08 December 2017
Week 4.9 -  Issue 19
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A Christmas Prayer
Jesus, the Light of the World,
as we celebrate your birth,
may we begin to see the world in the light of the understanding you give us.
As you chose the lowly, the outcasts, and the poor
to receive the greatest news the world had ever known,
so may we worship you in meekness of heart.
May we also remember
our brothers and sisters less fortunate than ourselves
in this season of giving.
St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

The end of the school year is a hectic, but exciting time. This week saw the distribution of the 2017 edition of Koinonia, a wonderful publication detailing the exciting efforts and events of the past year and the vibrant College community we share. I would like to acknowledge the amazing work of Mr Matthew Biddle, our College Community Relations and Marketing Officer. Mr Biddle was ably assisted by Mr Frank Mulligan and Mr Roger D’Almeida.

One of the more recent events at the College was the Year 7/2018 Orientation Day, held on Thursday, 30 November. This day was a wonderful day of excitement and activities, superbly organised by Ms Carrol Abel, our Year 7 Coordinator, ably assisted by many staff including our Heads of House. It was a wonderful gesture by our senior leaders to return from their holidays to assist with the program.

We were blessed on our last day today to celebrate our Thanksgiving Mass, an opportunity to give thanks for the year and to look forward to 2018. Our appreciation to Fr Peter and Ms Kyd for organising our Mass and those parents who joined us. Mass was followed by our final College Assembly where I thanked our students for their contributions this year and reminded them of our return date on Thursday 1 February, 2018, with our new and Year 11 and 12 students commencing the day prior on Wednesday 31 January. All students need to be organised prior to the start of the new school year in terms of uniform and grooming.

It is important at the end of the school year to acknowledge the staff who are departing our College or commencing periods of leave.

In previous editions of the College newsletter, I have informed our community of various staff movements. I would like to acknowledge Mrs Natasha Quinn who moves to Chisholm Catholic College in 2018 as the Vice Principal, along with Mr David Lyons-Nash who also moves to Chisholm in a Mathematics teaching role. Mrs Kim Walker takes up the role as the Head of Mathematics at Servite College, Miss Louise Atkinson commences full-time study in Primary Education and Miss Karis Hughes is embarking on an exciting year of travel in 2018. I would also like to acknowledge Mrs Lindy Munnings, our Finance Officer, who will take up the Bursar’s role at St Paul’s Catholic Primary School in Mount Lawley.

A number of staff, namely, Ms Jude Chalmers (ENG), Mrs Tram Ghani (ENG), Mr Aldo Carlino (DNT), Miss Lauren Mirco (HASS/RE) and Mr Patrick Whalen (MATHS) all completed temporary contracts of varying lengths at our College. We are most appreciative of their efforts and contributions during those times.

We also extend our best wishes to staff embarking on leave in 2018 – Miss Stacey Fairhead and Mr Greg Hulshoff are away for the 2018 year and we wish Mrs Samantha Eloff our very best wishes and God’s blessings for the healthy arrival of her first child.

I thank all staff for their hard work, efforts and contributions this year to again make St Norbert College the amazing community that it is.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish our very best to those students and families not returning in 2018. We thank them for the support and cooperation forged between the College and home and wish them well in the future.

I was privileged this week to represent our College community at the Thanksgiving Mass for St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. It was a very special and emotional occasion in which we farewelled the much-loved Principal, colleague and leader, Mr Peter Yensch. I would like to repeat my words when I shared our heartfelt and warm congratulations on the wonderful contributions Mr Yensch has made to Catholic Education in Western Australia, and for his warm and inspiring leadership of Catholic education in the community of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and St Norbert College, here in Queens Park.

Whilst we acknowledge the end of one year and the period of rest and relaxation prior to the commencement of the next, it is important to maintain a focus on the joy and happiness of Christmas. This time of the year is one of joy, wonder and happiness for Christians the world over. From the moment of Mary’s Immaculate Conception to the birth of Jesus, we are reminded of the challenges and barriers that we inevitably have to meet in our lives. More importantly, we reflect that God’s love for us is our strength in overcoming these obstacles.

I would like to wish all of our students and families the blessings of a happy and holy Christmas and a safe return in 2018. May God’s blessings of peace and love characterise your festive season.


God Bless,

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

From the Dean of Studies


Our students are to be commended for their behaviour and organisation during the exams. Years 10 and 11 students who have now met the Minimum Entry Requirements for Years 11 and 12 Courses of Study can make an appointment with either Mr Hawke or Mrs Quinn to change their preferences for 2018.


The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards

The award is named after the battle of Long Tan as a tribute to the Long Tan veterans. History records that the Australian Soldiers that fought at Long Tan demonstrated determination, mateship, teamwork, tenacity, compassion and leadership, the same attributes we hope to encourage and recognise in our students.


Congratulations to Oscar McDonald who was presented with the award at the final Year 10 assembly on Tuesday. Oscar was recognised for his outstanding leadership skills. He also received a cheque for $100.


Edith Cowan University - Year 11 Citizenship Award

Each year Edith Cowan University donates a prize to a Year 11 student at every secondary school who has demonstrated outstanding Citizenship qualities. The prize includes a $100 cheque. Congratulations to this year’s recipient, Seymour Gumba.


Mr S Hodgen (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Supporting your young person during the holidays


Holidays can take students away from friends and their usual school supports. Changes to routine can cause some young people to feel stressed, isolated and alone. Parent support is very important at this time. Below is some information to help you support young people to stay in a healthy headspace in school holidays. There is also some information that may help you to identify when your young person might need some extra support and where to go for help.


There are a number of ways you can support your young person’s mental health and wellbeing in the holidays:


1.  Encourage them to stay connected

Social relationships are important to your young person’s general wellbeing. It is okay if they take time out for themselves at times, but encourage them to keep in contact with friends over the holidays. Friends can provide both play and support, and spending time with friends is also important for keeping and building on existing friendships. If your young person is not feeling up to going out, even a phone call, email, text message or Facebook message can help them to feel connected to friends and family.


2.  Encourage them to stay involved

Encourage involvement with volunteer work, hobbies, clubs or committees, or sports – these can help young people feel connected to their wider community. Participate with them when you can. Involve them in decisions and give them responsibility at home (e.g. deciding what to eat for dinner and helping to prepare it). Help them to identify and set realistic goals. Setting and achieving realistic goals can be incredibly motivating and can help build self-confidence.


3.  Encourage physical activity

Physical activity is important for everyone’s health and wellbeing. If your young person is feeling down or finding things are difficult, physical activity may be the last thing they feel like doing. But even small activities, like walking around the block, can help relieve stress and frustration, provide a good distraction from worrying thoughts, improve concentration and improve mood. If your young person is struggling to get active, find a physical activity that you both enjoy and can do together (e.g. swimming, playing sports with friends or cycling) and make a plan to do it regularly.


4.  Encourage a regular routine

Getting a good night’s sleep helps young people to feel energised, focused and motivated. Adolescence is a time when a number of changes to the 'body clock' impact on sleeping patterns and young people are more likely to have problems with sleep. Developing a sleeping routine can help. Encourage your young person to wake up around the same time each day, get out of bed when they wake up, and go to bed around the same time each night. Avoiding caffeine after lunchtime, having a quiet, dark and uncluttered bedroom and shutting down electronic devices before bed can also help them to get a good night’s sleep.


5.  Encourage healthy eating habits

Eating well doesn’t only reduce the risk of physical health problems, like heart disease and diabetes, but it can also help with sleeping patterns, energy levels, mood, and general health and wellbeing. A good balanced diet with less junk food, lots of sugars and more vegetables, fruit, whole grains and plenty of water will ensure your young person has all of the vitamins and minerals to help their body and brain function well.


6.  Encourage play!

Devoting time to just having fun can help to recharge your young person’s battery, revitalise their social networks and reduce stress and anxiety.


The remainder of this article can be viewed at:

MindMatters Parent-Family survey

You’re invited to take part in a survey about your child’s school’s approach to mental health and wellbeing.


This survey has been issued by the school Pastoral Care Team, which is gathering parent and family opinions as part of the school’s involvement with MindMatters, a mental health initiative for secondary schools. Your responses will help inform the school’s future work on mental health.


This survey contains 28 questions and will take about 10 minutes to complete. Your responses won't identify you and will be confidential. Please use the following link to begin the survey:


Got more questions? The MindMatters website has more information about this survey, or you can speak to the school leadership team.


Pastoral Care Team

Student Ministry

Christmas Appeal

Thank you to our parents, students and staff who contributed to our Christmas Appeal this year. With all donations we were able to provide over 75 hampers to Catholic agencies and families within our community who are in need. It was such an amazing effort and we are grateful to our wonderful College Community for their support in this.

Ms M Kyd (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)

Humanities Tour

Humanities International Tour 2019

It is with great pleasure that I confirm that the 2019 Humanities International Tour is going ahead and I can provide the following information:

Attached is the itinerary and application form.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at the College on 9350 5433 or via email ([email protected]).


Dr A Runco (Head of Learning Area - Humanities and Social Sciences)


Humanities and Social Sciences

HASS changes in 2018

2018 will present three pivotal changes across different year levels and streams within the Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area:

  • Year 10 course structure
  • Years 7 to 10 class-list changes
  • Years 7 to 10 assessment outline

The most noticeable change will be in the Year 10 course structure. Each class will have a specialised teacher for the subject taught in order to provide all students with teaching strategies that reflect more consistently the Senior School structure. Ultimately, the reason behind this change is to maximise St Norbert College teaching staff and enhance students’ understanding of the requirements for the HASS ATAR courses more clearly.

The second change in the HASS Learning Area will involve changes in class lists between Year 7 and Year 10. The HASS Learning Area encourages students to put their best efforts into their studies at all times and reminds all families that academic results and work ethic defines ATAR entries, rather than their belonging to a specific stream.


The final change in the HASS Learning Area for 2018 will be the inclusion of two assessments per term: a research (followed by validation task) and an end-of-term test. This is in order to avoid over-assessing students and enhance teaching feedback.


The Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area wishes all families of St Norbert College a joyful Christmas and relaxing holidays. We look forward to seeing students back in 2018 for new learning adventures and understanding of the world.


Dr A Runco (Head of Learning Area -

Humanities and Social Sciences)

Year 7 

Year 7 News

First Aid Program

This week the Year 7 students participated in the 'First Aid Focus' Program by the St John of God Ambulance. Thank you to Stacie and Jane from St John Ambulance who led each of the Year 7 classes in the program. Students were provided with the opportunity to be equipped with the first aid skills they need, especially if faced with a medical emergency. The course was fun and informative with hands-on techniques and demonstrations, which included the use of training mannequins for the practical Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) sessions. 


Orientation Day

Last week we welcomed over 160 Year 6 students to St Norbert College who will be joining us in Year 7 next year. Throughout the day, students met other students from different schools and gained more information about our College. They had lots of fun participating in different activities organised by teachers and student leaders. The Orientation Day was a great opportunity for students to become more comfortable and confident with the start of their transition into secondary education at St Norbert College. Thank you to all students and staff who assisted with the Orientation Day.

Year 7 2017

Congratulations to our Year 7 students who have completed their first year at St Norbert College. The Year 7 students have made a great start and have made new friends and enjoyed a variety of activities in different learning areas as well as co-curricular. Thank you to all staff, students, parents and the College community for their hard work, help and support to make the Year 7s transition into secondary school as smoothly as possible. 

I wish you all a happy and holy Christmas and a safe and enjoyable holiday.


Miss C Abel (Head of Year 7)

Student Achievements

Naitanui Cup

On November 19, the Naitanui Cup was held with several St Norbert College students taking part, not only playing, but also coaching. One of the teams consisted of Reilly Montgomery and Connor Chehab in the ruck, Patrick Osias in the back line, Suglo Morna in the forward line and myself in the midfield. Senior students Noel Mancuveni and Nyika John were coaching. The day was a fantastic opportunity and we played some very close games, winning two with our team finishing 2nd for Perth. Below is a link to a video of the carnival:


Noah Tesfaye (Year 9)


Year 8 Retreat

Year 8 Retreat

The Year 8 Retreat was on Wednesday 15 November. It started with games that, even though rowdy, were a lot of fun for the students. The the ministers gradually introduced the students to concepts such as self acceptance, self esteem and finding God by playing games. The games continued all day finishing with a reflection on Jesus and a prayer.

A group from YMT (Youth Mission Team) came to the College and spent the day teaching the Year 8’s to keep faith in each other, God and themselves. The day was filled with many little games and activities, finishing off the day with a massive game of duck duck goose which included the whole grade. The YMT members were very nice and cheerful, sharing their life stories to help us reflect on God and make us believe that God is always helping us no matter what.

 Abbey Howley


So lets start with the fact it got us a day out of class and every kid would take that chance the minute they got it, this then made us want to enjoy the day and have fun with our fellow students. Well it was an enlightening experience and it allowed us to relate with others with things we have experienced with the stories of the Youth Mission Team. The team gave us the opportunity to understand who God really is and not the things people make him out to be, they showed us this through an entertaining and humorous skit. There were many skits throughout the day all teaching us a lesson but they were centred around our faith and having faith.  As a student at the start of the day I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it as I was in a moonboot and thought I wouldn’t be able to participate and have a good time, but I did and I enjoyed myself and in my small groups I was with some people I normally wouldn’t be with and still had fun. My group leader was Anushka, she was kind and funny and understood what we were saying especially when we had to relate to life being like a bouquet of flowers. Overall it was an entertaining and enlightening day where we grew closer to God as the day progressed. Also a big thank you to Ms Kyd for organising the day.

Zeta Stevens


In my opinion, the Year 8 Retreat was a very memorable day filled with laughter, smiles, sad stories and new friends. The skits created a story that some people could relate to. The personal stories crafted strong bonds and connections. We got put into small groups and that made me anxious and thought I wouldn't be put in a group with my friends, but all was well and it was basically the best group.  My leader was funny and she was really chilled. The day ended well with a major game of 'duck duck goose' and it was so exhilarating. The day made me consider my thoughts and beliefs about God and who he really is to me. I'm so glad I went and hope to do it again soon.

Angel Moffat :)

Athletics Championship

Australian All Schools Athletics Championship


Good luck to Alex DeSilva, Jordan-Blaze Lightbourn, MJ Jansen van Rensburg, Jaco Jansen van Rensburg, Caleb Yende-Emoko and Cooper Jenkins who all fly out this week to represent WA in the 2017 Australian All Schools Athletics Championships. We wish these students the best of luck in their events.


Mr M Price (Head of Sport)


Instrumental Lessons



Instrumental Lessons Reminder – No student may commence or withdraw from instrumental tuition without a written request from a parent or guardian. In order to cease tuition at the end of Term Four, without financial penalty, Music Administration must receive written notice from parents.


Mr C Beins (Head of Learning Area - The Arts)

Social Media

Follow St Norbert College on Facebook and Twitter!

A reminder to all parents and guardians that St Norbert College has a very active presence on Facebook and Twitter! Like and follow our pages to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events happening at the College, as well as for photos from major College events.





Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing)


Uniform Shop

Please be aware that the Uniform Shop’s last trading day will be December 7, 2017.

Please check the newsletter and school website for opening times for January.





Thursday January 18, 2018  1.00pm – 6.00pm

Monday January 22, 2018     9.00am – 2.00pm

Monday January 29, 2018     9.00am – 1.00pm


Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)


  • Wednesday 31 January 2018 - Year 7, new Year 8-10 students and Year 11 and 12 students commence
  • Thursday 1 February 2018 - Year 8-10 students commence
  • Friday 2 February 2018 - Year 12 College Ball, Frasers Restaurant
  • Monday 12 February 2018 - Parent Seminar evening for new Year 7-11 students,  Fr Peter O'Reilly Centre - 6.00-7.30pm.
  • Monday 12 February 2018 - Year 12 Parent information evening  - Xanten Theatre, 6.00pm

Mercy Care

MercyCare is a leading not-for-profit Catholic provider of aged care, family, health, disability and community services. We understand how important it is for people to remain independent in their own home, and with the many changes that have occurred in aged care over the past few years, we know that this can be a very confusing, overwhelming time for everyone. Our Community and Home Support services are here to simplify the process. We have a range of flexible services, and can even help individuals over the age of 65yrs to access Government funded assistance.


Support can include everything from social activities, keeping up with household tasks, and even in-home nursing and medication management. Support is also available to carers when the time comes to take a break. Please contact Samantha from MercyCare to discuss the options that are available to help you and your loved ones.

T: 6228 1537  E:[email protected]


Advent Message from Catholic Mission

This Advent, “Let us love, not with words, but with deeds.” (1Jn 3:18).   Why not make this line from Holy Scripture a reality by joining us on Thursday 14 December, 7pm at The Basilica of St Patrick, Fremantle for a captivating and beautiful evening of sacred music, readings and congregational carols to highlight the true meaning of the Christmas Gospel in our world today.

Emeritus Bishop Justin Bianchini will be giving the reflection. Music from Eva-Marie Middleton (soprano), Paul Wright (violin), Dominic Perissinotto (organ) and The Basilica Choir.  Proceeds will go to Catholic Mission’s work in support of maternal and child health in Uganda. Tickets $30, Concessions $20, 12 year olds and under are free.  Add another ticket to your booking for just $10 and we will give that ticket to a homeless or refugee person so they too can share in the beauty of Christmas with us and enjoy a nice supper beforehand.  On-line bookings at or pay at the door.

Secondary Assistance Scheme


Junior Netball Competitions and Sport Coaching at Leisurelife


With the largest Year 1 to Year 9 indoor netball program south of the river, competitions at Leisurelife are held during all school terms, and one-off netball carnivals run every school holidays. Weekly coaching clinics for basketball, netball, and soccer for 6 to 12 year olds are also available, with complimentary passes for first time users. Call our Junior Sports and Programs Officer on 9373 5450, e-mail [email protected], or visit the ToVP website

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