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17 February 2017
Issue Two
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May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.


St Therese of Lisieux(1873-97); born in France; a Carmelite sister; also known as “The Little Flower of Jesus”.


Dear Parents, Students and Friends

It was very encouraging to see so many parents and students attend two events held during the week. I am aware that all of us lead busy lives and that we are often stretched to fit in all the demands that life asks of us. So to see so many in attendance indicates that a successful education is at the forefront of family and student aspirations. Some were even at both!

Both Years 7 and 9 received laptop computers. Year 7 parents also were introduced to most of the staff  who teach this year group. The pleasing aspect for me was the ease with which students, their parents and staff chatted about events at the school. There was a  happy “buzz” around the room and it was clear that a positive start has been made to the school year by our newest members of the community. My thanks also to the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders who helped in serving the light refreshments during the night.

The other event took place at the Year 9 Laptop rollout where Assistant Principal Christie Scoble used the opportunity to explain the Minimum Literacy and Numeracy Standard and the link to Year 9 NAPLAN testing. Ms Scoble has included more details in this newsletter.


My congratulations go to the Student Leadership Team for raising  $2235 for their charities on Valentine’s Day. The team did an amazing job in making the day fun for all. There have been photos uploaded the College Facebook as well as in this newsletter.

Students (and staff) are also to be congratulated on the involvement and support of the 2017 Swimming Carnival. Held under trying conditions  but thankfully indoors to avoid direct sunlight, Marian school spirit was high throughout. Age and House Champions will be presented at Assembly next week. There were a number of records broken on the day!

Last Thursday at our Opening Mass Marian Catholic College was welcomed into Marist Schools Australia. I mentioned this in the previous newsletter. Like a number of Catholic schools around Australia, Marian has a dual Charism in that the school was administered by the Marist Brothers and the Mercy Sisters. Since 2006 it has been under the administration of the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Wagga Wagga. Being reconnected with the Marists in a formal manner enables the staff and students to have access to some wonderful faith formation opportunities as well as student sport and cultural events. The College is also maintaining links with the Mercy Sisters and our desire is to have the benefits of both orders to support our faith and learning community.

Best wishes to the staff and students attending the CAT (Canberra Amateur Theatre) Awards in Dubbo on their nominations for the 2016 College Musical—GREASE!

Car Park and Drop-Off/Pick Up area All drop/off and parking is either through the new Macarthur St entrance or along Hickey Crescent. No students should be crossing Wakaden St,. Students have been briefed about about these requirements. The school day finishes at 3:25pm and parents should come after then to avoid queuing into Macarthur St causing traffic disruptions.


Peace and Best Wishes

Alan Le Brocque


Assistant Principal

What an Achievement!

Congratulations on 20 years service to Catholic Education Julie O'Keefe, Belinda Panebianco and and Evelyn Cunial .  We appreciate the hard work and dedication you have given

the MCC Community over the yea



Learning and Teaching News
HSC Minimum Standard

Last Wednesday evening, Year 9 parents and students attended an Information Evening about the changes to the HSC. The changes to the HSC and what Marian is doing to address the changes is outlined below.

Changes to the HSC

Set for Success in Everyday Life

From 2020, students need to demonstrate a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to be eligible for the HSC. The standard is mapped against Level 3 of the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF), a nationally agreed standard of functional literacy and numeracy. With a stronger focus on literacy and numeracy in schools, modelling indicates the vast majority of students will demonstrate the minimum standard by the end of Year 12.

The minimum standard will be assessed across three areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Numeracy

Examples of Skills

Students with ACSF Level 3 Skills can do things like:

Multiple Opportunities to Pass Online Tests

From 2018, online reading, writing and numeracy tests will be available for students to sit at least twice a year in:

  • Year 10
  • Year 11
  • Year 12
  • for up to 5 years after starting the HSC

Year 9 NAPLAN: An Early Opportunity

Students will have the first opportunity to prove they meet the standard by achieving Band 8 results or above in Year 9 NAPLAN reading, writing and numeracy tests. Students who achieve Band 8 will not need to sit the online tests later in years 10, 11 and 12.

No student will be ineligible to sit for the HSC on the basis of their Year 9 NAPLAN results.

Disability Provisions and Exemptions

Disability provisions will be available for students with a permanent or temporary disability to provide a fair opportunity to respond to the online tests. Some students, including those studying English and Maths Life Skills courses, will not need to meet the minimum standard to be awarded the HSC.


Year 9 NAPLAN data will be useful in helping teachers and students identify areas where further support is needed to meet the standard. An online test report is being developed to provide schools and students with feedback on test results. The reports will identify skill areas needing development.

Receipt of a HSC testamur indicates a student has met the minimum standard in all three areas. There is no intention for the HSC testamur to report results from the online reading, writing and numeracy or Year 9 NAPLAN tests. Students leaving school, who do not meet the minimum standard in one or more areas, will receive a  Record of School Achievement (RoSA).

                                                                                                                       (Information Sheet from Bostes, 2016)

How is MCC support your child to meet the standard?

The staff at Marian are working hard to support your child to meet the minimum literacy and numeracy standard. Our targeted support includes the following initiatives:


  • Whole School Comprehension Program – Gr8 Thinking Strategies applied across all KLA areas
  • Literacy Planet – online literacy program for use in class and at home


  • Narrative Writing Workshops
  • Structured assessment and feedback for both narrative and persuasive writing tasks


  • NAPLAN practice tests
  • Lunch tutorials in B7
  • Formative activities – flash cards and quizzes

Other supports

  • Homework Club every Thursday afternoon, 3.30 – 4.30pm
  • Analysis of data from diagnostic tests including the ACER PAT Tests

What to do if you have questions or concerns?

The most important thing about these changes is that we avoid creating unnecessary anxiety for our students. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to these changes, please do not hesitate to contact me on 02 69692400.


ACER PAT Testing

Next week, all Year 7, 8 and 9 students will be undertaking diagnostic testing in Comprehension and Numeracy on Monday and Tuesday. Students do not need to prepare for these tests.

The ACER PAT Testing will take place in the Hall and students will need to use their laptop to complete the test.

These tests are created by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). They are designed to provide data to teachers to inform their teaching strategies. The results of these tests will help us to provide individualized support to each student to further develop their skills in comprehension and numeracy.

Why do schools use PAT tests?

  • They provide a measure of student achievement in each learning area
  • There is a common achievement scale for all tests within a learning area (PAT scale scores allow teachers to compare achievement on the tests within each learning area regardless of year level and the specific test completed and to monitor progress over time)
  • The tests and questions are designed to assess the strands and levels described in the Australian Curriculum
  • They provide overall descriptions of the types of skills mastered and those still to be developed based on test performance
  • The reports show scale scores for each strand, so students' strengths and weaknesses in different strands can be clearly identified
  • Individual and group reports have automatically calculated scores and sorting functions that allow comparison of scores across students, strands, etc.
  • They can be used to inform teaching and learning and to assist in planning effective and targeted learning programs.

Christie Scoble

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching

Pastoral Care News

2017 is once again proving to be a busy year. Whilst all members of our school community; new and old are adjusting to their new timetables extra curriculum activities have already commenced giving students the opportunity to socialise, increase their confidence and gain new skills. Sport, music, art clubs, non-electronic game groups, mindfulness and opportunities for reflection are all available at some stage during the week. Remember there are also homework groups and senior writing tutorials available; all activities are supervised by staff who have kindly volunteered their time.

Next term will see the recommencement of the knitting group; students from all year groups who gathered once a week to make squares which created blankets which were distributed to areas of need in response to natural disasters’ or humanitarian crisis. During 2016 we were joined by both male and female students, many who had never knitted before however were wanting to improve the life of those less fortunate.

All of these activities are a wonderful way for students to make new friends and adapt to a new environment; increasing their sense of belonging here at MCC.

This week more than forty students attended an information session regarding the COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM which is a reflection of the strength and depth of character of some of our students. Those who were interested in nominating for a leadership permission were asked to identify and we will gather again next week to plan our first activity for 2017. New members and ideas are always welcome so if you or someone you know would like some further details regarding the C.A.T please do not hesitate to contact me.


Planning has also commenced for MCC “Harmony Day” celebrations which will be acknowledge 21 March. Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity.It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Students at all year levels will be contributing to the day in some capacity. The day will be a celebration filled with music, food, dance, art and traditional culture. We are extremely fortunate to have a diverse range of cultures represented in both our student body as well as our staff. More details will be included in the following weeks.










Counsellor/Wellbeing News

Hello, my name is Paul Black and I’m looking forward to providing all students with support towards their wellbeing at Marian in 2017. This year I will continue to provide one on one counselling support, educational groups and participation in Marian school events. Counselling session can also be provided after school hours at the Centacare office (140 Yambil St, Griffith). However, after school sessions are limited to only one per day.

If students would like to book a counselling appointment they can do so electronically via their school portal, click on counsellor, session/day times, it’s that easy! I also encourage any family members that would like to talk with me to do so via phone on: 6969 2400 or via email at; [email protected]


This week I sent out an email of how to contact the school counsellor via their e-mail. The online system has been set up so that contacting myself to organise a counselling session is done quickly and discreetly.

However, in addition to students I also invite family members/career’s and extended members of the Marian Catholic College Community to contact me, and discuss issues that are related to your son/daughter, as we walk the journey of their school life together.


What would you be asking me? Good question. I get many concerned parents contact me for many issues regarding student wellbeing, so any question is valid.


Feel free to either contact myself via phone on: 6969 2400 and ask reception to put you through to the schools Wellbeing Practitioner/ Counsellor, or email [email protected] and I will be more than happy to discuss your concerns.


Have a great week!


Sports News

2017 Swimming Carnival

Marian held its Swimming Carnival on Friday 10th February. I was very impressed with the rate of participation from all students and the extremely high level of House Spirit on the day.

The House Captains and Vice Captains lead their houses well in the House Meetings and at the carnival. They encouraged their students and were actively involved in all events. It was pleasing to see the number of senior students also involved in the day, with some strong results recorded.

Whilst the winning house will be announced on the assembly, I would like to congratulate all the Houses on their efforts to break Patrick Houses strong grip on the shield. Good luck!

The best of these results were achieved by our 2017 Swimming Age Champions. With a maximum point score of 120 points, the following students achieved outstanding results for their respective Houses:

12       Alexandra Parisotto         114pts                                                                                                13       Alice Macrae                        120pts          

           Samuel Irvine                      120pts                      

14      Sienna Donadel                  118.5pts      

           Kolby Seers                           114pts        

15      Sarah Quarisa                      100pts

           Brock Twigg                          117pts

16       Mea Riley                               117pts

           Joshua Golden                     120pts

Open Erin Golden                          120pts

Brady Chambers                            110pts


I am also pleased to announce the following records were broken on the day:

  • Joshua Golden broke Shannon Salvestro’s 2001 record by over 1 sec in the 50 Free
  • Sienna Donadel broke Nadine Quarisa’s 2010 record by over 3.5 sec in the 50 Breast.

Congratulations to these students and I look forward to their results at the BISSA Carnival.


Border Independent Schools Sports Association (BISSA) will be held in Wagga Wagga on Thursday 9th March. Selection is based on the following placings:

U12    - 1st, 2nd – 50m Free, Back, Breast and Fly

All other ages          -    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th – 50 m Free

  • 1st, 2nd – 50 m Free, Back, Breast and Fly
  • 1st – 100m Free, 200 IM

Congratulations to all competitors who have qualified for this selection. A meeting and notes will be distributed at the beginning of next week.

Congratulations to all competitors and a big thank you to all the parents who were there to watch, help and support our carnival.


Mr J Seers (Sports Coordinator)


Year 12 News

Year 12 Valentine's Day Fundraiser


 I would just like to say a big thank you from all of Year 12 for supporting and helping the year fundraiser for Valentines Day.


It was a great day for us and we certainly appreciate the help and support given for this event.


Mr Neville & Yr 12, 2017


Maths News




The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (MCYA) is a staged program designed to help teachers motivate, stimulate, encourage and develop mathematically interested students to bring forth the talent and potential within. This is an ideal program for extension students and for students who would benefit from greater challenge.

The aims of the MYCA are designed in encouraging and fostering:

  • greater interest in and awareness of the power of mathematics
  • a desire to succeed in solving interesting mathematical problems
  • the discovery of the joy of solving problems in mathematics


MCYA Challenge is held during a consecutive 3week period between March and June. It comprises six problems. Problems can be discussed in groups of two or three registered students before individual submission of solutions. This year, the fee $25.50 per student.

If any student in years 7-10 is interested to join and participate in this Challenge, please see Ms. Blanco.



Maths Coordinator

Events Calendar and Canteen



Canteen Menu




Science News

Science Sparks

It has been a very busy start to the year in the Science Department.  Lots of experimentation and learning as students build their brain and become experts!

All year 7 and 8 students now have a login for Into Science so they can interact and complete activities both in class and at home. They have been learning about what Scientists do, the equipment they use and the process they follow to do experiments and explore the natural world.

Year 9 have been learning about the chemicals that make the world they live in. These are nature’s gifts that we use in the kitchen, in the home and to make materials and other substances. Students are learning the names, symbols and properties of the chemicals.


Year 10 completed an ACER Science test on Friday. 


Year 7 have been introduced to the laboratory equipment and the different scientists and what they study.  Today, 7.1 had a bingo game to check their memory and understanding of different terminology, safety rules and equipment names.

Teachers are working hard on the development of a program to improve comprehension skills. We are looking forward to improving literacy in Science and building brainpower so students can become experts, scientist in training.


Best wishes on behalf of the science staff

Esther Dumbleton ( Science Co-ordinator)


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