Senior Boys Futsal Team reached the Grand Final and finished as Runners-Up. They were defeated by Emmaus in the Grand Final.


Boys leading goal scorer was Dimitri Fasoulis - 11 goals.

Boys MVP was a tie - Liam Koutsioulis & Anthony Malamas.


Senior Girls: Premiers

Our Senior Girls Futsal Team were undefeated all day. They won defeated Emmaus in a close Grand Final 3-2.

Girls leading goal scorer was Christine Nikolopoulos - 12 goals.

Girls MVP was Danielle Kantarias.


Christine Nikolopoulos

Danielle Kantarias

Emily Pezos

Markella Sarris

Paras Gameras

Sophia Koutsioulis

Kristin Panopoulos

Kristen Moshos


The Arts at Oakleigh Grammar

Tribute Paintings - “Gone but not forgotten”



Art Teacher


Purple Rain, Ali and Stardust

During lunch time students are invited to visit the Graphics and Artooms to complete art projects or simply work together with other year levels on collaborative projects. This semester I organised 3 canvases and during lunch time demonstrated 3 approaches to portrait painting. One of the best way students learn – “is to see and experience a master at work” in their studio. I started the paintings in spare moments, it was interesting to watch the students' reactions at every stage of the painting.


Students were encouraged to make a mark. Special mention to Christina Katatrioti and Eirini Souli for their endless enthusiasm and positive contribution, the project would not have been as successful without them.

The paintings celebrate the lives of legends who sadly left us in 2016. Their impact on the world will continue to inspire future generations for many years to come.

As you can see the results are stunning!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away”. - Maya Angelou

Faculty News




Career Advisor





  1. “‘INSIDE MONASH” UNIVERSITY SEMINARS One to go –  Teaching - Sept 13; Details and bookings: www.monash.edu/inside-monash
  1. MONASH ART, DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE WORKSHOPS – 26/27 Sept,(Caulfield campus) Book: www.monash.edu/mada/workshops



Please book an appointment WITH MRS MASACRO ASAP. Oakleigh Grammar applications close Wednesday 14

September. Final applications close Thursday 29 September.



Most courses allow deferment. For the deferment policies, visit:




Don’t forget to organise your SEAS application if you are eligible. Category 1 simply requires you to click the YES box. All other categories (2 – 4) require you to supply extra information or evidence. http://www.vtac.edu.au/applying/seas.html. Please see Mrs Frame ASAP if you require supporting documentation as applications close soon.


MONASH UNIVERSITY  FEMMES IN STEM This initiative allows girls to meet and be inspired by women changing the world through science. Hear about possible career paths, engage with some of the big scientific challenges of the future, and meet other girls who are just as keen on science as you! Who: Year 10-12 girls; When: 11am-2.30pm, Fri 23 Sept; Where: Cossar Hall, Monash Parkville campus; Register: http://www.monash.edu/pharm/femmesinstem



Year 11 and 12 students are invited to a taste of Information Technology at the event ‘Take CTRL’. You will be able to meet Monash IT staff, PhD students, and leaders from the IT industry to talk about career opportunities. Activities include: workshop, tour of the immersive data visualisation facility, CAVE2, and a presentation from a guest speaker about where a Monash IT degree can lead. When: 10am-4pm, Tues 27 Sept; Where: Monash Clayton; Details, and to register attendance: www.it.monash.edu/TakeCTRL; Questions: Taylor Maxwell ph 9905 5845, [email protected]



NIDA, a leading institution for dramatic arts education and training, is offering: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, Costume, Design for Performance, Properties and Objects, Staging, and Technical Theatre and Stage Management; Diplomas in Live Production and Technical Services, Musical Theatre, Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up Services) and Stage and Screen Performance.  NIDA wants applications from those of diverse backgrounds with varied levels of experience in theatre, film, television, or other areas. Applications close: 30 Sept; Auditions/interviews: Nov/Dec in capital cities; Apply: www.apply.nida.edu.au.



Visit RMIT’s state-of-the-art laboratories to learn about courses and discover how RMIT science courses provide the knowledge and practical skills to tackle real-world problems and advance the way we live, travel, learn and work. When: 11am-2pm, 19 Sept; Info/reg:: 




Like a tour of La Trobe with a Student Ambassador? Then email Livio at [email protected] or ph 9479 5844

SWINBURNE UNI ADVICE NIGHT – Wanting advice on Swinburne courses? Attend an Advice Night. Hawthorn: 4-6pm, 13 Sept; Wantirna: 15 Sept.  http://www.swinburne.edu.au/choose/vtac-advice-nights/



Meet industry professionals and graduates; learn about careers in aviation and Swinburne’s aviation courses. When: 7-9pm, Thurs 8 Sept; Where: AMDC301, Hawthorn campus; See: http://www.swinburne.edu.au/events/departments/science-engineering-technology/2016/09/aviation-information-night.php.



Ignited scholarships are aimed at attracting more female students into non-traditional areas of study such as Engineering, IT and Construction Management.  See: www.deakin.edu.au/study-at-deakin/scholarships-and-awards



Gain in-depth information about all VU Business and Law courses, and explore the VU legal precinct. When: 12 Sept; Information: www.vu.edu.au/vu-in-focus.

Inquiry Learning



Inquiry Learning Coordinator


To celebrate National Science Week in the Junior School, our students participated in EngQuest.

EngQuest is an initiative of Engineers Australia, to encourage and foster a love of STEMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in younger students. The program encourages students to work in teams and apply their problem-solving skills to design, construct and test exciting engineering projects.

Students posed questions and predicted, planed and conducted, processed and analysed data, evaluated and communicated.

The projects completed were:

  • Building a straw bridge
  • Constructing a pull-along toy
  • Constructing a solar cooker


Learning Enhancement



Head of Learning Enhancement & Chess Club Coordinator



In Term 3 Chess Ideas provides professional coaching in chess every Monday during lunchtime in the Music Room (Room 5) from Monday 18 July to Monday 12 September.


Chess helps develop critical thinking skills in children such as lateral thinking, concentration, problem solving and decision making to name a few. Most importantly, it’s FUN!


At the start of each session, children learn a new strategy, idea or skill. Then these skills are put into practise with activities, supervised games and individual coach feedback.


Coaching will cost $96 for 8 sessions.


If you would like your child to participate in the Chess Ideas coaching sessions then complete the registration form attached below and submit to your child’s class teacher. The School will forward the registration form on your behalf to Chess Kids.




Head of Mathematics/

Head of Science


Numeracy Week

From Monday 29 August to Friday 2 September, Oakleigh Grammar participated in Numeracy Week. This national initiative celebrates learning and raises awareness of the importance of mathematics in everyday life.


The theme this year was ‘Explore’ and this tied in perfectly with the MYP Inquiry learning and Global Context. Our students eagerly participated in many exciting numeracy activities and games which focused on making mathematics learning meaningful and fun.


There were many highlights including daily challenges, math trivia, math posters, math games, model building and a lot of kinaesthetic learning.


Daily Quiz

Congratulations to all the enthusiastic students who participated in the Daily Numeracy Challenge and the Maths Trivia.


MAV Mathematics Games

Mathematics Games Days give an opportunity for students to develop their mathematical talents and thinking skills in a setting where mathematics is regarded as fun and worthwhile with like-minded students from a diverse range of schools. It is an ideal way for students to participate in mathematical activities without the usual class room pressures and is a very effective vehicle for getting young people – particularly in the middle years of schooling – excited about mathematics.


Today, Friday 2 September, selected Year 6 students took part in the Statewide Mathematical Games 2016 at Genezzano College in association with the Mathematical Association of Victoria.

Student Representative Council (SRC)



SRC Coordinator


SRC members and Middle School Leaders have continued to engaged in a number of activities in Term 3.


William Athanasakis (Middle School Leader) and Keely Nicopoulos (Art Leader) attended the professional learning conference “Enhancing Student Voice at Mount Waverley Secondary College” on Wednesday 31 August 2016. The conference was organised by students and staff of Mount Waverley Secondary College. The purpose of this professional learning conference was to showcase how schools can use “Student Voice” to enhance student outcomes. William and Keely were really impressed with all sessions of the conference.

Today, Friday 2 September, SRC members, Middle School Leaders and Social Justice Leaders from Junior School had the opportunity to visit the Ronald McDonald House in Clayton. Students met with the staff, did a tour in the centre and discussed the benefits of having these centres in our society. Ronald McDonald House works to enhance the quality of life for families with sick children by providing a home-away-from-home that is welcoming, caring and supportive. On our visit we showed them the generosity of the Oakleigh Grammar School community by taking them items donated by students and families. Staff had organised a welcoming morning tea for our students and thanked them on behalf of the children in the House.

This is the third year that Oakleigh Grammar students have visited Ronald McDonald House. Once again SRC Representatives, Middle School Leaders and Social Justice Leaders were really impressed with their visit to the House.

Parents' Association

Trivia Night Success

Last Saturday 27 August we hosted the 2016 Oakleigh Grammar Trivia Night. We had a huge turnout of parents, teachers, staff and friends of Oakleigh Grammar. It was a competitive evening, a lot of fun and a magnificent fundraising effort. The event raised over $3500!


Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all that attended. A big thanks to the PA members that organised the night and a special thank you to Tamara Daniels for giving up her evening to lend a hand.

Congratulations to the Oakleigh Grammar parents on Table 5 for winning the night!

Community Board

Antipodean Palette Group Exhibition 2016

Congratulations to Oakleigh Grammar Parent Mrs Kelly Varveropoulou whose photographs were recently on display at Steps Gallery in Carlton as part of the Antipodean Palette Group Exhibition 2016. 


This annual event celebrates the diverse works of artists within the Greek Australian community. 


Kelly, who recently arrived in Australia from Greece, was a very successful photographer in Athens where she ran her own studio.  She loves working with children and specialises in family portraits. 


As a special offer to parents of Oakleigh Grammar, Kelly is offering 60 images on a CD for only $100.


So why not book her for your next children's party or for a set of family portraits?


Kelly can be contacted on 0413 611 645.


This photo shows Mrs Varveropoulou on the opening night of the exhibition in front of some of her photographs.


The Pancake Parlour


Xynergy Realty


Infants & Kids Clothing


Intimo Lingerie


Hi ladies,


My name is Zoe Korlos and I am a personal bra stylist. I would love to extend my service to all the wonderful Oakleigh Grammar mums/carers by providing personal or group fittings with the most comfortable and well fitted bras and clothing by INTIMO. A $50 voucher is offered to the host of any group booking of 3 or more people. This offer will be available till the end of September. I look forward to hearing from you and show you how amazing the Intimo range is.


For further information please contact me on:

Mobile: 0416176471

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.intimo.com.au

Oakleigh Grammar News 
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