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24 May 2019
Issue Five
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Brunswick North West Primary School
Culloden Street
Brunswick West, VIC, 3055

upcoming events

term 2, 2019

26.05.2019 - Working Bee (9.00am - midday)

27.05.2019 - Tarantella Italian Dance Incursion

27-30.05.19- School Photo Days (individual, class and siblings)

30.05.2019 - Tuning In To Kids family workshop 4 (MPR @ 6.00-8.00pm)

04.06.2019 -  Community Events Team meeting (Sprout @ 9.30am)

05.06.2019 - Eid

06.06.2019 - 2020 Foundie Information Evening

                           - Tuning In To Kids family workshop 5 (MPR @ 6.00-8.00pm)

10.06.2019 - Queen's Birthday (no school)

12.06.2019 - Finance Committee meeting (Hannah's office @ 7.00am)

13.06.2019 - Strategic Infrastructure Committee meeting

                           - Tuning In To Kids family final workshop (MPR @ 6.00-8.00pm)

14.06.2019 - BNW Co-Motion Dance Evening

17.06.2019 - OSHC subcommittee meeting (MPR @ 6.30pm)

                           - Buildings & Grounds subcommittee meeting (staffroom @ 7.00pm)

18.06.2019 - Education subcommittee meeting (staffroom @ 7.00pm)

19.06.2019 - Maths Information Night (BNWP 6pm - 7.30pm)

21.06.2019 - Plant & Produce Market (grade 4 families coordinating)

27.06.2019 - School Council meeting (staffroom @ 7.00pm)

28.06.2019 - Term 2 concludes (2.30pm finish)


working bee this Sunday (9-12)

This Sunday we are holding a working bee and need your help! We will be at school between 9-12 and the jobs we have planned so far include:

- organising the gardening shed (removing gear, installing hooks etc)

- preparing in-ground garden beds for fruit trees (weeding, composting)

- weeding in Yakai Barring

- sweeping undercover area and MPR

- moving in-ground rocks away from purple play equipment

Any volunteers are asked to bring their own gloves and gardening tools, if you have them. It's a fun day to help out the school and connect with community members. You don't have to be there all day and we will provide you with morning tea. We hope to see you there!

school photos

A schedule for school photo week has been sent through Sentral today. Given the weather forecast, some days may need to be rescheduled. We will keep you updated!


This term will be the first time we are hosting the Commotion, a big dance and music event at the Brunswick Town Hall. All members of the school and local community are invited to come and join in!

This event will be in the tradition of Bush-dances popular in Melbourne throughout the 70s & 80s, but with added multicultural and student lead elements. In this tradition, it will be a participatory dance rather than a concert and all attendees will be involved!


Date & Time: Friday, 14th of June - 6pm to 8:30pm

Cost: $5

Ticket Bookings:

Food: Anyone can bring a plate of finger food or treats

Volunteers: Anyone who would like to volunteer please email

volunteering @ BNW

We pride ourselves for our sense of belonging as it is beneficial for everyone. Family involvement in school strengthens our young people's connection to their education, it demonstrates the community connection many families choose our school for and helps us provide the best educational program and environment possible. In an attempt to better communicate with those interested in volunteering, the school is trying to build a volunteer register. We would love all family members to complete this short survey to help us collect this information. All information will be kept private and no one will be asked to commit to any volunteer work in the survey. 

There are so many different ways to become involved in your child's education and we love it when you want to get involved, but we must remind all family members that Working with Children Check cards are required by law.



principal's message

education week

This week has been education week, which is a quieter celebration at BNW as education and learning is something we celebrate every week. It is interesting, however to engage with the wider community in discussions of education - to hear from others’ perspectives and to share the wonderful work we do. Earlier this week I was talking with a friend about the pursuit of knowledge; he and his colleagues had spent the majority of a day pondering and discussing a question that had been posed by one of them. When this question was shared with me, I instantly unlocked my phone and typed the question into google - finding the answer in under 5 seconds. This to me was a spectacular illustration of two of the best types of learning and this is what we strive for at BNW. My friend and his colleagues were sharing their wonder - one person’s question spread across almost ten adults, who were all surprised that they lacked the knowledge to answer the question. Their pursuit of knowledge was socially constructed and opened up each other's worlds. On the other hand, I pursued the knowledge on my own and with the goal in mind rather than the journey. I wanted to know the answer to the question and had the skills to discern the best and quickest way to find what I wanted. My pursuit of knowledge was driven by my own agency.

It was in talking to someone outside the education industry that I was able to see that at BNW we are striving to support your children to develop skills in both approaches to learning. We collaborate and ask your children to; we support your children to have empathy, develop their communication skills, be inclusive and set their own boundaries. We also guide your children to understand how they learn best; to develop questioning and reflective skills, learn how to set goals for themselves, learn how to follow a line of inquiry and to be critical of the information they are consuming. With these skills, your children will be lifelong learners and that is the best celebration of education that I can think of!

I must admit that it has been a week filled with pride for me. On Wednesday we had our annual Open Day for incoming and prospective families. I feel it’s a great sign that things are going well when you invite visitors into your space and actually don’t do anything different! We don’t need to put on a big show and dance as we are brilliant each and every day. Our learning programs, our grounds, our staff and our incredible students - they sell this place better than any advertising company could ever dream of. I always enjoy meeting new families and thinking about them starting their journey with us, but nothing beats the smiles of awe as grown ups finish tours led by our senior school or the glimmer in visitors’ eyes when they see teachers interacting with students in mutually respectful ways. I share this with you because those smiles should be shared with everyone.

2020 enrolments

At this time of year we are steadily receiving enrolments forms for Foundation 2020. In order to assist with planning for next year, we ask that any younger siblings who are coming to BNW next year have their enrolment forms in ASAP. With recent changes to the Department’s enrolment policy, it is increasingly important to get these forms in early to avoid disappointment or overcrowded classrooms. Please let the office know if you have any questions!

baby news

Our family just keeps growing and I know I am not alone in being quite excited about it! We all want to say a huge congratulations to Tim and Ash Plummer for the arrival of their second baby boy: Theodore James Plummer, born on Monday 20th May. Mum and the family are all doing well - Theodore is a happy and healthy baby and I can already see the makings of Tim’s smile. We will miss Tim while he spends time with his growing family, but are delighted that we can continue to support young families at all stages.


sticks needed

It’s not just through newborn babies that we are growing - with more students in the school we continue to need more resources. Over the past few years you would have noticed more classrooms, more garden beds, more teaching staff and more technologies to support the educational needs of our growing student population. Now we need more sticks! If you have (or see) spare sticks that look like they could be good for cubby building, please bring them into the school yard as we are running low which tends to cause increase cubby-conflict. Please check to ensure the sticks are free from any leaves or other materials and let the office know if you have any questions.

we want your opinion

If you have not yet completed the parents & carers survey on your own experiences in playing/school yards, we would really appreciate five minutes of your time! We are collecting data to help inform our oval equity project and want to hear from all families. You can complete the survey here until next Monday, when it will be closed in order to analyse the data received.

sausages, trivia & THANK YOU

I would like to finish this week’s newsletter by saying a massive thank you to our whole school community. Last weekend was a big one, with the federal election and trivia night, it was a weekend of the BNW community connecting and raising funds for our incredible school. Through delicious democracy sausages, tasty treats and wondrous wigs, our school was able to raise a little under $8,000 and demonstrate a whole lotta school pride! We will share the final profit with families once we have finalised the expenses, but I couldn’t wait to share the great news and thank all those involved.

Thank you to everyone who assisted with: organising, communicating, advertising, shopping, setting up, cooking, serving drinks and pizzas, selling tickets, the photo booth, the fun questions and brilliant hosting, the silent auction, the treats and sausages, the smiles and jokes, the packing up and most of all… thank you for giving back to our school and demonstrating the true sense of community.

school life

foundation art

In the artroom Foundies have been exploring colours and how they make us feel. We largely agreed that yellow is a happy colour and we described the different types of happiness to match different yellows in artworks, from excited-fireworks-happy to the warm-comforting-happy of playing on the beach on a sunny day. We noticed how differently the world looked, and how differently we felt, looking around outside through yellow cellophane. We’ve worked individually and collaboratively to paint and draw what happiness looks like, and made 3D mixed media ‘happiness explosions’. This week we started looking at artworks that use blue to portray and evoke a range of more ‘quiet’ feelings.


While I have your attention I’d love to ask for your help in collecting plastic packing strips (the firm plastic ribbon that comes fastened around boxes) for an art project in term 4. If anyone works in a large office that orders boxes of photocopy paper, or a store or warehouse that throws always lots of packing strips I’d love to save them from landfill (for now) and give them a second life. Donations big or small can be dropped off in the art room. If possible, please keep them ‘straight’ rather than twisting or rolling them up.

You can follow what Foundies get up to in the artroom on Twitter @bnwps_foundyart

Kate McCormack

Foundation Art Teacher


news from NF

Last Wednesday was International Day of Families.

It celebrates the importance of families, people, societies & cultures around the world.

1/2A reflected on what family means, discussed the importance of family in society, reminded students that all families don’t look alike and increased awareness of families confronting challenging issues.



As a school we are working towards the ResourceSmart Schools Sustainability Certification and are presently targeting our ‘Waste Checklist’. 1/2A wanted to share the activity they completed for Autumn Family Fun Day.  Their goal was to include an element of sustainability, cultural safety & security and whole school community engagement.

Using recycled materials salvaged from the school community 1/2A made the following flags -


maths from EC




gardening / STEAM – term 2




Foundation students in Term 2 Gardening / STEAM will be working on lots of creative activities around the theme of ‘patterns’. We will explore a variety of visual patterns that can be found in nature, including linear and branching patterns, explosions,

spirals, symmetry, fractals & tessellations.  This helps students appreciate the variety of amazing features that living things display, while also preparing students for an understanding of the less visible patterns in nature, such as the water cycle, which we explore more in later years.




Term 2 of Gardening / STEAM will continue to see students exploring their outside world, with a primary focus on the weather. We will be observing changes in the sky and landscape, thinking about how daily and seasonal changes affect us and the living things around us; use technology to enhance our weather observations; participate in guided investigations to explore and answer questions relating to the weather; and develop skills in how to communicate our observations and predictions to others.




Students in the middle years will extend their inquiry focus of ‘survival’ into Gardening / STEAM class, as we get our hands dirty in the productive garden this term. We will be thinking about what living things (including humans) need to survive and how to obtain those needs in diverse and sometimes extreme conditions. Students will need to work together in teams as we tackle building projects, cook up a storm and dig into some scientific investigations to solve problems and answer questions about situations of life & death. Parent helpers would be particularly helpful during (Monday) classes from week 5 onwards this term, so please send me an email or Sentral message if you think you can help out for a class or more:

oshc & sprout

Sprout Canteen Update

Sprout screams community all over and is so well aligned with BNWPS values. As this special community has grown over the last couple of years, Sprout in turn has needed some tender loving care! Our school canteen is a highly valued asset and it provides scrumptious lunches and snacks for our little people, and coffees and chats for community members and staff. However, running this operation on a domestic level made it hard for Kris and her team of amazing volunteers to operate in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As such, Kris and I have looked at how this could be improved and service standards kept high. The school has since purchased new catering standard equipment in an effort to keep up with these increased demands.

There are future plans to upgrade the facilities further with a commercial dry store to streamline kitchen operations, and assist both Sprout daily and the Community Events Team for school events. These upgrades will also assist Sprout with providing further services for the school community such as regular take-home meals and other catering opportunities. 

Over the years Sprout has had to make do with donated tables and chairs which haven't been entirely suitable, so this year the school, through collaboration with the Strathmore Men's Shed, are getting custom-made heavy-duty outdoor furniture. The school's involvement with the Strathmore Men's Shed has been beneficial for the school not only due to the community involvement aspects, but also financially.

The project for outdoor seating is almost complete and we should have new furniture by mid-to-late June. Kris and I are super excited about this! We look forward to seeing you around Sprout for a chat and coffee soon.

If you like to be part of this group, please email me or if you see me around, say hi! Any contribution to this team is welcome.

Tash Colangelo

The “We Love Sprout” Working Group


Wominjeka everyone,

It’s been another busy week at OSHC:

  • Cooking Club with Manuela: You have no idea what children can do in 30 minutes during a cooking class, especially when cookies are involved! Children, not only, learnt how to make the dough, they also learnt how fun it is working together as a team, sharing resources and helping each other. Obviously the best part was after the baking… anyone want to guess?


  • Butterfly Painting with Zoe: The students were creative and confident when experimenting with colours and patterns because the outcome was unpredictable; therefore they were able to take risks due to their curiosity. The students also used their skills to mix and create new colours by mixing the colours they had. They also bounced ideas off each other regarding the outcome of their butterfly. Using this type of creativity and communication is important for their confidence in their abilities to design and share knowledge.     


  • Paddle Pop Stick catapult with Bev: This activity provided an opportunity for students to problem solve because they had to work out how to construct the catapult from a photo. Students had to go through a cycle of thinking how they would proceed then testing their method and when it didn’t work re-thinking and re-testing. It took perseverance to successfully attach the rubber bands and create a working catapult. But at the end it was all worth it! Let the fun begin!

Important notes:


1. Science Club: even though our Science Incursions are now finished, we are proud to let you know that we are still providing Science Club with more experiments and experience for the children. Brianna was working with Charlie from the science incursions to extend her knowledge in this topic. Next Thursday, the 30th of May, Brianna will work with the children in Observing the Natural World very closely using magnifying glasses and microscopes.


2. Next Community Event: will be on the 20th of June to celebrate Solstice (the shortest day of the year or the longest night). There will be lots of outdoor education activities, such as firepit and story telling. And yes, there will be some marshmellow (shhhhh don’t say anything to the children!!!). Families and friends are welcome to attend the event!


3. A call out to any parents, families, friends: if you have a telescope we would like to borrow. As the sun goes down early in June, we are hoping to do some star gazing!!!  Don’t you worry, we will take good care of the telescope – promise!




1.Unidentified Payments: we received several payments with no reference and we have no idea who made those payments. Please check your statement and make sure that your payments has been receipted. If not, let Bernadetta Know ASAP.


2. Direct Debit: as mentioned in the email, we are setting up a Direct Debit payment from term 3. Forms are emailed out. You can write digitally on the PDF and email back or simply complete a hard copy form. Spare blank forms are also available at the program.

All families must complete a Direct Debit form. If you have any questions please let Bernadetta know.


3. Casual Booking: just a reminder for the casual bookings on MFL – please make sure to select the right roll for your child. For example, if your child is grade 1 you will need to select After School Jr (Grade1&2).

It is really important that you select the right roll for the After School Care. Misplacing the children in the wrong roll will cause lots of confusion for children and educators. Unfortunately this process cannot be automatic at this stage – so parents and guardians need to be more careful when they make their casual bookings. Thanks for understanding.


4. Sick Children: If you child is sick, please make sure to cancel your booking through MFL/Calendar. Unfortunately Sentral doesn’t talk to MFL!



OSHC Team.

school council

important news from our school council and sub committees



Huge shout out and thank you to the group of totally awesome people who made trivia night such a resounding success.


Trivia night team: So many people took some time to help out, it meant all volunteers got a chance to also enjoy the night. Thank you to everyone for coming, thank you to those who helped and thank you to everyone who donated items or donated money during the night!!

Prizes and grandmaster of trivia night: Lucy Beaumont

Host: Camilla Hannan

Barrel Boy: Tom Beaumont

DJ: Tas Game (with a rap from Tamsin and some DJ help from Chelsea Candy)

Design of venue decorations and lighting: Matt Adey

Set Up: Stacey and Matt Roberts, Tanya Pittard, Tas Game, Tash Colangelo, Dan Sheehan, Tamsin and Jason Downes, Matt Adey, Monique Doney, Sophie Bruce, Naomi Wake, Helen Metzer, Drew Roberts, Anne Treasure

Glass Delivery: Lucy Sullivan, Alice Simone, Breege Gilmartin, Kelly Davis

Bar and food: Tash and Dan, Lou Collodetti, Frank Hopkins, Niki Schwarb, Nev Davis, Brett Frost, Ann Fragnito

Photo Booth: Sam Gloster who donated its use and spent all night manning it.

Pack up: Stacey and Matt, Tash and Dan, Tamsin and Jason, Tanya, Tas, Liz O’Neill and Kate O’Sullivan


School Council secrets: Some of our school councillors are hiding some skillz!

School Council is made up of: Nirvana Adey, Sam Cohen, Tash Colangelo, Lou Collodetti, Fiona Heathcote, Aaron Hemsley, Belinda Kerry*, Tanya Pittard, Matt Price*, Hannah Reid, Stacey Roberts, Van Somerwine, Wendy White, Debbie Wood, we got everyone to tell us something surprising about themselves. There were some surprises.

*circumstances prevented Belinda and Matt from submitting an hidden talent so we made up a couple of cool ones.

  • Has gone bungee jumping and loves thrill seeking activities                                                                   
  • Can vocalise a surprisingly accurate rendition of trumpet solo, The Last Post                                     
  • For three years performed in a circus as an adagio acrobat                                                                      
  • Walked the Kokoda track, they didn’t like it.. they loved it
  • Was a member of a goth punk garage band at University
  • Has a collection of 20 didgeridoo’s and plays most of them
  • Sings in a Pitch Perfect inspired acapella group
  • Travelled to China more than 25 times in the 90s as a clothing buyer
  • Performs in a Tarantella dance troupe
  • Collects Royal memorabilia
  • Was lead singer and played electric guitar in two alternative rock bands in the 90s
  • Can rap every word to Shoop by Salt N Pepa
  • Once dated a now famous celebrity chef when they were an apprentice
  • At 28&29, trained 18 hrs a week at VCASS for the Cecchetti Advanced Ballet exam

Answers in next weeks newsletter

Sponsors and supporters

Beatrix   Bakes                                                     Juanita Peaches                                   Noisy Ritual

Beinart Gallery                                                     Kuwaii                                                                    Post Mistress

Blue Canary Photobooths                 La Mama Theatre                                                Prince Wine Store

Centrestage                                                         La Manna Direct                                  Rathdowne Cellars

Cheese Culture                                    Leaf and Bear                                                       Ratio Cocoa Roasters

Circus Oz                                                               Little Moments Photography                           Sarah Heywood

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