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20 June 2019
Issue Eighteen
Championing our Chaplains
Understanding the Spectrum: How an Acceptance of Difference Can Lead to Brilliance
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Championing our Chaplains

By Andy Callow (Principal) 

The school years can be tough. Navigating friendships, the learning journey, identity issues and spiritual frameworks are just a few of the realities that face our students and in order to access their best and true selves - they need help.


We have the most dedicated and passionate staff at Belgrave Heights Christian School, teachers and learning assistants who genuinely care and walk alongside each student as they discover new levels of learning and depth of character.


Teachers provide a structured space for our students to settle in and launch themselves forward. This is invaluable and so important, but the role of a teacher can only extend so far. To be effective in managing a classroom, teachers must be an authoritative figure, creating and enforcing boundaries to provide an environment that enables all students to learn.


When students run into difficult times - when they find themselves facing problems in relationships, mental health struggles, tackling tricky questions about faith - they need a safe place to be heard.


Enter our chaplains.


These courageous and caring people are there when your children need to find their voice. They sit and listen, ask questions and provide empathy when our students need it most.


But even more than that they are champions themselves in the realm of faith, hope and love. Their presence reminds us of what is truly important and can so often be missed in times of turbulence. And their position creates pathways for students to engage, explore and navigate their own growing faith.


We are so grateful for the selfless work that our team of chaplains has invested over the past year and truly value the service that they provide.


We honor the efforts of Anthony and Dreana, who served us in their roles in the chaplaincy team and wish them well as they move forward. Matt Edwards is remaining in his position as the Junior School chaplain and we are excited to announce that early next term Drew Nicholls will be starting as Senior School chaplain and Courtney White will be starting as Middle School chaplain.


Drew comes to us with ten years experience as a youth pastor, and Courtney is of course well known to many of our students having supported them through her roles in Admin and First Aid.  


I would love you to join with me in celebrating the role of our chaplains, welcoming these new team members and supporting them as they do such valuable work in the lives of our students.


Understanding the Spectrum:
How an Acceptance of Difference Can Lead to Brilliance

By Emma Hughes (Writer in Residence) 

‘The world needs all types of minds.’

–Dr. Temple Grandin




It is a word that communicates so much confusion to most of us. Unless we have a specific experience with someone who is autistic or we have turned our minds to understanding the complicated reality that those on the spectrum face, we can often jump to generalisations and stereotypes to fill in the blanks.


This week, Belgrave Heights Christian School (BHCS) Alumni, Tashi Baiguerra, took to an international stage and gave a riveting TEDx talk about autism. At BHCS, we remember Tashi as a gifted and artistic student who excelled at Dance and Visual Arts and we are thrilled that she has been able to make a successful career in the UK in her chosen field.


With the moving theme: ‘My Brain isn’t Broken’, she challenges many of the assumptions that have been cultivated in relation to the autism spectrum and bravely shares of her own diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. Tashi describes how ‘so much of my life makes sense now: my strange intensity in social situations, my weird obsessions that never go away, my failed attempts at friendships, my tendency to cry and panic and hit myself and stay non-functional for hours afterwards.’


While we don’t understand the spectrum or its causes comprehensively, Tashi openly states that ‘the autism spectrum seems so vast, so scary and so very lonely.’ Challenging the pervasive view of viewing autism as a line from ‘not very autistic’ to ‘overwhelmingly autistic’, she encourages us to see the spectrum as a colour wheel, with each colour representing a trait or experience that may function differently (such as visual processing, sensory information, etc). Because while Tashi is confident enough to be able to present on a stage, and is aware that her condition might be seen as mild, she cautions, ‘I don’t experience my autism mildly.’


With a significant increase in risks of self-injury, sexual assualt and suicide to the autistic; it is so important that we take this seriously. Part of the problem, Tashi argues, is that society views the autistic brain as broken and that ‘when the world treats someone like they are broken, that person will slowly come to accept that brokenness as fact.’ What we can do, is to ensure that we participate in creating a future where ‘people who are different are treated with the respect and understanding that they deserve. Our diversity, that is our strength.’


In fact, if we can truly come to value the gift that people with autism have to offer, the world will truly be a better, more functional and intelligently designed space. Like Dr Temple Grandin says, ‘what some of the research now has shown in autism is there may by extra wiring back here in the really brilliant mind, and we lose a few social circuits here. It's kind of a trade-off between thinking and social.’


If you want some tear-jerking inspiration of how brilliant this can truly be, check out Kodi Lee’s incredible performance on America’s Got Talent which has been viewed over 33 million times so far. Or, sit down with the family this weekend and watch the Temple Grandin movie starring Claire Danes which is the story of an incredible autistic woman who revolutionised the practices for the humane handling of livestock.


We honour Tashi’s courage in standing in the gap and admire her tenacity for facing this challenging issue and inspiring others to do the same. Please go and watch her video and send through a message of support.


Want more? Check out these links:


Meraki Lane hub for Autism (collection of quotes, articles and research)


TED playlist: ‘The Autism Spectrum’



What's been happening? 

Pentecost Festival - Kinder 
By Kirsty Meese (Kinder Director)

The nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder, which must mean it’s time to celebrate my favorite of all the Kinder Festivals - Pentecost! 


As dusk falls, we light a fire outside and welcome Kinder Families into the warmth of Kinder. They bring a plate to share for a joint supper and we make lanterns, so that we can go on a night time walk around Kinder and use the symbol of fire to celebrate and acknowledge the Holy Spirit and how He is always with us, no matter what!


There is something exciting about being able to come to Kinder at night time for the children, a sense of wonder and amazement as their parents help them construct a lantern out of a piece of art made by them, a circle of cardboard, three strips of gold card and a lot of staples.


There is a feeling of curiosity as the Kinder children look upon and try the different foods brought in by the families. Fairy bread, pizza, samosas, gyozas, fruit platters, dips, scrolls, rolls, cakes, bliss balls, the list goes on!  This is all topped off by the excitement of toasting marshmallows over the fire, followed by a walk around in the dark in the silence of our normally busy school, lit only by the light of our lanterns. 


For me the Kinder Pentecost Festival celebrates the community and all the connections that the families and Team Kinder have made with one another under the loving guidance of God.



Upcoming School Events


This term, Year 11 Intermediate VCAL has been looking at Cars and Road Safety. We are wanting to raise money for Road Trauma Support Services, who help with those who have been affected by road accidents. So...the class will be making and selling jaffles and hot chocolate next Tuesday 25th June at lunchtime.  This will also help us show off our "Safe Food Handling" skills, from the course we have just completed. Come on down to M2 Kitchen to warm up with a hot lunch!



"IT'S IN THE BAG"- Morning Tea 

You are invited by the PFA to a special morning tea in support of “It’s in the Bag” campaign. 

Share the Dignity charity exists to makes homeless and poverty stricken women feel special.

For more information on the cause you can visit


Come along for a great morning of yummy food and working together to make a difference!

Please bring with you donations of items that can be placed in a handbag ie. feminine hygiene products, hair brush, lip balm, hand cream, shampoo, hair treatments, toothbrush, something small to wear (ie. scarf, jewellery).


We are also looking for donations of handbags in great condition to use at this event.


If you have any questions in regards to this event, please contact Amanda Wight via [email protected]


Everyone is welcome! We look forward to seeing you there!


The Alpha Course

BHCS is excited to announce that we will be running the Alpha course in Term 3.  We believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith. To ask questions, and share their point of view in an open, friendly environment.


If you are interested in attending the Alpha course please click here to let us know!


If you are able to help us as a host/leader/helper we would also love to hear from you- please let us know here.


For further information and to see what it is all about you can head to or check out this short clip here.


General Information 

ATTENTION: Parents & Students with Health Care Cards- Government Money Available!

CSEF (Camp Sports Excursion Funding) is closing at the end of this term and this is you final chance to apply for FREE GOVERNMENT FUNDING, if you haven’t already done so.


Those eligible:-


1.      Health Care Card, Pension Card or Veteran Affairs Card Holders;

2.      Foster Parents;

3.   Students over 16 who hold their own Health Care Cards (not previously eligible but the rules have changed!)


How much will you get:-


                Each Primary Student                     $125.00

                Each Secondary Student               $225.00


Please fill in the attached form or pick up a form from Reception by the last day of term, 28th June.


If you are unsure whether you have already applied, please contact the Finance Office or email [email protected]



The Sound of Music Production
Tickets on Sale Now!

We're so excited to announce our much anticipated 2019 musical 'The Sound of Music' tickets are now on sale!

Come and support the cast and crew, who have been rehearsing all year to put together a fantastic show for you!

You can get your tickets by clicking here


Toys Needed 

Treetops Cafe is looking to refresh its selection of toys that are  available to entertain toddlers while their parents are using the restaurant. 

If you have any good quality second hand toys, preferably ones that aren't noisy, perhaps you would like to donate them to the school. Please see our friendly office staff who will be happy to take you donation.

We are looking for approximately a dozen items and so if there is any surplus they will be donated to charity. 

Lost Property 

We have a large amount of non uniform clothing, drink bottles & containers in lost property. 

Please note, at the end of the term all uncollected items are discarded or given to charity.  Please come into reception to check lost property for missing items.

End of Term 2

Date:  Friday, 28 June, 2019

Kinder Finish Time: 1pm

Prep to Year 6 Finish Time: 1.15pm 

Year 7 to Year 12 Finish Time: 1.30pm

Bus departure: 1.40pm


If you are not intending to use the bus on the last day of Term 2, please ensure you advise [email protected] in advance.

There will be no lunch orders on this day.

2019 Term Dates

Please find below the term dates for the remainder of 2019:

Term 2: Last day Friday, 28 June 

Term 3: Wednesday, 17 July - Friday, 20 September

Term 4: Tuesday, 8 October - Tuesday, 10 December

School Bus & Shuttle Services

We would like to remind all school families of the following:

  • Casual bus use is not available.
  • Students must embark and disembark at their allocated stop and should not get off at a different stop without having made prior arrangements.
  • Travel on an alternative buses for social engagements is not permissible.

Should families experience an emergency they are encouraged to email [email protected].  In cases of emergency, where room is available, the School will work with families to find the most suitable arrangement.

BHCS Employment Oppurtunity

School Nurse / First Aid Officer  – Commencing Term 3, 2019

Please see attached for further information and direct any queries regarding this position via email to [email protected]


Earn & Learn - Woolworths - It's Nearly Finished!

Thank you to everyone that is collecting stickers for us! It all results in great new equipment for our school.  Up until June 25, please keep collecting , every single sticker counts!

You can download extra sticker sheets here or we are happy to stick for you,  just drop your stickers at reception.



Looking for Community?

Parents Friday Morning Coffee:  Parents are invited to join us each Friday morning after drop off in the school restuarant for a coffee.

If you are a new family at the school this is a great way to meet other parents. There is no need to RSVP,  just come for as little or as long as you can. We would love to see you! 


Parents of Prayer (POP): This group meets every Thursday at 9.00 am in the restaurant.  This is open to all parents and preschoolers are welcome.  It has become a wonderful time of community, sharing life and supporting our school through prayer.  

Any confidential prayer requests can me emailed to [email protected]

Postponed: Music Department Soiree Night

Unfortunately the Music Departments Soiree night was unable to go ahead on June 18.  It has now been postponed and will take place on the evening of Tuesday, 20 August.

We look forward to seeing you all then!

Alinta Uniform Shop

The uniform shop would also like to inform families that they will be open on the following Saturdays: 

Saturday, 3 August 2019         9.00am-12.00pm

Saturday, 7 September 2019   9.00am-12.00pm


CSEN Sports Results

Year 9/10 CSEN Results 


BHCS Calendar


Friday,  21 June

- Prep - Year 4 Swimming Lessons 

- Yr 10 Careers Excursion

- Gravitate Students: FIJI Missions Trip Depart


Monday, 24 June

Week 2

- Yr 10 Work Experience Begins

- Kinder: Responsible Pet Program Incursion 


Wednesday, 26 June 

- 5/6 Science Club 


Thursday, 27 June 

- Yr 8 Push Crossfit Excursion 


Friday, 28 June

- End of Term 2

Early dismissal times

Kinder -1.00pm

Prep - Yr 6:  1.15pm

Yr 7- Yr 12:  1.30pm





Wednesday, 17 July

Week 1

- Term 3 begins



Thursday, 18 July

Yr 12 PE Camp

- Sound of Music: After School Rehearsal


Friday, 19 July

- Yr 9-11 Basketball Victoria Qualifying

Community Announcements

Youngstars Fridays is a program for Primary School Aged Children, hosted by Church @ 1330.

Your child will have a ball on Friday nights, with supervised games and activities run by leaders from the church.  Our next Friday night program is THIS Friday, 21st June

Drop your children off at 7pm at 1330. See you soon!





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