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20 February 2018
Issue Seventeen
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Dates To Remember

February 2018

Tuesday 20 February

Year 7 Parent BBQ - 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Thursday 22 February

Year 12 ODE - Brisbane Ranges Bushwalk

Friday 23 February

Year 11B & 11C RSPCA Excursion

Monday 26 February

Student Free Day

Tuesday 27 February 

School Council Meeting


Monday 5 to Friday 9 March

Year 7 Camp

Tuesday 20 March

Year 11 ODE - Brimbank Park

School Council Meeting

Thursday 22 March

Year 6-7 Transition Info Night

Friday 29 March

Term 1 ends - 2.30 pm dismissal



Monday 16 April

Term 2 begins

Principal's Report


Welcome to the 2018 School Year

The College has had a great start to the new school year. The first two weeks have seen students settle very quickly into changes to the school bell times and are doing well to meet our high expectations for 100% punctuality and attendance. We have seen 180 new Year 7 students make an outstanding start to their secondary schooling and  warmly welcomed into the college. Well done to parents and carers for your support in preparing students for such a smooth start.

Melton Secondary College 2017 VCE Results

Year 12 VCE results at Melton Secondary College have continued to improve for the past four years a fact that was highlighted in The Age newspaper last December and in the Star Weekly more recently. Three of our VCE students achieved outstanding results with ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank)  in the 90s. Our College Dux, Breanna Argall achieved the stunning result of 98.6 putting her in the top 2% of VCE students in the state.

Congratulations also to many Melton Secondary College students who received scholarships to support their tertiary studies. Ben Akok and Tyson Loft were both proud recipients of the Daffyd Lewis Scholarship which will provide them with an annual grant of $10,000 for three years of their studies. Well done to all of our Year 12 students for your fantastic achievements!

Hard Work makes Successful Students

We have one priority for our students in 2018. That is that every student strives to demonstrate our STARR Values at the very highest level possible. Success cannot be put off until tomorrow. It doesn't happen by itself. It needs hard work today. Two new initiatives have been put in place to support the high expectations and ambitions we have for every one of our students.

Firstly, all students are being trained in how to demonstrate the STARR Values in the STARR Connect program. The STARR Values Expectations Matrix is posted in every classroom and printed in the Student Planner. Students who demonstrate the STARR Values will be acknowledged through assemblies and rewards. Their biggest reward will be the improved results they achieve in their school work.

Secondly, students who do not complete sufficient class or home work will be required to attend after school Study Hall. Study Hall will give students who fall behind in their work a chance to catch up and meet course requirements before reports are completed. Sub-school leaders, Mr David Kershaw (Yrs 11 & 12), Ms Emma Kannar (Yrs 9 & 10) and Ms Kate Nye-Butler (Yrs 7 & 8) are in charge of Study Hall and will ensure that parents are notified if a student is at risk of not meeting course requirements.

Student Free Day

Next Monday 26 February is a student free day and students are not required to attend school. The day will be used by the College to continue work on our School Strategic Plan. The focus of the day will be on developing our students reading and numeracy skills. 

Building Works Commencing

Melton Secondary College will be starting a major School Modernisation Project in March this year and the construction of a new college entrance and administration building. The building works will occur at the front of the school and will require some changes to access for pedestrian and road traffic and parking. A traffic management plan is being developed by the school, the Department and builders and will be made available to the community prior to work commencing. The plan will ensure that foot traffic and essential vehicle traffic are able to enter the College grounds safely. The building project is expected to continue for approximately 12 months. further information will be available in the next edition of the Melton Mail.

Assistant Principals' Report


Mrs Jenny Buckle

I want to warmly welcome you all to our 2018 school year. Firstly, I have the pleasure of congratulating all our students who received awards at our Awards Night at the end of 2017. These students epitomized the importance of following our STARR values, particularly focussing on Success and high expectations.

I will continue to lead the Junior Sub School, supporting our Year 7 and 8 students. Our Leading Teacher for Student Engagement and Wellbeing, Andrew Pizaro organised a great start for our new Year 7 students. Our students in the welcoming assembly tracked the speaker and listened attentively to our key messages.

One of our key messages was paralleling the expectations of school, similar to an extracurricular activity of Sport. A Sporting Coach expects all participants to:  be on time for training and the game, to not miss training or the game, to wear the team attire and bring required equipment, to have high expectations when training and playing the game, to have positive team work and to respect all team members. We expect these values to be followed at school, ultimately all students showing kindness to all.

Our STARR Connect teachers, together with our Team Leaders, support students to monitor their attendance, student kit and their connectedness to others.

Organised lunchtime activities are assisting the Transition process for students. Activities are being held in the Wellbeing Centre, including Hip Hop, Chess and board games and Drumming and Percussion. Our Health Promotion Nurse, Nathanael Poljak is supporting students with their transition to school during these activities.

Our Leading Teacher for Student Progress, Kate Nye-Butler monitors the academic progress of each student, by analysing all student data and seeking feedback from their teachers.

Our Wellbeing team led by Amanda Xavier, can be utilised to provide Counselling and guidance for students with any concerns. We are a Child Safe school and encourage students and parents to contact our Wellbeing team for support.

Our parent community is valued and I look forward to continually working with you to support initiatives and links between our school and the general Melton Community. I will be leading the Community Subcommittee of School Council and welcome new members to our monthly meetings. Our first meeting will be held on Thursday 22 February at 4.30pm. New ideas and general support is also welcome.

Our Open Night to showcase Melton Secondary College will be held on Thursday 22 March.


Mrs Jenny Buckle

Assistant Principal

Mr Alan Devine


I would like to welcome all students and parents to 2018 at Melton Secondary College. I am excited to continue working with the students and parents of Years 9 and 10 this year. I would also like to welcome new team members to the Middle Sub School in 2018, they are Kate Kershaw our Sub School Leader, Emma Kannar our Progress Leader, Bart Oswald our Assistant Sub School Leader and new Team Leaders Tom Nice and Darren Spiteri. Vitolio Paulo continues in his role as Team Leader in the Middle Sub School. The team are fully focused on making 2018 a highly successful year for all of our students.


Another important area I will continue leading this year is the Student Leadership Program. This is an integral part of our school community and provides an opportunity for students to develop into strong leaders, contribute to the school program and ensure each student has a voice. Together with Margaret Nicholas, the teacher responsible for the Student Leadership program, and the School Captains we will make sure this is an area that has a sustained and long lasting impact at Melton Secondary College for all our students.


Finally, I am looking forward to continuing the work with students and the wider community on our College STARR values and expectations. Understanding and achieving our College STARR values is an important part of being a member of the Melton Secondary College community. Furthermore, knowing and living by strong values gives each of us guidance in making good decisions.



Dear Parents and Students,


As the Assistant Principal responsible for the Senior Sub-school, I would like to introduce the team who will be supporting students in Year 11 & 12 in 2018.

Andrée Poulter: I am happy to discuss any concerns you have that relate to either the academic progress, career & course planning or wellbeing of young people in Year 11 & 12. It is usually best to have first tried to speak with other members of the team.

David Kershaw (Senior Sub-school Leader) is responsible for the academic progress, career & course planning as well as wellbeing of all the students in Year 11 & 12.

Daniel Taylor is the VCAL Team Leader. He supports the students in Year 11 & 12 VCAL to achieve their best results and become the best young people they can be.

Kate Hollins is the Year 12 VCE Leader. She supports the Year 12 VCE to aspire to high expectations of themselves in all areas of life. She expects them to show leadership in the school and model the behaviour expectations for the school community.

Michelle is the Year 11 VCE Leader. She encourages the Year 11 VCE students to have high expectations of themselves. She frequently emphasizes the need to be kind and thankful.


2017 Successes – What can we learn from them?

Bethlehem Mazengia

Katilyn Bibby

We hope our current Year 11 & 12 students are inspired by the results of last year. Our highest achieving VCE student, Brianna Argall achieved an outstanding result ATAR of 98.3. What can you do that our three highest performing students did?


Attendance: They all maintained attendance results over 95%

Complete and submit work by the due date: They all maintained a perfect record for this on their reports

Use feedback to improve learning: They all maintained a perfect record for this on their reports

Brianna Argall



The Senior Sub-school will be rigorously supporting our Attendance Policy. Our expectation is that all students attend school every day unless they have a medical certificate to cover an absence or a parent conducts us to explain an urgent matter that could not be attended to outside of school hours.

We will provide a student with a letter ever fortnight beginning in March to inform them if their attendance is below the requirement for passing in each subject. This gives them time to ensure they do not miss another day and to make up time afterschool. Students not meeting the attendance requirement cannot pass Year 11 or 12.


Work Completion – in class and at home:

Two of our school values are Success and Ambition. Underpinning these two values is an assumption that all students in Year 11 & 12 will complete the required classwork and homework in a timely manner. As a Sub-school we will closely monitor all students progress and provide opportunities after school for students who are not meeting the expectations.




Sub Schools

Junior Sub School

The Junior School has made a positive start to the year with the Year 7 group thrusting themselves straight into their timetables from Day 1. Students have settled in well thanks to the hard work and persistence of our new team.

Andrew Pizaro - Leading Teacher for Year 7 - 8

Kate Nye-Butler Leading Teacher for Year 7 - 8

Balsam Sako - Assistant Leader  Year 7 - 8


Team Leaders:


All of us are here working hard for all Year 7 and 8 students to support them through their education.


Year 7 Camp

Reminder that Year 7 Camp payment is required by this Friday for students attending camp.

Middle Sub School

Middle Sub School would like to welcome you all back for what we anticipate will be an exciting year.  This year we look forward to the Year 9 Camp and Year 10 Formal.

I would like to introduce the Middle Sub School Leaders.


Kate Kershaw - Leading Teacher Wellbeing & Engagement

Emma Kannar - Leading Teacher Student Progress

Bart Oswald - Assistant Leader 


Team Leaders:


The Leaders and Team Leaders are here to provide you support and assistance when or if needed. If you have any questions relating to Year 9 and 10, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Senior Sub School

Dear Senior School Community

It is a pleasure to report that we have returned so smoothly and ready for another great year of VCE & VCAL studies. Our new Yr12 cohort are committed to the challenge of doing their best and beyond. They know that achieving results like 2017 and better will open doors and opportunities to exciting pathways and careers. So many have a real head start after excellent achievement as Year 11 students.

At recent assemblies the students who received awards at last year’s Awards Ceremony were recognised. All senior students were challenged to take a little example from each of the award recipients. The top academic achievers were Jade Burton and Josiah Miranda. They are leading the way.

Jade Burton and Josiah Miranda


The Senior Study Room has been so well utilised during the school day, but even more impressive is the commitment of many students before and after school. Molly Hayes and JiLian Ng are two of the Yr12s to be working so hard.

Molly Hayes and JiLian Ng


Commendations are coming through from teachers with 140 senior students receiving STARR Awards within a week and a half.

Our big messages to our 2018 senior school students are:

1. Strive for excellence in everything you do

2. Demonstrate and model the STARR values for   

     all the school to see

3. Look after each other when the going gets



Let’s all have a great year.

Mr David Kershaw – Leading Teacher, Senior Sub School

 MSC Information 

General Office 

Office hours:  8:15 am - 4:30 pm


Parents visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children must always make contact with the General Office first.

Uniform Shop

Uniform shop hours are:


Mondays:             8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm


Wednesdays:      2:30 to 3:30 pm


Fridays:                 8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF.  The allowance will be paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities/sports uniform for the benefit of your child.


The annual CSEF amount per student will be $225 for secondary school students.


How to Apply:

Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from

Closing date: To be advised

State School Relief

Applicants applying for State School's Relief must have a valid Health Care Card dated first day of the 2018 school year.

Assistance may be available if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Please contact the Business Manager on

9743 3322.

Parent Payment

Receive 10% discount if paid by the end of February.

Payment by instalments to be arranged with the Business Manager.

Every Minute Counts



Lost Property:

If your child has lost any items in school last year, please encourage them to check lost property located in sickbay during their breaks, before or after school.  

We highly recommend that all clothing is clearly labelled with your childs name. 


All locks are supplied by the school. 

Non school locks will be removed from lockers.

Bike Cage:

Please encourage your child to lock his/her bike inside the bike cage and not outside.



Parents and guardians are reminded that the Department of Education and Training (DET) does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident/insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.  The DET cannot provide advice to parents or guardians on the purchase of individual student accident policy or ambulance cover.  Insurance policies can be purchased from commercial insurers.  Private property brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.  As the DET does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property, students and staff are discouraged from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school.

College News

Year 7 2018 Welcome Family BBQ


Football Empowerment Program

Free soccer clinic – 8 week program

Commencement date 7th Feb 2018

This is a chance to get active and get involved in a free soccer clinic, with committed coaches who provide young soccer players with an environment where each player can achieve their personal best on and off the pitch.

Clinic run by certified coaches (1-2 hours)

Designed for all abilities

Learn and improve your soccer skills

Make new friends


Where: Melton Secondary College

Every Wednesday 2:40pm – 4:00pm

More information: Kamal 0411 122 814 or


@FootballEmpwerment @footballempowerment


Wellbeing Team

Amanda Xavier







Wellbeing Co-Ordinator & Leader of the Doctors in Secondary Schools Program.

Amanda has been working in education for 10 years, 6 of those being at MSC and has had various roles within careers, wellbeing, teaching and student support.

Prior to working in education Amanda worked in residential care and drug and alcohol community organisations with disadvantaged young people.

Amanda is passionate about working with and advocating for young people and is a strong believer that emotions are the gatekeepers of the intellect therefore, positive wellbeing results in better academic outcomes.


Stacey James







Wellbeing Counsellor- Intake and High Needs Students

Stacey James started at Melton Secondary College at the beginning of Term 4, 2015. She previously work in the Department of Education regional office in Horsham for over 5 years. Her role was as part of Student Support Services Team where she travelled to schools across Western Victoria as a visiting Social Worker.

Over her time working in the education setting, Stacey has developed particular skills in working with student dealing with mental health issues.


Danielle Giampino







Wellbeing Counsellor- Therapeutic Intervention

Daniella Giampino has worked in secondary schools for the past 2 years as a school counsellor, starting at Melton Secondary College Term 3, 2016.

 Previously Daniella worked at a youth refuge for teens aged between 16 and 24 years, and as an applied behavioural analysis therapist for children aged between 2 and 6 years. Daniella enjoys working with groups of students in proactive programs.


Chris Lang









Wellbeing Counsellor- Programs and Attendance

Chris Lang has worked at Melton Secondary College for the past two and a half years. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Adolescent and Child Psychology.

He has been working with adolescents in both schools and community agencies for over twenty years in a variety of government funded programs but predominantly with young people at risk of homelessness, those in Out-of-Home care and at risk of leaving school prior to completion.

Chris has a particular interest in dealing with issues of anger and runs the RAGE and Triggers, Choices and Control programs at the school.


Nathanael Poljak







Registered Nurse/ Secondary School Nursing Program

The Secondary School Nursing Program which aims to reduce risk to young people and promote better health in the wider community.

The goals of the SSNP are to:

-              Play a key role in reducing negative health outcomes and risk taking behaviours among young people, including drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco smoking, eating disorders, obesity, depression, suicide and injuries.

-              Addresses prevention of ill health and problem behaviours by ensuring coordination between the school and community based health and support services.

Nathanael contributes in supporting the school community in addressing contemporary health and social issues facing young people and their families. This has included working with eSmart in cyberbullying issues, Melton council in addressing safe driving in our community, and gambling awareness issues with VRGF (Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation). Nathanael has currently worked on addressing Family Violence and Respectful Relationships in Melton SC and the community by presenting education in the classroom and in small groups within the school.

Secondary School Nurses are employed through Regional Offices of the Department, with most nurses allocated to two secondary schools.

2018 State School's Relief Changes

State Schools’ Relief helps students across the state with uniform support. They have been assisting MSC students and their families for a number of years.

In 2017, MSC and State Schools’ Relief have worked together on some changes to how this service runs and how to best support our students into the future.

Please note: There is an eligibility criteria to get support through this service. Please contact Chris Lang from the Wellbeing Team (ph: 9743 3322) to see if you meet the criteria. (The criteria is the same as 2017)


2018 Changes

  • Students who meet the eligibility criteria will now only be able to get ONE (1) of each of the items below per year.
  • Students will be able to get Two (2) white shirts per year.
  • Applications are now broken up into summer uniform and winter uniform application periods. The timing for these applications and the items are indicated in the table below. (Please note that whilst these are the times when applications can be made, students are able to wear uniform items throughout the year).

MSC will no longer be able to make applications for Jackets through SSR

  • Please be aware that the gap families will need to cover has increased. This is due to a change pricing of vouchers from State Schools’ Relief.  The Wellbeing team will be able to provide you with an indication of the amount that you will be required to cover.

North Star Dental Service

North Star Dental will be attending Melton Secondary College in their mobile dental clinic in 2018. The clinic will provide our students with free quality dental treatments under the child dental benefit scheme. To find out if your child is eligible and for more information please visit

The mobile dental clinic will be at our college between the 30th of April and the 4th May 2018. Consent forms and more information will be sent home with your child in the coming weeks.

INTERNET: Parent Tip Sheet


The Internet has a myriad of attractions to young people. It is instantaneous, highly interactive and immensely private, which are highly prized attributes for most young people. It gives them access to their mates, music and media without leaving home. It has addictive qualities we know, but that does not mean that a young person should become a Net addict.




Mocking their cyber friends and cyber activities can only drive them further into the cyber world of rebellion and further away from the real world.


IF THE CYBER WORLD IS THE REAL WORLD for your young person as he shuns most other activities as well as people it may be time to take some action or even get some help.


INVOLVE YOURSELF IN THEIR CYBER ACTIVITIES, much as you would any other type of activity. Take the time to find out what they are doing and what they get from the activities.


NEGOTIATE ONLINE TIME ALLOCATIONS and share time online with other interested siblings. Locate the computer connected to the Internet in a public place at home so that you are accessible and also so sharing can occur.


ASK YOUR YOUNG PERSON WHAT A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME MAY BE ONLINE. If they violate that limit then ask them if they have a problem. Let them think it over for a time. Perhaps you can bargain real time activities in exchange for time online.


OFFER OFFLINE ALTERNATIVES TO ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION. Remind them that there are offline alternatives, even if they do not use them all the time.


This is a Short Message from your Melton SC Welfare Team. If you have any issues regarding this and are unsure where to turn, please make an appointment with the school welfare team. Thanks, Nathanael.


Career News

In January, 97% of Year 12 students with paid VTAC applications received tertiary offers.  Congratulations to Ben Akok and Tyson Loft who have been awarded the Daffyd Lewis Scholarship, Celeste Bennier –Pittau on receiving the VU Academic Scholarship and (another student should have VU scholarship but I have not been advised).  Many of our Year 12 Graduates were also awarded scholarships to help fund their tertiary studies. These scholarships will go a long way in supporting students for the duration of their undergraduate university studies.


Celeste Bennier-Pittau who is studying a Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Psych Studies and Stephanie Novak who is studying Bachelor of Nursing.


Celeste has been offered the Higher Education scholarship valued at $5000 per year for a max. of 4 years and Stephanie has been offered the General scholarship valued at $2000 per year for a max. of 2 years.


It has been a very busy start to the school year. Most VET classes commenced on 6th or 7th February with Year 10 and 11 students travelling to various schools in the Western Edge Cluster to study their chosen programs. Many VCAL Students have commenced their School Based Apprenticeships, providing them with opportunity to combine their VET studies and gain valuable employability skills.


A reminder that all VET students must provide their VET teachers with a USI number to enrol in the VET course. This can be applied for on line at:

Students needing assistance with USI applications are required to bring a photo of their Medicare card to the Careers Room.


If you can support your student to secure an employer for Work Experience or Structured Work Placement this year through contacts you have with relatives, friends or work colleagues can you please contact Kim Younger in the Careers Room so that the required Arrangement forms can be prepared.


Dates to Remember:

VCAL Structured Work Placement:

23-24 April and 26-27 April, 2018

30 April – 4 May, 2018

Year 10 Work Experience:

            10A - 10D    21 - 25 May, 2018

10E - 10I     28 May - 1 June, 2018


Work Experience Parent Information Night

Tuesday 6th March, 2018

5.30 pm - 6.30 pm


Western Cluster - VET Student Information Sheet 2018

VET classes will commence from Tues 6th February.

Yr 1 VET Childcare (7th Feb) has been cancelled – I have notified all parents.

WEC students for Hair and Sport may come to front office from 8.30am – Carolyn and Daniel Taylor will collect students and take them to their class rooms.



Loving the Library @ MSC

A warm welcome to all of our new staff and students, welcome back to everyone else!

This year is going to be jam packed with lots of new and exciting changes introduced into the library to help create an environment that is especially supportive of individual growth and learning.

The new serving window is one of the improvements that has already helped with the process for staff and students in the borrowing of IPad baskets and Netbooks for classroom use. This change has significantly contributed towards creating a quieter workspace for students in the library by limiting the number of students walking through.


 It is great to see many of our students back in the library whilst new students are embracing induction into the MSC library for the first time.  They are enjoying the opportunity to explore the use of our two new Search kiosks.  Having the ability to use the online search tool is a great starting point for students to independently search for articles and books located in the Library. Whilst the library team are always on hand to help, the skills developed from this independent practice will develop student knowledge of how to research and find information on their own for academic and day-to-day life.


This year one of the things the library team are working on is assessing and tagging our books with reading level indicators to support the Independent Reading Program.  We are also grouping some books into Genre’s to help the students more easily find what suits their individual interests.

We continue to supplement our collection with new releases, curriculum based topics and staff/student requests.  Students can approach one of our team at any time for support in the library. The library is open from 8.30am – 4.30pm. Recess and lunchtime are for schoolwork, study or independent reading.  Students may borrow 4 books on a fortnightly basis and are able to re-borrow if required.

This year we have collaborated with Melton Library Services for the first time to extend the services we can offer our students.  Membership application forms will be sent home for completion later in the term and will enable our students to use the facility as well as many different online services.


We are excited to launch Scholastic Book club, which you will hear more about in the upcoming weeks.


We are also very happy to support the seniors with the newly appointed Year 12 independent Quiet Study Room located in the library.  With referral from the sub-school, students can access this space.


Here’s to 2018 




Students, Trinity Skenderis, Year 9, and Tonga Matapule-Otutaha, Year 11, have been selected in the Victorian u/16 Country basketball squads to tour New Zealand to participate in a major tournament involving all Australian states and New Zealand.


School Sport Captains 2018:


House Captains 2018:


House Swimming Carnival

The annual House swimming Carnival will be held at Melton Waves next Friday 16th February. Parents, guardians, friends are all welcome to attend. Events will commence at about 10.00 and conclude about 2.15. All students must leave the pool area at the end of the carnival. Students will be dismissed from the pool. Students attending on the day will be all of Yr.7 plus competitors from Yrs. 8-12.

Melton SC Sport Facebook page

We have a facebook page dedicated to our Interschool Sport and the Athlete Development Program (ADP) participants. Please have a look and ‘like” us to keep up to date with the many outstanding achievements by our students in sport. The page name is - Melton Secondary College - Sport/Sport Specialism.

Melton Secondary College - Sport/Sport Specialism)


Amart Sports donated approximately $1300 worth of equipment at the end of 2017 to the Physical Education and Sport areas of our school as a rebate for our participation in the Community Kickbacks program (see below). We are very appreciative of this sponsorship and thank you to parents for nominating us as their recipient.

Coles Sport for Schools

 Coles are commencing their Sport for Schools program on Feb 7th. It will go for the duration of term 1. If you shop at Coles please collect the tokens/vouchers and we would appreciate it if you could send the tokens to us. There will be a box in the library foyer or give them to any of the PE staff.


General Information 

  1. If any parent/guardian wishes to help out in the sport program please feel free to contact Mr. Darcy. You can help out as an official at the swimming and/or the athletics carnivals or assist in umpiring any of the programmed sports. Parent participation is much appreciated. A Working with Childrens check is compulsory.
  2. AMART SPORTS – Melton SC has joined the community kickbacks program with Amart Sports in Woodgrove. Every time you make a purchase just mention our school and we will receive 5% of the purchase amount. If you join online you will receive a loyalty and receive discounts etc as well as already having registered our school as your preferred community kickback. We have the same arrangement with REBEL SPORTS and their Season Pass kickback.
  3. School Sport  Information

All information regarding School Sport and State team selection trials can be found on the below website –


Students attending schools affiliated with SSV are eligible for selection in Victorian Teams to compete in 2018 School Sport Australia National Championships.


Wondering which Team Vic teams are open for trial registrations?
Australian Football 15yrs and under Boys (close March 1)
Australian Football –15yrs and under Girls (close March 1)
Netball –15yrs and under (close February 22)
Softball –17yrs and under Boys (close February 6)
Softball –17yrs and under Girls (close February 6)
Tennis –18yrs and under Boys (close February 14)
Tennis –18yrs and under Girls (close February 14)

You may also know some emerging 12 year olds...

Cricket – 12yrs and under Boys (close February 13)
Cricket – 12yrs and under Girls (close February 13)
Hockey – 12yrs and under Boys (close March 1)
Hockey – 12yrs and under Girls (close March 1)
Australian Football – 12yrs and under (close March 1)
Netball – 12yrs and under (close March 1)
Basketball – 12yrs and under Boys (close March 1)
Basketball – 12yrs and under Girls (close March 1)
Football (Soccer) – 12yrs and under Boys (close March 1)
Football (Soccer) – 12yrs and under Girls (close March 1)

Sport Dates

Friday Feb 16 – House Swimming Carnival at Melton Waves

Thursday March 1– Swimming –Western Ranges Division at Melton Waves

Friday 16 March– Tennis – all levels at Sunbury

Thursday March 15 – Rugby League 9’s – Senior boys and girls (if we enter)

Thursday March 22 – Rugby League 9’s – Intermediate boys and girls (if we enter)

Thursday 29 March– Swimming – Western Metropolitan Region at Geelong

Wednesday 18 April– Swimming – School Sport Victoria State Finals at MSAC

Friday 27 April – Athletics – House Athletics at Melton


South Sudanese Positive Parenting Program


Melton Police & South Sudanese Community Info Evening


Steady Pulse


Melton Mail