Photo: Student Artwork will feature at the Art and Design Show and 7&8 Showcase

Northcote High School Newsletter

21 November 2017
Issue Nineteen
For your diary
From the Principal
Introducing Sue Harrap
Partnering in learning:Course confirmation for 2018
Showcasing achievement
Art & Design Show 
Celebrating fairness and equality
Careers News
A strong finish to the year
Inspiring young leaders
Year 8s, Robots & Women in STEM
Music - join the fun
Sports News
Senior sub school
Hello from Nanjing
Respect. It starts with me.
Achievement and curiosity: cyber games champions
Expand your horizons - short and long term homestay
Inspire each other to Thrive
Uniform: buy early sale
A long summer of reading
Opportunity: Cambodia Tour 2018
2017 Immunisations catch-up
Community notices
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For your diary

Key dates 

  Please note the following events coming up:

  • Monday 20 November               Year 10 Work Experience commences
  • Tuesday 21 November              Year 7&8 Showcase and City School presentations
  • Tuesday 21 November               Great Victorian Bike Ride commences 
  • Monday 27 November                Year 11-12 Course Confirmation
  • Monday 27 November                Vocal Concert
  • Wednesday 29th November    Wilson Promontory Camp 
  • Thursday 30 November             Art and Design Show
  • Friday 1 December                      Year 10-11 Course Confirmation
  • Monday 4 December                  VCE Orientation commences

From the Principal

Photo: Staff workshop planning for Year 7&8 2019-20

Community, partnerships and celebrations

Celebrating – Firsts and Lasts

The next few weeks are a brilliant opportunity to be part of the joy of Northcote High.  Each day groups of Year 12s celebrate a final exam.  Friday is the last day and is followed by the formal at the Aquarium.  Congratulations to the students, teachers and families for partnering in learning. Good luck – results will be published on 15 December. 


Year 10 and 11s have been working hard in preparation for exams: testing their knowledge and ability to respond to different types of information and stimulus in a ‘controlled’ situation.  I encourage all families to review ongoing assessment feedback (CATs) and GPAs are students work toward achieving their end of year goals. In preparation for Course Confirmation I encourage you to dive into this information – celebrating areas of success and identifying areas for future effort.  We look forward to seeing you with your child at the Year 9 – 12 2018 Course Confirmation days (see mail out , Newsfeed and in this eNews).


Congratulations to the Year 8 Basketball Team – state champions – this is a huge achievement and highlights the talent of students and their commitment to work together.  This week has also seen students shining at the Kool Schools Music Awards and the Cyber Games.  

Community making

Come and join us across the coming weeks to hear, see and be part of the student learning experience in the classroom and beyond. Tonight features the Year 7 & 8s at the Showcase and Year 9s at City School Presentations. Meanwhile Year 10s are volunteering and at Work Experience; our students and teachers are in China with the VCE offshore Program mentoring teachers in Baotou and Henghui;  whilst the team in the Year 9 Young Leaders to China program are completing their final days of a 6 week immersion, supported by Liz Lenthall.  This week and next Year 9s are also participating in the Duke of Edinburgh camp to Wilsons Prom, and the Great Victorian Bike Ride heads off from Wilson's Prom around Gippsland - ride safe and have fun!


Next week the Classical Studies Tour to Italy and Greece departs for 15 days – lead by Carlene Wilson , Sarah Elphick and Kevin Hoole.


Year 7 – 9 activities week is booking out fast and the Art and Design Show is a feature of the end of November.  Visual and performing arts give life to the school and are best when shared with you, our community – Uncle Bill Nicholson will be launching the opening with a smoking ceremony. See you there!

School planning 2018

Last week the school leadership team worked with new Principal Sue Harrap (see introduction on the following page) on the school 2018 Annual Implementation Plan including Key Improvement Strategies, Professional Learning foci and teacher collaboration opportunities. Student voice and choice are a feature of the conversations and will live through the course and curriculum design within the Northcote Model at Years 9 and 10.  The Year 7 and 8 Northcote Model planning for 2019 and 2020 is well underway and will be announced early in 2018.  The focus of Year 7 and 8 will be year level specific programs centred on the fundamentals (literacy and numeracy) with a unique focus for the learning program at each year which will include inquiry based learning and some integration of learning areas around STEM and Liberal Arts.  Stay posted for more information.  


2018 recruitment is well underway – all roles are advertised on our website, via Recruitments Online (ROL) and Seek. Appointments to date will further enrich the quality of our staff with the range of skills they bring to our community.  Induction begins in December.


Sue will be onsite for 2.5 more days between now and end of year, and we will be working together to support a smooth handover up until 28 January 2018.

Community news

Campus Master Plan

Last week Baldesso Cortese architects presented a draft report to School Council.  Key recommendations will be communicated  by the end of the year.

Northcote Thrive Fund

The inaugural meeting of the Northcote Thrive Fund - Build, Inspire, Empower, Innovate and Contribute (see article in this issue) was held last week.  A committed group of parents is heading up this initiative.  Northcote Thrive Fund is a purpose built conduit for families, students (past and present) and community to donate money and contribute expertise, energy and resources to the school programs and community. Please call or write to me if you’d like to get involved – we are really excited about the possibilities created by the Northcote Thrive Fund in enriching programs and broader goals of the school.

The Northcote Model Year 9 & 10 - program launch

Faculty teams are working side by side with faculty Leaders, Course Convenors and the Teaching and Learning team to ensure all is in place for the program launch in 2018. Kate Gibbings, Josh McDonald will be supporting myNorthcoteHigh set up with Josh Melican and Prue Morris supporting UBDs and curriciculum design alongside Faculty Leaders


Next newsletter I will send a link to Clare Gleghorn - Class of 2017 Graduation address – she spoke brilliantly around failing forward and her own post school and school experiences.  Clare was School Captain of Northcote High in 1999.


Finally – the Northcote High School community celebrated the 'yes' vote.  "The ‘yes’ vote is not just a statement to the LGBTIQ community: it’s a statement about the kind of nations we are." Bravo Penny Wong.



Introducing Sue Harrap

Photo: Sue Harrap will assume the role of Principal in 2018

Innovation, learning and a connected community

I am delighted to take this as the first of many opportunities to introduce myself to the Northcote High School community as your Principal for 2018 and beyond.


I was initially attracted to Northcote because of the school’s strong reputation for innovation, inclusivity and internationalism, as well as complete alignment with your values of achievement, curiosity, humanity and fairness. When I toured the school I gained a great sense of a connected community, with strong relationships and an outward focus. I was inspired by the prospect of working in such an environment.


I bring to Northcote extensive experience of teaching and leadership in a range of educational environments, from the Kingdom of Swaziland (as you get to know me you’ll hear the stories!) to Monash University. I have spent ten years in secondary school principal-class roles, with a particular focus on curriculum, pedagogy and staff performance and development. In my current role as Assistant Principal at the select-entry Nossal High School, I have led the transformation of learning to focus on continuous progress rather than static performance. Under my leadership, the Nossal school community became an international award winner for the ubiquitous and powerful use of digital technologies to enhance learning and collaboration, and developed innovative curriculum that seeks to address the forces of globalisation and automation.


My vision for schooling includes a strong focus on knowing all learners through positive and active relationships. This enables teachers to understand where each student is in their learning and where they need to go to next, to ensure progress for all. I have extensive knowledge on the development of a Growth Mindset (Dweck) culture within schools and this informs my practice across all areas. I am a staunch advocate of public education, believing it to be a site of innovation and creativity, as well as an important component of a just society.


I will spend a number of days this term working with Kate and the school leaders to familiarise myself with the school and ease the leadership transition, and will formally assume the role of Principal on January 28.  I am excited for 2018, when I can dedicate my time, energy and unerring enthusiasm to Northcote High School.


I look forward to your community becoming our community.


Sue Harrap

Partnering in learning:Course confirmation for 2018

Final stages

Earlier this semester, we partnered with families and students in the course counselling process. Students, tutors and parents investigated courses, attended expos, planned and selected possible pathways. The final and important stages of this process will be taking place over the next weeks with Course Confirmation. To set up for success in 2018, students and parents/guardians will be asked to attend an individual Course Confirmation appointment with the tutor. In this time, you will:

  • Celebrate achievements for 2017
  • Finalise courses for 2018
  • Confirm the course selections and discuss next steps if any changes are required or requested
  • Collect information and process administrative actions for 2018

Key dates

Year 9 2018 Course Confirmation Day – Friday 15th December

Year 10 2018 Course Confirmation Day – Thursday 14th December

Year 11 2018 Course Confirmation Day – Friday 1st December

Year 12 2018 Course Confirmation Day - Monday 27th November


You will receive a letter and email with the appointment time.  A preparatory checklist is also included in this letter, to help you get the most out of the session.  Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow collection of relevant information. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the relevant sub-school. 


Showcasing achievement

Photo: Showcase student achievement

Join us for the 7&8 Showcase and City School presentations 

November 21 2017

Year 9 City School Presentations: from 5pm in the GCC

Year 7&8 Showcase: 6.45pm


Art & Design Show 

Creativity on show










Join us on November 30 from 5.30pm - 8.30pm for the annual Art & Design Show. On display throughout the Visual Arts and Technology Hubs will be high quality student work from Years 7-12 in the disciplines of art, design, textiles media and food, plus live music performances by our music students. Refreshments will be available to purchase on the night, as well as some student artwork.  As a taster, please enjoy this video made by Year 11 Media student Yianni Rowlands and the promotional poster designed by Lucinda Costa of Year 10. The show and new spaces will be opened with welecome to country and a smoking ceremony by Uncle Bill Nicholson.






Art awards on the night include the annual NHS Archibald Prize, the People’s Choice award, and the inaugural Beugelaar Award. Named after the late Magnus Beugelaar, a beloved Northcote Studio Art teacher who passed away last year, the award is given to a Year 12 student who has shown outstanding creativity and determination in Art throughout their time at NHS. Awards will be presented at 7pm.






In the Design Hub, not only will there be an eclectic range of finished products on display, all design students from semester two have curated a selection of folio pages that showcase the critical and creative thinking that goes into the design process. Work will be displayed on modular boards and we invite you to ask your young people to find their work and describe their journey from the development of a design brief through to their final design.








There will also be instructional cooking videos by our budding chefs, ‘living mannequins’ will display the fantastic work of our fashion designers, and screenings of media work from our film makers will have you on the edge of your seat!








Drinks will be available for purchase, there will be live music performances by our music students, and the Art Club Stall will offer the chance to take a memento of the night home.



























Celebrating fairness and equality

Photo: Front of school decorated by the Alphabet group

Students celebrate Humanity and Fairness

Northcote High School's Alphabet Group, friends and community celebrated the announcement of the 'Yes' verdict in the Marriage Law Postal Survey last week. As a founding member of the Safe Schools program, Northcote has been working to support our students through the sometimes challenging public debate. Our values of Humanity and Fairness emphasise respect for all and embracing diversity, and it was these values that were evident in Wednesday's outcome.


Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

Important message for Year 12 families

On December 15, all students will be able to access their VCE results.


Students who have registered with VTAC can also access their ATAR at this point. This may raise concerns for some students, whilst for others it will raise the possibility of additional opportunities. Either way, students will be in a better position to evaluate how their ATAR relates to their immediate goals in terms of tertiary entrance for 2018, as well as their longer-term goals.


Any Year 12 student from this year who needs assistance with decision-making during this time should contact Kylie Witt, who will be available at school for Change of Preference counselling until December 20.  Students can also contact Kylie next year if they need assistance with Change of Preference options during the university offer rounds. Please use email in the first instance.


It’s Work Experience Week!

All Year 10 students will be well into their work experience placement by the time this newsletter is published, and we hope they are enjoying the experience and learning from it.


As of Monday this week, the following data was correct:

  • 30 work experience placements have already taken place
  • 242 placements will take place during work experience week
  • 4 students have arranged multiple placements with the one week
  • 22 VET Structured Workplace Learning placements have taken place this year
  • 4-6 students are undertaking placements the week after work experience week
  • 100% of our international students are doing work experience

Work Experience has been proven to be one of the most effective career development activities in which a young person can participate, and we extend our sincere thanks to all those employers in the local community who have taken on the task of ensuring that our students can have this opportunity. Many of them have spent considerable time coming up with creative activities and meaningful tasks to make sure our students can fully participate in the work place. Tutors, teachers and families have also been instrumental in the process of finding and formalising these placements, so they all deserve a vote of thanks, too.


Start Uni Now guide


A strong finish to the year

Years 7-9: Working well

Whilst our Senior students immerse themselves in final exams, Year 7s, 8s and 9s continue a busy and productive learning program right through to the end of term. The final round of Learning Behaviour (GPA) reports for the year has now been released, and along with these, recent CAT feedback is a good indicator of individual student progress. The final round of CATs will be in mid-December, with end of semester reports published at the conclusion of Term 4.


Students will be engaged in a variety of events that highlight achievement, initiative and independence between now and the end of term, including the Year 7&8 showcase, Year 9 City School presentations,  Duke of Edinburgh camp and the Great Victorian Bike Ride. Throughout this busy time, it is 'business as usual' for our students, with our usual high expectations around attendance, engagement and productive learning behaviours.  Year 9 Exams will also feature: please note that these are 'mid-unit' exams and do not indicate the end of a subject. 


We look forward to partnering with families in the Course Confirmation process for those moving in to Years 9 and 10 in 2018 (please see the article in this newsletter for further details). As always, please contact your child's tutor or sub-school with any questions or concerns regarding their progress.

Year 10s: time to get ready for the VCE

Well done to all Year 10 students. Exams are over and CATS are submitted. It was great to see the effort that students put into their exams. Undoubtedly all students are putting their all into Work Experience this week too. Everyone can look forward to some rest before they take their first steps into the Senior School in December.


We look forward to seeing all Year 10 students and families at Course Confirmation on December 1. Each student has been allocated a time to meet with their Tutor.  The appointment time has been given to students and emailed to families. The session will be an opportunity to celebrate achievements and discuss actions to support learning in 2018.  Please arrive 10 minutes early in order to collect information for 2018 and submit Essential Student Learning Items (ESLI) paperwork.


VCE Units 1/2 and VCAL Orientation is on December 4 and 5.  Students will be welcomed into the Senior School at an assembly starting at 9.55 (session 2) on Monday December 4.


Students will then attend classes for each of their 2018 subjects. Orientation will end at lunchtime on Tuesday December 5. If your child is studying for a Unit 3/4 subject they will be required to attend Orientation classes for that subject only for the remainder of the week. These classes will be an invaluable instruction into VCAL and VCE with students being introduced to study designs, learning activities and holiday homework. Holiday homework will also be posted on myNorthcoteHigh.


End of Year Activities Years 7-9

Organisation for the end of year activities (EOYA) is well under way! The activities run in the final week of term, from Monday 18 - Wednesday 20 December.  Events such as a day trip to Funfields, Christmas cooking and Yarra Trails biking have been offered and students have selected the activities they would like to be involved in.  


Families should now be receiving notification via compass for consent/payment for the activities that were selected.  Please note the due date for consent/payment is strictly Monday 27th November.  After this date we need to confirm numbers for booking purposes.  Across these 3 days students may wear casual clothes, ensuring that it is sun smart and suitable for each activity. This is a great time to celebrate a year of hard work and to connect with peers from all classes before breaking for the holiday period. 


Normal absence protocols exist for the final week. Please ensure that, if your family chooses to take an extended holiday break or your child is ill, absences are entered on the Compass portal.

Inspiring young leaders

Photo: The team at the Young Leaders' Day

National Young Leaders Day

12 high-potential young leaders from years 7&8  recently attended the Halogen Foundation's National Young Leaders Day at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is their report of the experience.


The Young Leaders Day was a really smooth running day with lots of fun, interesting speakers and leaders, from wonderful athletes to people who have had to overcome the hardships of life. I am confident to say that all 12 kids chosen to attend, learnt a lot and were inspired in some way or another.


My favourite speaker by far was John Coutis who has an amazing story to share: from the moment he was born he proved each doctors' theory wrong.  John was born with a disability that affected the growth of his lower body, his parents were told that he wouldn’t last a day. But a day went by, then a week, a month as well.  “He won't make it to his first birthday,” they said.  He proved them wrong.  As he grew up he experienced bullying from kids in every year level. At the age of 8 he made the big step of getting his legs amputated and survived that as well: I like to think of him as a terminator.

He told a story of loving the people around you and proved to us just how important family and friends are. I find that the message he got across to me was to be a leader you need to persist in the face of failure.


I now know just what the value of being a leader is. To be able to lead at the front of the pack is a hard job but one thing  I learnt on Monday the 13th of November is to take failure as a win.

Our second speaker for the day was a female bowler for the Melbourne Stars cricket team, Gemma Triscari. Gemma told the story of how she accidentally joined the cricket team when she was young, and went on to learn she was a skilful bowler. She told us how she went on to play for Western Australia and eventually the Stars. The most important lesson that she gave us, was that if we were ever going to learn and succeed in life, then we will have to leave our comfort zone. Gemma stated that “Comfort zones are just another word for limits, and limits are meant to be pushed.” This inspired all of the attendees, to step outside their comfort zones, and take up every opportunity possible. The NYLD was a great experience to learn about leadership skills. Gemma’s message was one of the many lessons we were taught on that day, and what I took out of it was that to be a great leader, all you have to do is try.


After Monday, I (and all the other eight hundred and thirteen attendees) will take away these lessons, and put them into action, in whatever leadership role they might be doing. They might be the captain of a sports team, to an inspirational speaker. Any of these roles require a knowledge of great leadership, which is the exact knowledge we have taken from this memorable event.


Magnus Mulhall 7D, Will Grage-Perry 7L

Year 8s, Robots & Women in STEM

Photo: Building a robot

Learning for the future

Over the course of two days, a selection of year eight girls, myself included, traveled to RMIT University for a workshop on Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering).


We began the first day with discussing what we thought STEM was, and aspects of it, such as what we thought qualified as robots, with another school, Hazel Glen College. We then actually got to go and make robots, with a lecturer at the University. It was super fun as there was lots of parts to fit together but they all worked.


After lunch, we again talked about women and the future of STEM and what we thought we become available in the near future. After this we split up, and the Northcote High girls went on a tour of RMIT’s nanotechnology labs, and had to suit up in protective gear, to make sure we didn’t carry anything foreign into the labs. Inside the labs, we saw many pieces of equipment, including microscopes that worked on the same principle that vinyl players do! There was also an air shower, and many exciting experiments happening as we were there.

The next we came back, we again began the day with robots, but this time we got to program them using the Aduino software, and we programmed them to turn left or right whenever the sensor encountered something in front of it. We also got to go and use RMIT’s X lab, which had many exciting pieces of virtual experience tech, including VR headsets, and a robots that you could teach to move. The final stop on our workshop was to 3D printing, where we both went on a tour of the 3D printing lab, and got to use the printers.


Overall, it was a very exciting experience, and I enjoyed it lots and learnt a lot more about what actually is STEM.


Hannah Kelly, 8F

Music - join the fun

Photo: End of year Junior Concert

Be part of something special: places now available for 2018

Throughout Term 4 we have celebrated the growth and achievement of our musicians from across the school. Our Senior Farewell Concert showcased the mature skills of many exceptional performers, some of whom are already going on to take up scholarships to further develop their musical careers. The recent Junior End of Year Concert similarly reflected the hard work and learning of our younger players, performing in a range of ensembles from strings to voice and jazz.  Our music students this year travelled around the neighbourhood, country and world to perform: from local primary schools to Mt. Gambier and China. If you would like to be part of this vibrant community and program in 2018, now is your chance...

Sign up now for Instrumental Music and Music Lessons in 2018!

Everyone interested is invited to contact Jackie Brogan on [email protected] or phone 94882336. All year levels and abilities welcome.

Achievement: Kool Skool Awards

On Saturday, the annual Kool Skools awards took place at Yarra Valley Grammar School. This is a competition between 19 Victorian schools who recorded albums at Studio 52 this year.

Violet Tolhurst and Alfie Walker were invited to perform and the following students were nominated for awards:

Best Ballad - Tsz Ho Kong (with Shu Wei Xu & Alfie Walker)

Best Indy Folk Track - Milla Freeman (with Lucinda Symons & Madeline Brown)

Best Acoustic Track featuring a Male Vocal - Tsz Ho Kong

Best Indie Track featuring a Female Vocal - Violet Tolhurst (with Alfie Walker & Jaimee Doyle)


Congratulations to Violet Tolhurst for receiving a Special Judges Award for a Singer/Songwriter!


CDs are available to purchase at the main office (see below for details). 

Original Composition Project CDs for sale

Original Composition Project album: all student work, all entirely original!

Demolition Lament

On sale now from the main office/Music office $10


Sports News

Intermediate Cricket State Final

The Year 9/10 Cricket team travelled out to Bendigo to take on Bendigo South East College in the State Quarter Finals. We were met with very hot conditions and the opposition boasted some very good players.


In the first innings Bendigo made 4/151 with their opening batsmen making a century and nearly carried his bat. Josh Aronson, Alex Johnson and Darcy Skinner all managed to grab a wicket. Julian Marshall was also able to get an economical return of 0/19 off his 4 overs.


We fought hard to reach the impressive total but fell short at 6/129. Daniel Gregory was the star with the bat with a 49 falling one run short of his half century. He was also well supported by Darcy Skinner with a quick fire 27 and Josh Aronson with a 26.

Breaking news: Basketball State Champions!

Congratulations to our Year 8 Boys' Basketball team, who, as this newsletter went to press, won the State Title!  Fantastic work from the team - look out for a full report in the next newsletter.


Yr 8 Girls Futsal

Well done to our Yr 8 Girls Futsal Team, who competed in the Divisional Futsal Competition on November 2.  Both of our teams played some good competitive matches and displayed good sporting attitude throughout the day.

Yr 8 Boys Futsal

On November 11, two Yr 8 teams competed in the Divisional Futsal competition at Reservoir High School.  Both teams displayed amazing skills and team work throughout the day and moved easily through their pools, defeating all other schools.  This qualified us to have a Northcote A vs Northcote B Final.  In a very closely contested match, Northcote A came away with the win defeating Northcote B 3-1. A special mention to Nick Gevaux for his great goal keeping.  Thank you to Mr Barrett for coaching the teams.


Yr 7 & 8 Girls State Hockey

On Monday 13 November, the year 7&8 girls competed at the state hockey championships. Although the results didn’t go our way, everyone demonstrated optimism and enthusiasm. Despite the hot weather, all the girls gave it their all. I’m sure we’ll be back next year fighting for the title of state champions.


Taysen Wilcox

A big thank you to our wonderful coaches Taysen Wilcox and her mum Paula Butcher, they did an amazing job.

Yr 7 Girls Futsal

Congratulations to our Yr 7 Girls Futsal team who displayed great skills and speed throughout the Divisional Competition on November 14. The girls easily won all of their matches qualifying them to play in the NMR finals which is to be played on November 30. Thanks you to Ms Jacobs for selecting and coaching the teams prior to the competition.


Yr 7 Boys Futsal

On November 16, we had two Yr 7 Boys teams compete in the Divisional Futsal competition at Reservoir High School.  Northcote A finished on top of their pool after defeating EPIC, Reservoir A and William Ruthven, their only loss was against Thornbury A.  


Northcote B moved through their pool undefeated with no goals scored against them.  Finishing on top of their pools qualified the both teams to play in the semi final where Northcote B came up against William Ruthven. Our boys put up a good fight but they just weren’t strong enough to come away with the win.


In the other semi final Northcote A defeated St Johns 6 -1.  The win qualified them to play off in the grand final against William Ruthven.


In the Grand final, William Ruthven came out strong and confident but our boys squashed any hopes of success by displaying their skills and great teamwork. They defeated them 4-1.  Thanks to our student coaches George Maj and Olivia Hanrahan.

Next events

November 20 -  Yr 8  Boys State Basketball

November 22 -  Yr 8 Boys State Hockey

November 23 - Yr 8 Boys Cricket State Quarter Final

November 24 - Yr 8 Boys Regional Futsal Final

November 27 - Yr 8 Boys State Table Tennis

November 28 – Yr 7 Girls State Cricket

November 30 – Yr 7 Boys and Girls Regional Futsal Final

Senior sub school


With the year rapidly coming to a close, our Year 11s and Year 12s could not be in more different positions.

Reflection and celebration for Year 12s

For our Year 12s, their final exams are coming to an end and for them, it is a time for reflection and celebration for all the work and effort they have put in over their six years of secondary education. Just as importantly, students must acknowledge the impact of the relationships they have built with teachers and their peers; relationships that have helped, supported and sustained them throughout their formative years.


The  VCE results will be released on Friday December 15. This is a time of great excitement, and for many, trepidation. Kylie Witt will be on hand to support any students who may need guidance around post-secondary options and change of preference needs. Please see Kylie’s article for more information.


The crowning social event for the Year 12 students is the Formal, taking place at the Aquarium on Friday November 24. Both students and teachers alike are looking forward to one last celebration and the opportunity to say thank you and goodbye.


We wish the Year 12s all the best in their future endeavours and thank you for their time at Northcote High School.

Year 11s prepare for 2018

The Year 11s have been diligently undertaking their end of year exams, coupled with those who have completed their Unit 3/4 external exams. For them, it is a great chance to consider their process and work habits, not just for exams, but for their upcoming year. We have been really pleased with the way students are positioning themselves for their final year of secondary schooling and encourage them to prepare comprehensively over the holidays.


Some upcoming dates for Year 11s


Course Confirmation:

Students have received their specific time to come in for course confirmation on Monday, 27th of November. To ensure that your student has the full time allocated, please make sure you arrive ten minutes early to complete paperwork prior to your interview. See the article 'Course Confirmation' in this newsletter for more details.


Year 12 Orientation:

The Year 12 Orientation will take place on December 6-8. Students will be able to pick up their orientation timetable during their course confirmation. Students will be given holiday tasks to complete over their break to best prepare them for the year ahead.


Hello from Nanjing

Photo: Developing cultural understanding in China

Update from our Young Leaders

Hello Australia, it’s Jacob and Ben in China. This week has been packed with activities, all day everyday. Activities such as fan dancing, calligraphy, paper cutting and so much more. These activities have been very enjoyable and educational, some of our favourite activities have been Diablo and lion dancing. The Chinese activities require much skill and concentration, some being physical like lion and fan dances and some more relaxing like paper cutting and painting traditional opera masks. All the activities have been amazing and insightful. They’ve been so educational and different to each other.


Every week day, excluding Wednesday, we have three activities after lunch. In the mornings breakfast is at 7:30 except Mondays when we have to get up half an hour earlier for a morning assembly. Classes are pretty intense, starting at 8 and finishing at 5 past 10 with a short break in between for something called morning exercise which is something they do in all of China between morning classes. Morning exercise consists of the entire school running out to their oval and doing a series of dynamic stretches to a interesting beat. Then a short run is completed before returning to class for the next period. The food here is great with breakfast, lunch and dinner all being catered for buffet style. We get fruit and yoghurt every meal, with a range of meats, rice and dumplings to fill our stomachs.  The high school here also provides snacks in between meals to keep us going.


On the weekends we don’t have school just like in Australia, however the School arranges for us to go out Saturday to see the sights of Nanjing and then go shopping at the local markets. Then Sunday is a real blast with our Chinese language buddies taking us out to see Nanjing in a way no one else can. Our buddies decide what we eat and where we go from 8 till 7 every Sunday. Then when we get back we all tell stories of our day. Some people visit museums and others check out the revolutionary 3D arcades. Some went to barbecues for lunch for a real local cultural experience and others went to the most fancy restaurants in all of Nanjing. Our buddies have a range of English speaking skills, and Ben and I were lucky to both get buddies with excellent English speaking skills. Because although our Chinese is improving at light speed we still need them to help us translate what the super fast speaking grandma is angry about. Our trip to China is going great with only a week and a bit to go. See you soon Australia!

Jacob and Ben 

Year 9 - Victorian Young Leaders to China team

Respect. It starts with me.

Photo: International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women - November 25

Respectful Relationships update

The Feminist Collective have been busy this term putting into action their idea to create a public service announcement video on the use of sexist language. The group of students saw an opportunity to educate our school community about how sexist language can be harmful to others and contribute towards bigger social issues. The purpose of the video is to educate students and teachers to be more self-aware and to encourage students who may witness the use of sexist language to call it out. This ties in with the work Northcote High School are doing with Respectful Relationships initiative and supporting bystander action.

Feminist Collective have partnered with the video production agency Know Studio who last week held a fantastic workshop with the group. By the end, the students had honed their ideas into three potential options. The next step now is turning that creativity and passion into a final product to be launched early 2018.

Building community confidence to end violence against women

Parents are invited to participate in a working group to assist in planning for a parent information/workshop similar to staff and student training.  We will also discuss how we can partner with parents and our community to continue our work in 2018.

If you would like to be involved or have expertise in this area you are invited to attend a meeting on Friday the 8th December 8.15am-9am. Please contact Katie Archibald via email [email protected]

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

This year’s international theme is “Leave No One Behind: End Violence against Women and Girls”

From 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign is a time to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world. As in previous years, the colour orange will be a key theme unifying all activities, and buildings and landmarks will be lit and decorated in orange to bring global attention to the issue of violence against women and girls. The Feminist Collective will encourage students to wear an orange ribbon on Friday 24 November to mark the campaign, and educative activities around the issue will be a feature of Daily Connect.


For more information please go to the link

Achievement and curiosity: cyber games champions

Photo: The team receives the trophy from Vice Chancellor John Dewar

Hard work pays off: congratulations team

On Saturday November 18, just one day after their exams had finished, a team of three Year 11 students represented Northcote High School at the inaugural Cyber Games Competition at La Trobe University. Our team was Issa Chanzi, Sam Eggleston, and Kiarash Nikoo, who have trained since August on industry-standard software to learn the ins and outs of cyber security. After being knocked into the wildcard bracket in the first round, Northcote went on to take first place in Round 2, Round 3, and in an intense 25-minute final match between the top 3 teams, took out the championship!

The Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University awarded our young cyber-gurus a trophy and a brand-new iPhone 8 for each, courtesy of Optus. A big thank-you to Quantum Victoria and La Trobe for organising the event, to the group of students who came out to support our team and congratulations to the runners-up Bendigo Senior and Viewbank. Look for the engraved trophy in the coming weeks, which will stay at our school until the start of next year’s Cyber Games!


Erik Koopmans

Teacher & Team facilitator

What is Cyber Games?

Cyber Games, launched in March 2017, is a collaboration between La Trobe University, Cisco and Optus and Quantum Victoria, in partnership with the Science Teachers Association of Victoria and Life Journey/Day of STEM.


Cyber Games provides secondary students with an immersive experience to introduce them to the world of cyber and help develop their aptitudes and skills needed to work in this industry – one of the world’s fastest growing employment fields.


Cyber games is one key component of an emerging ecosystem of cyber awareness activities that will provide:

  • Deeper  understanding for  the need to be cyber aware. The 2016 CERT Australia Threat Report showed an alarming growth in cyber-attacks on business and government. Over a 12-month period, there was an estimated 1,095 serious cyber security incidents on government systems and more than 14,804 cyber security incidents impacting Australian businesses.
  • A pipeline of secondary students into TAFE and university education to provide the workforce needs of this growing sector. Estimates of unfulfilled roles worldwide are as high as 1.5 million.

La Trobe Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar says Cyber Games is part of the University’s commitment to provide students with the opportunities and skills they will need to work in cyber security – one of the world’s fastest-growing employment fields.


“There is a huge need for a new workforce of cyber defenders,” said Professor Dewar. “This initiative will not only educate a new generation of cyber-literate students, it will also help close the gap on a looming skills shortage.


“Cyber Games will simulate real-world threat scenarios for these secondary school students, who we hope will go on to study cyber security at La Trobe University and perhaps then work for Cisco, Optus or any of our other business partners.”


The initiative was welcomed by Soula Bennett, the President of the Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria and Director of Quantum Victoria, who said that Cyber Security is a burgeoning field presenting many career pathways for students.


The Games

Cisco’s industry standard Cyber Range Platform – a cyber-attack simulator using real life scenarios that can progressively increase in complexity and difficulty – has been adapted for use by high school students by Quantum Victoria in the Cyber Games competition to ensure a safe and controlled environment.


Teams of three students (Years 10-12) were set a range of tasks to defend against simulated attacks. In a knock-out competition, the team that identifies the task the fastest, wins.

In this way, Cyber Games rewards the best defenders against cyber and is deliberately not framed as attacker against defender.


The Cyber Games final was held at La Trobe University to coincide with its 50th Anniversary Closing Event. There were 11 teams from across Victorian competing.


The games were opened by Prof John Dewar, Vice Chancellor La Trobe University and Ms Soula Bennett, Director of Quantum Victoria and President of the Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria.

The final was a knock-out round robin format with unsuccessful teams still alive through access to a wildcard at two stages in the competition (refer to flowchart). Students from Northcote High School secured a place in the final after successfully beating 4 other teams in the first wildcard section and then a further 5 teams in the final wildcard play-off.


In addition to being the first Cyber Games Champions, the winning team will be offered direct entry into the La Trobe University Bachelor of Cybersecurity course (subject to meeting course prerequisites).

Expand your horizons - short and long term homestay

Photo: Students from Hengshui

One Week paid homestays needed in February 2018


During one week in February 2018 , Northcote High School will host 26 senior students from Hengshui No 1 High School. The visitors will be hosted as students in the school for the week (probably the week 10-17 February TBC)


We need Northcote HS families to homestay these students (12 girls and 14 boys) for one week. Northcote families are paid $350 for each student hosted.


If you are interested, please contact Nick Murphy ([email protected] or 9488 2342


In Summary:

- Students are aged about 17

- They are studying the VCE Unit 3-4 at their Chinese school and intend to study at University in Australia

- Their English level is moderate to good but most have not been to Australia.


Your obligation over the week is: 

- to provide 3 healthy meals a day

- to provide them with their own room for the week with access to a bathroom, laundry facilities, internet, etc

- to include them in any normal family activities during that time.


NHS provides:

- a school based education program

- extra English lessons

- some extra curricula activities

- airport collection and delivery 

- Myki card for the week 

Full-board, long term homestay opportunity


Northcote High School seeks quality homestays from our local community, to help care for young international students studying in year 10, 11 +12 with us. They are mainly from Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand. We also have some International Students are from European countries such as Italy and Germany.


Hosting International Students can bring a rich cross cultural experience and opportunity for our families. Many local families already on board with Northcote High School Homestay Program over the years have enjoyed and benefited from the diverse cultural and language exchange experience, especially when they have school age children at home. The reverse experience for our International Students is very much part of their overseas study journey.


  If you have a spare room and are willing to take care of a young international student please contact the International Student Office 9488 2334 (or General Office 9488 2300 or email [email protected]) for more information.


Full boarding homestay fees are $320 per week (tax free), which covers a fully furnished room, 3 healthy meals daily, laundry, household bills (including internet). Students are responsible for their own transport.


Jocelyn Hill

Assistant Principal

Northcote High School  

Inspire each other to Thrive

How do we inspire?

Did you know we launched the Northcote Thrive Fund recently? In our last two editions, we introduced the Fund and the different ways you can contribute, and told you more about BUILD, which represents our Building Fund. In this edition, we’d like to tell you more about INSPIRE, which represents our Library Fund.


Well-resourced libraries are central to the school learning experience and provide space for research, collaboration and flexible learning. Your tax-deductible donations to our INSPIRE fund also help our wide-ranging program of co-curricular activities and lunchtime clubs, which complement classroom learning and ensure our students are inspired and challenged.


One of our popular clubs is the STEAM Club. STEAM is a learning approach that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to guide student inquiry, discussion and critical thinking.


Issa Chanzi is in Year 11 and one of the co-founders of the STEAM club at Northcote High, students from Year 7 to 12. Club members are inspired by watching videos of creative electronics projects tried by other students around the world and among their achievements are devices like robotic arms and a robot that gives ‘high fives’. They’re currently working out how to make a pencil holder that throws the pencils around the room!


Issa and the other members really value the fun and friendship they experience as they investigate, learn and achieve together. They have plans to extend the coding capability of club members, and to buy equipment and devices to help them complete even more fun and exciting projects. New members are welcome and encouraged, and next year they plan to enter a robotics competition together and to design a program that can assist search and rescue operations.


We invite you to donate to Northcote Thrive Fund when making your annual ESLI (Essential Student Learning Items) payment.  Shortly you will also be able to make Ad Hoc donations via our school web page. Please contact our Finance Manager, Richard Wang, to set up ongoing or specific purpose donations.

Uniform: buy early sale

Buy early and save sale extended

Dobsons have extended their 'buy early and save' sale for 2018 uniform items to the end of Term 4. Get in now to beat the January queues. A price list and ordering instructions are attached. 


A long summer of reading

Extended loans for summer holiday reading

The first day of summer means the start of extended loans in the library. Any books borrowed from 1 December will not be due back until the beginning of February 2018, so it’s a great time to pick out some holiday reading.  Over the next few weeks we will be making summer reading lists for any students looking for inspiration.


Renewals reminder

Remember that books can be renewed at any time from the library website: . All books renewed on or after 1 December will be due back early February 2018.


Opportunity: Cambodia Tour 2018

Photo: Cambodia tour

Last chance to apply!

An exciting opportunity exists in 2018 for Year 10 and 11 students (current Year 9 and 10s) to attend Northcote High School's Cambodia Tour. Our first trip was run last year and was a huge success, so we are excited to open up the opportunity again to NHS students.


Students will learn about Cambodian history, including a visit to the S21 Museum and Killing Fields in Phnom Penh to learn about the Cambodian Genocide. They will link Cambodia’s confronting past with current issues facing Cambodia. Students will also complete a construction-based community project in Siem Reap (exact project TBC – likely a construction based project - school classroom or home) which they will fundraise for throughout the year. Our expectation for students who are selected is that they attend regular lunchtime meetings throughout the year to plan and deliver fundraising projects.


Students will also develop communication skills, team work, organisational skills and budgeting skills as they will have responsibility for budgeting for meals and deciding on tourist destinations throughout the trip (this will be guided by staff). Alongside this, students will also visit and learn about Angkor Wat and surrounding temples when in Siem Reap.


Interested? Application forms are available from Ms. Witt in M11 or Mr. Lethborg in G13 and are due Friday November 24. If you have questions, please email Jamie or Kylie.


[email protected]

[email protected]

2017 Immunisations catch-up

Do you have a student in years 7, 10, 11 or 12 in 2017?

Darebin Council attended Northcote High School this year to provide Government Funded immunisations.


All Government Recommended vaccines are currently free until your child turns 20 years of age.


Year 7 Vaccines

HPV Gardasil (3 doses), Boostrix and Chickenpox

Years 10, 11 and 12 Vaccine

Meningococcal ACWY

The Meningococcal ACWY Vaccine is available in Victoria for anyone 15-19 years of age.


If your child missed these sessions, you can attend any of the Darebin Council Immunisation Sessions (there is no need to book).  The session timetable can be found at:


If you are unsure if your child is up to date with vaccines please call Darebin Council Immunisation Service on (ph) 8470 8562.

Community notices

Supporting transgender and gender diverse young people in Darebin

The Darebin Council has committed to assisting local families by providing information for families whose children are discovering and affirming their sexuality and gender diversity.


To this end, Council has developed a resource that compiles in one place a list of organisations that families and their children can access for information  and support.   Please find this list of organisations attached.


Girls make games - holiday program

Girls Make Games is an international game development program designed to inspire girls aged 8-15 to learn game design, programming and entrepreneurship. 

January 15 -20 2018

Monash University, Clayton campus

Health survey: can you help?

RMIT University is surveying adolescents, young people and adults 15

years and older on how acne is affecting your life. We are also interested

to know what you think of Chinese medicine, and whether you would

consider using this for your acne. The survey is anonymous and would not

record any identifying data. See the attached flyer for further details.


Foster carers needed: make a difference

Can you offer a home for a vulnerable child? Become Foster a Carer. Carers are couples, singles, from different cultural backgrounds, with or without their own children. They are people who have the desire to give a child a safe and welcoming place to stay.


Next information session will be held at Anglicare Preston, 42 Mary St on Tuesday November 28 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


For further information please call Maria Mayors on 93015200 or email [email protected]


You will make all the difference!!!


Girl Guides 2018

Friendship, fun, challenge and achievement!

Girl Guides is a volunteer-run not-for-profit youth organisation that aims to empower girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members. We do this through our unique non-formal education programs – fun, games, experiences, under the care of trained volunteer Guide Leaders.


Yarra City District Girl Guides meet weekly during school terms - Junior Guides ages 7-10 (Mark St. Hall North Fitzroy, Wednesday  6.30-8PM), Girl Guides ages 10-14 (Edinburgh Gardens Community Rooms North Fitzroy, Tuesday 7-9PM), and Senior Guides ages 14-17 (Edinburgh Gardens Community Rooms North Fitzroy, alternate Mondays 7-9PM).


Our units are open to girls and their parents to visit– come and see how you like it. Adult volunteer enquiries are also welcome.

Find us online at or email [email protected].

Girls Football: TAC Cup elite pathway


Think you have what it takes to play TAC Cup Girls Football? We’re looking for motivated girls born in 2000-2002, wantng to pursue football at an elite level and join the AFLW Talent Pathway. No experience required, high level athletes strongly encouraged! If this sounds like you, register your interest at: and see attached flyer for more details.


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