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17 February 2017
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From the Principal




It has been a pleasure to welcome all students, parents and staff particularly those new to our school community this year.  I have been pleased to attend Information Nights in all sections of the School as well as induction gatherings of our new staff and students.

I congratulate our Graduating Class of 2016 on their VCE results and it was rewarding to see some of our students return to our school to thank their teachers last week. The Dux of our School was Michaela Takos and I am happy to report that the majority of our students received their first preference in tertiary offers.


Record Enrolment

Our school has reported record levels of enrolment and demand continues for the 2017 school year. We have wait lists at many year levels and whilst we prioritise siblings of current families, it is important to register for enrolment as early as possible. Our Early Learning Centre was at capacity enrolment in September last year. Please request interested family and friends to enrol early if they wish to secure the enrolment of their child at Oakleigh Grammar.



Our new extension to the Early Learning Centre is now open and caters for 4-year-old students undertaking the five day program this year.


Our Junior School Playground is now complete and I thank our Parents Association for contributing to this important project.


Concurrently we have two significant projects underway being the Library refurbishment and Junior School amenities. I thank all members of our community for your understanding in relation to the temporary restriction of access while these projects are underway.


New Staff 2017

As part of our growth in enrolments, we welcome a large number of new staff to our school:


Emily Angelidis: Teacher’s Aide

Marissa Andrews: Teacher - Year 4

Fiona Baudinette: Arrowsmith Teacher - Adult Class

Scott Barton: Teacher’s Aide

Sharon Cheung: Mandarin Teacher

Catherine Croft: ELC Co-Educator

Sharon Davies: ELC Teacher

Sarah Day: ELC Teacher

Dianna Favotto: Arrowsmith Teacher

Paras Gameras: Teacher - Year 3

James Gobbo: Teacher/Daily Organiser

Caroline Leach: Teacher/Coordinator JS Sport/PE

Clare Macdonald: ELC Co-Educator/OHSC/Holiday Program

Alesha Milne: Administration

Delayne Merritt: Administration

Rachel Mercer: Co-Educator

Dianne Nash: Art Teacher

Nathan Nielson: Arrowsmith Teacher

Maria-Stella Papageorgiou: Greek Language

Melanie Paton: ELC Teacher

Ashlee Scott: Year 5 teacher

Meral Simsek: Teacher English/Hums/Coordinator Year 8&9

Nerida Trask: Art Teacher

Vanessa Velliou: Teacher - JS

Tiffany Weston: ELC co educator

Jenny Xu: Arrowsmith Aide


Staff News

I am delighted to announce the safe arrival of Atticus Wolfgang Steven Leeder born on 31 January.


Congratulations on the engagements of Kathryn Bogiannidou to Phillip Kotrotsos and Rebecca Ball to James Foden.


Student Leadership

Congratulations are extended to all students who were recently inducted into student leadership positions at our Whole School Leadership Induction Assembly.


School Captains: Anastasia Horomidis & Spiros Houpis

Vice School Captains: Katelyn Limnios & Anthony Malamas


House Captains

Bradman House: Naoum Lazis

Rose House: George Daglaras

Fraser House: Renee Derimboglou


Prefects: Stanko Stankovic, Sophia Thomson & Sophia Gotsis



Middle School Captains: Imaan Jamaldeen & Irene Pilakis

Middle School Arts Leaders: Giorgia Kalogeropoulos & Claudia Ciempka

Bradman House Captain: Lia Bauzon

Rose House Captain: Anastasia Anastopoulos

Fraser House Captain: Alexandra Bonney



JUNIOR SCHOOL LEADERS: Gerry Angelatos & Nicola Grigoropoulos

ACTING JUNIOR SCHOOL LEADERS: Charlotte Woodfield & Vas Michaelides

FAITH LEADERS: Sotiris Bakalis & Giorgie Zafiropoulos

ROSE HOUSE LEADERS: Jaeda Louw & Theofilo Romanidis

FRASER HOUSE LEADERS: Arietta Apostolopoulos & Michael Nicolaou

BRADMAN HOUSE LEADERS: Areti Andreou & Chris Papakatsikas

PEER MEDIATION LEADERS: Mia Hatziminas, Matteo Camiselle, Georgia Christofi, Jayden Williams, Catherine Giannaros, Alexi Bauzon, Akhila Sesham, Charlotte Woodfield & Ellie Tziotzis

ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERS: Victoria Khatchmanian & Vas Michaelides

VISUAL ARTS LEADERS: Ella Whyte & Thomas Papadopoulos

SPORT LEADERS: Paris Gerantidis & Dean Alabournos

SOCIAL JUSTICE LEADERS: Pranav Ahuja & Anastasia Karagianni

LOTE LEADERS: Joanna Tsoulakos & Konstantin Fouki

PERFORMING ARTS LEADERS: Shanaye Whiteside & Cameron  Rocks

ICT LEADERS: Jovan Milenkovic & Camryn Stubbs

INQUIRY LEADERS: Heleana Papadopoulos & Christos Babatsias

ARROWSMITH LEADERS: Matilda Bourke & Coby Rechtman



Year 8

8A: Evangelia Starakis                               

8B: Jonathan Sarris                                   


Year 7

7A: Michael Kaniadakis

7B: Helena Kassabian


Year 6

6A: Chrissoula Horomidis

6B: Gregory Milonas


Students using Public Transport

The child age range is now 5 years to 18 years old inclusive. If a student has a concession MYKI they can continue to use this as it gives them the same concession fare as a child MYKI (up from 16 years to 18 years).  Students in school uniform will not be asked for proof of age by the Public Transport Inspectors.


Parking – Pick off and Drop off

I request that parents allow sufficient time to park legally in designated areas around the school. As our school is located in a residential area parents need to respect the parking restrictions and work with our residents to ensure our streets are safe and accessible for everyone.


I wish all members of our school community a productive and successful 2017 school year. Communication is available to all parents via our school Facebook Page, Skoolbag App, Website and Newsletters.

Deputy Principal


Deputy Principal







Oakleigh Grammar hosts the Australian Arrowsmith Teacher Training Program

From January 16 to February 3 Oakleigh Grammar hosted the Australian Arrowsmith Teacher Training Program where some thirty five teachers from around Australia and New Zealand gathered at our School to take part in an intensive three weeks of training. This included five Oakleigh Grammar teachers and three members of the School executive who took part in a two day Arrowsmith Executive Course.

The Arrowsmith Program is a cognitive program for students with learning difficulties. Their learning difficulties are addressed by identifying and strengthening cognitive capacities. It is based on the science of neuroplasticity which is the brain’s ability to restructure itself as a result of intensive and directed cognitive exercises.

This is all about the brain adapting in a very real and tangible way. New neural pathways are developed and strengthened in response to the repeated cognitive exercises that the students perform. The more practice that students accumulate the more ingrained or grooved the pathways become. In the words of Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.

The goal of the Arrowsmith Program is to strengthen learning capacities rather than teach students ways of compensating for their learning difficulty. The program can help students of all ages become effective, confident, resilient, self-directed learners.

The program has been in operation in Toronto Canada since 1980 and was developed by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young who is recognized as the creator of one of the first practical applications of the principles of neuroplasticity to the treatment of learning disorders. This was in response to her own condition where she herself suffered from severe learning disabilities.

Barbara is visiting Oakleigh Grammar on Wednesday 1 March at 5.30pm to present ‘A personal journey into the world of the brain: shaping the mind’. Tickets can be purchased at this link:

The Arrowsmith Program is an international program now offered in over seventy schools in six countries around the world. 


As you know Oakleigh Grammar became an Arrowsmith Program School in 2016 and delivered the program to 20 students (two classes of 10 students). The program flourished and this year we have six classes plus an adult class. This makes Oakleigh Grammar the biggest Arrowsmith Program School in Australia and one of the largest in the world!


Barbara Arrowsmith talk - Wednesday 1 March at Oakleigh Grammar

The esteemed Barbara Arrowsmith, founder of the internationally acclaimed Arrowsmith Program and author of 'The Woman Who Changed Her Brain', is visiting Oakleigh Grammar on Wednesday 1 March 2017 to talk about her book and the program itself.


Barbara’s talk at Oakleigh Grammar is titled: A Personal Journey Into the World of the Brain: Shaping the Mind. In this presentation, Barbara will talk about her journey of discovery, the lines of research she combined and the outcomes achieved over her 35 years as an educator and researcher.


She will describe a number of learning disorders, from those that impact the learner in school to those that affect us in life. She will discuss ‘cognitive glitches’ – those areas of weakness that we are all familiar with. She will discuss ‘cognitive mismatches’ – situations we find ourselves in where the demand of the task is incompatible with our cognitive functioning and the challenges this presents.


Principles of neuroplasticity and the factors leading to both positive and negative brain change will be discussed. This is an incredible opportunity to hear about how the Arrowsmith Program was formed, and its benefits to all who undertake it.

The evening will consist of an official opening of the Oakleigh Grammar Centre for the Arrowsmith Program by Barbara, followed by a talk and a Q&A session and book signing.


“Barbara Arrowsmith-Young’s commitment, research and passion for using the principles of neuroplasticity to make changes in the brain has resulted in a program that has a positive impact on the lives of students.” – Wayne Stagg, Head of the Arrowsmith Program at Oakleigh Grammar.


It is essential that you purchase tickets to this event. To do so, head to the following link:


Important Dates & Notices

Bus Drivers Required

Oakleigh Grammar is expanding its school bus service, and we are looking for a bus driver for our Pick Up and Drop Off service Monday to Friday.


With a start date of Wednesday 19 April, the hours of work are 7am to 9am and 3pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday


You must have a current Working With Children check and an Endorsed Licence is preferred but not essential.


We are also looking for an emergency driver who would be able to cover a route at short notice.


Please email resumes to Delayne Merritt, Bus Coordinator: [email protected]

New Parents Welcome Evening

We are looking forward to welcoming our new parents at the New Parent Welcome Evening next Monday 20 February at 7PM.

Arts Week - Change of Date

Arts Week will now be held in Week 4 of Term 3, NOT the week commencing 30 October as the calendar reflects.

Senior School

Head of Senior School


Head of Senior School


Welcome back to all our returning families and those who are just joining us. The first two weeks of the new school year have proven to be very busy and full of meaning for many. Working with me this year to ensure the daily care and wellbeing of your children are:


Year 12: Steve Zafiropoulos, Mary Spiropoulos and Jenny Bean

Year 11: Andrew Phillips, Angela Korlos, Rosa Avzangelis and Sharon Cheung

Year 10: Pili Varsos, Louis Panagopoulos, Jacqui Thomas, Manoj Patel, James Gobbo and Marina Kaam.


Please do not hesitate to speak to any of us should you have any concerns or questions regarding your child.


At our Commencement Assembly for the year we recognised our top VCE performers. We congratulate Michaela Takos, the 2016 School Dux, and the following students who obtained study scores over 40:










Michaela Takos - School Dux










Philippos Kormas - English



















Tia Karambouroniotis - Legal Studies










William Shafik - Business Management










Anastasia Horomidis - Business Management










Phillip Di Meo - Informatics










Nicholas Limnios - Informatics
























Dimitri Antonopoulos - LOTE Greek










Christina Katatrioti - LOTE Greek










Eirini Souli - LOTE Greek


Our 2016 Year 12 students all received first round offers and many are pursuing career paths in the Sciences, Engineering and Technology fields. Congratulations to all our students and best wishes as they embark on the next phase of their learning experience outside Oakleigh Grammar.


Senior School Information Evening

Last Wednesday a large number of parents attended the Information Evening for Senior School. The pastoral team provided valuable information about the programs planned for this year and highlighted how important the three sided relationship between home, student and school becomes in the Senior School, as students embark on their VCE studies in the final years of their secondary education. Thank you to all who attended on a very hot evening.


Middle School

Head of Middle School


Head of Middle School


Welcome to 2017 to all our Middle School families and an especially warm welcome to our new students and families. I am so pleased that you have chosen to join the Oakleigh Grammar family and I am sure you will be warmly welcomed into our wonderful community.


Like each year before it, 2017 has begun at full pace with students already immersed in an amazing array of enriching learning activities.


Year 6 students celebrate Chinese New Year

Our Year 6 students began their Mandarin lessons this year learning all about the cultural significance of the Chinese New Year.


Students have been taught of the meaning of the cultural celebration and the origins and meaning behind the lion dance, the significance of the colour red and the reason for the firecrackers and cacophony of noise so characteristic of Chinese New Year celebrations.


Students then took their learning to the school grounds by holding a procession through the school with their very own Chinese dragon’s and accompanying drums and symbols. Read more.

Swimming lessons and Squad training

Years 7, 8 and 9 students have dived straight into the instructional swimming program being held at the Ashburton YMCA Swim Centre during timetabled sports lessons.


Swim Squad training has also begun in earnest in the Middle School with approximately 20 Middle and Senior School students waking early each Tuesday and Thursday morning to attend swimming squad training run by Mr Joyce at the Oakleigh Aquatic Centre. These motivated students will be competing for Oakleigh Grammar at the EISM Division 3 Swimming Carnival to be held at the Nunawading Aquatic Centre on Thursday 16 March.


Congratulations to all students who have committed themselves to the early morning training and we wish you every success for the upcoming competition.


Year 9s get organised!

In the first of the enriching 9Ways activities for the year, Sue Glasser, an Organising Professional from Paper Clip Professional Organisers attended Oakleigh Grammar on Friday 3 February to teach our Year 9s the art of organisation. Read more.


Upcoming events

Upcoming events to put in the Calendar include:

  • New parents Cocktail function: Monday 20 February
  • Interhouse Swimming Carnival: Tuesday 21 February
  • Year 7 Camp: Monday 27 February – Wednesday 1 March
  • Year 9 Camp: Wednesday 1 March – Friday 3 March

Junior School

Head of Junior School


Head of Junior School



Welcome back to the 2017 School year and to the first Grammar News article.  I have enjoyed visiting each class, being greeted by familiar faces and meeting our new students.  I would like to welcome all new families to Oakleigh Grammar. The Prep students looked gorgeous and excited to start their new adventure. They have been working happily and are learning their routines and procedures quickly. Read more.


Our Early Learning Centre is a vibrant and exciting new place for our youngest students.  It was so wonderful to meet the many families who joined us for the Orientation Days.  I thank the Early Learning Staff for making the start so smooth and we know they will keep up the great work throughout the year.


All the teachers have worked exceptionally hard this past week establishing classroom routines, planning curriculum and preparing their students for a busy term ahead. Read more.


The classrooms are a hive of activity and we have a busy term ahead. The first and main feature was the Student Leadership Induction Assembly which is always special. The Student Leaders were very excited and there will be many opportunities for them to assist with setting the expectations for the Junior School. All other Junior School Leadership positions are inducted on Friday 17 February at the Junior School Assembly in the Conference Centre. All students at Oakleigh Grammar are leaders which is promoted heavily through our Leader in Me process.


OGOSH - Oakleigh Grammar Out of School Hours

A huge thank you to Sarah Boardman and Claire Flaherty for running such a fabulous, fun filled Holiday Program. The few times I came in, the children were happy, engaged and relishing in the exciting activities and themes planned.  Notices for the Holiday Program come out each Term and enrolment forms were sent out last week for morning and afterschool care. Enrolment forms can be collected from school reception. Parents are advised that any students who are not collected by 3.45pm each day will be put in after care and a fee will be incurred. Read more.



Notices for Private tuition have gone out and can also be requested at any stage throughout the year. Our instrumental teachers create timetables that are during class time and are staggered so that students do not miss the same subject each week. The instrumental teachers collect and return the students to their classes, set home tasks, prepare them for a soiree and write a reports each Semester. Private instrumental Rooms are throughout the School with the Central notice board being next to the Junior School Music Room. Lessons run for 30 minutes. We are really excited about the program and look forward to students performing more often at school events and forming ensemble groups. There is potential for guitar lessons, singing lessons and bouzouki lessons at the School. If there is enough student interest we will employ extra staff to teach these methods.



All students are welcome to order recess, lunch, treats or icy poles through the lunch order system which operates daily. We ask that if you have an older child, they refrain from purchasing items over the counter for a younger sibling. Instead place a lunch order, as not every student has a sibling to buy for them. The lunch order menu is on the Parent Portal and on fasting days there is no meat for over the counter sales.  ELC, Prep and Year 1 students cannot purchase over the counter but a lunch order may be placed each day for lunch or as a snack at recess.  For icy poles and slushy drinks, students bring the bag to collect their item over the counter.  Years 2 – 5 may purchase over the counter with a $3 limit.


Dance Skills and Movement

Dance Skills and Movement (DSM) is a class offering holistic approach to dance and other creative forms of movement. In class we aim to develop kids’ kinaesthetic awareness and movement vocabulary. We cover different forms of dance, improvisation and choreography through a series of exciting games, activities and routines. People of different levels and backgrounds can do DSM. Whether someone is a complete beginner or has some knowledge in a dance form, they will be able to benefit from this class.


We will be working in both a collaborative nature and an individual basis to build children’s dance skills (technique, choreography, improvisation) by creating a fun and open environment. Students’ courage and willingness to move creatively will also be empowered. As a result, students will be more resilient and confident.  Nick Karakotas is our fantastic instructor for this class



Art Club

We are so grateful and excited to have Marita Manbe volunteering in Trina Angelatos’ place running a vibrant and creative Art Club on Wednesdays in the Junior School.


Marita’s goals are to offer arts and crafts projects which are fun to promote increased skills and creative expression through techniques such as paper folding, collage, drawing and much more.  Students will produce work in 2D and 3D using, crayons, textas, and recycled items.


If you are keen to help out in the Art Club volunteers are welcome, however you must have a Working with Children Check and this must be provided to the school.


Barbara Arrowsmith Visits Australia

Barbara’s talk at Oakleigh Grammar is titled: A Personal Journey Into the World of the Brain: Shaping the Mind. 


In this presentation, Barbara will talk about her journey of discovery, the lines of research she combined and the outcomes achieved over her 35 years as an educator and researcher. She will describe a number of learning disorders, from those that impact the learner in school to those that affect us in life. She will discuss ‘cognitive glitches’ – those areas of weakness that we are all familiar with and often explain away by saying, “I am just not good at navigating, recognizing faces, (fill in the blank).”


She will discuss ‘cognitive mismatches’ – situations we find ourselves in where the demand of the task is incompatible with our cognitive functioning and the challenges this presents. Principles of neuroplasticity and the factors leading to both positive and negative brain change will be discussed. If you would like to purchase tickets to this evening please go to this link.

The Leader In Me


Leadership Facilitator


Blooming in Leadership

The Leader in Me has come alive in the Junior School with authentic and vibrant displays reflecting student generated Class Mission Statements, door displays, and classrooms blooming in leadership! It promises to be a wonderful year for our students, teachers and parents. We are in the privileged position of being the first Independent School in Australia to apply for the coveted Lighthouse status.

Faculty News


Career Advisor


Welcome back students and families to the 2017 school year.  A special welcome to our new families joining us at Oakleigh Grammar this year,

I am certain we will have as successful a year as we did with our graduating class of 2016.


All graduates secured a post-secondary school pathway to further their studies and employment opportunities. As Careers Advisor, it is most rewarding assisting students into the next step of their career journey.  Past students alongside present are aware that the door to the Careers Hub is always OPEN!


The OG Careers Hub is located in Room 213 in the Senior School Building, and is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9am-4pm and at other times by negotiation.  Students and parents can make appointments either by dropping into the careers hub or via email to [email protected].

Appointments are available to students before school, recess, lunchtime, after school, and at other times by negotiation. 

Year 12 students’ appointments are available during their study periods only.  Parents/guardians are welcome to make careers appointments anytime.


A fortnightly Careers Newsletter will be published in Grammar News, which contains the most up to date careers information and events. A detailed version will also be available on the OG Careers Website – which students MUST subscribe to.  There is also a parents section on the site and I encourage parents/guardians to also subscribe.  The website is your one stop shop for all things careers!


Head to www.oakleighgrammarcareers.com to register now.  The OG Careers Facebook page is also connected so please “Like” the page. the link is located on the OG Careers Website.


I look forward to working with you all this year.

LOTE: Mandarin

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐! Oakleigh Grammar kick started the year by celebrating most significant Chinese festival, the Chinese New Year! This year we are celebrating the year of the Rooster. People born in the year of the Rooster are always active, amusing and popular among crowds. They are also known to be talkative, honest, hardworking and loyal individuals. Read more.



Years 6 & 7 Coordinator and eLearning Coordinator​​



Welcome to 2017. With a new year comes new and exciting technology. At Oakleigh Grammar we are building and developing our ICT to ensure that learning takes place anywhere and at anytime.


With this in mind, we are also aware of some of the challenges that parents, guardians, students and teachers face when dealing with technology in their every day life. Read more.

Arrowsmith News

The Oakleigh Grammar Centre for the Arrowsmith program began classes on the Monday 13 February 2017.


Eight teaching and five educational support staff are delivering the Arrowsmith program to forty-seven students from Years 2 -10 and eleven adult students.


The Arrowsmith program is based on the principles of neuroplasticity and aims to strengthen learning deficits through targeted cognitive exercises.


Oakleigh Grammar now hosts one of the largest Arrowsmith Schools in Australasia.

Further information can be obtained via the Oakleigh Grammar website through links and an information brochure.

Chaplain's Corner


School Chaplain


It gives me great pleasure to share many aspects and teachings of the Orthodox Christian Faith with you for another year. Our students at our school have the blessing to be nurtured in the Orthodox Christian Faith and to experience the faith in their daily life.


Whole School Blessing

Last week we had the blessing for the commencement of the new school year which was presided by His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis and the priests Fr John Demetzidis and father John Mawal. Read more.

Also during the day we blessed our Prep classes in the classroom which the students were very excited to see the priest in the classroom and receive the blessing.

Why do we do the blessing of waters for the new school year?

At the school blessing we conducted the Lesser blessing of the waters service which is celebrated when a home is blessed, on the first day of the month, the beginning of the school year, and beginning of new responsibilities.


We bless the students and teachers so they may receive the blessing from God with the knowledge of His Truth and to enlighten their hearts and mind. Students are granted the spirit of wisdom and understanding, to illumine the eyes of their souls, so they that may come to know the will of God. This will allow our students to succeed and grow through divine wisdom for their academic year. Assuredly we have the prayers of the Holy Theotokos the Ever- Virgin Mary, our Patron Saints Anargiri Kosmas and Damianos, the Holy Apostles, and the Patron Saints of Education St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom to guide and protect our school. May we all have a blessed new year!


For more information about the Blessings of the Waters.




We will be commencing confession for our school in the next few weeks on Tuesdays and Fridays. (Tuesday and Friday Week A, and Friday Week B).


Services for our students:

Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts

  • 3 March Senior School
  • 10 March Middle School
  • 17 March Junior School

Byzantine Music Lessons (Chanting in the Byzantine Choir)

We are commencing next Tuesday Byzantine Music classes at the church 3.30pm – 4.00pm on Tuesdays. Students who are interested may join.


Fellowship Tuesday Nights 7.30pm-9.00pm

I would like to invite you to our Fellowship Group on Tuesday nights. In the very beginning, our Parish and Community of Sts Anargiri established a fellowship group for all ages. Our fellowship is a group that assist in the education of Orthodox Christian Faith and also assists with charity events. We do services in English, Bible Study, excursions, workshops, and a variety of topics for discussion. We commence in the church and then we go to the hall where light refreshments are also served. All welcome! If you would like more information you may contact me on 0425 746 684.


Fellowship Night Service

Tuesday 21 February - Divine Liturgy (Holy Communion Service) in English



The Benefits of Staying Connected

There are many benefits to staying connected to your school even after you’ve graduated. Some benefits relate to recent graduates, while others relate to those graduates that may have left the school 20 plus years ago. No matter how long it’s been since you attended our school, staying involved will benefit you in some way. Read more.

5 easy ways to stay active as alumni

As the Oakleigh Grammar community continues to expand, it’s becoming increasingly important to stay active within that community even after you leave the school. The benefits are mutual. We appreciate alumni from various professions coming back and inspiring our current students to work hard towards success. In the same respect, alumni are provided with invaluable networking opportunities when they stay in touch with us.


This doesn’t mean you have to dedicate a huge chunk of your time to being an active member. Once you leave school, time continues to be consumed by all aspects of your life – whether it be university, work, family or even trying to stay active at the gym! We know how scarce your time is, so we’ve come up with a list of ways that you can stay active within the Oakleigh Grammar community that won’t take up too much of your time. Read more.

Have your say!

Fill out this quick, 60 second survey (no really, it shouldn’t take you more than one minute to complete) to have your say on the kinds of Alumni events and benefits you’d like to see introduced or re-introduced at Oakleigh Grammar!

Community Board

Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre

Have you decided on a Greek School yet for 2017?  Secure your child's spot for 3 and 4 year old kinder as places are filling fast!


The program aims to develop children's Greek language skills through fun and engaging educational programs. Sessions available:Fri (5.30 pm to 8.30 pm) Sat (9.30 am to 1 p.m.) Limited spots also available for Year 7 to 10 (Wed and Sat).


Advanced classes available on Thursday evening.


Please direct all enquiries to

[email protected]

or call Eleni on 0405 163 578.


For more information, download the flyer below.





Oakleigh Grammar News 
soccer registration form.pdf
Junior Classical Greek Class.pdf
Junior Classical Greek Class.pdf