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31 January 2018
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Upcoming Events

Major Dates in Term 1:

5th February - Yrs 5, 6 & 7 Parent Information Evenings

6th February - Snr School Swimming Carnival

7th February - Jnr School Swimming Carnival

8th February - Yrs 10 & 11 Parent Info Evening

9th February - Yr 7 Induction Day

13th February - Commencement Mass

14th February - Ash Wednesday Liturgy

17th February - P&F Commencement Mass & Social 5.30pm

19th February - Jnr School P/T Interviews (Evening)

23rd February - Academic Awards Assembly #1

24th February - Old Boys vs College Gala Day

28th February - Yr 6 Camp  → 2/3

5th March - P&F Mtg

6th March - Yr 12 P/T Interviews

7th March - Yr 8 Camp  → 9/3 /Yr 5 Camp  → 9/3


29th March - Easter Liturgy

30th March - Good Friday

1st April - Easter Sunday

2nd April - Easter Monday

6th April - P&F Cocktail Party

11th April - Interim Reports Yrs 5-11 issued

12th April - Term 1 Concludes for Students

25th April - ANZAC Day Holiday (inside Term 1 holidays)







2018 Complete College Calendar 


2018 Term Dates


Please note that the St Pius X Feast Day Holiday has been moved from Monday 27th August (as previously noted in the DRAFT Term Dates for 2018) to Monday 3rd September.


















From the Principal     

Photo: Australian Catholic Youth Festival: Students from St Pius X College and Mercy College performed a range of dramatic re-enactments, Gospel presentations and reflective performances.

  • Prayer  
  • Welcome to our New Students
  • Welcome to our New Staff
  • Welcome to our new Parish Priest Fr Jim McKeon
  • 2017 HSC Results
  • Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF)
  • St Pius X College App​
  • Events during the School Vacation


Welcome to the 2018 school year to all our students, parents and staff. What a great year we have ahead. We especially welcome the students new to the College. We pray for great success and a year of achievement and dedication to do our best.

The theme for 2018 is STEWARDS OF CREATION and I share with you our prayer for the year.


Stewards of Creation

As stewards of creation

we recognise that we are called

into relationship with all living things.


This is a responsibility that beckons us to

nurture, protect, transform and unite

humanity and the natural world.


Through our relationships we demonstrate

inclusion, understanding and compassion

and allow creation to truly find its balance.


In following Jesus’ lived values of justice and peace

as well as the liberating example of Edmund Rice,

we are invited to be stewards

who keep sacred God’s presence in all creation.


Welcome to our New Students

On Tuesday the College welcomed many new students to the school and I share with you some happy snaps of the start of the year.  It was a great first day and many parents were in attendance as well.  I thank the P&F Association who offered a welcome morning tea to the new parents.


Welcome to our New Staff

I am delighted to welcome the staff who are new to the College and I am extremely confident that they will deliver quality learning for our students. They are highly qualified and extremely keen. I welcome them and pray that they enjoy a most rewarding professional experience throughout their time at St Pius X College.


Photo:  Ms Tracy Bradley, Mr Matthew Barnes, Mr Ryan Balboa, Ms Pip Waters, Mr Matthew Wall, Mr Luke Barbour, Ms Marilyn McHugh and Ms Penny Lindley


Teaching Staff:

  • Ryan Balboa – HSIE/RE
  • Luke Barbour - Science
  • Matthew Barnes – English
  • Penny Lindley – Drama
  • Matthew Wall – Mathematics Coordinator
  • Pip Waters – Music and RE

Non-Teaching Staff:

  • Ms Tracy Bradley – Publications and Promotions
  • Ms Charlene Clarke – Science Lab Assistant
  • Ms Marilyn McHugh – Office Staff
  • Mr Jack Masone – ICT Trainee

Positions of Responsibility (new to the College or new to their position):

  • Mr Matthew Wall – Mathematics Coordinator
  • Mr David Reay – Resources and Compliance Coordinator
  • Mr Tony Cunneen – Head of Publications and Promotions
  • Ms Donna Janes – Senior Studies Coordinator
  • Mr Joe Lynch – Year 7 Coordinator
  • Mr Greg Bell – Knowledge Management
  • Mr Rob Stephen – ICT Manager


Welcome to our new Parish Priest Fr Jim McKeon

Our Lady of Dolours Parish has a new Parish Priest, Fr Jim McKeon, and we are delighted to welcome him as our Pastor to the school.  Fr Jim will lead our opening school Mass on Tuesday 13th February. 

Mr John Couani - Principal

2017 HSC Results

Please find below a summary of the wonderful results of our 2017 HSC students which was forwarded to all parents on 20 December 2017.


Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF)

After school concluded in Term 4 2017, a significant group of our students and staff attended the Australian Catholic Youth Festival at Homebush for three days, concluding with the closing Mass in the Domain on Saturday 16 December. This was the largest gathering of Australian youth in the Australian Church since World Youth Day in 2008. On every one of those Festival days, a selected group of students from St Pius X College and Mercy College performed a range of dramatic re-enactments, Gospel presentations and reflective performances. They performed as part of the closing Mass. They were extraordinary and I was so impressed with them as I was in attendance.

I share with you some photos of this significant event in our Church calendar.




St Pius X College App

Great news!  In response to requests from the P&F Association we are currently developing a St Pius X College App that we look forward to launching in coming weeks.  


Events during the School Vacation

  •  2017 Year 11 Snowy Hike:   see Mr de Silva's report on the Student & Parent Matters page.
  • Christian Brothers' Cricket Carnival:  see Mr Brannan's report on the Student & Parent Matters page.
  • Basketball at Trinity College, Summer Hill:  see Mr Gibson's report on the Senior Sport  page.
  • Daniel Hall School Captain 2018 attended the EREA Captains' Conference in Melbourne:  see Mr Brannan's report on the Student & Parent Matterspage.

Mr John Couani - Principal

Social Justice

Photo: Students from St Joseph's Walgett with gifts from our Christmas Giving Tree

  • Mission & Identity
  • Social Justice
      The Edmund Rice Society; Christmas Giving Tree; Matthew Talbot Hostel
    -   Christmas Giving Tree - St Joseph's Walgett​
    -   Frenchs Forest Catholic Parish Christmas Hamper Appeal 2017


Mission & Identity

The 2018 theme is ‘Stewards of Creation’. This theme is aligned to the wonderful encyclical by Pope Francis released in 2013. This document which now forms part of the Church’s Catholic Social Teachings is addressed to all people and integrates scientific viewpoints about the environment with Catholic beliefs and teachings. Its essence is based on Creation being a gift from God and as the Book of Genesis instructs us, we are all called to care for creation. It also views creation as being linked to our relationships and the earth as well as issues of Justice and Peace. The theme will be introduced to students at our assembly next Monday and officially launched at our commencement Mass on Tuesday 13th February.


Homerooms are taking up the challenge of designing Creation Projects and discussing ways they can change their behaviours to live a more sustainable life that brings about what Pope Francis calls an ‘ecological conversion’.

The end of last year seems a long time ago but I would like to report that Mrs Deb Cummins (Year 6 Red) kindly delivered the wonderful gifts our families donated to the Walgett community. (See the article below.) Thanks you to Mrs Cummins and her husband for travelling such a long way and making such a personal delivery for us.

Lent is almost upon us and starts with Ash Wednesday on 14th February which is a day of fasting and no meat is allowed. Our College community will commemorate this important liturgical season with a liturgy: Years 5-8 (1.40-2.15) and Years 9-12 (2.30-3.05). All are welcome.

Our first Mass in the Christian Brothers Chapel will be Tuesday 27th February at 8.00am.

May this year be one that strengthens our faith and truly recognises the important role we have been given to care, protect and nurture creation.

Ms D Dempsey - Assistant Principal Mission & Identity


Social Justice

As the 2018 school year begins we welcome all our students and  our new St Pius X College families. There will be plenty of social justice activities this year for students to be part of, starting with the Edmund Rice Society, our school's voluntary social justice group. This year the Edmund Rice Society will be meeting at lunchtime on Day 2 and Day 8 from 1.00pm in LC2. All students are welcome and encouraged to come to a meeting and find out more about social justice at the College.


A huge thank you to Ms Cummins for taking some of the Christmas presents from the Christmas Giving Tree to St Joseph’s Primary School Walgett.


Also a big thank you to all of the teaching and support staff of the College who continued to feed the homeless at Matthew Talbot Hostel every Wednesday evening over the Christmas holiday period.  Your efforts in keeping our obligation going at Matthew Talbot over this and every holiday break is truly inspiring and indicative of the devotion shown by all staff within our great community.


Mr D Blake  -  Social Justice Coordinator

Christmas Giving Tree - St Joseph's Walgett

During the first week of the holidays I had the privilege of collecting all the Christmas Giving Tree gifts that had been kindly donated by St Pius X families. After filling my car with 6 huge bags of wrapped presents, I then travelled to Walgett, a 6 hour drive north west of Sydney. Arriving early in the morning at St Joseph's Primary, I was warmly welcomed by the Principal and staff and some of the pupils who happily assisted with taking the bags of presents into the school. The gifts were then distributed to some very excited boys and girls. I just wish those who had contributed to this appeal could have seen the looks on the faces of the students as they eagerly opened their special gift. Well done and thanks to all in our St Pius community!

Mrs Claus (aka Mrs D Cummins)

Frenchs Forest Catholic Parish Christmas Hamper Appeal 2017

It seems like a year has passed, but only 6 weeks ago on 10th December the Christmas Charity Hampers collected by Year 9 2017 from, and on behalf of, our school community were blessed by Fr Jose Philip and Deacon Peter at St Anthony in the Fields Church Terrey Hills, for delivery to those groups in need over Christmas.

We were well represented at the Mass by Sam Barrell (Year 10 2018) and William Thomson (Year 9 2018), pictured left with Fr Jose and Deacon Peter after Mass. Sam worked with Tim St John and Tristan Farnworth in transporting the Hampers to Terrey Hills earlier in the week, while Hamish Alexander and James Miller (Year 11 2018) assisted our Parish Youth Liaison Officer, Mr Adrian Brannan, in delivering the Hampers on Tuesday 12th December.


This was a great example of a team effort by members of the local Parishes, our College and students in support of this worthy initiative of social justice in action. The young men involved deserve our highest admiration for giving up their holiday time to reach out to connect with, support and sustain others in need.

Fide et Labore

Mr Sean Brannan - Head of Student Services

Student & Parent Matters

Photo: Year 11 Snow Hike 2017

  • From the Business Manager - Payment of School Fees
  • Information for Year 7 Parents and Carers
  • From the Head of Student Services:   
    -   2018 Pastoral Care Student Diary-Planners
    -   Australian Catholic Youth Festival December 2017
    -   Edmund Rice Education Australia National Student Leaders Conference Melbourne 
    -   Christian Brothers Cricket Carnival, Nudgee College Brisbane
  • Public Speaking & Debating
  • Kokoda Track Expedition 2018 – Participants Training Hike
  • Year 11 Snowy Hike 2017​


From the Business Manager

Payment of School Fees

School fees for each term are due on the first day of that term unless other arrangements have been made with the Fees Office.  If you have not already done so please pay your son’s Term 1 fees this week.


The College appreciates the efforts of all parents in meeting these important obligations to enable the provision of quality learning opportunities for our boys.

Mr N Carson - Business Manager


Information for Year 7 Parents and Carers

Welcome to the 2018 academic year.

The Year 7 Parent Information Evening will take place next week on Monday 5th February at 7:00pm in the School Gym.  Limited parking will be available in the school grounds. 

During this information session you will be welcomed by the Principal Mr John Couani and hear from other key members of staff. You will also have the opportunity to meet your son's homeroom teachers.

Mr J Lynch - Year 7 Coordinator

From the Head of Student Services

2018 Pastoral Care Student Diary-Planners

I hope by now your son has shown you his new Student Diary-Planner which was an outcome of our Pastoral Care Review last year. St Pius X College has been acclaimed for being at the forefront of leading positive practices in Pastoral Care and Wellbeing through the leadership of our Year Coordinators, Pastoral Care staff, Wellbeing Teams, Counselling Staff lead by the inspirational Mr Rick Russo, and wellbeing Coordinators for 2017, Ms Alex Foord and Mr Joe Lynch.

The new Diaries represent the ongoing integration of positive education and wellbeing practices in the daily routines and thinking and learning patterns of our students.

You can support your son's ongoing development and learning in these areas by reading and signing his diary each week, along with PC staff, to acknowledge the recording and prioritising of tasks to consolidate his learning, the maintenance of a reading log to support his exposure and development in literacy techniques, and stimulate conversation around wellbeing, goalsetting and personal growth and development strategies.

While there is a growing contemporary protest from some students of: “I can do that online”, the muscle memory and concrete organisation achieved by consolidating planning, learning and recording by hand is irrefutable, particularly in the context of extended written expression such as that required in the HSC.

More to come as we continue the discussion over coming weeks.


Australian Catholic Youth Festival December 2017

The diversity of learning, thinking and performance was evident for all to see as our students shone brightly over three days of performance in partnership with Mercy College Dance and Drama students at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in December. Through powerful performances on Thursday and Friday at Homebush, and culminating in a pre-Bishops Mass performance at the Domain on Saturday 9th December, the students demonstrated a renewed hope for the role of Faith and core Catholic values in contemporary society. The emotional energy and strength of conviction were evident for all to see and I urge anyone interested to watch a copy of the streamed four part performances entitled “Mary of Now”.

Thanks go to Ms Amy Gill (inspirational Mercy College Drama teacher), and our own staff - Ms Sarah Fernando, Mr Adrian Brannan and Mr Justin Donnelley - who facilitated our students' involvement as well as the students involved - Sam Schyvens, James Bleasdale, Lachlan Donlevy, Tim McLachlan and Taylor Alan - on great performances. No doubt they worked hard to make the Mercy Drama students look as good as they did. Thanks boys.



Edmund Rice Education Australia National Student Leaders Conference

Melbourne 17th - 19th January  2018

After St Pius X College co-hosted the 2017 EREA Student Leaders Conference at Mary Mackillop Place last January, College Captain Dan Hall had the opportunity to back up from his outstanding bowling performances at Christian Brothers Cricket Week Tournament at Nudgee College Brisbane,  to attend the 2018 EREA Student Leaders Conference hosted by the Melbourne Schools.

Over 50 EREA and Associate Colleges in our network were represented at the Conference including remote Bindoon Co-Ed Agricultural College in WA and St Virgil’s in Hobart Tasmania. By all accounts Dan added greatly to the reputation and standing of St Pius X College in our national network of schools. He is a well-rounded thoughtful leader whose humility and ability to communicate have been hallmarks of his tenure as College Captain. Well done Dan.  


Christian Brothers Cricket Carnival, Nudgee College Brisbane - 9th – 16thJanuary 2018

Apart from the accolades of winning a tournament undefeated, our 1st XI were great ambassadors of the College in the context of our status of a Lead School of Edmund Rice Beyond Borders initiatives. In matches against St Columba College Caboolture, Gregory Terrace, Brisbane, St Edmund's Ipswich, St Laurence's Brisbane, Nudgee College and Liston College Auckland, the team's cricket performances were only surpassed by their sportsmanship both on and off the field, and particularly towards our brethren from across the ditch including St Peter's Auckland, Rosmini College Auckland and St Thomas of Canterbury Christchurch as well as our country associates such as the Charters Towers Team.

1st XI Captain James Brown led the way with a ‘ton’ in the final, supported by 50 from Liahm Williams, while Opener Tom Colgan won selection in the Australasian Merit Team. Coaches Mr Pat Rodgers and Mr David Reay and parents Mr Andrew Williams and Mr Michael Brown who drove the kits to Brisbane deserve our thanks as do EREA Flexi schools Brisbane staff who generously lent us a team mini bus for the week. Thanks also to all the parents and staff who supported including Ms Jill Greenwood.


Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services


Public Speaking & Debating

CSDA Public Speaking Competition

Training for the CSDA Public Speaking Competition Round 1 will commence in Week 3 this term.  Watch Daily Notices and the Woodchatta for details on where and when our training will take place.  The competition runs on the following Friday evenings in Term 1.

Term 1 Public Speaking

  • 2nd March - Round 1
  • 9th March - Zone Final
  • 16th March - Grand Final

Students from Year 7 to Year 12 are invited to participate this event. The venues are still to be determined but training will commence in Week 3. Everyone is welcome!  You don’t have to be familiar with public speaking, nor even confident with public speaking to participate.  We have time to train and build our confidence before the Round 1 event.


Debating Competitions

St Pius X College competes in two debating competitions:  the Catholic Schools’ Debating Association (CSDA) Competition, and the Schools Debating Network (SDN) Competition . Enrolment forms will be available for students to collect from the front office and/or the verandah from Monday 5th February.  Forms need to be completed by students and signed by parents before being returned the verandah notices box marked “Public Speaking and Debating”. Training will commence in Week 7 of Term 1 with ‘friendly’ debates taking place in the last weeks of Term 1.  Dates for the CSDA Debating Competition are listed below.  The SDN Debating Competition dates, as well as more information on the structure of both competitions will follow in weekly Woodchatta posts.


Term 2 Debating

  • 4th May - Round 1
  • 11th May - Round 2
  • 18th May - Round 3
  • 25th May - Round 4
  • 1st June - Round 5
  • 15th June - Round 6
  • 22nd June - Elimination Final 2
  • 29th June - Quarter Final

Term 3

  • 27th July - Semi Final
  • 3rd August - Grand Final

St Pius X also competes in the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition and the

Plain English Speaking Competition and details will follow.

Mrs M Waterson - Debating and Public Speaking Convener

Kokoda Track Expedition 2018 – Participants Training Hike

The third of our training hikes is locked in for Sunday 4th February 2018 when we will be walking from Cowan to Brooklyn, 13.4km (one big hill).  This is an opportunity for all participants to meet, prepare and to discuss all aspects of the Kokoda Track Expedition 2018.


When:  Sunday 4th February 2018

Meet:    Hawkesbury River train station (Brooklyn) 7.35am (Train to Cowan at 7.55am; arrive 8.04am)

Finish:   Hawkesbury River train station (Brooklyn) 1.00pm (approx.)

Need:    3 litres of water (no water on route), hat, sunscreen, snacks, OPAL card, sense of humour

In the event of track work we can do a car shuffle to Cowan. In the event of track closures due to controlled burns we will decide on an alternate route.

All members of the College community are welcome to attend these hikes.

Next Hikes

3.           Sunday 4th February 2018

4.           Sunday 4th March 2018

5.           Sunday 8th April 2018  (date change due to Easter)

6.           Sunday 6th May 2018

7.           Sunday 3rd June 2018

Please note that I will confirm the following hikes as we move closer to the dates.


Mr P de Silva - Outdoor Education Coordinator

Year 11 Snowy Hike 2017

What does 300mm of rainfall in a 24 hour period look like? This was something we really didn't want to find out. As such, after a delay to our departure and modifications to our route plan, 40 students and 6 staff assisted by Ben Cunneen and Kyle Ewart embarked on our annual Snowy Hike Expedition. 

The weather remained cold and wet but this did not dampen the spirits and experience that was gained. As the rain continued to drizzle and the temperature remained low, "times of growth" rang out to the groans of many. All groups used Whites River hut as a base with excursion both back into Munyang (Guthega) power station and up onto the main range. Time was spent exploring Schlinks pass and the surrounding ridges. Horse camp hut was another highlight where some were able to demonstrate their fire building and wood chopping skills, or lack of them.

Snowy Hike is open to all Year 11 students and takes place in the last week of Term 4. After preparation and training, students and staff spend 5 days hiking 100km through the Kosciusko National Park.

Many thanks to the staff involved for your time, patience and expertise. A big thank you must also go to the P and F for their ongoing support with equipment purchases and encouragement. Special thanks must also go to the College Leadership team for providing these opportunities and for understanding the enormous benefits that these experiences provide for our students. Not to be forgotten are the parents for their positive support and to the students themselves.

Congratulations to our two Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award participants James Spencer and Nikita Papastamatis for completing their Gold Adventurous Journey as part of this activity.


Mr P de Silva - Outdoor Education Coordinator

MindMatters for Students & Families


  • Boxercise
  • Tuning In To Teens Parenting Course


Boxercise  is held every Thursday and Friday morning at 7.30am in the Junior School playground.  This MindMatters initiative provides friendship, fun and fitness to strengthen students’ resilience and general sense of wellbeing.  Classes are free to all students.


Tuning In To Teens Parenting Course

5 Session Parenting Course for Parents of Teens

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively with your teenager?
  • Understand your teenager?
  • Help your teenager with emotional intelligence and managing emotions?
  • Prevent some teenager behaviour problems?
  • Teach your teenager to deal with conflict?

Below is a flyer for the next Tuning in to Teens course in Chatswood starting 6th March and also a flyer that includes both the Chatswood and Brookvale groups for families who may prefer to attend in Brookvale.


Mr R Russo - College Counsellor

P&F Events

Photo: Year 5 Parents Morning Tea at The Concourse



Welcome Mass

Come and meet new parents and our new Parish Priest at the P&F Welcome Mass & Light Supper 5.30pm on Saturday 17th February

All Families are invited to the P&F Commencement Mass on Saturday 17th February 2018 at 5.30pm in Our Lady of Dolours Church, followed by a light supper in the College grounds.  

To help the P&F to organise the catering please RVSP by clicking on this link!   See invitation below.


Nadine Robson - Assistant Secretary P&F

[email protected]

0412 272 056

Department News

Photo: Year 7 and 8 Chinese Language classes participated in a Chinese Culture Excursion to Shanghai Stories restaurant

  • Languages:  Chinese Culture Excursion
  • Performing Arts

Languages:  Chinese Culture Excursion

During Term 4 2017, Year 7 and 8 Chinese Language classes participated in a Chinese Culture Excursion to Shanghai Stories restaurant in The Concourse. Through this experience students had the opportunity to put their language skills and knowledge of Chinese food and dining etiquette to practical use. Many students enjoyed speaking Chinese to the wait staff and were able to build on their Chinese speaking skills and cultural understanding. The students thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Here are some comments from the students who attended the excursion.


“Yum Cha was an amazing experience and a good opportunity for us to engage in an everyday experience through Chinese cuisine. This excursion gave us the opportunity to use our knowledge of the Chinese language to communicate in a Chinese environment. The food we had consisted of prawn dumplings, sweet and sour pork, soup dumplings, fried rice, mango pancakes and much more.  On our trip, Ms Ho taught us how to compliment the chefs and order more tea. Overall, this was a great experience and we are extra lucky to have been able to go on this excursion.”Liam Chang, Year 8 

“On the 22nd of November Year 8 Chinese class 5 were privileged to attend the excursion to Shanghai Stories Yum Cha in the Chatswood Concourse. Every member of our class had a great experience. We are very grateful to Ms. Ho and the Language Department, who made this great experience possible and so enjoyable. On behalf of Year 8 Chinese class 5, I would like to extend this thankyou to the teachers who also came to the excursion and also made this experience enjoyable”.Joshua Jones, Year 8

“On Tuesday the 28th November Ms Ho and Ms Manga brought Chinese class 7-5 to Shanghai Stories in the Concourse in Chatswood. As a class, we enjoyed eating the variety of Chinese foods from dumplings to mango pancakes and it was amazing to try a new and different type and culture of food. I want to thank Ms Ho, Ms Manga and the hosts at Shanghai Stories for making this experience possible and for putting in their time and money for us to have this experience. It was a very enjoyable time and a delicious meal.” – Thomas Fong, Year 7

 “Today my class 7-1 Chinese went to Shanghai Stories in the Chatswood Concourse. We had eight dishes. First served was the pork buns. The pork buns were very nice but some silly people ate the paper. Next we had the spring rolls. Inside of each spring roll was a mix of vegetables and meat. Coming from my fellow students, they enjoyed it. Next up was a variety of dumplings. Few of the best was the Siu Mai (Dim Sims) and Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings). Second last dish was the two fried rice. Each was very nice, one having prawns and one not because of allergies. We could sum up that both fried rice were excellent. The last and best dish were the mango pancakes. Wrapped in a mango pancake and inside had cream and mango. Our class, 7-1, would like to thank Ms Ho for preparing this and Shanghai Stories for providing us with food”. Joseph Reyes, Year7

“Today, our Chinese class one went on an exciting excursion to Yum Cha. It was an amazing experience for the class, they experienced the culture and tried lots of new foods. The class was very polite and showed excellent manners and represented the College very well. All the class really enjoyed the excursion and would do it again.”Benjamin Christensen, Year 8

Ms L Ho – Language Teacher


Performing Arts  

Welcome back to all students and parents. The Performing Arts Staff, Ensemble Directors and Instrumental Tutors look forward to working with you this year. We particularly welcome our two new teachers Ms Penny Lindley (Drama) and Ms Pip Waters (Music)



These meetings are on TONIGHT in the Band Room. Parking is available in the College yard. The Orientation Night commences at 6pm and is an opportunity for parents who are new to the College (as well as current) to learn more about our extensive Music and Drama Co-curricular program. The PAPA (Performing Arts Parents Association) meeting commences at 7pm with light refreshments. Parents who attend the Orientation are encouraged to stay for this meeting to make new friends and learn how this group supports performing arts at the College- both academic and co-curricular. Both meetings are for parents only.



Boys Who Would Like To Learn An Instrument: Students who would like to learn an instrument, voice or music production, should pick up a form from the Student Administration Office. The form should be filled in and returned to Ms Bates in the Performing Arts Department as soon as possible. Please be aware that for some instruments there are only limited places available. Consequently, students will be allocated to tutors on a first come, first serve basis and then placed on waiting lists.

New Students- Instrumental Tuition: All boys new to the College who requested to learn an instrument have been placed with a tutor. The tutor has been given your details and should be in touch shortly. If you have not heard from a tutor by the end of THIS week, please see Ms Bates in the Performing Arts Staffroom.

Continuing Students- Instrumental Tuition: Unless you requested a change of tutor you have been placed with the same person you had in 2017. Your tutor should be in touch shortly. If you have not heard from your tutor by the end of THIS  week, please see Ms Bates.



A full list of Ensembles and rehearsal times can be found by opening the PDF attachment below. With the exception of the College Orchestra (Senior Strings 7.00am, Full Orchestra 7.30am), all other ensembles commence NEXT WEEK. Parents of new students who expressed an interest in and/or auditioned for an ensemble and parents of continuing students, were emailed in December last year advising of placements. Currently our Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, Guitar and Percussion ensembles are at full capacity and there are no further positions available. There are vacancies in Senior Choir, Junior Choir, Digital Music ensembles and Junior and Senior Drama ensembles. If your son is interested in these groups, please ask him to attend on the required day or alternatively contact Ms Bates at [email protected] for further information.



The draft calendar for Term 1 can be found by opening the PDF attachment below.



Year 12 Drama students will be attending this evening performance next Monday 5th February. A  permission note has been sent home with all the details.



Congratulations to Oliver Osborne (Year 11) who was selected to participate in this program during the recent holidays.



Congratulations to Phillip Cullen and Liaam Rao (Year 12) who successfully auditioned on cello and viola respectively and are now members of this elite program for young musicians.



Congratulations to Lachlan Donlevy (Year 11) who participated in a two week residential program at UNSW with the Gondwana Choirs during the summer holidays.



Well done to Andrew McKinnon (Year 8) who was in the ensemble for this production during the recent holidays.

Ms T Bates - Performing Arts Coordinator


Learning Support
& Enrichment

Photo: Boys catching up with each other about their day, at After-School Study

  • Request for updated medical information on your son for the NSW February Census
  • Term 1 2018 Intake for Touch Typing & Handwriting courses
  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • After-school Study Program - Resumes Week 2, 2018 (NOTE:  There will be no After School Study Program on Thursday 8th February due to a staff meeting)
  • Maths Drop-in Centre - Resumes Week 2, 2018

Request for updated medical information on your son for the NSW February Census

The Learning Support and Enrichment (LSE) Department is responsible for liaising with our Counselling team and gathering the necessary details (on nature of the condition, the latest diagnosis or doctor’s report, etc.) for the purposes of the upcoming NSW Census data compilation in February 2018. This is the annual, mandatory government census, involving the collection of information from all schools and families in the State.


To assist us with this task, we ask that you please check your son’s latest medical documentation for an updated diagnosis (or arrange to get one from his treating health practitioner) and send it in to the College, or via scan as a PDF and directly email to the following Student Support Staff member: Joanne Raheb-Mol, LSE Coordinator, on [email protected] (for learning difficulties and related conditions), or Rick Russo, Coordinator of Counselling Services on [email protected] (for all mental health and related conditions). Student Support staff welcome copies of such documentation at any time in the school year, and will be grateful for your ready assistance, each time your son’s doctor or therapist provides a review or update.


Medical information includes updated diagnostic reports, assessments and letters, from a registered doctor, psychologist, specialist or therapist, which identifies and/or confirms your son’s medical or psychological condition.


The College is required to provide summary information only to our advising body, the Catholic Education Commission (CEC). The information you provide will remain confidential between our school and our designated advisers at the CEC, as it is used for identification of support needs and school funding purposes.


Your forward-thinking action in this matter will directly benefit your son and his ability to succeed and enjoy his schooling, as the LSE and Counselling teams are able to update teachers confidentially about students and make recommendations about ways to better accommodate your son’s learning or emotional needs in the classroom, and in exam situations.


If you have queries about what documentation is required or if you have a query about any aspect of the above, please contact Joanne on [email protected] 

Term 1 2018 Intake for Touch Typing & Handwriting courses – limited places available

These are intensive small group courses, open to all students at SPX in Years 5-10, who are interested in improving vital writing and typing skills. They are proving to be a great way to enhance writing skills at school. Each course involves one nominated afternoon per week for a block of 8 weeks, and is run by our experienced occupational therapist and registered provider, Anna Orchard. For Term 1 2018, the courses will run for 8 consecutive sessions (with a break where the schedule is affected by the Easter holidays) at a cost of $280.00 for students. All classes are held at St Pius X College in the Leary Centre, LC1. Students who have attended these courses in the past and would like to reinforce and build on their skills, are also welcome to register (see flyers below for details).


Da Vinci Decathlon

Da Vinci Decathlon – interested boys should attend each Thursday lunchtime in LC1 (Yr 7 and 8), or in LC2 (Years 9 and 10) 

The Da Vinci Decathlon is an interschool one-day competition for motivated creative-minded students in May 2018, at Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga. It is an academic gala day of cultural and academic enrichment activities for teams of 8 students from Years 7-10. In past years, the Decathlon has proven a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for those involved as it poses challenging problems whilst encouraging teamwork. The Decathlon involves the following disciplines: Engineering, Art and Poetry, Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking, Philosophy, Creative Producers, Games of Strategy and General Knowledge. Boys who would like to train and have the opportunity to be selected are welcome to attend from Week 2.

Any queries? Please see or email Mrs Waterson at: [email protected] or Ms Raheb-Mol at: [email protected]


After-school Study Program - Resumes Week 2, 2018

NOTE:  There will be no After School Study Program on Thursday 8th February due to a staff meeting

WHAT IS IT? A quiet time and space where you can get a head start on your homework and assessments, catch up on missed work, do some wide reading, study or do research with a friend, or get some one-to-one reading, writing, or maths help. You are welcome to use your time as you wish for learning purposes, or make the most of having teachers, Ms Raheb-Mol or Ms Leonardi, on hand to assist you with your homework and assignments.  Note: Regular attendance is rewarded with merits.

WHEN? Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon, from 3.15 - 4.30pm

WHO FOR? - Open to all students in Years 5 – 10. Come or a regular or casual basis, just sign in when you arrive.

WHERE? - Senior Library, top of A Block (SRC). Library seminar rooms are also available

QUERIES? Please email Ms Raheb-Mol at: [email protected], or Ms Leonardi at: [email protected]

Maths Drop-in Centre - Resumes Week 2, 2018

WHAT IS IT? A place to get some extra maths help with difficult concepts, topics or homework. You can also come along for some extension work, so you can revise or get ahead. This is an ideal place where students can come and feel comfortable to ask questions. Students are encouraged to bring along specific queries, tasks, assessments, homework, general revision and problems to work on, with teachers on hand ready to help:  Please note: Regular attendance attracts merits

WHEN? Monday lunch time 12.50 -1.30pm (bring your lunch) and Thursday morning 8.00 - 8.30am each week.

WHO FOR? Open to all students in Years 7 – 9

WHERE? Maths Classroom C1

QUERIES? Please see or email Mrs Fileman at: [email protected]


Ms J Raheb-Mol - Learning Support & Enrichment Coordinator



  • Careers News
  • Careers Newsletter


Careers News

Welcome back to 2018

The Careers Department aims to empower students to make informed decisions about their future, post-SPX.  Senior Students are given a variety of opportunities throughout the year, including careers testing, university and industry lunchtime presentations, form meeting presentations, university and TAFE information and free access to the Job Jump website. Year 12 students will visit the Northern Beaches Careers Expo later in the year to assist with career and study pathway choices.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are directly emailed the Careers Newsletter every week. A copy of the Careers Newsletter can be found below.


It is important to be informed about what choices are available when making decisions about your future career pathway. Working on developing ‘soft skills’ that future employers are looking for is crucial in today’s evolving work environment. Being involved in extra-curricular activities at St Pius X, taking on leadership responsibilities, working as part of a team, being able to accept extra responsibility, the ability to work independently and work to deadlines are all important skills that can be developed whilst still at school.


All the best for a successful, informed and enjoyable 2018.


TAFE 2018

TAFE classes commence TUESDAY 13th FEBURARY for new (Year 11) and continuing (Year 12) students.

Students will be given an orientation pack next week before they attend. This includes a student’s responsibilities and dates for 2018.  Mandatory work placements must be organised in the school holidays and TAFE staff will assist students with placement.

A reminder, that if you are absent from TAFE for any reason, then you must contact Ms Janes BEFORE class.

Please contact Ms Janes if you have any questions about commencement, fees or student responsibilities. [email protected]


All the best to our new and continuing TAFE students. It is a fantastic opportunity to obtain real industry qualifications, whilst still studying at high school.  TAFE provides practical and industry experience, which allows students to explore real world career pathways.

Ms D Janes - Senior Studies Coordinator and Careers Adviser


Careers Newsletter


Ms D Janes - Senior Studies Coordinator and Careers Adviser

Senior School Sport

Photo: SPX Cricket Wins the 39th Christian Brothers Cricket Carnival Cup (1st XI Queensland Tour)

  • Welcome from the Senior School Sportsmaster
  • Flying 11s National Skiff Championships​
  • 2017 Pacific Schools Games​
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • NSTA Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football News
  • Rugby - Chatswood Junior Rugby Club
  • Swimming

Welcome back! 

ISA Sport recommences this Saturday 3rd February along with District Cricket. (See below for details.) Please make sure your son is fully equipped in the relevant sports uniform for their competition. 

Next Tuesday 6th February the Senior School Swimming Carnival will be held at Macquarie University Pool.  This is a compulsory school day therefore all boys should be in attendance.  An email will be sent to your sons outlining requirements for the Carnival.

Mr M Stearn - Senior School Sportsmaster

Flying 11s National Skiff Championships

Congratulations to Alex Hart (Year 9) who last week completed in the Flying 11s Skiff Sailing Nationals hosted by Manly Skiff Club. Against All Junior Competitors Alex finished 4th with only a few points separating the medal places.

Alex is a talented athlete representing the College in 14As Rugby, 14B’s Basketball, and defending a Champion of Champion’s Club Football State Title over the past 12 months.

Alex is one of several talented junior sailors in our College ranks, and I look forward to hearing updates of the accomplishments of some of our other students such as College Vice Captain Jack Moran, who is also a talented competitive sailor. Furthermore Jack’s Dad, Julian, is backing up from accompanying Jack on the SPX Kokoda Expedition 2016 to join Jack's brother Billy (class of 2016) on this year’s St Pius X College Kokoda Expedition.

Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services

2017 Pacific Schools Games

Congratulations to Kyle Bowen of Year 10 who represented NSW at the Pacific School Games held in Adelaide last December. Kyle was a member of the NSW U/15 Touch team who won a silver medal at the Games. Mrs Deb Cummins was coach of the NSW U/12 girls team which also achieved a silver medal.

Ms D Cummins



All teams will be playing their Round 7 matches this Saturday 3rd February.  Most of our teams play at Oxford Falls this weekend with only our A and C teams playing away games. This will definitely make for an exciting day at Oxford Falls.

Last week our Firsts played in the Trinity Challenge. The Firsts played some tough opposition with close losses to Joey’s, Kings and Trinity and a win against Cranbrook.


Use the link below to see all of the ISA Basketball Teams Results:,


Good luck to all teams this weekend.

Mr N Gibson - Convenor


Training Term 1

Training recommence for all team from Wednesday 31st January 2018.  Please note there will be no training on Tuesday 6th February 2018 for U15 and U16-18 teams due to Senior School Swimming Carnival.  A reminder that players are to wear College Sports Uniform to training.

Buses to Oxford Falls depart from the front of OLD Church at 3:20pm and return at approximately 5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 6.00pm on Mondays and Wednesdays (traffic dependent).

Fixtures this weekend – please check myCricket.

Mr D Reay - Convenor


SPX Cricket Wins the 39th Christian Brothers Cricket Carnival Cup (1st XI Queensland Tour)

A tour squad of 16 boys, Mr Reay, Mr Rodgers, Mr Brannan and parent supporters participated in a highly successful and enjoyable week in the heat and humidity of Brisbane.

There were great feats on the field as the team remained undefeated across five rounds before facing Liston College from New Zealand in the final. SPX batted first and set a formidable total of 6-257 with captain, James Brown, scoring his first century (102) in an outstanding innings. He was well supported by Liahm Williams (56) and Jordan Furlan (30). James then led the way with the ball in taking 4 for 9 with his leg spinners which led to the opposition being bowled out for 74. The Br Vic Larkin Cup was presented to the team who had played consistently well all week and were deserved winners.

Previous to this there had been excellent individual and team performances. Tom Colgan was the top scorer in the Cup division with 278 runs in 6 innings including a best of 94 against Gregory Terrace. Tom was also selected in the Australasian XI for the tournament from all players who participated – a great achievement. Nicholas McLachlan was chosen as the best fielder of the Cup division after a fine week of wicket keeping. Tyson McCallum was involved in six dismissals when given the gloves in one match.  Daniel Hall was the leading wicket taker and bowled superbly against Nudgee to take 6 for 11. Jordan Furlan made a hard hitting 70 against St Laurence’s; James Brown made 64 and 35 not out; Adam Greenwood scored 43 and 35, while Mackenzie Carrall was the most consistent bowler regularly taking wickets and bowling tightly.

(Photos below: Jill Greenwood) 


On a team level, the fielding was very good in trying conditions and led to all opponents being bowled out. Each time the side batted first the 50 overs were batted in disciplined efforts.

The matches were played in great spirit and the team was praised for its manners and sportsmanship. Thanks must go to St Joseph’s Nudgee who hosted the carnival and provided accommodation for the touring party. Special thanks to Michael Brown and Andrew Williams who drove the College bus to Brisbane and to and from all games during the week. This was a great week of cricket and comradeship which provides a strong springboard for the rest of the ISA season. 

Mr P Rodgers



Football News

Welcome to the 2018 Football season! 

The first event of the year is the Senior College team trials.  The trials are organised and funded by the Football Committee in collaboration with the College Football Convenor.  This year, after feedback from parents, we have altered the format of the trial in be a two-part process:

  1. Skills -  including drills for ball control, passing etc;
  2. Small sided games – field/position awareness and team attitude.

These will be held over two Sundays commencing Sunday 11th February and then again on Sunday 18th February.  The trials are for boys in Year 7 through Year 10 and we run two separate sessions for each age-group so that every boy has more than one opportunity to display their abilities.  Boys are expected to attend both days to be eligible for team selection.  Please contact Mr Simon Yue, Senior Football Convenor, if there are extenuating circumstances where attendance is not possible.

The Committee has increased the number qualified independent coaches who will assess and record the boys' abilities while observing them across the skill and game play.  The head coach will then liaise with the College football staff who will make the final decision and announce the teams.

The reality is that the College attempts to field as many teams per age group as possible but there are competition limits and inevitably some boys will be unsuccessful.  Please view this as an opportunity to discuss expectation with your boy around these facts.

We will also be holding an Opens trial on the second Sunday (18th February - TBC).  This is open to all boys interested in playing in the 2nds, 3rds, 4ths.  The 1st XI team selection will continue to be coordinated and organised by Mr Steve Quilty and Mr Simon Yue.  Players interested in trialling for the 1st XI should contact Mr Quilty or Mr Yue directly.

This Opens’ trial will be followed up by other sessions organised through the College before final Open teams are selected.

All players across all age groups including Opens must register prior to the day at  

Trial Times:   (TO BE CONFIRMED)

8:30-9:30           U13 (Y7)

9:30-10:30         U14 (Y8)

10:30-11:30       U15 (Y9)

11:30-12:30       U16(Y10)


18th Feb – Opens Trial:   12:30-14:00  (TO BE CONFIRMED)

Location:            Oxford Falls Sports Fields

Please bring  football boots, protective equipment - shin pads (compulsory), water and sunscreen and wear suitable sports attire (school sports uniform not necessary).

Additionally the Committee will be operating the Old Boys Kiosk, offering light refreshments for sale.

We seek some parents to assist on the day so if you are able to help please turn up to the kiosk on the day or contact Peter Bleasdale - [email protected] to volunteer.


See our webpages for News, Calendars, Photos and Draws-


Mr Rodger Paino - Vice President, SPX Football Club



Chatswood Junior Rugby Club:  Please see the flyer below regarding playing Junior Rugby in the local community area.

Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services


Senior Swimming

Nest Tuesday 6th February is our Annual School carnival held at Macquarie University Pool. On this day the Senior Swimming squad will be chosen. If students want to be considered for the Senior Squad they must be competing in the first two races of their age group to qualify. It is by selection only.


The first Invitational Carnival will be held at Homebush on Friday 9th February. Students who have made the squad will be notified no later than Thursday 8th February and must be ready for competition. Swimming squad training commences Monday 12th February.

Miss L Proc - Swimming Convenor

Junior School News & Sport

Photo: First Day of Term 1 2018!

Junior School News


Welcome to St Pius X College! Thank you for entrusting your son into our care. Thank you also to all the ‘recycled’ parents for your vote of confidence.  I look forward to meeting you over the coming weeks.

It was good to see all the excited boys yesterday.  They were all well-groomed and looking great.  We will have to maintain that standard for the rest of the year.


Yesterday I emailed out a rather long (it goes with my name) newsletter to begin the year.  All the new boys also received a hard copy of that newsletter.  If you didn’t receive the email could you please follow the instructions in the printed newsletter on how to change your email address as there may be a data entry issue.

Tomorrow we have a sports day all day.  The boys will be bussed down to Oxford Falls (the exception is Tennis where the boys will spend the morning at Roseville Tennis Club and then be bussed down in the afternoon to Oxford Falls).

There will be an afternoon tea for parents/grandparents at Oxford Falls.  There will also be the opportunity for a tour where you can see the wonderful facilities your boys get to use every Thursday.  Please ensure your son has his morning tea and lunch for the day.

Next week we have a swimming carnival on Wednesday 7th  February at Macquarie University Pool.  It is an outdoor pool so please be sun-smart.  The boys will also need their morning tea and lunch for the day.  Parents/grandparents are most welcome to attend.

Please label all your son’s clothing and items.  If you have a second-hand hat and it gets lost, the old name doesn’t help us to get it back to its current owner.  It is amazing how many boys lose clothing, mouthguards, shin pads, blazers, balls, bags etc. I would like a dollar for every time a boy has told me he has lost his bag and I say, ‘was it blue?’  ‘Yes,’ he replies as though I’m psychic! 


The Performing Arts information evening will be held on Wednesday 31st January.  If you are interested please attend to have all you questions answered.

  • Performing Arts Orientation: 6.00 – 7.00pm (New Parents)
  • PAPA Meeting: 7.00 – 8.30pm (New and Old Parents)
  • Location: Band Room (drive into playground and it is near Junior School playground)


A Parent Information Night for Years 5 and 6 will be held next Monday evening, 5th February,  commencing at 6.00pm sharp.  The meeting will commence in two separate venues:

Year 5 parents will go upstairs to the  classrooms and Year 6 parents will go to the Sarto Centre (the Sarto Centre is north of the school entrance on Anderson Street on the corner of Daisy Street - it was previously a church) where the class teachers will explain how the classrooms operate, homework, expectations, etc. 


Due to limited space, boys are not to attend this information nightParking is available in the playground.  Year 7 parents have a meeting commencing at 7.00pm and there have been occasions in the past where somebody has been parked in.  If you are a Year 6 parent there is limited parking at the Sarto Centre, entering off Anderson Street. 

On the night we will ask for volunteers to be the Year Representatives for the P & F.  This usually involves organising social events and supporting the P & F to disseminate information by email. 


Blazer Fittings Tuesday 7th February. The boys will have the opportunity to be measured up for a College Blazer. It is done in school time and parents aren’t required to be present. However, your son needs to know if he needs to be measured for a new blazer.  The norm is that most new boys are measured up.  There is no commitment to buy unless you confirm the order with the uniform shop.   Another option is to purchase a second hand blazer from the uniform shop. 


Some Dates to keep in your diary

  • Monday 5th February – Years 5 and 6 information evening
  • Saturday 17th February – P &F Commencement Mass and Social at 5.30 pm
  • Monday 19th February – Junior School P/T interviews (short interviews where you tell us about your son)
  • Wednesday 28th February to Friday 2nd March – Year 6 Camp
  • Wednesday 7th March to Friday 9th March – Year 5 Camp
  • Saturday 17th March – College Open Day
  • Friday 6th April – P &F Cocktail Party

Thanking you for your support.

Mr T Long - Head of Junior School


Junior School Sport

Welcome to all those new to the College and, to those returning, we are primed for another huge year of sport at St Pius in 2018. We hit the ground running with two full days of summer sports trials and a Swimming Carnival in the first 8 days of school! A reminder that all pertinent information can be found on the College website (season draws etc. will be uploaded shortly):


Thursday Sport: The planner for Term 1 can be found below. Please note the all-day program for the first three weeks where a full packed recess/lunch are required. Sports uniform with House Colour Shirt is worn to and from school on all Thursdays throughout the year. This week Trials/Training takes place for respective summer sports (see below for further details). Parents are invited to join us from 1.30pm this Thursday for afternoon tea. From Week 2 onwards, boys can generally be collected at 2.20pm from the car-park at Oxford Falls at the conclusion of Sport on a Thursday.

Swimming Carnival: Our annual House Carnival takes place on Wed 7th Feb at Macquarie University Pool. Whilst a fun, participational carnival, this also forms the basis for squad selection. Parents are of course most welcome to attend. A detailed information letter will be emailed shortly and will also be available on the school website.


Basketball: The first game of the 6 week, Term 1 season is on Saturday 10th Feb. Grading takes place as part of Sport for the next two weeks. A detailed information letter, team lists and a season draw will be posted on the school website.


Softball: The first game of the 6 week, Term 1 season is on Saturday 10th Feb. Grading takes place as part of Sport for the next two weeks. A detailed information letter, team lists and a season draw will be posted on the school website.


NSTA Tennis: The NSTA season commences on Saturday 17th Feb. Grading takes place as part of Sport at Oxford Falls this Thursday and then training continues at Thursday Sport each week. A detailed information letter and season draw will be distributed to all successful trialists.

Mr G Virgona - Junior School Sportsmaster


Chatswood Junior Rugby Club:  Please see the flyer below regarding playing Junior Rugby in the local community area.

Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services

Canteen & Uniform Shop


Volunteers needed:  If you can assist on any weekday between 9:30am and 2:00pm please contact either Anna or Marianne on 9414 4301.  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and your help will be greatly appreciated.


The Canteen Roster for Weeks 2 and 3, 2018 can be found below.  The full year roster will be available in next week's Woodchatta.


Ms M Erickson and Ms A Coombs - Canteen Supervisors


Uniform Shop

A big thank you to those volunteers who helped in the Uniform Shop during the last week of holidays.


Blazer fittings take place next week:  Junior School on Tuesday, Senior School on Wednesday.  Those boys requiring new Blazers will be called down in class or year groups.  All orders need to be confirmed with the Uniform Shop by Tuesday 20th February but payment is not required until  26th March (Week 8) when Blazers  will be given to students.





The online ordering system  can be accessed via

An Price List is available on the College website.                                       


Orders can be placed:

Collection of Orders (whether made by phone or on-line):

  • Students in Years 7-12  will be sent an email when their order is ready asking them to collect it from the Uniform Shop. If it is not collected by end of school on Wednesdays, it will then be available from Student Reception as the Uniform Shop is not open on Thursdays and Fridays. This arrangement is to prevent interruptions to classes.
  • Junior School :  Orders will be given out at Assembly after lunchtime as required.

Blazer Buttons are available from shop - $2.00 each.   

Second-Hand Uniforms:  Parents are reminded that the Uniform Shop also sells second-hand uniforms, including Blazers. Please read the form below for information on providing second-hand clothing to the Uniform Shop.  


Ms D Muirhead - Uniform Shop Supervisor

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