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13 March 2019
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Principal's Report

Welcome to 2019!  We are well and truly into Term 1.  This is the ninth year of the school and I believe it is fair to say that the school has been going from strength to strength.

The year has started with the new vertical sub-school system based on the four Houses; Blackwood, Cottrell, Kororoit and Rothwell. Along with this structure is a new timetable and daily structure.  The new system has been a success already.  The changes in student dynamics has been noticeable across the board and the sense of belonging, the esprit de corps, of the Houses is palpable. The vertical Home Groups have had a significant role in this changing relationship, with the mix of different year levels being very positive.


The new students have all settled in well with a dedicated transition program for all year levels.  While our primary transition program, Primus, is specifically for the Year 9 students, we take great care in ensuring the new Year 10 and 11 students also have a successful transition into the school. Primus is an extensive program designed to inculcate the students in the process of learning at Suzanne Cory High School.  It is also designed to build resilience and social cohesion amongst the student body.



The start of the school year is always busy.  The students were at school for less than a week before we all met at MSAC for the House swimming carnival.  In our second year at this venue, the spirit and enthusiasm for the competition was inspiring. And this spirit continued three weeks later when the school moved across the road to the Wyndham athletics track for the House athletics competition. These are important events to develop both House and School spirit and it was very pleasing to see the excellent attendance from all year levels. 


This is an appropriate reminder for the whole school community that every part of the school program is important. The whole school program is designed for the benefit of the students and each aspect is interconnected with every other component.  Attendance at a House event, like the athletics, and participation in the positive atmosphere of the day, has a direct, and beneficial, impact on each student’s wellbeing, which in turn has a positive impact on their academic endeavours.



The Year 12 students have an important role to play in the school; they are, collectively, the leaders of the school.  They are the role models for the younger year levels.  I appreciate that they often feel under pressure to perform and we take great care in providing extensive academic, careers and wellbeing support.  We often hear discussion about VCE results and the ‘ranking’ of the school; however, these discussions often miss the main point of the exercise that is the VCE.  We must remember that the VCE is a mechanism that provides our students access to tertiary education.  I have consistently stated that a better indication of the school’s, and therefore the students’, success is the percentage of students that gain entry into one of their top three university course preferences. While in 2018 our median ATAR improved, of more importance was the fact that just over 90% of our students were offered a university place in one of their first three preferences. This is real success.

The fundamental philosophy of the school is encapsulated in the ideal of the Renaissance person.  The breadth of opportunities at the school clearly demonstrates this reality.  One of the major opportunities we offer is overseas trips.  Cambodia continues to be an important destination for our students under the auspices of Global Learning Expeditions (GLE).  In December this year, students and staff will travel back to Siem Reap and the Pa Sao School, a school with which we will establish a formalised sister school relationship.  This is an amazing opportunity for our students to develop educational opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged young people in the world.  We also have a small group of students competing in the Singapore International Science Challenge and there will be an opportunity later in the year for students in Year 9 and 10 to participate in the humanities exchange with the National Junior College, Singapore. And at the end of Term 3 we have a group of students and staff attending a space camp in Alabama, USA.


You may have noticed over the holidays a campaign on social media to raise awareness of the school and to encourage junior students with the support of their parents, to apply for SCHS. This campaign has already had a significant effect on application numbers for 2020.  In addition to this, we now have a new website.  Please do have a look and take a virtual tour of the school!


Welcome to 2019 and I am looking forward to another successful, and exciting, chapter in the history of Suzanne Cory High School.

Upcoming Events

Year 9 Camp
| Wed 20 - Fri 22 March

The Year 9 Camp to Phillip Island will run from Wednesday, 20 March to Friday, 22 March. More information about the Camp will be provided in the coming weeks; please check Compass for updates.

2020 Enrolment Information Evening
| Tuesday, 26 March

Enrolment applications for Year 9 in 2020 at Suzanne Cory are now open. Parents are encouraged to share information about the 2020 Enrolment Information Evening on Tuesday, 26 March,  commencing at 6pm in the SCHS Auditorium. If you know the family of an academically gifted student, let them know that they can register to attend here.

Last Day of Term 1
| Friday, 5 April

The last day of Term 1 will be Friday, 6 April. Term 2 will commence on Tuesday, 22 April. Please note that Monday, 21 April is the Easter Monday public holiday.

ANZAC Day Public Holiday
| Thursday, 25 April

The ANZAC Day public holiday will be on Thursday, 25 April. As this is a public holiday, no students are required to attend school on this day.

ASEN Conference 2019
| Friday, 26 April

The Academic Select Entry Network Annual Conference will be held on Friday, 26 April. This inter-school event allows staff of Suzanne Cory to engage with their peers at Nossal, Mac.Rob, and Melbourne High in a series of lectures and workshops specifically designed to develop educational best practice for academically talented students. No students are required to attend school on this day.

Year 9 Enrolment Applications Close (2020)
| Friday, 10 May

Applications to sit the Year 9 entrance examination close on Friday, 10 May. If you know an academically gifted student in Year 8 who deserves to embrace what makes them different, make sure they've applied by clicking here.

Student Opportunities

Writing Competitions

There are three writing comps happening this term for budding writers, so get writing and submit your work!


The Young Adas Short Story Prize: Up to 1000 words, any short story you like, due date 25 March (enter online here).


Write 4Fun: Poetry up to 16 lines or short story up to 500 words, due date 31 March. Ms Bradwell has entry forms (or enter online).


What Matters? 400-600 words in prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction, dealing with an issue of significance to you; entry by 10 May (enter online).


 See Ms. Bradwell or your English teacher for more information, writing advice, and guidelines for submission.

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Student News

Year 9 Primus | City Experience

Going to the city on the first day was nerve racking for many people, or at least it was for me. Where will my class be? What if I get on the wrong train? What if the train closes the doors with only me trapped inside (a very legitimate fear)? These fears however, soon dissolved into excitement as I found out what we would do during the next three days.

We got to see many different places in the city. At the MCG, we learned about the history of cricket in Australia, and try our own hand at different sports. We found our way through the city in the Hoddle Waddle Tour, learned about more history of the city and got a chance to explore new places. In the laneways tour, we learned about art in a different form and got a tour of Melbourne’s famous laneways filled with beautiful graffiti. We were also introduced to more serious topics, like homelessness.



We further explored the idea of homelessness at The Big Issue’s office. We learned that homelessness and poverty aren’t just imaginary concepts, they’re real things that can affect anyone. We heard from a guest speaker who has had experience with poverty, and overall, I think it was a greatly eye opening experience for all of us.



I would say that this city experience definitely strengthened our friendships in our class. We had to work together with everyone and got to know each other better. Through arguments over bubble tea, figuring out clues together and introducing each other to new places and restaurants, we made plenty of new friends and built stronger bonds with old ones!


Overall, I’m glad that we had the chance to explore the city and make new friends. The tours were incredible and we all made new friends and new memories!


Kairavi S (K2)

Avalon Air Show 2019

On Friday the 1st of March a group of Year 9-12 students attended the 2019 Avalon Air Show. During the day, students had many opportunities to learn about different fields of career paths relating to aviation, military and much more. We attended a conference where people from different fields of work talked about what they do and how they got to where they are now. It was interesting and educational to hear how every different person’s experience was different and exciting.



After this we were able to go out and look at all the different aircrafts, on land and in the air. We sat out in the hot sun and enjoyed the very loud noises coming from the fighter jets for some time and then explored the three different halls. These halls had many exhibitions and displays of specific parts in their career. There were simulators and robots for us to play around with which was very entertaining. The students were also able to personally talk to members from the military, army and the navy, which was amazing. Overall the experience was a one-of-a-kind and everyone had a good time.


Israa K (Year 11)

The Student Wellbeing Counsellor Team

2019 will be a big year for many, so it’s important remember that support is available for those who are interested in it. There are two Student Wellbeing Counsellors, Ms. Paye and Josh, who are available throughout the term. Come along for a confidential chat about overcoming any challenges that might be getting in the way of your academic achievements and future goals. This might be stress, worries about studies, feeling low in mood more often than usual, and issues with friends and/or family.


No problem is too big or small, so please don’t feel that an issue is silly or not worth talking about. Everything discussed remains confidential, meaning your information will not be shared without your consent. There are occasional exceptions to this, but we like to discuss these with students in more detail when we first meet.

You can arrange to meet with us by:

•  Visiting us directly at our offices which are located opposite the curriculum office.
•  Sending either one of us an email through Compass or at  
•  By talking with your Home Group teacher.
•  Making an appointment online (click here).

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact us directly if they have any concerns about the wellbeing of their child by calling the school directly, or sending us an email at  
Take care and have a great 2019!

Mr. Josh Whelan and Ms. Lina Paye (Wellbeing Team)

Breakfast Club | Tuesdays, from 8am

Having become accustomed to that frantic rush in the morning to get ready for school, it’s not unusual for many students to skip breakfast in order to make that 7am train. And with the term getting busier and busier, it’s essential that students have a nutritious breakfast in order to give them the energy to make it to the end of Period 7.

To help address this, the students and staff of Suzanne Cory run the weekly Breakfast Club. Pop by at 8am every Tuesday morning for a range of free breakfast treats, including toast, tea, and hot chocolate! Breakfast Club is set up in the Agora, outside T8, so we hope to see you all there!



P.S. If you would like to help out, have a chat to Ms. Paye or Josh!


Wellbeing Captains

Author Visit: Toni Jordan | Year 12 English

On Friday the 8th of February, the Year 12s had the honour of being spoken to by Australian writer, Toni Jordan. Jordan is the author of ‘Nine Days’, the text we are studying this term. It was incredible to hear about what inspired her tragic, cross-generational family saga; which follows the Westway family and the suburb of Richmond which both experience major changes throughout the 20th century.



What’s more, we were provided with strategies on how to craft our own narrative pieces. Some of the best advice included avoiding boring adverbs that support lazy verbs and to form dynamic characters with distinctive voices.


Ms Helen Bradwell (VCE English)

Valentines Day Rose Fundraising

The school community flocked all over the school to participate in the first Citizenship Captain run event for the year, Valentine’s Day Roses. During the week leading up to Valentine's Day, the Citizenship Captains ran a lunchtime stall selling roses for $3, with the proceeds going towards the Heart Foundation. Overall, we had a huge success and over 300 roses were sent to friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and even some declarations of love were made! Thanks for everyone who contributed to the event, we raised over $700 for the Heart Foundation, all while having some fun with sending roses to each other!

Noah and Mehar (Citizenship Captains)

High Notes! News from the Music Department

Dear Folks,


Welcome back to Music for 2019.  I do hope that all of our students and their families have had a had a relaxing break.  I am happy to report that all instrumental tuition and ensembles have commenced earlier in the term and we are all working on new repertoire for our upcoming events.


Meet the Teachers Night

One highlight so far was the Meet the Teachers night held at School on Tuesday February 19.  Music performances from our students in music classes in year 10 and our VCE Music Performance students were a highlight if the evening.  It is great for parents and the rest of the school community to be able to see and hear the work that goes on in our music classes. I would like to thank the students and teachers, Mr Hart and Ms Scott for their assistance on the night.


2019 Musical - Cinderella

Work has commenced on our 2019 Musical Cinderella.   This is a great show and this year will feature a full Orchestra accompanying the show.  After an extensive audition process, the new cast have commenced their rehearsals under the direction of our new Musical Production team of Jack and Grace, with Ms Wu and I assisting with the singing and music coaching.  The new team is a treat to work with and we are all looking forward to the results of the show in term three. I will be calling for expressions of interest for the orchestra for this musical towards the end of term one.


What’s On


House Chorals

Our House Chorals competition has commenced with the House Chorals Boot Camp, which took place on February 21.  Our Music Captains Chloe Tuazon and Damien He have written a short piece for this newsletter that will accompany this brief in more detail.


Prospective Parents Evening 2020 | Tuesday March 26 | SCHS Agora

Our next Musical event will be the Prospective Parents Evening 2020 and will be held here in the Agora.  This event will again feature our Year 10 Music Classes and our VCE Music Performance Students.




We have two new staff members here on our Instrumental Music Staff.  I would like to welcome Ms Christine Tung, our new singing teacher and accompanist and Mr Nelson Woods, our new brass teacher.  Both of our new staff bring a wealth of International professional performance expertise as well as being experienced teachers.


Mr Tony Paye (Director of Music)


Music Captains


Suzanne Cory is known for its tremendous house pride and insanely spirited house competitions, after a tense and tedious process preparing for house athletics and swimming carnival, the biggest house competition of them all is brimming to life and is just right around the corner – House Chorals.


Chorals is the biggest house event and arguably the grandest event for the school year. It involves all four houses – Blackwood, Cottrell, Kororoit, Rothwell in a massive house mass sing off with a set song that is set by the musical director of the school, Mr Paye and Miss Wu. Each house will also be able to show off their own uniqueness and individuality by choosing their own house mass song, a vocal and instrumentalist soloist and assemble a small choir, an orchestra and a small team to create a canvas of beautiful house art.


This year’s set song is Do You Hear The People Sing? From the musical Les Misérables and this year’s art theme is revolutions. Don’t be mistaken, each house can create their own theme or storyline but the set song and art theme seems fitting for a school filled with aspiring students with opinions and voices they are so eager and willing to share.  


Chorals season officially started on the 21st of February where each of the houses Chorals captains invited 9 others to create a team of 10, to spend the day planning and preparing for Chorals. Every house looked enthusiastic and well organised signalling to us music captains, Damien and I that this year was going to be a fun, tense, thrilling Chorals season.


Finally, we’d also like to acknowledge a bi-weekly event put up here in SCHS which is open mic which occurs every Thursday lunch, week B. In the agora, we open up T8 to performers of all kinds – singers, musicians, magic and comedy acts to perform in front of an audience and in an atmosphere that is chill, supportive and most importantly, joyous.

So, keep out for the 7th of June, which is 2019 CHORALS DAY and watch compass or announcements for other events such as open mic for your chance to be involved and create music in your time here at Suzanne Cory.


Chloe T and Damien H (Music Captains)

House News | Rothwell Update | Term 1, 2019

2019, the year of improvement for Rothwell as many new ideas have been introduced to the House of Rothwell. The first being the Rothwell Rewards, a new system where students earn points for their homeroom through participation in the Rothwell community. Rothwell rewards has been implemented to encourage an increase in participation within the house and make verticals homerooms more effective. As part of the new vertical homeroom system, homeroom vs homeroom activities are organised within Rothwell in order to promote forming new bonds amongst various year levels in the new homerooms, thus creating a connected Rothwell family. The Rothwell leadership team has also introduced a new House Instagram account as students today uses Instagram as their preferred social network. By creating an Instagram account, the students are able to get more involved with the house and the leadership team is able to build a stronger connectedness between Rothwell and the students.

This year, swimming carnival was held at MSAC, where Rothwell made a massive improvement in this year’s swimming carnival. Rothwell placed second this year and this was the result of an increase in students participating this year. Many Rothwell students were sporting fun yellow costumes or at least a yellow t-shirt, representing their house with pride. At the start of the year the year 9’s experienced the Primus Program which is program that helps them fit in, they created posters, competed in a small sporting competition and even had the City Experience. 2019 was also the introduction of VCE Sports where all 4 houses competed weekly in various sports. On Friday the 22nd of February, Rothwell were victorious against Kororoit in a game of basketball.


Later this year, the Rothwell leadership team aims to organise various house ran fundraising activities as it allows Rothwellians with a variety of different talents and skills to get involved and participate in these fundraisers. As a house, we appreciate all that the community has done for us students and in return would like to give back to those in need. By holding these charity events, students will hopefully be influenced to be involved in the house Rothwell and the school community.


Rothwell House Leaders (2019)

House Captains: Amelia L & Aiman M

Vice Captains: Jay D R (Yearr 11) & William T (Year 10)


Domain Captains

Sport: Martin Khoa N

Chorals: Cameron T

Initiatives: Sharon R

SRC: Kate P (Year 12), Michael C (Year 11), Alice D (Year 10)

Parent News

Enrolment Applications for 2020 Now Open


Applications to sit the Year 9 entrance examination for 2020 are now open. As one of just four Selective Entry High Schools in Victoria - and the only one located in Melbourne's West - we understand that there can be a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the concept of a selective entry process, and what a school like Suzanne Cory can offer academically gifted young people.


As a current parent of Suzanne Cory, you're well aware of the school's unique learning environment and the opportunities we provide our students, and your actions can have a tremendously positive impact in raising awareness of the school in the wider community.


If you know a family of a bright and enquiring teenager, make sure you let them know that applications for Year 9 enrolment in 2020 are now open, with applications for Years 10 and 11 to follow soon. Parents can learn more about the enrolment process on our website, as well as via the Selective Entry Unit, and can apply for the exam directly here.

Achievements & Results

Sports News | Term 1


Whole School Swimming Carnival

The school year started off with a splash once again with the annual swimming carnival held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre on the 5th of February. Thankfully the weather was warm and pleasant, making the day more enjoyable.


It was great to see everyone getting involved from the beginning of the day until the end, whether it was participating in the swimming events itself, or dressing up and cheering from the stands. The costumes progressively get more creative, and this year ­­­Blackwood was the ‘Best Dressed’ house. The house spirit and level of enthusiasm also grew, with the house leaders finding that the amount of participation this year increased as there were less empty lanes compared to last year. The novelty events were held halfway during the day and this provided students that didn’t participate in the main swimming events, the opportunity to be in the water. The dodgeball competition was also held throughout the day providing an opportunity for students to participate and gain house points.  


There was no doubt that the rivalry between the houses this year, which of course was friendly, was stronger than ever with the aim being to overthrow Kororoit. However, the houses found themselves to be unsuccessful as Kororoit won again, making it their ninth consecutive year to take the title of champions. Congratulations to Shernane C and Matt K, the Kororoit house captains.


Well done to all the houses and their leaders for the hard work and effort put into the swimming carnival, the spirit that was maintained throughout the day made it very enjoyable for everyone. We look forward to what the 2020 swimming carnival holds, and whether Kororoit will be able to keep their streak.


Whole School Athletics Carnival

Athletics Day! It was fun, it was smooth and there were high spirits all around. It was great seeing so many of the students on their feet and being active. Whether it was the 100m event or taking photos or even walking around cheering for friends. Athletics Carnival is all about getting active, participating, interacting with others and most importantly having fun.


This year’s annual Athletics Carnival was held at Vic Uni Athletics Track on the 27th of February. The day was hot and sunny, however each house undoubtedly put their all into the day, regardless of the weather. The house competition was intense as always with, unfortunately, Kororoit obtaining a first in the second major event this year by a close 68 points. Many houses stepped up their game this year with only a few lanes empty, as we all know participation is the major factor to winning these house competitions. Hopefully next year there will be an upset to make things a little more interesting, who knows.


A huge acknowledgement to the staff team and the students helping out throughout the day. Many people were involved in the process and this year's athletics was exceptional in regards to how well it ran. Due to the efforts Miss Breed coordinating, the staff and students this day was able to happened. As School Sport Captain I hope that next year’s major sporting events will also be as successful.


Jordan N & Vinoli F (SCHS Sports Captains)



Intra-School Sport

The intra-school sport program is back and is in full swing in 2019. This year we have seen the continuation of house sport into year 10. The house spirit is in full display when sport is on, it is so great to see students showing leadership and ensuring everyone is involved in the teams. Term 1 has offered Netball, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball and Cricket.  Both the year 9 and 10 competitions are very close with few points separating each house in fact the year 9 competition is on level pegging with 8 points each. I hope the competition stays close all year.


This year we have also started a VCE house basketball competition that plays on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. The competition is run by the two whole school Sport Captains Jordan and Vinoli. A great initiative by these two captains, well done.


Intermediate Baseball

This year’s intermediate baseball team has been extremely hard to select, with a large number of students trialling and an impressive depth of talent. Brilliantly led by captain Tyler, the team played in its first round tournament on Friday, February 15th and scored two huge wins, 20-0 and 25-2, behind stellar pitching from Tyler and Karan. The hitters from Good News Lutheran were allegedly unable to even see Tyler’s fastball go by. Highlights included back-to-back-to-back inside-the-park home runs from Karan, Tyler and Oscar in the first inning of the first game, and about ten steals of home during the day. The students excelled at baserunning and stealing, helping themselves to a record haul of extra bases. The time taken by the students in learning the game’s tricky rules paid off, with many of our hitters reaching first after dropped strike threes and carefully avoiding pick-offs on base.

Oscar was masterful behind the plate, adeptly handling Tyler and Karan’s array of pitches. Nehchal and Joel worked together to cover second and shortstop, with Nehchal’s constant calling and directions invaluable to the team. Girish made some sharp plays to record outs at second. Clever leadoff hitter Raheeq consistently stole around the diamond before the opposition had realised he had bolted from first, and in the field ably held down third, alternating at the hot corner with Jay. Yuvi and Sandeepa showcased their cricket experience with excellent work in right and left field, backing up their requisite infielders and gloving fly balls, and Ishan controlled the outfield from centre. Malachy, T.J. and Shawn contributed at the plate and helped out in the field, and Rudraksh was very excited to get on base and try an inning in right field. Varad smashed a monster hit far into the outfield, effortlessly coming round to score before the ball could be returned.

The umpire, a former pro ball player, praised our team for being “very organised”. All of the students pitched in during the day, supported each other and were a great help on the bench, recording pitch counts and retrieving foul balls. Thank you also to Tyler’s dad for coming along to help out and lend his vast expertise. The competition at the next round will be fearsome, but the keen players have proven themselves dedicated and hardworking trainers.

Ms. Rachel Fenby (Baseball Teams Manager)


Intermediate Girls Softball

On February 15th our intermediate girls softball team played a best of 3 series against Good News Lutheran College.  Our team had a great day and laughed their way through the 3 games. Although we only won 1 innings out of the 3 games the girls improved over the duration of the day.  Well done to Nadine who pitched all day and to Jemma who took on the captain role. The team is now keen to continue training to go one better next year and make the second round of competition.

Boys Cricket

We have had a great start to the year in the intermediate and senior boys cricket.  Both teams competed in the Wyndham region competition and were successful in making the finals.  Our intermediate boys have progressed to the Western Metro region competition in October and our Senior boys need to play against Tarneit on Friday March 1st to secure a position at the WMR level.  The selection process was a tough one for the coaches with so much cricket talent and interest at SCHS. The selected teams have been training hard and will certainly give their best to try and make the state competition this year after narrowly missing out in 2018. We wish them luck as they continue their cricketing journey.


Intermediate Girls Cricket

The Intermediate Girls Cricket team beat Good News Lutheran College by 27 runs.  Played at Goddard Reserve in Tarneit, Suzanne Cory batted first and made 2/81 from 13 overs. Harjot scored 38 not out with 7 boundaries. She was supported by Mehak with 21. In their first innings Good News scored 3/56 from 13 overs. Joeline took 2/2.


In the second innings bowling and fielding from both teams improved.  Suzanne Cory scored 3/56 from 12 overs with Joeline leading with 25 runs well supported by Mehak with 15.  Good News finished with 7/54 from their 12 overs. It was a great team effort in the field, with lots of catches being taken and wickets shared around - Joeline 2/2 again, Mehak 3/24 and Esha 2/14. It was a match played in great spirits with wonderful displays of sportsmanship from both sides.  The standard of cricket played was very high and everyone enjoyed the game.

Wyndham Swimming

On February 26th 42 students swam at the Wyndham region event at the Werribee pool.  We had students in every event and dominated the competition. Our students now have their sights set on the WMR meet in Geelong on April 4th. A big thanks to Ms Guastella and Mr Mott for going to the event.  

Chess Club | Term 1

Fifteen members of the SCHS Chess Team participated in the first 2019 State Qualifier on the 7th of March, and what an impression they made. For a start, 12 out of the 15 members qualified to play at the Victorian State Finals, with Hazel D’S, our new Year 9 member, qualifying to two State Final categories, the State Finals Open, and the State Finals Girls.


Our team was the third best in this tournament, with a difference of two and a half points between us and the team of the tournament. On individual level, our students received the following awards:


-          Year 10 Gold Medal: Malachy P

-          Year 9 Silver Medal: Hazel D’S

-          Year 11 Bronze Medal: Kisara P

-          Year 11 Bronze Medal: Vaibhav J


Lastly, at the end of the tournament, I congratulated our team for their amazing achievement, and their response was: “Well… we are just warming up!”


Mr. Isaac Ryan (Chess Co-Curricular Coordinator)

Suzanne Cory High School