07 December 2018
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Class of 2018
2019 Dates
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Dear Families,

What a wonderful year it has been, and hasn’t it flown by!

This term has been filled with great learning activities for all of our students. It has been wonderful to see our students fully participating in all aspects of school life and embracing the challenges that have come their way. Resilience has been a well-used word this year and I am pleased to say that our boys and girls are becoming quite adept at ‘bouncing back’ after disappointment and upset. Monday’s Values assemblies have also been an important part of each week with celebrations of PVS values. Hopefully the PVS values carry through the holidays and parents and families see lovely displays of Respect, Perseverance, Integrity, Fairness and Excellence!


I am sure you are all looking forward to the break and spending some quality time together.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Warm regards,

Mrs Lont


2019 Fees

The Board is pleased to announce that the 2019 fee structure will remain at the 2018 rate. There will be no increase next year. The Fees, Charges and Arrangement notice will be emailed out shortly to confirm details. Families will also receive their 2019 School Fee Invoice. Please carefully read the notice as it contains very important information regarding your school fees account.


Semester 2 Reports

Semester 2 reports will be emailed shortly.


2019 Staff and Class Configuration

A great deal of thought, time, deliberation and discussion has gone into each and every child’s placement for 2019. Our students’ academic as well as social and emotional well-being is our absolute priority, and placements have been made with those considerations in mind. Notification regarding class placement will accompany the Yearbook home.

Littlest Pioneers - Kindy 3

Mrs Flood and Mrs Thomas

Joeys - Kindy 4

Ms Woodward, Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Payne

Possums - PP

Mrs Pashen and Mrs Etteridge

Bilby - Year 1/ 2

Ms Pryce and Mr Dickerson

Echidna - Year 2/ 3

Ms Pasquini

Emu - Years 3/ 4

Miss Geiger

Wombat - Years 4/ 5

Mr Rowlingson

Kangaroo - Years 5/ 6

Mr Keshwar


Waste Wise Update

Waste Free lunches has also been an educationally valuable initiative. It has helped our students understand the negative impact waste has on our environment and the importance of reducing and reusing. We will therefore continue to award points for waste-wise lunches next year.


Class of 2018

The graduation is always a fine way to say farewell to our Year Six students after many years of learning and development.  The night itself was a wonderful celebration that featured special guests and live music, but the main focus was the graduating class and honouring their achievement.  I would like to make special mention of the award winners.  I really enjoyed acknowledging their perseverance and dedication to produce outstanding results.


Having taught these students for the last two years, it is sad to see them leave.  However, I believe that the community at Pioneer Village has prepared them for any situation that they may face in their educational journey.  I wish the Class of 2018 all the success that they deserve!

2019 Dates

2019 Dates


Library News

Dear Families,

What a wonderful year we have had in the library! We got in new books and received another 600 throughout the year. I would like to thank all the students and parents for their wonderful support through out the year with returns coming back on time and our overdue list reduced considerably. 


It is very important for us to continue to care for our books, so in 2019: If you do not have a library folder you cannot get a book out. Folders can be purchased in the front office for $7.00.


Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Warm regards,


Mrs Payne


Summer Reading Challenge


Keep the reading momentum rolling all Summer long with the Pioneer Village Summer Reading Challenge.

Encourage your child to read every day over the school holidays and lodge their reading minutes in the ultimate Pioneer Village Summer Reading Challenge.

Research tells us, that children who read for at least 10 minutes a day over the Summer Holidays have a better start to the new school year than children who spend little or no time reading. Reading over the holidays helps children maintain or improve the reading level that they developed through the school year.

Challenge start: 10th December, 2018

Challenge ends: 25th January, 2018

The completed Challenge form can be lodged at our Pioneer Village School Reception Office, not later  than Tuesday, 5th February, 2019.

Warm regards,


Mrs Folini


2019 TERM DATES.pdf
Summer Reading log 2018.pdf