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16 November 2018
Issue Sixteen
Principal's Report
Year Prep - Year 2 Assistant Principal's Report
Year 3 - Year 5 Assistant Principal's Report
Year 6 Assistant Principal's Report
Upcoming Events
Community News
SpringFest 2018
Learning in J42
Learning in M30
OSHClub News
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Principal's Report


Pakenham Springs Primary School acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which the School stands.

2019 Enrolments

We have been busy planning for 2019.  In order to create the best possible plan, we need to know our enrolment.  If you know of someone joining us in 2019,  please encourage them to enrol as soon as possible and likewise, if you are leaving us, please let Megan in the office know.   Having correct enrolment numbers means we have the correct number of teachers and support staff.

Essential Education Items 2019

Our School Council have discussed and ratified the Essential Educational Items for 2019.   In the next week, you will receive information on this to allow time and your planning to pay for the resources your child will need in 2019.   Teachers have spent a lot of time developing the booklists to ensure the students have all they need for the year and to keep costs at a minimum.   We have completed this task early to assist your budgeting and hope the extra time is helpful to you.

2019 Planning

Over the last fortnight the leadership team have been busy working on the staffing for 2019.  We have had an outstanding pool of applicants and we are confident we have a fabulous team going into 2019.

Teachers have already spent many hours working on class placements.  We work exceptionally hard as a team to put the classes together, taking into account the academic and wellbeing needs of each student.   We have worked hard to try and accommodate requests received from parents.  We are as keen as you to see your children have a fantastic school year in 2019.


A big thank you goes to Pakenham Bunnings and especially Anita and Hayley from the store who have been assisting in the STEM garden and some other projects in the grounds.  Tanjil-lea Delport and the STEM students really appreciate the donations of materials and labour to improve our grounds.


Student Work

Each day I have the privilege of seeing students learning and producing great pieces of work. This week I had a visit from Bethany and Riley from M20 who had started a newspaper. They kindly went away and completed a final page about the school which I thought I would share below.

Thanks Riley and Bethany. 



Just a reminder that it is school policy that hats must be worn outside during Term 4.  Students without hats have restricted undercover areas to play in.  Please make sure your child has a correct hat.  Thank you in advance for supporting this and keeping your child safe in the sun.


Kerryn Baillie


Year Prep - Year 2
Assistant Principal's Report

Junior School News

Congratulations to the Forsters!

Melbourne Cup Day was extra special for Mr Danny Forster and his wife Shae as they welcomed their second daughter into the world.  Mum and bub are doing well and Danny is one very proud dad again.  We will see Danny back from paternity leave on Wednesday 21st of November. 


It has been a busy fortnight in the Junior School with EYE assessments continuing for our 2019 Prep students and another Step into Prep Session. 


Last week J03, J05 and J06 had a fantastic excursion to the Casey Safety Village. Next week J01, J02 and J04 will head off for their turn. 


All our classes have been working hard to display our 3R's of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. We are so proud of our students for showing the values in all areas of the school.  Staff across the school are acknowledging students with Frogger Dollars and the shop opened for the first time last week for students to spend their Froggers. 

Until next time, take care.



Kerryn Baillie on behalf of

Danny Forster 

Assistant Principal in Junior School


Year 3 - Year 5
Assistant Principal's Report

Middle School News

Year 3/4/5 News


It has been a busy week in the MS/SS area this fortnight.

The Year 3 students enjoyed a terrific excursion to Bunjil Place and Casey Arc Swimming Pool which connects to their inquiry unit this term.  With ‘water safety’ and ‘resources in our community’ being the focus, the students have provided me with many highlights of their experience.


Not surprisingly, the inflatable and wave pool were the most popular at Casey Arc, with the 3 storey library and art gallery being the most talked about at Bunjil Place.  With the summer holiday break approaching, it may be a place you would like to visit yourself.  The students also spoke keenly about being able to join and borrow from the library at no cost!


Across the year levels, fractions and decimals have also been a focus.  Once children have the foundational understanding of equal parts and a whole of a shape, they are then able to apply this knowledge to fractions and decimals of a number.  It can be tricky for some students to understand the concept that fractions and decimals are numbers between 0-1.   The Year 4 and 5 students will, of course, be working into mixed fraction and multiplication of fractions and decimals.  To support your child’s foundational understanding, you can discuss equal parts of a whole within shapes, numbers or a collection of items.


Have a fantastic fortnight everyone, I am crossing my fingers for some consistently warmer weather!


Kindest Regards

Jane King

Assistant Principal in Middle School

Year 6
Assistant Principal's Report

Greetings from Canberra!

At the moment our Year 6 students are on our annual tour of Canberra. This is a massive undertaking, with hours of preparation done by our Year 6 teachers and Office staff prior to us even getting on the bus.


Our Year 6 students get a fast-paced, 'taster' tour of Canberra's most popular attractions.   So far, we have experienced the Australian Institute of Sport (always a big favourite!) as well as visiting the Royal Australian Mint to see the story behind the coins we seem to find down the back of the couch all the time, the Museum of Australian Democracy to learn about how we, the people, have a massive role to play in the running of the country and the High Court of Australia, where we were lucky enough to sit in on some of the proceedings in the current Rinehart case.   We've also done a walking tour of the Australians of the Year monuments and have visited the Dog on the Tuckerbox in Gundagai as well as the Holbrook Submarine on our way to our camp.

Camp is an extremely rewarding, enriching and exhausting experience for all students (and our adult helpers too!).   Without the support of our staff and parent volunteers, we would not be able to run such an exciting experience for our students.   Many thanks to all Year 6 teachers, Esther Priestley, Tracey Fraser, Anthea Chester, Scott Slater and Scott Kendall for their amazing assistance throughout our 2018 Canberra Tour - may you all enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend!

Stay tuned in the next edition of the newsletter for more reports, photos and comments from our students. 


Have a great week!

Renee Cotterell

Assistant Principal 

Upcoming Events

Term 4:

The following events are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Make sure you are aware of the ones which are applicable to you:


Monday 19th November - Wednesday 21st November:

  • Book Fair

Monday 19th November:

  • Year 1 - Starlab Planetarium incursion

Tuesday 20th November:

  • Prep Casey Safety Village - J01, J02 & J04

Thursday 22nd November:

  • Year 6 Buddy Breakfast

Friday 30th November:

  • Springfest  (Refer to the article attached)



Tuesday 9th October 2018 (Students return)— Friday 21st December 2018 (Students dismissed at 1.30pm)

Upcoming Fundraising Activities:

To continue to add to our fundraising efforts this year (funds going towards playground updates and additional outdoor activity options for all students) we currently have the following fundraising activities happening:

  • Xmas Raffle - Tickets being distributed shortly.
  • Entertainment Book Sales - Books can be purchased for $70 and have over $22,000 value in discount vouchers, special offers, etc.  Display book is up at the office if you wish to view.  Digital or hardcopy books can be purchased online through:     



School Wide Positive Behaviour



Notices recently published:

The following notices have been distributed over the last fortnight.  If you missed them copies are available from Compass or the school’s website 


Some new resources have been added to the school website, check them out by clicking here

Junior School


Middle School


Senior School

  • S34 - Maternity Leave Cover
  • Year 6 Celebration Evening - Ticket orders

Whole School

  • Election Day BBQ - Helpers needed
  • Book Fair Opening Hours


Advanced Notice:

The School Canteen will close on Friday 14th December 2018 and re-open on Tuesday 5th February 2019.



Payments can be made for your 4th Term instalment either by cash or EFTPOS at the school office.



The Education Department will continue to offer CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) for families who are entitled to a Health Care or Pension Card.

Please remember to write CSEF on the bottom of your permission form for any camps, incursions, excursions coming up for the remainder of 2018.   The office girls can print your permission notices at the office if you are wishing to pay using the CSEF funding.




Community News





SpringFest 2018

The Inaugural Pakenham Springs SpringFest is near!

Pakenham Springs has a very exciting, new event coming up on Friday November 30th, and we would love to see everyone there to celebrate some truly amazing talent.


The event has been named SpringFest (similar to TropFest). It will predominantly involve a Media Arts Film Festival, including Growler Awards Ceremony, as well as a Visual Arts "Graffiti Street Art Alley" experience. Other Specialist subject areas will also be showcased on the evening, and we have a bunch of food trucks coming as well as popcorn/fairy floss machines hired for a pop-up candy bar.


Families and staff will be encouraged to dress up for the event in their best "Oscars-style" outfit or as their favourite movie star/character. We hope to have a "Paparazzi Corner" where people can have their photo taken, and perhaps even a red carpet. 

Students have been working extremely hard on the creation of their films all year as part of our new Media Arts program and we are so excited to showcase and celebrate their films by screening them around the school, along with costume and prop displays. Selected student films will feature in the gym on a large screen and our Media Arts teachers, Teague Rook and Esther Priestley, will be presenting specially made "Growler" trophies to winners, as voted by our students.

Similarly, students have been designing graffiti art during the Visual Arts lessons with teacher, Nadean Griffin. Their art will be displayed in an alley style maze, to simulate a real street art experience, which we know will look spectacular once fully arranged.


We are hoping to make this a big, biannual event for our school and the community to enjoy.


The SpringFest will run from 4pm to 7pm, with the Growler Awards beginning at 5pm.


Come along and join in the celebrations.


Many thanks to our supporters...


Learning in J42

Junior School J42 Babak is sharing the learning taking place in their class…

J42 has had a very exciting week!  After waiting for 4 weeks, our pen pal letters from Los Angeles (the United States of America) finally arrived!  We were very eager to get our hands on these letters and find out who our pen pal would be.

Upon receiving the letters, our teacher showed us what our pen pals school looked like via Google Maps and we realised that our schools in Australia look very familiar to the schools in America.  We also realised that receiving letters via mail took MUCH longer than if it was via email which would have been instant.


Each one of us had a letter penned especially to us, with our pen pal introducing themselves and then asking us some questions in return. We then spent the next two days drafting, revising and editing our replies to our pen pals.  We brainstormed a variety of questions which we would like to know about them and also told them of some interesting facts, such as we have Christmas in Summer in Australia.

We all got to create and decorate our very own envelopes with a special sticker!  We were very excited to make friends with someone our own age from the other side of the world.

Learning in M30

Middle School M30 Vamvesos is sharing the learning taking place in their class...

Recently, the students in M30 have been working through the concepts of volume and fractions in mathematics.

M30 undertook a volume challenge! In small groups of three, students had to work together to find the exact volume of an object provided to them.  Each group had a different rectangular prism to measure and then they had to use the formula for finding the volume of a rectangular prism (v = l x w x h) to obtain their answer. This task was considered a challenge because there were numerous aspects in ensuring that the correct answer was given.  Students had to use their understanding of measurement, place value, rounding, multiplication and formulas to complete this task.  Each group needed to work collaboratively and respectfully as Miss V would only accept one answer from each group.

This meant that each person in the group would need to agree on the final answer they were to submit.  Students were engaged and showed each other respect when they helped each other and when they discussed their answers.  It was great to see responsible students maintaining their focus and using all their skills.  At the end of the lesson, after all the answers were given with many groups calculating exact answers, Blayne, Ben and Angel were each given a prize for working so well together and showing resilience, even when they found the task tricky.

Another major focus across the whole grade 4 cohort has been Fractions.  During our lesson on developing our understanding and exploring equivalent fractions, students were each given a tub of Play-Doh.  The Play-Doh was used as a way to prove that two fractions were indeed equivalent to each other.  Each tub of Play-Doh was seen as one whole.  Students needed to divide their Play-Doh into equal parts depending on the fraction.  M30 loved playing with Play-Doh! They liked how they had to make sure their parts of a whole had to be as equal as possible.  They enjoyed extending their knowledge and using manipulatives to understand the concept of equivalent fractions.

OSHClub News


Hello All, 

The holidays are fast approaching - OSHClub will be closing down for a two-week period from the 21st of December 2018.  The service will re-open on the 7th January 2019 with some fantastic activities offered.


Please come in and visit our friendly staff for a Vacation Care brochure.


Please remember if your child is at school before 8.30am, they need to be enrolled and attending Before School Care.   Please visit to start the enrolment process.


Our Term 4 themes have been a huge hit, getting the children moving and active with our Zumba lessons and Tuesday challenges.  For our science experiment last week, we observed what happens when milk, food colouring and dishwashing liquid are added together.


During December our Wednesday cooking classes will be Christmas themed 😊

Any ideas, send them my way.


Lost property box is continually overflowing, feel free to inspect during operating hours.


Term 4 means SUNSCREEN and HAT!


OSHClub has now launched a Facebook page, to keep up with what is going on in your area - go over and have a browse, 


Thank you 

We look forward to seeing you all this term. 

Coordinator: Kristen Askew
Assistants: Caillie McFarlane, Debbie Stone, Lovernie Evangelista, Patricia Ililo and Queen Monika.
OSHClub head office: 03 8564 9000

Phone- 0498 564 038

Email- [email protected]



All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is free to enrol!   Please create an account online at - all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via

your online account.   For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the service.












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